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Pruvit Review - 17 Things You Need to Know

Pruvit is a supplement company that develops products designed to help users lose weight quickly and efficiently. Pruvit claims it can ‘reboot your body’ in 60 hours, but does that mean it will leave you lighter? We looked at the science behind these products and found a serious shortage of evidence across the board.

Pruvit’s success depends on whether it can live up to claims, and our research team found a number of other factors that determine that. On top of that, we were taken aback by some user comments on side effects. Here’s the summary on whether this line is worth a shot.

Pruvit can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Pruvit?

First of all, Pruvit is a line of powdered weight-loss drinks aimed at eliminating fat. The supplements are supposed to suppress appetite, encourage fat loss, boost energy levels and increase strength. The products are available directly from the official website, and can also be purchased on Amazon. They do have a research tab on their website, but it doesn’t exactly tell you much, and certainly doesn’t take you to any studies carried out on their products. Currently, Pruvit Keto OS Max is the most popular supplement in the line.

Pruvit MLM

Pruvit Competitors

Perfect Keto
It Works!
Insta Ketones

How Did Pruvit Start?

The company first appeared online in 2013. Pruvit products saw their start with the original Keto OS, which was the first consumer-based supplement drink for ketosis of its kind in the market.

However, that initial weight-loss aid was released amidst a flurry of less than favorable reviews, from complaints about the taste to claims that it was entirely ineffective.

Pruvit Keto Max is meant to correct the mistakes of its predecessor and improve on the parts of the formula which worked.

Since then, the company has gone on to release better products and work on its original Keto OS formula.

Pruvit now considers itself the world’s foremost ketone technology leader.

However, its status as a multi-level marketing company leaves some curious dieters in doubt about whether they can trust this corporation.

Now, Pruvit offers a variety of products, most of which claim to help you go into ketosis. The company also holds “Keto//Kademy” where individuals can learn more about ketones, their products, and how to get involved, though ticket prices start at $229.

Right now, Pruvit has an F rating for their pattern of complaints and ad reviews, although customer reviews leave the company at four stars, according to the BBB.

Pruvit Products

  • Keto Up
  • Keto OS NAT
  • Keto OS Max
  • Keto OS Unleashed
  • Pruvit Pulse App
  • MitoPlex
  • Ketos OS NAT Holy Grail
  • Keto REBOOT
  • Keto KREME

Pruvit Keto OS Max Claims

Pruvit Keto Max is made to supply the body with enough ketones to make it switch to a temporary state of ketosis, which helps keto dieters struggling with progress.

Supposedly, this product can kick you into ketosis within a mere 30-minutes, and if you keep drinking it, you’ll stay in that state easily.

However, the drink is meant to be a weight-loss aid, not a miracle product.

While the company which manufactures it states that most users will certainly see some degree of results when taking Keto Max; they also recommend that users try to limit their carb intake and eat healthy to allow the product to show results.

Pruvit ingredients


Pruvit Ingredients

The entire concoction of Pruvit Keto OS Max is a proprietary lab-tested formula which is supposedly specifically designed for weight-loss. The following are its main ingredients:

  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (Patent Pending)
  • L-Taurine
  • Fermented L-Leucine
  • Stevia
  • Erythritol
  • Fermented L-Leucine
  • Citric Acid
  • Vegetable Juice Color
  • Caffeine
  • Beta Carotene

There is one main thing worth noting here, and it can be a bit confusing. The fact is that very few of these Pruvit ingredients seem to have anything to do with ketones, ketosis, or encouraging ketosis.

Two of the ingredients listed are amino acids L-Taurine and Fermented L-Leucine; a the conditional amino acid sulfunic acid, and fermented l-leucine isn’t naturally produced by the body.

L-Taurine is a conditional amino sulfonic acid.

The second protein listed is Fermented L-Leucine, an essential amino acid which the body does not naturally produce.

Pruvit ingredients

Interestingly, most of the conditions that L-Taurine and L-Leucine are known to help and the benefits that they provide are also supposedly received through a proper keto diet.

