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Diurex Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Diurex is a brand of diuretic in the form of over-the-counter pills. The company says they can help you shed up to 10 pounds of water weight per month. However, science suggests that water-weight loss does not last long and is quickly gained back after discontinuing use.

Our researchers examined the evidence and were concerned with the lack of fat-burning and metabolism-boosting ingredients in Diurex. We looked at customer reviews to get to the truth behind these water pills as well, focusing ones claiming it caused problems like diarrhea and weight gain.

Diurex can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Diurex?

First off, Diurex is a brand of over-the-counter water pills. The ingredients are magnesium and caffeine.  These are intended to “temporarily” reduce bloating and excess water weight. Typically, you’ll take one or two capsules per day.

Alva-Amco Pharmacal, a company dating back to 1904, makes Diurex. Local drugstores and online retailers sell the supplement. We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments, but read on…

Side Effects

Can Diurex Water Pills Cause Side Effects?

The first issue centered on Diurex side effects. “Whenever you choose a new supplement you need to take into consideration how it will makes you feel,” said our Research Editor. “In this case, users have reported some adverse reactions.”

One customer commented, “Diurex causes diarrhea.”

“Just makes me nauseous,” said another user.

Although some users experienced side effects, we found that others didn’t.

“Gave me a slight headache, but it went away when I drank a couple glasses of water,” stated a customer.

Does Diurex Ultra Help With Water Weight?

According to Diurex reviews, some users didn’t see and solid results. One customer revealed, “Didn’t lose a single pound. These just make you pee a lot.”

Another user said, “No weight-loss from this.”

While there are comments about not seeing any changes, there are the occasional review of Diurex talking about seeing positive results.

“Took it for a few days and my jeans fit better than before,” said a user.

“Dropped a couple of pounds,” reported another.

According to our research, long-term success is limited when a supplement doesn’t produce solid results. There’s a bigger issue if dieters use Diurex and don’t notice any changes.


The Science Supporting Diurex Ingredients?

There’s no clinical research presented on the official website about Diurex water pills. However, this product does contain solubolized pamabrom; which acts as a diuretic and may help remove excess water weight from the body. The chances of long-term weight-loss are slim, considering it doesn’t contains fat burners or metabolism boosters. Science-based facts are critical to us at DietSpotlight. There are concerns when it’s missing.

What Users Are Saying

“I have horrible PMDD. Bloating intensifies all my other symptoms – and I often bloat between 5 to 10 lbs! But Diurex + lots of H2O + exercise/moving + watching my portions/salt intake make SUCH a huge difference – 2 lb bloat max! Even during my crappiest months when I’m too pooped to move and am binging like I’m about to hibernate, just Diurex & water still make the bloat significantly better than it would be without. LIFESAVER!”

“I tried it and it didn’t do anything for me.”

“I used this product for years… it never made me lose weight per se but it always took the bloat off! It works for that purpose! I stood behind this product for a long time but then I found XPEL. That product actually helps me LOSE water weight when I needed to. It helps me sweat out all of the toxins during a Pilates or yoga class or even during my 10 mile treadmill workout… which leaves me feeling really balanced! Just make sure to drink more water than you usually do (with electrolytes).”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Diurex Work?

Hold up just one more minute, here are our final thoughts on Diurex water pills. We like that the ingredients are natural and it may help with water retention. But, we’re concerned about the lack of research connecting this one to weight-loss. There’s also an issue with customer reviews talking about negative side effects.

If you need to see faster fat loss results and a slimmer figure, we encourage you to choose a program that’s backed by clinical research and expert support.

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What are the side effects of Diurex?

Diurex side effects may include frequent urination, increased heartrate and blood pressure, sleeplessness, irritability and nervousness.

What are the ingredients in Diurex?

Diurex ingredients are caffeine and magnesium salicylate.

What is the main ingredient in Diurex?

The main ingredients in Diurex are the diuretic caffeine and the non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory analgesic, Magnesium Salicylate.

Does Diurex work?

There’s no solid science linking the ingredients in Diurex to weight-loss. We found studies supporting the effectiveness of caffeine, but nothing that is just about this supplement.

