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Stacking is a major aspect of bodybuilding. Supplements are often offered by one manufacturer with the idea of including all, safely, into one supplement routine. Universal Nutrition has included Animal Pak as the foundation for their Animal Stack. Animal Pak is a multi-supplement that includes many common vitamins and nutrients with a boost for people trying to increase muscle size.

The official website is complete with ingredient lists and ordering. Universal Nutrition also includes a long list of supportive research links for consumers who want to read more about the ingredients used in each of the supplements found online.

List of Ingredients

Mega-Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant Complex: Zinc, Chromium, Magnesium, All The B Vitamins, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorous, Vitamin A (from beta carotene, alpha carotene and acetate), Vitamin C, Vitamin E (from tocotrienols/tocopherols), Selenium and Folic Acid.

Key Amino Acid Blend: Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamine Acid, Glutamine, Histidine, Isoleucine (BCAA/EAA), Leucine (BCAA/EAA), Lysine (EAA), Methionine (EAA), Phenylalanine(EAA), Proline, Serine, Threonine (EAA), Tryptophan (EAA), Tyrosine and Valine (BCAA/EAA).

Performance Optimizers: Argentine Liver, L-Carnitine, Pyridoxine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Hawthorne (berry), Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero), Oriental Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) and Choline Bitartrate.

Antioxidants and General Support: Milk Thistle, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Grapeseed Extract, Lutein, Lycopene and Pinebark Extract.

Bone Support: Calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium.

Digestive Enzymes: Lipase , Papain , Pepsin, Pancreatin, Bromelain and Inulin.

Product Features

Animal Pak is a multi-vitamin style supplement created for bodybuilders. Much of the ingredients in the mineral and mega-vitamin list can be found in common, over the counter, vitamins. The remaining ingredients, however, are included with weight lifting in mind.

Amino acids are the functional building blocks of new muscle. While many other body building supplements will include amino acids, there are rarely any side effects from taking them multiple times a day.

Performance optimizers will not help someone trying to lose weight. These ingredients are included to help the muscle make the most out of every movement from lifting off the bar to complete a routine set of repetitions.

Antioxidants and general support includes ingredients to aid cells in recovery. Weight lifting will greatly damage muscle cells because out of destruction, new larger muscles are formed. Bone support is equally important as heavy weights can wreak havoc on joints and bones. The ingredient list is rounded out with a digestive complex to ensure the body is able to use every other ingredient to the fullest.

Animal Pak retails for $51.95 for 44 packs. One pack is taken daily to optimize the body for weight lifting. Though this is a bodybuilding supplement, there are no ingredients that will render weight gain and thus the supplement can be safely used by people trying to lose weight.

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  • The supplement can be ordered online.
  • A complete list of ingredients is included on the website.
  • Anyone can take Animal Pak.


  • Animal Pak is priced higher than other multi-vitamin supplements.
  • Some of the ingredients would not be useful for someone simply trying to lose weight.


Universal Nutrition does a great job of offering a complete list of supplements for the bodybuilder. However, these supplements are mostly useful for a small portion of the population. More people are trying to lose weight than build muscle and thus the audience for the supplements is very narrow.

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  • 1

    its the best and I need it


  • 2

    I want to know how to consumed animal pak 11 pills or 22 pills in 1 day. I am 16 years old, I trained 6/7 days very hard. So I need ur suggestion, ideas, experienced on how I should consumed animal pak for a better result?
    Please give me some opinions!!!


  • 3

    I’m a distance runner running up to 50 miles a week at very high intensities. I was recommended animal pak (in a half dose) to help repair muscle I am constantly tearing down in training-especially the 15+ mile runs. Is this a good choice? I’m not taking them with the goal in mind of putting on muscle weight, just improving muscle recovery and endurance. Any comments?


  • 4
    karl jones

    I used Animal Pak for the last 6 months and have not noticed a difference in my overall performance in the gym. My trainer (whom I use 3x per week) recommended the Anabolic Stack from the Dr. Max Powers brand – its a combination of supplements you take all together, and it has all the ingredients need to boost my workout. I’ve probably taken the Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack for two years (off and on), its a bit pricey to take it year round but you do get what you pay for. Probably the best thing I have taken with it to see actual results in strength (prob about 10% increase in strength in the past month).