Another two ingredients on the list, Stevia and Erythritol, are natural sweeteners with low glycemic indexes. They’re good flavoring options for a weight-loss supplement drink which needs to have a palatable taste.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is a patent-pending formula by Pruvit, is the only ingredient which is related to ketosis, and this is because it is a ketone body which has increased production during ketosis and can be used as an energy source by the brain and body.

But are Pruvit ketones enough to fully induce ketosis? Some weighing in on the benefits of exogenous ketone supplements are on the fence about whether beta-hydroxybutyrate alone can kick your body into a ketosis state.

It’s also worth mentioning that each type of Keto Max comes in a “charged” variety. It includes a quantity of caffeine which is equivalent to one cup of coffee, potentially allowing those who are used to a morning cup of coffee to replace that cup with this supplement.

Also, caffeine has been proven to help aid weight-loss efforts and reduce the size of fat cells when paired with exercise.

Therefore, the “charged” version of these drinks may help you lose more body fat if you work out while using this supplement.

Caffeine may help with digestion. There’s research in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showing it may improve metabolic rates and help maintain weight-loss results.

Take note that minor ingredients, like flavoring or overall composition, may also vary very slightly across different Pruvit flavors.


Pruvit Flavors

There are three different Pruvit flavors for the Keto Max variety. The first flavor is Raspberry Lemonade, which is an interesting and unique flavor and may be unlike any other drink you’ve had before. It’s a trendy choice among users.

The second flavor is Swiss Cacao, which has a rich flavor which might be an excellent go-to for chocolate-lovers. It is the only Pruvit flavor which does not make use of fruity notes. Therefore, those who are not fans of fruit drinks might prefer this option.

The third and final flavor is Maui Punch, which might remind drinkers of a tropical cocktail to be drunk on a beach. It has a relatively light and slightly refreshing taste.

Keto OS NAT is another product sold by Pruvit. The flavors for this product include Heart Tart, Maui Punch, Lime Time, Splash, and Raspberry Lemonade. All flavors are also available in caffeine-free versions.


Does Pruvit Keto OS Max Work?

If Pruvit Keto OS Max can successfully induce ketosis, then yes, it works and will lead to weight loss. However, we maintain the idea that everyone’s body is different; therefore, just because the supplement works very well for someone else doesn’t mean it will yield the same results for you.

Your diet, activity level, and exercise regimen will all determine the effectiveness of this product. Pruvit reviews are highly positive on the company’s website, with plenty of testimonials claiming that this drink accelerated the weight-loss process.

The site claimed to help over 21 million people. However, even on the site, Pruvit now specifies that the Food and Drug Administration did not approve the products themselves or the statements of satisfied customers and cautions that users may receive different results.

Even when keeping that in mind, Pruvit has glowing testimonials on its site. However, there are plenty of reviews on Amazon which seem to show that it doesn’t work for everyone.

It’s about an even split down the middle of the number of people who praise and condemn Pruvit Keto Max, and that ratio varies depending on the seller. Then again, there are also some users who claim that some sellers on Amazon are selling fake versions of the product which don’t work.

Therefore, if you’re planning to buy this product from Amazon, you might want to be careful about your choice of a distributor. Doing a quick search of diet product review websites will also give you a mixed bag of results. Some sites claim the product works wonders.

Others claim they saw no results and experienced a ton of unfavorable side effects. Once again, the good to bad review ratio seems about even, so the only way to know whether you can use Pruvit for weight loss may be to test it yourself.

Pruvit benefits

Benefits and Results

Pruvit Benefits and Results

Once again, it’s worth pointing out that these benefits will only happen if the product successfully puts you into a state of ketosis.

In short, these are the benefits that being in ketosis will produce. Therefore, the product must work for you to reap the benefits.

Increased Physical Energy

This is said to happen because your body will convert fat into fuel instead of carbs, and the body has a supply of stored, usable fat which can last weeks, if not months, which allows you to enjoy weight loss without feeling tired or hungry.

One study published in Metabolism “indicates that aerobic endurance exercise by well-trained cyclists was not compromised by four weeks of ketosis”. So if the supplement puts you into a ketosis state, then you may see increased physical performance, even in cardio or long-distance exercises.

Better Mental Focus

The more physical energy you have, the less tired and lethargic you feel, and the less brain fog you have, allowing for razor-sharp concentration.

