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Green Tea Fat Burner Review- Does this Fat Burner Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 17, 2017

We’re all searching for the right diet supplement, so we decided to do one of our thorough reviews on Green Tea Fat Burner, looking closely at the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. Plus, we devoured hundreds of dieter experiences. Then, we summarized and condensed it all to give you the info you need.

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What is Green Tea Fat Burner?

First of all, Green Tea Fat Burner is a dietary supplement. The ingredients are green tea 400mg, [1] caffeine 160mg, bilberry powder, blueberry, European elderberry, [2] grape skin extract, pomegranate, eleuthero, holy basil, yerba mate, schisandra and Asian ginseng. Users are to take two liquid gels in the morning and one or two in the afternoon. Supposedly it helps boost metabolism [3] and thermogenesis. One benefit is that it’s available in a blister pack, making it portable.

Applied Nutrition, the company behind Green Tea Fat Burner, was founded in 1993. You can purchase the supplement through the online store and at local retailers. We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments, but read on…

Green Tea Fat Burner Side Effects – “Negative?”

The first problem were reports of side effects from Green Tea Fat Burner. “There were several customer reviews talking about this one causing adverse reactions,” said our Research Editor. “Possibly because each serving contains 160mg of caffeine.”

“Not taking back this product, makes me feel weak, tiredness, nausea and nervousness. I don’t know if anyone feels the same and have not seen any changes,” said one user.

“It didn’t work for me. It gave me headache and I couldn’t sleep,” said another.

Though reports of side effects were common, there were also claims to the opposite.

“I had no side effects with these pills,” said one.

Another shared, “It works well on me with no side effect.”

Customer Reviews – “Negative or Positive?”

We searched and found that Green Tea Fat Burner reviews weren’t always positive. One user said, “It does add to your racing thoughts and makes you very jittery, sometimes even dizzy.”

“Took pills for three weeks gained 15 lbs. always tired, no energy to do anything. Sometimes felt sick to the stomach,”  said another.

As previously stated, not everyone saw the negative in Green Tea Fat Burner.

As one person put it, “This pill green tea fat burner gave me zero side effects.”

Our research indicates that if there’s part of a diet program that’s difficult, like the potential side effects, long-term results could be limited. If Green Tea Fat Burner leaves dieters on edge or feeling sick, that’s something that needs to be considered.

The Science – “Clinical Proof?”

Studies do show green tea to be an effective fat burner, [4] at the right dose. It takes a lot of it to get the results you’re looking for. [5] We like that this formula contains 400mg of green tea, [6] but we’re afraid the whopping 160mg of caffeine could cause a problem. [7] At DietSpotlight, proof is needed for us to give a green light. Though Green Tea Fat Burner contains enough, the potential side effects from two sources of stimulant could be a problem.

The Bottom Line – Does Green Tea Fat Burner Work?

Are we racing out to take all these off the shelves? We were initially excited to review Green Tea Fat Burner, because it appeared to be an affordable supplement that could help people reach their weight-loss goals faster. Due to the lack of information about how much of each ingredients, the reports of ineffectiveness and potential for side effects, we are skeptical about suggesting this one to dieters.

If you’d like to shed some pounds, we recommend choosing a supplement regimen that gives you safe and effective ingredients, no side effects to worry about and a price that’s not hard on the wallet.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It is a proprietary blend of four clinically proven ingredients known to help increase metabolism and fat burning power. Over the course of our research, we weren’t able to find negative comments about side effects, but dieters are reporting some pretty amazing results.

We’re thrilled to see the makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so confident in their product they’re giving new customers a Special Trial Offer, which is always a good sign

Previous Green Tea Fat Burner Review (Updated July 16, 2014):

What You Should Know about Green Tea Fat Burner

Green Tea Fat Burner is a product of Applied Nutrition; similar to Weekend Colon Flush. However, we were unable to find a product or company website under either of these names. While we will caution consumers from purchasing products from companies that do not offer a strong online presence, we will investigate the formula in Green Tea Fat Burner to see if it has any merit as a weight loss supplement. As you might have guessed, it contains green tea extract, an ingredient in products from A to Z (From Apidexin to ZendaSlim). We were pleased to find that a number of well known online retailers do offer this product for sale at the time of this review, so we can collect information about Green Tea Fat Burner. Scientific research has shown that green tea provides thermogenic benefits for those on a weight loss program. Thermogenesis is the process of heating up the body from within, revving up the metabolism so the body can burn calories more efficiently. The additional energy boost can also help motivate dieters to stick to a diet and exercise program until weight loss goals are met. However, not all green tea weight loss supplements are created equal, so we will need to look at Green Tea Fat Burner further to see if it is one of the better choices in this area.