  • 5

    I take Crestor for my cholesterol.Can I take Animal Pak while on the Crestor?Any interactions?Thanks.


  • 6

    it takes how long for me to grow big


  • 7

    So I have been using Animal Pak by Universal for a few months, but then I switched to the Dr. Max Powers Anabolic Stack now and am really pleased by the switch! The Max Powers Anabolic Stack is better because I wanted a multi vitamin for someone who was in the process of getting lean and putting on muscle mass.

    After much deliberation I settled on the Anabolic Stack. I read a lot of reviews online praising how balanced it was. I also talked to some personal trainers at my gym and they too recommended that I try it. The pills themselves are packaged together so I do not have to carry around a bunch of bottles. This makes it very convenient to take them no matter where I am.

    The price for 30 days worth of pills is also not too bad. The major downside to Animal Pak is the size and number of pills, but the Dr max Powers Anabolic Stack makes me feel like they are better for me because they are not undersized to be more appealing.


  • 8

    k so if im taking bcaas at the moment and stacking it with creatine.. if i start taking animal pak do you think it would be a good idea to get off of the bcaas or stay on them both?


  • 9

    This is a multi-vitamin. On pack they recommend 2 serving per day. Multi-vitamin are supplement, all the indredient do not pass the dangerous zone of nutriment. To take effet you need to consume each day trough the year and at the start you wont notice anything till 1-2 week for your body to adjust of all the nutriment intake that you didnt meet before(Except the yellow piss, wich is normal because of the vitamin B). Those incluse enzyme so people with ulcer this is not recommended. Make sure you dont take this on empty stomach. 1 in the morning and 1 at end of the day because the hydro solube vitamin will be out with piss quickly (Vitamin B,C)


  • 10

    Since i’ll not be training for professional. Can I take animal pack just twwice a week


  • 11

    is animal pak suitable for rugby players? or even athlets



    i guess you could take it no matter what sport you are doing, but it is best for building muscles because animal pak contains some things that are specially designed for lifting heavy weights, stressing your muscles bones and joints to the fullest :)


  • 12

    im 15 and my mom doesnt want me to use protine powder and stuff like that is this a generaly good alternitive? like thats healthy. what are side effects of it? pros cons of the vitamens itself



    No it’s not an alternative. Protein powder is a protein supplement to aid the repair of broken muscle fibres which means building muscle mass. Animal Pak is a set of vitamins to help your body cope with the strenous amounts of exercise. You won’t be doing professional bodybuilding so no you don’t need it.


  • 13

    should I stop taking a multi vitamin if I am using the animal pak vitamins? what about vitamin C?



    It doesn’t hurt to take them! I take the animal pak and an A.M. And also P.M. Vitamins. Mainly read ingredients and what’s n there! If you don’t really eat enough fruits and veggies it’s good to take something to replace it.



    Don’t forget you can overdose yourself with vitamins and because of taking that amount of tablets your kidneys are under prssure to flush them out. Drink plenty of water.Urine turns yellow


  • 14

    Any bloating from all the vitamins?

    Good to use even though I just want to bulk up and still be flexible?


    Ezra Berry

    I’m 15 and play Football, Wrestle,, and play Baseball. I’m in pretty good shape now but I want to be a little stronger and better looking. I’m not trying to be huge. Can I take Animal Pak? Notice I do lift with Wrestling.


  • 15

    is animal pak safe for 14 year old boys who work out with weights daily



    No, i’ve used them since i was in 7th grade.


  • 16

    does animal pak cause damage two any parts of the body



    No. Animal Pak is a multivitamin. Not a steroid.


  • 17

    do animal pak cause any damage two ur body parts for example ur penis



    no it doesn’t. it is a multi-vitamin used by bodybuilders. not a steroid


    Your Name

    i want to lose a some body fat nd build a muschle can i use animal pak?


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