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Organo Gold Review - Do These Coffee and Tea Products Work?

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By Summer Banks Apr 07, 2017

I did two things this week. I obsessed over every aspect of Organo Gold, then I wrote this. Our in-depth review focused on side effects, ingredients, scientific research and overall customer service quality. Also, we examined hundreds of comments and forum posts. Then, we condensed and summarized to give you the info you need.

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What is Organo Gold?

First off, Organo Gold is a manufacturer of organic coffees. The ingredients are grape seed oil, ganoderma spore seed powder, organic ganoderma lucidum, arabica coffee and organic green tea; among others. [1] The company promotes health and wellness by increasing antioxidant levels, combat harmful free radicals and boosting immune system. These can be consumed daily for maximum results.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008. The entire line is available to purchase through the official website, as well as distributors. We like that some of the products contain organic ingredients and that we found some favorable customer comments, but read on…

Steep Price – “For Organo Gold Coffee?”

The first concern was the high price tag of Organo Gold ingredients. “Coffee and tea are relatively inexpensive,” said our Research Editor. “Customers will walk away from a company if they’re expected to pay $25 for something that retails for less than $5 at grocery stores.” [2]

One customer stated, “This is way too much to spend on coffee cups.”

Another person commented, “It costs almost as much as a weeks worth of groceries, just for coffee.”

We did find some customers that didn’t mind the cost of the products. [3]

“The cost doesn’t matter to me. I just want quality,” said a consumer.

Side Effects – “A Problem?”

Although rare, Organo Gold side effects were mentioned by some customers. “The caffeine content must be higher than normal. I was feeling shaky all day,” commented a customer. [4]

“There blends make me feel nauseous and sick to my stomach,” stated another.

We realize that not all side effects are bad. We found some customers that shared their experiences. “Gave me the energy I needed to tackle the day,” reported a user.

“Good quality coffee and keeps me energized,” stated another.

We’ve researched countless supplements and have found that anything considered concerning, such as customers complaining about negative side effects, the chances of long-term success are limited. So, if using Organo Gold causes adverse reactions, it may be time to think about an alternative.

The Science – “Clinical Support?”

For us at DietSpotlight, research tells us a lot about ingredient list and formulas. We did find information about some of the supplements being organic, [5] but there’s no science-based facts used as support. With the product line from Organo Gold, there are no studies connecting it to improved wellness or weight-loss. [6]

The Bottom Line – Does Organo Gold Work?

You may want to take the kettle off the burner and hear our final thoughts on Organo Gold. Well, we like that it includes some natural ingredients and that we found a few positive comments, but there’s no connection between the products and weight-loss; so we’re a bit concerned. [7] [8] Also, harmful side effects and a high price tag reported by customers leaves us skeptical about it as well. [9]

Weight-loss involves using the right supplement that produces results. That’s why we suggest going with one containing ingredients that work, backed by positive customer comments and a cost that won’t break the bank.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients that have been shown to help accelerate metabolism and jump start fat loss. Instead of talking about harmful side effects; they’re reporting amazing results.

Plus, we’re impressed that the makers of Leptigen are so confident in their supplement, they’re offering a Special Trial Offer.

Previous Organo Gold Review (Updated December 26, 2014):

Organo Gold: What You Should Know

Organo Gold produces four supplements and coffee, both of which are sold online through an official website. There is mention on the website of the Ganoderma mushroom. Ganoderma mushrooms are also referred to as Lingzhi which is a common name in oriental slimming teas and supplements. Their supplements include a range of beverages listed as Gourmet Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Green Tea, Black Tea and Red Tea. According to the information online, Ganoderma mushrooms provide immune system support and anti-aging benefits. In addition to the four proprietary supplements, tea can be found in Organo and Flat Tummy Tea. Designed for detoxification, it activates and cleanses the body in order to increase energy levels and burn more calories.

List of Organo Gold Ingredients

Ganoderma Lucidum: 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum

Ganoderma Lucidum Mycellium: 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum (18 days old).

