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Slimming Belly Patch Review- Does This Weight-Loss Product Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 27, 2017

Why are people talking about Slimming Belly Patch? We an in-depth review, picking apart ingredients, side effects, clinical research, and quality of customer service. Additionally, we examined hundreds of comments and forum posts. Then, we refined and summarized to give you the info you need.

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What is Slimming Belly Patch?

First off, Slimming Belly Patch is a weight-loss product that may contain semen cassiae torae, maythorn[1], poria cocos, scutellaris baicalensis, immature bitter orange, angelica sinensis and alisma orientalis. Apply it to the midsection and leave it on for a minimum of 12 hours per day. Supposedly, it’ll help you burn fat and suppress appetite. One benefits is the ease of use.

There’s no mention of when Slimming Belly Patch was introduced, but it could have been brought to the market by Kiyeski. You can purchase the product through various third-party retailers. We like that it’s reasonably priced and that we located some positive customer comments, but read on…

Lack of Results – “Doesn’t Help?”

The first concern was the ineffectiveness of Slimming Belly Patch ingredients. “The product claims to help you lose weight without exercise,” said our Research Editor. “This is concerning, considering this is unrealistic and could cause dieters to lose sight of weight-loss goals.”

“This doesn’t help at all,” said a user.

“I tried this for the recommended 2 months, and didn’t lose any weight,” reported another. [2]

According to reviews, some customers did see results while using Slimming Belly Patch.

“After the first few days, my pooch is starting to slim a little.” commented a user.

Slimming Belly Patch Side Effects – “Concerning?”

Another issue reported by customers, was the frequency of Slimming Belly Patch side effects. “Today is my first day using the Slimming Belly Patch, and I’m already seeing irritable skin,” said a customer. [3]

“Not only did I gain weight, but now I have a rash all over my stomach,” commented a user.

“I wore each patch for 24 hours, and had redness around the spot I applied it,” reported a dieter.

While some customers complained about negative side effects, this wasn’t always the case.

“They have really been working, no rashes, itching or burning,” stated a customer.

“Can feel my skin heating up. Skin was a bit red, but no rashes.” reported another.

Our research shows that if there’s a specific part of a weight-loss product considered concerning, such as causing negative side effects, the chances of long-term success are reduced. If customers are reporting adverse reactions while using the Slimming Belly Patch, we become skeptical about it. [4]

The Science – “Any Research?”

Based on the ingredient list on the Slimming Belly Patch website, there’s a chance that some of the herbs could increase core temperature, but there’s no scientific research to support the claims. Here at DietSpotlight, a critical part of the review process is locating clinical studies. If a company can’t provide solid science, it may be time to consider an alternative.

The Bottom Line – Does the Slimming Belly Patch Work?

Before you order Slimming Belly Patch, you may want to read our final thoughts. Well, we like that it’s portable and that we found some positive comments, but we’re skeptical about this one because there’s no research supporting the weight-loss claims. We also were concerned about the negative customer reviews pointing out adverse reactions and lack of results. [5]

If you’d like to slim down and improve overall health, we suggest going with a supplement with no mentions of harmful side effects and offering clinically-tested ingredients shown to work.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our product called Dietspotlight Burn. The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients. Results often published in journals such as Obesity and the Journal of Medicine .

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Previous Slimming Belly Patch Review (Updated August 25, 2014):

What You Should Know about Slimming Belly Patch

Slim Belly Patch is a small patch that is supposed to be applied to the skin to reduce food cravings, increase metabolism and reduce your calories. The product description also claims that the dieter can lose up to 30 pounds in just 30 days without dieting or exercising. We already knew the supplement was making claims that were not supported or proven, but this claim is just absurd. Aside from prescription medications, extremely low calorie diets prescribed by a doctor or weight loss surgery, there is no safe way to lose 30 pounds in one month without dieting or exercising. Even with diet and exercise, that type of weight loss is far from safe. The price for the Slim Belly Patch also reveals something about the product. It is listed at $445 for 10 pieces per box. We have no idea how many patches are in each piece, but we do not suggest any dieter pay nearly $450 for a diet supplement or, in this case, a diet patch.

