Updated: 12/12/2017

Orbitrek Elite Review - 5 Things You Need to Know


We’re hearing a lot of buzz about Orbitrek Elite, so we decided to create a comprehensive review, examining the side effects, ingredients, scientific research and overall customer care. We additionally spent a lot of time sorting through hundreds of user experiences and comments from around the web. Lastly, we compacted all the data we collected to give you the facts you need.

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What is Orbitrek Elite?

To start with, Orbitrek Elite is an at-home fitness device for both women and men to use daily. It is compact in size, and 10 minutes on this machine is claimed to be 300 percent more effective than a 10-minute walk. According to the official website, it simulates walking and running, but there is no negative impact on your knees and joints. The movement is supposed to give you a total body workout, which includes the arms, legs, shoulders, back, abdominal area and chest. Both cardio and strength training are combined. You can essentially burn off 820 calories per hour.

This fitness machine was released back around 2010 and it’s suitable for all ages. You can purchase it online from sites like QVC. Orbitrek Elite is easy on the joints and it’s compact enough to store in most homes, but read on…

Bad Customer Service – “A Serious Concern?”

The first issue we came across was the number of reports of poor support. “We found a long list of consumer complaints regarding this company’s customer service. This is a major red flag. Many said representatives would not help them with repairs or refunds,” says our Research Editor.

According to one customer, “Orbitrek Elite is a bad product. Very bad post-sales service, very bad brand!”

“This is the WORST customer service. Waste of money and time,” said another individual.

There were customers who came in contact with customer service and appreciated the experience. Others felt negative reviews had nothing to do with product quality.

“I got good results and once my machine get repaired one of the worker came and repaired it. Fast service,” said one buyer.

A customer asked, “How in the world does customer service have anything to do with the object by itself!?!? The object might be good but if the website you got it from is bad.’

Poor Product Quality – “Repairs Already?”

There are numerous complaints posted on the web about the overall quality of Orbitrek Elite. One user stated, “I bought Orbitrek Elite on Oct 1st and the problem started within 5 days. I called the concern department but no use. They never even bothered to respond. It’s all a waste. Please don’t buy the product Orbitrek Elite.”

Another person commented, “Mine broke the very same day I got it!”

The quality wasn’t an issue for some and a few reviews even offered advice on the problem.

“For all thoses who having quality issues, READ THE PRODUCT MANUAL,” said one user.

A review also said, “The only thing I’m not crazy about is the monitor- I can’t reset it but this is minor… I use a heart rate monitor.”

Our research has revealed that if there is one facet of a workout program or fitness product that is especially bothersome (bad customer service, poor product quality, a difficult exercise) the probability of lasting success is low. In other words, if Orbitrek Elite is not made well and this impacts a lot of buyers, this could be a serious dilemma.

The Science – “Solid Clinical Support?”

Unfortunately, we did not find any real science to support Orbitrek Elite. While we did locate the official website, we did not find any study results. However, there is no doubt that cardio exercise and strength training is ideal for burning calories, which can lead to weight-loss. We at DietSpotlight prefer to see published scientific results that support the claims made about a fitness product. But, in this case, though not referenced, it is available.

The Bottom Line – Does Orbitrek Elite Work?

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: our bottom line on Orbitrek Elite. Well, we appreciate that the company promotes exercise and that this machine is low-impact so it’s easy on your joints. On the other hand, we have some issues with the negative customer reviews and quality, so we’re skeptical about giving the green light.

If you really want to burn more calories to lose weight, we encourage you to go with a product that is backed by solid clinical studies, comes with great customer service and is supported by lots of positive user feedback.

Among the best products we’ve found this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The formula is a unique blend of four potent ingredients that are clinically tested and linked to improvements in metabolism and fat loss. The supplement has been tested for potency and purity and customer service is supportive.

Also, the makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so confident in their product they’re offering every customer a Special Trial Offer – nice touch.