Green Tea Fat Burner Ingredients

According to one website that sells this product, Green Tea Fat Burner includes chromium, green tea extract and caffeine; similar to Fenfast 375. It also has a Xenedrol blend that contains Advantra-Z®, Citrus Aurantium Extract (fruit), Betaine, Bladderwack Root and Leaf, Cayenne (fruit), Eleuthero Root (formerly known as Siberian Ginseng), Ginger Root, Gotu Kola Root, Guarana Seed, Licorice Root, Yerba Mate Leaf.

Product Features

There are many good ingredients in this formula; so many in fact, we have to wonder about the potency of the mix. It's definitely preferable to other teas like Biguerlai Tea which is essentially a laxative. We prefer to see weight loss supplements that contain a few key ingredients so that consumers can reap the greatest benefit. We are also concerned about the large amount of stimulants in this combination. While a little stimulant is a good thing in a weight loss supplement, too much can result in nervousness, nausea, insomnia and irritability. But the one good thing we like about this tea is the euphoria of energy levels thanks to the caffeine in the product, which helps block adenosine receptors, which is a chemical found in the brain that causes you to feel fatigued or less energized. Because we were unable to find a company website offering Green Tea Fat Burner, we could not find a free trial offer or money back guarantee policy. We believe these policies indicate a company's confidence in their products, and allow a consumer to try the product with little risk. There is a surprising divide between this product's price, at $7, and other teas like BioFiTea at $60. While the product is currently selling for a relatively low price, about $7 at the time of this review, we like to know that companies stand behind the products they sell.

Advantages of Green Tea Fat Burner

  • Green Tea Fat Burner contains a number of proven weight loss ingredients.
  • The price is very reasonable.

Disadvantages of Green Tea Fat Burner

  • We could not find an online presence for the company.
  • The large number of ingredients may decrease the efficiency.
  • There does not appear to be a free trial offer or money back guarantee.


While Green Tea Fat Burner appears to have a number of compelling ingredients, the lack of a company presence gives us serious pause. In that respect is it similar to Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea in that it lacks support. For some dieters, there may exist Green Tea Fat Burner Side Effects, which worry us. We believe consumers can find more efficient formulas from more reputable companies.

Green Tea Fat Burner is a product of Applied Nutrition. It is sold through many online retailers and in offline stores. The ingredient, which is available via a label on the official website, doesn't offer anything new or exciting.

Green Tea Fat Burner Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Liquid Soft-Gels
Serving Per Container: 15
Amount per Serving% DV
Vitamin C140mg233%
Vitamin E15IU50%
Vitamin B62mg100%
Folic Acid400mcg100%
Vitamin B126mcg100%
Green Tea Extract200mg*
White Tea Extract200mg*
Orange Pekoe Tea Extract200mg*
Citrus Bioflavonoids3mg*

Other Ingredients: None

We focused closely on Green Tea Fat Burner ingredients in order to give you the important details you need.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea is also called camellia sinensis [1]. Although it originated in China, it has gained popularity all over Asia. Unlike black and oolong varieties, this tea is unfermented. It’s known for its health benefits, and it’s found in a number of over-the-counter diet supplements for weight-loss.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Green tea contains both EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) [2] and caffeine. Together these components help increase metabolism, and may help with fat burning. EGCG is a type of catechin or antioxidant.

Clinical Research

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Research shows that green tea lowers total cholesterol and raises HDL (good) cholesterol in both animals and people.” Furthermore, “Clinical studies suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat.”


