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By Summer Banks Apr 10, 2017

Looking at some diet products can be painful, especially if there’s no scientific backing for the formula. Let’s find out if Cardio Cuts is in this group. We put the spotlight on ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. Furthermore, we analyzed hundred of customer comments and reviews. Then we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is Cardio Cuts?

First off, Cardio Cuts is a pre-workout supplement. The ingredients are amino acids, CLA, CoQ10, caffeine, raspberry ketones, citrus aurantium, guarana, vitamins and minerals, among others.  The product promotes weight-loss by boosting energy levels and accelerating fat burning. Mix one scoop with water and drink once or twice per day. One benefit is that you can put in a shaker and take it on-the-go.

Cardio Cuts is made and distributed by NDS Nutrition, which has been around since 2002. The pre-workout is sold on the official website and through trusted retailers. We like the longevity of the company and that we found some positive customer comments, but read on…

Price – “Higher Than Others?”

The first concern was the high cost of Cardio Cuts. “The product is designed to be taken twice a day, meaning an 8.5 ounce container only lasts 1 ½ to 2 weeks,” said our Research Editor. “So the $70 price tag immediately jumps to $140 for a 30-day supply.”

“I used it for 2 weeks and had high energy and lost some weight, but I couldn’t afford $70 every two weeks,” said one user.

“I’ll never know how far Cardio Cuts could take my weight loss; I could only afford one container,” said another customer.

On the other hand, Some didn’t mind the price.

A customer said, “It’s not the cheapest out there, but I’ve started to see results.”

Cardio Cuts Side Effects – “Another Concern?”

Another complaint from customers centered on Cardio Cuts side effects. “I used Cardio Cuts for the first time today, and I couldn’t get my heart rate back down,” said a user.

“I should have read the ingredients list first. The long list of stimulants caused jitters and made my heart flutter for several hours,” said another.

Some users had an alternative that helps lower the cost and side effects. “Rather than taking this twice a day, I cut back to once a day and cut the cost in half, while avoiding the jittery feeling that two doses a day gave me,” stated a customer.

“Drink plenty of water to reduce the chances of headache,” reported another.

Throughout our years of research, we’ve found that if there’s something particularly troublesome about a supplement, like being the cause of adverse reactions, the odds of long-term success are dramatically lowered. If Cardio Cuts really does cause negative side effects, this could be an issue for some users.

The Science – “Clinical Proof?”

Cardio Cuts does contain ingredients connected to weight-loss, like CLA, caffeine and amino acids. It also contains raspberry ketones; often considered a fad with no clinical backing. Overall, there’s no published science showing this supplement will help you lose weight. But, there’s research into some of the vitamins, minerals, and extracts. Caffeine is a known metabolism booster. CoQ10 helps convert food to energy, while citrus aurantium and guarana help boost energy levels.

The Bottom Line – Does Cardio Cuts Work?

So, what is the final thought on Cardio Cuts? We like the longevity of NDS Nutrition and that is contains a few natural ingredients, but the lack of research proving it help you lose weight is concerning. Also, we’re skeptical about this one because of customer complaints relating to high cost and negative side effects. [5]

If you’re still looking to drop a few pounds, we suggest going with a supplement offering an affordable option to safely lose weight; without mention of adverse reactions.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our product called Leptigen. It takes advantage of four clinically-tested ingredients, with results often found in publications such as the The Journal of Medicine.

Also, we’re so confident that you’ll love our supplement that we’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

Previous Cardio Cuts Review (Updated November 20, 2014):

What You Should Know about Cardio Cuts

Cardio Cuts is a supplement that gives the body a one-two punch, according to the product description. NDS Nutrition claims the ingredients work as a pre-cardio (pre-workout?) and as a thermogenic. There is a complete list of ingredients on the official website, but the ingredient list is a LOT longer than most thermogenic supplements.

