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The Fresh Fruit Cleanse is a detox and weight loss created by Leanne Hall. She is a yoga instructor who developed the program to help people improve their health through enhanced nutrition. If you are ocnsideirng doing a cleanse to help jump start your weight loss efforts, read this review to find out more about what the program entails.

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The Fresh Fruit Cleanse has four different plans to choose from so you can choose the one that best works for you. There is a one day fruit blast, which she recommends doing once a week to keep your liver and kidneys functioning well. There is a three day reset cleanse which is a good choice for people who are new to cleansing and want something gentle. There is a five day cleanse for rebalancing that she recommends doing with the change of the seasons to make sure you’re aligned with nature. The seven day cleanse is a detox cleanse for people who want to see dramatic results fast. It is recommended to do this one when you have more time to rest, because it is going to be rough for a few days. No exercise is recommended while cleansing because you don’t want to stress the body, but she does recommend yoga because of the benefits it has for mind and body.

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  • The Fresh Fruit Cleanse is affordable compared to other cleansing programs.
  • This program promotes a large consumption of fruits and vegetables.


  • The Fresh Fruit Cleanse is not a strictly fruit cleanse, as there are other foods involved.
  • You have to prepare all your meals at home for the duration of the cleanse.
  • Some dieters may experience discomfort with their detox symptoms.
  • No exercise is included.
  • Some dieters may see rebound weight gain at the end of the cleanse when the old diet is reintroduced.
  • This is not a safe approach to long term weight loss, due to the very low calorie intake.


The Fresh Fruit Cleanse is a gentle way to cleanse and detoxify the body without having to pay for expensive cleansing products, and without having to fast for several days on end. While you may experience issues with hunger, fatigue and headaches, these symptoms are temporary as your body adjusts. You can start with a one day cleanse and work your way up to the full week if you are comfortable with it. This is not a safe long term approach to weight loss, however, so you need to focus on creating a reduced calorie, nutritionally balanced diet with regular exercise plan that yopu can stick to until you reach your weight loss goal. If you want better results compared to diet and exercise alone, consider using a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement in addition to your diet and exercise. If you have any health conditions, speak to your doctor to make sure this approach is healthy for you before you start it.

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