Grape Seed Oil Extract: Grape Seed Oil Extract.

Ganoderma Spore Powder: 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Spore Powder (from seed).

Product Features

The Organo Gold website offers very little information on the products and nutraceuticals formulated by the company. An Internet search brings up several websites that sell Organo Gold coffee and tea, though coffee is the only beverage listed on the main website, but most of these products are not described on the official page. The company description explains that Organo Gold is a supplier to retailers wishing to sell coffee with the benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom. Organo Gold does not sell any of their own products and does not extend support to consumers who have purchased any products.

Most of the information listed online describes the Ganoderma mushroom. Anti-aging benefits, skin healing and overall improvements to well-being are claimed, but these claims are not supported with clinical research. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of websites pushing the benefits of Ganoderma and none give any real proof of the effects the mushroom on the body. We do know several studies have been completed on the Ganoderma mushroom linking it to anti-viral and anti-bacterial uses in Chinese medicine, but no weight loss benefits have been found. A signature ingredient also found in meal replacement shakes and energy boosters, Isagenix offers weight loss solutions to flush out toxins from the body with profound clinical studies.

Organo Gold supplements could not be found for sale online. The coffee produced by the company is sold online through various affiliate sources, however. Coffee can sell from $20 to $40 depending on the amount ordered. Coffee known as an indicator for weight loss, Javita Weight-Loss Coffee sits as another metabolism boosting drink with coffee yerba mate and garcinia cambogia. This supplement speeds up the body's fat burning process. In addition to family products, OGX Fenix is another protein supplement for weight management.

Advantages of Organo Gold

  • Anti-viral and anti-bacteria properties have been studied.
  • Products are available online.

Disadvantages of Organo Gold

  • There are no known weight loss benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom.
  • Organo Gold does not sell products directly through the official website.
  • All products are sold through affiliates which could mean varying return and guarantee policies.


There is very little proven information on the Ganoderma mushroom. This mushroom is the base for all Organo Gold products. Dieters wishing to add anti-viral or anti-bacterial supplements to their weight loss regime may find benefits from Organo Gold product, otherwise they will not see an increase in fat metabolism or calorie burn. Supplements with proven fat burners or metabolism boosters can be found from other companies outside of Organo Gold.

Organo Gold Questions & Answers:

We looked high and low for information on Organo Gold to create this detailed FAQ.

What are the side effects of Organo Gold?

This is a supplement line, not an individual product. Some of the Organo Gold side effects may include upset stomach, gas and jitters, based on ingredients and customer reviews.

What are the ingredients in Organo Gold?

Organo Gold ingredients will change from one supplement to the next. We found several common ones mentioned, including green tea, arabica coffee[1], ganoderma spore seed and ganoderma lucidum[2].

Does Organo Gold work?

We’d like to say the green tea or coffee will naturally boost your metabolism better than other sources, but that’s not the case. You can buy either of these two in a local vitamin store for less and get the same effect. Organo Gold does not share any clinical studies.

If you’ve thought about switching out Organo for a product that is clinically proven, you may want to look at Leptigen.

How much does Organo Gold cost?

The official website for Organo Gold is a little difficult to navigate. We found an arabica coffee, 30 sachets, available for $27. The same product was found on a third-party retail website for $15. We also found a customer that claimed the Organic Spore Powder was $99.

How should I take Organo Gold?

You must check the Organo Gold product label for detailed suggestions. We assume the coffee is to be used daily, but we’ve no idea if you can drink more than one serving a day.

Can I take Organo Gold if I have a health condition?

Anyone who is under the age of 18, taking prescription medications, pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition should check with their physician before using Organo Gold or any other supplement line.

What do users like about Organo Gold?

Some like that you can purchase Organo Gold products from Amazon for less than you find on the official website. The seller is listed as the main company.

What do users NOT like about Organo Gold?

User reviews show dislike for the prices for Organo Gold products. Other concerns include side effects and lackluster weight-loss results.

