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Cardio Cuts Review - 16 Things You Need to Know

Cardio Cuts is a weight loss product intended for cardio workouts as well as overall health improvement. The company claims a host of benefits, including “quicker recovery, increased performance, and strong definition and toning.” But Cardio Cuts also promises spot reduction – meaning targeted fat loss on problem areas like hips and thighs – and this claim is not backed by clinical research.

While the blend uses several ingredients that we like, including ashwagandha and CLA, it seems to us that several fat loss and health ingredients were thrown together. We decided to do thorough research on the product’s ingredients, clinical trials, and customer satisfaction. Afterward, we summarized everything to give you the Bottom Line on Cardio Cuts.

Cardio Cuts can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What are Cardio Cuts?

Cardio Cuts is a weight loss formula that is used in weight loss programs, and also to increase endurance during workouts. Yes, it’s a pre-cardio supplement that not only helps you lose some fat but also increases your energy level. We all want to push ourselves further, break those barriers, and reach our target.

However, due to a sedentary lifestyle, most people find it hard to lose some weight. Cardio Cuts 2.0 pre-workout comes in powder form, and it contains some active ingredients that help you burn fat and gives you the needed boost for your workout sessions. Since it’s in powder form, you can feel it working within minutes.

Once ingested, this supplement supplies you with extra energy, since it contains active ingredients like caffeine, citrus aurantium, amla, and green tea extracts. Let’s take a quick look at what the research has to say before delving deeper into this supplement:

What is Cardio Cuts?

The Cardio Cuts pre-workout supplement also contains ingredients that have been linked to weight loss, such as Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Raspberry Ketones. However, the latter has no substantial scientific research to back up its fat-reducing claims.

There’s one more thing: this supplement comes in different flavors, from razz lemonade to gummy rush flavor. This large array of flavors is one of the prominent qualities of this supplement.

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How Did Cardio Cuts 2.0 Start?

The company behind this product is NDS nutrition, a renowned company that manufactures acclaimed health and beauty pre-workout supplements. The NDS Cardio Cuts 2.0, now called Cardio Cuts 4.0, was created in response to a demand for supplements that reduce weight and increase the body’s energy during workouts.

This demand requires a perfect and delicate blend of all the ingredients needed to make the NDS Cardio Cuts a success. NDS Cardio Cuts 2.0 is sugar-free, and it contains high amounts of caffeine and TeaCrine, to keep you on your feet during workouts sessions.

Indeed, this thermogenic mixture helps your muscles heal after an aggressive workout while increasing your endurance at the same time. However, NDS nutrition does not have a BBB rating, so despite all its energy-giving ingredients, this supplement still needs a lot of testing to verify its effects on the body.

Types of Cardio Cuts

There are only two versions of Cardio Cuts available – Cardio Cuts 2.0 and Cardio Cuts 3.0. These versions contain different active ingredients, with the 3.0 version being supposedly more effective in weight loss and energy gain. All in all, both versions contain the same type of active ingredients, but differ when it comes to their composition.

Types of Cardio Cuts


Cardio Cuts Benefits

Just like every pre-workout supplement, Cardio Cuts 2.0 fills you with energy to work out for long periods. However, its benefits are not limited to just burning fat or increasing your energy level. This supplement claims to bring you many other benefits, including:

  • Increased blood flow to the muscles
  • Provides maximum energy
  • Increases endurance
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Quicker recovery after an aggressive workout
  • Sugar and creatine-free
Does it Work?

Does Cardio Cuts Work?

We are a bit skeptical about a few of its promised benefits. The secret of the effectiveness of every supplement lies in its ingredients composition. In Cardio Cuts 2.0, there are 44 ingredients involved, of which about 4 are active weight loss ingredients. These ingredients include MCT powder, CLA, and Carnitine Complex.

Since Cardio Cuts does not have many fat-reducing ingredients, there’s a low probability of it burning fat. On the other hand, this pre-workout supplement contains energy-boosting ingredients like caffeine and Green Tea extracts.

