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Smart Water Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

Smart Water is in nearly every grocery store and gas station in the country. The product claims to be better for you due to added electrolytes. While extra electrolytes are usually beneficial, they only assist in weight loss when a person is electrolyte-deficient – and even then, the weight loss would be incidental and modest.

We asked our research team to look deeper into Smart Water to determine if the added ingredients made it worth the extra cost. Our team examined and all available scientific research, and helped us break everything down to bring you the Bottom Line on the product. Read on to learn what we found.

Smart Water can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Smart Water?

Smart water is water that has been distilled by vapor and contains electrolytes. It goes through purification, during which time all the minerals are removed. It has no additives, but the Smart Water manufacturing company adds electrolytes, potassium, and magnesium chloride. It can also be referred to as enhanced water because it is water that has added components.

Smart Water

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How Did Smart Water Start?

J. Darius Bikoff started smart Water in May 1996. He aimed to have the nutrients which he otherwise ate alongside water, in the form of vitamin supplements, to be incorporated into the water itself, instead of taking them separately. The company’s name was Glaceau Smart Water.

He started distributing the Smart Water to natural food stores in New York, which were small and independent at the time. Soon after, the product became successful, and he formally launched state-wide.

When his products were firmly established, he started developing relationships with distributors, which enabled him to start distributing nationwide.

LVMH bought a 30% stake in company shares. LVMH sold those shares to a different investor, and this new investor subsequently sold as well. This pattern continued until the Coca-Cola company finally bought the company for $4.1 billion on May 25th, 2007.

The Smart Water lineup includes:

  • Smart Water Original
  • Smart Water Sparkling
  • Smart Water Alkaline
  • Smart Water Antioxidant

Smart Water benefits


Smart Water Claims

Smart Water is supposed to be better for you than regular water because of its extra ingredients. It boasts of the fact that it can have a distinct taste (from the added electrolytes) and also offers more benefits than the average bottled water or tap water can. The manufacturer also claims that it has all been distilled by vapor, and it is obtained from municipal water systems.

The water is wholly rid of all its components apart from hydrogen and oxygen. After that, the company adds extra ingredients: potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride. These electrolytes, which are added, do not have the ”Gatorade” effect, with added sugars and unnecessary chemical additions.


Smart Water Ingredients

The following are the Smart Water ingredients, measured per liter:

  • Distilled water
  • 15 mg of magnesium
  • 10 mg of calcium
  • 10 mg of potassium carbonate

Smart Water Flavors

Glaceau Smart Water flavors include:

  • Green Apple
  • Lemon
  • Berry
  • Kiwi
  • Grapefruit Lemon
  • Cucumber Lime
  • Watermelon Mint
  • Strawberry Blackberry
  • Pineapple Kiwi
Does It Work

Does Smart Water Work?

Smart bottled water has been made to seem like it is a revolutionary deal. This is probably because of the name that it was given by its creator, which was meant to entice consumers.

On the contrary, it has nothing to do with making a person smart or working smartly in the human body (almost as if other types of water operate in the body in any other way), but this is what anyone would be led to think when they first hear of this water.

As far as we are concerned, there is no scientific backing for the benefits of Smart Water. And even though the three electrolytes can help when it comes to recovery, there is nothing more to it.

Water is vital for life. Furthermore, it also plays a key role for anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and can help people who are trying to lose weight.

Smart Water Benefits

Benefits and Results

Smart Water Benefits and Results

Smart Water has the potential of helping people who are in fitness training as they tend to take fewer water breaks. Those who exercise in the heat for prolonged hours will automatically sweat profusely. This will result in their bodies needing some extra electrolytes.

The role of these electrolytes is to help with their heart functioning well under the stress of exercise. By drinking Smart Water during their few breaks, they will have access to these vital electrolytes easily.

Details on Smart Water And Weight Loss

Smart Water is just regular water, minus the minerals, and with some electrolytes added. So there’s honestly nothing special here. Nothing inside this will somehow cut your calories or make your body gain extra nutrients.

However, we have to keep in mind that the main ingredient in this product is, well, water. Water just happens to constitute 50 to 60 percent of our bodies. This just goes to show how important water is.