As research from The FASEB Journal suggests, being in ketosis may allow for extremely precise focus because the brain is being fueled by ketones, which can improve brain function and cognitive abilities.

Loss of Body Fat

A ketosis state will naturally begin converting your body fat into fuel, meaning it is constantly burning your fat stores to give you energy.

Therefore, it’s only logical that your body will be burning a lot of fat through this method.

Studies published in the Metabolism journal show that, when paired with moderate exercise, those in a state of ketosis easily burn three times more fat than those who are not in that state.

Acne Reduction

If you have issues with acne, you may find that they may reduce when your body enters ketosis, per research in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Details on Pruvit and Weight Loss

Whether Pruvit Keto Max is an effective solution for weight loss depends on whether it successfully places your body into a state of ketosis.

If it can do so, then weight loss is scientifically guaranteed. When your body is in a state of ketosis, it burns the fat you have stored, naturally leading to decent quantities of weight loss.

Numerous randomized and controlled studies, which are the most reliable diet and health research method, published in the New England Journal of Medicine have shown a ketogenic diet or any similar low-carb, high-fat diet helps with weight loss.

If the Keto Max supplement does, in fact, induce ketosis, then it will help you lose weight, especially if you eat a healthy low-carb diet on the side and couple it with at the very least, some mild exercise.

Keep in mind that if you are building muscle while in ketosis, you may begin gaining healthy weight due to muscle mass but will continue to burn fat; so, you will still be losing inches and becoming leaner and more toned.

Pruvit weight-loss

One fact that may be a cause for concern is that Pruvit results have never been medically or scientifically studied.

While there are plenty of known, proven benefits of being in a state of ketosis, it appears that there are no significant studies on using Pruvit for weight loss, meaning that as a product, Pruvit Keto OS Max is far from scientifically backed.

Without research to back it up, the evidence which could support a Pruvit guarantee is greatly lacking, and likely the reason why Pruvit products have received negative reviews which describe their lack of effectiveness.

However, the company claims to have improved their formulas since then.

On the other hand, Pruvit’s website claims that several specialists in exercise, diet, and health work with the company and approve of its cause and mission.

However, these specialists often represent the company and talk about Pruvit’s benefits on the company’s social media, which might slightly increase the brand’s credibility, even though there are no Pruvit guarantees listed on any site.

Pruvit also has a blog on their website dubbed “Ketone Conversation.” There, they primarily post healthy recipes using their products. This apparently may give you new ideas on how to incorporate their products for better ketosis, though success for weight-loss is rarely mentioned.

Pruvit Before and After

The Pruvit before and after section on the company’s website suggests that many people, ranging in age from 18 to 50 years old, have benefited from the product and saw weight loss results.

For some, the product helped keep them in a state of ketosis that was necessary for their health conditions. For others, the product helped them lose a lot of weight, even up to 50 lbs.

Positive Pruvit reviews from other websites like Amazon and dieting blogs also detail weight loss successes which involve 10 to 40 lb. weight loss, which is a promising start.

However, negative reviews state that the product either did not help at all or caused a slight weight gain, which could be caused by not following a low-carb diet or limited exercise, a counterfeit product, or the supplement simply not working well with the reviewer’s body.


How to Use Pruvit Keto Max

This product is extremely easy to use and barely requires any effort, especially since Pruvit ingredients are already all mixed together in powder form when you buy it.

Just rip open your pre-packed Keto Max powder and pour it (or one heaping scoop of it, if not pre-packed) into about 12 to 16 oz of cold water.

Mix well by roughly shaking or stirring until it looks well combined.

How often should you take Keto Max? That depends on what you aim to achieve.

Consuming one daily serving is sufficient for a therapeutic dose, but if you want to reach optimum results, then taking the drink twice a day–in the morning and evening–is likely the best option.

You don’t have to drink it after or before eating; there are no specific requirements other than that you must drink it!

Known Pruvit results dictate that you will likely need to continue taking this supplement if you want to maintain your weight loss.

Pruvit Diet

The Pruvit Diet

To achieve the best results with Keto Max, you may still need to regulate your food intake.

While some users claim they can lose weight easily by taking the supplement alone, this varies from person to person.