Chromium is an essential mineral that the human body requires in small amounts. While it is available in supplement form, you can also get this mineral from foods such as romaine lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, oats, green beans and barley.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Chromium helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. It assists by improving the way your body uses insulin. This is why many diet supplements contain this mineral. It’s often said to help control food cravings and aid with weight-loss.

Clinical Research

“Some evidence shows that taking chromium picolinate (a chemical compound that contains chromium) by mouth, either alone or along with biotin, can lower fasting blood sugar, lower insulin levels, and help insulin work in people with type 2 diabetes. Also, chromium picolinate might decrease weight gain and fat accumulation in people with type 2 diabetes who are taking a class of antidiabetes medications called sulfonylureas,” says WebMD.

Natural Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic. Most people get daily doses of it from coffee, chocolate, tea or energy drinks. This substance is naturally found in plants such as guarana, coffee beans, kola nut seeds, yerba mate and cocoa beans.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Caffeine is supposed to help reduce appetite, boost energy levels, elevate metabolism and improve mental clarity. This is why it’s used in numerous energy supplements and over-the-counter diet pills.

Clinical Research

According to PubMed.gov, one study showed that, “High caffeine consumers reduced weight, fat mass, and waist circumference more than low caffeine consumers; resting energy expenditure was reduced less and respiratory quotient was reduced more during weight-loss.”

One that’s caught our attention is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It contains clinically-tested ingredients and is backed by positive customer comments. Click above to learn more.

Green Tea Fat Burner Side Effects:

Green Tea Fat Burner is a diet pill manufactured by Applied Nutrition. It is designed to increase metabolism, and eventually promote weight-loss. We understand that side effects aren’t common, but through these user comments, it show they can still happen.


“The muscles on my left leg have been twitching for about three hours now, and I’m getting a bit of a headache.”    Cristina


“I got terrible headaches after taking 2 pills”    Pily


“I started getting horrible headaches and was felt really dehydrated all the time.”    Mel


“Caused me to run to the bathroom frequently during the night due to stomach pain. And even when I could finally go, it was difficult and very, very uncomfortable.”    Michelle


“I stopped taking the pills because I was starting to have a sour stomach all the time when I’d wake up.”    Dory


” I could not sleep well at all and I am afraid to continue on this due to effects of the caffeine.”    Norma


“They did nothing for me except cause me to be very drowsy.”    Alfred


“Makes my limbs numb, for a long period of time.”    Danielle


“I took recommended dose (two pills) with food it made me super nauseous, especially at night…”    Judith


“It makes me really nauseous.”    Harry


Weight-loss products are measured not only by their effectiveness on the scale, but by how easily and safely they can be used. As with nearly any kind of product, the side-effects need to be considered. Users of the Green Tea Fat Burner have reported various side-effects, but we were hard-pressed to find any such issues.


Sleeplessness should not be confused with a diagnosed sleep disorder. Sleeplessness is the inability to attain regular sleep due to an outside condition or a lifestyle-generated cause. People may have a difficult time falling asleep, staying asleep, or returning to sleep – resulting in tiredness and a lack of productivity throughout the day.

What causes sleeplessness?

Health issues such as chronic pain, nocturia, allergies or respiratory problems are common causes of sleeplessness. But, other lifestyle conditions can dramatically affect sleep, such as stress, anxiety, eating and drinking habits, medications and supplements, especially stimulants.


Headaches are any pain that is experienced in the region of the head. There are hundreds of types of headaches [1] depending on the course, location and cause. Headaches can come-on acutely or gradually and can be short-lived or last for weeks. Pain can vary from slight to excruciating.

What causes headaches?

Headaches can have a myriad of causes but the brain, itself, is not one. [2] Most aches are caused by less serious conditions such as stress, tight muscles, teeth, or changes in diet. More severe sources are also possible. These often require medical attention.

Caffeine Dependency

While some in the supplement industry would be reluctant to say that caffeine can become an addiction, the effects of caffeine are real. Users of caffeine can develop a tolerance, when not satisfied, can lead to anxiety, agitation, tiredness and a lack of daily production. (2) Caffeine is found in drinks like coffee and tea and is a common ingredient in many over-the-counter medicines and products.

What causes caffeine dependency?

