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Testosterol 250 Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

There’s a resurgence of testosterone boosters, including Testosterol 250. The industry notices that testosterone levels decrease with age and wanting to offer products that minimize the effects. Our research team wanted to know if Testosterol 250 was one brighter supplements out there. so they focused on the benefits of the ingredients, potential side effects and the research backing the claims. Then, we gathered the facts to give you everything you need.

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What is Testosterol 250?

Testosterol 250 is a testosterone level booster manufactured by Megabol. The Polish company manufactures various Polish and sports supplement products. The company claims that Testosterol 250 can:

  • Help strengthen and increase muscle mass
  • Boosts testosterone levels and limits estrogen levels in blood
  • Increase daily productivity and performance
  • Improve sexual health

The product is exclusively designed for bodybuilders or anyone who wants to increase muscle mass and want to impress others with their six packs abs and strong biceps. However, customer reviews and the medical investigators dispute these claims by the company.

Testosterol 250

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How Does Testosterol 250 Work?

The basic active substance in the supplement is phytosterol fraction, which plays a catalyst role in boosting testosterone levels in the blood. Testosterol 250 is a fast-acting and effective supplement because it is entirely based on natural ingredients that empower muscles, the cardiovascular system, and the heart activity that enables a person to participate in prolonged or vigorous physical activities.

Besides increasing the testosterone count, its unique formula also helps you decrease the androgenic receptors present in your body to bind with the testosterone, and converting them into steroid hormone-activated transcription factors. The streamlined action of this supplement increases your metabolic rate. You can feel prominent changes in your muscle mass and body strength with an enhanced and powerful persona.


Price of The Testosterol 250

The cost of Megabol’s bodybuilding and sports empowering supplement is $17.49 for 30 capsules, on eBay. This reasonable and affordable price is the key attraction for its users because no other testosterone booster is available on the market at such reasonable prices.

However, we found websites selling the supplement for as low as $8, though we weren’t able to verify the websites as reputable.

The company has set the price at a lower level so that sports enthusiasts and gym masters can multiply their activities and performance because of strengthened muscles and their pro-active sports passion.

The low price of the product is especially appreciated by beginners as compared to the experienced ones as they are more sensitive to the price rather than the outcome. Moreover, the company also offers valuable promotional discounts and deals so you can order your supplement for six months or more at bargain prices.


Testosterol 250 Claims

Megabol, being the manufacturer of Testosterol 250, claims that you can find absolute improvement in your fitness and body physique. The company has specifically targeted those enthusiastic and focused bodybuilders who want energetic and strong muscles.

The company also claims that if you use Testosterol 250, you can improve your endurance and strength in advanced workouts, tough, physical activities and sports games. Testosterone causes the deeper voice, bigger muscles, body hair, and other primarily male features.

Moreover, the company has also challenged its competitors and labeled their supplement as the most effective fitness improvement formula that not only increases your muscle strength but also increases your stamina, mental intelligence, sex drive and sports performance.

Testosterol 250 ingredients


Ingredients of Testosterol 250

This natural, safe, and healthy bodybuilding and male enhancer supplement are based on the combination of natural and nutritional ingredients. The proportions and percentages of the ingredients are carefully researched, which is aimed to empower the users’ muscle activity and athletic abilities without compromising natural physiological functions. The primary ingredients of the supplement are:

  • Plant Sterols
  • Pruni Cum Inulin Extract
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Aminobutanedioic Acid
  • Fenugreek
  • Avena Sativa
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • N-Methylglycine

Testosterol 250 benefits

As of July 2019, the ingredient list we found was different from the aforementioned list. The new list includes:

  • 24-methylcholesta-5, 22-dien-3 beta-ol
  • Stigmast-5-en-3ol
  • 24 alpha-methylcholesterol
  • dodecahydro-1H-cyclopenta-phenanther-3ol

Testosterone Benefits and Results

Benefits associated with increased testosterone levels are:

  • It enhances muscle mass by building up muscular tissues
  • It boosts up the sex drive in a natural way
  • It increases physical enthusiasm and activities
  • It intensifies endurance and inner strength in the body
  • It is very cheap as compared to the other testosterone boosters and is easily available
Benefits & Results

Does Testosterol 250 Work?

Although the company claims that the supplement is efficient and has proven results in building your muscle mass and physical strength, there are contradictory reviews and opinions about the efficacy and results of the supplement.

As reported by the Health Research Editor, some customers have complained about the lack of effects of the Testosterol 250, as they did not find any significant changes in their body and the results were not according to their expectations.

Some local supplement retailers do not give a guarantee of the product, and they do not promise their customers 100% results. Therefore, the product cannot be categorized as a completely effective supplement.

Testosterol 250 and weight loss

Testosterol 250 and Weight Loss

The supplement’s objective is a muscle builder and body enhancer pill. The perception is that muscular tissues will result in an automatic weight gain for users. However, the reality is just the opposite. It is not necessary for increased muscular strength and growth to necessarily increase weight, as weight gain and obesity is associated with the fat production and accumulation in the body.

The increased testosterone level plays an active role in burning adipose tissues (that are deposited as fats) while activating the production of muscular tissues. An increased testosterone level behaves as a catalyst in metabolic reactions, increasing the amount of energy burnt and resulting in a higher calorie deficit. When the higher levels of testosterone are released into the bloodstream, it inhibits the production of the fat cells and body weight gradually lowers with the continuous and prolonged use of Testosterol 250.

How to Use Testosterol 250

The recommended usage of Testosterol 250 is one capsule three times a day. Some fitness instructors recommend taking the supplement before every meal. However, the dosage can be changed or altered according to the resistance level and tendency of an individual.

