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Prevagen Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

There are very few products out there that gets as much attention as memory and brain supplements, and Prevagen is one of those. Prevagen claims to be “the top-selling memory supplement in stores”. While the active ingredient, apoaequorin, has been shown to improve memory function in those with very mild cognitive decline, Prevagen should not be confused with a prescription cognitive aid.

Still, our team of researchers presented us with all the information they found about Prevagen’s complete ingredient list, reported side effects, and scientific studies on the product. We’ve summarized their findings here for you today.

Prevagen can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Prevagen?

Prevagen is a dietary supplement for brain and memory health. Supposedly, the supplement claims to help prevent memory loss and improve concentration. The company behind Prevagen is Quincy Bioscience company. Prevagen contains apoaequorin; a protein from jellyfish. Supposedly it helps promote and enhance brain function. Apoaequorin supposedly reduces excess calcium levels in the brain and improve short-term memory problems.


Prevagen Competitors

Focus Factor
Brain Octane Oil

Prevagen Claims

Prevagen claims to improve the health and function of the brain. According to the journal Advances in Mind Body Medicine, “apoaequorin and improvements on a quantitative measure of cognitive function.” The study went on to state the ingredient is “well-tolerated,” and addresses declines in cognitive function.

Prevagen claims


Prevagen Ingredients

The active ingredient in Prevagen is:

  • Apoaequorin

A serving size of Prevagen is equal to 1 capsule. Each bottle contains 30 servings.

Does Prevagen Work?

While there’s research supporting the effectiveness of apoaequorin, there’s also information contrary to the research.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, “apoaequorin is rapidly digested in the stomach and broken down into amino acids and small peptides like any other dietary protein.”

Prevagen benefits

Benefits & Results

Prevagen Benefits and Results

Prevagen may be a good product for mild problems, particularly ones due to aging. It may be suitable for adults want to improve short-term memory overall brain health.

According to the Wellness, the blog from the University of California Berkley , “The primary ingredient in Prevagen is a synthetic version of apoaequorin and it has the potential to improve the function of aging neurons and, therefore, to enhance memory and cognitive function.”


How to Use Prevagen

Prevagen is for daily use. You’ll take one Prevagen capsule in the morning with or without food.

Side Effects

Potential Prevagen Side Effects

There’s no clinical research showing the active ingredient in Prevagen, apoaequorin, causes side effects. The only mention of side effects are in some Prevagen reviews.

Prevagen side effects

Prevagen Alternatives

There are a lot of brain products, and Lumonol Wisdom is one of them. Lumonol Wisdom is a new product created by Avanse Nutraceuticals.

This product contains Noopept, a compound claiming to provide a variety of claimed benefits including:

  • Improved memory recall
  • Increased memory capacity
  • Improved capacity to learn
  • Increased mental processing speed
  • Enhanced mood

Prevagen Extra Strength

Prevagen Extra Strength is just a stronger version of the original formula; claiming to be an advanced “brain enhancement supplement.” Claims include:

  • Increase Mental Function
  • Promote Clearer Thinking
  • Improve Overall Brain Health

Focus Factor

Focus Factor is a dietary supplement supposedly helping to enhance mental focus and clarity. Focus Factor ingredients include:

  • DMAE
  • Vitamins – B6, B12, D3
  • Beta carotene
  • Huperzine
  • Bacopa
  • Phosphatidylcholine
  • Phosphatidlyserine

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is another brain supplement focused on boosting concentration, memory, and energy. Alpha Brain ingredients include:

  • Alpha GPC
  • Huperzine A
  • Vinpocetine
  • AC-11
  • Bacopa
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine

Prevagen Lawsuits

In the past, Prevagen hasn’t had much trouble with the FDA or law. However, that changed in 2017 when the product received a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission and The People of the State of New York.

According to the complaint, “deceptive business practices and false advertising” were used to sell, market, and distribute the product.

In August 2018, Quincy Bioscience was sued for the deceptive advertising of Prevagen, according to Class Action. The class action complaint is still in court.

In July 2019, Quincy Bioscience was again sued, according to Class Action. This lawsuit claims that Prevagen does not work as claimed.

Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“My husband took Prevagen for 2 months and it didn’t show the slightest bit of help.”

“Maybe it is eating healthier or being more active but I have noticed a small increase in the ease of short term memory recall and overall long-term detail clarity. So coupled with healthy life changes, I think this is working well.”

“I used it for 6 months and MAY have noticed a slight improvement.”

The Bottom Line on Prevagen

Prevagen is considered one of the leading “brain” supplements on the market. There are even studies supporting the benefits of the active ingredient apoaequorin. However, there are also alternative supporting your healthy lifestyle changes.

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What is Prevagen?

Prevagen is a protein supplement collected from jellyfish that is intended to promote healthy brain functions, better memory, and clearer thinking.

What are the side effects of Prevagen?

Potential side effects of Prevagen include headaches, dizziness, nausea, minor memory problems, anxiety, and sleeplessness from people after taking apoaequorin.

What are the ingredients of Prevagen?

The key ingredient in Prevagen is a protein obtained from Puget Sound jellyfish. The patented brand is Apoaequorin. Other ingredients include magnesium stearate and the organic compound acetic acid.

What is the main ingredient in Prevagen?

Apoaequorin, pronounced ah-poe-ah-cor-in, is a synthetic protein supplement derived from jellyfish, and it is the main ingredient in Prevagen, which is used to promote memory enhancement and cognitive functions.

How does Prevagen work in the brain?