Are the Organo Gold products on Amazon the same ones from the official website?

As far as we can tell, both are from the same company. We did not find any information on the seller, however.

Is Organo Gold coffee any different from normal coffee?

Ganoderma is added to the coffee sold by Organo Gold. You can buy the same type of product, including a version in green tea, for less than half the price of this one.

How do I contact Organo Gold customer service?

You can contact Organo Gold customer service at 1-855-414-6266. This line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The email address is support@organogold.com. The contact form is another option, but you have to sign in to your account to send a message.

Does Organo Gold come with a guarantee?

We found no guarantee on the official website, but some pages are not accessible unless you have login information.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Organo Gold?

Other than lower prices on Amazon, we found no specials or discounts. We have noticed some excitement from readers who’ve taken advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is only the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to check it out.

Organo Gold Side Effects:

According to users, Organo Gold offers mixed weight-loss results. Even so, the experience is safe for the most part. There are a few reported cases of side effects. Because you never know how your body will react to a supplement, it’s important to take all risks into consideration.


When you have a case of “the jitters,” you start trembling and shaking spontaneously. You don’t know why, but all of a sudden you feel on-edge. You tremble as if you were cold. A nervousness pervades your mind.

What causes jitteriness?

People who jitter often harbor a lot of stress. If your jittering is recurring, you may need to do a personal overview of stress levels in your life. It may also be that you’re consuming too much caffeine. Cut down on the coffee. Check the supplements you take, as many of these contain high levels of caffeine.


Nausea is a sensation that you have to throw up. You feel “sick” or queasy. It’s not uncommon for your stomach to hurt when you’re nauseous. You may experience bloating and gas. You feel sluggish, heavy, and lethargic.

What causes nausea?

Sometimes, nausea is simply the result of smelling, tasting, or seeing something distasteful. If you taste something bad, for instance, you can become nauseous even if there’s nothing physically wrong with you. Nausea is also a symptom of many different illnesses. For example, you may get nauseous due to ulcers, food poisoning, gallbladder disease, and stomach viruses. [1]


Insomnia, or sleeplessness, can leave you feeling exhausted and tired. Sleeplessness includes both not being able to fall asleep and having a hard time staying asleep. You may feel uncomfortable in bed and spend the night tossing and turning.

What causes sleeplessness?

Conditions that contribute to sleeplessness are asthma, arthritis, neurological disorders, and chronic pain. Sleeplessness can also happen because of bad bedtime habits. Eating too late at night and using a smartphone right before bed make it harder to fall asleep.


Having “the runs” is never fun. Because diarrhea uses up a lot of your bodily fluids, it can lead to dehydration. Keep hydrated when you have diarrhea.

What causes diarrhea?

Viruses, parasites, and bacteria in your stomach can make you have diarrhea. Or it might be that you’re suffering from a case of irritable bowel syndrome. Organo Gold has a different impact on users’ body. To be safe, talk with your doctor before using this or any weight-loss supplement. [2]

Organo gold claims to be a weight loss coffee drink but does not really seem to have any outstanding ingredients.

Organo Gold Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Sachet
Serving Per Container: 25
Amount per Serving % DV
Carbohydrate 2g *
Fiber <1 *
Protein <1 *

Other Ingredients: None

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Leptigen, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.6. From 94 votes.
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Organo Gold Review

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It is very good my mother was with high blood presure now is fine since she started with micellium form organo gold my sis loves the black tea and has seen weigth loss as a benefit !!!!


I just found some old samples of caffe latte . awesome, second cup to fight or help me get rid of a cold . Still a little expensive for my pocket but may by online a box .

Your NameYG

The Best product on tbe market !!I have beenbin ORGANO since 2011, I have a big customer base even doctors thay buy my sop, toothpaste, coffee and tea, mtyer of fact ine of my business partners is a doctor ,he travels the wkd teaching about this miraculous herb…id yuknow they use ganodetma in chemo medicine…i have so many testimonies i can write book..leave my company alone and drink your can continue to drink acidic beverages while i continue to drink alkaline coffee and teas


Does organo gold works for weight loss

Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.