List of Ingredients

Slimming Belly Patch Ingredients:
  • Semen Cassiae Torae
  • Poria Cocos
  • Maythorn
  • Immature Bitter Orange
  • Scutellaria Baicalensis
  • Alisma Orientalis
  • Angelica Sinensis
  • Active Substances of Plant Extract

Product Features

If you want to use the Slimming Belly Patch, you simply have to remove the patch from the package, place it near your belly button and affix in place with adhesive. We have no idea what type of adhesive the company suggests the dieter use. One patch lasts between 12 and 24 hours. The dieter removes one patch and applies another one each day for 30 to 60 days. The ingredient list is just as interesting as the application process and product description. Semen Cassiae Torae is an unknown ingredient. We found plenty of supplements listing the ingredient, but none of the websites explain what this ingredient actually is or does. Poria Cocos is a diuretic. Maythorn is nothing more than hawthorne and bitter orange is a stimulant. Scutellaria Baicalensis possibly has sedative and muscle relaxing qualities. Alisma Orientalis is commonly used to naturally prevent or treat diarrhea and we have no idea what active substances refers to.

Advantages of Slimming Belly Patch

  • Some of the ingredients are listed online.
  • The product is for sale on at least one website.

Disadvantages of Slimming Belly Patch

  • Some of the ingredients are unknown.
  • The patch is not self adhesive.
  • May cause skin irritation.
  • May cause water loss or diarrhea.


The Slimming Belly Patch is one of the more interesting diet products we have reviewed. The ingredient list is obscure, at best, and the product offers no weight loss support. The price is outrageous and we have no idea if anyone has ever really used the product before.

Slimming Belly Patch is an adhesive patch that's infused with weight-loss ingredients. There are a variety of companies that make them, but some of the more common brands are ABC, Mymi and Kiyeski. There is no clinical proof these patches offer any support for weight-loss.

Slimming Belly Patch Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Patch
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV
Samen Cassiae Torae**
Poria Cocos**
Scutellaris Baiclensis**
Immature Bitter Orange**
Angelica Sinensis**
Alisma Orientalis**

Other Ingredients: Active substances of plant extract

We looked into The Slimming Belly Patch ingredients in order to give you the information you need.

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange is a plant used heavily in the commercial world. Its peel, flower, leaf, fruit, and fruit juice are all used in medicines.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Bitter orange has been used to increase appetite, start weight-loss, treat constipation, diarrhea, swelling, and more.

Clinical Research

According to an article written by the Mayo Clinic, “…some research studies suggest that bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) can help with modest weight loss when combined with diet and exercise, it’s probably not worth the risk. That’s because bitter orange can cause a range of potentially serious health problems. So if you’re trying to lose weight, stick to healthier methods and skip the bitter orange.” [1]


Maythorn, also known as hawthorn, is a shrubby tree found in Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia. It can be found in virtually every form available and has been a part of medicine for thousands of years.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Maythorn has a variety of uses, including helping sore throats, vaginal discharge, insomnia, anxiety disorders, cardiac weakness, and more.

Clinical Research

There is no research available at all connecting maythorn to its claimed weight-loss effects. Even with using its alternate names, we could not find any clinical results.

Poria Cocos

Poria cocos, also known as Fu Ling, is a common Chinese herb. It has been used in Chinese medicines for thousands of years. It is also considered a delicacy to snack on.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Poria cocos apparently has multiple effects on the body, including diuretic, antibacterial, digestive, and cardiac effects. [2]

Clinical Research

There is no research that we could find connecting poria cocos to weight-loss. In fact, we could not find any studies at all about poria cocos.

Scutellaria Baicalensis

Scutellaria baicalensis is a flowering plant found in Asia. It is used heavily in Chinese medicines.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Scutellaria baicalensis has been used before to treat arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, insomnia, infections, and inflammation.

Clinical Research

When we were looking for clinical research, we could find no studies done with humans and barely any done with animals. Furthermore, we could not find any research connecting Scutellaria baicalensis to its “weight-loss effects”.

