15-day Weight Loss Cleanse And Flush Review

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What You Should Know

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The 15-day Weight Loss Cleanse and Flush is a diet supplement course. It is a fifteen day plan and uses a lot of natural ingredients like bark, seeds, leaves, and other plant-like foods. The supplement is a cleansing agent which to help the body eliminate as much waste as possible in order to scrub the body free of toxins. It can be assumed that some of the ingredients act as a fiber of sorts, because they cannot be digested. Also, it seems to be intended to boost metabolism with the removal of waste. However, it must be said that although colon cleansing products can be beneficial the best way to lose weight is through healthy dieting and exercise.

List of Ingredients

The product contains Psyllium powder, Uva Ursi, Cascara Sagrada, Juniper Berry, Prune, Grapefruit, Oat Bran concentrate, Chickweed, Beet Root Fiber, Dandelion, Shattered Cell Wall Chlorella (alga-for nutrients), Echinacea Angustifolia, Ginger, Chamomile, Fenugreek, a blend of Fennel, Marshmallow, Fructooligosaccharides, Cayenne, and Bioperine black pepper extract.

Product Features

This product boasts an ability to fully cleanse the digestive tract by using fiber-like substances, natural herbs, fruits, and berries. 15 Day Weight Loss Cleanser also has a full listing of its ingredients and the company has a list of different products that it has created. One good thing about the website is that there is contact information is available. We aren’t sure whether this product contains any thermogenics or not.

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  • Unlike many weight-loss products this product has a warning as to who should likely avoid it, including; pregnant, nursing or expecting women and people with existing medical conditions.
  • It’s easy to order this product worldwide and the shipping portion of the website has a currency conversion chart which it makes convenient for consumers outside of the United States.


  • There is a possibility of side effects such as diarrhea, pain in the abdomen, and loose bowel movements. No information is given about the length or severity of these side effects.
  • We found negative testimonials online.
  • There isn’t any clinical data presented to support the claims.
  • Women who are taking birth control could have a negative reaction with the 15 Day Weight Loss Cleanse and Flush product.


It can be a good thing to detoxify the body. It’s also good that this product has some nutritional value. However, because of the products diuretic effects it’s possible that the extra nutrients could be released from the body along with the waste. The other side effects aren’t reassuring either and we feel that products of this nature should be thoroughly tested to eliminate as many side effects as possible.

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2 User Reviews about 15-day Weight Loss Cleanse And Flush

  • 1
    N. Flis

    I tried, and it didn’t work. It was a waste of time and money especially money.
    I am very disappointed :(


  • 2
    Sandra Woolstion

    I need to know how this work I ordered a trial basic. Please let me try it first if I like I will place an order.