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ChiroThin Review - 13 Things You Need to Know

ChiroThin is a weight loss program and the name of the dietary supplement. The claim is you’ll lose 20 – 45 pounds within 42 days. The safe and acceptable amount of weight loss per week is one to two pounds, but this supplement claims nearly one pound per day, at the higher end. This is something our researchers needed to dig into fast.

We decided to investigate ChiroThin and determine how effective the product is for the general population. Read on to learn what we found out about the product.

ChiroThin can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is ChiroThin?

ChiroThin is a weight-loss program incorporating a very-low-calorie-diet and supplementation. ChiroNutraceutical is the company behind ChiroThin weight loss program. Supposedly, ChiroThin targets three weight-loss areas, appetite suppression, fat burning, and metabolic rate.

Let’s take a look at what science has to say when it comes to ChiroThin ingredients:

ChiroThin Competitors


ChiroThin and the BBB

ChiroNutraceutical is the parent company for ChiroThin. According to the BBB they are located in Chesterfield, MO 63005. Currently, while they are not accredited, they have a rating of “A+.” Their phone number is (877) 377-7636.

They also sell the following on their website:

  • ActiFlex Pain Relief
  • AGGR
  • BerberineMax
  • BP Support
  • Chol-Control
  • CN-Adrenal
  • CN-B12 Plus
  • CN-Digestion
  • CN-Endocrine
  • CN-Flush
  • CN-GallBladder
  • CN-GastroCalm
  • CN-GRMax
  • CN-Liver
  • CN-Renal
  • Complete Probiotic
  • D3 5,000 IU
  • Electrolyte Essentials
  • Immune Support
  • Inver8
  • K2+D3
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome Repair Pack
  • Menopause Relief

ChiroThin Ingredients

There are no mentions of ChiroThin ingredients. However, the ChiroThin weight loss program includes a very low-calorie diet and ChiroThin drops.

Very low-calorie diets are typically used to determine their effects on certain conditions. For example, one study published in Current Diabetes Reviews found that this kind of diet could be beneficial for those with blood sugar problems. Additionally, a study published in European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences found that this kind of diet, when closely observed, could cause a decrease in cardiovascular health risks.

However, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, these kinds of diets are rarely recommended by healthcare providers because of their dangers.

The official website does mention that it includes amino acids, vitamins, and cell salts. They also allude to the drops containing HCG by comparing them to prescription HCG, though the exact ingredient list is not mentioned.

The Food and Drug Administration published a notice, “advising consumers to avoid human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) weight-loss products. These products are typically sold in the form of oral drops, pellets and sprays, and can be found online, at weight loss clinics and in some retail stores.”

Where to Buy

Where to Buy ChiroThin Drops

The only way that a person can get ChiroThin drops, or take part in a ChiroThin program, is to go to a chiropractor. The distribution of this program is exclusive to chiropractic practitioners. However, chiropractors do not have any medical training to offer weight loss and nutritional advice to their patients.

Their primary focus as a company is correcting any misalignment in a person’s joints or spine.

It also opens up a line of questioning regarding the potential abuse of the products since there doesn’t seem to be any oversight of ChiroNutraceutical’s operations or the chiropractors who act as bottom-level sales representatives for their diet products.

Many health supplement watch groups have been warning dieters of the chance that the ChiroThin weight loss program is just another scam.

In response to allegations like this, some chiropractors have said that they are completely within their rights to help their patients become thinner and healthier. Unfortunately, they don’t have any medical authority backing them up.


ChiroThin Cost

The cost is also a big mystery. For some reason, Chironutraceutical refuses to tell anyone how much they are charging the chiropractors for their products. Additionally, when you seek pricing information from the official website, you are directed to a form to confirm you are a doctor.

Tapout XT Cost

There is no consistency in the price from one chiropractor’s office to another.

The only way to tell a rough estimate of the ChiroThin cost is to search through customer reviews on various sites online.

