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KetoLogic Review - 18 Things You Need to Know

KetoLogic is an exogenous ketones supplement intended to help people who are using a low-carb or ketogenic diet for weight loss. This product claims to “control cravings and fuel your brain and body.” However, the effectiveness of exogenous ketones in the absence of nutritional ketosis is largely up for debate.

The primary ingredient in KetoLogic, Beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB), is a ketone and fat metabolite that occurs during normal digestion. It can be used by the body as an alternative to glucose. While this is known to occur naturally in the body, the effectiveness of using BHB as a supplement remains debatable.

So, our research team looked to see if this formula offers anything unique, and searched for science to support the claims made by KetoLogic. Read on to get the full scoop and the Bottom Line on the product.

KetoLogic can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is KetoLogic?

KetoLogic is globally recognized as a trademark of supplements, as well as recipes, which are targeted to assist you to lose additional weight and follow a keto-based type of diet plan. The ketogenic BHB diet is the one that limits carbohydrates as well as increases the intake of fats to enhance ketosis and raise ketone levels inside your body.

This kind of diet leads the body to primarily make use of deposited fat cells in the form of energy source which indirectly assists you to lose extra fat. Moreover, the major two supplements included are the KetoLogic Meal Replacement and the KetoLogic BHB powder.

KetoLogic is a diet recipe-type supplement that is prepared and then consumed to assist in losing additional weight. The corresponding diet functions by reducing carbohydrates as well as boosting fats helping to boost the ketone level.

The KetoLogic GNC supplement assists by allowing the body to utilize saved fats within fatty cells for producing energy which ultimately enables to reduce any extra fat.

This supplement is available in three diverse flavors for your convenience. When this supplement is consumed appropriately and regularly as instructed, you can anticipate feeling an improvement just 30 days after beginning intake. It is recommended to follow a healthy diet as well as an exercise regimen to maintain results even further.

ketologic weight loss

KetoLogic Competitors

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How Did KetoLogic Start?

How the supplement started is an essential part of KetoLogic’s history. From information collected until now, the supplement has been engaged in the business since the year 2014. The company behind the supplements is Disruptive Enterprises out of Durham, North Carolina.

KetoLogic Affiliate Program

KetoLogic wants to educate the world on the benefits of a ketogenic diet, and they’re using affiliates to do it. The KetoLogic affiliate program provides tools and products to make living a ketogenic lifestyle easier. KetoLogic Affiliates post blogs and send newsletters to recruit new customers. They then receive a commission on every product sold through their personal website.

KetoLogic affiliates earn a 15% commission from every sale. KetoLogic provides tracking technology so that affiliates know which posts drove the most sales. If an affiliate sells one product a day, they can make $337.50 a month. KetoLogic does not disclose how much the average affiliate earns. There is no charge to join the KetoLogic affiliate program.

KetoLogic Products

  • KetoMeal
  • KetoLogic BHB
  • KETO 30 Challenge
  • Coffee Creamer
  • KEto Crisps
  • Keto Electrolytes
  • KetoLogic Recipe Booklet
  • FB24 Fat Loss Supplement
  • MCT Oil
  • Keto Natural Sweetner
  • KetoEnergy BHB with Caffeine
  • Keto Indulge
  • Keto Collagen

KetoLogic Claims

Regrettably, there is no file on the company through the BBB. However, this can be because of the absence of customer feedbacks and ratings at the time. There are some positive comments from customers uploaded on FaceBook as well as the official website. The point is that there are concerns about the product itself.

The present product is created by a company named KetoLogic. This company is running inside the US. Besides, it creates its products below FDA/GMP based registered facilities. The company continues driving on ketosis for users to reduce weight by adopting a keto diet plan using KetoLogic which is gluten-free.

Though much was stated regarding the company, there are many claims made by the maker relating to the advantages of the supplement. In addition to that, its manufacturer also claims that the supplement is an all-natural type of premium fuel source.

It offers excellent testing, facilitates fat loss, provides you with great fuel, and provides you an improved mental concentration as well as enables ketone production. The company claims that the supplement includes electrolytes, boosts mental performance, suppresses appetite, and facilitates fat loss.

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How Does KetoLogic Work?

The actual process of how this supplement works and the secret behind its benefits are based on the ingredients used by KetoLogic BHB. Similar to any supplements, a user is required to research the ingredients and also look at the reviews uploaded online.