List of Cardio Cuts Ingredients


  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder
  • L-Carnitine
  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL
  • Kelp
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Tartaric Acid
  • Gum Guggul
  • Beta Alanine
  • Taurine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Glutamine AKG
  • L-Histidine HCL
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Valine
  • Glycerol
  • Bis Picolinato Oxo Vanadium
  • Ribose
  • Norvaline
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Arginine AKG
  • L-Arginine Ethyl Ester
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • CoQ10
  • Polygonum Cuspidatum
  • Resveratrol
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Folic Acid
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Caffeine
  • Amla
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Synephrine Alkaloids
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Guarana Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Vinpocetine
  • Calcium Citrate
  • Magnesium Aspartate
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D

Product Features

After listing all the ingredients in Cardio Cuts we realize this is a pre-workout shake and a thermogenic fat burner. In the fat burner category we see caffeine, synephrine, guarana and green tea. We have no idea how much of each is included but we know the total of all the stimulant ingredients is 338 mg. Caffeine is first, but there are multiple ingredients on the list standardized for caffeine - so the caffeine impact could be quite strong.

Cardio Cuts is not your typical fat burner. This supplement is in the bodybuilding category - not the weight loss category. Some of the ingredients are only found in pre-workout and athletic supplements and the ingredient list as a whole is likely confusing for most dieters. There are some pretty big claims in the product description and none of the claims are backed up with clinical research. We also found a HUGE warning on the bottom of the product description page. The warning should be read in detail before buying or trying Cardio Cuts.

Advantages of Cardio Cuts

  • Cardio Cuts contains common fat burning ingredients.
  • The formula is listed online.
  • The product is available for sale online.

Disadvantages of Cardio Cuts

  • Cardio Cuts is not for the average dieter.
  • The formula for the supplement is designed for bodybuilders.
  • None of the ingredient amounts are listed online.
  • The product warning is long and detailed.
  • May not be safe for dieters with health problems of any kind.


Cardio Cuts is a fat burner - that is certain - but it looks more like a bottle of pre-workout, similar to ACG3 ran into a bottle of fat burner and a combination supplement was created. There is some missing information, like the total amount of caffeine per dose. We suggest the company redo the ingredient list with a little more information. However, there is one thing we do like about Cardio Cuts and that is it is laced with a rich layer of alpha lipoic acid . Unknown to most, alpha lipoic acid is a fatty acid as well as a natural antioxidant that helps with converting glucose into energy and is very involved in energy metabolism.

Cardio Cuts Questions & Answers:

We dissected hundreds of user comments about Cardio Cuts and condensed into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Cardio Cuts?

Some potential side effects of Cardio Cuts include anxiety, jitters, insomnia, irritability, upset stomach, nausea and headache.

What are the ingredients in Cardio Cuts?

The ingredients in Cardio Cuts are conjugated linoleic acid, medium chain triglyceride powder, l-carnitine, n-acetyl-l-carnitine, kelp, l-tyrosine, tartartic acid, gum guggul, beta-alanine, taurine, l-glutamine, l-glutamine akg, l-histidine hcl, l-isoleucine, l-leucine, l-valine, glycerol, ribose, norvaline, l-arginine, l-arginine akg 2:1, l-arginine ethyl ester, n-acetyl cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, polygonum cuspidatum, resveratrol, grape seed extract, folic acid, pine bark extract, caffeine, raspberry ketones, amla, citrus aurantium, phosphatidyl serine, guarana, green tea, vinpocetine, calcium citrate, magnesium aspartate, B-vitamins, malic acid, natural and artificial flavors, waxy maize, maltodextrin, calcium silicate, sucralose, acesulfame potassium and red beet powder. [1]

Does Cardio Cuts work?

There’s no scientific research proving Cardio Cuts is an effective weight-loss supplement. There are studies showing the effectiveness of ingredients like green tea and caffeine, but there’s nothing specific to this formulation. We also noticed the products contains raspberry ketones, often thought of as a “fad” ingredient with no clinical backing.

How much does Cardio Cuts cost?

Cardio Cuts costs $69.99.

How should I take Cardio Cuts?

You should take one scoop of Cardio Cuts prior to your workout and another serving four hours later. Each bottle contains 20 to 40 servings, meaning it lasts between 10 days and two weeks.

Can I take Cardio Cuts if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, taking prescription medications, those with health conditions or under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare provider prior to using a weight-loss supplement, including Cardio Cuts.

What do users like about Cardio Cuts?

Some users liked the taste of Cardio Cuts and the slight boost in energy levels.

What do users NOT like about Cardio Cuts?

What we found was that users didn’t like the side effects of Cardio Cuts and that contacting the customer service department was a bit difficult.

How do I contact the Cardio Cuts customer service department?

