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SparkPeople Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

A diet product’s worth depends on whether or not it helps you lose weight. Let’s see if SparkPeople is one of the good ones. We read through all the details, customer service, and clinical research. Hundreds of experiences and comments were also taken to heart. Then, we summarized it all to give you the bottom line.

SparkPeople can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is SparkPeople?

First off, SparkPeople is a website that offers tools to help a dieter set and achieve goals. Some users talk about a paid membership, but we found no indication of that on the official website. We did check the terms and conditions, and there is mention of “for pay” items. You can register free and enter some personal information to find out your BMI. From there, you can find diet plans, exercise options, and expert advice. There is also a SparkPeople app to help keep users connected and tracking. GoogleFit is compatible with SparkPeople tracking.

If there is a company other than SparkPeople behind the business, we found nothing. The official website was purchased in 1999 – that’s a long while. We like the free diet plans, community support, and amazing forum communication, but read on…

Does SparkPeople work?

  • BMC Public Health — “We anticipate that the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits and weight loss will be more important in participants randomized to the online platform group.”
  • Telemedicine Journal and E-Health — “The findings of this review suggest that technology-assisted weight loss interventions may result in clinically significant weight loss among overweight and obese adults.”
  • Journal of Medical Internet Research —”The web-based behavior change programs with computer- and human-delivered personalized feedback led to greater, albeit small-magnitude, weight loss within 24 weeks. Improvement in multiple dietary habits, but not physical activity, were also greater in the personalized programs compared with the nonpersonalized one.”

SparkPeople Competitors

Weight Watchers WW
The Website

Complicated Website – “Confused?”

The first thing we found repeated in one review after another was a complaint about being confused. “It looks like the SparkPeople website may be a little too complicated for some people,” said our Research Editor.

“I looked at SparkPeople a few years ago and found it too confusing,” offered one previous user.

Another visitor tried and found the same, “I too tried SparkPeople…I also found it so very confusing.”

Some appreciated all that SparkPeople offered – much of which is free.

“This is the best I’ve found better than all the fee-paying diet classes & online classes,” one user shared.

Another claimed, “Spark people is nice because it encourages you with points and has great support.”

Prolonged Use Issues

Time-Consuming – “How Long?”

Though we only found it here and there, we also read that some people had issues with the time it takes to use SparkPeople. Believe it or not, this is common on websites that offer food tracking.

“I felt it was too time consuming,” one dieter said.

As another put it, “It has great resources but is a little time consuming to navigate.”

It’s with years of research under our belt that we’ve connected the small things, like a confusing interface, with a reduction in your chances of success. If SparkPeople is complicated or takes too long to use, the dieter may just switch it out for another website.


The Science – “Any Clinical Proof?”

We are happy to say there is clinical support for using a “buddy” system to lose weight, as published in Science Daily. This doesn’t say SparkPeople is better suited than other programs, just that there is a strong, active community. However, we give the website credit for offering a proven means of motivating the dieter.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Love the easy way to look up foods.It really teaches you how to control what you eat and how to keep fit. Recommend it to everybody! This is a surprising and exciting website.”

“I was a member of Spark for some time. I finally got fed up with the arrogant individuals on this site. There are some really nice and humble individuals. But the down side is the arrogant self proclaimed experts. You will be better served to look else where for inspiration and advice.”

“A great site with great information to help you loose the weight with easy methods. They provide free online program for you to get fit.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does SparkPeople Work?

Are we signing up for a free membership? Well, we love that the SparkPeople community is active and supportive and the free tools can help the dieter set and reach goals, but we have a few reservations. The website may not be for everyone because there are reports of confusion. It may also be quite time consuming making it difficult for busy people.

If you’re at the point where you want to lose that weight once and for all, we suggest trying a diet program that includes everything you need on your weight-loss journey – online support groups included.

Noom is one of the best diet programs we have ever seen. Interactive support groups, 1:1 coaching, personalized meal plans, and extensive food logging are only some of the things this clinically-proven weight-loss system provides.

