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3-Day Refresh Review - 16 Things You Need to Know

In the never-ending quest for that perfect diet product, this week we did some serious research and wrote this 3-Day Refresh review. 3-Day Refresh aims to eliminate built-up waste from the digestive tract, improve body functions, de-bloat, and satisfy your appetite, but we needed to know more about what’s behind the curtain.

So, we looked closely at ingredients, side effects, and clinical evidence. Plus, we read hundreds of user comments from around the web. Then, we condensed that information to offer you the bottom line.

3-Day Refresh can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is 3-Day Refresh?

First things first, 3-Day Refresh is a weight-loss, fat-burning, and body-cleansing program that only lasts for three days. You get three supplements with this program: Vanilla Fresh, Fiber Sweep, and Shakeology Refresh. Before we go any further, let’s see what’s in these products:

Vanilla Fresh

  • Vitamin and Mineral Blend
  • Oat Protein
  • Pea Protein
  • Agave
  • Monk Fruit
  • Stevia

Other Vanilla Fresh ingredients include medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), natural flavors, maize fiber, potato protein extract, and bacillus coagulans.

Fiber Sweep

Fiber sweep only contains five ingredients, which include:

  • Psyllium Husk
  • Flax
  • Chia
  • Stevia
  • Natural Lemon Flavor


Shakeology ingredients primarily include various blends, including:

  • Proprietary Protein Blend
  • Adaptogen Blend
  • Super-Fruit Antioxidant Blend
  • Super-Green Phytonutrient Blend
  • Proprietary Pre- and Probiotic Digestive Enzyme Blend

I know it’s a lot to take in. But we’re not through yet. Do any of these ingredients play a part in weight loss, according to research?

  • Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry – Vanilla Fresh is a protein supplement, so what does protein have to do with weight loss? Protein intake leads to “… higher satiety, decreased food and energy intake, and decreased body weight and adiposity.”
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education – The main ingredient in Fiber Sweep is, well, fiber. “Fiber intake increases satiety and thereby reduces excess food intake and helps in weight management.”
  • Current Developments in Nutrition – Shakeology contains both protein and fiber. Together, these two ingredients pack a strong punch against appetite. When a high-fiber, high-protein drink is consumed prior to a meal, a reduction in appetite is observed.

3-Day Refresh Competitors

Body For Life
14-Day Acai Berry Cleanse
Arbonne 7 Day Cleanse

About Beachbody

Beachbody LLC is a multinational corporation that started back in 1998. It’s in Santa Monica, CA, and its founders are Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler.

This brand focuses on weight loss, physical fitness, and overall wellness. Furthermore, they offer all sorts of fitness programs, expert nutrition plans, exercise DVDs, and at-home workouts to help men and women get fit.

Some of the popular fitness programs and weight loss systems available from Beachbody include P90X, Insane Focus, Core De Force, Beachbody Performance, Piyo, 21 Day Fix, Country Heat, and so much more.

Other supplements:

  • Beachbody Collagen Boost®
  • Shakeology® Boost: Digestive Health
  • Shakeology® Boost: Focused Energy
  • Shakeology® Boost: Power Greens
3-Day Refresh Customer Testimonials
Meal Plan

3-Day Refresh Meal Plan

There is a fasting plan for 3-Day Refresh that detoxes and cleanses. It’s broken down on the official Beachbody website, and it goes like this:

Day 1

8–10 ounces of filtered water should be consumed when the individual first wakes up. A lemon slice can be added if preferred.

Breakfast includes a Shakeology 3-Day Refresh shake with one cup of cantaloupe. Fiber Sweep should be consumed in the mid-morning.


Lunch is Vanilla Fresh shake. It should be consumed at least one hour after the Fiber Sweep. You can also eat 12 strawberries and five asparagus spears roasted with one teaspoon of olive oil with lunch.

The afternoon snack, which should be eaten two hours after lunch, can be two stalks of celery with two tablespoons of hummus.

Dinner includes a Vanilla Fresh shake, veggie stir-fry, and one cup vegetable broth with 1/4 cup fresh herbs.

Day 2

Between 8–10 ounces of filtered water should be consumed upon waking up, with an optional lemon slice. For breakfast, a Shakeology 3 Day Refresh shake with one cup of cantaloupe should be eaten.

Again, one should drink Fiber Sweep in the mid-morning.

A Vanilla Fresh shake should be consumed for lunch, at least one hour following Fiber Sweep. You can also eat one cup of raspberries, ¾ cup cauliflower with one teaspoon of olive oil, and a dash of cumin with the shake.