Caffeine dependence is brought on by a steady usage of caffeine products, often in coffee and tea. When a person consumes caffeine it passes from the stomach and small intestine into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system – the brain, nerves and spinal cord, bringing a boost of alertness and awareness.

In the pursuit of improving health, it should be remembered that some weight-loss products can have uncomfortable side-effects. For this reason, if you are under the care of a doctor for any reason, are under 18 or are pregnant or nursing, it is best to consult with your physician before taking Green Tea Fat Burner.

Side effects are rare, so one that we’re keeping our eye one is called Dietspotlight Burn. There’s no mention of adverse reactions. Want to learn more about it? Click above.


We’ve taken the opportunity to look at Green Tea Fat Burner, but dieters want to know more, so we looked deep at the potential for Green Tea Fat Burner side effects. We went through the ingredients and digested clinical research. Hundreds of experiences and customer comments were part of the process. Then, with the facts in our hands, we condensed to give you the bottom line.

What You Need to Know

Firstly, Green Tea Fat Burner is a weight-loss supplement that contains green tea, caffeine, a vitality boost and an antioxidant boost. When taken as three to four capsules daily with water, it is supposed to help improve your chances of shifting the scale downward. The bottle is rather large, but you should have no trouble taking the pills with you.

The product, introduced to the market by Applied Nutrition, contains natural ingredients, a good sign. It is available for sale in retail stores, online and through the official website. We like that some users have seen positive results and the customer service department did answer our call quickly, but read on…

Stomach and Bowel Issues

The first issue we found in regards to Green Tea Fat Burner side effects was stomach and bowel issues. “We find many reports of adverse reactions when it comes to the weight-loss supplement market,” explains our Research Editor. “We’re surprised how many times gastrointestinal things come up.”

“I stopped taking the pills because I was starting to have a sour stomach all the time when I’d wake up… When I stoped taking them, the stomach flu went away,” says a dieter.

“It will have you running to the bathroom, It almost cleans out your system? It’s really strange, Like a laxative,” offers another.

We also found reports of the opposite reaction, “I did notice a change in my bowel movements.There was a drastic decrease & when I did go; it was hard as a rock!”

Increased Appetite

One of the Green Tea Fat Burner side effects we couldn’t understand was hunger. “These things give me a stomache ache and increased my appetite like crazy. How can I lose fat when I’m constantly hungry and wanting to eat like crazy?,” asks one dieter.

“Not in my mind hungry but stomache clenching, blurry vision, shaking hands hungry,” another buyer explains.

It sometimes affected other parts of life, “These pills sometimes made me so hungry, I would have to load up on carbs or just overeat to feel full. My wife would have trouble sleeping sometimes because she felt so hungry.”

Our experience connects small things, like increased hunger, with lesser chances of long-term success. If Green Tea Fat Burner side effects include pain and increased appetite, those can put a stop to dieter support.

The Science

The cornerstone ingredient in this supplement is green tea, which is clinically proven to have a positive effect on weight-loss. There’s also some caffeine in the mix – another good one. Our issue with the formula is that these two alone can be purchased for far less than the price of Green Tea Fat Burner. Something else to consider is the warning on the label that states that the “product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.” At DietSpotlight we want proof a product works to improve chances of losing more. We don’t want clinical evidence of potential negative issues.

The Bottom Line

We’re glad dieters wanted to know more, because we learned quite a bit about Green Tea Fat Burner side effects. We have to give the company credit for earning some positive reviews and for using natural ingredients, but we can’t recommend the supplement because the company doesn’t bother to share any clinical support. It’s also an issue that at least one part of the formula may be associated with birth defects.

If you’ve got the urge to lose weight, our suggestion is to try out a product that comes with clinically proven ingredients and no side effects.

Among the best of all formulas we’ve found this year is Dietspotlight Burn. There are four ingredients in the proprietary blend, all with clinical support that shows they help increase metabolism and fat loss. We tried to find a single report of negative side effects, but there are none. Dieters report being happy with the supplement because they are seeing positive results.

Also, the producers of Dietspotlight Burn show confidence in the formula by offering a Special Trial Offer, a nice touch.

Green Tea Fat Burner Questions & Answers:

We checked around through comments and experiences with Green Tea Fat Burner to create this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Green Tea Capsules?

