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OSIM IGallop Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

My love of diet products is only bested by my passion for reviewing them J This time we took a look at the OSIM iGallop machine by checking out the function, side effects, clinical support and available customer service. User comments were a big part of the end decision. We gathered all the information and condensed it to give you the bottom line.

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What is OSIM iGallop?

First off, the OSIM iGallop is an exercise machine that mimics riding a horse. We found limited information on the product, but we do know it targets the abdominals, thighs, hips and glutes. This is not an aerobic exercise, so calorie burn is minimal.

Brookstone looks to be the seller of OSIM iGallop, but we don’t think they are the creators of the machine. Reviews are limited and we were unable to find the product for sale online. We like that it works some of the largest muscles in the body and some of the comments are positive, but read on…


Benefits – “Not for Everyone”

The first thing that concerned us with OSIM iGallop was that results were limited, according to some reviews. “Abdominal machines are often trendy,” says our Research Editor. “This means they sell big for a while and then they fade away because they just don’t work as promised.”

One buyer said, “I used the machine for 45 minutes straight and did not feel any soreness the next day as if I had done any type of core exercise.”

Another shared, “It does feel like it helps a bit with core muscles. I don’t think there is much other exercise benefit.”

Some users did see the results they were looking for.

“I feel a definite difference in my thighs, and I also can tell that my lower back core muscles are stronger,” was one review.

A person also said, “The iGallop is very quiet and gives quite a good workout.”


Not Available Anywhere – “Can’t Buy It!”

The reviews we found spoke about price, effectiveness and results. However, none of the websites offering these experiences listed the OSIM iGallop for sale unless you’re willing to purchase it second-hand on Amazon. The list price reached as high as $425.

After our years of research, we’ve noticed a connection between the small things, like no measurable results, and a lesser chance of long-term success. If OSIM iGallop is not what people expected it to be, they’ll stop looking to buy it.


The Science – “Any Clinical Proof?”

We did find an official website, however, there’s no place for the creator to share clinical studies. It’s evident that the horse-riding motion will work thighs and abdominals, but this machine will not work to promote weight-loss if used exclusively. You need cardio exercise in there, as well. We at DietSpotlight want science to back up claims and when that doesn’t happen we have difficulty standing behind the product.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I’ve been riding bridles and mare dern near all my life! But lately, due to financial hardship, I’ve had to sell off my last horse- Kwanza. There no greater feeling than the gyrating motion of a noble steed ‘tween your legs.
Pros: real horse movements, comfortable for my cheeks
Cons: not a real horse.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does OSIM iGallop Work?

Should you continue to look for the OSIM iGallop? Well, working the abdominals and thighs are an important part of exercise, but they are not the only aim. You have to work large muscle groups in repetitive motion to increase heart rate and burn more calories. We’re skeptical that this machine will give the dieter everything they need to reach weight-loss goals.

We’re all for exercising to lose weight, but you can also adopt healthy lifestyle changes so once you’ve lost the weight it won’t come back.

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OSIM IGallop Review
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OSIM IGallop

What are the ingredients in OSIM iGallop?

The OSIM iGallop consists of a cushioned seat and metal frame.

What are the side effects of OSIM iGallop?

Balance issues are the most common side effect of OSIM iGallop.

Does OSIM iGallop work?

Yes, the body automatically exercises the muscles by riding OSIM iGallop, and not much additional work or effort is needed.

What is the price of OSIM iGallop?

OSIM iGallop sells for $125 on eBay, $148 on Amazon, $249 on Horse Nation, $119 on Alibaba, and $600 on Gizmodo.

Where can I buy OSIM iGallop?

OSIM iGallop is available on various online shopping stores including Amazon, eBay, horsenation.com, alibaba.com, and Gizmodo.

How should I use OSIM iGallop?

The OSIM iGallop is an exercising machine and has various speed settings. You can set it to a speed of your choice and sit on it keeping your legs well-balanced onto the machine.

How do I contact OSIM iGallop customer service?

The customer service number is available on the affiliate marketing sites of OSIM iGallop in the “Contact Us” section. Also, once you purchase the product, a manual will be provided with the customer service number.

Can I return OSIM iGallop?

Yes, you can return OSIM iGallop within 15 days of purchase without any physical damages.

What are the most common complaints about OSIM iGallop?

A majority of customers have complained about OSIM iGallop randomly switching speeds.

7 OSIM IGallop Reviews

  • Where can I obtain an instruction booklet for the Isom EGallop ??
    Conrad Tuza

    Where can I obtain an instruction booklet for the Isom EGallop ??

    • Jax

      Hi, Did you manage to get an instruction booklet for the iGallop? If you did could you tell me where you got it from? I am desperate for one! Thanks

      • Pat

        Mine came with dvd

    • Shon

      I called brookstone customer service. There are also 2 workout DVDs

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Conrad! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Osim Igallop official website.

  • Shon

    Thank you for this article. I lucked up on a lightly used IGALOP for $20 at a yard sale. I called brookstone customer service and was sent 2 work out DVDS. One of the videos is very intens . I haven’t worked my way up to be able to stand on the seat like I’m surfing (which is one of the workouts). I did not see major changes…but others did notice my bum was a little purkier. I’m just glad I was not one of the consumers that purchased this item at the original price of $600. If I did I would have been highly disappointed.

  • My machine won't work now
    saja (Verified Purchase)

    I have one machine of hours Igallop (OSIM ) I need now motor defective fuse blown in main board
    My machine not work now and I search alot