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Plan Z By Zola Review - Does This Diet Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 22, 2017

We’re all searching for the best diet product. Plan Z by Zola has made some positive waves in the dieting world, so we did an in-depth review of the system, examining the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service quality. We then explored hundreds of comments and forum posts from around the web. Finally, we condensed and refined to give you the bottom line.

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What is Plan Z by Zola?

To start, Plan Z by Zola is a diet system that limits calories and provides ideas for make-at-home meals. [1] It restricts users to 800, cuts out sugary and processed foods and supplements with a homeopathic spray applied beneath the tongue four times per day. [2] Included in the $647 plan are six bottles of ZR50, a binder full of recipes and printed material and regular coaching emails.

Plan Z by Zola, which was launched in 2009, is available from planzdiet.com. We like the focus on creating a large calorie deficit while maintaining the guise of eating normal meals, but read on…

The Price of Plan Z by Zola – “Too High”

First off, we have an issue with the cost of Plan Z by Zola. “While $647 isn’t more than many diet plans, you have to look at what you get for the money,” says our Research Editor. “You get a binder full of material that you can likely find online, recipes for cooking low-calorie meals and access to a user-only website with a blog and forum designed for support. [3] Is that really worth nearly $700?”

“It is VERY expensive! They say that it is so you can be connected to the “Zola Blog, forums” etc. There is NOT much on the blog or forums to really justify the cost,” says one review.

“It should be half the price and then it might be worth it for most people,” said comment.

Interestingly, there are some followers that get quite upset with all the negative reviews.

As one put it, “Put your money where your mouth is, then give us a proper review!”

Extreme Calorie Count– “Another Concern?”

While creating a severe energy deficit will obviously lead to weight-loss, there are other options. When a user finishes after about three months, he or she may choose to repeat it or move on, but how sustainable is an 800 calorie per day diet? [4] Is depriving your body of food a safe choice? The plan recommends avoidance of exercise for the duration of the program – a red flag to us.

“In the long-run, very low-calorie diets aren’t more effective than more modest diets. Once you go off a diet, you need to change your lifestyle, committing to healthy eating and regular physical activity,” says an article on WebMD. [5]

“Absolutely these diets must be done under the care of a doctor. These things are not without risk,” says nutrition expert Dr. Melina Jampolis on CNN.com.

A dieter who saw results with Plan Z by Zola claimed, “I honestly can say I’ve not been hungry…which for me is wild.” So, the calorie reduction is not a problem for all.

Our research has shown if there is some particular part of a diet program that is especially troublesome (unrealistic changes, too expensive), then the likelihood of long-term success is slim. If Plan Z does in fact cut calories too drastically and costs too much, this could be a problem.

The Science – “Any Proof?”

One issue we have is this plan relies on the ZR50 reduction formula. It is a homeopathic spray containing calcarea carbonica, nux vomica, taraxacum and magnesium phosphorica. [6] These are used to relieve the negative effects of an extreme low-calorie diet. These remedies are not clinically verified nor is homeopathy recognized by the medical community. Plan Z’s promise to alter, or “reboot,” your metabolism is also unsubstantiated.

The Bottom Line – Does Plan Z by Zola Work?

So, let’s finish this one up, shall we? We were initially interested in the drastic results Plan Z by Zola seemed to offer, but that quickly turned to skepticism. You don’t need to purchase an expensive plan to limit yourself to a severe calorie deficit and the homeopathic spray is not scientifically verified, so we have reservations about suggesting this one to any dieter. We highly recommend eating healthy foods in the right amounts and exercising.

If you want to drop some unwanted pounds, we suggest using a product with scientifically tested ingredients that work as part of a complete healthy lifestyle. It’s best if you don’t have to cut calories to the extreme or lose your wallet on the deal.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. Its formula has four ingredients that are clinically tested and shown to help boost metabolism, encourage fat burn and reduce appetite. The online reviews don’t mention anything about harsh side effects, which is always good. We did find talk of dieters seeing great results.

The makers behind Leptigen are even offering a Special Trial Offer, quite an amazing gesture of confidence.

Previous Plan Z By Zola Review (Updated January 1, 1970):

What You Should Know about Plan Z by Zola

It is imperative to understand what you are getting into when you begin a new diet or weight loss plan. After all, your health depends on this. While you certainly want to get slim and fit, you additionally need to stay healthy and safe. This is why we created this review on Plan Z By Zola. It will further educate you on this diet plan, and what it specifically involves. Medifast is an alternate weight-loss program that offers specific foods to be consumed on a regular basis that include soups, entrees, bars, shakes in a four day meal plan.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features off Plan Z by Zola

Plan Z By Zola is a weight loss plan that incorporates five different factors. These are hormonal imbalances, energy loss, poor diet, detoxification, and motivation. In order to shed unwanted body fat on Plan Z By Zola, you must alter your eating habits accordingly. There is a special diet plan incorporated with this method, similar to Nutrisystem.

