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Orbitrek Elite Review - 18 Things You Need to Know

We hear a lot of buzz about Orbitrek Elite, so we decided to create a comprehensive review, examining the side effects, ingredients, scientific research and overall customer care. We additionally spent a lot of time sorting through hundreds of user experiences and comments from around the web. Lastly, we compacted all the data we collected to give you the facts you need.

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What is the Orbitrek Elite Total Body Elliptical?

The Orbitrek Elite Total Body Elliptical is a piece of stationary gym equipment specially designed to fit within the comfort of your own home. Compared to other elliptical machines, this one is specifically made to fit the needs of people who consider themselves fitness beginners. The Orbitrek Elliptical is constructed with the idea that it must be easy to use and simple to build for the average person.

The elliptical is considered by several websites to be the fastest way to burn calories. However, its popularity stems from successful advertisements and simple marketing techniques, so the benefits of this machine may appear a bit distorted regarding actual functionality.

Orbitrek Elite Elliptical by Thane Fitness

The Orbitrek Elliptical is manufactured in China by a company called Utop Sporting Co. and is distributed by a North American company called Thane International.

Not a lot of information is available regarding Orbitrek’s manufacturer; however, some information is available online regarding the original distributor of this product, Thane Fitness.

Thane Fitness, as their name indicates, is a company aimed at the distribution of fitness, beauty, and weight loss products. It also handles kitchen products, general housewares, entertainment and pet care products, among others. Their products are marketed worldwide and reach more than one-hundred countries around the world. As a company that mainly distributes and does not manufacture equipment, they serve as a popular marketing ally for companies lacking global coverage of their sales campaigns.

Founded in 2001, the company prides themselves on their reputation of offering high-quality products, as well as promoting creativity and integrity throughout all their business partnerships. Subsequently, they ensure their customers’ rights and comfort by having a thirty-day money back guarantee on all of their products.

How Did the Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Start?

The Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Trainer started as a television infomercial product. Commercialized from 2007 and up until May of 2009, it was sold via televised advertisements and was also available for purchase through the distributor’s official website.

In the July of 2009, Orbitrek suffered a major setback. The product was recalled due to an error in the instruction manual, causing a faulty product which presented customers with a potential fall hazard.

Despite the hassle, the company produced another version of the product, branded the Orbitrek X2, while also sending new and improved instructions that explained how to install the elliptical correctly to every one of the customers who purchased the product. This new product was released with the same benefits as the former one, but with the error fixed.


Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Claims

Orbitrek claims that this aerobic machine offers the average beginner a safe, easy, and fast way to burn calories while also being able to enjoy other activities, such as reading, watching television or listening to music, all within the comfort of their own homes.

The product comes not only with instructions for proper assembly but also with a series of DVDs that include workouts with a qualified trainer.

It claims to help you achieve weight loss by burning calories at a faster rate than any other elliptical machine or personal treadmill. This, like an infomercial, is supposedly backed up by real consumers who have already tried the product and state that it has helped them healthily achieve their desired weight.

Orbitrek Elite Parts

This product, as I said before, not only comes with assembly instructions and the machine itself but also with a series of workout DVDs.

The Orbitrek also comes with a resistance system called the “Turn N’ Burn,” making it possible for you to adjust the settings depending on your preferred force of workout.

Does it Work

Does Orbitrek Elite Work?

This is a tricky question, as the machine merely provides the mode of exercise. According to Clinical Biomechanics, elliptical trainers are often seen as the ideal cardio workout since they offer weight loss, improved heart rate, and stronger joints.

Elliptical exercise may also be beneficial to those with multiple sclerosis, according to the Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development

As opposed to going to the gym and having to exercise in front of strangers, which for a lot of people is a major deal-breaker, the Orbitrek offers the possibility of exercising at home, within the privacy of your own house.

However, taking into account that this machine is quite small and is not built for everyone, it, therefore, offers results to a significantly reduced number of people as compared to other standard elliptical equipment.

Benefits & Results

The Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Machine Benefits and Results

The benefits of this product are the same as the benefits seen with any other elliptical machine. It is a great form of exercise and, compared to treadmills and other types of gym equipment aimed at cardio exercise, it burns a great deal more calories while not hurting your joints.

The results of the Orbitrek Elite Elliptical vary. Some customers claim to have lost a great deal of weight because of the encouragement is given in the set of DVDs that accompany the product, and also because the gym equipment is placed so comfortably inside of the house, making them less reluctant to regularly pursuing a healthy exercise routine.

Orbitrek Elite Specifications and Weight Loss

Aerobic exercise, also commonly known as cardio, is a fantastic way of losing weight and getting in shape because of its effect on various muscle groups.