It might be possible that someone does not get desired results in the initial phase of its use and starts to see improvements in their fitness level after six or seven weeks.

At that time, one may reduce the dose from three to two time a day. Moreover, there may be some fitness conscious men who just want to enhance their physical activity rather than increasing muscle mass. They can also alter the dose according to their desire and bodily response.

This supplement that it should not be taken more than three times a day, as an excessive testosterone level can harm the testicles and sperm count of a man, and it can also lead to physical weakness due to too much stimulation of the metabolism rate by the Testosterol 250.

However, there are various websites that all disclose different directions on how to take this supplement. That is a huge red flag.


Side Effects of Testosterol 250

Testosterol 250 has been labeled as a purely natural and safe supplement; however, we know that increased testosterone levels in the bloodstream gave rise to several counter-effects like:

  • Acne
  • Prostate swelling
  • Fluid retention
  • Beast enlargement
  • Decreased testicle size and sperm count

Testosterol 250 side effects

Therefore, it is wise to consider the potential side effects and the precautionary measures associated with these pills, as there are no known side effects of the product.

Side Effects

Testosterol 250 Product Warnings

As Testosterol 250 becomes active at the cellular level of the body and enters into the bloodstream to increase the hormonal (testosterone) level, there are certain warnings that the company has entailed regarding the use of this supplement. The company has notified the following NOT to use the product if they are:

Those who are allergic to certain types of medicinal formulae should not use the product without consulting from a fitness doctor, fitness instructor or a natural health practitioner.

Those athletes who are under the age of eight should NEVER use the product.

Those women who are pregnant or lactating should NEVER use this muscle-strengthening supplement.

Product Warnings

Alternatives to Testosterol 250

Some alternatives to Testosterol 250 include:

Tribuactiv B6

The best and most recommended alternative of Testosterol 250 is Tribuactiv B6, manufactured by the ActivLab Company. This testosterone booster is also based on natural ingredients the active component of this supplement is the extract of Tribulus Terrestris.

This product claims that besides boosting up testosterone levels in the bloodstream, it also accelerates the regeneration of body muscles and improves mood. Although the price of this product is relatively higher than Testosterol 250, it can be affordable, as it gives more proven results with lesser weeks of continuous consumption.

TestoJack 200

Another alternative of Testosterone 259 is TestoJack 200 introduced by Now Foods Inc. The product is also primarily based on the natural ingredients, including the extracts of deciduous tree (Tongkat Ali), Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginseng Root, and Icariin, that plays an important role in increasing testosterone and decreasing cortisol levels in the blood. These ingredients also have a positive impact on libido and sperm count in males.

Another great feature of this product is that it reduces stress levels and promotes general well-being by targeting the stress-releasing hormone, as well. Although the effectiveness of this product is far better than Testosterol 250, the price is much higher, due to which some customers don’t prefer this product as an alternative to Testosterol 250.

What Users Are Saying

“This stuff is good. I am 44 years old and by following the instructions on this stuff you can feel your metabolism increase and I am lifting heavier and the mid waist I can see reducing, as long as you have a good balanced diet. My body temperature does increase quite a bit with this stuff even quite a few hours after a work out, but my strength training has improved and it’s great at boosting my T-Levels to the max. I’ve tried many things out there and have to say well done Poland for this amazing stuff.”

“They do nothing and I don’t feel any better or worse on the gym.”

“This stuff actually does work. It’s not magic, but in reasonable time, you will notice the positive effect.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Testosterol 250

So, should you spend your money on Testosterol 250? Well, we like that this testosterone booster is easy to use anywhere and it’s good that you don’t need a prescription. But, we are hesitant because we’ve rarely come across this combination of ingredients and we’re not sure you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

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Testosterol 250 Review
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Testosterol 250

What are the ingredients in Testosterol 250?

The ingredients in Testosterol 250 are plant sterols, fenugreek, avena sativa, pruni cum inulin extract, eurcoma longifolia, rhodiola rosea extract, tribulus terrestris, aminobutanedioic acid and N-methylglycine.

What are the side effects Testosterol 250?

Possible Testosterol 250 side effects based on the ingredients would be swelling, acne and fluid retention.

Does Testosterol 250 work?

Yes, comprising well-proven ingredients coupled with positive user experiences Testosterol 250 has shown to work effectively for energy increase.

What is the price of Testosterol 250?

The 30-capsules pack of Testosterol 250 costs AU $12.90.

Where can I buy Testosterol 250?

Testosterol 250 can be bought from eBay.

How should I take Testosterol 250?

The recommended daily dose is one to two capsules daily after meal.

How do I contact Testosterol 250 customer service?

You can contact Testosterol 250 customer service by email through the sales channel and not directly to megabol.com except you intend to be an exporter by emailing to export@megabol.com.

Can I return Testosterol 250?

Not likely. However, some retailers can have a return and refund provision in place.

What are the most common complaints about Testosterol 250?

There are no common complaints in place. Product appears to be well accepted.

4 Testosterol 250 Reviews

  • FTM
    FTM Guy

    I am biologically female and looking for masculinizing effects from testosterone. Is it possible for me to gain those effects via use of Testosterol 250?

  • Debra Leonard

    Hi, I’m a young 60yr old woman needing a boost of libido and muscle ? strength and tone. And extra energy I’m quite fit and enjoy being fit. Is this product OK for me or can you let me know what would be better for me please.

    • Angelica (Editor)


      We do suggest that you consult with your physician if you have any pre-existing conditions or are worried that a product may conflict with you.

  • Tony kirsch

    I love this product I’ve gotten so strong my energy is so unbelievable