Some of the components found in ZReduction are Citric Acid, Hypothalamus Energy, and L-Carnitine. Put simply, this formula is supposed to allow your stored fat to be released, and burned off as energy. However, the calorie-restricted aspect of Plan Z By Zola is very important to follow as well. As for exercise, there is none mentioned for this weight loss program. When diet plans are combined with exercises, similar to Piyo, they at times help aid in weight loss results.

Advantages of Plan Z by Zola

  • There are no prescription diet pills needed for this program.
  • A lean meal plan is encouraged on Plan Z By Zola.
  • This weight loss plan is suitable for both women and men.

Disadvantages of Plan Z by Zola

  • This weight loss plan may not be effective for the long term.
  • Some dieters may not like the meal plan specified for this diet.


It is difficult to determine whether or not Plan Z By Zola is merely a fad diet or not. The formula that is directed to be taken four times daily on this diet program seems a little too good to be true. After all, burning off 2,500 to 4,000 calories daily seems a tad unlikely. You may want to consult your physician about Plan Z By Zola before trying it out for yourself. This way you can learn more about any potential side effects that may apply.

Plan Z By Zola Questions & Answers:

We condensed hundreds of user comments about Plan Z by Zola into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Plan Z by Zola?

Some potential Zola side effects include upset stomach, nausea and dehydration.

What are the ingredients in Plan Z by Zola?

The Plan Z by Zola ingredients are a manual, membership to a recipe site and blog, email and phone support and six bottles of ZR50.

Does Plan Z by Zola work?

There’s no scientific research proving the Plan Z by Zola will help you lose weight. There are mixed results relating to calorie restrictive diets, based on the amount of food you are allowed to consume. Dieters may want to mix it up a bit and replace Plan Z by Zola with a supplement like Leptigen, which contains ingredients proven to work that are backed by clinical studies.

How much does Plan Z by Zola cost?

Plan Z by Zola costs $647. You can put $247 down and make three monthly payments of $157.

How should I use Plan Z by Zola?

You should use Plan Z by Zola in four phases. The first being a two-day binge. The second lasts 48 days and you eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables. The third runs for six weeks and adds back calories. The fourth is the maintenance phase and can continue indefinitely.

Can I take Zola if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those taking prescription medications, anyone with health conditions or those under 18 years of age should consult with a healthcare professional prior to starting a weight-loss program, including Plan Z by Zola.

What do users like about Plan Z by Zola?

Some users liked that Plan Z by Zola offered variety and that the program was available on the official website.

What do users NOT like about Plan Z by Zola?

We found that some users didn’t like the calorie restrictions on Plan Z by Zola and the price was too high.

How do I contact the Plan Z by Zola customer service department?

You can contact the Plan Z by Zola customer service department by calling 1-800-255-9853, sending correspondence to Plan Z by Zola 2435 W Bloomingdale Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 or by emailing info@planzdiet.com.

Can I contact Zola through social media?

Yes, you can contact them on their Facebook or Twitter.

If I refer a friend, is there a discount with Plan Z by Zola?

Yes, if you refer a friend, you can register for Plan Z by Zola and the cost is $597 per person.

Do I have to exercise on Plan Z by Zola?

No, you don’t need to exercise on Plan Z by Zola, but the program recommends adding fitness to better results.

Can I do Zola on the go?

Yes, you can do Plan Z by Zola on the go. The premade meals are convenient and portable.

Do additional rounds of Plan Z by Zola cost more money?

Yes, additional rounds of Plan Z by Zola costs an additional $547 each.

Does Plan Z by Zola come with a guarantee?

Plan Z by Zola comes with a guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the program, you can return all of the contents for a refund, minus $135.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Zola?

The only mention of special deals or discounts on Plan Z by Zola is when you refer a friend. However, the past few months have breezed by, considering our readers have been taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is simply the cost of shipping and handling. Click above to try it out.

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Plan Z By Zola User Tips:

Over the years, it has become clear that the people who use the Plan Z by Zola program want to share their experiences with the world. After examining thousands of reviews and comments, we collected some of the most useful tips to help you learn more about this program.