An afternoon snack, 2 hours after lunch, can be two stalks of celery with two tablespoons hummus. Dinner involves a  Vanilla Fresh shake, veggie stir-fry, and 1 cup vegetable broth with one-fourth cup fresh herbs.

Day 3 

Everything that was consumed during day one should be consumed on the third day as well.


3-Day Refresh Recipes

Just a note, there are some 3-Day Refresh recipes posted on the official website for this Beachbody cleanse. Some options are the Cauliflower Rice Tabbouleh, Moroccan Carrot Salad, Tomato and Cucumber Salad, and Cucumber with Hummus Sandwiches.

You just need to consider which of these simple 3-Day Refresh dishes to enjoy your fast/cleanse. It’s that easy.

Roasted Asparagus and Cauliflower

  • Heat oven to 400°F.
  • Arrange ten asparagus spears on a baking sheet, drizzle with two tsp. Olive oil, and season with Himalayan salt if desired.
  • On the same baking sheet, place ¾ cup of cauliflower florets and drizzle with one tsp: olive oil and a dash of ground cumin.
  • Place the baking sheet in the oven for 20 minutes or until vegetables are tender-crisp.
  • Remove from the oven and set aside to cool for 20 minutes.
  • Divide asparagus evenly between two food storage containers, and place cauliflower in another container.
  • Place containers in the refrigerator.

Veggie Stir-Fry

  • Chop one clove of garlic, ½ inch of ginger, one cup of green beans, 2½ large carrots (reserve the other half carrot), and 1½ red bell peppers.
  • Heat a skillet over medium heat and add garlic and ginger. Stir frequently for one to two minutes.
  • Add green beans, carrots, bell peppers, ¼ tsp. sea salt, and two tbsp. vegetable broth.
  • Cook for five to seven minutes more, or until the vegetables are tender-crisp.
  • Set aside to cool for 20 minutes, then divide evenly between two food storage containers.
  • Place in the refrigerator.

Spinach Salad

  • In a large food storage container, place two cups baby spinach, ½ cucumber, ½ red bell pepper, ¼ cup sprouts, and ½ of a tomato.
  • Top with one tsp. Sunflower seeds and place half a lemon in the dish.
  • When you’re ready to eat, squeeze the lemon over the salad as a dressing.
Food List

3-Day Refresh Daily Food List

Okay, here we go. This is the 3-Day Refresh daily food or grocery list, with portions, taken directly from the Beachbody website.


  • One medium cantaloupe (or 3 cups cubed cantaloupe)
  • One container raspberries
  • 24 medium strawberries
  • One lemon

Basket of fresh onion, carrots, and beets


  • Two cups baby spinach and one small container of sprouts (radish, alfalfa, or broccoli)
  • One bag of cauliflower florets (or one small cauliflower) and ten asparagus spears
  • One cup green beans and one bunch of celery
  • Three carrots and two red bell peppers
  • One medium tomato and one small cucumber
  • One bunch of parsley or cilantro (optional), garlic and ginger


  • 3-Day Refresh supplements
  • 26 oz. low-sodium, organic vegetable broth
  • One teaspoon of sunflower seeds
  • Packaged hummus (pick a hummus with a short, clean ingredients list)


  • Olive oil
  • Cumin

Remember, this is only a 3-Day Refresh, so it doesn’t mean you’ll be fasting using this cycle for weeks to come.


3-Day Refresh Ingredients

Now, let’s hone in on those Beachbody Refresh supplement ingredients.

Digestive Enzymes

These are added to help break down foods and promote healthy digestion.

Plant Protein

Protein is your body’s building block and is necessary for muscle growth, health, and body function. It lacks the bad fat that animal protein has.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is a type of fiber that works in the colon like a mild laxative to aid with regularity.


A plant whose seeds are often used in foods. They’re known for being rich in fiber and healthy fatty acids.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

Made from palm kernel and coconut oils, MCTs can help with body composition and weight management.

A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition notes that “Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) consumption may have a beneficial impact on weight management. Our results suggest that MCT oil can be incorporated into a weight loss program without fear of adversely affecting metabolic risk factors. A distinction should be made regarding chain length when it comes to discussing the effects of saturated fats on metabolic risk factors.”


Fiber is a type of carbohydrate the body cannot digest. It passes through the body and digestive system, debloats, and helps with bowel movements.

According to the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, fiber can have a laxative effect in the large intestines. In the small intestines, dietary fiber can improve metabolic health by lowering cholesterol levels and improve glycemic control.


Often called microorganisms or flora, probiotics help promote good gut health and regularity.


Beachbody 3-Day Refresh Program Guide PDF

Beachbody has a 3-Day Refresh program planning guide that you can download as a PDF file.