In them, people say that they paid about $500 for them, which is pretty steep because everyone has to buy the products without knowing what they contain.

That amount of money is only for the ChiroThin drops, though. There are extra fees for all the doctor’s visits that a person must have to participate in the ChiroThin weight loss program. In reality, the whole six-week diet could end up costing a person $1,000 or more.


ChiroThin Results

The ChiroThin program claims to reset your body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR). After they approve a person, they take measurements at eight different places of their body. They record height and weight as well.

They allegedly use all of this to determine a person’s original BMI before they begin the diet plan. Each week, they repeat the entire procedure so the chiropractor can tell their patient’s progress. However, they give the information in an accumulated amount.

uBiome and weight loss

For example, instead of saying that a person lost two inches off their waist, five inches off their hips, and one inch off their arms, they add the total inches into one number.

Individuals reading about success stories with ChiroThin should consider the fact that the company combines the lost inches.

Besides the measurements they need, a person has to follow a strict diet of only ChiroThin-approved foods. These foods are allegedly low on the glycemic index.

Each day, a person has to take drops before eating their ChiroThin foods for them to have a higher metabolism, decreased appetite, and more fat-burning power.

Side Effects

ChiroThin Side Effects

Phillips Colon Health side effects

The chiropractors who sell ChiroThin weight loss drops claim that their product has no side effects.

However, reviews have mentioned that within 30 minutes of taking the drops, it is common to experience:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach

Additional side effects include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of concentration
  • Constipation

If you experience any of these symptoms, they advise you to discontinue use and seek medical attention.

According to the FDA, many programs promoting a very low-calorie diet also suggest using an HCG supplement, which can lead to some serious side effects.


ChiroThin Safety

Participating in the ChiroThin weight loss program isn’t purportedly safe for anyone because of the total amount of calories that it allows: only about 500 per day. This is much less than the body needs to be able to function at its best.

A person can develop starvation symptoms during this time as the body tries to fight for survival, such as a cessation of menses, an increase in body hair, a decrease in mental processes, weakness, and lethargy.

Overall, the ChiroThin weight-loss plan is not safe because of all the unanswered questions regarding why Chironutraceutical hides so much information from its patients.

The ingredients in the drops are supposed to be a big part of a person’s weight loss success. Without knowing what is in the drops, there is no way to tell whether they could interact with other medications or supplements that a person takes, resulting in serious health problems.

What is especially dangerous about this is that they allegedly only allow the ChiroThin weight-loss program for healthy enough people to participate in it.

However, since chiropractors are doing the physical exam, certain illnesses may go unnoticed because of their lack of medical training. They also may not fully understand what medications someone needs, so they could advise them wrong.

Even if these people are convinced that this program works, are the experts when it comes to dietary advice? You don’t go to your dietitian for curing your back pain, so why would the opposite be acceptable?

Many ChiroThin complaints regarding the secret method of pricing that chiropractors are using for the ChiroThin weight-loss program are reflective of the possibility of the drops and diet plan being part of some major skinny diet scam.

Also, ChiroNutraceutical offers no studies regarding the effectiveness of their drops. So there is a good chance that the weight lost by those who have tried ChiroThin is only due to the strict diet consisting of just 500 calories a day that they are encouraged to eat. This low-calorie diet may cause temporary weight loss, but a person will end up gaining it back.

Onnit MCT Oil benefits


ChiroThin Weight-Loss Program Benefits

Supposedly, this diet plan causes rapid weight loss to occur in a very short period. Product reviews reported that many people could shed as much as nine pounds of fat weekly.

When you multiply that amount of weight for the entire six-week term, it allegedly leads to a minimum of 54 pounds of lost fat. That is much higher than most rapid weight-loss diets, which would generally help obese people shed less than eight pounds in six weeks.

Chironutraceutical also says that this diet may help retrain a person to eat fewer calories and exercise regularly.