How much does Diurex cost?

Diurex costs $7.56. Considering the supplement is available through various retailers, the price could change.

Where can I buy Diurex?

Diurex can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Diurex?

You should take three to four Diurex capsules while symptoms persist. The company suggests not taking more than four pills in one day.

How long can I use Diurex?

You can use Diurex continuously for 10 days.

Can men use Diurex?

Yes, men can use Diurex. As a precaution, you should consult with a healthcare provider prior to using weight-loss supplements.

What is Diurex Max?

Diurex Max contains the highest strength recognized medically of the gentle and efficient, Diurex diuretic in a single caplet.

What is Diurex water pills used for?

The Diurex water pill is a diuretic that is used to increase the emptying of excess water from the body responsively and relieves pressure-related cramps, monthly weight gain from water retention, swelling, and puffiness.

18 Diurex Reviews

  • It works but buy the right one.
    Dr. Dad (Verified Purchase)

    Diurex works, but you need to buy the right one. I read labels. There is one who’s main ingredient is caffeine. I bought the one who’s main ingredient is Solubilized Pamabrom. Whether or not it works for hypertention I don’t know but my wife took it and she lost 8lbs in 2 days, however she was a little peeved about urinating so much.

    • KT

      so which one should i get? the one with caffeine or solubilized pamabrom?!?!

      • Monica

        solubilized pamabrom

    • Patricia Williams

      How do you think she was going to release the water from her body??? Peeing is the only way!! Ugh!!

  • Tabitha

    I have been using this for a bit now and I went to the doctors the first time and I lost 8 lbs the first time then when I went back 2 weeks later another 7 🙂

  • It is such a waste of money.
    California Girl (Verified Purchase)

    Do not waste your money with Diurex, I took it for a week and saw no results. The only thing I noticed was that my urine was blue-ish, other than that nothing. It is such a waste of money.

  • I would highly suggest it
    Jenn (Verified Purchase)

    My dad and I both have been trying to lose weight forever! Neither of us are obese, just trying to shed acouple pounds. He lost 7 pounds using this pill in 4 days. After he told me that I bought it. I started using it roughly 5 days ago and I feel like I’m losing weight. I don’t weigh myself, but my jeans are fitting much better and my tummy doesnt look bloated. It makes you pee alot and yes the green is normal.. it tells you that on the box. I’m for sure going to continue using Diurex and would highly suggest it for anyone trying to shed afew. Of course the weight you lose can come back.. as with any diet… but take this pill, eat healthier and smaller portions, and drink water instead of soda an you’ll be good to go! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hello, which one did you buy? Caffeine or pamabrom? Thank you ☺️

  • does this help hypertension?

    does this help hypertension?

    • Joe

      Typicaly something stronger will be prescribed for hypertension, but in theory it should have a positive effect.

  • Product just wasn’t for me
    beverly (Verified Purchase)

    it takes about 3 doses to really start working for me,and yes, it does turn your urine blue-or green, depending lol. I have terrible bloating and it really helps. the only hard part is predicting when, so I can get the 3 dose head start.

  • Medication causing urine to turn bright green color?
    Lois Bocchicchio

    Have there been any reports of this medication causing urine to turn a bright green color?

    • Anonymous

      Yes… It’s right on the box and it’s caused by the blue food dye to make the caplets “pretty”! :D)

  • product just wasn’t for me
    michelle Melton (Verified Purchase)

    this product did not work for me at all!

  • Hated the product
    Lina (Verified Purchase)

    Doesn’t work … don’t waste your money

  • Can't see on the website.
    Shannon Hensley- Silver Spring- Maryland

    I had to Google search Diurex for Men and found it tucked away in the website where you can’t see it. Since they don’t advertise it up front do they even make it? because I don’t see it anywhere in the stores.

  • i really think this is good for me
    hakima leslie (Verified Purchase)

    i really think this is good for me i feel a like better now since i use diurex but it may not be for everyone but it has help me.

  • Does Diurex help hypertension?

    Does Diurex help hypertension?