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ColonCARE is a colon cleansing formula designed to rid the body of toxins that have built up over time from eating a poor diet and other environmental factors. The ingredients contained in ColonCARE promotes the regrowth of healthy bacteria needed fro optimal digestive health.


The ingredients contained in ColonCARE include: Psyllium seed husks, soy fiber, oat bran, calcium carbonate, acacia gum, FOS probiotic growth complex, magnesium oxide, apple pectin extract and selenium amino acid chelate.

Product Features

ColonCARE is a dietary supplement designed to encourage a healthy digestive system. Colon CARE contains a number of ingredients commonly found in colon cleansing formulas. This product contains Pysllium and other fiber ingredients. This will help push the excess waste from the colon cleaning the walls of the colon as it passes through. It also contains FOS probiotic growth complex. This is very important to maintain colon health. the digestive system requires certain bacteria or probiotics to break down food so that it can be absorbed. ColonCare is produced by Yerba Prima. This company has taken into account that some consumers may have sensitivity to this and other products. There for this product has been labeled as a possible allergic reaction. The website for Yerba Prima allows consumers to purchase ColonCARE directly from the dedicated website. There does not appear to be a free trial offer or a money back guarantee. It is encouraging that this product does disclose all ingredients in the ColonCARE on the dedicated website. This information is vital to consumers to avoid allergic reactions and other hazards such as medication interactions. The official Yerba Prima website does seem to be legitimate. While this product will not promote significant weight loss it is a positive move for those who have taken colon cleansers in the past to replace vital probiotics which can be found in this product.

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  • Colon CARE contains probiotics to promote colon health.
  • ColonCARE can be purchased through the official website for less than $15.


  • ColonCARE does not contain a fat burner or an appetite suppressant.
  • ColonCARE will only eliminate excessive stool in the colon and not significant weight loss.


ColonCARE is a dietary supplement from Yerba Prima. This supplement does show promise as a colon cleanser, but not as a weight loss supplement. ColonCARE does contain probiotics which are extremely important for digestive health. These little bacteria are needed to break down the food we consume. Many colon cleanses clear the digestive system out of all the excess waste and also all the good bacteria needed for a health digestive system.

Consumers looking to clean their digestive system of toxins and excess waste, then ColonCARE could be a great option. It will not promote significant weight loss. Consumers looking to lose weight and keep it off should look for a weight loss supplement which contains a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. These ingredients should have clinical trials proving their effectiveness as a weight loss supplement.

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