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Slimming Belly Patch Side Effects:

When you think of all the weight-loss supplements out there, choosing the natural solution may sound like the best option when considering side effects. The truth is, every formula is different and each individual has a chance for a negative reaction. Even though Slimming Belly Patch side effects are rare, it doesn’t mean they can’t happen to some users.


A rash is a noticeable change in texture of an area of skin which could be irritated or swollen. These areas can also be painful, producing flaky, scaly patches which could lead to bleeding and blisters. [1] If not taken proper care of, rashes can become infected.

What causes a rash?

Any number of factors can irritate the skin, including allergies to soap, detergent, foods, or medications. Rashes can develop from bug bites or illness such as chicken pox or measles. Appearance and location of the rash usually assists in diagnosing a cause.

Discolored Skin

Discolored skin is the term used to describe a change in skin pigment. Skin contains melanocytes, which produce melanin, lending color to the skin. Melanin is a complex polymer originated from the amino acid tyrosine.

What causes discolored skin?

Skin can become discolored if it is burned or irritated from an outside source like sun exposure, bug bites, or some cosmetics. Bacterial infections can be a factor in skin discoloration, as well as any virus or parasite (ringworm).


Itchiness is a desire or reflex to scratch an area of skin. It can occur in one spot on the body, or spread out over a larger area.

What causes itchiness?

Causes can range from the common insect bite, allergic reaction, or dry skin, to something more serious such as diabetes. Some skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis can cause itching.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) is the common condition in which blood flows through the arteries at a higher pressure than usual. [2]

What causes high blood pressure?

Although no known cause exists, there are some factors which can cause secondary high blood pressure. Smoking and lack of physical activities are among the most common, as well as kidney disease or specific medications.

Slimming Belly Patch side effects are few and far between, but there have been some reports of itchiness, rash, and high blood pressure, among some others. In order to save yourself the trouble of encountering a negative reaction, it’s always best to consult a physician before taking any supplement, especially if you are under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing, are taking any prescription medications, or if you have a medical condition of any kind.



Slimming Belly Patch is an adhesive patch you wear on your abdomen to promote weight-loss. For some users, side effects can be an issue. However, these reactions are not common.


“It also sends burning spells through the body eg. arms, legs and stomach.”    Elmina


“It’s gave me a rash.”    Julie


“I used the patch for just two days and I have serious itch.”    Mary


“It is very difficult to remove. Product burns the skin.”    Andrew


“I have stomach pain. My skin is red under the patch and starting to itch slightly.”    Jeanie


“I tried the patch and I broke out with a rash.”    Christine


“My only results were waxy and discolored skin.”    Jessica


“It stuck to my skin and caused a small red skin burn when I pulled it off.”    Patti


“Made my stomach red for four days.”    Erin


“Did nothing and caused a horrible rash from pulling off.”   Beth


“Didn’t work and my stomach had red blotches all over it when I took it off. Blotches lasted for 4 days!”    Tiffany


While side effects are rare, there’s one that’s not connected to adverse reactions and is backed by positive customer comments. Click above to learn more about Dietspotlight Burn.

Slimming Belly Patch Questions & Answers:

We dug deep and spent hours sorting through hundreds of user reviews on Slimming Belly Patch and condensed into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of the Slim Patch?

The Slim Patch better referred as Slimming Belly Patch, side effects according to customer comments may include skin irritation, redness, rash, burning and itching.

What is in Slimming Belly Patch?

Slimming Belly Patch ingredients are samen cassiae torae, maythorn, poria cocos [1], scutellaris baicalensis, immature bitter orange, angelica sinensis and alisma orientalis.

What is the active ingredient in Slimming Belly Patch?

The active ingredient in Slimming Belly Patch is immature bitter orange.

Does the Slim Patch work?

The bitter orange in the Slimming Belly Patch may help boost thermogenesis and improve calorie burning. However, there’s no solid science that supports weight-loss claims.

How much does one bottle of Slimming Belly Patch cost?

One bottle of Slimming Belly Patch costs $11.50 each when you purchase 6-9 patches. If you buy 31-40 patches, the cost is $8.20 each.