To understand how it works, you need to focus on the major components which are the KetoLogic meal replacement as well as BHB powder. Also, you need to look at KetoLogic BHB side effects. This meal replacement formula, as implied by its name, indicates that it could replace a whole meal.

The supplement is expected to be formulated through some essential ingredients which can associate with a portion of your regular nutritional intake. It is found that its replacement includes MCT oil creamer, recognized as a medium chain type triglyceride.

According to the Ghana Medical Journal, there are kinds of fats frequently prepared from palm kernel as well as coconut oils. They are shown in certain research to assist with weight loss as well as facilitate the decrease of body fat. The MCTs are transformed into the body to ketones, helping with targets of fat loss, states Current Developments in Nutrition.

The supplement adopts the formula that provides whey protein type concentrate, which is a by-product of cheese making. It is contained in many protein bars as well as shakes. Also, it may assist in appetite suppression, fueling the body, and weight loss.


KetoLogic Ingredients

The ketogenic diet plan comprises of small quantities of carbohydrates, lots of fats and a moderate level of protein. This is what KetoLogic BHB powder and KetoLogic Meal Replacement consists of.

For KetoLogic BHB, it includes the below-mentioned ingredients:

  • Sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium

For KetoLogic Meal Replacement, it includes the below-mentioned ingredients:

  • Coconut oil creamer
  • Various vitamins and minerals
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Erythritol
  • MCT oil creamer
  • Fibersol 2
  • Variety of flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and salted caramel

Fibersol 2 is a crucial third ingredient seen in the Meal Replacement based shake, and it contains the power to assist you to delay hunger. Fibersol 2 is recognized as a form of maltodextrin which opposes digestion, states Nutrition Research. Mainly helping you with constancy and combating constipation.

While discussing KetoLogic BHB reviews, it’s noted that its ingredients contain an array of critical vitamins and minerals. They have been verified to enhance the metabolism and aid you with complete bodily functions. However, it is best to primarily obtain those minerals and vitamins from the foods which you consume, claims National Institute on Aging.

The major ingredients within KetoLogic BHB contain minerals like potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. The listed minerals are added to assist with the assimilation of BHB, which is the prime component in KetoLogic, and they also have been verified to regain electrolyte levels and stop dehydration.

According to the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, the core matter utilized inside KetoLogic BHB is sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate. The ingredient has verified some capability to improve ketone levels along with reducing appetite. The aspect would assist you to drop excess fat and cut down on food cravings.

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Does KetoLogic Work?

Several users contemplate whether this supplement works. The answer is yes, because of the supplement functions and results when following the four steps included as below:

The first step directs that you should substitute one of your daily meals by the KetoLogic meal replacement. The second step is that you should make sure that the other two of the meals that you eat are low in carbohydrates. The third step is that you should drink around 1 to 2 servings and ultimately blend your ingestion through continuous exercise on a daily basis.

The company pushes the ketosis diet plan for gaining optimal performance and burning fat to see the best results with the supplement. Besides, users are glad that they provide many supplements to assist with this diet technique, and also some recipes are on its website. It is true that this kind of dieting is not for everybody, and cutting carbohydrates can increase the cravings for them. To know whether it works well for you or not, you can try KetoLogic samples.

The KetoLogic meal replacement formula is identified as the new piece of the puzzle. The product enables users to maintain the essential low-carbohydrate diet which is essential for the body to go into a state of ketosis. Substituting your everyday meals with the shake would not just be deafening your carb ingestion but would even be reducing your regular caloric intake as well. In general, it could be effective for losing weight if utilized correctly.

Benefits & Results

Ketologic Benefits And Results

The benefits and results of the supplement are vital to the validity of the present review. Knowing the benefits can assist you to recognize what good you can seek from this product and whether or not to try this product.

Let’s have a look at the benefits:

  • There is no secret about where to purchase KetoLogic products, as they are sold through their main website as well as at GNC.
  • This kind of weight loss-based program is supported by corresponding solid research.
  • It assists in facilitating mental performance and helps you to lose fat.
  • The supplement is mainly known to be all-natural and does not contain any flavorings, artificial sweeteners, or colors.
  • It assists in suppressing appetite and including zero sugar along with boosting ketones.

The results based on its usage and benefits indicate that they are promising. Most users found that they are satisfied with the results as long as they use the product on a regular basis and follow through with the intake of daily dosage. They are pleased with its meal replacement formula and the inclusion of natural minerals and vitamins.

