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The Kylea Simple Cleanse System is a three step process that promises to cleanse your blood and intestines and then to rebuild your intestines by putting healthy bacteria back in them. When you buy the full system, you are provided with three separate bottles of three formulas. Two of the bottles are for cleansing (one for blood, one for intestines) the third is for rebuilding. The 2 cleansing formulas are said to remove toxins from the body in a healthy, organic way. The rebuilding formula contains some of the same bacteria that can be found in yogurt (lactobacillus, acidopholus) as well as some bacteria not readily found in everyday foods.

The ingredients are generally organic and contain no caffeine. The official website seems to act more as an order form than an information site. There are no testimonials on the site and no scientific data to back up the claims made. Kylea is the maker of the Kylea Simple Cleanse System. They have many articles available on the website that discuss such topics as, toxicity and health, super foods, energy generating Kylea products, and simple solutions to eating nutrient dense calories.


Cape aloe leaf, wildcrafted barberry root, wildcrafted cascara sagrada, organic garlic bulb, organic senna leaf, turkey rhubarb root, wildcrafted black walnut hull, organic clove bud, organic fennel seed, organic ginger root, wildcrafted worm wood, organic cayenne, organic burdock root, organic butcher’s broom, organic dandelion root, organic kelp, organic pau d’ arco, organic red clover, organic yellow dock, amylase, protease, cellulose, papain, lactobacillus, acidopholus, lactobacillus ramnosus, bifidobacterium longum.

Product Features

Kylea Simple Cleanse System can also be purchased as Kylea Simple Cleanse Basic, which is a two step process. The Basic pack contains only the blood and intestine cleanser and leaves out the rebuilding formula.

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  • The Kylea Simple Cleanse System is made from organic ingredients.
  • The official website usually has a sale going on.


  • The official website doesn’t have a very good description of this product.
  • Kylea Simple Cleanse System is expensive compared to other detoxifying products.
  • We can’t find a satisfaction guarantee available on the official website.


Kylea Simple Cleanse System seems like a decent detoxifying product. It comes with a blood cleanser, colon cleanser, and also a bottle of capsules that are supposed to help encourage bacteria growth in the colon after you use the cleansers. Products like this aren’t usually labeled as “weight loss” products but they can help you lose a few pounds during the time you use it. This may help you fit into an outfit for a special occasion but really won’t help you in the long run.

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  • 1

    Kylea is made in China. Is this safe considering lead has been found in products from here? Where are the manufacturing info. on all these sites?


  • 2

    I have taken both the cleanse and the Total Living Drink (which I believe what the first two comments are referring to). The Total Living Drink Berry is a good taste alternative to the Greens, I also see they have a new better tasting formula for the Greens now that I haven’t tried yet. The cleanse products are separate and don’t have a taste issue. I find blended with fruit juice the TLD Berry is more palatable than other supplement drinks I have tried and has higher supplement values than most. They have a lot of testimonials on the site and even an endorsement from Mike Singletary, I think its the best I have tried anyway.



    Did you know GREENS is now made in CHINA. Has anyone found info on the safety, especailly regarding lead being found inother products from China?


  • 3

    My friend told me about this product.I have not entered the website. The way she was telling me about the product, it seemed to be a vitamin drink.From what I have been reading its a cleansing. My friend is happy with it but says it does taste awful.


  • 4

    this stuff tastes awful. while i felt more energized once i started drinking this stuff, i didnt keep up with it because it tasted so horrible.


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