How to Use the Orbitrek Elite Magnetic Elliptical

The Orbitrek is shipped unassembled, which means it must be assembled at home. It comes with very clear instructions. All of the steps must be followed to ensure the elliptical’s proper effectiveness.

Since it is made for beginners, installation is quite simple. Once it is assembled, you merely follow a regular exercise routine. You can use the set of DVDs that come with the product to set a routine adequate for you.

Side Effects

Orbitrek Elite Side Effects

As with other elliptical machines, side effects from exercising may include dizziness and excessive fatigue.


Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Warnings

The product was once recalled because of unclear instructions, though this has been resolved.

  • Do not use if you weigh more than 275 pounds.
  • Make sure the spring washer is correctly installed.

If these instructions are not followed, the elliptical will not serve the desired purpose and may break, possibly causing the consumer harm.


Any Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Lawsuits?

The Orbitrek Elite Elliptical was recalled in July of 2009 due to a flaw in the explanation that came in the assembly instructions, according to SportsRec . It did not accurately explain where or how one of the pieces, the spring washer, was installed. The spring washer offers stability and handles the amount of weight the machine can endure. If this piece is not installed correctly, the machine may not be able to hold heavy weight and may also trigger bolt stress, causing the equipment joints to loosen and deteriorate and, in some cases, even fall off.

Alternatives to the Orbitrek Elite Cross Trainer

There are many existing alternatives to the Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Cross Trainer. Some of them are available online, and some available at your nearest gym.

If you wish to buy a piece of gym equipment such as the Orbitrek Elliptical, you can search online for numerous products that are similar or even more effective than this one. Many companies focus on fitness and wellness products. This gives you the advantage of having a wide variety of products from which to choose, all with different high-quality materials and professional recommendations.

Within this vast world of fitness, here are a couple of options you can choose from when thinking of buying a personal home elliptical machine.

ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer

This product is available on Amazon for less than $900 and is reviewed with four stars out of five. It comes with compatible audio for iPod and, just like the Orbitrek Elliptical, with multi-functional handlebars. It does not ship worldwide.

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer

This product is comparable to the product mentioned above and also the Orbitrek Elliptical Trainer. It has a similar price to the ProForm, and its flywheel system is top-notch.


Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Price

The Orbitrek Elliptical was sold between 2007 and 2009 through the official website and also through infomercial ads on television. The price range was between $200 and $300, adding $50 when purchased with a heart monitor.

For some customers, the price rate was considered a deal-breaker. The majority of these machines are usually the same price or higher but offer many more advantages than the Orbitrek Elite Elliptical.

The Orbitrek is now available online through various fitness websites and also on Amazon. However, as of right now, the Orbitrek Elite is not currently available on the Amazon page.

Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Reviews

There are numerous reviews regarding the Orbitrek Elliptical and its effect on weight loss. Many customers have spoken up about its effectiveness and comfortability.

Some clients state that they have been able to lose the amount of weight they sought in a reasonable amount of time. Other clients experienced the consequences of the manufacturer’s flaw and stated that some pieces of their equipment fell off. Nevertheless, they still stated that the Orbitrek Elliptical had helped them a lot and that the positive aspects of the product outweighed the negative. These customers later bought a second elliptical from the same company.

Many clients also said that, given the price compared to other gym equipment, it performed well and was worth the purchase.

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons to the Orbitrek Elite Total Body Elliptical


  • It offers optimum quality for a low price
  • It comes with a set of workout DVDs, hosted by a professional trainer
  • The company responded to their recall by fixing their error and sending new instructions to the customers who had already purchased the item
  • It ensures weight loss even on a small level because of the recommended exercise
  • It is designed for beginners and is. Therefore, it is simple to use
  • You can install it in your own house, so you can enjoy your privacy while exercising without going to the gym
  • It is quite small, so it is possible for you to assemble it in your living room or bedroom without taking up too much space


  • Orbitrek Elite Elliptical was recalled at one point
  • There is no real guarantee that it is the best form of personal training available
  • It offers no more and no less calorie-burning than any other elliptical currently on the market
  • It is quite small, so it is not built for everybody, therefore reducing their group of target customers
  • It does not prove its effectiveness enough to place itself on top of the list for gym equipment according to price and usefulness
  • It is not easily available for purchase online, and most of the websites it is sold from do not ship worldwide
  • The company that originally distributed Orbitrek Elite no longer has it listed as a product

What Users Are Saying

“I am a petite person so for me the stance is a little too wide for my comfort. Overall though it is a good value.”