There are a lot of dangers of being dehydrated. The healthy functioning of your organs will slow. You also need to remember that dehydration can contribute to adverse water weight circumstances, and any form of added weight during your weight loss journey is unwanted.

Water weight comes about when your body reacts to not having enough water. When it detects that sufficient water is not being supplied, the body’s automatic retaliation is to store as much water as it possibly can. This storage of water is what results in excess water weight.

So hopefully, you can now start to see the impact of not drinking enough water. And that’s not all. There are more reasons why you are supposed to drink water if you would like to lose weight.

First, the most commonly known reason for drinking water when dieting is that it gives you the feeling of being full. The water fills your stomach right before you eat, and as a result, you end up consuming less food.

Sometimes when we feel thirsty, we mistake the hunger feeling. This happens because the same thing that makes us think we are thirsty makes us feel hungry. And even though it can be distinguished most of the time, many people mistake thirst for hunger.

This is the reason why it is advisable to drink water right before we eat, or whenever we feel hungry. Not only will it help to satisfy you more quickly, but it will also make sure that if it is thirst you are feeling, it will wear off, and you might not even have to eat or will eat less.

Smart Water weight loss

Effect of Water on Metabolism

There are so many more reasons why drinking water is essential for weight loss. One of the most crucial things it does is speed up metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which calories are burned inside the body. When we drink water, for example, a lot of energy is used, and therefore calories are burnt up, as the body is trying to heat the water taken in.

Furthermore, water can boost your energy levels when you are working out. Staying hydrated during workouts will prevent you from being slow and becoming fatigued quickly.

To find out if you are taking in enough water, a good trick is to pee before your exercise session. Afterward, get on a scale and measure your weight. Then after you have finished working out, get on the scale, and measure yourself again.

If your weight has dropped, then it means that you are not taking in enough water, and there is a danger of having water weight gain due to dehydration.

Energy for Your Workouts

Water will enable you to have power workouts, which will speed up your efforts in weight loss. This means that you will not need to take any other energy drink before, during, or after your work out session.

These energy drinks usually have high amounts of sugar, which supply energy. This translates into calories. The advantages of taking water instead of high-calorie energy drinks are apparent- calories are unwanted in any weight loss journey.

Side Effects

Potential Smart Water Side Effects

According to our research, there aren’t any known side effects to taking Smart Water.

Smart Water Lawsuits

We have not come across any Smart Water lawsuits so far.

Update 2020: We found a voluntary SmartWater recall in 2010, due to quality issues with a particular batch of product.

Smart Water Alternatives

When a person decides to buy Smart Water, it is usually due to one of two reasons. The first being that they only put their trust in bottled water and do not feel safe when they drink tap water.

The second reason would be that the word ”smart” in the product name enticed them to do so, or they just want to try something new, and it does not matter if it could be a little more costly.

The bottom line is that the only alternative to water is simply: water. For those who want more or something a little different, we have compiled a list of other kinds of bottled water that you can try. They also have something that makes them more than just water. Below is the list.


This water is said to have passed through some complicated layers underground. According to its manufacturers, rain and snow worked their way inside a spring, which was underground.

Here, the water is harvested, having naturally acquired minerals and electrolytes. It is said that it has a lot of minerals and the electrolyte level is high. It also has a thin texture.


Aquafina claims to be the purest drinking water available by its manufacturers. They say that this water goes through a highly complex filtration process called HydRO-7.

This process supposedly goes through seven steps, which ensure that all the solids are taken out. This, according to them, is a process that takes away much more solids than the other methods of filtration. It has been described as voluptuous water.


This one comes from an artesian well located in Norway. It happens to be costly water, which is said to be gravelly. It also contains minerals.

Fiji Natural Artesian Water

This water originates from Fiji, as the name suggests, on the island of Viti Levu.

It comes from tropical rain and is filtered through the volcanic rock in that area. As it is getting filtered, it picks up electrolytes and minerals. It goes to an aquifer underground where it is ”stored.”

Mountain Valley Spring Water

This is spring water that comes from Arkansas. There is an aquifer to which rainwater goes, over a very long amount of time; 3500 years. It has been said to have a high pH, and so it can work well to neutralize highly acidic foods.

