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ClearVite Review - Does This Cleanse System Work? Are cost and taste deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0
ClearVite Review

Cleanses are becoming more and more popular as a short-term diet solution. Many cleanses claim to help you lose weight quickly by replacing one meal or all of your meals with their products. Clearvite is one of these programs that has generated a lot of buzz lately, which convinced us to do an in-depth review of their ingredients, side effects, published research, and company information. We also read dozens of online reviews from the top online retailers to provide you a condensed review with everything that you need to know.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine ClearVite with a proven fat burner such as Leptigen for better results.

What You Need to Know

Clearvite is a diet cleanse that is designed to be taken over the course of 2-3 weeks. This cleanse contains a proprietary blend of ingredients with hypo-allergenic nutrients, metabolism boosters, herbal compounds, and sweeteners. Unfortunately, the exact formula is not available, and the ingredients remain a mystery. The product comes in a convenient tub, and it can be mixed anywhere with a variety of liquids.
Clearvite has been around for over a decade, which is encouraging, and it can be purchased from many well-known retailers online. The company does have a professional looking website and has some longevity as a company, but read on…

Price–“Deceptively Expensive”

Our first concern with Clearvite was the high cost. “Clearvite doesn’t seem too expensive at just $59 per canister,” said our research editor, “but when you learn that each one lasts just 7-10 days, the monthly cost can be over $150.” Cleanses are notoriously expensive, but this one is more expensive than competing products, causing us to think twice about recommending this pricy product.
“I bought this thinking it was a good deal, but in order to finish the cleanse you’ll need 2-3 bottles,” said one user.
“The $50 price tag won me over, but after reordering twice before completing my cleanse the final cost of $150 was just too much,” said another.

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Taste–“Poor Taste and Consistency”

Many reviewers agreed that the recent formula change for Clearvite led to a poorer taste and a gritty consistency. “I liked the old formula, but the new formula has a poor taste and consistency, I won’t be ordering this again,” said one customer online.
“The new flavor is awful,” said another. Many reviews on online retailers echoed this sentiment. Some people did find that mixing it with a sweeter liquid helped, but the increased calories in juice, milk, or other liquids can sabotage any positive effects of this supplement. “It tastes better with almond milk, but I stopped losing weight when I started taking this with milk,” said one review.
Our research shows that whenever a supplement or exercise routine is particularly troublesome (poor taste, negative side effects, difficult workouts, etc.), the likelihood of sustained weight loss is slim. If Clearvite really does have a poor taste and consistency like many reviewers claim, it could make it difficult to lose weight and keep it off with this cleanse.
If you are set on trying this supplement, we suggest you mix it with something that hides the taste and balance it with a healthy exercise program.

The Science

The official website for Clearvite boasts great results and incredible success stories, but the lack of information about the ingredients and proprietary formula gives us a reason to be skeptical. There are no published studies proving the efficacy of Clearvite, and without knowing what the ingredients are, we can’t research the effectiveness of their formula. At DietSpotlight, we’re always looking for scientific research proving that a product works and is better than similar products, so without this information we see big red flags with Clearvite’s claims. We’d like to at least see comparisons of Clearvite and a more affordable cleanse proving that Clearvite is worth the high price, so we’d opt for the cheaper alternative without this information.

The Bottom Line

We were initially excited to review a product that is easily available online, has decent longevity, and had some good reviews, but because this cleanse doesn’t have any research backing up its claims, we can’t recommend it as a weight loss supplement that will be effective for our readers. We’re also concerned about the high price of this cleanse, the poor taste and consistency, and the lack of information about the ingredients used in Clearvite.
If you’re looking to lose those last few pounds without the hassle of a cleanse, we suggest a product that offers proven weight loss at an affordable price. Look for a product that has claims backed by published research and unbiased studies.
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How Does ClearVite Compare?

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What You Should Know

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ClearVite is manufactured by Apex Energetics. Those who sell ClearVite online tell us that it is an enzyme based multi vitamin and mineral supplement powder, which is to be used in detoxification programmes and in inflammatory and allergic conditions. This product cannot be ordered directly from the official site.

List of Ingredients

The official site for ClearVite does not actually tell us what ingredients are included in this product.

Product Features

Although it does not seem to be possible to order ClearVite from the official website for the product, it can be purchased from online shops at a price of $59.00. The official website does, however, give product information, regarding ClearVite, including how it should be used. We are told that if you are using ClearVite for the first time that it should be used over a three week period. The information available on how to use the product also provides recipes which can include the ClearVite powder, such as, fruit smoothies and soups. The official website for ClearVite does have a telephone number and fax number should you wish to contact a representative of the company. We could also find no information regarding a money back guarantee for.

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  • There is an official website for ClearVite giving detailed information regarding how this product should be used.
  • ClearVite can be ordered directly from online stores.
  • The official website for ClearVite gives telephone and fax details should you wish to contact a representative of the company.


