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SHAPE ReClaimed Review - 16 Things You Need to Know

SHAPE ReClaimed says you can lose 0.5-1.5lbs per day following their diet, so we had to get right into the side effects, ingredients, and scientific research. We then searched the internet for customer reviews and testimonials before pooling all of our information to bring you the bottom line.

SHAPE ReClaimed can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is SHAPE ReClaimed?

SHAPE ReClaimed is a weight loss supplement based on a light homeopathic formula made from a glycoprotein complex.

This formula focuses on cleansing the body while decreasing body weight. SHAPE ReClaimed also states that it may boost the immune system in the body.

This program is only available under a practitioner, and the drops cannot be bought from any other site or shop, but only from the company itself. The program consists of phases that include this supplement and diet control, with regular monitoring by a practitioner.

Recipes to use this formula are also provided by the manufacturers and distributors, for an improved experience and better taste.

This protein-based weight loss supplement comes in various serving sizes with varying amounts of the protein formula in each. The practitioner looks over the patient and then adjusts the diet, and the SHAPE ReClaimed drops intake according to the changes in the body.

The main ingredients in the weight-loss drops by SHAPE ReClaimed are the pituitary bovine gland, hypothalamus bovine gland and placenta ovine. Let’s see what these ingredients can really do for your weight based on science.

  • In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Extract from the bovine pituitary gland doesn’t have a lot of research around it. We did find mention of possible antioxidant properties in a 2003 study, but the research dealt with human prostate cells.
  • Reproduction in Domestic Animals – We also found research that shows bovine pituitary extract “stimulates prolactin release” in cattle, but we found no additional research on humans.
  • PLoS One – Even the most recent research we found delves into the impact of the bovine pituitary gland on reproduction in cattle, not anything to do with human weight loss.

Shape ReClaimed

How Did SHAPE ReClaimed Start?

SHAPE ReClaimed drops developed after long research conducted under Dr. A. T. W. Simeons, later carried on by Dr. Todd. Since 1970, Dr. Simeons has been focusing on helping patients reduce excessive weight, which has led to SHAPE ReClaimed.

Dr. Todd and Linda, an essential part of the wellness program, worked on the formula initiated by Dr. Simeons and modernized the formula with various techniques.

Dr. Todd had over 38 years of experience in the homeopathy field and began a program under the guidance of a practitioner for long-term benefits, reducing excess body weight and focusing on the patient’s health first and foremost.

Dr. Todd explains how he was pushed into looking at Dr. A.T. W Simeons’s invention because of his long-term experience in the field of weight loss and diet. Before trying the SHAPE, ReClaimed drops on his patients that trusted him with their lives, he decided to go through the entire protocol himself.

After seeing the benefits, he began the health restoration program and Dr. Linda Frisch, which emphasized more towards a better and healthy lifestyle, rather than being restricted to weight loss only.

After applying for the program on many patients, the doctors realized that the same pattern could not be followed. Hence, calorie intake and the dosage of the formula would have to vary for every person.

Shape ReClaimed claims


SHAPE ReClaimed Claims

SHAPE ReClaimed claims that the glycoprotein-based formula detoxes and cleanses the body while releasing the stored excess body fat.

The drops come with a SHAPE ReClaimed approved diet, which restricts carbohydrate intake and pushes the patient towards a healthier eating lifestyle.

SHAPE ReClaimed recipes are provided alongside the program to help patients sustain through proper, high-protein meals. Moreover, this program can only be followed under the guidance of a practitioner, which the company claims will look at one patient at a time.

Benefits & Results

SHAPE ReClaimed Benefits and Results

It improves digestion, which enhances metabolism. SHAPE ReClaimed drops also improve the patient’s sleep.

Dr. Todd and Linda have claimed to use the product after being on weight loss and diet for many years. Along with other users, they have talked about significant improvement and have lost weight by following a diet and using the homeopathic drops as a weight loss supplement.