An alternate name; some of the Green Tea Fat Burner side effects, based on customer reviews, may include headache, upset stomach and nausea.

What is in Green Tea Fat Burner?

The Green Tea Fat Burner ingredients are green tea, caffeine, bilberry powder, blueberry extract, European elder berry powder [1], grape skin extract, eleuthero root powder, holy basil, yerba mate powder and schisandra berry [2].

What is the active ingredient in Green Tea Fat Burner?

The active ingredient in Green Tea Fat Burner is green/white/black tea.

Does Green Tea Fat Burner work?

Green tea and caffeine can help boost metabolism and energy, but those two ingredients are common and, therefore, not a particularly strong selling point. There are no studies on the official website showing the supplement will help you lose weight.

How much does a bottle of Green Tea Fat Burner cost?

A bottle of GTFB costs $14.99 for a 30-day supply. Taken as directed, one bottle lasts 15 to 30 days.

How do you take Green Tea Fat Burner?

You take two Green Tea Fat Burner capsules in the morning and another two in the afternoon.


What do users like about Green Tea Fat Burner?

Users tend to like the increased energy they feel when taking Green Tea Fat Burner. Initially, some liked the price until they realized it only lasted a week.

What do users NOT like about Green Tea Capsules?

Some users felt let down when they noticed they would have to buy four to last one month. Others were concerned about side effects like jitters and nausea.

Why do I feel wired on Green Tea Capsules?

You may feel wired on GTFB because it contains 160 mg of caffeine, plus any supplied by the green tea extract. If you take the maximum amount, that’s 320 mg a day.

Who makes Green Tea Fat Burner?

The makers of Green Tea Fat Burner is Applied Nutrition.



Do you know of any special deals or discounts on GTFBr?

There are deals and discounts on Green Tea Capsules. If you purchase $50 or $100 worth of products, you’ll receive a percentage off the price. However, the last several months have been taking advantage of Dietspotlight Burn’s Special Trial Offer. Click above to learn more.

Green Tea Fat Burner Scientific Abstracts:

Vitamin C

L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is naturally found in some foods and added to others. It is also obtainable as a dietary supplement. Vitamin C is essential to the production of collagen and some chemical messengers; it also plays a part in protein metabolism. Collagen is a vital function in the healing of wounds as an important constituent of connective tissue. Vitamin C has been shown to restore antioxidants in the body as an important physiological antioxidant. Vitamin C is a fundamental part of immune performance and inadequate Vitamin C can cause scurvy leading to felling weak and tired, curly hair, and sore legs and arms. [1] [2]

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the main fat soluble constituent in the cell antioxidant protection system and is completely attained through diet. It has many vital functions in the body due to its antioxidant properties. Oxidation has been connected to many possible illnesses and diseases such as, cancer, ageing, arthritis, and cataracts; vitamin E has been found to be successful against them. [3]


The first hypolipidemic drug to substantially decrease major cardiovascular incidents and death in those with cardiovascular disease was niacin. Niacin has a positive effect on all lipoprotein classes, including lipoprotein [a], and is a part of the strongest hypolipidemic drugs for HDL-C increase. Additionally, niacin applies a lot of other non-hypolipidemic effects such as, antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and antithrombotic. [4]

Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) is a part of the eight member B vitamin compound. Vitamin B6 is crucial for metabolism performance; it transforms nutrients taken in into operational energy. Vitamin B6 specifically produces the chemicals that nerve cells use to correspond. Vitamin B6 is also known for promoting appropriate brain functioning and makes hormones that control mood and the body’s inner clock. [5]

Folic Acid

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) is a vital nutrient that is needed for the reproduction of DNA and also as a substrate for a variety of enzymatic effects involved in the synthesis of amino acid and vitamin metabolism. Folic acid is needed for the development of fetuses so the demand is higher during pregnancy. A lack of folate has been linked to defects in both mothers and fetuses. It has long been known that supplementing folic acid around the time of conception can decrease the chance of neural tube defects in children. [6]

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 may present some health advantages, but it is hard to determine due to the balancing functions of vitamin B12 and folic acid. The connections between the nutritional setting and genotype could have a vital impact on vitamin b12, the risk of chronic disease, and the risk of neural tube deficiencies. Vitamin B12 may aid in defending against chronic illnesses and neural tube deficiencies. However, more research specifically in the range of nutritional genomics is necessary to conclude how vitamin B12 could expand the advantages of folic acid. [7]

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About the Author:

Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.2. From 254 votes.
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Green Tea Fat Burner Review

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  Feeling tired
Leah Eke (Verified User)

I have been taking green tea tablets for nearly two weeks I’ve been feeling very tired in the afternoons even though I sleep all night and for the last two days I have felt rough could it be the tablets .