“It is really important to follow the protocol. I had to make myself actually spend a few extra days cleaning out all of the cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer to make sure nothing bad was left to tempt me.” Alison

“It takes serious dedication, I’m not going to lie. You have to eat exactly right during the Reduction phase or you are wasting your time.” Michael

“I really like that you aren’t dieting all the time BUT the six weeks of reboot isn’t a return to the way you use to eat. You have to make permanent lifestyle changes even when you aren’t actively dieting or it doesn’t work.” Lindsey

“It wasn’t easy, especially the first time through. I had to do the whole system six times to get to where I wanted to be but that first phase is definitely the hardest.” Jodie

“I had to really plan my meals out and prepare everything in advance in order to stay on program. Preparation is key!” Alex

“This isn’t a quick fix. I had to revamp everything about my life to make this work but I did see results.” Camille

“Remember that that closer you get to your goal, the slower the weight will come off. It’s still working it will just take longer.” John

Plan Z By Zola Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size:
Serving Per Container:
Amount per Serving % DV

Other Ingredients: None

We focused closely on the Plan Z by Zola ingredients in order to provide the crucial details you need.

800 Calorie Diet Plan

Plan Z by Zola does encourage a serious calorie-restricted eating plan. This only involves 800 calories per day, which is pretty low for most people. Many doctors do not encourage consuming less than 1,200 calories per day.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Reducing your daily caloric intake to 800 is basically supposed to help you drop pounds. Your body will have fewer calories to burn, so it will begin utilizing the excess fat tissue as a source of energy. However, some muscle mass may also be used as an energy source.

Clinical Research

According to WebMD, “Severely slashing calories may lead to weight-loss, but the lost weight includes precious muscle and lowers metabolism. Drastic calorie restriction also causes a shift toward a higher percentage of body fat, which increases the risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.”

Clinical studies are a very important part of the equation when it comes to selecting a diet program or weight-loss supplement. You may want to take a look at a product like Leptigen. This unique formula contains potent ingredients that have actually been researched.

ZR50 Crave Control Spray

ZR50 Crave Control Spray is the only supplement involved with the Plan Z by Zola weight-loss program. It is a liquid formula that is sprayed under the tongue daily.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The purpose of ZR50 Crave Control Spray is to reduce food cravings for sweets and snacks/meals that are high in fat. It’s also supposed to assist with fat burning, and may help minimize nausea, headaches, jitters and moodiness.

Clinical Research

Unfortunately, there is no clinical research provided to support the claims regarding ZR50 Crave Control Spray. While the ingredients in this supplement are said to be natural, they are not revealed on the official website.

Hundreds of Recipes

You receive more than 900 different recipes with Plan Z by Zola. These recipes incorporate a wide variety of foods, but are said to be easy to prepare. Not to mention, these meals are described as delicious as well.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The recipes are supposed to help you stay on track with healthy eating and weight-loss. They are fairly low in calories, which may help you shed unwanted pounds.

Clinical Research

Harvard.edu states, “Dietary guidelines have changed over the years as research becomes more accurate in determining what we should eat to attain optimal health and weight. The strongest evidence to date shows that calories matter, but focusing on food quality is an equally important part of preventing weight gain and promoting weight-loss.”

Is There Anything Out There That We Think TRULY Works?

Well, we did spot a weight-loss supplement that is quite promising. Leptigen, which is formulated with ingredients that are backed by solid research, may be a good option to consider. All customers can take advantage of a Special Trial Offer, that is currently available. Click here to give it a shot today.

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The Plan Z is the only diet that has worked for me…losing over 80 pounds in several reductions I only gained 20 back in 4 years…the formula helped with appetite control and she gives you a step by step book on what to get when you start your diet and plenty of tried and true receipes that don’t make you gain weight.plus a list of foods that you can eat…and that fill you up…When you finish The Plan Z diet you have more foods that can be added on the list and how much you can have…and when you go to Step 3 more foods to add…By this time you know what you can eat and it is not a diet but a lifestyle change….I highly recommend it.


Plan Z is the only thing that worked for me. My homebound mother lost 80 pounds at age 76 and has kept it off for about four years now. There are so many, many lies about diets out there. The two facts that have helped me the most from Zola are: (1) Exercise fails for weight loss and only makes you hungry and (2) You must avoid those carbs. Thank you, Zola!

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Doesn’t help with cravings – expensive- didn’t work

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Didn’t work for me, expensive and doesn’t curb the appetite!! Waste of money!!Tell us your thoughts about Plan Z By Zola.

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Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

Jane miller

Could I join over the phone?




My husband and I both did a round of the Plan Z diet. We started it on March 1st 2013. He lost 80+ and I lost over 30 and we have kept the weight off. You do change your eating habits but only for the good.