This document tells you how to eat and drink and your meal prep for the three-day period, as well as other useful tips when using 3-Day Refresh.

Side Effects

3-Day Refresh Side Effects

We sorted through an array of user comments and remarks to get the full scoop on 3-Day Refresh side effects. Here are the adverse reactions some people reported:

  • Increased hunger/cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach pains
  • Headaches
  • Poor focus
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating

Even though these side effects from 3-Day Refresh are not that serious, they can certainly have an impact on your daily function during your 3-Day Refresh cleanse. Also, we must say that many people did not mention any side effects at all.

No Shakeology?

3-Day Refresh Without Shakeology?

Put plainly; some people want the 3-Day Refresh without Shakeology shakes. While this is not exactly an option on the official website, it looks like you can replace Shakeology with a supplement that has a similar calorie and ingredient makeup.

One customer used a Garden of Life vegan meal replacement shake in place of Shakeology. Replacements should be considered if you have an allergy to an ingredient in Shakeology or if a cheaper alternative is available.


3-Day Refresh Results

There are some 3-Day Refresh results posted on the official Beachbody website, including before and after photos and user testimonials. Naturally, this is encouraging, right?

Obviously, results from 3-Day Refresh makeovers vary from person to person. The average user loses three to five pounds during the three days of this program, but some people have dropped even more weight.


3-Day Refresh Price

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what you’re going to have to spend on 3-Day Refresh. Get this. With shipping and handling, it costs $82.90 (without shipping, it’s $69.95).

Wow! That’s a pretty hefty price tag for a 3-day supplement program. Just saying.


3-Day Refresh Packaging & Grade

The 3-Day Refresh’s 3-Day Complete Kit comes with easy-to-use packaging, which includes Shakeology for breakfast, Vanilla Fresh shakes for lunch and dinner, Fiber Sweep drink, a program guide, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer reviews have given the product a total of four out of five stars, or an A- grade.

Contents of the 3-Day Complete Kit


Shakeology is filled with superfoods designed to help with all vital bodily functions, increasing energy but also regulating blood sugar levels. It comes in a number of different flavors:

  • Plant-Based Vegan Pumpkin Spice
  • Chocolate Whey
  • Plant-Based Vegan Chocolate
  • Plant-Based Vegan Vanilla
  • Vanilla Whey
  • Caffe Latte Whey
  • Plant-Based Vegan Caffe Latte
  • Strawberry Whey
  • Plant-Based Vegan Tropical Strawberry
  • Greenberry Whey

The vegan choices are recommended because they are also easier to digest.

Vanilla Fresh Shakes

This protein-centric formula helps you not be overwhelmed by hunger. It comes with more than 20 grams of plant-based proteins, 24 vital minerals and vitamins, probiotics to aid in digestion, and a clinically tested potato protein to help with the cravings.

Fiber Sweep Drink

This drink gets rid of waste from your digestive tract gently using a blend of ground flax, chia, and psyllium seeds.

unorganized amount of chia seeds on top of wooden spoon

Program Guide

The accompanying guide for the 3-Day Complete Kit gives you a step-by-step understanding of what the cleanse entails, including things to anticipate. It outlines how to prepare your shopping in addition to your own body, for when you will do the 3-Day Refresh fast.

On top of that, it comes with a planner for your meal prep with several uncomplicated, healthy, and tasty menu options, an additional list with fruit and vegetable choices for the vegetarians and vegans, bonus flavorings without many added calories and some ideas for freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The cleanse is so confident of its effectiveness that, if you still don’t feel like you’ve lost weight or that you’re healthier and refreshed a month from using the program, you can return it for a full refund of your money.

3-Day Refresh: Pros & Cons

As with any weight-loss program, there a number of pros and cons to consider before trying 3-Day Refresh.


  • Varied meal options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A healthier alternative to liquid fasts
  • Easy cleanse to follow


  • Not filling – low calorie cleanse
  • Constant hunger and cravings
  • The weight doesn’t stay gone
  • Fatigue

3-Day Refresh Alternatives

There are many alternatives to 3-Day Refresh, including ones that are focused on weight-loss and others that lean toward detoxing the body. Some of these alternatives include:

  • Ultimate Reset
  • Shakeology Cleanse
  • Advocare

However, it is important to note that each of these products and programs come with their own list of risks. Make sure you consult with your physician before trying any program like this.