Pruvit’s website recommends a low-carb diet in conjunction with the supplement. If you’re really looking to use Pruvit for weight loss to a more serious degree, a limited intake of around 100g is said to be sufficient.

What if you want to wean yourself off this supplement after some time?

To maintain the weight loss, you will likely have to follow the keto diet, which involves maintaining a moderate calorie deficit and consuming a diet which consists of 5% carbs, 25-35% protein, and 60-70% healthy fats.

Basically, to reap the full benefits of Keto Max, a Pruvit diet of sorts may be necessary. And, to maintain your weight loss after you quit using the supplement, a ketogenic diet is needed.


Any Pruvit Lawsuits?

Currently, there have been no lawsuits which negatively implicate Pruvit Keto OS Max or the effectiveness of any Pruvit products.

Pruvit side effects

Side Effecs

Potential Pruvit Side Effects

While there’s no mention of side effects from Pruvit products, we have to look at the ingredients. Some potential side effects of Pruvit ingredients may include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhea
  • Jitteriness
  • Sleep issues

If they successfully enter the ketosis state, users may also experience the common side effects associated with ketosis.

Note that these side effects will go away in a couple of weeks, once the body becomes accustomed to burning fats instead of carbs. You can lessen these side effects by drinking plenty of water, consuming plenty of fiber, and eating plenty of salt. These side effects include:

  • Dehydration
  • Frequent urination
  • Tiredness
  • Sugar cravings
  • Constipation
  • Muscle cramps
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Bad breath

Pruvit Product Warnings

Pruvit does not list any specific warnings for this product on its website. Here is the general warning included on the site:

As with any new supplement, consult with your physician before using.

The company states that if you are using any prescription or over-the-counter medicines, are unaware of your current medical condition, have any pre-existing medical condition(s), to consult with your physician before using this product.

Build up to a full serving slowly to avoid stomach discomfort.

Pruvit alternatives

Pruvit Alternatives

While Pruvit products may have been the first of their kind to enter the diet market; since then, plenty of decent alternatives offering similar features and benefits have surfaced.

Some of the most commonly known Pruvit supplement alternatives are Perfect Keto and Prototype Nutrition’s Ketoforce and KetoCaNa.

Both contain similar ingredients to Pruvit Keto OS Max and have similar good to bad review ratios.

Another Pruvit alternative is to work hard to achieve ketosis independently.

Of course, this involves a lot more work and a strict dieting regimen, but of all diet options, the ketogenic diet is one which delivers rapid results and has a lot of scientific backing.

For long-term results, the consensus among medical experts and researchers about how best to lose weight and keep that weight off is simple: eat healthily and exercise often.

What Users Are Saying

“I ended up in the emergency room with extremely high blood pressure after taking this product for 21 days (I have never had high blood pressure in my life). The sodium content in one packet is 70% of your daily recommended intake. There is inconclusive science behind taking BHB Ketone Salts – BE CAREFUL!”

“Works well, have lost 40 lbs from this product alone in the past two years.”

“I didn’t lose, but I didn’t gain either.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Pruvit

Pruvit is a supplement manufacturer focused on products to add to a keto diet or incorporate into a keto lifestyle. What’s more, the products contain ingredients supported by research. However, there are always alternatives, based on your goals.

Together with eating right and moving more we believe there is a means of promoting weight loss and weight maintenance that’s both clinically proven and simple to use.

Among the best weight-loss apps we’ve seen in years is Noom. We love the expert articles, personalized meal plans and human coaching, but we love the fact that the app is clinically proven to help you lose weight and maintain your new weight.

For a short time Dietspotlight readers can take advantage of a 14-day trial of Noom.

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What is Pruvit Keto OS?

Pruvit Keto OS is a ketone supplement that aims to promote and maintain ketosis.

What are the ingredients in Pruvit?

Pruvit is a powdered weight loss drink with ingredients such as stevia, caffeine, and MCT powder.

What are the side effects of Pruvit?

Pruvit’s side effects include anxiety, nausea, jitters, and elevated heart rate and blood pressure.

Does Pruvit work?

Some of Pruvit’s ingredients, like caffeine and stevia, are clinically proven to increase metabolism for a short time, possibly leading to noticeable weight loss.