Many users have testified to its effectiveness in increasing energy for workout sessions. However, there’s been reports of dizziness, nausea, and jitteriness in some of its users. Cardio Cuts is not recommended for blood thinners, pregnant women, and those with heart problems.

Cardio Cuts and Weight loss

As mentioned earlier, Cardio Cuts contains weight loss related ingredients. It contains about 500mg of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and approximately 500mg of MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides).

Cardio Cuts and Weight loss

CLAs are known to curb the appetite, boost basal metabolic rates, and also increase thermogenesis. However, 500mg of CLA is not enough for practical weight loss effects. MCTs are known for burning fat cells in the body.

Lastly, there’s no concrete scientific study or research to support the claim that Raspberry Ketones effectively weight loss. The only research done with Raspberry Ketones was done in-vitro. All in all, the ingredient composition of the Cardio Cuts does not guarantee an effective weight loss effect.

Cardio Cuts and Endurance

In NDS Cardio Cuts 2.0, there’s only one ingredient responsible for increasing the body’s endurance level – beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is a clinically tested chemical known for increasing the body’s endurance level.

Simply put, chemicals like beta-alanine can make your workout far longer than your normal routine, and not feel the muscle fatigue that comes with long workout sessions.

Muscle fatigue is caused by the buildup of lactic acid in the body muscles, and beta-alanine counters the buildup of lactic acid by increasing your carnosine levels, which acts as a buffer against lactic acid. Cardio Cuts contains 1g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, which maximizes your endurance during workouts.

Cardio Cuts and Muscle Recovery

The micro muscle fibers tear after a rigorous workout – a normal process that helps increase the blood flow to the muscles. It also makes the body look more athletic. However, these muscle tears or rips causes muscle fatigue and pain.

Sometimes, the pain might last for days or even weeks. Therefore, to reduce the pain of muscle fatigue and tears, Cardio Cuts supplies the body with BCAAs (branched-chain amino acid) like L-Glutamine, L-leucine, L-histidine, L-isoleucine, and L-Valine.


How to Use Cardio Cuts

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Cardio Cuts are pre-workout supplements that help you reduce weight while enriching your body with the necessary nutrients for improved workout sessions. Cardio Cuts 2.0 pre-workout comes in powdered form, and it should be mixed with water. Since this supplement has a dual function, the doses and times depend on what you want from it.

How to Use Cardio Cuts

For workouts/pre-cardio:

For workout sessions and pre-cardio, you should add 1 to 2 scoops of this supplement to 8-12 oz. of cold water if you’re mixing one scoop, 16-24 ounce for two scoops, and take it 30 minutes before workouts to get the desired result.

For weight loss/pre-cardio:

For weight loss/workout, you should mix one scoop of Cardio Cuts with 8-12 oz. of water about 30 minutes before a workout, and another dose 4 hours later. You can adjust to taste.

For weight-loss only:

You should mix one scoop with 8-12 oz. of water for breakfast, and the second dose with lunch. Due to the high percentage of caffeine, it’s advisable to drink this supplement at least 6 hours before bedtime to avoid sleeplessness.

Furthermore, it would help if you did not take more than the prescribed two scoops a day. Since the supplement is in powdered form, you should take at least 125 oz. of water per day. Lastly, the Cardio Cuts supplement contains oily ingredients, making it quite difficult to dissolve completely in water.

Cardio Cuts Reviews

There are quite a few reviews about Cardio Cuts, even though the numbers are lower than expected for a product that has been around for this long. There are many negative reviews about its weight loss effects, with many users complaining about its inefficiency. However, some users mentioned the energy-boosting effects, which helped them increase their workout sessions.

Side Effects

Cardio Cuts Potential Side Effects

Now here’s a fact: there are always side effects to every product, no matter how beneficial it is. With Cardio Cuts, there are more than a few potential side effects. Since everyone reacts differently to certain ingredients, there’s a possibility of having a negative reaction to the supplement, which includes:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  •  Fever
  • Headaches
  • Liver problems
  • Loss of appetite

Cardio Cuts Potential Side Effects

Only a small percentage of users experience extreme symptoms like lower blood pressure and liver problems. You should know that there’s a limit to using this product – users are not to take this drug for more than eight weeks. The ingredient composition is filled with chemicals that are not suitable for long-term use.