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Orbitrek Elite Review
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What You Should Know

Orbitrek Elite is an elliptical style workout machine available for sale online. According to the official website, users can burn up to 820 calories in just an hour spent on the machine. Recent exercise studies have shown that breaking up workouts is just as effective, or more effective, than working out for an extended period of time. This means users could workout for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night on the Orbitrek Elite and achieve the same 820 calories burned. Customers have the ability to leave feedback on the website. Testimonials are also published for dieters to review before ordering the machine.

List of Ingredients

Elliptical style workout machine.

Product Features

The Orbitrek Elite works legs, chest, arms, shoulders and back all at the same time. This claim is dependent upon the user keeping their arms moving at all times. Unlike other elliptical machines, the Orbitrek Elite does not have a hand rest where users can rest upper body muscles during the workout. This could mean beginners will need to start out slowly and progress to spending on hour on the machine.

In addition to selling the Orbitrek Elite, Thane also sells heart rate monitors, AM/FM headset radios, body fat monitors and thermogenic waist trimmers. These are all priced in addition to the cost of the Orbitrek Elite price. The Orbitrek Elite comes in a box when delivered so dieters will need to spend significant time assembling the machine. There is a possibility that more than one person could be needed to complete assembly.

Orbitrek Elite is priced comparably to other home fitness equipment at $249 plus $39.95 shipping and handling. The buyer has the option to try out the machine for 6 weeks before returning it for a full refund minus original shipping and handling. When returning, there is no information about having to disassemble the machine. If the user needs to take the machine apart and place it back in the box, returning could be very difficult. The buyer would also have to pay for return shipping and handling.


  • Elliptical machines are not as harsh on lower leg joints and ligaments.
  • The cost of the Orbitrek Elite is comparable to other machines.
  • There is a 6 week trial period.
  • Returns are refunded 100% minus shipping and handling.


  • No arm rests.
  • No weight limit is published with the online literature.


Orbitrek Elite is another elliptical machine that promises to burn more calories than the competition. Elliptical machines work wonders touching on all muscles of the upper and lower body, but their effectiveness is dependent upon the dieter using the machine on a consistent basis. With assembly time and lack of arm rest, dieters may wish to choose a different elliptical machine.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

173 Orbitrek Elite Reviews

  • Where to buy the product

    I want to buy the orbital elite just want to know twhere o buy one

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Norma! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Orbitrek Elite official website.

  • Best time to do the exercise
    Gaja (Verified User)

    Shall I do orbitrek exercise at midnight.im doing weekly 4days.

  • Is this the right product for me?
    Your Name

    I want to reduce my belly.Is it possible with this machine?

    • Your Name

      dont buy this. its too hard to use

    • Megha

      This machine is a life saver .. I was 107 kg when I started in 3 months I am now 87 .. It burns calories .. I was always shy to go to the gym because I was really obese .. Now I can workout at home .. At first it might seem hard for you but in time you will get used to it

      • Your Name

        how many mins did u do per day

        • Your Namekamila

          Nice its very effective …..superb result tarudhu

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.

  • Would there be changes in weight?
    Your Name (Verified User)

    by doing this there will be changes in weight?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.

  • Carol

    Does anyone know where to get replacement parts? I need both of the handle bolts. Product # Pro-17

  • Within how many days it will show the changes?

    within how many days it will show the changes……….

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results and days to show results may vary.

  • growth problems

    Can a 13 year old use it? I mean….wld there be any growth problems? 😕

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello. This product is to be only used by adults 18 years and older.

  • Does orbitrek elite reduces belly?

    i am 20 yrs old..does orbitrek elite reduces belly? how long should i use daily?

    • oggy

      try it and find out

    • Your Name

      It’s based on how much time and how much speed you’re using ….
      speed =20kmp/h time 30 mins its enough

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Priya. For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Orbitrek official website for more information.

  • alisha

    really great..i became fit after using this…its really helpfull..just we need a passion towards workout..then its sure that we lose weight

  • Murali

    Is this really lodd weight

  • Sha

    This is a very good exercise
    Specially working well on the thigh areas hands as well as tummy I have lost 6 kg fr the last 2 months

  • sreena

    I suggest not to waste money by buying this usless machine. It often breaks monthly twice. Local product. Cheating company. Kindly suggest me for resale. Bakwaas advertising of this b orbitrek company.

