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At first glance, Protandim does not look like a diet product. The product description talks about reducing oxidative stress, or stress caused by free radicals. This means the supplement contains antioxidants, but there is one proven weight loss ingredient in the formula, so there is some good to be had out of taking this product with an exercise program and healthy meal plan. The complete ingredient list is available on the official website and there is mention of clinical studies. This does not mean clinical studies have been completed directly on Protandim, but we’ll see.

List of Ingredients


  • Milk Thistle Extract
  • Bacopa Extract
  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Turmeric Extract

Product Features

The two ingredients we are most interested in from a diet point of view are green tea and turmeric. Green tea is clinically proven to boost metabolism, even if the caffeine in green tea is taken out of the equation. The EGCG present in green tea boosts metabolism in addition to the added benefits of caffeine.

Turmeric recently hit the weight loss market with some pretty impressive preliminary studies. In the studies, participants who took turmeric lost more weight than participants who did not. Additional large-scale studies replicating this effect are needed before the ingredient is considered clinically proven.

Under the clinical proof tab we found the clinical proof we’d hoped for, but the study has nothing to do with weight loss. Protandim is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress. In other words, the supplement works as an antioxidant, which can impact overall health, but not weight loss directly.

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  • Proven to have antioxidant effects on the body.
  • May reduce oxidative stress by 40%.
  • Clinical studies were completed on Protandim, not just the ingredients.
  • Green tea and turmeric are proven to boost metabolism and weight loss.


  • Protandim is not a weight loss supplement.
  • No detailed information on ingredient amounts.
  • The only customer reviews available on the website are in video format.


Protandim is quite an impressive supplement in its given category, but that category is not weight loss. While green tea and turmeric may be beneficial for weight loss, we have no idea how much of each ingredient is included in the supplement. It is unlikely that there is enough of either to boost metabolism since this supplement is created as an antioxidant not a fat burner.

There should be no negative interactions between this supplement and other fat burners, but it is best to contact your physician before taking Protandim.

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  • 1

    Love the product am on my 3rd bottle but have concerns. Why am I putting on weight. I have gained 8lbs. The first bottle I lost about 6 lbs, u now have put all back on and more. Please respond.
    Marlene Krueger


  • 2
    bev billingsley

    Can you tell me if ubiquinol can be taken along with protandim. I can’t seem to get an answer from anyone. Thank you.


  • 3
    Marjorie La///bell

    could not find price


  • 4
    Earl D Sorensen

    I didn’t know that the product has caffeine in it. I’m not suppose to use caffeine!! Is their tantium in this product also???


    Wayne Wood

    It has no caffeine in it. Where did you hear that?


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