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SparkPeople Review
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What are the ingredients in SparkPeople?

Well, there are no ingredients in SparkPeople as this is a website that offers tools to help someone that is dieting set and achieve their goals.

What are the side effects of SparkPeople?

Some users have reported that the website is not entirely user-friendly, at times confused, and possibly complicated for some people.

Does SparkPeople work?

There is nothing known that it hasn’t worked for anyone. It’s a free community that is active and supportive where you will be able to speak with others in the weight-loss journey. Results will vary for everyone.

What is the price of SparkPeople?

It’s a free community.

How should I take SparkPeople?

You can take the support of the community as how you would like to. It’s a community for support and advice regarding weight-loss.

Where can I buy SparkPeople?

SparkPeople can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do I contact SparkPeople customer service?

You can send SparkPeople an email regarding any issues at support@sparkpeople.com

Can I return SparkPeople?

You can always permanently close your account and by doing so you can visit the website: sparkpeople.com and it’ll be under FAQs.

What are the most common complaints about SparkPeople?

The website could be a bit confusing and complicated, other than that there is no known complaints about Sparkpeople.

72 SparkPeople Reviews

  • I have been trying and trying to change my user name and my password. what do I do?

    I have been trying and trying to change my user name and my password. what do I do?

  • I really love sparkpeople it helps keep me on track!
    Tashena Lynette Gonzales (Verified Purchase)

    I really love sparkpeople it helps keep me on track!

  • I am just trying to register

    I am just trying to register

  • I want to cancel because it is not what I need
    renee aulicino

    I want to cancel because it is not what I need. Too many of the foods I eat are not in your foodcatalog.
    Sincerely Renee Aulicino

    • Donna Radisch

      I have lost over 20 pounds and to answer Reneee question, look in the export from other members for foods. You can also add foods & share with others. As for Severely obese people. I am one and yes if you look there are exercises we can do plus you can add your own. there are teams that help also all you do is search it out.
      The best place & plans ever. A FYI you can make your own meal plans too. So there is no way it will not work. fyi my husband lost 45 pounds on this too.

      • jaylane

        would u please tell me how u did it? did u count calories and exercise? or did u eat what the site recomments in the meal plans???? i´m lost and wanna loose weight..guide me 🙁
        thank you!

    • dolly tuttle

      Iwant to cancell my membership it is not what Iam interested in now since Ihave diabeties

      • clesson

        Seems like an impossible task… cancelling membership. I too, have Type 2 and this site clearly states it has no menus for us… and a lousy way to track BG, Insulin & meds.

        • meg

          Sparkpeople DOES have menus for Type I and Type II diabetes, and you can track glucose.

    • dodie51

      All you have to do is add the rood to the food base. And iy will br there the next time.

    • Keli Lucas

      Quitting because you are too lazy to enter your OWN favorite foods sounds like you are just looking for another excuse.

      Get rid of the excuses, enter your own foods, it’s very simple if you take the time. You need to make a real commitment first. This is a LIFESTYLE change, which means you need to know all about the foods you enjoy and what you need to change. If you aren’t interested enough to find out, then you really aren’t serious about healthy eating. Then you need to find yet another “diet”! When you get tired of that, then return!

      • Mary

        Exactly, Keli. How lazy can people be, and how do they expect to lose weight if they can’t be arsed to learn how to use the site? These are the people who complain about a free app and then disappear in a week.

    • kadejah

      I quit the first time I registered for sparkpeople. I felt it was too time consuming but something about all that FREE information and help abd the efforts that the creator of this website put into it just kept me thinking about it. THIS time I took my time and built my plan the way that works best for me, Along the way I found out why you should track your nutrition and if you are getting what your body actually needs everyday of your life, like your folate and magnesium, and selecting food I LIKE that are actually high sources of these nutrients. I discovered there are lots of short cuts, as one person mentioned you can import food that you like and that other members have already entered into the system. Take another look please at the FREE gift you’re receiving. It’s about more than just a diet!!

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