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Irvingia Rx claims to be one of the best colon cleansing solutions on the market for weight loss today. Though colon cleansing has mixed reviews and will not lead to long term fat loss that is the healthiest way to lose weight, a colon cleanse may flush enough toxins and waste out of your body to jump start your weight loss efforts and help keep you motivated until you can reach your goal. Is this the best colon cleansing product on the market? You decide.

List of Ingredients

Irvingia Rx contains green tea, acai berry extract, and an unknown leptin producing compound.

Product Features

Irvingia Rx does not provide a full ingredient list. The information we have comes from third party sources discussing the product. Green tea is very healthy, full of antioxidants, and may even boost the metabolism through the natural caffeine, to produce a fat burning effect. Acai berry is considered a super fruit, also full of antioxidants and vitamins for overall health. It does not have any direct link to weight loss or cleansing. Leptin is a hormone that plays a part in regulating your energy levels, energy expenditure, and even your appetite. When you do not produce enough leptin on your own, you will likely feel sluggish, tired, and hungry. A supplement like this could help you with more energy and appetite suppression, but it has not been clinically proven, and will not help with cleansing.

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  • Irvingia Rx does not appear to have any advantages, due to the lack of information about the product.


  • Irvingia Rx
  • We were not able to locate the product label to confirm the ingredient listings. This means the company could be hiding what is in the formula.
  • We could not locate this product for sale, so it may no longer be available.
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Irvingia Rx has many reasons to make us weary of the product. Without a full ingredient disclosure or confirmation from the label, we are already cautious, but what we see for ingredients does not have anything to do with cleansing the body. Instead of focusing on a colon cleansing solution for short-term weight loss, we recommend you focus on the long term health benefits of healthy fat loss. If you eat a balanced diet and consume fewer calories than you burn through exercise on a regular basis, then you will see weight loss. Aim for one to two pounds per week for the best chance of keeping it off. To boost your efforts, add a clinically proven fat burner and/or appetite suppressant to your daily regimen, and use it only as directed.

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