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Keto BHB 800 Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

Keto BHB 800 claims “burning fat for energy instead of carbs gives your body 225% more energy,” really? Keto was the most marketed diet in 2018, and it looks like the trend will continue in 2019. Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the ketone at the heart of the supplement. The same can be said for hundreds of other products.

Our researchers didn’t want to sit on this one, so they took to the internet to see just what Keto BHB 800 is all about and if it breathes new life into the keto diet trend.

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What is Keto BHB 800?

Keto BHB 800 is a beta-hydroxybutyrate supplement that’s supposed to kick you into ketosis. It is a supplemental ketone. Your body releases ketones when fat is broken down and used for energy. This is what happens during a keto diet. The process is called ketosis, and it’s at the heart of weight-loss success when eating low carb.

When you search Amazon for ketones, there are more than 2500 results. Everything keto is hot right now, and that means businesses are releasing new keto supplements all the time, so Keto BHB 800 is likely to get lost in the scramble.

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The Company Behind Keto BHB 800

The official website for Keto BHB 800 doesn’t mention the name of a company on the front page. Typically you can find it at the bottom of the page where the copyright is located, but not this time. We read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and no company was named their either. Finally, we checked the Contact page with no luck.

What’s also interesting is that the returns address shows a post office box number, but no city, state or zip code. The only thing we know for sure is that the customer service department is on east coast time.

Keto BHB 800 Customer Testimonials

Keto BHB 800 Ingredients

Keto BHB 800 contains a mixture of four ingredients, including:

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Accelerated Blend
  • MCT Oil
  • Guarana Extract
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Keto BHB 800 Claims

Some of the claims for Keto BHB 800 include:

  • Ketosis support
  • Burn fat faster
  • Use fat for energy instead of carbs
  • 225% more energy
  • Reach ketosis fast
  • No jitters
  • Keep lean muscle while losing fat

Claims Vs. Keto BHB 800 Results

The claims made by Keto BHB 800 have nothing to do with the supplement. All the “facts” are based 100% on the effect of a ketogenic diet on the body. To reach ketosis, you must remove nearly all carbohydrates from your diet. Fats replace these carbohydrates.

When the body’s carb stores are depleted, the body turns to fat for energy and the weight loss begins. As long as the rules of ketosis are followed and maintained and the dieter doesn’t consume too many calories, or too much protein, weight loss is as certain as any diet can claim.

Based on how ketosis works, Keto BHB 800 isn’t responsible for any of the results claimed. Every bit of weight lost is directly linked to the diet. BHB is a ketone, so it will help turn a ketosis stick maroon to show your body is in ketosis, but that’s all you get. With the right balance of fat, carbohydrates, and protein, ketones will be excreted naturally as fat is converted to fuel.

Side Effects

Possible Keto BHB 800 Side Effects

One of the biggest misconceptions about ketosis is that the ketones excreted can build up in your body and cause ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is a dangerous health condition typically found ONLY in patients with blood sugar problems.

A case report was published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports shared the story of a 32-year old woman who started a keto-style diet when breastfeeding. Within days she was showing signs of ketoacidosis and after treatment was released. However, the cause of the ketoacidosis, according to case results, may have been the fact that the woman was breastfeeding at the time. According to Deborah Malkoff-Cohen, RD, CDE, “Whereas ketosis is natural and harmless, diabetic ketoacidosis can be life-threatening if left untreated.”

Where to Buy

Where Can the Keto Supplement be Purchased?

Keto BHB 800 is available on the official website. The website is one of the marketing pages screaming about a free trial offer that, inevitably, ends in you signing up for a recurring shipment plan. The big problem with websites like this is that you can’t get pricing information until you give personal information including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

If a company wants the consumer to trust them enough to share a credit card number they need to share information on pricing, auto-shipments, guarantee, returns, and more. Transparency is critical in a market overrun with keto supplements. Just because Keto BHB 800 claims the “weight loss product is going viral,” doesn’t mean it’s the truth, or that it is the best product available.

What About Unrealistic Keto BHB 800 Claims?

Our researchers quickly discovered that Keto BHB 800 is likely a part of an affiliate program. This means the company behind the product allows people outside the company to market the supplement and if a sale is made through a particular link, the affiliate earns money. The trouble is when affiliates are involved you’ll find pretty outrageous claims.

With Keto BHB 800, some affiliate claims include:

  • Instantly burns fat – absurd claim
  • Formulated using international best practices – what are these best practices?
  • Tested without any complications – Keto BHB 800 has never been tested.
  • Produced by doctors … – what doctors?
  • Clinically proven to be safe – nothing about Keto BHB 800 is clinically proven.

How Much Will Keto BHB 800 Cost?

Good luck finding a price for Keto BHB 800, unless you know where the information is hidden. Because the supplement trial is linked to automatic shipments, the company has to explain the plan in the Terms & Conditions.

What we found was that after the 15-day trial, for which the buyer pays $4.95 shipping and handling, a bottle is sent, and the credit card on file charged $79.99. Every month from then on, a new container is sent monthly, and you’re charged $79.99 unless you cancel what they call the “membership program.”

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Using Keto BHB 800

No matter how “perfect” a product, there are pros and cons. If a company claims there are no cons, that’s a con because the company’s not telling the truth. As for Keto BHB 800:


  • Source of ketones and fat
  • Non-GMO
  • Money-back guarantee
  • All-natural ingredients


  • NOT clinically-proven as claimed
  • Trial offer linked to an auto-ship program
  • Uses at least one fad ingredient
Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“I can feel a difference in my energy though not seeing a drop in weight and the bottles only have 59 pills in them not 60 like they say. I did count the pills in second bottle when i seen the first was one short.”

“The ad said & even the invoice says 800 pills, I only received 60 pills, so I feel like I got screwed. If they mean 800 mg then they need to change there ad! I feel like telling me that they owe me 740 more pills cause of false advertisement.”

“It came when it was suppose to but have only had it a couple days so the results are still up in the air.”

Keto BHB 800 Ingredients

Bottom Line on Keto BHB 800

We have no idea where Keto BHB 800 comes from, who is behind the product, or where the returns department is located. No company, based on the official website, claims the supplement, but the reader is supposed to believe it will work to help them lose weight. There’s a trust issue that the company didn’t take into consideration. Plus, the fact that they claim the product is “clinically-proven” is an utter lie.

Not all programs make unrealistic or unsupported claims. There are trustworthy companies who use current research on humans to create their products. That’s what we expect from every company.

Among the best products we’ve found is one called Noom. After reviewing hundreds of weight-loss program we found this one offered far more than any other available today. What’s unique is that human coaching is part of your personalized lifestyle plan.

Noom is now available as a 14-day trial to all Dietspotlight readers.

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Keto BHB 800 Review
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Keto BHB 800

Is Keto BHB 800 for weight loss or testosterone boosting?

Keto BHB 800 is a supplemental ketone that aids in weight loss.

What are the Keto BHB 800 ingredients?

Keto BHB 800 contains apple cider vinegar, guarana extract, MCT oil, and a beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) accelerated blend.

Did you find any Keto BHB 800 product warnings?

Although ketosis is natural and harmless, it can lead to ketoacidosis in people with blood sugar complications.

Is Keto BHB 800 for men or women?

The supplement is available for both men and women.

Where can I buy Keto BHB 800?

There is an official website where the Keto BHB 800 is available for purchase.

Is there a Keto BHB 800 free trial or free samples?

Consumers can get a free trial of the supplement by signing up for automatic shipments.

What is the most common Keto BHB 800 complaint?

The most common complaint about this product is that the claims about its benefits are unsupported.

Keto BHB 800 Reviews