  • sai

    it’s a good product……
    thank u for producing this product.

  • ricky

    This is the best workout machine I have bought and I bought quite lot. Easy to work the entire body and has great amount of resistance so you can keep inceasing and challenging yourself. I have lots 28kgs in the last 5 months. Keep increasing the time and resistance and you too can reach your goals. For all thoses who having quality issues, READ THE PRODUCT MANUAL. for instance if your flooring is uneven using the 2 plastic cap rear feet you can adjust the orbitrek so that it is level and has no wobble and thus has no strain on the machine. Just a thought hey

  •  The quality is crap !
    Vijay (Verified User)

    Please don’t waste your money by buying it. I brought one and it broke down in 15 days and when asked for replacement of broken a part. Believe me they played around and gave it after 2 months and guess what it was faulty one too. I was really furious. Call the customer care and they have fun talking to you literally. it’s based in chennai. There are plenty of cases against this product and company. Some of the ratings are from their paid men. This product doesn’t even deserve 1 star. BTW I am a mechanical engineer. The quality of product is crap!!!!!

  •  Not good for me
    jphn (Verified User)

    its very bad

  •  Good for exercise
    Anjali (Verified User)

    Its good exercise machine,

    • Your Name

      Have you used it? Im planning to buy one.. but confused between treadmill and orbitrek. What would you suggest?

      • pavindu

        you better buy a treadmill couse the treadmill is beet that obitrek
        the treadmill is easy to use 🙂

  •  Very effective product
    Sungandhi (Verified User)

    Good and easy to lose weight.

  •  Quite expensive but good
    darshini (Verified User)

    Except its price other characteristics is good.

  •  So far so good
    Pavithra (Verified User)

    Using it for one month and getting good effects.

    • prakash

      Howtoget machine

  •  Very effective product
    Kanan (Verified User)

    Its an effective machine.

  •  Helped me reduce weight
    Krishnagiri (Verified User)

    Helps to reduce body weight.

  •  Made me look good
    Ananya (Verified User)

    It makes me to reduce weight and looking good.

  •  They delivered this on time
    Heena (Verified User)

    Correct time delivery of product.

  •  Effective and very easy to use
    dwaraka (Verified User)

    good product and easy to reduce weight by using it.

  •  This product really works!
    Dinakar (Verified User)

    Well working product and reduces my weight .

  •  Simply perfect!
    Ambu (Verified User)

    Helpfull product an couldnt find any demerit.

  •  Using this everyday and I'm seeing results
    Ranjith (Verified User)

    I m daily workingout with orbitrek elite, and getting result.

  •  Able to lose weight
    Neenuthomas (Verified User)

    I reduce my body weight.

  •  Delivery time was met
    Mahesh (Verified User)

    Correct delievry of time an dlets see how its working . I just buy it before 2 weeks.

  •  You can use it anywhere
    heena (Verified User)

    Flexible and can workout on anywhere.

  •  Better product out there
    dwaraka (Verified User)

    Comparatively good and better product.

  •  Very good product
    banu (Verified User)

    Very nice product

  •  Quick and effective service
    Thaz (Verified User)

    Fast service and effective one.

  •  Helped me lose weight
    Shanisha (Verified User)

    helpful to reduce weight

  •  Best exercise equipment
    Abhishek (Verified User)

    Exercise equipment best product Orbitrek elite.

  •  Everything is good except the price
    Your Name (Verified User)

    Except price all other features are good and acceptable.

  •  This is very effective
    Krishna (Verified User)

    Effective one.

  •  Got good results and service
    Haresh (Verified User)

    My friend suggest about this product by seeing adds online and I m working out for three months I got good results and once my machine get repaired one of the worker came and repaired it. Fast service.

  • Need help with my machine
    Kamal (Verified User)

    I reduced my weight, my machine didnt stops working so i dont know about their service for this.

  •  Effective product and on time delivery
    Rathna (Verified User)

    Effective product and correct time delivery of product

  •  I am getting good resuults
    Geetha (Verified User)

    It will helps me to reduce weight and i was using it for last one month getting good results

  •  Very happy with this!
    Babu (Verified User)

    I am happy with this product because i got good result.

