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Thermogenix 2 Review- Does This Fat Burner Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 15, 2017

Looking at some diet products can be painful, especially if there’s no scientific backing for the formula. Let’s find out if Thermogenix 2 is in this group. We took and in-depth look at the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and overall customer service. Additionally, we scrutinized hundreds of user comments and reviews. Finally, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is Thermogenix 2?

First off, Thermogenix 2 is an over-the-counter fat burner and thermogenic. The ingredients are citrus aurantium (bitter orange), caffeine, l-tyrosine, guarana, bioperine, octopamine, ginger root, dandelion, green tea, juniper berry, cayenne, cordyceptic acid and vitamin b12. You’ll take one capsule in the morning and another in the evening. It supposedly helps to boost metabolism and increase energy levels. There is no exercise program or special diet needed.

We are not sure when Thermogenix 2 was first released, but the company behind it is VitaSport Nutrition. While some online retailers sell the supplement, the official website does not. We like that we found some positive customer comments and that it contains a few natural ingredients, but read on…

Thermogenix 2 Ingredients – “Questionable?”

The first concern we have is with Thermogenix 2 ingredients. “This weight-loss supplement contains both citrus aurantium (bitter orange) and caffeine,” said our Research Editor. “This combination could possibly lead to adverse reactions.”

WebMD states, “Bitter orange, particularly when taken with stimulants such as caffeine or caffeine-containing herbs, increases the risk for high blood pressure, fainting, heart attack, stroke, and other severe side effects.”

However, one customer reported, “Gives me some extra energy, which is good for workouts.”

Another posted, “It curbs my mid-day food cravings.”

Side Effects – “Watch Out”

Another issue is Thermogenix 2 side effects. Some users have reported jitteriness, fast heartbeat, headaches, nausea and difficulty sleeping. In fact, one person stated, “Makes me very nauseated and jittery. Not safe.”

But, a different customer said this, “It suppresses appetite to some degree. Good for in the morning.”

“Have not experienced any bad reactions so far. However, it does help with energy levels,” mentioned another.

Our extensive research has revealed that if there is a particular facet of a diet supplement or program that’s especially difficult or burdensome (dangerous ingredients, side effects, customer complaints) the chances of real weight-loss results that last are slim. So, if Thermogenix 2 pills do in fact lead to serious adverse reactions in a lot of people, this could be a deal breaker.

The Science – “Any?”

To start with, Thermogenix 2 does contain green tea and caffeine. These ingredients may help boost metabolism. On the other hand, we could not find any clinical studies supporting this specific product. This is unfortunate, because we at DietSpotlight like to see some documented research that backs up the formula.

The Bottom Line – Does Thermogenix 2 Work?

So, should you pull out your credit card and order Thermogenix 2? Well, we like that this supplement is easy to use anywhere and that it contains a few natural ingredients. Then again, we have some doubts about this formula because it’s not backed by clinical studies. Moreover, we’re concerned about the questionable ingredients that could possible lead to negative side effects.

If you’d really like to drop more weight, then we suggest you go with a supplement that contains safe ingredients, does not lead to any unpleasant side effects and is backed by actual science.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It contains a blend of four potent ingredients. Some of them have been shown in published clinical studies to help boost fat loss and spark metabolism. We can’t find any negative user reviews, and comments on the internet express people are seeing real results.

The makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so positive about their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is uncommon.

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What You Should Know about Thermogenix2

Thermogenix2 is a thermogenic fat burner. In concert with regular workouts, it is intended to help you burn away pounds and increase muscle tone and strength. It contains thermogenic ingredients to help improve metabolism and burn off excess fat in key areas.

If you are ready to put some effort into a weight loss program, Thermogenix2 can help you along your way. Listed below are the ingredients of this supplement, along with a list of advantages and disadvantages to using it to aid you in your efforts to burn off those stubborn pounds.

List of Thermogenix2 Ingredients

Thermogenix2 contains these ingredients: Citrus Aurantium, Caffeine, Octopamine, Guarana, Green Tea, Dandelion, Juniper, Ginger Root, Cayenne, Cordyceptic Acid, B-12, and Bioperine.

Product Features

This supplement makes use of various ingredients in order to target fat in key areas of the body. Combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, it is intended to enhance your results to a point that you could never reach on your own. Some of the ingredients are proven to be effective in their respective areas, but others aren't quite so proven.

Advantages of Thermogenix2

  • Thermogenix2 does not make dangerous attempts to burn pounds off without using an exercise program.
  • The ingredient Citrus Aurantium has been proven to aid weight loss in key areas, including the hips, stomach, and buttocks.
  • In addition to helping weight loss, the supplement is also intended to boost muscle definition and energy levels.
  • The ingredients in this supplement are almost all natural.

Disadvantages of Thermogenix2

  • Caffeine is one of the ingredients that may have harmful effects.
  • Many of the claims made about the ingredients have not been proven.
  • The ingredients of this supplement are very similar to many other thermogenic fat burners, and it may or may not be the best choice for you.


Thermogenix2 may be the right choice for you if you're willing and able to put the necessary time into a diet and exercise program. A good number of ingredients have been proven to have a helpful effect on the loss of weight, especially in key areas where it generally accumulates. It might be best to keep your options open if you're looking for a thermogenic supplement. Many of the ingredients in Thermogenix2 are really quite standard in other supplements of this type. You may want to make sure that the ingredients are right for you, and that this is the best price available for this sort of product.

All told, there is some proof that this supplement can be successful, however many of their claims cannot be entirely proven, and some of the ingredients may create problems for some users. There are other thermogenic weight loss options available, so make sure you don't jump at something before making sure it is best for you.

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Rating: 3.1. From 10 votes.
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Thermogenix 2 Review

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