However, they don’t mention how this is supposed to happen. Some believe that it has something to do with the six weeks of the program. By encouraging the repetition of key behaviors, it might make them “stick.”

There have never been any studies to prove this, though.

Does XLS Medical Max Strength work

Weight Loss

Does the Chirothin Weight Loss Program Work?

It is difficult to tell whether ChiroThin works because the company is so secretive about product information.

Additionally, there is no way to look up ChiroThin results from the ingredients since they’re unknown. However, since we know some facts regarding the program’s diet portion, it is possible to address their effectiveness and reliability.

Getting ChiroThin results may be possible because it only allows 500 calories of low-glycemic foods each day for the entire six-week program.

Supposedly, the drops in the ChiroThin program aid in body detoxing, so some of the weight we lose is from waste and excess fluids.

ChiroThin Maintenance Diet

The main problem is that, once a person finishes the program, they’re told to continue with a ChiroThin maintenance diet that is higher in calories.

This maintenance program could lead to someone gaining weight in the long run. In fact, ISRN Obesity found that a majority of individuals that only make changes to diet will end up regaining weight lost.

The fluids that they lose often build back up again too. You may initially lose around 54 pounds, but some will return within about a week after they stop the program. According to Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, water weight changes rapidly after sudden weight loss.

chirothin pros and cons

Pros and Cons

ChiroThin Pros and Cons


  • Focuses on diet
  • Sold through doctors


  • No price information
  • No ingredient information
  • Very low-calorie diet
  • Expensive
What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I am aprochoaching my 40th day on the Chiro Thin program. My main goal was to learn to eat healthier and gain energy to be more active with my daughter. Well I am feeling great and I have lost nearly 15lbs! So many food options compared to other “diets” I have tried. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to adapt healthy eating habits, gain energy, and lose some unwanted weight!”

“From 224lbs in Oct 2022 To 194.8lbs in August 2023. Goal 185lb.”

“Wonderful combination of micro fasting, supplements and support. Our group of 5 people lost 111 lbs in 42 days collectively!”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on ChiroThin

The ChiroThin weight loss program offers benefits to those wanting to improve health and possibly lose weight. While the claim of losing up to 35 pounds in 42 days seems excessive; the weight loss is about 1.2 pounds per day. We would like to see a list of ingredients in ChiroThin so users can be more informed. However, while there are benefits to the ChiroThin weight loss plan, there are also alternatives to add, which may help you reach your goals.

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ChiroThin Review
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What is the Chirothin diet?

The Chirothin diet is a weight-loss program that combines calorie restriction, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle coaching. The program emphasizes eating real, whole foods and avoiding processed or refined carbohydrates. It also includes supplements like vitamins and minerals to provide additional support for metabolism and healthy weight loss. The program is designed to help you reach your desired weight in a safe and effective manner while providing lasting lifestyle changes and education.

Does ChiroThin work?

There’s a chance ChiroThin works. With the ChiroThin weight loss program, you’ll follow a specific very low calorie diet, while taking the ChiroThin supplement.

How much does ChiroThin cost?

The cost of ChiroThin is not disclosed. ChiroNutraceutical does not tell anyone how much they charge the chiropractors for their products. Customers report paying around $500 for the drops, and there are additional fees for the doctor’s visits, making the whole program cost $1,000 or more.

Where can I buy ChiroThin?

The only way to get ChiroThin drops or participate in a ChiroThin program is to go to a chiropractor. The distribution of this program is exclusive to chiropractic practitioners.

How do I follow the ChiroThin weight loss program?

After your initial visit, you’ll follow a custom weight loss plan, while taking ChiroThin supplement.

Where can I buy ChiroThin?

ChiroThin can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do I contact ChiroThin customer service?

You can contact the ChiroThin customer service using their contact form https://chirothin.com/contact/, email them at info@chirothin.com, and call them at 1-877-377-7636.

