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Slim4life has a 25 year track record designed to make you look slim, trim and fit. The official site of Slim4life says it offers a comprehensive weight loss program with a tagline that says, “It’s not what you lose, it’s what you gain.” Slim4life has programs targeted to individual weight loss under guidance and medical supervision.

The weight loss plan from Slim4life calls for a balanced approach for healthy weight management that is nutritionally designed with individual behavioral counseling. The website doesn’t state cost of the program and offers a 30 minute consultation that can be scheduled through the website link. Slim4life goes by the adage that “you can’t change your weight until you change your mind.” The program is heavily based on changing behavior, and relies heavily on word of mouth rather than a flashy advertising campaign. The plan promises foods that can be found in the grocery store, rapid weight loss and coaching on how to maintain the weight loss.

There will be certain foods and beverages that are excluded at the beginning of the program, but they will eventually be reintroduced back into your diet. Slim4Life reports their customers lose an average of 3.3 pounds per week, and that is the optimal amount of weight loss to remain healthy.


Varies by user.

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The Slim4life weight loss plan begins with a consultation, and then a nutrition plan customized to the dieter’s age, sex, medical history, weight goals and physical activity level. The official site does not detail its diet plan, but claims a balanced eating approach. The site advocates that when a person completes the program or she will be equipped with greater knowledge and an enhanced metabolism to keep in shape. Slim4life targets children as young as 10 years old, and offers assistance to obsessive eaters. The program is restricted to the Denver area, Northern Colorado and Minneapolis.

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  • Customized plan for each individual.
  • Slim4life claims to not drastically alter your eating habits.


  • Slim4life is only available in a few areas.
  • No price is disclosed on the official website.
  • We can’t find any return policies or satisfaction guarantees on the official website.


If you live in one of the three areas where the Slim4life program is available, you might want to get a little bit more information about it. The website is kind of vague so it’s hard for us to get a good feel for it. For many people, weight loss programs like this just aren’t enough so you may want to add in a good thermogenic weight loss supplement whether you choose to participate in this program or any other.

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  • 1
    Connie Hoffmann

    Where can you buy this? I heard that Slim4life is going to do a study. If this is true, how can I find out more about it.


  • 2

    you can get the metabolizers at nashua under the name doctor designs thermocaps and get 90 caps for 38.95 plus 5.95 shipping! i checked the labels and its the exact same thing slim4life sells at 120.00 for 180 caps.



    Thanks Vicki!!!


  • 3

    My daughter tried Slim4Life buy couldn’t follow through. I would like to get a refund for her if there is such a website. We have a lot of food that expires in 2016.


  • 4

    Misleading advertisements and hidden costs that are not revealed until you pay your initial money. Way too complicated, having to remember to take pills 3-4 times a day, eat something 4-6 times a day, when to eat beef, when not to eat beef, when to eat cottage cheese, when not to eat cottage cheese. When and what bars and snacks can’t be eaten on certain days or on the same day. To me, it is a recipe for failure, especially if you work a job that is long and demanding. Also, into the 4th, 5th, and 6th weeks, I began to feel sick and bad, and no energy. I was feeling better taking my own vitamins and supplements. One of the worst mistakes I ever made.


  • 5

    I recently signed up for this program and I didn’t buy everything up front but quite a lot and I shelled out $2100. If I remember right they quote you total plan of $2900. I have only been on 4 days, but feel lousy. Bloated, stuffed, nausea and with my normal medications I an taking over 30 pills a day which can’t be good. I will continue for a while to see what happens after 2-3 weeks, then if no change in the way I feel, will just kiss the 2100 goodbye to my stupidity. I haven’t eaten 3 meals a day for years, and they pretty much force it on you. Kickin my butt as I continue on!!!


  • 6

    I was wanting to know a website to where i can try to get a refund for slim4life or complain.



    No refund absolutely.


  • 7

    I would also like you to share the info with me
    I would rather do it the way you are
    To see if I would like it
    Please and thank you


  • 8

    I absolutely love the program. I am only 24 years old and its honestly going back to the basic. We over eat as the society. I have over bought when i first started but here are some ways i found to lose weight. i don’t buy there vitamins or fiber sticks because you can get them way cheaper also efa’s are fish oil pills so you can buy them from walmart as well. Also you can do a special k drink and bar instead of there supplements. No fiber bars those cause they are high in calories. i do there water release pills but my friend buys her from the store as way. i don’t take the nero pills cause it doesn’t help control my cravings. I stated out at 172 and now i weigh 156 and my goal is 140



    I think the program works but it is way too expensive. Make sure that when you sign up you read that very fine print at the bottom of your page where it states the prices of the supplements and how often you have to take them. Their bars and stuff are proprietory and after $1000 worth of pills, membership, bars and snacks like you Jennifer, I found out that we cab substitute them with a much cheaper version.