  •  This product really helped me
    vanishwari (Verified User)

    Its a good product and helps me to reduce weight. I reduce my body weight 2kg in one month.

  • Usage during Periods

    yes you can workout during periods also ..since during periods you burn more calories

  • Severe Back Pains

    I have a severe back pain. Is Orbitrek elite suitable for me to workout?

    Lizz Romney


  •  120 calories to fast
    Sahithi (Verified User)

    It shows 120 calories per 30 min how fast I do orbitek how will I achieve 820
    Pls say me

    • Your Name

      for me also 120 calories! How dy r gettng 820

    • Arun

      Speed you want to maintain atleast 23 then only you can loss more calories

  • Exercise Machine that Suits My Needs

    Are you able to build an exercise machine to suit my needs?

  •  Part of the Machine i want
    Joanne (Verified User)

    I have a orbitrek elite and I need to get a part for it. If you could let me know how to order parts for my orbitrek. I believe it had a recall years ago.. that is the part I need

  • bought a thane orbiters couple of years ago
    Anita (Verified User)


    I bought a thane orbiters couple of years ago and I need to get it serviced, cause it makes a big noise when I use it.
    Please let me know a place and contact where I can get it repaired. This will be a great help cause I have gain 2kg since I stop that.
    Thanking you in advance

  •  30 minutes 150 calories
    sharath (Verified User)

    I used it for 30 minutes and it just lose about 150 calorie

  •  parts for this machine in South Africa
    CHARLES (Verified User)

    I am the owner of the Orbitrek Model No OR1000. Where can I purchase parts for this machine in South Africa? I am looking for the Pedal Hinge Bolt RHS, Part No 12B (R). Kind regards

    • Craig

      Did you ever find the pedal hinge bolt? I need one also and have no luck finding one.

  •  My problem is not resolving
    agilan (Verified User)

    i had given complaints on oct 2 2014 ,but no responce and i am calling weekly 2 time my proble is not solved,but i bought before 4 month is has broken .give me solution

  •  Thane Orbitrek Machine
    Andy (Verified User)

    I have a Thane Orbitrek Machine but the left hengis bolt was broken it was cut i need to buy a bolt so that i can use it again but i don’t know how and where i can order a new parts please help me thanks.just let me know thru my email

  • Tips to use product Regularly

    Whether the orbitrek elite will reduce belly.
    If yes then how long it will take to
    reduce and more tips to use it regularly

  • Reduce Fats or Not

    is it better than treadmill? will it reduce abdomen fat?

  • Binitha Mathew

    I want to know about the monitor – it is showing only 0.00 value. Need to do any setting for displaying the pulse, calories, time, speed etc. Is it helpful in reducing the abdominal fat?

  • i have to reduce my pregnancy weight

    Am 23 years old and i have to reduce my pregnancy weight . how long will it take for me to reduce 10 kgs using orbitrek without diet

    • Your Name

      Anyways with orbitrek u have to diet than only it will work very well diet is also important

  • second hand machine

    hw useful to get a second hand machine whether it ll b conditions ah

  • technical problem of this product

    After viewing advertisement of orbitrek elite in tv i decided to buy it but when i search on net it shows me lot of contraversies,complaints about technical problem of this product & it also shows me customer service is worst to worst!!!
    Now,i really very scared to buy this product because Rs.15,999 is not a small amount for me if this above problems are seen in this product then its a great lose for me. Please suggest me honestly i need all of urs valuable suggession.plz kindly reply, is this product is good? Where to buy on online so that i get best customer service…thank u…. 🙂

    • Div


      Kindly let me know which model of Orbitrec Elite we have to buy for better results. I have to reduce my pregnancy weight. Kindly suggest and help. Let us know the price also I you have bought it. Thanks.

  • orbitrek

    Does orbitrek really work….

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.

  • i purchased orbitek machine.

    hi i purchased orbitek machine. i just want to know my dad can do this workout. he;s age is above 50. i just want to know he can do this workout, is thr any side effects happen? kindly let me know

    • Anonymous

      My dads nearing 50 n he works out on orbitrek almost daily n he doesn’t have any problem.

