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Almased, otherwise known as The Almased Synergy Diet Program, is a diet program designed by Almased USA Inc. that relies on a specialized, all-natural drink as part of their diet program. Almased claims this program will help people lose up to 15 lbs. in 6 weeks by following their diet, which combines liquid fasting and nutritionally based meals. The Almased drink, available for purchase from their official website, contains a mixture of fermented soy, skim milk yogurt powder, and honey enzymes, which they claim eliminate hunger and promote additional weight loss.

Available through their website or in select health stores, you can purchase a kit for $99.95, which contains 3 canisters.  Almased is one of the most expensive diet programs available. It is also one of the few developed with all-natural ingredients, according to manufacturer claims. Almased first became available as a general health supplement in 1985, and was introduced as a diet program in 1998. Almased’s website is very thorough and backs up several claims with detailed studies.


Almased contains a mixture of soy protein, honey enzymes, skim milk yogurt powder, and several amino acids.

Product Features

Almased places heavy emphasis on its diet drink, which is consumed two times daily. It contains a “unique” blend of soy protein, skim milk yogurt powder, and honey enzymes, which the manufacturers claim promotes safe and effective weight loss. When beginning the program, Almased instructs users to begin a short three day liquid fast with this diet drink. Afterward, users follow the specific diet plan provided, consuming the Almased drink two times daily. Although they do not list how many grams of these ingredients they include, we have been informed that Almased contains 53% soy protein, 25% honey, 22% skim milk yogurt powder.

The Almased program is available for $99.95, whereas one canister of the Almased drink costs a surprising $34.95. Although there are no other diet supplements containing Almased’s specific brand, there are many diet supplements that use similar ingredients for roughly half the cost.

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  • Almased’s drink is created from all-natural ingredients, backed up by several scientific studies.
  • Almased’s formulated drink is available to consume anywhere and easy to mix.
  • Almased is available in select health stores and through its official website.


  • Almased is more expensive than other diet programs, priced at $99.95 per kit or $34.95 per canister.
  • This excludes dieters with soy allergies or lactose intolerance.
  • There are no money-back guarantees that we could find.
  • Some individuals may find product unappetizing. (See reader comments.)


Although Almased claims it does not use any synthetic ingredients, which is encouraging, Almased also does not offer any substitutes for those with soy allergies or lactose intolerance. Almased’s diet program would seem to be a suitable solution for those looking for a naturally based diet, but the price could be high for some.

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    Emil Borsuk

    Najlepsze bity na zamwienie w Polsce. hiphop mastering w atrakcyjnych cenach.Produkcja Jsfamilia


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    Annie Davis

    I purchased a can of Almased bout three weeks ago from Walgreens and I lost 7lbs already and I wants to keep going. Would u please send me some recipes so I can follow as directed?


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    Download the almased app onto your phone. It has lots of recipes.


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    Every program I have signed up for free trial I have to give my credit card number. I think the reason behind this is a lot of people will forget they have to contact you to opt out. if you are late in opting out you are stuck having to pay for the product. Why not let people opt in after they have tried the product, that in my opinion would be fair.


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    This product sad you won’t be hungry but I still feel hungry and I follow directions can you explain that Thanks