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Fitrum Review

By Summer Banks Oct 17, 2017
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What is Fitrum?

For thousands of years, people have used green tea both for personal enjoyment and for health reasons. The Chinese were the first people to discover the wonders of green tea and take advantage of its numerous healing enhancements. One of those health benefits was dealing with weight control. The natural ingredients in the tea help burn fats which are not stored in the body. If you don’t like drinking green tea, or don’t have time to constantly be brewing your green tea, then Fitrum might be what you’re looking for.

Fitrum is a pill composed primarily of a highly purified dose of EGCG—the component extracted from green tea leaves to aid in body weight control. While there are numerous green tea dieting programs out there besides Fitrum, currently Fitrum is selling for $18.99 for one box, which contains 30 capsules. However, since it is recommended you take up to three doses a day, it is easier to obtain Fitrum in bulk, for prices such as $44.99 a set from dietblogtalk.com.

List of Ingredients

25 mg of TEAVIGO, 25 mg of L Carnitine.

Product Features

Fitrum is designed to be a very non-invasive product into your system, while helping to break down the fat ratio that will not burn off by itself. The purpose of Fitrum pills instead of merely drinking green tea (though that is also highly encouraged while you’re taking Fitrum) is to make sure your body is getting the purest form of the EGCG available. Because Fitrum is so non-invasive, you can take large doses of it and not worry about the effects on your system


  • There are no diet changes when taking Fitrum.
  • It is safe and non invasive into your system.
  • Green Tea extract is good for your body for more than just weight control.
  • No kits, instruction manuals, or detailed routines to interfere with your lifestyle and schedule.


  • No real measurable data has been shown that Fitrum actually increases weight loss.
  • There are never any before/after pictures of someone who has used Fitrum.
  • Customer reviews of the product, even when positive, did not demonstrate actual “success.”
  • The cost of buying three pills a day is costly for what you get out of the product.
  • Most users found home remedies seemed to work just as well.


Regardless of how effective a user believe Fitrum to be, there is no denial that, as the Chinese have known for thousands of years, green tea is very healthy for the body. Full of antioxidants, clearing the system of toxins and improves overall health. Fitrum seeks provides a way for people to continue with their lifestyle while adding in a very non-evasive way to help manage their weight. While not for everyone, Fitrum is one heath effective option to consider when looking for a “home remedy” help in self weight monitoring.

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30 Fitrum Reviews

  • When to take this ?
    Your Name sweet em

    Is it before meal or after meal?
    some reviews says that it should be taken after breakfast and before 4pm ..

    • Cameron (Editor)

      That is fine, though usually it’s taken before eating. Let us know how you like it

  • after breakfast or b4 breakfast
    geraline bacallan (Verified User)

    when you take fitrum?after breakfast or b4 breakfast?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Ordinarily, these pills are taken 30 minutes to an hour before meals including breakfast.

  • Needs more information for lactating people
    shen dela cruz

    is this true that it will lose unwanted weight to improve my body??. Im also lactating, is it safe and effective?? how it really works and how fast?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Shen! Because of possible interactions with lactating, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.

  • How to use this ?
    Your NameNamealmira Louise

    i want to take fitrum just to bring back my shape. I only have size 25 but when i get married it drops to ten pounds i have no time to get exercise. I control my meal but i feel it doesnt work so i decided to take fitrum . does anybody here tell me if i do the right thing? Im a first time user u know..so im very curious.. When should i take a pill? Before or after meal? Do i need to risk my favorite meal also while taking this supplement? Thank you for those who can answer my thoughts.rum.

    • Devon (Editor)

      You are to take one capsule after meals 3 times daily.

  • take fitrum while breastfeed

    Can I take fitrum while breastfeed? I have 1yr 3mos daugter but she 100 percent breastfeed, only before sleep

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Ailyn! Because of possible interactions with breastfeeding, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • Friendly Advice

    I would like to take it but im afraid if it has no side effect on me because im only 17. Any Friendly Advice .?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello ZheL. This product is to be only used by adults 18 years and older.

  • Product for lactating mother

    how about for lactating mother,they can take it also or not??

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Ruby! Because of possible interactions with lactating , please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • abegail

    I am abegail..a 33 years old…is it safe for me to take fitrum but now im taking metimazole ..my hypherthyroidism po kc ako.i gain weight becsuse of my dailymaintenance.😳

    • Andrew (Editor)

      Hi Abegail. Questions and concerns relating to using any supplement and existing health conditions are best answered by your physician.

  • ayah

    The best sya! I go to gym and i spent 2 hrs. A day for work out, balance diet ang NO TO FLAVORED drinks except water. I drink 3.5Liters-4 liters a day of water, i drink green tea kht may green tea na sya and 3 times a day fitrum… 8 days plang akong nagdadiet at 6 days plang ako nagtitake nito… From 144.6 pounds, now i’m only 138 pounds just in 8 days!!!

    Wag kang magrely dito lagi, smahan lagi ng balance diet, work out and water to flush ur body toxins… Trust me, so effective:)

  •  Will wait and see
    camille (Verified User)

    2 weeks palang ako gumagmit di ko aslam kung effective 🙂 pero i will take the risk kaya yan mga te :)))))))

  • When to use Fitrum to reduce weight before meal or after meal?
    Nhalene (Verified User)

    when iam going to take a fitrum, if i want to reduce weight?? is it before meal or after meal?

  •  its amazing i lost almost 1 kg.
    naira mill (Verified User)

    i took fitrum in 1 week, no diet, i continue with my regular exercise, its amazing i lost almost 1 kg. when i reach my ideal weight 48 kg i stopped taking fitrum. it works.

    • Your Name

      what happen when you stop taking fitrum?

      • Vivien Alpuerto

        Your appetite will bounce back to before. So after stopping, you need to have discipline.

  • Is there any side effect? How to buy Fitrum?
    marilou bartolome

    i need that fetrum,im 38 yrsold 78kloshere is no side ifect
    t i want to buy that

  • Do diet and exercise.

    yes. Gradually reduce amount of meals and amount of food with every meal. Eat very little rice with your veggies. Exercise. Perhaps sex too? If you really, really want to become slim, stop eating completely. Simple logic says that if you won’t eat and will move your body will use your fat deposits for energy. Do it gradually. fb’ ryan trile.

  • Can loose weight with it?
    Almairah Sarangani

    i am 17 . and i am very hopeless in loosing weight so i’ve tried different dietary products and eveb drink tea’s hoping to lose but then everything has no effect on me . i still have this big belly. I even tried fitrum. interms of food also im not that eating alot type and i always prefer veggies , any advice or ….. fr me?

    • anne

      Try to consult a doctor .. maybe you have problems in your thyroid..

  •  Did not for me at all
    joyce (Verified User)

    I don’t thinks its really works. For 3 months walang nangyari.

    • Almairah Sarangani

      same tau te!

      • katherine


        • Ces

          when i was 19, i used fitrum and its really works. from chubby i became thin. i had slim body. i think u should exercise everyday while taking fitrum and also u should lessen your food intake.