Is ChiroThin the same as HCG?

ChiroThin does not contain HCG.

Is ChiroThin safe?

Although ChiroThin should be generally safe to use, you should consult your doctor before starting the supplement.

Who is the company behind ChiroThin weight loss program?

ChiroNutraceutical is the company behind ChiroThin weight loss program.

What are the competitors of ChiroThin?

Some of the competitors of ChiroThin are Floraspring, Glaxon, and Pruvit.

What is the location and rating of ChiroNutraceutical according to the BBB?

According to the BBB, ChiroNutraceutical is located in Chesterfield, MO 63005 and has a rating of “A+”. Their phone number is (877) 377-7636.

What are the other products sold by ChiroNutraceutical on their website?

ChiroNutraceutical sells ActiFlex Pain Relief, AGGR, BerberineMax, BP Support, Chol-Control, CLEAN, CN-Adrenal, CN-B12 Plus, CN-Digestion, CN-Endocrine, CN-Flush, CN-GallBladder, CN-GastroCalm, CN-GRMax, CN-Liver, CN-Renal, Complete Probiotic, D3 5,000 IU, Electrolyte Essentials, Immune Support, Inver8, K2+D3, and Menopause Relief on their website.

What are the ingredients of ChiroThin?

The exact list of ingredients in ChiroThin is not mentioned. However, the official website mentions that it includes amino acids, vitamins, and cell salts. The drops are compared to prescription HCG, though the exact ingredient list is not mentioned.

Is the very-low-calorie diet used in ChiroThin safe?

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, very low-calorie diets are rarely recommended by healthcare providers because of their dangers.

Do chiropractors have medical training to offer weight loss and nutritional advice?

Chiropractors do not have medical training to offer weight loss and nutritional advice to their patients. Their primary focus is on correcting any misalignment in a person’s joints or spine.

What's the difference between the Chirothin diet and Optavia diet?

The ChiroThin diet consists of eating between 24 and 36 ounces of nutrient-dense, low sugar, and anti-inflammatory foods per day. It is based on a low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory diet and includes the consumption of complex carbohydrates so it is not a “protein-only” diet. However, the Optavia diets are low-calorie, probiotics, reduced carb programs that combine packaged foods with homemade meals to encourage weight loss. Unlike the ChiroThin diet, the Optavia diet comes with a coach. The Optavia diet has more options, the 5&1 Plan, the 4&2&1 Plan, and the 3&3 Plan.

Can you eat popcorn no butter on the ChiroThin diet?

On the ChiroThin diet, you can have 2 Servings of Snacks Per Day and not exceed 40 calories per day. The approved snacks are Brown Rice Crackers, Melba Toast or Rounds, Grissini Breadsticks, Gluten/Wheat Free Pretzels, or any bread or cracker that doesn’t exceed 40 calories per day. Popcorn is not included.

If a person stops taking ChiroThin will they gain the weight back?

ChiroThin is designed to support long-term weight loss. It is normal to gain back about 2-5 lbs from your lowest weight because of eating more food overall and some water weight.

Can you put coconut milk in your coffee on the ChiroThin diet?

You cannot put coconut milk in your coffee on the ChiroThin diet, but you can have black coffee and a lot of water.

What happens if you take too many ChiroThin drops?

ChiroThin drops should be placed under the tongue three times each day on the 42-day program. You need to enter into the “cycling phase” for a minimum of 3-4 weeks after 42 days. This is to make sure your body does not adapt to the ChiroThin nutritional support formula. There’s no mention of how taking too many drops will affect you. Please consult with your Chiropractor for more information.

What to do if you cheated on the ChiroThin program?

The best-case scenario is not to cheat at all on the Chirothin diet program. If you do end up cheating the most important thing to do is to recommit.

What results does ChiroThin claim to provide?

The ChiroThin program claims to reset the body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR) of an individual. The chiropractor takes measurements at eight different places on the body and records height and weight to determine progress.