  • 9

    Ive been one the Slim4Life diet for two months and Ive lost about 25 pounds and only have 10 more to go!! It’s costly. Fact. I’ve spent roughly $500. However, it has been worth every penny. Its cost me $500 to get my confidence back and I’m ok with that! Wouldn’t you be? I finally feel like me again and I could never put a price on that. Yes, the foods are limited and bland sometimes but that’s the sacrifice you have to make. If you aren’t willing to do that are you really even ready to get rid of your weight? Decide and do. It’s that simple.


  • 10

    You people who want the program for free are disgusting!! What entitles you to a free weight loss program!! You can’t even make the right food choices to begin with then you want to gripe about the cost!! You waste more money in a month to what the program cost!! It’s just an excuse to remain over weight! You can start by yourself by making a choice not to put unhealthily food in your mouth!!



    Those are extremely harsh words ,I started the program it is very expensive ,at the first class they pushed their products excessively and all at a really high price .i do have these comments their drinks contain aspartame a definite no no the bars contain high fructose corn syrup another no no and they say they will not guarantee weight loss unless you use their overpriced products its not just that they are over priced ,they are not compatible with better products ,with better ingredients . I brought up that you could buy compatible less cost products but was shot down .so my assessment if you’ve done your rescherch on weight loss you already know what to avoid ,and that’s the problem ,



    AMEN to all of that comment!



    Please tell me where u got the cheaper products I just started the program and I am super excited and need to save some money as well. Please please help.


  • 11

    Would someone be willing to share the list?


  • 12

    Would someone be willing to share the list with me as I am on a tight budget and cannot afford the program, but need to lose weight.


  • 13

    If you have any doubt you can’t take this product don’t pay allot of money they have a no return policy even if you have a letter from your Doctor. I am unable to take this and Sara said it doesn’t matter why NO REFUND with or without a letter from the doc.


  • 14

    Is this program like LA Weight Loss? I joined that program back in 2005 and lost weight without exercising BUT then they went out of business and I was left ‘up a creek’. LA was a good program of balanced food choices. 3 proteins, 3 veggies, 3 fruit, 1 dairy, 3 starches everyday. If you ate all the food then you were not hungry.



    Virginia, Slim 4 Life used to be LA Weight Loss. The program is very similar. And the program does work. I lost an average of 3 lbs per week. If you live in Dallas, right now the sign up cost is $1 per pound you want to lose plus supplements. I’m rejoining today!


  • 15
    sherri tye

    i would like to know the priceson this



    500.00 up depending how much weight you have to lose.


  • 16

    I have been on Slim4Life since November 2010 and have lost 50 pounds! It is an investment to say the least but I feel that you have to make the investment and be serious about improving your overall health. When you figure how much money you spend each week on fast food and going out to eat, then the cost really is not bad. Since losing the weight I am no longer borderline diabetic, cholesterol, triclycerides and blood pressure are all in the normal range!!! I feel great and people are noticing that I look good and feel good! I do firmly believe anyone can lose weight with this plan. I had tried all the others to no avail…Slim4Life works but it does take effort on your part too…there are no miracle cures for obesity. Again…spend the money now to get healthy or spend it later for doctors and hospital visits…



    Thanks, Leslie. I just started this diet and am learning what to eat and how. It is healthy food. You’re right about spend the money now or on drs, meds, & hosp. later.


  • 17

    I have been on this diet for 8 weeks, I have lost 18lbs and I got the food lists from some family members who lost about 60lbs each. I’ve come to crave the food, in fact I’m taking a break from the diet and I’ve found myself still making the chicken and salad I was eating so much. If you can find a friend willing to share its well worth it.



    would you mind sharing you knowledge i want to loose weight but really cain’t afford


  • 18

    My entire family did this program. 15 family members and we have all so far lost 1200 lbs. It’s a great program. Price is about average for a weight loss program. It is just up front. I would recommend it to anyone


  • 19

    I have been ob slim4life now for 2 weeks tomorrow, the staff are very nice and informable. I would like to know how to get the products I am taking at a cheaper price, because it is expensive. I have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I love the program, but I hate the price.