Cardio Cuts Product Warnings

  • DO NOT exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Do not take longer than eight weeks.
  • Seek medical advice before you start this medication, especially if you are unaware of your current health condition.
  • Do not take within 6 hours before going to s.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers.
  • Do not take if you will be exposed to excess heat.
  • Do not take synephrine or caffeine from another source while using this medication.
  • You must stop taking this product after eight weeks to avoid liver damage.
  • Not for use for those under the age of 18.

Cardio Cuts Alternatives

You can buy Cardio Cuts from many websites, especially the company’s official website. Other alternatives to Cardio Cuts include beta-alanine supplements. This supplement increases the body’s endurance levels, and they are far cheaper than Cardio Cuts pre-workout supplements. When it comes to weight-loss pills, there are products out there with better success rates and fewer side effects than Cardio Cuts supplements.

Where to Buy Cardio Cuts

Cardio Cuts can be purchased at GNC for around $66. Cardio Cuts can also be bought on the official website for $66.49.

Where to Buy Cardio Cuts

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I love this product. Flavor is good and it doesn’t give me the jitters. I’ve tried a lot of pre workouts and most times I either get the jitters or it upsets my stomach that I want to vomit. I use this 30 minutes prior to working out so I take it in an empty stomach. I then take a second scoop 4 hours later. I can tell that my stomach is starting to flatten – on my second can of cardio cuts. It also increases my sweat during a workout which I love. It also doesn’t clump when I add it to my water. With other pre workouts I have to scoop the clumps out with a spoon. Most definitely will continue buying.”

“I bought this product for the first time after having already tried Liporush Xt (which has worked for me in the past.) The only reason I purchased this formula was because I read this will give you more out of it overall then Liporush does. However, the focus and energy just was not there. It felt and tasted more like lemonade then anything. I tried it for about 3 weeks and although It does taste good, I’ve had way better pre workouts. I really would like to return it.”

“I use to buy this all the time in GNC. They no longer sell it. It’s the only pre workout that actually tastes good and doesn’t give me the jitters. I’m glad I can find it on Amazon.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Cardio Cuts

Yes, Cardio Cuts is one of those pre-workout supplements that can give you the energy needed for your workout sessions. The caffeine makes it a quick source of energy and boosts mental alertness. However, when we consider Cardio Cuts’ cost on Amazon and other sites, then we see that it’s an expensive option for an endurance supplement.

Yes, there are many negative reviews, but there are also a few satisfied users. Lastly, you can try alternatives like Noom, which are cheaper and more effective than Cardio Cuts pre-workout supplement.

We also like that Noom is available as a free trial offer.

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Cardio Cuts

What are the side effects of Cardio Cuts?

Some potential side effects of Cardio Cuts include anxiety, jitters, insomnia, irritability, upset stomach, nausea and headache.

What are the ingredients in Cardio Cuts?

The ingredients in Cardio Cuts are conjugated linoleic acid, medium chain triglyceride powder, l-carnitine, n-acetyl-l-carnitine, kelp, l-tyrosine, tartartic acid, gum guggul, beta-alanine, taurine, l-glutamine, l-glutamine akg, l-histidine hcl, l-isoleucine, l-leucine, l-valine, glycerol, ribose, norvaline, l-arginine, l-arginine akg 2:1, l-arginine ethyl ester, n-acetyl cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, polygonum cuspidatum, resveratrol, grape seed extract, folic acid, pine bark extract, caffeine, raspberry ketones, amla, citrus aurantium, phosphatidyl serine, guarana, green tea, vinpocetine, calcium citrate, magnesium aspartate, B-vitamins, malic acid, natural and artificial flavors, waxy maize, maltodextrin, calcium silicate, sucralose, acesulfame potassium and red beet powder. 