“It works out your legs a lot esp. you upper legs and not so much your upper body. I found it to be not that easy to stay on a long time…”

“For the money, this is a great product. There are absolutely no bells and whistles. However, if your goals it not to have lots of gadgets and gizmos while you work out, and still get a good work out (the product tells you the time you have been on the machine, distance, and calories burned) – then this is for you.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Orbitrek Elite

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: our bottom line on Orbitrek Elite. Well, we appreciate that the company promotes exercise and that this machine is low-impact so it’s easy on your joints. On the other hand, we have some issues with the negative customer reviews and quality, so we’re skeptical about giving the green light.

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Orbitrek Elite Review
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Orbitrek Elite

What are the ingredients in Orbitrek elite?

There are no ingredients in the Orbitrek elite, its a mechanism that uses cardio to strengthen your thighs, calves, abs and back muscles.

What are the side effects of Orbitrek elite?

Side effects may include injuries, chaffing and joint pain.

Does Orbitrek elite work?

Yes, it uses an elliptical motion to make you burn fat more effectively then a treadmill.

What is the price of Orbitrek elite?

The product is now longer sold but you can buy it for $450 on a Swedish website.

Where can I buy Orbitrek elite?

You can purchase the Orbitrek elite for $450 at www.tvins.se.

How should I take Orbitrek elite?

Use the Orbitrek elite anytime you want to do cardio exercises.

How do I contact Orbitrek elite customer service?

They don’t sell products anymore, so there aren’t many ways of contacting them.

Can I return Orbitrek elite?

tvins.se will likely not accept returns because its being sold on the resale market.

What are the most common complaints about Orbitrek elite?

Consumers state the product wasn’t as effective in tightening their muscles as they would’ve liked.

21 Orbitrek Elite Reviews

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    I am male, aged 53 years, regularly walking for 1 hour every day. Will the ORBITREK ELITE be useful to me, as I am also a diabetic/hypertensive on medications.

  • Helps reduce belly fat, hips, and thies

    Orbitrek Elite will really help to reduce belly fat, hips, and thies?

    • Anonymous

      It’s true

  • Looking for suggestions about the product


    My original weight was 55 Kg and I am with height of 5.5, now my weight is 75 Kg. Please suggest me is ORBITRECK is really useful.can I reduce weight?
    Please give me some inputs so that I can proceed further.

  • Worst customer service

    dont buy it guys … the cusatomer service is the worst ever… dont get cheated

    • Shivaranjani


  • Can see the results after several days
    methuna (Verified Purchase)

    i am using orbitreck elite for the last one week the result is very good.i can feel the result within seven days.its realy good

  • Please help

    I thinking about buying a machine like this but I’ve heard stories about these breaking all the time. Could anyone tell me if it is worth it? I don’t want to waste $350 on a machine that won’t last. My other option is the Cardio Twister, but it too has been reported to break and cause injury.
    Please help!

  • Orbitrek Elite
    Indu (Verified Purchase)

    I am Indu and using this instrument for the past 2 months along with proper diet..
    Believe it I reduced 7 Kgs. Also my body structure has been shaped a lot.. Dont forget to eat Oatmeal every morning.

    • geetanjali

      hi i am geetanjali i want to purchase this machine please sugeest me orbitreck is realy usefull or not

    • pradeep

      dnt take oats… it leads to calcium deficiency….

  • I get it fixed or get a new chain

    The chain has snapped on my orbitrek elite where can i get it fixed or get a new chain?

    • Mkhize Happiness

      I have a problem too my orbitrk ellite, the left foot has broken and I cant use it anymore and I only bought it in 2011 pls help me on how I can get a left side

  • i want to reduce my weight
    Kalaivani.K (Verified Purchase)

    Hi am 25, my weight is 72kg, i want to reduce my weight, for that orbit rek elite is right equipment or not. After stoppage of using orbit rek elite again body weight will be increase?. Plz suggest

  • Is orbitrek elite is useful for me?

    hai im 23, my weight is 95 i want to reduce my fat. Is orbitrek elite is useful for me.how to use it and how it works. thank u

    • akhil

      hai kanna you can reduce upto 7 kgs a month using orbitrek elite.i also bought elite and i am using it you should do only 15 mins morning and 15 mins evining.you will surely reduce bye.

    • marilyn

      hi kanna

      im 29 and weigh 72, the orbitrek elite works wonders when used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet….so go for it

  • I seriously want to get good workout without damage to joints.

    Is Orbitrek worth buying. Is it not just another gimmick. I seriously want to get good workout without damage to joints. Will do 30 mins 5 days a week.

  • Would it make sense that I went 3.00 m in 13.30 minutes?
    Kris (Verified Purchase)

    I just purchased a used orbitrek elite – on the monitor, is the “m” on the distance for miles? I assume so but my husband does not. Would it make sense that I went 3.00 m in 13.30 minutes?

    Thanks you.

    • srisha

      how much weight reduce in a month..and did body got a good shape..

      • Your Name