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Some feel that prior to starting a weight loss or weight management program that it is necessary to detoxify the system of harmful impurities. Herbal Clean is one such company that promotes this philosophy. Their product line contains an impressive number of items that are designed to remove just about every toxin the body might hold. From foot pads to liquid concoctions, Herbal Clean seems to have covered the table. They also tout themselves as the #1 detox company on the market today. Let’s find out a little more about what their products have to offer.

List of Ingredients

Here’s where Herbal Clean falls short. What’s in their products? While the name suggests that natural herbal ingredients are used, there is no ingredient information on their website. If ingredients are a concern for you, then Herbal Clean might not be the best choice for your detoxifying and weight loss plan.

Product Features

Herbal Clean offers a wide array of products for detoxifying the system of unwanted “poisons”. They have virtually made it so user friendly that you can detox while you sleep. The foot pads are applied to the bottom of one foot per night and used until the pads appear to be virtually clean of toxins (30 – 90 days). The liquid products offer a variety of flavors to choose from. They offer quick one day tablet plans to teas that cover four days to complete the process. The problem with some of these products is the number of times that they must be used during the day. For instance, with the tea, one must drink 8 – 8 ounce glasses per day for four days. There are strict diet recommendations during the process as well. Herbal Clean does come through with a very nice return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. They also offer a free trial of their product so you can try before you buy. What we missed on their official website is the inclusion of testimonials. We like to see what others who have tried the product think, and this is an area that Herbal Clean has dropped the ball. However, their website is clean and easy to use and includes a store finder for added convenience.

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  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Easy to navigate website.
  • Vast product line.


  • There are no testimonials on the website.
  • Some products are a little pricey and must be used for an extended period of time.
  • Lack of ingredients is concerning.
  • These products have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Herbal Clean stands a little more out front from many of the other detoxifying products on the market. The fact that they offer a 100% money back guarantee is a statement of confidence in their products. There certainly is a concern, however, that their website does not include product ingredients. Again, if this is a concern to you, there are several other similar companies that disclose product ingredients that you can choose from.

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    i have to drink qcarboclean20 today for a urine test to be rid of opiates from my system but I eyed to take my Xanax to show up during test. Will they?


    Candace (Editor)

    We can’t say for certain. Xanax is not an opiate however it’s vague claim of ridding impurities and poisons suggests it may.


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    I need to pass a drug test in either from 2-7 days for marijuana. I also take Xanax prescribed to me by my doctor, which I need to take. So, my question is; will taking these pills mess with my intake of my medication?


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