  • oritek elite helps to reduce for a month

    iam 21 yrs old.. how many kgs did oritek elite helps to reduce for a month

  • lower side belly

    how to workout for lower side belly

  • reducing my weight
    G . Padma priya

    I have two daughters,I age is 37 and height is 154 ,my weight is 65. I have bought orbitrek before 6 months. My weight has not reduced. I work on it daily for 20 minutes. But I never do it during my periods. Since there is no continuity am I not reducing my weight. Can I work out during my periods. Kindly suggest. Should I increase my work out time and can i do it during my periods. Please reply

  • Ram

    I have the Orbitek elite Thane machine with me. How to read the monitor on the top of the machine. If I work for 30 mins it says 9.00 distance travelled and 139.6 calories burned.. is it just 139 calories in 30 mins

  • My weight is 70 can I use orbitrac machine or not?

    Hi,im 26 years femail my whaight is 70 can I use orbitrac machine or not? If we stop doing work out on orbitrek elite is there any body weight increse?

  • Need parts for Orbitrek model OR1000. Where can they be found?
    Carroll Ashley

    need parts for Orbitrek model OR1000. Where can they be found?

  • Can a women after delivery use this machine?
    Ameera sulfi

    Its a very important question.
    can a women after delivery use this machine., that is it became only two and half months. So plz say me whether I can use orbit…

  • if we stop doing work out on orbitrek elite is there any body weight increase?

    if we stop doing work out on orbitrek elite is there any body weight increse?

  • Is there any side effects due to the usage of orbitrek elite?

    there is any side effects due to the usage of orbitrek elite?

    • shamala

      Hi I had a normal delivery but my baby weight tummy looks like as if i am again 3 months pregnant women.. so pls clarify my doubt & do reply me. If i use orbitrek machine will dat workout for me? I want to get a flat tummy will i get a flat tummy???

      • Div

        I have same problem. I am also planning to buy Orbitrec elite. Did you buy? and is it usefel? Do we really reduce tummy and weight if we use it? Kindly let me know.

  • My weight is 62 can I use orbitrac machine or not?
    Faisara shamil

    Hi,im 20 years femail my whaight is 62 can I use orbitrac machine or not?

    • adrian

      No need 62 – Walk daily in the morning don.t wear headphone while walking.Concentrate to the road and walk….Kudos

    • prasanth

      Is it true..??

  • Please suggest me the price and how to get it?

    my mother is 55 yrs old and suffering from arthritis.physician suggested to reduce her weight.. does it helps..
    and our family wana to use it…
    plz suggest me the price and how to get it

    • charles

      Also iam a diabetic women.aged 58 years kindly advise

  • Whom to contact for service of Orbitrek Elite machine in Hyderabad?

    I have shifted to Vapi from Hyderabad and
    I want to know whom to contact for service of Orbitrek Elite machine

  • What is the best discount that can be offered and i need it in Mumbai?

    Want to buy the orbit elite in mumbai what is the best discount that can be offered and i need it in Mumbai.

  • How to get it in Oman and whats its price?

    i am 37 yrs weight105 i want to reduce my weight.orbitrek elite useful. how much price? get in Oman.

  • Please tell me the cost of this product?

    Hi i want to purchase tis orbit trek lite.i want to reduce my thighs because its to large.so pls tel me the cost.

  • I want to purchase this orbitrek elite what is the final price?

    I want to purchase this orbitrek elite what is the final price i am from ap


    • Praveen kumar gudala

      Hi venki. This is praveen from hyd, kukatpally. I bought orbitrek elite 2095dlx model for rupees Rs.13500 in april 2014 from NISTHA HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS, kukatpally, hyd . Along with this, i got body weighing machine and AB twister as complimentary. You can go and choose the machine you like. After you select and purchase the machine, a person will come to your address with the box containing the machine who will install/assemble the parts in your desired location. Its been 2 weeks that i am using this along with my mom and dad who are 60 yrs of age. They r very happy with this. They are not experiencing no joint pains. All they experience is just sweat seeat. I use this machine 20 mins every day.