How do you take the Slimming Belly Patch?

You take one Slimming Belly Patch, apply to the abdominal region and leave on for 12-24 hours.

Who makes Slim Patch?

Kiyeski is the maker of Slimming Belly Patch.

How do I contact customer service?

You can’t contact the Slimming Belly Patch customer service department, considering there isn’t an official website.


What do users like about the Slimming Belly Patch?

Some people appreciate that this patch is left on the skin for up to 24 hours and no pills are needed. Also, some users like that the Slimming Belly Patch does not require a prescription. [2]

What do users NOT like about the Slimming Belly Patch?

Some users do not like the actual price of the Slimming Belly Patch. Furthermore, some customers have complained that this patch does not produce the weight-loss results it claims.

How long does it take to get results from the Slim Patch?

You are encouraged to use the Slimming Belly Patch for a minimum of 30 days in order to see real results.

Are the ingredients in the Slimming Belly Patch all-natural?

Yes, all of the ingredients in the Slimming Belly Patch are natural.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Slim Patch?

There are no deals or discounts on the Slimming Belly Patch. However, the last few months have raced by, considering our readers have been taking advantage of the Special Trial Offer offered by Dietspotlight Burn. Click above to learn more.

Slimming Belly Patch Scientific Abstracts:

Samen Cassiae Torae

Cassia seed (Samen Cassiae) is a Chinese herb that is known to be helpful for soothing the eyes and weight loss. Studies have established that this herb has a clear effect on preventing and treating many eye diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and constipation. It has been shown to be able to treat a multitude of eye infections such as swelled eyes, blurry vision, extreme tearing, etc. It has been found to significantly help with quality of sleep by eliminating heat and calming the nerves. Experiments have also shown that it can be used as a laxative for constipation treatment, and could be made into an herbal tea that’s purging action work to restrict the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. [1]

Poria Cocos

A saphrophytic fungus that grows in varied species of Pinus, its sclerotium is traditionally used in Chinese and Japanese medicine as a diuretic, sedative, and toning. Its noticeable anti-inflammatory behavior has been established through various studies using diverse investigational models of acute and chronic inflammation. [2]

Scutellaris Baiclensis

Chinese skullcap (Scutellaris Baiclensis) a root extract is frequently used in conventional medicine combined with other herbs. Studies have found that when subjected to this herb liver cancer and leukemia cells die, however scientists are not quite sure how it works. The herbal extracts have also been found to decrease inflammation, perform as antioxidants, and kill bacteria. These studies were conducted extensively in a laboratory setting therefore; it is not yet known if the herb will have the same effects on the human body. [3]

Immature Bitter Orange

Bitter orange has been used in conventional Chinese medicine for constipation by those that are native to the Amazon Rainforest. These native have also used bitter orang for nausea and indigestion. Nowadays bitter orange is used as a nutritional supplement for heartburn, loss of appetite, congestion, and weight loss. People also put it on the skin for pain, bruises, and bed sores. There have been only a few studies conducted that have examined bitter orange as a useful supplement for health resolutions in humans. It has been found that bitter orang oil might help with ringworm, jock itch, and athlete’s food, but there is not adequate proof to back using bitter orange for other health reasons. [4]

Angelica Sinensis

Danggui is the dried root of Angelica Sinensis and is generally known for its use as a Chinese medicinal herb to improve blood, stimulate blood circulation, and control the immune system. Other uses include the treatment of constipation and some menstrual disorders. [5]

Alisma Orientalis

Alisma Orientalis is popular and conventional Chinese herb whose roots contain multipurpose bioactivities frequently used for the treatment of oliguria, edema, gonorrhea, leukorrhea, diarrhea, and dizziness. Studies have found that its elements do display a vast range of bioactivities including diuretic, anti-urolithiatic, antinephritic, anti-atherosclerotic, immunomodulatory, and hepatoprotective behaviors. [6]

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Rating: 3.7. From 350 votes.
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Slimming Belly Patch Review

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How to use them
Amanda jones

Hey i just got my patches in the mail but they didnt come with instructions on how to use them or where to put them can u help me

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Amanda.
The instructions are:
1. Clean the skin and keep the skin dry.
2. Open the outer packing, post the sticker on your belly
3. One piece a day or every other day, using time is 8 hours and shall not exceed 10 hours.
4. Combined with a moderate amount of sports and reasonable diet, the slimming effect is much better.
Wish you luck!