Is ChiroThin a scam?

Health supplement watch groups have been warning dieters of the possibility that ChiroThin weight loss program may be a scam. However, some chiropractors have argued that they are within their rights to help their patients become thinner and healthier, although they don’t have any medical authority backing them up.

Is ChiroThin an effective weight loss program?

There is no concrete evidence to support the effectiveness of the ChiroThin program. Additionally, very low-calorie diets are rarely recommended by healthcare providers due to their dangers.

Are there any side effects associated with ChiroThin?

While the official website does not mention any specific side effects of ChiroThin, very low-calorie diets can sometimes lead to side effects like fatigue, dizziness, hair thinning, and muscle loss. It’s crucial to monitor any changes and consult with a healthcare professional.

How does ChiroThin compare to other weight loss supplements on the market?

ChiroThin differentiates itself by being a program offered exclusively through chiropractors. While other weight loss supplements might focus solely on appetite suppression or metabolism boosting, ChiroThin combines a supplement with a specific diet and chiropractic guidance.

What type of exercise regimen is recommended while on ChiroThin?

The ChiroThin program recommends light to moderate exercise. Intense exercises might not be suitable due to the reduced-calorie intake.

Is there a maintenance phase after completing the ChiroThin program?

Yes, after completing the primary phase of the ChiroThin program, there’s a maintenance phase designed to help individuals stabilize their new weight and transition to a long-term healthy eating plan.

How does ChiroThin support appetite control?

ChiroThin is formulated with a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and cell salts that are believed to help control appetite and reduce cravings, although specific mechanisms are not detailed on the official website.

How is ChiroThin different from other very low-calorie diets?

ChiroThin combines a specific dietary protocol with the use of natural dietary supplements. It’s offered exclusively through chiropractors, ensuring that participants receive one-on-one guidance throughout the program.

64 ChiroThin Reviews

  • Incorrect information in the article.
    Karen Woodman (Verified Purchase)

    It’s actually 1000 calories a day for 2 meals
    ( 4ou of ea …lean protein, veggie, fruit = 500 calorie lunch and dinner) as well as a long list of vegetables to make as large a salad as you like along with both meals. Bread sticks, flat out bread and Melba toasts allowed at meal time. Also snacking allowed with celery and cucumbers. It’s hard to take this article seriously with details like what is actually consumed to be correct. I’m on week 3 and have lost 8 lbs. I’ve learned a lot about how my body is effected by what I’m eating and I feel so much better movement wise with less inflammation from dairy. I started out 140 lbs 5’4. 33% body fat. 3 weeks in with some cheating 🤪 I have lost 8 lbs and body fat is 27%. I am a 50 year old mom of 2 who wants to be a healthy and active grandmommie one day.

  • GREAT product
    kay (Verified Purchase)

    It cost me 300$ for whole program. Doctor visits were included, use of machines and all measurements. The only thing extra was if I wanted appite suppresent and i didn’t need them. Lost 39 lbs after the 4 i gained on load days, kept it off for four years, then i found a taste for wine, have put back on a few pounds but will go back on program. Have tried everything and this is only one that works for me. Love it.


  • ChiroThin is supervised and works for the right person
    Joanne (Verified Purchase)

    You go through a chiropractor that is ChiroThin certified. To be on ChiroThin, you need to be approved first, and have your biometrics checked. I had a blood test with all things checked: cholesterol, no heart condition, thyroid problems, diabetes, etc. It’s very hands on with the doctor in charge. I would see her every week, and every day would log through an app AND I had her cell phone and would text if I had any questions, concerns, or CRAVINGS. She was very hands on – you need to really pay attention to your body and how it reacts. I have lost 30 pounds and it’s been 9 months. (Started at 204, down to 175) I’ve only gained back 2 pounds and it’s because I drank alcohol on vacation. I really learned what my body reacts to with food and drink: yes I can do eggs, I don’t do well without meat, and nuts are not my friend (weight gain). Everyone is different, there’s no 1-stop shop for weight loss and wellness – our bodies are intricate and complicated…. you have to do what works for you and do the work.