  • 20
    Doris Handsborough

    I live in Centerville Texas I would not be able come in 2 or 3 times a week. What is local for me.


  • 21
    Mindy Healey

    I had a friend by stuff online from Ebay and she got deathly ill. She brought the stuff into the center and they had it analyzed by their lab and it was completely fake. I would be very careful of buying stuff on line.


  • 22
    patricia hightower

    I would like to find out where i could get the supplements because i’am on a limited budget when for the consulation it very expense just to join which only get you throught the first 6 weeks then you have to buy the supplements which are alot if you need to lose a lot of weight my self they said it would take about 9 to 10 months to go threw the hole program from start to finish sill on the fence.


  • 23

    i hope this program works for me.i am not a water drinker or pill popper will i still be able to loose my weight?


  • 24

    Lisa would you share the information with me as I am on a very limited budget too.



    I would like to know what you can substitute for their expensive stuff.


  • 25

    The cost is pretty high, but there are cheaper ways to buy the snacks online instead of from them I started on Tuesday because frankly, I am done with being overweight and feeling like crap. I needed something extreme and this is it.



    I bought the product through a distributor and I have seen the results on her, and she looks amazing. she swears by it and I’m ready to lose some major weight



    Hi Liz,
    I was just reading you blogs on Slim4Life, how are you doing on the diet? Are you willing to share what products you purchased and from you? Has it been effective for you? I so what to join, but so much money.



    Hi I found a lot of info just doing research on slim4 life .i think the main thing is the human help .yes they cost a lot thier drinks have aspartame and thier bars have high fructose corn syrup another no no you can but better and much cheaper prouducts at the store ,but if you like me it helps to have motivation and someone to help keep me on track .i paid for a month and am hoping after getting started I can switch to a low carb diet as slim 4 life is a very restrictive ,they offer hardly any recipes ,they tell you you can have 2 proteins 4 vegetable 2 starched and 1 fat ,but the list is short and vague .thier is a site called spark people its a diet program and has support if you can do that ,good luck to you !!

  • 26

    I am currently on the diet, and I was able to do it by getting the materials from a friend and buying all the actual supplements & thermosnacks new and sealed off craigs list and ebay. I am following it to the letter, as if I had paid for the program, but without their daily counseling. If you don’t have that it is nice to have a friend or two who has completed it to answer basic questions. I will tell you that if you are a person who does not LIKE fruits and vegetables (like myself)it is a very hard diet to be on. You have to eat 4 servings of vegatables a day, mostly plain (because you reserve 2 tbsp dressing for your salad.) It is very hard for me because I don’t like the taste of vegetables at all. Having said that, the diet is very effective mainly for the reason that I went from eating pizza, taco bell, ding dongs, oreos, ice cream every day to eating completely healthy protiens, fruits and vegatables. That switch alone will take the weight off, let alone adding on the metabolizer boosters etc. Stick to it – it works -takes the weight off and helps you learn about foods and how to eat better for the long run.



    are you willing to share a copy of the material/list of foods. I went and it is very expensive and would love to do what you did. I happen to like veggies and fruits:)


  • 27

    I lost 15 pounds in 4 1/2 weeks on Slim4Life. The program seems to really work. On the other hand, what you can eat is VERY limited during weight loss. If you eat foods not allowed, you get diarhea and don’t lose weight again for a few days. It is very restrictive, no cheating. I’d still recommend it, though, especially if you are a creative cook.


  • 28

    Slim 4 Life is also available in the Dallas, TX area. Their plan does work. It is a very high protein diet. This is the only way that I have lost 3 pounds per week w/o exercising. High protein is what one needs. The supplements work great too. I didn’t have any trouble taking their supplements. This is a great way to lose weight. I have done this same diet about 12-14 years ago and the weight does come off.


  • 29

    I felt that this people don’t tell you up front on the cost, i was there on Dec. 18,09 and i felt that they were forcing me to buy the products and supplements. Well i did i started the progrom on 12/22/09 I was sick like a dog for three days i got sick to my stomach for 3 days until i went to my doctor the following Monday, and he told me it was the ingredients in the supplements. I call and spoke to the so call manager an she told me that everybody takes them and that no one has been sick maybe i need to wait to take them later if i can’t take them what makes her think that i can later. So i pay and spend money and i have not been back to them so I lost the money i pay. That’s a rip off. I think that we can do it on our own we just need courage.