You can contact the Cardio Cuts customer service department by sending correspondence to FitLife Brands, Inc. 4509 South 143rd St. Suite 1 Omaha, NE 68137, using the customer feedback form on the official website or by calling a representative at 1-866-820-5559.

Can I contact Cardio Cuts through social media?

Yes, you can contact Cardio Cuts through Facebook and Twitter.

How long do I use Cardio Cuts?

You should use Cardio Cuts no more than eight weeks in a row.

Is tingling skin normal with Cardio Cuts?

Tingling skin isn’t common with Cardio Cuts, but it may be caused by beta-alanine. [2]

Do I have to exercise with Cardio Cuts?

No, you don’t have to exercise on Cardio Cuts, but the company recommends using the product prior to a workout.

Does Cardio Cuts come with a guarantee?

Cardio Cuts comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have to return the product to receive a full refund. You will not get back the cost of shipping and handling.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Cardio Cuts?

There’s no mention of special deals or discounts on Cardio Cuts. However, our readers have been going wild over the Special Trial Offer from Leptigen. Want to learn more about it? Click above.

Cardio Cuts Scientific Abstracts:


Test rats experienced a considerable amount of weight-loss on the energy-reduced diet. However, there were no substantial differences between treated and control groups with L-carnitine supplement. Clinico-chemical parameters measured in plasma (total cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, 3-hydroxybutyric acid, free fatty acids) displayed no differences between groups. It was concluded that the rat model being used failed to demonstrate a positive effect of L-carnitine on weight-loss as well as body composition in energy-deficient rats. [1]


Metabolic and anthropometric features were measured at the endpoint, and following two weeks of washout, subjects were given the other supplement for four weeks. Waist circumference and body weight significantly reduced only following glutamine treatment (85.0±10.4 Kg versus 82.2±10.1 Kg, and 102.7±2.0 cm versus 98.9±2.9 cm, P=0.01). HOMA-IR (homeostatic model of insulin resistance) and insulinemia reduced by 20% following glutamine supplementation. This study concluded that glutamine is a safe and efficient tool for weight-loss and for potentially enhancing metabolism. [2]


There was an examination of the efficacy of oral glycerol as a dietary additive or supplement to a 1000 kcal per day diet. Regarding its effect on hunger ratings, diet compliance and weight-loss, glycerol failed to show a difference from an equicaloric dose of glucose. It was concluded that glycerol was not a helpful additive to weight-loss programs. [3]

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange alone or when combined with additional herbal ingredients did not deliver substantial adverse events like blood pressure or heart rate increases. It did not change electrocardiographic data, blood cell count, serum chemistry, or urinalysis. Bitter orange displayed an elevation in resting metabolic rate as well as energy expenditure, with a small increase in weight-loss when given for up to 12 weeks. There is a need for longer-term studies to further observe the efficiency of this product as well as affirming its safety under these conditions. [4]

Magnesium Aspartate

Upon analyzing the data using measures ANOVA, resulting in an indication that zinc magnesium aspartate treatment elevated serum zinc levels by 11% – 17% (p = 0.12), in a non-substantial way. No noteworthy alterations were noticed between groups in catabolic or anabolic hormone status, 1-RM leg and bench press, body composition, cycling anaerobic capacity, or lower or upper body muscular endurance. It was concluded that the results from the study showed no beneficial effects of zinc magnesium aspartate in enhancing training adaptations. [5]

Cardio Cuts Side Effects:

Cardio Cuts weight-loss supplement has many reports of negative side effects. Reviewing the potential risks can help you make the right decision before you buy.

Rapid Heart Rate

Some users claim to have an increased heart rate, or tachycardia, following use of Cardio Cuts.  With tachycardia, your heart beats too quickly. This is problematic because it keeps blood from getting to the rest of your body. Without proper blood flow, your organs don’t function normally. Often if you have rapid heart rate, you can actually feel your heart beating faster than normal. You may simultaneously experience shortness, of breath, light-headedness, and fainting.

What causes rapid heart rate?

Rapid heart rate happens when there’s an interruption to your heart’s electrical impulses. High blood pressure, alcohol use, and fever are the most common causes. [1]


Having a case of “the jitters” means you shake and tremble involuntarily. Along with the unwanted quivering, you feel a sense of anxiousness. It’s like you’re extremely nervous.

What causes jittering?