It has a sweet flavor, which gives a good feeling to the mouth.

Nestle Pure Life

As the name suggests, this is pure water. It is obtained from municipal sources of water or a well. It is then softened and filtered, demineralized, and then re-mineralized. Disinfection is then done by using ultraviolet light and ozone.

It has a neutral flavor, and the taste is clean without the residue of any minerals.


Smart Water Price

Smart Water price ranges, depending on the amount that you want to purchase. One liter of Smart Water bottled water is $1.57, 6 x 16.9 oz costs $5.49, and 6 x 1L costs $8.39. You can purchase a 12-pack of 1.5 liter bottles for around $20.

What Users Are Saying

“I’ve been purchasing this water for quite a while now. I recommend it highly & buy it from several places, but it is good tasting & has electrolytes. The price is fair for it.”

“Please do not show smart water during my search for alkaline water. I just drink this. Started having major dental problems. Tested it several times and it is 5 on ph measuring. Very acidic! My dentist is sure that this has caused my enamel erosion.”

“I just didn’t like the flavor. It had an industrial stale flavor. I’m used to bottled water with a cleaner, fresher taste. And you can get it cheaper too.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Smart Water

Alrighty, we’ve come to the conclusion that we bet you’ll be interested in. While we were pretty interested in Smart Water to start off, it quickly became apparent that this one doesn’t live up to the hype. We like that it hydrates, but we are hesitant to suggest something that isn’t any different from a similar product. If consumer reviews are to be trusted, the taste isn’t worth the price tag, which is also a problem.

If weight-loss is the end goal, we suggest drinking plenty of water and maybe trying out a support program designed to help you adopt healthy lifestyle changes to reach your weight-loss goals.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. It combines human coaching, food and exercise tracking, personalized meal plans, expert articles, and more to keep you on track. Dieters are reporting seeing amazing results.

The makers of Noom are offering a free trial to Dietspotlight readers to show just how confident they are in the program.

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Smart Water

What are the side effects of Smart Water?

Smart Water side effects may include increased urination.

Is Smart Water safe to drink?

Yes. Smartwater contains a blend of electrolytes that is safe for most people.

What ingredients are in Smart Water?

Smart Water ingredients are vapor distilled water, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium carbonate.

How many electrolytes are in Smart Water?

Smartwater contains three electrolytes: potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride.

Does Smart Water do anything?

There’s no scientific research proving the effectiveness of Smart Water. There is research proving electrolytes help the recovery process, but nothing specific to this formulation. It’s also known that hydration is essential to weight-loss.

Where can I buy Smart Water?

Smart Water can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where does Smart Water come from?

Smartwater originates from municipal and protected groundwater sources before being supplemented with electrolytes.

What is different about Smart Water?

After vapor distillation, smartwater is meticulously filtered using Glaceau’s exclusive filtration process and enhanced with electrolytes.

Where is Smart Water bottled?

Smartwater is bottled at a variety of facilities that have access to municipal and protected groundwater sources.

Does Coke own Smart Water?

Yes. Coca-Cola owns Smart Water, but Glaceau makes Smart Water.

Does Smart Water contain calories?

No, Smart Water doesn’t contain calories.

What is Smart Water vapor distillation?

Smart Water vapor distillation is the process of removing impurities from the product.

Is Smart Water acidic?

The original Smart Water has a balanced pH level, so it is not acidic. The brand also offers Smart Water Alkaline, where the pH is higher than 9.

Is Smart Water bottles BPA free?

Smart Water bottles are BPA-free and recyclable. The bottle is also made of up to 30% of plant-based materials.

32 Smart Water Reviews

  • Can this cause constipation?

    Can drinking too much smart water cause or add to a constipation problem?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      The minerals and electrolytes in claimed to be found in Smart Water is not known to cause constipation, Joanie. If after you stop drinking it, it continues seek medical attention.