3-Day Refresh Ingredients
Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on 3-Day Refresh

To start with, we found tons of helpful feedback for 3-Day Refresh, and even some encouraging before and after photos. On top of that, this program involves calorie restriction, which is effective for weight loss. Furthermore, there are plenty of shake flavors to choose from, which is a plus. On the other hand, here are a few things that concern us about 3-Day Refresh:

  • There are numerous user complaints about the shakes tasting bad.
  • Some people mentioned serious hunger and cravings while on 3-Day Refresh.
  • You have to buy special food.

Losing weight can involve making a lot of difficult lifestyle choices, and with so many diet plans, supplements, and weight loss books on the market, it can be difficult to find a program that is right for you. That’s why it is important to choose one that is both clinically proven and made to work for you.

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3-Day Refresh Review
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3-Day Refresh

What is 3-Day Refresh?

3-Day Refresh is a three-day weight-loss, fat-burning, and body-cleansing program that comes with three supplements: Vanilla Fresh, Fiber Sweep, and Shakeology Refresh. The program aims to eliminate built-up waste from the digestive tract, improve body functions, de-bloat, and satisfy your appetite.

How much weight will I lose on 3-Day Refresh?

You can potentially drop up to 8 pounds, but most people shed around 3-5 pounds. However, results aren’t guaranteed, as everyone will have different experiences with 3-Day Refresh.

What is the daily calorie intake while on 3-Day Refresh?

You can consume around 900 calories per day.

Is 3-Day Refresh vegan?

Yes, 3-Day Refresh is vegan.

Does everything you need come with 3-Day Refresh?

No, you need to purchase food with the 3-Day Refresh.

Where can I buy 3-Day Refresh?

3-Day Refresh can be purchased using their Official Site.

Are there any diuretics involved?

No, but there is fiber supplement, which will likely improve bowel regularity.

Does it come with the Beachbody 30-day satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, there is 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Is Shakeology required with 3-Day Refresh?

Yes, Shakeology is part of the 3-Day Refresh program. Some consumers on this program have used other meal replacement alternatives, though.

Is coffee allowed on this program?

You are allowed to drink plain black coffee, but no cream or sugar should be added.

Is 3-Day Refresh gluten free?

No, 3-Day Refresh is not gluten-free.

Should I exercise with 3-Day Refresh?

Yes, you are encouraged to exercise while on 3-Day Refresh.

What does the Beachbody 3-Day Refresh do?

The Beachbody 3 Day Refresh is a three-day program designed to help detoxify and reset the body. It consists of three meals per day that are high in fiber, protein and healthy fats and low in processed carbohydrates. The program also includes supplements such as Shakeology, Fiber Sweep and Vanilla Fresh, which help promote fullness throughout the day. Along with following the meal plan, users also drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to support their health goals. At the end of each day’s program, users can expect to feel energized and refreshed from improved digestion and toxin elimination.h do?

What are the ingredients in Vanilla Fresh?

Vanilla Fresh contains a vitamin and mineral blend, oat protein, pea protein, agave, monk fruit, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), natural flavors, maize fiber, potato protein extract, and bacillus coagulans.

What are the ingredients in Fiber Sweep?

Fiber Sweep contains psyllium husk, flax, chia, stevia, and natural lemon flavor.

What are the ingredients in Shakeology?

Shakeology ingredients primarily include various blends, including a proprietary protein blend, adaptogen blend, super-fruit antioxidant blend, super-green phytonutrient blend, and proprietary pre- and probiotic digestive enzyme blend.

Who is Beachbody?

Beachbody LLC is a multinational corporation that started back in 1998, and it’s in Santa Monica, CA. Its founders are Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler. This brand focuses on weight loss, physical fitness, and overall wellness. They offer all sorts of fitness programs, expert nutrition plans, exercise DVDs, and at-home workouts to help men and women get fit.

What other supplements does Beachbody offer?

Beachbody offers other supplements, including Beachbody Collagen Boost®, Shakeology® Boost: Digestive Health, Shakeology® Boost: Focused Energy, and Shakeology® Boost: Power Greens.

What is the 3-Day Refresh meal plan?

The 3-Day Refresh meal plan includes a fasting plan that detoxes and cleanses. On day one, you should consume 8–10 ounces of filtered water with a lemon slice (optional) upon waking up. Breakfast includes a Shakeology 3-Day Refresh shake with one cup of cantaloupe. Fiber Sweep should be consumed in the mid-morning. Lunch is Vanilla Fresh shake, 12 strawberries, and five asparagus spears roasted with one teaspoon of olive oil. The afternoon snack can be two stalks of celery with two tablespoons of hummus. Dinner includes a Vanilla Fresh shake, veggie stir-fry, and one cup vegetable broth with 1/4 cup fresh herbs. Day two and three follow a similar meal plan.