By and far, the most common cause of jittering is caffeine use. People who drink too much coffee are known to get the jitters. If you find yourself jittering and you don’t know why, check the products you consume to see their caffeine content.  There are also psychological causes of jittering. Intense stress, worry, or fear can provoke jittering.


Headaches can be really debilitating. When they become intense, as in the case of migraines, you may find it nearly impossible to go about your daily routine. Sometimes the pain is general in all of your head. Other time, the pain is concentrated in a specific region.  It’s not uncommon for you to get dizzy if the headache becomes extremely intense.

What causes headaches?

Most headaches are provoked by every-day stressors. That includes skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, and not drinking enough water. Even deep emotional stress can make your head hurt.  There are also many conditions that lead to headache: concussions, ear infections, high blood pressure, and even stroke. [2]


Insomnia is when you can’t fall asleep, or you have a hard time staying asleep. You toss and turn in bed. During the day, the lack of sleep catches up with you, leaving you tired and frustrated.

What causes sleeplessness?

Poor bedtime habits can cause sleeplessness. Avoid eating right before you lay down. Try not to watch TV or stare at your smartphone in bed. Sleeplessness can also be a symptom of more serious conditions, such as asthma, arthritis, chronic pain, and certain neurological disorders.  If sleeplessness continues even after changing you sleeping habits, consult with your doctor. Cardio Cuts side effects include rapid heart rate, jittering, headache, and sleeplessness. Exercise caution when using this weight-loss supplement.

Cardio Cuts is a supplement aimed at the athlete or gym goer as a means of boosting fat loss, speeding up metabolism and supporting muscle growth. The official website gives us everything we need, but this formula is a little over the top for the average dieter.

Cardio Cuts Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1-2 Scoops
Serving Per Container: 20-40
Amount per Serving % DV
Tone Tighten Complex 2000mg *
- Carnitine Complex 1000mg *
-- L-Carnitine * *
-- N-Acetyl L-Carnitine * *
- Conjugated Linoleic Acid Powder 500mg *
- Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder 500mg *
Thyro-Support Complex 500mg *
- Kelp * *
- L-Tyrosine * *
- Gum Guggul Extract * *
Endu-Recover Complex 2420mg *
- Beta-Alanine 1000mg *
- Taurine * *
- L-Glutamine * *
- L-Glutamine AKG * *
- L-Histidine * *
- L-Isoleucine * *
- L-Valine * *
- Glycerol * *
- Bis Picolinato Oxo Vanadium * *
- Ribose * *
Vaso-Lean Complex 1000mg *
- L-Arginine * *
- L-Arginine AKG (2:1) * *
Rejuvenation Complex 615mg *
- N-Acetyl Cysteine * *
- Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg *
- Coenzyme Q10 * *
- Resveratrol * *
- Grape Seed Extract * *
- Folic Acid * *
- Pine Bark Extract * *
Thermo-Cardio Complex 480mg *
- Caffeine * *
- Raspberry Ketones 100mg *
- Amla Fruit Extract * *
- Citrus Aurantium Extract * *
- Lotus Seed Extract * *
- Phosphatidyl Serine * *
- Guarana Seed Extract * *
Natural Health Blend 670mg *
- Calcium Citrate * *
- Magnesium Aspartate * *
- Pyridoxine HCL * *
- Vitamin D * *
- Vitamin B12 *

Other Ingredients: Malic acid, natural and artificial flavors, maltodextrin, calcium silicate, sucralose, silica, acesulfame potassium

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This was not my first pick in preworkouts. I had been taking another preworkout specifically for women (I forget the name) from nutrishop before this, and I loved it. However, there is no Nutrishop in my area, so I resorted to GNC. When I went to GNC they didn’t have this particular preworkout and recommended this. It wasn’t made specifically for women so I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try anyway. I had been out of preworkout for a couple months at the time. This product didn’t work as well for me. I had the green apple flavor, and it tasted gross. It always made me feel a bit naseous, too. It gave me a little energy maybe, but I really couldn’t notice a difference. After about a month, the product started getting hard and clumping up in the bottle. There was no moisture in the bottle, so I had no clue why this happened. I do not recommend this product!


I love the product, but I believe it is messing with my liver values Sadly I am going to have to discontinue using it.


I have been using this and the Thermogenics part works great, about 10 minutes into my workout I’m starting to get “drenched” with sweat.