  •  its a really good to burn fats.
    Aadil (Verified User)

    Its a very good workout for the entire body and also for our health, better u do better u get results its a really good to burn fats.

  •  You can feel the actual difference with regular exercise.
    Sajid (Verified User)

    Definitely prefer this over a conventional thread-mill as
    it gives you an almost complete workout (cardiovascular and resistance ). The key is to go beyond the initial 20 mins when the actual fat burning starts. Cardiac patients however ought to consult their physicians before going ahead with this as you don’t want to experience angina( chest pain) or undergo a heart attack( myocardial infarction) while exercising. You can feel the difference with regular exercise.

  • How should i buy this orbitrek elite in hyderabad?

    how should i buy this orbitrek elite in hyderabad ? do u have any stores in hyderabad ? reply me fast .

  • Who is the dealer in Bangalore and what is its price?

    Let me know who is the dealer in Bangalore and what is the price, purely for own use in our family. My daughter got phone number from television, but we hesitating to buy because of unknown terms and conditions and user manual.

  • Where to buy?

    hi guys. is Orbitrek really helps to reduce the belly fat? where/which site is good to get it?

  • Can use it while expect pregnancy?

    Am weighing 84 &am under fertility tt.wanna to reduce my belly .is it possible ^ can I use it though expecting pregnancy.

  • Asking about one time cost.
    S Paramasivan

    I want to purchase one Orbitrek Elite machine.I want to pay it in one lump sum.What will be the cost?.Kindly inform the address where I have to approach.

  • Will it affect unborn baby?

    in case if i use orbitek while i am pregnant, will it affect the baby?

  • How long to see the result?
    shasmitha (Verified User)

    im 21yrs old female i wanna reduce my thies and arm muscles using orbitek ll it possible hw long it ll take to reduce 2 to 3inches

    • Vicky

      Wat is the cost of orbitrek elite plz hlp me

      • Vani

        It is very good and easy for all ages

  • Can reduce belly with it?

    hai, i am 30 years male with slim body. But i have big belly. I dont want to loose my weight since i am already slim. But i want to reduce my belly only. Is it possible with this machine?

    • King

      NO. No….No…

  • how can i buy it in UAE?
    nalinda krishan

    how can i buy it in UAE?

  • How can repair the machine?
    Mkhize Happiness (Verified User)

    Please help my orbitrek chain on my left side has broken and I dont know what to do because I do need it, help me where to find other parts of this machin.

  • Weight can be back after stopping?

    hai buy in machine but really reduce in wait, and but after using machine incresing wait pls tel

  • Can it help to loose weight?

    hi am 25 years old. my son was 8 months old. after my delivery i put up lot of weight. am 70kgs now. i wish to buy orbitrek elite. will this really helpfull to reduce my weight. suggest me whether to buy it or not?

  • Where to buy?

    please let me know where to buy this machine and also tell me if there is a replacement for the parts of the machine.

  •  Loved the product
    Steve (Verified User)

    Hi ive been using my orbitrek for 3 years it has been a great way to not only reduce weight but also a good way of reducing stress, there is a issue though my machine has busted away from its frame(the weld broke holding it togeather)I do like it though but am unsure if going to buy another one, maybe a deal would be in order

  • Can use it with health condition?

    hi i’m Ranjini.M my height is 4.8″ but weight 53kg. ll it works?

    • Nithya

      It will surely work for anyone who use it on regular basis. Proper nutritional diet along with it will give you better result. By the way.. how old are u?

      • ranjini M

        1995 – Age 1 for now?

  •  Loved the product.
    maverick (Verified User)

    orbit trek elite which is shown in teleshopping, i brought that in 2009 nov 1st. it is a great machine. infinite times better than tredmill. iam doing daily 90minute in the morning and evening. without any diet. iam 26 years old female weighing 98kgs 5.7 in height.
    it really works you know. i have started doing it really 90 minutes for past 2 weeks i reduced 3kgs that too without any diet. morning i will take honey with lemon & warm water, after 1hr oats samll amount, after 1 hr 150gms of fresh carrots, after 1hr 200ml of milk, after 2 hrs 2 chappathi with channa masala( daily same routine but curry will vary) after 3hrs 100gms of groundnuts after 2hrs 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 very small bannana after 2 hrs 2 chappathi with any curry(it has be prepared with one spoon of olive oil) and 250ml of butter milk without salt & sugar. initially when you start exercise, the fat which is not converted in to cellulite will reduce and then cellulite slowly it will reduce. try it & motivate & encourage yourself to reduce weight & others will notice you soon. all the best i hope it is useful. i got benefited with this so u can also try it.