  • Chiropractors are doctors too!

    This article made me laugh 😂My Chiropractor has a registered dietitian in office. His wife! I have seen the chirothin program offered on their website and I would say the both of them combined probably know more than most doctors do about how the body works. Chiropractors aren’t just all about cracking your bones. Most chiropractors DO study nutrition, physiology, and anatomy, more than your average, run of the mill doctor.

  • Too Rich For My Blood
    T. Renae

    I haven’t used it but I did see a chiropractor. I was brought in from a FaceBook ad for non-invasive lipo. I watched a 20 minute video and was advised of packages beginning at $1,799!!!

  • Biased Review

    But we should trust you and your opinions and also buy your recommended supplements.

  • It works.
    Jen (Verified Purchase)

    I just started the maintenance phase oh Chirothin. I’m no longer taking the drops. I don’t know what is in them but I wanted to chew my arm off when I woke up in the middle of the night the first night I was off the drops. I’m down 20lbs so far. The only side effect I’ve had is constipation. Easy program to follow. I’d recommend it.

    • Bonnie

      In the ChiroThin book, it recommends a stool softener.

  • Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    $800.00. Lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks. Experience many of the negative symptoms listed above., . And also uti and hemorrhoids from not being too have a bowel movement. A week later and i still don’t feel right.

    • Bonnie

      In the book it recommends drinking half of your weight in water to flush your bladder and also a stool softener for constipation.

  • Worth it
    Tanya (Verified Purchase)

    It worked great for me. Lost 25 lbs! If you stick to it, it’s so rewarding. It’s also good to have the accountability of weekly checking to Keep you on track.

    • wally

      Did you only eat 500 calories? I’m contemplating starting it but after seeing that mentioned in one review… I’m not sure that’s doable for me. I’d love to lose 25-50#….

      • Dustin

        I ate more than 500 calories daily and lost 22.2 pounds overall and 18 after the loading phase during the 21 day version of the diet. I just finished it a few days ago. It is well worth trying out. If you have a steakhouse near you that can help if you avoid bread and get a side of broccoli or asparagus. Youtube has a few tasty recipes. One being a stir fry some fan of the diet put on. I would give it a try.

        • Kathy

          What is the 21 day version? I have done 42 and list 15 lbs. but I would prefer to do a shorter version now, related to some surgery coming up soon and not having 42 days to complete.

        • Kathy

          Will you please send me that stir fry recipe? I looked on YouTube, but did not find a specific ChiroThin one. I would appreciate your help.

  • Julie Capone-haynes (Verified Purchase)

    I did two round of Chirothin, had amazing results after trying jenny Craig, weight watchers, the gym, keto. Paleo! This worked for me! Gave myself the gift of health!

  • ChiroThin is natural and manageable
    Joanne (Verified Purchase)

    I am currently on the ChiroThin drops. You do get a headache about 4-5 days in because your body is detoxing and this is from the withdrawal of caffeine, sugars and processed foods. It lasted for about a day and a half for me. Drink More Water! I’m on day 21, and I’m down 15 lbs. You eat twice a day, you can snack in between meals if you need to on free veggies, but believe me, you aren’t hungry. There are many vegetables that are free: peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions. It’s not like you eat like a bird. It redirects your metabolism and burns the abnormal fat. You don’t go into ketosis, but you burn fat and retain muscle. If you’re feeling lethargic, I did too around day 18, you talk with your doctor and add protein for a day or two. My doctor is very hands on and you have to understand and listen to your body.

  • Two thumbs up
    Mike (Verified Purchase)

    I did the 42 day program and had great results! The cost to me was $849.00 for everything and I was more than satisfied with the results.