However I have been experiencing some “Side effects” and wondering if others are also?

First off I started experiencing increased urination at night, got to wake up a couple times so its impacting my sleep.
Secondly I started experiencing leg cramps at night in my legs predominately calves and feet, very strange and definitely not pleasant.
Almost like MS symptoms…

Was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this?

Hello Bronco. All users are different and can experience different side effects, but we have noticed that some users have stated to have experienced somewhat similar side effects that you had mentioned. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing taking this product if you are still having side effects.

Emily K

This is only day two. I think I will stick with strong girl. Two scoops hardly stands up to one of my other stuff. So if I am only doing cardio I may take this. I may also take it back. It is pretty mellow for the training program I do.


which pre workout do you take?


One daily is enough for me and I have it last a pretty good amount of time. I’ll do 1 scoop before gym but up to 2 before a long run. Helps me with endurance, energy and recovery. I tried it as a daily weight loss with no luck…but pre workout I love it and I do think it’s made a significant difference.


I started this 2 days ago.. and I take it once a day. I read you can take it twice a day… and once I think is just enough. I eat something before I drink that (or while I drink it) which helps with the jitters. Did it help me with my workout? no. I didn’t notice anything in my activities and I workout everyday (minus one day , which was today). I did have extra energy…but the ‘hangover effect’ lasted until 7PM… and I had the ONE scoop drink at 7AM. What I did notice is, if I had any water retention, that is gone! I also drink water and hot tea throughout the day to help with the ‘hangover feeling’. Today I did not workout as it is my ‘free’ workout day. Had a drink.. and the water retention is gone. I do like the flavor (grape is what I bought) and I did not gain weight, only because I wasn’t hungry. by 8PM, I finally ate something (10AM I had a chicken salad and ate popcorn and granola bar throughout the day for ‘healthy snack’). I do think there is something better than the caffeine that is added.


This product has made me GAIN weight, GNC said to try this for weight loss and toning, I told them exactly what I wanted and I am working out 5 days a week and eating what I am supposed to, if you are not weight training to become a bodybuilder do NOT buy this

David V

This product makes you weak and extremely low on oxygen. My friends and I all tried it from a GNC recommendation. We all got winded and felt weak. Either we are all allergic to it or It’s a bad product. Took all 4 bottles back to GNC . Tried it on and off for a week. Thank you GNC for taking it back.

Your Name

That is so strange, because I used it while on the eliptical and it cleared out my respiratory system. Granted, I was congested for the first 10 minutes, but was breathing better even hours after I finished my cardio and strength training workout. Maybe your took too much before your body was allowed to recognize it.


Cardio cuts worked well for me the 1st week, I lost several pounds, I was ecstatic. On Monday begining week 2, after taking cardio cuts, I went out for a jog, it seemed to begin working against my body as I began jogging. I started gasping for air and wheezing. I never experience this before, never had asthma or any experiences with shortness of breath. I finally made it to my car sat there for a while then finally drove home. Shortly afterward I felt a nagging throbbing midway/lower right side of my back. I was told that this product was safe and would not have an effect on the kidneys… therefore, I am hoping that it is just a muscle spasm.

It has been about two weeks after taking cardio cuts back and I am still trying to recover. I am still experiencing a slight wheeze and the throbbing is still there but not as intensed.


I just have a question about this, my older brother got me this stuff I haven’t used it yet but there’s people drinking it and not working out and saying it helps them lose weight? Does it really or is it mandatory to workout with it?

Your Name

I’ve taken this before but stopped because it got expensive. I took it for workouts and after I started working a full time job and stopped working out, it did help me lose still. About to actually go to GNC today and repurchase.


Hi guys.

Just wondering is anyone taking this twice a day for weightless/pre cardio like it says on the package? Or just once a day before work out?
I took half a sample package to try it out yesterday around 5pm and couldn’t sleep till 3am! The work out was amazing tho..


I took this twice a day for weight loss last summer along with some Garcinia Gambogia and slimmed down without working out. It did seem to take about 1 month – 1 1/2 months to see the weight start to drop. It totally worked. I am about to start taking it again with working out this time.