Does Cardio Cuts work?

There’s no scientific research proving Cardio Cuts is an effective weight-loss supplement. There are studies showing the effectiveness of ingredients like green tea and caffeine, but there’s nothing specific to this formulation. We also noticed the products contains raspberry ketones, often thought of as a “fad” ingredient with no clinical backing.

How much does Cardio Cuts cost?

Cardio Cuts costs $69.99.

How should I take Cardio Cuts?

You should take one scoop of Cardio Cuts prior to your workout and another serving four hours later. Each bottle contains 20 to 40 servings, meaning it lasts between 10 days and two weeks.

Where can I buy Cardio Cuts?

Cardio Cuts can be purchased using their Official Site.

How long do I use Cardio Cuts?

You should use Cardio Cuts no more than eight weeks in a row.

Is tingling skin normal with Cardio Cuts?

Tingling skin isn’t common with Cardio Cuts, but it may be caused by beta-alanine. 

Do I have to exercise with Cardio Cuts?

No, you don’t have to exercise on Cardio Cuts, but the company recommends using the product prior to a workout.

Does Cardio Cuts come with a guarantee?

Cardio Cuts comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have to return the product to receive a full refund. You will not get back the cost of shipping and handling.

38 Cardio Cuts Reviews

  • I'll try this product soon.

    Had a sample yesterday 15 mins prior to my weights session. Must say, taste great, and felt the energy levels increase. It intrigued me enough to do the research today. Not completely sold yet, but definitely curious to read more.

  • Any one else think the after taste is terrible?
    Ashley (Verified Purchase)

    I just started using this the other day. I don’t feel a huge boost in my energy maybe a light nudge. I’ve been stuck at the same weight for a while now and it has helped a little so far. Any one else think the after taste is terrible?

    • Kyle

      I think its got a skunky after taste!

  • It has a lot of side effects.
    Perdita (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using cardio cuts for 2 weeks – it definitely boosts my weight training. If I have it on an empty stomach, 1st thing in the morning before a run I get quite nauseous at about 2.5km in.
    With so much caffeine, it has also caused a spike in anxiety symptoms. Those susceptible to anxiety – start low and go slow.

    • Your Name

      Eat a banana or eat a tigers milk bar prior.

      • Your Name

        Thanks for that tip! This was one of my concerns along with stomach sensitivity

        • LauraYour Name

          I was worried about this too but so far no negative anxiety side effects. Am sleeping better even, though that’s probably because if working out. I take it at 5:15pm and kickbox 5:30-6:30 or lift light at the gym for a half hour. I have noticed mild vertigo though.

  • Does anyone else get bad headaches?
    Megan (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been using this for about 1 month now and it certainly gives me a buzz and helps me push through my laziness but I get really really bad headaches whenever I use this,no matter how many bottles of water I drink. Does anyone else get this?

    • Kelly

      It’s probably the aspartate– if you’re sensitive to aspartame, you’ll also get headaches with this!

    • t

      Yes, this probably means your body is sensitive to high levels of caffeine, i recommend taking an Advil before you start your workout or discontinuing the weight loss supplement, unless you can take the pain, go for it!

    • Emily

      My husband and I are both getting headaches on this occasionally.

    • Carlos

      I have been drink this for just 4 days and after that I got the worst headache I have ever experimented. It was just for one day. I wonder if it is normal while your body get used to or you have to stop drink it immediately?

    • Theresa

      Yes I do sometimes during my workout

  • I highly recommend this product to everyone.
    Patricia (Verified Purchase)

    My husband and I have been using this product for 3 months. We’ve tried other pre-workout supplements and they are ok for him but they usually contain creatine which is terrible for me. I love this Cardio Cuts because it has a thermogentic and does not contain creatine. I use it 2x per day. Once before my workout and once before work as a caffeine substitute. So far we have both seen significant fat loss and increased muscle definition. Keep in mind we are both on strict diet and workout routines. This is not a miracle diet but rather a highly effective pre-workout supplement. I highly recommend this product to everyone. Just be mindful of when you take it. If I take this product and I don’t burn it off quickly with workout/work it makes me extremely irritable for about 30 minutes.