SHAPE ReClaimed Program

The program begins with an initial consultation with the doctors who then evaluate the condition of the patient. Before starting the low-carb and high-protein diet, along with SHAPE ReClaimed drops, the patient discusses his or her need to opt for the program.

An important point regarding SHAPE ReClaimed is that every program is customized according to its health history, laboratory results, and progressive symptoms. After this, the program begins with regular monitoring.

When following the program, users will be given a program guidebook and access to a private Facebook group with other members.

Does it Work?

How Does SHAPE ReClaimed Work?

After examining the patient and customizing their plan for them, Phase I of the program begins. Phase I is also known as the FasTrac, during which the patients have to go through urinalysis monitoring, along with a reduction of carbohydrate intake (focused primarily on cutting down grain sugar and dairy from the diet).

The analysis conducted spots ‘starvation markers’ in the urine, helping the doctors understand the patient’s metabolic issues.

The program is then adjusted according to their metabolic indications and spot markers to prevent the brain and body from getting starvation messages.

Does Shape ReClaimed work

The second phase focuses on mental health as well as the physical health of the patient. It promotes self-support and discovery of one’s self.

Through your practitioner, you can get involved on another site of SHAPE ReClaimed, where you can go through SHAPE ReClaimed success stories and also target your negative feelings to stimulate positive emotions instead.

The program involves continuous monitoring for a higher and more prolonged chance of success.


SHAPE ReClaimed Ingredients

The homeopathic formula is primarily based on natural ingredients, which improve the metabolism and stimulate an excess fat reduction in the body. These components consist of:

  • Ovine derived Placenta, Hypothalamus, and Pituitary
  • Calcium Carbonate/Carbonate of Lime – Naturally extracted from the rocks, this ingredient has antacid properties and calcium sources.

Shape ReClaimed ingredients


A natural ingredient extracted from a plant boosts digestive health and stimulates proper stomach bile flow.

Wood Charcoal

This fuel source has the property to trap harmful gases and chemicals. It helps in reducing gas.

Club Moss

This plant stimulates memory formation.

While these ingredients are natural and mostly extracted from plants, some can have harmful side effects. Many of these ingredients have been known to be a part of other homeopathic medicines as well, but poison nut, according to many, can be harmful.


Price and Quality of SHAPE ReClaimed

The amount of the SHAPE ReClaimed drops is not disclosed on their website or any other site, since the company alone handles the formula’s distribution. The official cost and additional information can be found through the company’s practitioners.

The company states that the prices can vary, but an online source claims the price per bottle to be $60. Each bottle approximately lasts for a total of 30 to 40 days. Moreover, buying the $10 booklet is also advised to guide and explain the lifestyle changes the user will face.

This formula’s production method is not disclosed in detail by the company, which only reveals the main ingredients and the benefits they possess. Quality controls have been made, but without enough proof to sustain them.

Shape ReClaimed side effects

Side Effects

Potential SHAPE ReClaimed Side Effects

When looking at the ingredients involved in producing SHAPE ReClaimed drops, some of these ingredients are controversial. The organs extracted from sheep may or may not be adequately cleaned, leading to bacteria growth in the body.

Many doctors have found negative impacts of using these ingredients as well.

Moreover, excess amounts of calcium carbonate are highly dangerous for the body, and the addition of this ingredient to the homeopathic formula needs to be monitored. Poison nut is the most dangerous ingredient added to these drops.

Many people have also highlighted weight gain rather than weight loss after following the program.

Product Warnings

SHAPE ReClaimed Warnings

With Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch running the company and using their formula derived from Dr. Simeons’s findings, they are highly concerned about their patients. All practitioners must have only one patient at a time.

Rather than creating a positive impact, the program then has a reverse or adverse effect.

The person may not lose any weight or may gain weight. People do not end up disclosing significant medical history, which sometimes has adverse effects on users.

Shape ReClaimed warnings

Derailing from the program and your goal can also have an impact on your body. The FasTrac phase requires urine monitoring to spot markers related to metabolism. If the patient derails from the diet, it will affect the results, causing a change in the program, which is not well-suited to the individual’s body.