  • insects in your bottle
    thomas croteau

    I opened a bottle of Smart Water on Mother’s day and found several reddish brown insects or flies or something along thee threaded portion of the bottle and inside the threaded portion of the cap. You really had to look to see if they were moving, being so small, and they were. It was disgusting needless to say. Have you received similar complaints?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Please contact either Smart Water or the store you bought it from; either the insects entered at the bottling plant or sometime when it was shipped to the store. We have listed contact info in the Q&A section, Thomas.

  • can u open the bottle
    Joan McDonald

    Can you open a bottle of Smart Water not finish and save for another day. I was told that you could not open a bottle and then use it again later or another time. I do not like my water cold so I do not refrigerate.

    • Janet

      Nope, no refrigeration required. Leave it on the counter as long as you’d like to! 🙂

  • Replenish Potassium Everyday
    Rachel Long

    How many ounces of smart water to replenish potassium each day?

    • jerry


  • fresh taste in a nice shape bottl

    To be honest, it’s easy to think this could be “Emporer’s new clothes” type water, and I can’t vouch for the health benefits it claims…however, what I’ve kind of been looking for in a water, I found in this- a really clean, sharp, fresh taste in a nice shape bottle. Not expensive either.

  • Buy a bottle
    Cole (Verified Purchase)

    Such a disconnect in peoples minds about this, they buy a bottle at a price they could buy 5 times as much PURE VAPOR DISTILLED WATER buying it by the gallon, or getting a machine or Solar distiller to distill your own water.
    THIS is the “Smart” part of this water.! Nutritionists and people who think the body uses isolated chemical elements, overlook the simple fact that the REASON this water is so amazing is because its VAPOR DISTILLED WATER!!!

  • This water has very low electrolyte
    Tom Blakley

    Nice marketing ploy. This water has very low electrolyte content. Nothing compared to the traditional Gatorade or PowerAde. the label indicates that electrolytes are added for flavor only.

    • Bronson

      Gatorade and PowerAde are also very acidic, more like soda. You still need water, plain water, of sufficient pH to be on the right side of health.

    • Your Name

      Check the label on Gatorade and Powerade…..Natural? Glucose syrup, fructose syrup… Disease feeding ingredients.

  • smart water.
    Trudy Christiansen

    I would like to know the pH if smart water. Hoping it is 10 or better.

    • Your Name

      Like Chlorox?

    • Nonya


  • spot light

    i really like they way smart water tasres like beacause it has spot light

  • This water is really good and refreshing.
    Albert (Verified Purchase)

    This water is really good and refreshing. It can boost your energy. It cost very much , but it’s really cool

  • Does smartwater contain fluoride and/or chlorine?
    steve fecser

    does smartwater contain fluoride and/or chlorine?

    • Your Name

      Nope its vapor distilled so it doesn’t matter where the source is and they list what they add

    • Jack

      Yes it does contain Floride AND Chlorine. Check its ingredients online or on the bottle.

      • Jose

        Maybe you should read the bottle, have one in front of me – No Floride or Chlorine. Which make sense, when you distill water you get pure water vapor, anything else you have to add. Or maybe you’re just misreading Chloride for Chlorine, where you got Floride I have no idea?

      • Your Name

        Just checked the bottle….it does not contain fluoride or chlorine

        • Your Name

          I have a bottle right here in front of me too, I see nothing that says fluoride or chlorine at all.

    • Adrian

      please check the public water quality report posted on their website! Theres a reason fiji and smart water are the best! Although fiji does contain some deinfectant probably because its imported from a lowly country

  • How much is too much smart water?
    Pam Reeves (Verified Purchase)

    Your article said if you drink too much smart water it could cause problem with electorlytes. How much do you consider too much? I drink about 8 or glasses a day. Thank you for your response

    • Your Name

      No drink as many as possible science has studied that if you drink smart water ones a day it can reveal 6sense abilities

      • Your Name

        Is it safe to use for baby formula ,for baby four months old.

        • Your Name


          • JT

            How can you say NO??? Oh but fluoride-riddled plain tap water is yes? Hahaha so what do YOU use for formula milk then??? LOL

            • Sammy Snake

              Probably piss.

            • Anonymous

              They sell water that has been purified just for babies. It’s usually in the baby food isle of your local grocery store or big brand pharmacy.