Leah Eke (Verified User)

I’ve been taking green tea tablets for 2 weeks now I feel tired everyday I sleep ok at night and the last couple of days I have felt sick could this be the pills .


is it okay to drink this while breastfeeding?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Maxine. Fat burners are diet pills that have a variety of stimulant ingredients, that cause a speed in metabolism and a decrease in appetite. When breastfeeding it is not advised to take fat burners, since it may be passed to the baby.


what kind of gelatin they use in green tea fat burner (animal or vegetarian)?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Tina! After careful investigation we found that it is made from animals, If you’re a vegetarian its best not to take this product.

  Does it affect with birth control pill?

Someone please answer, does this affect the birth control pill?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Georgina. This should not affect your birth control, but make sure to ask your gynecologist to make sure.

  Can I take it with other medications?

Im taking nedecine for my highblood pressure.,im using amlodipine and metropolol., can i use this green tea fat burner?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Liketh, after careful investigation, we discovered that it contains herbal ingredients that can have side effects and may interact with medications, its best to consult with your physician to make sure its safe for you.

  Taking Green Tea OR Not
Vickie (Verified User)

can I take Green Tea Fat Burner if I have hypothroidism?


Was wondering If you consulted your doctor about this. I have hypothyroidism as well and wondered if it can be taken with the medicine prescribed for hypothyroidism

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Vickie. Some of the ingredients contained in the Green Tea Fat Burner may interfere with hypothyroidism. Please consult with your physician before taking the green tea fat burner to make sure it is safe for you to use.

Ola Fakhry

What type of Gelatin does this contain? Is it pork? Thank you.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Ola! Yes, the Gelatin in this product is made from animals.

Stacey Thompson

Do these things really work? I need help losing 90 pounds and I bought them but haven’t started them yet


Just drink 2 20oz cups of actual green tea (cold) daily. It will boost your metabolism and you will begin to lose weight because you will begin to burn far more calories daily . So when you drink the tea it is also good to not have a large daily calorie consumption. 1,500-2,000 is great. You should burn 3,800 calories a week at a normal metabolism so the low calorie consumption will burn fat and calories causing you to lose a pound a week which is a healthy rate to lose weight and you will not gain the weight back.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Nadia. Green Tea Fat Burner is a dietary supplement and it claims to helps boost metabolism. However, some users have experiences losing weight, while others haven’t, and some haver reported adverse reactions . Nevertheless, a healthy diet combined with supplements and exercise are recommended for the best results.


I have noticed an increased amount of energy. I took one before lunch yesterday with a bottle of water and I’ve had about 2 hours of sleep and cleaned all my closets out…. I was planning on getting that task done (8 closets), but I couldn’t sleep so I worked on it. I have not felt jittery, but I suggest taking lots of water with it, sensible diet and exercise. I won’t be taking any today as I’m still feeling the “energy” spike and I need to sleep……


Did anyone throw up while taking this

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Lisa. As a results of the green tea contained in this product, individuals may experience upset stomach, nausea and diarrhea. It is best to consult with your physician about this.