The intake of the drops should be followed by the practitioner’s guidance only. Excess amounts of these drops can have harmful effects on the body and organs. Doctors’ request for patience, honesty, and compliance in all cases before the program begins is highly important.

Details on SHAPE ReClaimed and Weight Loss

SHAPE ReClaimed, while emphasizing on weight, also focuses on the physical well-being of a person. These drops need to be added to your diet to stimulate fat reduction and weight loss. Concepts like these are considered to be scams and bluffs, but in this case, the weight loss supplement has proven to be effective for some users.

The natural ingredients in the homeopathic formula and the diet plan customized for each patient by a practitioner help boost metabolism. However, the ingredients in the drops have not been shown to lead to weight loss.

For example, calcium carbonate is effective as a dietary supplement for those who lack enough calcium. Still, it is not effective for weight loss, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Additionally, celandine has been shown to potentially help gastrointestinal disorders, but not weight loss, according to LiverTox.

The diet only restricts unhealthy content, allowing patients to enjoy some of their favorite dishes with only a few changes according to their program.

Reviews On SHAPE ReClaimed

While many users of SHAPE ReClaimed drops have highlighted the benefits of following the health restoration program, some have declared this entire program a scam and nothing but a bluff about weight loss.

They claim it to be like any other fake medicine advertised for people desperately looking for weight loss techniques.

The majority of the reviews consist of SHAPE ReClaimed success stories and how it served as their last chance to lose weight and worked for them while other techniques and diets failed.

The plus point regarding the drops is that it is entirely natural and protein-based with little to no side effects. People were surprised to see it work on their bodies.

The formula is cheap to buy and is declared as valid by most users leaving its reviews majorly positive.

SHAPE ReClaimed Alternatives

While many weight loss techniques and diets exist, an alternative to SHAPE ReClaimed is the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet, which works similarly to the SHAPE ReClaimed diet.

HCG is a hormone injected into the body, while calorie intake is severely restricted to 500 in a day, which starves the person and leads to weight loss.

However, HCG is highly dangerous because of the size of calorie intake and the nature of its weight reduction.

SHAPE ReClaimed focuses on an individual’s overall well-being, and the drops consist only of natural ingredients and not any hormones that tamper with the body.

Shape ReClaimed alternatives

The diet only excludes unhealthy items and focuses primarily on proteins rather than carbohydrates.

While HCG does not focus on other aspects to improve a person’s health, SHAPE ReClaimed also gives a platform to users suffering from body shaming and negative comments for their weight. An entire phase of its program is dedicated to the mental well-being of the patient.


SHAPE ReClaimed Tips and Recipes

SHAPE ReClaimed not only focuses on weight loss but also health improvement. Recipes are provided for all the phases involved in the health restoration program and are adjusted for each step.

The recipes submitted by the company recommend 4-6 oz. of protein per serving. However, this can be changed to how the practitioner sees fit, according to the patient’s urine monitoring results and body changes.

From desserts to beverages to dressings and salads, SHAPE ReClaimed approved recipes that include various menu items to cater to all sorts of patients and their cravings during the program. The goal is to switch to a healthy lifestyle and improve dietary habits.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Best decision I’ve ever made! started in 9/2020 @224lbs with A1c of 9.4, now @177 lbs with A1c of 4.9. Just 47lbs more to goal weight, off 1 of by Blood Sugar meds and believing will be off the other 2 soon.”

“Encouragement, support, recipes, new ideas.”

“I love SHAPE ReClaimed! I had issues with my eyes and my health in general and started looking for a solution. Was doing Keto that work well but still fighting with eyes and my weight had stalled. My eyes are now clear and I have lost a total of 71 lbs. my arthritis is almost gone as a bonus!”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on SHAPE ReClaimed

Is Shaped Reclaimed the wonder-diet for you? We like any diet program expressing the possibility of losing up to a pound and a half per day, but we do have some concerns. Lack of customer feedback and information about the system turned us away, not to mention their HCG diet like approach.