Details On KetoLogic And Weight Loss

There is no detailed information available regarding the company and even its direct side effects on issues of dehydration, headaches, and GI issues. There are not a lot of users who want to give up carbohydrates because there are other diets that they could follow without needing to give up carbs.

The KetoLogic BHB drink includes beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), one exogenous ketone which your body could use to create energy in the deficiency of glucose, states the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. Simply consuming ketones does not suggest that you are about to initiate the process of reducing body fat instantly. BHB is nothing like the raspberry-based ketone fat burners.

Taking BHB has demonstrated to gain the support for your body’s changeover to a ketogenic state. This suggests that KetoLogic BHB would enable you to get into ketosis quickly; however, it would not directly lead to weight loss. To get proper weight loss results, it states that you must actively switch to a very low carbohydrate diet, and then the corresponding replacement shake will stimulate results.


How To Use KetoLogic

The product is recommended to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The product can be returned for a complete refund, but you need to return it in less than 30 days. However, if the product was bought at GNC, you should contact them to check details regarding the return policy.

To gain a maximum effect and usefulness of the supplement, users are recommended to blend one scoop of this supplement along with 8 to 12 ounces water. You can choose from four different flavors.

ketologic cost


Cost Of KetoLogic

On many websites, there are plenty of KetoLogic coupons available. However, there does seem to be a variation in price based on the place you buy. People ask how much this supplement costs through its company website. Well, KetoLogic Meal Replacement is charged at the price of $69.99, KetoLogic BHB is charged at the price of $59.99 and the KetoLogic 30-Day Diet Bundle is charged at the price of $149.99.

Where to Buy

Where Can I Buy Ketologic?

The supplement is easily available on its website and also from GNC stores. It is known that the company website mentions that if, due to any reason you are dissatisfied with your product, then you can return it within 30 days to claim a complete refund.

The supplement is available on Amazon; you can search for KetoLogic Amazon. You can also look at other websites like Walmart, eBay, etc. to buy the product. From similar websites, you can also order a KetoLogic bundle.

It is important to note that if you are considering returning the product, you want to ensure that it is bought from its company website. When you purchase it from another dealer like GNC, you must contact them about their return policy as well as refund options.

Side Effects

KetoLogic Potential Side Effects

A look at KetoLogic BHB side effects is also one of the crucial parts of this KetoLogic reviews. The reason is that the majority of people fear to use KetoLogic without going over them very carefully. Similar to other diet supplements, the supplement may cause certain side effects. Some side effects are shown on the website, but you need to look out at the ingredients to check if they are correlated with adverse effects.

Listed below are the corresponding side effects which can occur with the supplement:

  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal Discomfort
  • Dehydration

The supplement is comprised of MCT oil which can cause GI tract issues, according to its website. It could also be a result of the excess protein intake. The findings reveal that a few people also experience nausea, cramps, and fatigue.

ketologic side effect

Product Warnings

Ketologic Product Warnings

While discussing KetoLogic GNC reviews, users are afraid of its product warnings.

Let’s have a look at the warnings:

  1. The ketosis diet could lead to some side effects such as a headache, GI issues, dehydration, and more.
  2. Until now, there is not much background information shown on the website of the company.
  3. There are some alternative diets available for weight loss for which you do not need to give up the carbohydrates.
  4. The supplement includes MCT extract which is essentially a type of saturated fatty acids. It is revealed that you are recommended to start with half scoop until your body is adjusted to the supplement because otherwise, it may lead to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Any KetoLogic Lawsuits?

Until now, there are no incidences of any certificates shown on the company’s website through the supplement’s producer. There are no chief lawsuits recorded in opposition to the supplement.  Though there are no clear claims against the supplement, it is not completely free from negative feedbacks.

KetoLogic Alternatives

Listed below are the suggested alternatives:

  • Super Mandro
  • Lovaza
  • Colosan
  • Tenuate

If money isn’t a concern, you can go for these alternatives. However, if you are short on money, you should focus on additional means of corresponding weight loss. Also, if you are focusing on an excellent weight-loss shake, it is recommended to look at the top-rated product like Burner Shake.

KetoLogic Review

The present KetoLogic reviews highlight positive and negative feedback regarding the product. Let’s have a look at reviews.