What is the price of Pruvit?

A ten day supply of Pruvit sells for between fifty and sixty dollars.

Where can I buy Pruvit?

Pruvit can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where can I buy Pruvit?

Pruvit is available from Amazon, eBay, and directly from the official Pruvit website.

How should I take Pruvit?

Pruvit is meant to be taken daily by adding one packet to a sixteen ounce glass of cold water. Pruvit may be taken with or without food.

How do I contact Pruvit customer service?

Pruvit customer service may be contacted by email at support@pruvithq.com.

Can I return Pruvit?

Within 30 days of purchase, a customer may return the unused portion of their Pruvit purchase for a full refund minus shipping and handling charges.

What are the most common complaints about Pruvit?

The most common complaints about Pruvit concern its side effects and lack of results, along with skepticism regarding the product’s included diet plan.

35 Pruvit Reviews

  • Rmendel

    Can you take dietspotlight burn with the pruv it?

    • Summer (Editor)

      Pruvit is the company. Can you tell us what product you’re wanting to take with Dietspotlight Burn?

  • When nothing else would work, Pruvit did
    mike (Verified Purchase)

    seemed like i have tried every diet. Could not stop my carb cravings. Keto OS is a the ONLY thing that has worked for me. Keto is perfect way for me to eat and Keto OS was the on ramp that got me to Keto eating. i have lost 22 pounds and 4 1/2 inches in my waiste. I don’t have any brain fog at all. The 2:00 blues are totally gone. at first it did cause me to go to the bathroom a lot but then it was like my body got used to it. i still do occassionly when i drink it. Would not trade this experience for anything! I am hate to hear that it hasn’t worked for EVERYONE. I guess some bodies it does and some it doesn’t. I could not stop eating carbs. Cinnamin rolls, pasta, bread…I was helpless. For the last 3 months that i have been taking this, i have NO CRAVINGS! And work out better than i have ever.

  • Jen

    I can’t speak for anyone else nor would I try to, I have been on Pruvits Max since Jan and the product has done everything they claim it does, what might work for me may not work for others, love the drink and couldn’t be happier with my results! Whereas others may lose weight I have gained muscle, I like the fact that it’s all natural and tastes good! I am overweight and the drink has helped me with inflammation I actually have gone down from a 16 to a 13 and still have a ways to go, I’m not tired and the caffeine in the drink doesn’t give me jitters! I haven’t had brain fog since!

  • Patricia Clark

    Started off with 1/2 packet of the Keto/OS chocolate drink with food. Two days, no problems. On the third day, I drank 1 whole packet with food. Had some diarrhea& stomach pain later in evening, but I attributed that to eating a sugar-free ice cream bar with maltitol. Fourth day I drank 1 whole packet in between meals, as I had read on a blog was ok to do. Later in evening more diarrhea/stomach pain. Fifth day, back to 1/2 packet with food; evening – more diarrhea/stomach pain. I might mention that I also took digestive enzymes after two meals on these days. I also am an older person without a gallbladder. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I continue with drinking smaller amounts with food and just wait to adjust? Should I be drinking some of the other formulations (orange drink, keto kreme) as well?

    • Rachel d Johnson

      So it is doing the same to me. The stomach pain is so intense, I am a diabetic and have had diarrhea for almost a week, I did stop using the product 4 days ago and the pain in still there how long before it gets out of my system.

    • Trevor Folgering


      This is due to the MCT powder found in Prüvit. Your body needs to adapt if you are having these side effects.

      You may want to try half a packet in that morning and half in the afternoon.

      Also you mentioned you have no gallbladder. The gallbladder releases bile to help break down Fat. This is why you may be experiencing high bouts of diarrhea, as your body may lack that bile to breakdown fats efficiently.

    • LadyDi4613

      This product also caused severe diarreah for me and I do not have a gallbladder, There is no way my body will accept it, I certainly think that Ptuvit needs to know it’s not for everyone and more information should be given out. It’s such a high cost product and a waste of hard earned money if it doesn’t work for people who don’t have a gallbladder!!!

      • Amy Graham

        I don’t have a gallbladder and it works just fine for me. Everyone is different. Anyone who has health issues should always consult their doctor before using.

