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Most people want to lose weight quickly and safely without compromising their health. The producers of QuickSlim-30, which is a division of Gold Vitamins, tout their capsules as a safe and healthy way to do just that. Gold Vitamin’s parent company, USA Gold Vision Inc. was established in California in 2001 and is a company that sells several different types of vitamins and supplements. The QuickSlim website explains that their capsules are a combination of twelve herbs, meant to balance your body thereby facilitating weight loss. QuickSlim-30 claims their capsules counterbalance overeating and weight gain caused by stress, low energy and poor digestion. Thirty capsules of QuickSlim-30 sell for $69.99 and their diet patch, which can be worn 24-hours a day and is reportedly made from all natural ingredients, retails for $55.95 for 30.

QuickSlim-30 is a weight loss pill geared towards women that is to be taken once a day, before breakfast, and with a full glass of water. There are testimonials on the website, along with before and after photographs, but no clinical data is provided to back up QuickSlim-30’s claims as to their diet pill’s efficacy.

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List of Ingredients

A full list of ingredients is not available on the QuickSlim website, however they do list the twelve herbs found in QuickSlim-30 as alisma, aloe vera, fo-ti, fructus mori, Goji berries, grape seed extract, green tea, Hawthorn berries, Lotus leaf, Reishi mushrooms, Reishi mushrooms, spirulina (blue-green algae), and Sweet Tea vine. The alisma is said to be a diuretic while the aloe vera is meant to aid in cleansing the body and alleviating constipation. Fo-ti and the green tea also aid in digestion and detoxification, as well as increasing vitality and reducing cholesterol, respectively. The fructus mori, Goji berries and Reishi mushrooms are thought to increase energy, while the grape seed extract works as an anti-inflammatory while adding strength to blood vessels. Hawthorn berries are used to strengthen the heart and the lotus leaf improves urination. The spirulina is thought to be a supplement of protein and vitamins not delivered through the diet, as well as an enhancement to mood and energy. The Sweet Tea vine is used to increase metabolism and detoxify. QuickSilver-30 does not recommend their product for people who are pregnant, nursing, under 18, or taking any other medications.

Product Features

QuickSlim-30 promises to help with fat reduction, increased metabolism and detoxification via their healthy, herbal pill or all-natural patch. According to QuickSlim-30 the rate of weight loss using their product is approximately two pounds a week or eight pounds a month. Unfortunately, QuickSlim does not provide any data to corroborate these claims. In addition the full list of ingredients for their pill is not provided on the QuickSlim-30 official website.

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  • QuickSlim-30 is easy to use and can be ordered directly of their website.
  • The QuickSlim website provides customer testimonials and before and after photographs.
  • Several of the listed ingredients in the pill are natural.


  • QuickSlim-30 does not provide any data or proof to substantiate their claims.
  • The pill does not come with a money-back guarantee.
  • QuickSlim-30 does not appear to be safe for everyone to use.


While the claims of a healthy, all natural diet pill that not only allows you to lose weight, but also increases your energy and health levels, is attractive QuickSlim-30 does not provide any proof to support their claims. Further the company does not provide a full list of ingredients and does not offer any money back guarantee should their product not performed as promised.

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    Received your product but there is no instruction on the dosage per day and when to take it. Ur site stats breakfast or Lunch but not to exceed 4. Confusing.

    Thank you


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