  • The official website for ClearVite does not give any ingredient information.
  • There does not seem to be a money back guarantee upon purchase of ClearVite.


Although there is an official website for ClearVite there is a lack of fundamental information on the site, such as, the ingredients contained in ClearVite. At the end of the day, ClearVite has been designed as a product to help with allergies and detoxification of the body, and not with weight loss.

20 User Reviews About ClearVite

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  • 1

    where to find clearvite in charlotte nc.



    Apex Energetics make awesome products for weight loss and detox.
    If you Email me I can let you know where to find there products.
    All the best!


  • 2
    Ray Lanfear

    Where can i order Clearvite sf-24 vanilla. Many sites have it discontinued.


  • 3
    vickie picciano

    please tell me where i can order clear vite on line. thanks


    Katherine Elias

    I love this product, it’s complete with mineral, multivitamin, and protein. Would like to complete my detox, so I need to order from a company online.


  • 4

    I purchased ClearVite-SF (K-24) on the recommendation of my provider and was told to follow the directions provided in the ClearVite Program pamphlet. I started the 21-day cleanse. I got to days 14 and 15, following the directions specifically as called out in the program pamphlet and began to realize that the amount of product wasn’t going to support a 21-day cleanse. So at day 16 of a 21-day cleanse I am out of product. I called the Apex Energetics customer support number to talk to someone there to see if they have had problems with insufficient product in their 1.13 lbs and they refused to talk to me because I am not a provider. I called my provider and they said that they typically have to sell two 1.13 lbs containers to support the 21-day regime. WHAT? So I have to spend another $63 for 6 days to complete my cleanse? That doesn’t pass the smell test.

    So Apex doesn’t provide enough product in the container to support the last six days of the detox? How can that be? No where in their instructions does it indicate that the 1.13lb product will ONLY support a 14-day cleanse- no where. As a matter of fact, it encourages first time users to go for 21-days instead of 14 – right there in the brochure.

    As a customer I am outraged and feel as though I have been duped by not only my provider but by Apex as a company by not providing truth in their advertising. I’m completely untrustworthy of the product as result and will comment in any and every social media out let that I can along with any website that does product comparison about my experience of being ripped off… Had I have had the chance to talk to someone today at the company the outcome may have been different, but all the employee could offer me was an email address. Another sad commentary on the concern the company has about those who are consuming their products. Don’t by products from Apex Energetics, including ClearVite -SF (K-24). And on top of all that, after a 15-day cleanse, I feel no better.. now of course, worse.

    Signed, a duped customer. Oh wait, I’m only the consumer of the product which doesn’t make me a customer.


  • 5

    The powders are expensive. Can I continue to get results without using the powders?


  • 6

    can i purchase this product locally


  • 7

    need to purchase this product i ran out my suppler is close todayis there a store in Thunder bay


  • 8

    I have been on clearvite for 2 days now I have cealics disease. I am trying to find information on the adverse effects to this product. Is there any. I am have problems with constant diarrhea and stomach cramping any information will be appreciated.


  • 9
    Sylvia Hamblin

    I bought a can of ClearVite-SF from my chiropractor and am ready to start. Can’t find the pamphlet of food menu. Please tell me the info. I tried to look for it on your site, called a friend who told me a few things. Took 1 Tbl. turkey and grapefruit this morning, but need the info to continue. Thank you.


  • 10
    Sylvia Hamblin

    I bought a can of ClearVite-SF from my chiropractor and am ready to start. Can’t find the pamphlet of food menu. Please tell me the info. I tried to look for it on your site, called a friend who told me a few things. Took 1 Tbl. turkey and grapefruit this morning, but need the infor to continue. Thank you.


  • 11
    Dale Kwarciany

    What the side effects associated with the use of ClearVite?


  • 12
    Dale Kwarciany

    I just tried my first Clearvite chocolate shake this morning. Within the first 90 minutes of taking the product, I had 4 episodes of crampy diarrhea. Once the diarrhea stopped, I experienced severe indigestion and burning sensations in my ankles and fingers. What are the complications associated with this non-FDA approved product?


  • 13

    there IS specific info on the exact contents at the end of page 2- just like whats on the canister.


  • 14

    does this product really work right now?


  • 15
    sandy cirino

    I am on Coumadin, I haven’t started my detox yet. Does anyone know if ClearVite has vitamin K and if so how much


  • 16

    So is it the protein powder of clearvite that causes you to loose the weight that you do loose or is it the diet plan that is followd with the clearvite?


  • 17

    I just finished the 3 week cleanse with clearvite along with an elimination of soy, peanuts, dairy and gluten. I lost 8 pounds (they remain gone 2 weeks post). I feel better than ever; it has inspired me to feel this good the rest of my life and continue using Clearvite as a protein supplement.


  • 18
    Joe White

    I am on the 3 week detox program. What happens if I goof and have a burger, or one meal with spaghetti sause, but follow the program 90% of what is recommended?


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