  • It works
    Natalie (Verified Purchase)

    Ingredients are listed on the bottle. The program is very easy to follow. You eat healthy, real food. No packaged foods! And, it works.
    And last time I checked chiropractors receive more nutrition training in school than medical doctors, and they do a lot more than just “crack backs.”

    • Lucy Beaulieu

      Can you provide ingredients list from bottle please.

      • Julie Capone-haynes

        It’s vitamins and minerals and cell salts..I got the ingredients from the company and was so excited to start..70 lbs later and off 10 medications it was worth every single be penny

        • MA

          Julie –
          How many cycles did you do to lose 70 lbs.?

  • Great Program
    Kevin (Verified Purchase)

    Great Program…Lost 39lbs in 6 weeks. Very easy to follow…didnt feel hungry at all. My blood pressure as improved,body feels so much better. Wife and kids see I have more energy than before. Thank you Chiro Thin for giving me my life back.

  • It works - not a scam!
    Jill (Verified Purchase)

    Dietary supplement ingredients are listed on bottle. You can eat regular food, no prepackaged food, bars, or shakes. It works – and it will change your habits. I’m on round two and kept off my initial 23 lbs from last year and working on my last 20.

    All chirothin follow up exams are free and included in the price of the program, you also get recipe books, food diary, and dr supervised. For the price, it’s reasonanle to lose 20+ lbs. way cheaper than Jenny Craig and Nurtisystem, etc., you’re saving on food. Much of this information in this article is speculation and really outright lies. Speaking from experience and that I’d dozens I know who have tried, it does work and weight stays off – your outlook on food changes. My husband lost 27 lbs last year and has yet to gain any back. Give it a try.

  • This diet is amazing!
    Eric (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been on it for 3 weeks and down 15 lbs. it is really good and my doctor did a great job of explaining of this diet can help reprogram my eating habits so that when I am off the diet I can resume my normal eating schedule but not gain back all the weight through healthy smaller portions.

  • Great program with real food!

    Chirothin is such a great program! My husband lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks and feels great!!!! He also has kept it off for over a year!!!

  • couldn't poop
    charnell (Verified Purchase)

    I tried the chirothin last year and couldn’t poop for 10 days. I had to get an enema kit, and do several enemas.

    • Donna Beeman

      You don’t poop because you’re eating healthy, small portions and flyshing with all that water. I have a history of opioid infuced constipation. I never once became constipated but my bowel movements were small and infrequent. So, were you constipated, which is uncomfortable, or did you confuse lack of bowel movements with constipation?
      I lost 17 lbs on chirothin while on the road and vacationing in Gulf Shores, AL. Yes, I failed to stick to my healthy diet or I would have lost mid to upper 20s.

  • ChiroThin Drops are NOT SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is strange that you cannot find a site we’re a patient has given results of what they experienced with the ChiroThin drops..?
    Here was mine! DONT put those drops in your blood stream! I experimented a bloody nose and spinning room and stopped after only taking 7 drops. Talked with the office I purchased them from, told it wasn’t from the drops. Waited s month this time, I did one complete day of the high calorie mistake and 7 drops three times that day (21 drops total).
    OMG!!!! I woke up 4 hours after the dose and thought I was having a heart attack! My heart was racing and pounding out of my chest!! I was nauseated, dry mouth and feeling NO NORMAL! Never again! Drinking water hoping to get this out of my system!

    • Chris

      I have been taking them for 3 weeks and for the last 8 days I have had the worse migraine of my life, dizziness, no sleep, overall sick feeling. Wondering now if it is the drips but why wouldn’t I have felt this way from day one? How long did it take to get out of your system?

    • Donna Beeman


    • Donna Beeman, LPN

      Some people have side effects from everything due to psychologically expecting to. Your syptoms are identical to a panic attack. The nose bleed? Maybe coincedental since it didnt happen the 2nd time.