  •  So far Loved the product.
    Shobith (Verified User)

    Hello Joshi,
    talking about your workout…its really not suffice to reduce weight..try about half an hour in a single session because ur body will heat up and heart rate goes up by doing as i’ve said which burns more calories…and do it twice a day…then u’ll get to know the weight difference…
    Cheers and all the best..

  •  Worked good for me
    SURYAKUMAR (Verified User)

    lokesh, my age is 42, i had bypass surgery 7 years back, i am using this machine since for 5 months , i didnt faced any problem,

  • Where can we find them?
    Archana M

    I want to know place of orbitrek elite in bangalore

  • Questions about sweating
    joshi (Verified User)

    hi, i bought orbitec yesterday. I am Working women. So i dont have time to go outside for walking. I need to cook and to take care of my 4 yrs child.

    My plan to use this machine in morning 15 mints and night 15 mits..
    for me sweat-ting is not yet coming.
    Without sweating weight will reduce or or not

    • hasan

      i have been doing this for 1 week iam 24 years my weight is 74 and i need to lose my weight can anyone help me. and i do it everyday 1hr with diet.

    • Chinnamuthu

      Please drink a bottle of water in empty stomach. It triggers sweating which enhances weight loss process

  • How to reduce weight using this?

    iam 23yr i have to reduce 15kg in 2 months.how can i reduce using orbit ellite

  • Is this good for my condition?

    i underwent bypass heart surgery. can use the orbitrek instruement for exercise and if so,how many minutes daily. iam 66 with normal physiqe

  • Is this safe with my condition?

    a sugar patient of 60 years old can use orbitek or not?

    • wellwisher

      if u r a sugar patirnt your weight will gradually reduce without anything

      • wellwisher

        yea but they need exercise to keep them going n fit!! -_-

  • Is this safe in my condition?

    hai i am jayaraj 50 years old i have bp high (94-145) so ican use this orbitrek elite my bp will reduse or incerse give right answer thu my mail

  • Is this safe with my condition?

    i am 23 years old with 70 kgs weight. i am suffering from both cervical and lumbar spondylosis please suggest me in this condition does using orbitrek elite stands safe?

  •  Best customer service
    anusha (Verified User)

    I personally feel that the best part of Telebuy is its Customer service.I purchased orbitrek from telebuy.But after a week orbitrek undergoes some problem.I informed Telebuy.Telebuy provided me a best customer service.Within a day they provided me a new orbitrek.I worked out and now i am slim and strong.I am really satisfied with telebuy’s product.

  • Ulcer
    banu (Verified User)

    hi am banu.20 with weight 60..was this machine may lead any side effects.?was this harmful to me..?becoz am having ulcer..pls say me the truth

  • Will this help me lose weight?
    krishna mohan

    Will this orbitek help me in loosing my weight.i am 86kg now I what to loose upto 10kg in a month so please give me a solution.please give a reply to my email

  • jafer

    Is the display showing calories burned on aerofit orbitrek is accurate. I doubt the way results are displayed, showing 1500 calories for 15 minutes of workout!

  • Heart patient here
    lokesh babu

    i am 34 years old , i am a heart patient can i use this product, i want to know there i s no prpblem with thid for me ?

  •  Receiving compliments
    kavin (Verified User)

    if u work fr two times a day…ie morning 20 minutes and evening 20 minutes…thatz it…u can see tha results very soon..and u really dont have to follow strict diet..just go abt eating yr normal diet..or normal routine of yr food habits..(ofcourse am not talkin abt the ppl who wil hog on nethn thy get).very effective n will get yr shape loosin unwanted flab..i hav recieved compliments from my frenz when i used tha machine regularly…so go abt it…tha hardest part is maintaning discipline abt exercise.

