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Mango Pure Cleanse Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Mango Pure Cleanse is purported to be a detox based weight loss supplement that has been on the market since 2014. The company claims the product will reduce your “trouble belly fat.” But with no clinical data to back up those claims, and with many users claiming no weight loss with the supplement, is it worth the money?

We let our team of researchers do what they do best and take an in-depth look at Mango Pure Cleanse’s list of ingredients as well as any potential adverse reactions/side effects. We then teamed that information up with hundreds of user comments and forum posts to present you with a summarized and condensed article telling you all you need to know about this supplement.

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What is Mango Pure Cleanse?

First off, Mango Pure Cleanse is a detox supplement that encourages weight-loss. The ingredients include:

  • Calcium
  • Mango Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Acai Berry Extract
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract

Update for 2021: It appears the product is no longer available for purchase.

The supplement is meant to suppress appetite, improve energy, and help your metabolism, but does science support these claims?

  • Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics – “Irvingia gabonensis [mango extract] demonstrates potential for significant weight loss of up to 12 kilograms in overweight and obese subjects over a period of 10 weeks with few reported adverse events.”
  • Journal of Dietary Supplements – Research into raspberry ketones has been on-going for years, but to this day the majority of studies have been completed on mouse models. So, even though results show weight loss or at least prevention of weight gain, the results are not necessarily relatable to humans.
  • Food & Function – As for acai berry, research into weight loss is lacking. What we can find is that acai may improve oxidative stress markers and inflammation in people with metabolic syndrome, but direct weight loss was not described in this particular study.

You’ll take one capsule twice per day, and it’s easy to use on-the-go. Mango Pure Cleanse has been around since early 2014, meaning that it’s relatively new on the weight-loss scene. Third-party retailers sell the product. We like that it’s affordable, but read on…

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Side Effects

Negative Side Effects – “Jitters, Headaches, and Constipation?”

One of our first concerns was with Mango Pure Cleanse’s ingredient’s possible side effects based upon the product’s ingredients. “This supplement may be all-natural, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with risks”, said our Research Editor. “We’ve learned over the years that even products rooted in nature can come with issues.”

“I didn’t lose any weight, and my blood sugar dropped,” said one user.

“I took this for just 2 weeks before I suffered headaches,” offered another.

Just because some users noticed reactions that weren’t so great, it doesn’t mean everyone had the same experience. According to one user, “There are no side effects from it.”

A dieter also said, “I have not noticed any negative side effects while taking this product.”

Mango Pure Cleanse Customer Testimonials

No Weight-Loss – “An Issue?”

Something else that’s important is Mango Pure Cleanse ingredients helping customers lose. “I took Mango Pure Cleanse for over a month, and all I lost was a few pounds of excess water weight; I didn’t lose any fat at all,” said one disappointed user.

I read through many online reviews, and it was more of the same, with another customer agreeing, “I did lose weight initially, but after the first 4 pounds, I’m at a standstill.”

Though some did not lose the weight they expected, others were happy with the results they did achieve. One person said, “I am down a few pounds.”

Another commented, “The extra energy is an added bonus with this mango.”

Throughout our research, we’ve found that when there is something difficult about a weight-loss product, like not helping you lose weight, users are less likely to have long-term success. If Mango Pure Cleanse doesn’t produce results, that’s an issue dieters need to take into consideration.

The Science

The Science Surrounding Mango Pure Cleanse – “Clinical Proof?”

Mango Pure Cleanse has no scientific data behind it. They have some ingredients proven to help dieters lose weight like green tea, pomegranate, and African mango.

One study published in Holistic Nurse Practice found that African mango may aid in weight loss. Another study in Nutrition found that pomegranate could have a preventive role in obesity.

However, there’s no research used to connect it to this formula. We value impartial studies at DietSpotlight, so when we have to take a company’s word for what they’re claiming, we’re a bit skeptical.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Good for weight loss.”

“It doesn’t work. I’ve been taking mango cleanse for 30 days along with vital synergy ketogenic and my waist circumference is still the same for me I will not buy either one of them again..very dissatisfied.”