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SHAPE ReClaimed Review
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SHAPE ReClaimed

What are the ingredients in Shape Reclaimed?

The ingredients in Shape Reclaimed are Nat Phos, Nat Mur, Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Calc Carb, Nux Vomica, Graphites , Lycopodium, Chelidonium, Carbo Veg, Fucus Vesiculosis, Phytolacca, CoQ10, Chasteberry, Glycoprotein Complex, Star of Bethlehem, Mustard, Oak, and Poison-nut.

What are the side effects of Shape Reclaimed?

There have been no reported side effects while taking this product.

Does Shape Reclaimed work?

It has worked to suppress the appetite, lose weight, increase the body energy, adjust hormonal issues and imbalances, and also support the digestion system.

What is the price of Shape Reclaimed?

It is not clear what the cost of Shape Reclaimed is unless you go onto their website and have the password you will need to provide during the buying process.

Where can I buy Shape Reclaimed?

If you want to buy this product you can go onto their official website and click on the buy now button.

Where can I buy SHAPE ReClaimed?

SHAPE ReClaimed can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Shape Reclaimed?

Shape Reclaimed is not only is a supplement but provider of recipes that you are supposed to follow while on a diet plan.

How do I contact Shape Reclaimed customer service?

Yes, if you want to contact this company you will have to go onto their official website at shapereclaimed.com and click on contact us and calling the number provided.

Can I return Shape Reclaimed?

There is no information on whether you can return the product. You will have to call their contact number to get more information.

What are the most common complaints about Shape Reclaimed?

The most common complaints about Shape Reclaimed have been that the product doesn’t show any results after taking it. Another common complaint have been that there are not enough recipes to follow.

8 SHAPE ReClaimed Reviews

  • This plan works!
    Bob (Verified Purchase)

    I have been on this program for 5 months now, and have lost over 50 lbs and 9 inches in my waist. I feel great, have more energy and better overall mood. I view this as a lifestyle change, and I have had foods that are off the plan and was able to hold my weight. Honestly the drops helped me with cravings, and unlike some of the more popular diets I never felt unsatisfied. I’m eating very healthy foods, natural stuff, and none of the bars or shakes that god only knows what is in them. I’m telling you this plan works if you follow it. Also worth noting, this plan has two paths; Fast Track or Sure and Steady. The first is very limited while the second has many more choices and is easier to follow. I did the Sure and Steady and still lost what I wanted in a relatively short period. After my first checkup with my primary physician I was taken off two of my daily meds for weight related problems, and she was astonished at my results. This plan works!

  • Worked Well for Me
    Shaan (Verified Purchase)

    I lost 60 lbs on the program with no side effects. I did follow the program to a tee. After 5 years I put the weight back on but that was my doing. You must maintain a sensible healthy lifestyle once you meet your goal.

  • Side effect?
    Peggy Joachim (Verified Purchase)

    I developed microscopic colitis after taking the shape reclaimed drops for one month. But I did lose 20 pounds.

  • Shape ReClaimed Works
    Jonathan Garland (Verified Purchase)

    My wife and I went on Shape ReClaimed in Jan of 2017. we both experienced positive results during a six week program. I would not consider this program if you only want to lose weight. I went on program because I wanted to stop taking acid reflux meds (PPI’s, etc) which I had been taking daily for nearly 15 years. I am happy to report that I took my last acid reflux pill on Jan 1st, 2017 and have not needed one since. THAT is the kind of positive outcome that can result from an anti-inflammatory diet. The fact that I did lose 30 pounds (in six weeks) is what I would call a bonus.
    One things\that differentiates this lifestyle program is that you must follow it under the care of a medical practitioner. Every patient is unique and the program can be tailored to each. For example, the recipes are listed to accommodate the majority of needs from a caloric standpoint, but someone needs to intake more calories, they can certainly do so….under the guidance of their practitioner.
    Just like anything, this program works if you work it. One year after I stopped taking the drops, I am still down 20 pounds, so I can say that this is definitely sustainable.

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