Best time?

when is the best time to be used?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! There is no specific time mentioned on the official website, but the label states to put the Slimming Belly Patch on in the morning.

Where to buy it?

Where can i buy them?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! Several online retailers sell the supplement.

Safe or not for me>?
Zoe G

I have my belly button pierced and was wondering if these are safe to use with it in?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Zoe. There’s no indication that you can’t use Slimming Belly Patch with a belly button piercing.

Joy Endurance

I am in Nigeria i want to use it how will i get the patch?

Richard (Editor)

Hi Joy. Since the Slimming Belly Patch is sold through several online retailers, there’s a chance you can receive it in Nigeria.

Future pregnancy

Will it have effect on future pregnancy because I am yet to give birth?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Ruth. There are no reports about Slimming Belly Patch affecting future pregnancies.

Mirena IUD?

Can I use this product if I am on birth control such as the Mirena IUD?


Hello. The are no warnings on the label about using the product and taking prescription medications. You can talk with your doctor and address your concerns.

HIV with patch?

What if you are HIV can you use the patch?


Hello Milly. There are no warnings about using Slimming Belly Patch and people with health conditions.

I have a question

how many can you put on your belly fat and how long can you keep them on ???


How much is the price?

I hope its works for me

I just received mine am from mauritius so am getting a litle burning for really every time am just want to drink water hope its works


Will this help me loose weight fast? Where do you apply the patches?


I was skeptical when I bought this but I have used diet pills, diet tea, specific diets and just have lost interest in eating better and healthier so I bought the patches. I feel that it’s helped as far as my appetite, my clothes are looser I don’t even use it every day. I use two days in a row and then I’ll take a day off and I’ll still feel like I’m not as hungry. This patch works!! I just orders more…

Candace (Editor)

The company claims this product helps you lose weight; It is placed on the naval, covering the belly button.

  Hope this works !

I just received mines! I got them from Groupon. A 20 day supply.. Im about to put one on now! Hope this works.. Will update with results


I have just received mine today and looking forward to putting it on this evening, I will be taking fat burners in the morning and put a patch on when going to bed. hoping for better results . you comments are encouraging and lets keep sharing.

Theresa T.

bought slim patch that has 1 little black circular patch an 10 yellow rectangular patches what goes on first? No side effects so far but want to make sure I am using it correctly.

Amanda jones

I just got my patches in the mail but how do i use them an where do i put them

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Theresa, the black patch goes on your stomach and the rectangular patches are placed on the arms and thighs.


I gave it a try today, it doesn’t feel at all hot, been on about an hour. So not sure. I do see that the one I am using has the same type magnet in it that they put in the toe ones that do nothing in my opinion. I do know magnets can do some great things, but not sure how a magnet so small will do much of anything. LOL


Working good I can feel my tummy burning bit got a slight rash on !my nqvel

Rachael Nelson

It’s all natural Ingrediants Patchs do work cause the stuff goes right to the blood only thing is so people have a Allergie to the sticky .

Elmina Griffith

I think that the product is going great. I started using it for about 3 days now and already have lost 4 pounds. I find that it causes me to drink plenty of water; It also sends burning spells through the body eg. arms, legs and stomach. This happens when it is burning the fat tissues. ( I apply it for about 3-4 hours daily. Either during the day or at night after taking a bath) I eat as normal and go about my life the same way. I would not recommend to apply it just before exercise because exercise leaves the body wet and the pad should be left on for at least 3 hours daily.


Slimming Belly Patch.well ive been on it for three months now lost 4 stone however for it too work you need to watch what you eat drink plenty of water and exercise

  Can you exercise while wearing it?
Your name

Can you exercise while wearing it?