The manufacturer claims research shows Prevagen delivers a cell supporting protein that is normally diminished with aging and expose brain cells to damage.

Where can I buy Prevagen?

Prevagen can be purchased using their Official Site.

How much does Prevagen cost?

A bottle of Prevagen costs $59.95. If you buy two bottles, the price increases to $119.90. Three runs $239.80 and eight is $479.60. You receive a discount on multiple bottle purchases.

How do you take Prevagen?

You take one Prevagen capsule in the morning with or without food. One bottle lasts 30 days.

What is Prevagen used for?

Clinical studies show Prevagen helps with age related mild memory problems.

Who makes Prevagen?

Manufacturers Quincy Bioscience, a Madison, Wisconsin biotechnology company focusing on innovative approached to help cognitive functioning and age related challenges with mild memory problems.

What is the main ingredient in Prevagen?

The main ingredient in Prevagen is apoaequorin. This is found in certain species of jellyfish.

Is Prevagen approved by the FDA?

Prevagen is not approved by the FDA.

However, the FDA did send letters to Quincy Bioscience Manufacturing relating to mislabeling of the supplement and claims made by the company.

Is there a guarantee with Prevagen?

Yes, there’s a guarantee with Prevagen. You can return any portion of the supplement for a complete refund of your money within 30 days.

How long does it take for Prevagen to work?

Prevagen suggests its users use their product for 90 days to feel the full benefits of the product.

19 Prevagen Reviews

  • Loved the product.
    Patricia (Verified Purchase)

    My good friend started taking Prevagen a few months ago and has had a small miracle happen. She had a poor memory, and some learning disabilities that became embarrassing at her fast-paced job, but since taking it, she has noticed a huge difference. She feels so amazed by the results, she gave me a bottle. it is helping me with my post ‘chemo-brain’ fog. So much so that I splurged on a 3 month supply! I don’t go in easily for these sort of things, and sincerely don’t believe my success is the result of some placebo effect. I feel clearer in my thinking, my memory has improved, and you can’t make this stuff up!

    • Your Name

      This comment seemed helpful

  • Will it be harmful for health?
    Anne Wyckoff


    While I’ve had the same concerns as you (+17 years of medical study involving pathology), there IS something odd happening to some consumers. I, for one, am very immune to the “placebo effect,” yet after trying this for 2 weeks, I suddenly woke up with name-recall. My son noticed this, because I had to ask him names constantly in the past. I wouldn’t have tried prevagen if I’d looked into the molecular structure first, however (a rare lapse in judgement)
    Do you think there’s a possibility that the EDTA is chelating something harmful with some people? I noticed another positive review from a scientist who used it for a trial but then stopped. It bewildered him as it does me.

  • Product is quite expensive for me
    Nadine Anderton

    I always suspect nutritional supplements that come from exotic (like jellyfish) sources rather than from food-obtained nutrition. This allows the makers and distributors to make big bucks – something like the pharmaceutical companies? It sounds good, but it totally unavailable to someone like me on a very limited income. So I guess I’ll just have to die from my brain problems, which may or may not turn out to be Alzheimers.

  • Information about amino acid effects

    Amino acids cross the blood-brain barrier. Whole proteins do not. Any beneficial effect of apoaequorin is lost as soon as it is digested into amino acids like any other protein. It is simply untrue to claim that apoaequorin taken orally has any effect in the brain whatsoever.

    • Joyce

      Have you actually taken it?

  • Questions about amino acids
    JK Freeze

    Jason says “Disregarding the sketchy clinical trials cited, the active ingredient is a protein compound (Aequorin) that gets broken down upon digestion into its component amino acids. While Aequorin certainly does bind calcium, even if it did survive digestion it is unlikely to pass the blood-brain barrier”

    Jason, being a bio-chemist, you DO know that ALL amino acids pass the blood brain barrier, don’t you?

    also, Prevagen does NOT contain EDTA.

    • Ed B

      Check the label…it has EDTA

  • Feeling worse
    sherry oglesby (Verified Purchase)

    seem to feel worse on this my thinking isworseand ihave an increasted bp
    what do others say

  • Prevagen experience
    Joy zuer (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you for the reviews. Upon taking prevagen, lots of energy, could stay focused, but could not sleep on this product. Independent studies would make it morally sound. Don’t you think?

  • Need more information about calcium metabolism

    How does it affect Calcium metabolism in bones? Jellyfish don’t have bones!

    • BC

      Good point Mary

  • anzhaime
    Maria Steiselboin

    A person with advance diseace like anzhaime this can help, or is too late?

  • anzhaimer
    Maria Steiselboin

    A person with anzhaimer deseace in advance state this can help? because she can’t talk o walk?

  • emily

    could this supplement help migraine headache or headache pain?

  • can you lose weight from it ?

    Since it is a dietary supplement,can’t you lose weight from it ?

    • Wayne Carr

      I started taking prevagen about 5 weeks ago and noticed my short term memory improving but I have also developed a rash that I thought was caused by fleas in my bedroom. No one else in my house had developed these itchy large bumps. I am quitting the prevagen which is too bad as I see it working and I have 2 more full bottles. I may try to get a refund on the last bottle I have this rash all over my body and it started around 4 weeks ago.

      • D Davey

        You might have a Doctor examine your rash. Not Provagen related, but I was diagnosed with “Grovers disease“, not a critical disease but more of an annoyance and discomfort that comes and goes often during hot weather.. Might just want to check it out, especially if the Prevagen is helping your memory.

      • dalores anderson

        you r probablt allergic to jelyfis