      • Tina Giambanco, LMHC

        Chirothin themselves caution under side effects ” If you experience any of these symptoms, they advise to discontinue use and seek medical attention.” Yet, you couldn’t resist jumping out there with you LPN credentials and minimizing or discounting a negative review based on another persons experience. Chiropractor’s are NOT Medical Doctors, and although the product states “doctor supervised” it’s misleading. I did not find this diet at all helpful, and I wish I had researched the reviews before trying it after buying it from my trusted Chiropractor, Dr. Parris. I could have saved myself a good chuck of change or put the money toward a qualified trainer.

  • ChiroThin changed my Life !!
    Thomas Kondner (Verified Purchase)

    ChiroThin has been a very successful diet program. I have been using an InBody— body composition device to measure body changes. The body fat percentages have been runnning close to 85-90% and water weight has been stable. Of course this is why girth changes have been so dramatic. A lot of the information in this article is just not true regarding the ChiroThin diet. This diet is safe and effective and helps create positive behavior changes for long term health benefits.

    • John Wilcox

      I have used the Chiron Thin Diet found it worked had no side effects beside a small headache for two or three nights first week .After that I was fine you can by something with the program to keep your bowels regular but eating lots of greens I did not need it I went every day
      I found the drops were great I never had any hunger I would have a coffee in the morning with Splenda and cannot think of the milk I put in it bought it in the cooler where non fat Greek yogurt is in Sobeys
      I would have 5-6 ounces of white chicken or bbq chicken breast turkey all kinds of seafood and same amount of greens broccoli and cauliflower beans asparagus
      I would have 4 oz of berries and Melba toast lunch and supper
      In the night I would have cucumber mostly
      I lost 42 pound on the first 6 weeks and 10 pound on maintenance
      I loved going in getting weighed each week and measured and asking questions
      I took my drops to my doctor to see if they would interfere with any of my medication which they did not although he did not approve of me taking them
      If I exercised I just increased my calorie intake I took a multi vitamin a B 12 and another probatiic

      • Rob

        Can somebody share what the actual diet is please? Thanks!

        • Lo ri

          I can message you the info

          • Lorra

            I would love to know what the diet would consistnof, seriously thinking of trying chirothin!

            • RJ

              It is 4 oz. of protein, 4 oz. of veggies and 4 oz. of fruit, all from the lists given and then all the free veggies you want per meal (mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers…). I have 8 oz. of mushrooms with my measured protein & veggies and it is very filling. When I feel like it, I add a tomato or cucumber, but not often.

            • Kathy

              No breakfast, 4 oz protein, 4oz fruit, 4 oz veg. And 1 piece Melba toast. 80 oz water per day. Stevia sweetener.

          • Monica Young

            Me too.

      • Monica Young

        Did you only weigh once a week? I did this program and got.to my right size body but since covid and surgery have gained it back.. were you able to exercise during the releasing phase? I was told not to which is very difficult for me as I have been exercising every day for 25 years

        • Steph

          I had to exercise, too! I added a low glycemic proline shake from Costco before running, on my run days and even added gu if the run was more than 3 miles. I lost 30 lbs in 42 days and my run time improved dramatically because of the weight loss. Also decreased joint and back pain! Most likely from eating better food and drinking so much water.

      • Monica Young

        I was also told 4 oz.of protein during releasing…. you did 5-6 oz?.

        • Shannom

          Men and women have different requiremwnts

          • Cindy

            Interesting. I was told by the chiropractor I went to that men and women have the same requirements.

            I followed the program exactly, lost 10 pounds. I too was constipated, didn’t feel like myself. Paid $1000 for the drops, $60 for AGGR and a few other things. Yes I know, dumb.

            I Expected to loose 20+ pounds. When I said I could have lost 10 pounds on the LifeTime D.Tox program I was told thin people don’t loose as much. Humm, I’m not thin, 5’10, was 174 at the start.
            Bottom line, would not recommend Chirothin

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