Are you serious i just started taking the black organo gold for 2days now n i feel full but why I started taking it is all bcos I want to free my bowel n to detoxify myself. I hope its work also want to loooooose some weight .i sure hope it works as it as done for you.

tom resser

its good


I have tried their black coffee, my heart keeps palpitating due to high level of caffeine…

Andrew kuria

it’s great to take care of health am interested

Mary Pisante

Are the healing properties still there when made hot instead of cold?


Definitely more effective hot.

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Organo Gold official website for more information.

Daniel Nchee

Organo Gold food supplement for good health

Daniel Nchee

Green tea keeps my manhood up. It makes me Stronger on bed. Please I need it


I have several autoimmune diseases, worst one is Polymyositis,…
Can you email more information on your product?

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Organo Gold official website for more information


I have facial twitching on the left side of my face, the Dr wants to inject botox into the muscle and I am not comfortable with that, the twitching has been going on for nine months now and prescription is not helping


Can one take organo Gold coffee and diabetic medication and the same time?

Efrain Orona

Yes , I have lots of customers that drink Organogold and take diabetic medication.
I have one customer that have stopped taking medication due to diabetis coming under control.

Hi! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before starting to take this product.


Honestly no need for too much talk.The tea is perfect.I was weighing 108kg but for 3weeks now am always drinking the organo tea and I have dropped to 86kg.


But how to drink it? any better way to drink it ?

Mary Pisante

it’s great stuff. a twitch is taken care of by minerals – D -calcium


And I should also react on the comment that says it is too expensive. If someone becomes a customer then one package of black coffee costs only €0.60. Furthermore, if someone decides to join as a distributor, after a while he/she can drink it for free. Those people who does not know how to get it cheaper say expensive but the ones who know how to make money with it don’t say it is expensive.


I just purchased a box of 30 “cups” for $10 on eBay… that is $.30/cup… about $1.49 less than Starbucks charges for a cup.

Your Name

I absolutely agree with you. I have been purchasing the beverages since 2012 and they are awesome! Hot Chocolate for my kids and they NEVER leave for school without having a cup! They love the taste. I also buy Mocha and Latte. The beverages truly deliver what they say. Health in a cup! Tell us your thoughts about Organo Gold.


My mother started to drink the King of Coffee and the normal black coffee and after a few days she already felt better of it. Sometimes she had stomach burning from the normal coffee but since she drinks OG coffee, her stomach is better.

I am also drinking, my favorite is the latte because of its taste and maybe my concentration is improved a bit.

The positive effects can differ. For instance, a friend of mine (girl) realized that her hair and skin became a bit smoother.

And the fact that you can make money with drinking healthy coffee is just wonderful.


Excellent product, excellent company….. the best compensation plan I have ever seen……Been using the products on a regular basis and have customers that have had great results after using the products….Will recommend it any day.


need to learn about it


This is a Multi Level Marketing company which, very intelligently , has chosen coffee as their selling product. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in our society , so there is a gigantic chance that ALOT of people will be interested in buying this product. The way people make money here is by securing other people to distribute the product. The main distributor will make money off of others who sell their products. The pressure is high and that’s why internet reviews of the coffee sound more like advertisements than actually evalutions of the product. If those huge Egyptian structures come to mind as you read this.. you are getting the idea. What about the product ?.. You are basically paying about $1.00 for instant coffee with a sprinkle of a natural mushroom extract. Here’s a heads-up for people interested: Go buy some of that mushroom extract and sprinkle it on your cereal .etc.. while drinking a REAL cup of coffee..
One of my coffees that i drink is the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.. one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Brewing a cup of this costs less than a buck… and then there is the issue of the mushroom itself. there ONLY anecdotal evidence that it actually does anything.. placebo effect ?. aybe

Stephen (Editor)

Maybe, Stuart.