The product does not work. None of the products gave the required result that they stated they would. I can not believe this was backed by Shark Tank. It took me months of making phone calls to finally get in touch with an agent that I could not understand over the phone and could not understand me. I was charged monthly for this product due to not being able to get in contact with anyone on the telephone. I asked if I could return the products that were unopened and that I did not want and they refused to give me a refund for my returned product. I would wait for over 30 minutes on hold and several times over a hour to talk to someone in customer service. I do not have the time to wait to on the phone daily to try to get in contact with someone in customer service. The product does not work and is not worth the money they charge. I would like to speak to someone in their company that I can understand, but once I finally was able to hopefully cancel my order the agent would not forward me to her manager she just hung up on me.

Mango Pure Cleanse Ingredients
Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Mango Pure Cleanse Work?

So, after a long look at this one what’s the final take ladies and gentlemen? We liked some things that customers were saying and the availability and convenience of Mango Pure Cleanse, but the fact that there’s no science to back up the company’s claims is too much to overlook. Plus, some users have reported side effects and no weight-loss.

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Mango Pure Cleanse Review
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Mango Pure Cleanse

What are the side effects of Mango Cleanse?

Mango Cleanse is another name for Mango Pure Cleanse. Some potential Mango Pure side effects may include jitteriness, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach and anxiety, according to some users.

What are the ingredients in Mango Pure Cleanse?

The Mango Pure Cleanse ingredients are African mango, acai berry, green tea, pomegranate powder extract, guarana, yerba mate and konjac glucomannan.

Does Mango Pure Cleanse work?

There’s no scientific research proving that Mango Pure Cleanse is an effective weight-loss supplement. We’ve found studies linking green tea to users losing weight, but nothing specific to this supplement.

How much does Mango Cleanse cost?

Mango Pure Cleanse costs $4.95 for the first 14 days. After the trial period ends, you are charged $89.99.

How should I take Mango Pure Cleanse?

You should take one Mango Pure Cleanse capsule, twice per day. Each bottle contains 60 pills so it lasts 30 days.

How long do I have to cancel the free trial of Mango Cleanse?

You have 14 days to contact the Mango Pure Cleanse customer service department to cancel the free trial. Afterwards, you are charged the full amount.

Are there multiple complaints on Mango Pure Cleanse?

Yes, there’s multiple complaints about Mango Pure Cleanse relating to refund policies.

Does Mango Pure Cleanse come with a guarantee?

There’s no mention of a guarantee with Mango Pure Cleanse.

35 Mango Pure Cleanse Reviews

  • Lucian

    That’s odd. I just cancelled both using the CS number on the back of the bottle. Guy was cordial and the entire call took two minutes. I’m going to say you’re either incompetent or lying.

    • Brenda lepore

      Do I have to pay if I did not read that I had to pay $89.99 that not what I read

      • Anonymous

        Yup they got me I called today when I realized money was taken out of my account on the 15 the day and they won’t refund me

        • Sharon

          did they only take it that one time out of your account

      • Roxanne

        Do any of the keto and coffee mango make sugars hig

  • Surefire way to lose weight is called DIET !

    Well, you should be feeling stupid because your the dumbest one here. Do you just click on links and start typing. Where, what on this page gives you the impression that you’re talking to the manufacturers of these pills? Is it the huge “dietspotlight” header at the top of the page? This is a REVIEW of DIET SUPPLEMENTS. Read the fine print before you go pulling out your credit card, buy stuff on the internet and then blame others because you’re so dumb you can’t read the agreement you’re making. Oh and there’s a surefire way to lose weight. It’s called diet and exercise. You want to be mad at somebody, look at your own fat face in the mirror.

  • Stephen (Editor)

    If you’d like to a have a representative settle your dispute try calling 1-866-613-1731 or emailing support@mangopurecleanse.com.

  • Pathetic customer service !
    Debra Flinn

    Why can you not get through on the telephone? I have sent emails only to be returned saying I need to call 1-888-741-4421 and you only get we can not take your call, please try again later. I can not take these products for medical reasons, I want to cancel. Your customer service needs to be improved greatly.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hi, Debra. We are not affiliated with Mango Pure Cleanse, but we do understand your frustration.