Yes and also been taking it twice before work out noticing fast resilts

Jamiley Jaafar

For the past 14 months I took so many product to increase my energy because I am over weight. I thing all over weight people like me face the same problem… How to lose weight without energy??? Impossible if workout just a few minutes & aspect a good result…!!! If U want to lose weight… All consultants @ Dr will advise U to cut everythings especially foods… then workout is “compulsory”…!!! I took Hydrocycut (GNC), Nitraflex (GAT), E-short + Isalean Pro (Isagenix) & etc… actually all is a good product but some is good for cardio & some for body builder… I strongly recomment “Cardio Cuts (GNC)” to all workout lovers either Cardio’s exercise @ Body builder especially… Who’s are over weight. I am 44 years old… after used this fantastic product I can do Cardio’s (joging, stepper, cross trainer etc. for 90 minutes the continue with body builder exercise another 90 minutes 5 times a week… I really love to share my great & fantastic experiance… Hope U guys will try it… shares with others… Tq GNC…


I’m worried about taking this with a history of hypothyroid. It could be acting up again due to my tiredness and weight gain. I know cardio cuts will affect my thyroid, but I do not know if it will affect it poorly. Any comments??

Cameron (Editor)

Tiffany, only your doctor could approve or disapprove this product to you for your thyroid.


Yesterday was the first time I tried cardio cuts. I used full scoop and liked the extra energy. Today I had protein shake first then I only used 3/4 scoop and it gave me extra energy to get through a tough long workout but I have been very dizzy the rest of the day!!! I have had plenty of fluids today but still can’t get rid of this dizzy spell. Anyone experience this ???

Your Name

The dizzy side effect is common with a few thermogenic formulas. The large amounts of water was a good call, however, even though you used it with a meal replacement you might want to also consider a little more food to follow your shake. maybe some fruit or something to give your body more nourishment (thermogenics are causing your body to burn fat faster which means your body is working a little harder than normal). I usually do a banana and an apple along with my shake. If the extra food does not help then you yourself might just incompatible with the thermogenic. Everyone reacts differently to products sometimes.

Source: GNC employee


This product makes you weak and extremely low on oxygen. My friends and I all tried it from a GNC recommendation. We all got winded and felt weak. Either we are all allergic to it or It’s a bad product. Took all 4 bottles back to GNC . Tried it on and off for a week. Thank you GNC for taking it back


I feel full of energy after taking it, but start losing energy during my work out. Ever since I started taking it, I’ve felt too lazy to finish my work outs and feel like I don’t do as good as I should be. Is laziness one of the side effects?

Cameron (Editor)

Rosy do you feel like you crashed or do you feel it’s draining your energy outright.


im just wondering if thee is a major crash after drinking this

Cameron (Editor)

Dale, the product claims it bestows continuous energy to users.

adam w

LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I use this for running, and weight training. I will use for both if I am running 4-8miles then lifting. I used to take this in college (college athlete, lacrosse) and we had a timed two mile run before every practice at 6 am, this got me going. I could do the run at about a 6:45 pace then complete a full practice, no jitters, no constant high heart rate, this stuff is amazing.
Most recently i had gained a lot of weight since lacrosse so i signed up for a half marathon and started running. I weighed around 220, but during season was 180-185. I started getting back into running ( I did 100 miles in January) and on Jan 1 i did 3 miles and it was so hard. I can now get back to running +8 miles with no problem, lift and continue throughout the evening and sleep well. Since January 1 i’ve lost 25lbs from taking this and some other stuff, eating right. Its not a magic supplement but it will help you recover quicker and keep going. I highly recommend this product and would pay even more if the cost has gone up. its almost summer and my wedding and need to drop another 10-15, stacking this on run days with hydroxicut, lean protein meal replacement, and post workout wheybolic lean protein from gnc, on lift days c4 and some CLA. give it a shot! I love it!!!


For how long can use cardio cuts continusly?

Cameron (Editor)

David, this pre-workout supplement is designed to be taken as a shake 30 minutes prior to working out for whenever you do so.


Amazing increases my bench by 100lbs and I love the creatine and test booster included in it!!

Your Name

There is no creative

Your Name

There’s no test boost either?


Ive been taking Cardio cuts for about 3 weeks now and can tell a difference as far as toning. I been staying in around 190 lbs. I also drink protein shacks after my workouts to gain mass as well. For me i think it works great. Plenty of energy, good pump and helping burn my unwanted fat. And no unwanted side effects for me!