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In order to lose weight you must drink more water, right? Well, the makers of Plexus Slim created a weight loss supplement around that very dieting rule. The small packet flavors water and adds quite a punch of weight loss ingredients. According to the official website, there are no stimulants or caffeine in the formula, so the dieter does not have to worry about jitters and shakes. Caffeine, however, is a proven weight loss ingredient, so if Plexus Slim included caffeine it would be a benefit, not a drawback. Of the ingredients listed on the product label, only one is proven to have any benefit on weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Health Blend: Polydextrose, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Beet Root, Grape Skin Extract, Stevia Extract and Lo Han Extract.

Chlorogenic Acid, Citrin K, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside and Chromium.

Product Features

You have to love a diet product that makes huge weight loss claims and then offers up an ingredient list that does not support those claims. There are several plant extracts and filler ingredients, but a few stand out. Chromium is typically used to control blood glucose response to food. When food is consumed, blood glucose rises. After digestion is complete, blood glucose falls. Sometimes it falls too low before rebounding to normal levels. A lower than normal dip signals hunger and causes cravings. Chromium may help control levels so they don’t dip too low after digestion. This ingredient is clinically proven with human studies.

Citrin K is another name for garcinia cambogia. While this ingredient is considered safe for most dieters, recent news links the ingredient to potential liver damage. There are many natural ingredients that CAN cause negative side effects, but that does not mean they will. However, when it comes to weight loss supplements, there are safe ingredients known to be free of negative side effects that are clinically proven to boost weight loss, like green tea, that could be used in place of Citrin K.

The official website for Plexus Slim offers a free trial packet. Prices for the supplement are not listed on the official website, but dieters can join the website as a one-time buyer to gain access to prices. There are no clinical studies listed for Plexus Slim.

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  • Chromium may help control blood glucose levels to stop hunger.
  • A free sample is available.


  • Citrin K may be linked to liver damage.
  • Only one proven ingredient is included in the supplement.


Plexus Slim is a powdered drink packet that adds weight loss ingredients to a bottle of water. The dieter may find the chromium helps to stave off hunger, but the remaining ingredients are not likely to promote weight loss.

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  • 1

    Shoot me an email in response please. Is it safe for a nursing mother to take the pro bio 5?

  • 2
    Christina Ortiz

    how can I order this product?

  • 3
    Tammie Groover

    How long is it safe to take accelerator with plexus ? The bottle says it is not for long term use.

  • 4
    SynDee Cooper

    How can I get a free sample? how much does it cost?

  • 5
    Melani Oliveira

    Can you take while pregnant? I have gestational diabetes…. Looking for something to help me control my sugars rather than insulin

  • 6

    Is it safe for diabetics taking medication ?

    Walter K

    Victor My A1C has dropped from 8.6 to below 6% it was meant for diabetics and advanced to weight loss . e-mal me

  • 7

    I love this product. I started using it as a customer at the end of January of 2014 and have lost 30 lbs. to date. I feel better than I have felt in years and sleep much better. After losing the weight and inches going from an 18 to a 14 I decided to sell the product because I believe in it.

  • 8

    Plexus Slim has a new accelerator called BOOST! It’s thermogenic and has helped so many people lose inches faster than the previous accelerator. I have so much energy and get even more nutrients with the X Factor multivitamin. I have cleared out the overgrowth of Candida yeast with ProBio5. I’m in love with the benefits and blessings I have with Plexus products. Jillusher.myplexusproducts

  • 9
    noah mcnair

    do it have side effect


    The Slim was created for type 2 diabetics and the side effects were the weight loss! It also known to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Get more information~

  • 10
    beth wilsosn

    can you drink more than one plexus drink a day and would it be beneficial?


    You can drink 2 a day, with a small added benefit. One a day is plenty. My 5 year old daughter had mono and I gave it to her. The difference was incredible. Slim is safe for kids and nursing mothers. Contact me for more information or order from jillusher.Myplexusproducts
    I can show you thousands of testimonials. Plexus is the blessing my family and friends have been waiting for.

    Vicki r

    Do children 5 and under drink the same as adults…i have a 5 yr old grand daughter who still wakes up at night …would plexus help?

  • 11

    just wondering if its safe for heart patient to take this i had a double bi pass done seven yrs ago but need too try and lose some weight


    If you email me I can send you ingredient list to take to your dr to make sure it is ok with your history you would want to make sure. I would think the slim with the xfacto vitamin would be a great combination for you.

  • 12
    james jones

    sounds good but does it work on belly fat I have problem losing belly fat.

  • 13

    I want to lose about 15-20 lbs. would this product be beneficial to me?

  • 14
    Betty Garrett

    where to buy plexus slim products

  • 15
    Felix Dominguez

    How much to become a rep


    34.95 with option to purchase welcome pack