The greatest common KetoLogic challenge or complaint regarding the product is that there are no carbohydrates permitted while following the diet. Some customers realize that they can follow other diets and get similar results while being able to consume carbs.

The next complaint is about side effects from the Meal Replacement Drink as well as the BHB Powder.

What Users Are Saying

“Love the creamy taste of Ketologic Meal Replacement and the satisfying satiety after drinking it. I often use it when making homemade Keto ice cream and other Keto snacks. With creativity, you can modify many recipes by adding Keto Meal Replacement. Mix it with a nut butter, roll the dough into balls, and dust them by rolling into more Keto Meal Replacement for a healthy snack or dessert. Also tastes great as a hot beverage or added to your coffee to kick off the day.”

“I really liked the Patriot Pop taste to these BHBs, however, it wasn’t worth the price when you can get similar products for much less.”

“The taste is good but you really need to ease into it. Very upsetting to my stomach. Still haven’t found the right amount to add to water after trying it 4/5 times. Hoping my stomach adjusts because it does taste good.

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Ketologic Work?

It’s clear that Ketologic is a company that pushes the ketosis diet plan for optimal performance, fat loss and overall health. We appreciate that they offer a couple of supplements to help with this diet method, and some recipes are posted on the website. Then again, this type of dieting is certainly not for everyone, and as research reveals, it can lead to some serious cravings for carbs. Here is our final verdict on Ketologic:


  • It’s no secret where to buy Ketologic products because they’re sold via the main website and GNC.
  • This type of weight-loss program is backed by some solid research.
  • Some positive Ketologic reviews are posted online for the supplements.


  • The ketosis diet can lead to side effects like GI issues, headache and dehydration.
  • There is not much background info presented on the company itself.
  • There are alternative diets out there that do not require you giving up carbohydrates.

One diet product we found that’s backed by solid weight-loss studies and encouraging user comments is Noom. Just check out what people are saying about the results.

Right now the company behind Noom is offering a free trial just to prove to you how effective it really is.

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What are the ingredients in Ketologic?

This product has two parts, Ketologic BHB and Ketologic Meal Replacement. The ingredients for the Ketologic BHB are: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium Beta Hydroxybutyrate. Ingredients listed for the Ketologic Meal Replacement are: Whey Protein Concentrate, Coconut Oil Creamer, MCT Oil Creamer, Fibersol 2, and Various Vitamins and Minerals.

What are the side effects of Ketologic?

The side effects listed with the Ketologic BHB Poweder are hypoglycemia and dehydration. Those listed for the Meal Replacement are headaches and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Does Ketologic work?

There is not much information that is available for the company, and also the side effects lead to headaches, dehydration, hypoglycemia and GI issues. Not many customers like the idea of giving up carbohydrates, as they feel like there are other diets they can succeed from without having to give up carbs.

What is the price of Ketologic?

Ketologic prices vary based on where you are buying it from.

Where can I buy Ketologic?

This product can be purchased at the official website as well as GNC stores.

Where can I buy KetoLogic?

KetoLogic can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Ketologic?

Ketologic is supplemented for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How do I contact Ketologic customer service?

Ketologic customer service can be contacted by calling (336)-567-0104.

Can I return Ketologic?

This product can be returned for a full refund if returned within 30 days. However, if this product was purchased through GNC then you must contact them to see what their return policy is.

What are the most common complaints about Ketologic?

The most common complaints about this product is that there are no carbohydrates allowed with this diet and customers feel they can go to other diets and get the same results and still have the carbs. Another complaint is the side effects that is associated with the Meal Replacement Drink an the BHB Powder.

3 KetoLogic Reviews

  • Not worth the price
    Jerry (Verified Purchase)

    The patriot pop flavor was good, but not stellar. You can get similar products that taste as good or better for a lot less money elsewhere. Definitely not worth it.

  • Watch out for GI Side effects.
    Linda S (Verified Purchase)

    I have tried the meal replacement, but can’t get beyond the the GI upset. I tried consuming over more than an hour and also using more water to dilute it. Nothing has helped. I’m going to have to throw almost an entire box and a half away.

  • Not impressed
    Genny (Verified Purchase)

    Way over priced and it does not help with losing weight I could and did it without the product. Just eat right and exercise tried it for a month ,i did better without it, this has 200 mg of caffeine that is where your pick me up comes from. Drink energy shots cheaper.