Devon (Editor)

Yes, if it poses no discomfort in your shoe.

  Just Started today,fingers crossed !
Anonymous (Verified User)

Just started today morning, hope it works

  Can I eat while I wear this patch.

Can I eat while I wear this patch?

Cameron (Editor)


toni (Verified User)

I am trying the Magnetic slim patch i got off groupon site . The patch goes over the navel. Scan Id 6 42125 39678 3.

  Slimming Belly Patch
Nana adjoa

I really need some ooo but am in Ghana how do u do it

Stephen (Editor)

You leave it on 12-24 hours per day. They seem to be available online from third party retailers.

  Slimming Belly Patch
Tina (Verified User)

I just started my belly patch today.

Name Mary

Tina did it work?

  Can this help me lose fat belly?
eyvette Shackleford

I would like to lose my stomach cause it to big I can close my pants up so can u help me out

  Product is not working
Anonymous (Verified User)

I’ve been using them for about a week now and I have not noticed any results or lost any weight.

  It works but I get itchy
meemah (Verified User)

i used the patch for just two days and i have serious itch… i had to stop using it. it works but i cant bear the itching.

  Want to loose stomach fats

Hi I just want to lose stomach fat will this patch work to lose the stomach fat

  Buy from App Wish

Anyone wanting to buy this product you can buy it of an APP called ‘wish’ once you have downloaded wish, type ‘slim patch’ into the search bar. I just bought 10 patches for $3 🙂


I got 40 for a dollar on wish


I got 50 patches off ebay for $5


i also got mine from eBay for about $5 for 100 of them


wish can sell 40 for $1 plus $1 s&H


how did you get that many for so cheap?

  How can i get in Kenya
lonicah ongondo

i am in kenya and i need sliming patch how will i get it and at how much. how long will it take before i receive it.


just got it, the first one came right off even being sticky, I use another one this morning and is staying put. I have not lost any weight yet, but who knows it is too early after all. I am not putting all my hope on this but I have all kind of crap I bought thru WISH, they are so cheap and I have fun buying all the stuff they have to loose weight, plus I started exercising and lifting weights, and I have the feeling that I might be fat and die of a ripe age of 100


Can get it from woucher for 10 pounds plus 1.99 delivery. I don’t think anything works apart from excersise and a good diet.

  How can i buy from Blomfonten

please tell me where can I buy the patches I am from Bloemfontein and how much are they

Richard (Editor)

Hi Sarah, several online retailers sell the Slimming Belly Patch

  This product works for me
Anonymous (Verified User)

i bought these off wish 50 for $2 and they have really been working no rashes itching or burning but ive lost 10 pds in 8days and i havent exercised a bit lol.!


How do you use them.

Devon (Editor)

You simply apply one Slimming Belly Patch to the naval area (covers four square inches), and it is left on for 12-24 hours. This allows the ingredients to absorb into the skin and bloodstream.


how long do you leave it on

Cameron (Editor)

You leave it on 12-24 hours per day.

  Really Nice Product

Slimming bell patch is realy nice. i like it very much. i want to use it but i dont know where to get it. im in windhoek Namibia.


You can get it on wish. . Which is, an app for your cell phone i just got 10 patches for 6 dollars


On Wish I got 10 pics set for 1.00 just started using them


You can get these on a site called aliexpress! I just got 30 patches for less than $3 i have just received my order and about to apply one


How did it go for ya


I’m from Namibia too, but currently in Canada, today is my first day using it, I can feel the burning


Does it burn that much?


I’m trying to loose this baby fat I weight 215


Do u have diariah

  patches give me a rash
julie magneron (Verified User)

Do u think I should should the patches it’s gave me a rash


What day did it give u a rash I scared now that I mite get a rash I just out one on like an hour ago

  Useful for A Breast Feeding Mother

Is it safe to use for a Breastfeeding mummy like me? Im more concern about my baby. Will it affect her?


While you breastfeed you should not use any medication unless your doctor and/or your baby’s pediatrician are aware of it and approve of it.




No means??
So it’s not safe to use for breastfeeding mums?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product if you are breast feeding.