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Go Cleanse is a product that is advertised to clean your body and help you lose weight. The byline for the Go Cleanse website reads “nutritional cleansing for best results system.” That is what you will find on their websites. You will not find much else on the sites. Information about the product is not available anywhere online. On the website you will basically see testimonies of before and after. The price of Go Cleanse is not located on the sites and you cannot find what ingredients are in it. It seems like a pyramid site. The only way you can view more about the product, supposedly, is by giving them your name and phone number. You would think they would offer that information without having your name and number. You should really be cautious of this site and their product. It seems like an overall scam.


There are no ingredient lists available for Go Cleanse. This should signal a red flag, as anything unwilling to provide ingredients is usually up to something.

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It seems the product is a scam. There is no way to tell the price of Go Cleanse. No way of viewing the ingredients in Go Cleanse. You will browse through pages of advertisements and testimonies. The only way they say you can view more about their product is by giving them your name and phone number. Assuming they will probably call you and try to sell you all kinds of stuff since they want your phone number. Most people trying to find out about this product will not give out that type of information. If it was a legit product or a product that worked, why not put it out there for everyone to see. Why hide the ingredients, price, and how it works?

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  • Go Cleanse does have an official website.


  • There is no information available on how this product works.
  • There is no information on the ingredients found in this product.
  • There is no price listed for Go Cleanse.
  • The entire site seems to be a scam.


People inquiring about this product should be alert. This product seems to be a scam. The lack of information about the product is very alarming. It seems they have something to hide. They should at least explain how it works, what it costs, and the ingredients listed in it. You cannot find that information any where online. You can however, find some testimonies of people who say it worked, but almost as soon as they quit taking it, the weight comes back, and many times, with more to go with it.

Some cleanses are great for the body and will help you lose weight. There are legit products on the market for that. But this one, you should probably stay away from due to the lack of information.

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  • 1

    Just bought the cleaner 14 day
    What can we eat with this cleanse ?
    Do I finish all the capsules?


  • 2
    Eric Collum

    Could I get a schedule sent to me please


  • 3
    Earl jones

    i here good thing about it and i want to try it i am 50 pounds over weight and i herd from some friends say they lost up to 30 pounds i want to know how much it cost for a 30 day trial


  • 4
    Janelle dow

    How much is the 11 day cleanse?


  • 5
    Zoey Soha

    Do not try this cleanse if your blood pressure runs on the low side. My B.P. dropped so low I could not focus or think clearly. I felt extremely lightheaded and dizzy. The first two days you eat a little and have shakes which are pretty tasty. Day three and four are cleansing days with no food, just a juice. With tax and everything I paid $200.00 for an 11 day cleanse that I could not get pass the fourth day. There is very little info in the brochure about the cleanse itself. It is mostly slick testimonials and trying to get you to sell it which looked like a pyramid scheme. I would skip this cleanse, something about this company and their slick marketing makes me uncomfortable and leary. Plus the health risks if you have low BP and low blood sugar levels.


  • 6

    Go cleanse works! My husband and I did it last Oct. and was thrilled with the results. We lost more on our 5 day weigh in then we usually do in 3 months of dieting and my energy level was much better not to mention how mush better my joints felt. It is odd about having to give them your phone number to get any info but it is so they can explain everything and answer any questions you may have. We will be doing this cleanse once a year now!


  • 7

    My friend did it and lost 10 lbs in 7 days. Said it works but is costly. She is going on vacation and wanted a quick loss


  • 8
    Harry Golden

    need more info. I am a type 2 Diabetic


  • 9

    I guess most of these reviews are rather old. They now do have a price for the plan. There are two levels. 1. $187 for an 11 day system that replaces 26 meals with an average weight loss of 8-10lbs. 2. $363 for a 30 day system that replaces 62 meals with an average weight loss of 20-25lbs. They supply everything except on certain days you will eat a 400-600 calorie lunch that you supply. Hope this helps.


  • 10
    steve paugh

    would you please send me some information on go cleanse. I would like to know price, restrictions for meals, exercise? and whatever else you have. thank you. steve





  • 11

    Want to know about and cost?


  • 12

    Gpo Cleanse is a great produst!!! I have been using it for 9 days now and I am very happy with this product!! I have lost 17 in and 6Lbs that is pretty awesome. Yes it is expensive but think of what you spend on a daily basis in fast food. Great product sticking with it!!


  • 13

    Glycolic acid is known as a genuine skin exfoliator. It eliminates the older skin, increasing skin cell renewal with the younger dermis. The end effect is your skin is much younger, cleaner and healthier.


  • 14
    tonia krauel

    I am over 200 lbs and wan to loose at least 70 lbs, will this product help me loose that much or at least get me started? How long can you use this product? Can you use it with high blood pressure medication?


  • 15

    You actually make it seem really easy together
    with your presentation however I find this matter to be really something that I feel I’d
    by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very huge for me.
    I am taking a look ahead on your next publish,
    I’ll attempt to get the cling of it!


  • 16

    I have a wedding coming up at the end of September and want to know when I should start the ten or eleven day program.


  • 17

    I am a diabetic 2 and also really really lactose intolerant and I’m wondering that problems if any I would have on this plan? Anyone with one or both of my problems???


  • 18
    Jon Lauritzen

    What is the cost for the program if I would want to loose 20 – 30 lbs.?


  • 19

    There is a local radio host named Puff for Hot93.5 in Pennsylvania that has used this and lost a TON of weight. He has posted his weight loss pictures and story on both their website and Facebook page. From the way he talked it is fairly expensive, but worth it.



    Puff has lost 120 lbs. in like 5 or 6 months, his tranformation is amazing! If you are in the PA area, they are having a go cleanse event in Harrisburg tomorrow (3/6).


  • 20

    For the Go Cleanse, is there a specific diet or shopping list (ie-certain vegetables, or no carbs)? Are there specific shakes to drink or meals to buy? or is it just the pills that cost so much? Or does that include shakes and snacks?


  • 21

    Go cleanse is a distributed of isagenix so you will find more information on the product is you search isagenix.


  • 22

    I just went to their website and though it doesn’t give a price, it does list several ingredients used (whey protein, amino acids, trace minerals, aloe, etc) as well as give a cursory explanation of how all this helps to reduce toxins.


  • 23

    so i did call to get info on go cleanse and was given very vague information…all natural yada yada yada. you do have to take some pills but he wouldnt tell me exactly what they were. and the big part is the cost…9 day program 110.00 plus cost of extra supplements etc. then the 30 day program is 310.00 plus cost of extras for shakes, snacks etc. and to top it off when i told the guy it was really expensive he lost interest in trying to help me, whereas at first he was all about “helping” me get healthy and happy. poop on them if they really wanted top help people make it more affordable!


  • 24
    kim LaBella

    How can I order this product???prodiyi matters,


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