What are some 3-Day Refresh recipes?

Some 3-Day Refresh recipes posted on the official website for this Beachbody cleanse include Cauliflower Rice Tabbouleh, Moroccan Carrot Salad, Tomato and Cucumber Salad, and Cucumber with Hummus Sandwiches.

What is the purpose of 3-Day Refresh?

The purpose of 3-Day Refresh is to eliminate built-up waste from the digestive tract, improve body functions, de-bloat, and satisfy your appetite.

Does 3-Day Refresh have any side effects?

The most common side effects of 3-Day Refresh include headache, fatigue, and constipation. However, these side effects are usually mild and go away after the three-day program is over.

Can anyone do 3-Day Refresh?

3-Day Refresh is generally safe for most healthy adults. However, pregnant or nursing women, children, and people with certain health conditions should consult a doctor before starting the program.

Does 3-Day Refresh work for weight loss?

3-Day Refresh may lead to short-term weight loss, but it’s not a sustainable weight-loss solution

6 3-Day Refresh Reviews

  • Good Plan
    Nancy Smith (Verified Purchase)

    I’m on my second go around. The first time I did this, I needed to reset my body. NOTHING was making me lose weight. My husband & I both did this. The fiber sweep I though was good, or least it wasn’t bad. I use shakeology on a regular basis, so I know these are good. I normally use almond milk, but during this time, I just use water.

    I meal prep for lunch & dinner. I did salads the first 2 nights, and the third night I used the veggies and broth and made a soup. Much better as I was tired of the salad.

    I was very bloated and gasy the first day and felt like I gained weight, but I stuck with it. I didn’t cheat at all….unlike my husband…he did eat a few peanuts, etc but he really did OK.

    On the fourth day we weighted ourselves. My husband lost 5 lbs and I lost 4….oz! WHAT!!! How could that be?? For the next week I kept to my guns and ate healthy and hardly snacked and mostly ate like the Keto diet. I did do Keto in the past and lost weight, but this time it just didn’t happen. Damn COVID! Anyways, as the weeks passed, I started losing a pound a week.

    The morale of the story for me, it’s been a slow process, but I’m finally losing those last pounds and I did this again to keep me on track. I work out 5 days a week with beachbody on demand and sometimes do a 4.5 hike once a week.

    I bought another round to use during the summer when we come back from vacation. It works differently for everyone, but honestly the fiber sweep, vanilla shake and shakeology I think are good.

  • Not worth the hype
    Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    On day 3 now and am so disappointed that I bought this. Shakeology is the only drink that is ok. Very bloated, but not hungry. I thought this would be better than a whole month of whole 30 (I usually do this to restart my system). I’ve been able to keep up with my workouts, which is great but my stomach feels so bloated and hurts.

  • Good plan when you want to adjust poor eating habits
    Allison (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve done 3-Day Refresh a few times now, usually when (1) I’ve been eating too much sugar and am having trouble breaking the habit, and (2) when I have three days in a row when I’ll be home most of the time for all those mini-meals AND I can deal with the huge bloating I get from this plan. I meal-prep for the three days and so eat the same salads for lunch and dinner. I always feel superbloated and gassy on Day 1, and therefore not hungry; by Day 2 I’m still bloated but hungry, and by Day 3 I’ve adjusted. I expect to lose 3-5 pounds of (water) weight on this plan, and it’s a good mind-adjuster to get back to drinking more fluids throughout the day and cutting down or cutting out my filler foods like sugary snacks, white-flour carbs and evening alcohol.

  • Not happy with the product

    I’m sorry but it is horrible. I’m only on day 1 and I haven’t even had my dinner shake. I use shakeology but this 3- day refresh is the most horrible thing I ever had.

  • Elicia Nolan

    I thought the 3 day refresh was fine. I just finished my 3 days, I feel good. The Fiber sweep was NOT nasty. It had a slightly pleasant lemony flavor, no it wasn’t like drinking water, but it wasn’t grainy. It was fiber. If you mix it correctly its fine. The vanilla fresh is just a protein powder. It also tasted fine. Anyone looking for easy, tasty cleanses are not going to find results. These products did what they needed to. cleaned out the colon, forced me to leave the Halloween candy, animal products and breads out of my diet. People shouldn’t be so squeamish. OR be squeamish and have a garbage protein shake.

    • Ro

      I’m doing the 3day now. I’m enjoying it. No issues. I’ve used shakeology in the past and have always noticed increased energy when I’ve stuck to it. I’m on the 3 day solely for cleansing purposes. Any weight loss would be a plus, but it’s energy I’m after. It’s defin easier doing this when home though, not while working.

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