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Slim Smart Review

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By Summer Banks Feb 21, 2017

What You Should Know

Have you searched endless hours for products that actually help you lose weight? Don’t consider yourself alone because the majority of this country has no time to exercise constantly. A product that claims to change the face of the diet market is known as Slim Smart, not related to any other Slim product. This product claims that by placing a pager-like device, the body will receive signals on when to slow down the diet.

While the official website appears in cached form, it continuously leads to an error page, indicating a lack of reliability and accessibility. Slim Smart, however, sells on the market for $77.95 and comes equipped with a battery, user manual, and training video. An ounce of hesitation stems from the fact that the website fails to mention a money-back guarantee anywhere on the official website, even before it went down long term.

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The Slim Smart is geared to help your body recognize when you have eaten beyond the point where you are content. The theory is that Slim Smart is the voice in the user’s head that keeps the user from overeating or eating too fast. What’s problematic here is the fact that this device is geared particularly for the over-eaters and is a mechanism to help slow down your food intake. There are many people who don’t eat much, but still find themselves overweight due to heredity, slow metabolism, etc. For these other issues, the product does not address the concerns.

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  • The main advantage is that you can stop eating when you are full.
  • The Slim Smart device helps you slow down the pace at which you chow down your food.
  • There are a few testimonials from users on Amazon.


  • This program only addresses the over-eater part of the group (leaving out those who don’t eat much and are still overweight)
  • Not an actual weight loss machine.
  • The user of Slim Smart is expected to do too much, things that he can do without paying $77.95.
  • The product could malfunction continually with battery issues.


Each day, there are more and more creative weight loss techniques and products being created. Slim Smart falls into this category as an innovative product that allows the individual to be more aware of how much he is eating and be calorie conscious. Unfortunately, those who are overweight usually know what they are eating is bad or too much, but are unable to avoid it. In that context, the Slim Smart device would not be of much use. Be advised prior to trying it that electronic devices tend to display inaccurate results, go haywire when the battery is low, and have to be recalibrated repeatedly for precision.

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Rating: 5.0. From 2 votes.
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Started on 1April 2016 ,i did not know that it gives you the runs ,There are no instruction as how to take except it says 2 tablets at night ,2 hours after dinner .,I have been to the wash since room 4 in the morning on and off till 7 ,does this happen all the time ? Should i continue?

These symptoms may subside as you continue however if the discomfort grows too intense we recommend you stop taking the formula and consult you doctor.