Yes I have. You have to take them with food. Any kind of green tea on an empty stomach makes me puke. Found out the hard way ❓


I’ve been taking the pill once a day every morning for a week on a trial. I noticed that you shouldn’t take the pill on an empty stomach, I started having jitters and a little palpitation. But when I took it with food, it was all good. It just feels like I had coffee, I feel energized. Although I feel like my appetite is suppressed, I’m not sure if that’s from the pill or from eating oatmeal every day. :’D Now I’m moving to taking 2 pills per day in the morning.

chrissyYour Name

I took these pills in the past and I lost 4 lbs in 1 week. I recently moved and I gained weight due to stress. I have been running 4 days per week, began eating very healthy foods and have continued to gain weight so I decided to give these pills a try again. It’s been a week and I stayed on my running schedule. I have lost 2 lbs so far. I don’t get any side effects from it, however, I do feel a little sick to my stomach if I don’t eat healthy while on it. I noticed if I keep on my healthy diet the pills don’t hurt my stomach. Drink lots of water with them also! If you need a boost in your workout results I totally recommend them. They’ve helped give me energy and I feel less sluggish. I hope to lose 15 lbs!:)


I am 5’6 and 216lbs at 19 years old. Do you think this’d work for me?


I’ve been taking this product for 2 1/2 months, within those two months I’ve lost approximately 10lbs. I work out 4-5 days a week and I eat pretty healthy. My work out begins at 5am, I noticed that before I began taking the product, I was falling asleep at work – since taking the product, I have energy thru out the day. (I only take 2 pills a day in the morning) Besides occasionally feeling dizzy during a work out (which may be caused by not eating at that time) I have no side affects and I really feel this product has helped get rid of SOME of my belly fat. I recommend this product – I say try it, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it again. It’s affordable to do so.


Hi Liz. In order to better assist you, what is it exactly that you seek from this product or in general?

Dee P

Took couple of pills 3 days ago. One this morning, so far no side effects on body but I was up and running for 48 hours straight ( no joke). I have Ulcers, so far no effects on them either. will keep posting

No name

I started taking these today and thought it was a little excessive to take 3. I took two in the morning had an upset stomach all day. Felt jittery and off. Into the night time I couldn’t stop going to the bathroom and actually shit my pants. If you like those things happening, then try green tea fat burner today!

Burn Fat

a pretension to Burn Fat straight lecture to – burning fat is colleague in Nursing ahead of time stage ought to be curtains if you would taking into consideration to melt off in a completely healthy and stable. No have to be compelled to burn fat by intense medicine, many daily habits after all even be skillful to burn fat while not you even knowing. could nutritionist can calculate fat, carbohydrates, and calories rigorously. however if you would behind to melt off you become a lot of healthy, next that ought to be understood is metabolism and its repercussion upon the body.


I took just 1 tablet, my body was burning the whole day. I am feeling pressure under the private area even on the second day. Should I consult doctor? I have stopped taking the medicine, just 1 tablet gives me the mentioned symptoms.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Alia. Sorry to hear this. What you are experiencing is called flushing. This may happen because of niacin, that can cause warm feelings and a reddening of the skin. Please be sure to consult with your physician to let them know the side-effects you’ve been experiencing.


Both me and my 19 yrs.old take this Green Tea Fat Burner we bought today in Costco.She said she felt like vomiting,nausea,weak,no apettite,I had an upset stomach ,felt sick dizziness,light headed,palpitation and my monthly period which started yesterday had stop.I dont drink anything with caffeine specially coffee,sodas It makes me palpitate even sipping a little.Im not a fan of coffee which I know caffeine is found.


Hi I am 21 and I usually have my period the beginning of each month and I’ve been on these pills for a month now and haven’t had my period all month.


Body Stats: 5’6, 180lbs, juniors large/11-13 Exercise: 3-4x week casual walking usually around a mile, sometimes more. Diet: Vegetarian, no soda, no coffee, non-smoker, occasional fast food eater about 3 times weekly.
I read the hype about green tea pills, and dropping massive lbs. I also heard it gives people a lot of energy and I’m prone to putting things off like exercise or tasks from lethargy. I tried it before a few months ago full force and got the jitters and couldn’t sleep because of not being used to the caffeine and not expelling the energy. So I tried it again a few days ago, not as the label says and I’m only taking ONE pill, so my body can adjust easier. I can say now that I am very alert, I’m able to get things done without getting the afternoon lethargy and I don’t feel jittery. I have lost two pounds, not sure if it’s from the pills or my weight fluctuating, but don’t just rely on the pills to lose weight. High protein, low sugar, low sodium, and lots of veggies in your diet, and cut back on bread and get moving. The pills will help you to get moving. I was able to clean and organize things I was putting off for months. Also, helpful tip: try not to take your pills past noon to keep sleep normal, and drink about half your body weight in water (ounces) to flush the body of the caffeine. For example I’m 180, so I make sure to drink 90 ounces a day.
If you start feeling sick or not yourself, stop immediately and see a doctor.