    • Summer (Editor)

      We’d love to help Patricia. What Pruvit product did you use?

    • East Coaster

      If you drink your Keto/os slowly over 1 hour you will notice less GI upset. I was drinking it fast and would be in the bathroom, but, when I drink it slowly over 45 minutes to 1 hour I experience no GI upset at all. I’m 40 with no gallbladder

    • seib

      It is also recommended that you drink it without food, wait 30 min or until you are hungry – then eat

    • KKP

      I am 52 looking to start a business with Prutiv. I have no gallbladder and I have diarrhea every day. It’s normal for me! I had a gastric sleeve done and have no energy. I lost 65 with the surgery 4 years later I gained 25 back. I CRAVE sugar and carbs so hoping this will help! But I think everyone that doesn’t have a gallbladder has problems. Everyone I have talked to does!

    • Loreli

      When your body is adapting to Ketones, you will get what is called a keto flu. The best way to have this happen once (may be over some days but not over and over again) is to eat the keto diet as well so you become fat adapt and not have your body relying on carbs for energy. Far healthier for your body.

  • Lauren

    This product is phenomenal! I actually take two a day. I have experienced the jitters before, so I prefer the caffeine free version, which is as easy as selecting it. With the caffeine free version, Pruvit gives me clean, naturally energy.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Lauren! That’s great to hear. Another product that offers a caffeine-free version is Dietspotlight Burn.

  • Jane

    I had reach a plateau after several months of eating a low carb higher lean protein diet. I started taking Pruvit and I started loosing weight again and after taking it for 4 weeks I’d drop down a size in my pants. I felt a little jittery from the Charge formula so I switched to the non-caffeine formula and haven’t had anymore jitters.

  • Pruvit OS
    Babs (Verified Purchase)

    Pruvit OS is not a weight loss product.

  • Angela Loiselle (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using pruvit for about 2 months now and I think it is amazing. I have lost just about 27lbs. loads of energy. I would highly suggest.

  • Stacey

    Taste horrible makes me gag. No change in anything very disappointed

    • Summer (Editor)

      Don’t be discouraged Stacey. You can get your body into ketosis while eating foods that taste great. Programs like Atkins and the old South Beach work with menus consisting of fewer carbohydrates to get your body burning fat.

    • Cory

      I have same after 1 month 0 change and very terrible taste except for the chocolate swirl

  • S Hale

    Does not curb appetite. Gives me headaches and constipation. Very pricey.

    • linda bell

      You are very correct

    • Sheila

      It sure curbs mine its amazing for that ! It just. Makes me feel very weird

  • Slim

    i love the product – felt great when taking and was able to control what I ate. Only bad thing is it causes a yeast infection after about 10 days of the product. Tried again taking it and same prob after about 10 days.

    • Lauren

      That is surprising since there are no sugar or carbs in the product, and nothing that yeast would be able to feed on. I wonder if it is causing your body to cleanse the yeast out? Just a thought! I am actually taking this product to help me get rid of candida (yeast).

      • Jane

        Candida loves to eat breakdown products of glucose, which include any and all sweeteners. This is exactly why you are getting yeast infections.

      • Adair vilella

        Sugar alcohols and the Maksic acid could def cause yeast. It wreaks your gut. Not surprising at all

    • Summer (Editor)

      Did your doctor directly connect the Pruvit product you were taking and the yeast infection?

  • Adair vilella

    This product is awful. The sodium made me blow up! It wreaked havoc on my gut. I gained weight and body when I was actually working out more and not drinking or eating sugar. False claims. Made my body super acidic and bloated! I gained 16 pounds half of which came on fast in the last few weeks and has to be water. I have been off it for a week, was on it three months and I want my money back.

    • linda bell

      They are out of Louisville Ky in Norton Commons you should get your money back!

    • ronna


    • Loreli

      Gaining weight while working out more….muscle?? It does weigh more then fat. Was your diet 100% good? If you’re working out more…..that can cause gas and bloating…..so I wouldnt be convinced its the products. Hard to determine when your making multiple changes.

    • Muriel Myers

      She might be experiencing the water wash thing
      Where fat cells like to retain their shape so when fat burns water washes in, then it washes out at about two weeks