    • Lucian

      Don’t be an idiot, Debra. This dietspotlight website has nothing to do with the product you foolishly bought. You’d know that, and how to cancel, if you took the time to read ANYTHING. Try the number on the back of the bottle. Here, I’ll help you: 1-888-356-3274 you’re welcome.

      • Dr.Tami Petersen

        Who are you? I see some people have problems, but I really think we can all agree that you should mind your own business. It does no one any good to have someone call them names. You really owe them an apology. Yes, some of us are more savvy and some are not when using the internet.

      • Anonymous

        I had the same problem Deborah did I ordered samples so it was $5 and they charged me 10 but send another bottle of something I didn’t want Danny wait time it’s on and I paid it whatever then I get a bill for two of those bottles for like she said two bottles was like $182 490 and you can’t get a hold of them to cancel so and not only it wasn’t delivered I paid for it

        • Sharlena

          Same here. I called to cancel after seeing the full price on my bank summary. iI didn’t even see the fine print for the trial period and was told it was too late to cancel. I assumed I will get the second bottle since I already paid for it but I did not.

    • Malinda Chew

      I want to cancel order

  • Pathetic customer care !

    The customer service person Oscar S. that I spoke to told me that he would hangup off the phone if I didn’t stop asking to speak to a manager or someone in a higher position then he is. For the rest of the time, he did not even answer any questions I asked him. He just kept quiet even though he was still on the phone.

  • Could not take made me sick.
    DORIS ROUNDTREE (Verified Purchase)

    Couldn’t take made me very sick

    • Britt

      Mrs Doris what were some of your symptoms because I only took two pills and the past few days I’ve been feeling sicker than ever

  • Your Namee

    yep!!!! Was charged $89 TWICE then $78 once!

    • Your Name

      Going thru the same thing right now charged 84 twice did not see anything about continuing charges after the 4.95

      • J.h

        This happened to me too

    • Katie

      What is the number for this company? They charged me 79 and 89 also

      • Candace (Editor)

        Try 1-888-356-3274.

        • Cheryl Adams

          No longer in service

    • Your Name

      Thanks for the warnings — I ordered mine on 05/07/16 — after reading all of the reviews I immediately called to cancel. You have to call both companies to cancel separately and they will try to give you options to keep the business. I am sorry that some of you have been at a loss…

      • Sandi

        I was told they can cancel together…

        • Jane

          LOL….I was told they couldn’t be cancelled together. I called at least 5 times trying to get my refund and each time I did call, the service reps told me something different and than hung up on me because “I was arguing and confusing them” Such a joke of a company and product!!!

    Your Name Dawn Draves (Verified Purchase)

    It does not work all they do is take your money. Then you call them and they say is that we can only give you 35% back even thought I did not give they consent to take the money out of my account. So people that are on fixed income it hurts them. So your account my bounce your checks. Because you did not know that this money came out. All they you it is not there problem.

  • Sara

    According to Blake Shelton he took the Garcinia in the morning and the cleanse at night. That makes sense based on the ingredients but I am just starting myself today.

  • Angeline bauer

    How far apart do u take these pills?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Hi Angeline. You’ll take one in the day and the other in the evening. Try when you wake and before you sleep.

  • Process of cancellation
    Your Name (Verified Purchase)

    If you do call in time to cancel (must cancel in two weeks) they will charge you $18 for the last two weeks. That is after being harassed by the telemarketer for a few minutes. You must then confirm an email about cancellation.

  • Your Name

    I was charged 89.99 without my consent and still haven’t received the product

    • ERIN

      tI ordered some too but if you read the fine print its a 15 free trial and shows the charges. Always read the fine print.

    • Robert Blocher

      I had to have by bank that has my credit card call to cancel to order after I tried to get a refund. They were able to get me 60% of my money back.

      • Celeste

        I called to cancel my order and they told me I was a day too late. I thought it was a 15 day trial but they told me it was a 14 day trial. Today it would have been 15 days. That is so ridiculous. So now they charged me $94.90 and $85.90. They had the nerve to offer me more products for 50% off.