  • How to use Orbitrek Elite machine?

    How to use Orbitrek Elite machine? What is the diet that should be followed while using this machine?

  • Machine causing knee pain
    AJITH M NAIR (Verified User)

    I have used Orbitrek on a test ride basis before purchasing and while using i was healthy too with my knees and muscles. Being so i have tested fine and was satisfied too . But unfortunately within one week my knees started paining and ultimately afterone and half months i was not able to walk properly , literally i was limbing and now doctors say i am suffering from arthiritesis and i have to blame the machine and the publicities too that using the machine no knee pain will arise

    • maha

      I am using Orbitrek elite from 4 days onwards, I am getting leg and knee pains.Is this is common or i am getting any problem.Please clarify this.

  • Can you take it with other medications?

    I am male, aged 53 years, regularly walking for 1 hour every day. Will the ORBITREK ELITE be useful to me, as I am also a diabetic/hypertensive on medications.

  • Helps reduce belly fat, hips, and thies

    Orbitrek Elite will really help to reduce belly fat, hips, and thies?

    • Anonymous

      It’s true

  • Looking for suggestions about the product


    My original weight was 55 Kg and I am with height of 5.5, now my weight is 75 Kg. Please suggest me is ORBITRECK is really useful.can I reduce weight?
    Please give me some inputs so that I can proceed further.

  •  Worst customer service

    dont buy it guys … the cusatomer service is the worst ever… dont get cheated

    • Shivaranjani


  •  Can see the results after several days
    methuna (Verified User)

    i am using orbitreck elite for the last one week the result is very good.i can feel the result within seven days.its realy good

  • Please help

    I thinking about buying a machine like this but I’ve heard stories about these breaking all the time. Could anyone tell me if it is worth it? I don’t want to waste $350 on a machine that won’t last. My other option is the Cardio Twister, but it too has been reported to break and cause injury.
    Please help!

  •  Orbitrek Elite
    Indu (Verified User)

    I am Indu and using this instrument for the past 2 months along with proper diet..
    Believe it I reduced 7 Kgs. Also my body structure has been shaped a lot.. Dont forget to eat Oatmeal every morning.

    • geetanjali

      hi i am geetanjali i want to purchase this machine please sugeest me orbitreck is realy usefull or not

    • pradeep

      dnt take oats… it leads to calcium deficiency….

  • I get it fixed or get a new chain

    The chain has snapped on my orbitrek elite where can i get it fixed or get a new chain?

    • Mkhize Happiness

      I have a problem too my orbitrk ellite, the left foot has broken and I cant use it anymore and I only bought it in 2011 pls help me on how I can get a left side

  •  i want to reduce my weight
    Kalaivani.K (Verified User)

    Hi am 25, my weight is 72kg, i want to reduce my weight, for that orbit rek elite is right equipment or not. After stoppage of using orbit rek elite again body weight will be increase?. Plz suggest

  • Is orbitrek elite is useful for me?

    hai im 23, my weight is 95 i want to reduce my fat. Is orbitrek elite is useful for me.how to use it and how it works. thank u

    • akhil

      hai kanna you can reduce upto 7 kgs a month using orbitrek elite.i also bought elite and i am using it you should do only 15 mins morning and 15 mins evining.you will surely reduce bye.

    • marilyn

      hi kanna

      im 29 and weigh 72, the orbitrek elite works wonders when used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet….so go for it

  • I seriously want to get good workout without damage to joints.

    Is Orbitrek worth buying. Is it not just another gimmick. I seriously want to get good workout without damage to joints. Will do 30 mins 5 days a week.

  • Would it make sense that I went 3.00 m in 13.30 minutes?
    Kris (Verified User)

    I just purchased a used orbitrek elite – on the monitor, is the “m” on the distance for miles? I assume so but my husband does not. Would it make sense that I went 3.00 m in 13.30 minutes?

    Thanks you.

    • srisha

      how much weight reduce in a month..and did body got a good shape..

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