    • Jean

      This reply seems generated to help sell the product. Creatine is pretty much impossible to be terrible for anyone.. do your research. creatine is derived from most meats, and extremely beneficial.

      • Terri

        nope gives me a terrible headache too. had to give the whole container to my brother.

      • Your Name

        If you have kidney issues creatine is a problem. My doctor to

      • AJ

        If you have kidney problems exogenous creatine can be “terrible” for you. My doctor told me specifically to not to take any supplements containing creatine because it will further compromise my kidney functioning. Please be cautious when advising people about the safety of supplements

  • Anybody feels itching?
    haley (Verified Purchase)

    any body else get really itchy hands? kind of tingley?

    • julio

      Yes itchy and tingly

      • Dom

        It’s the beta alanine. It causes a warm tingling sensation. Beta alanine helps lower your lactic acid levels and reduce muscular fatigue.

    • Tyler

      It is the Beta-Alanine. Most people get tingly when taking it.

    • Anonymous

      I have been using the product for about 3 weeks now. I get very tingly skin, as if I was using a tanning lotion with a tingle product at the salon. It impacts my face the most. I also find the quicker I drink it, the more intense the tingle. Oh well! It’s working 🙂

    • Your Name


  • Loved the product.
    Melinda (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using cardio cuts for 3 weeks now, I’ve noticed more toned and also inches have been lost and lost 5 pounds. I don’t know wether to keep on taking it?or try something new since it seems like its more for men then women?

    • Tee

      If u can handle the high amount of caffeine go for it, I lost 15 lbs, it works well for women

    • Your Name

      It is actually the other way around and was originally designed for woman but men have found amazing results with it as well.

  • I love it.
    Carlos (Verified Purchase)

    I am concern about this product, I love it. But the guy from the store gave cardio cuts and also told me to mix it with CLA pills to get better loss weight results. So far, 4 day, no problems with nothing just headache. Should I continue?

    • Your Name

      I used to take super hd by cellucor with cla (clk by cellucor) pills and they really work. You have to drink a lot of water so you wont get a headache. Im thinking cardio cuts and cla will have the same effect. Try it out the way I tell you drink a lot of water, you might be getting dehydrated without even knowing.

  • Loved the product.
    Twolf (Verified Purchase)

    I use it everymorning. While if find it does not help me very much for a workout drink,(i use Super Pump for that) it does do well for a daily weight loss supplment. I do sometimes sweet a bit from it. So far I’ve lost 10lbs in one month. 220 down to 210. My GF uses it as well and also has seen about the same results. (Nope not putting her weight down lol.)

  • Loved the product.
    Kris (Verified Purchase)

    This is one of the bodybuilding investments I’ve ever made
    It gives me energy and focus to go above and beyond what I can do and simultaneously drinching myself in sweat. Lost 10 pounds in a week while gaining muscle
    Amazing product!

    • Anonymous

      what would you eat?! and how did you lose that much? like how many scoops…

  • Loved the product.
    cutter (Verified Purchase)

    this will not make you gain muscle or fat. Using this with the combination of cardio, i lost 35lbs in 40 days. I went from 205 to 170.

    • Khai

      Wow what’s your workout ?

  • Does it work on woman?

    Does this really burn fat in women or make you thick?

    • Jenn

      Burns fat because there is no creatine which would add on a lot of water weight. I was taking jacked before and once I stopped and started taking cardio cuts I noticed that I was toning out a lot more and lost 6 pounds in 12 days – I would suggest using the my fitness pal app too for recording what you eat.

      • Jean

        Yes creatine makes you hold water weight, but this doesnt prevent you from loseing fat, just means your heavier from the excess water being held around your muscles…

        You just drop creatine before a competition/summmer and you’ll drop the water weight. (education is important before you reply)

        • Jean

          ^^ excuse the spelling, not the right education i guess..