I’m 14 is it ok if I take 1 pill every like 2 weeks

Julie Martinez

No i don’t think a 14 year old needs to take any diet pills

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Most weight-loss product users are 18+ years old. Please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.


My Name is Sandy and im 16 years old, I have been reading about these pills so far and im kinda scared to take them! I just bought some at Walmart yesterday but i haven’t taken any of them yet,i want to start with just taking one in the morning with a protein drink and start walking up and down my road every day? do you think this is a good idea ?

Julie Martinez

No one younger than 18 should take diet pills

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Sandy! Since most diet supplements are intended for users 18 years and older, please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new weight-loss program or product.


i been taking these pills for 3 days now and i been eating less than i was and i get fuller quicker but about the exercise thing i work alot and i am walking around and on my feet for 8 hours straight do you think that would count as exercise?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Brittany. The best results come when accompanied with diet and exercise. So it may not work to its full potential.

Monica Trevino

Well I bought these at Walmart and this seems to be working for me I feel it burning but no stomach aches when you use these diet pill you have to do some kind of cardio workout to see results some fat burning workouts
I also take two in the afternoon and get the same results

Your NameEloisa Batista

It is working for me even though it makes me weak and kind of nervous. I am still going to keep using them. Probably because I don’t drink to much water. Maybe I need to take vitamins.


I just bought these yesterday & I haven’t had any bad side effects at all. I have IBS & I haven’t been sick or any cramping or nausea. I also drink a lot of water, exercise and eat healthy. I think with these supplements, you have to be careful with what you eat and drink lots of water. Every body is different.


I started taking these pills to give me a boost with my diet plan. At first I felt a bit jittery but I was fine. I lost a pound in like 2 days. Three days in I started getting nauseated, sick to my stomach. I couldn’t finish my workouts and could barely eat. I want finish the bottle, but I’m not sure if its worth it.


I have had the same problem. I started taking them and was fine the first 2 days. Then i got a bad headache and terrible upset stomach that lasted for 6 days.. I stopped taking them day 2 of my headache. I started feeling fine and headache finally went away, upset stomach was gone ????. So i thought i would try them again just in case it was the flu or something. I have been sick to my stomach all day and my headaxhe is back 🙁


Finally connected the horrible persistent headache to having taken one a fay of these pills fir about 5 days. Not going to continue. Not noticing any weightloss or enerhy increase either.


I’ve been taking this product for over 6 months and I’m experencing abdominal pain and abnormal bleeding.


i take 1 capsule in the morning before going to gym, then i tried 2 then it cause me vaginal spotting, i was scared cause 7 days after menstruation having spotting wasnt good, then i thought i might be because i took 2 capsule, then the following days i took 1 cap no more bleeding

Cameron (Editor)

Please consult your doctor immediately, Lisa, as these effects are uncommon and may be serious.


I took one!! Some nausea a few hrs later and then I thought I would die with stomach cramps 8 hrs later!!! Do not take this!


Oh my goodness! I bought this at Walmart and took my first pill this morning. Let me reiterate that I only took one with my breakfast. By lunch I felt a small but if nausea. Not too bad and I sure wasn’t hungry. I was pretty fine until around 6:00 that same evening. I was doubled over in pain with stomach cramps. I mean unbearable!! I thought something was terribly wrong. It lasted around an hour. I will NEVER take one of these pills again!!


Me too- stomach pain


I don’t like how it make me feel….I’m taking it for 4 days and I stopped. Give me hot flash all day, make my stomach hurts and I’m taking it only one pill at morning one pill at afternoon. So for me it do not worth it. I will watch what I’m eating and I will be just fine without the pills.


I am very pleased with this product! It has helped me lose weight considering I had a huge struggle with it before taking these. I haven’t had any side effects with this product, luckily.

  Caused me red hives !
carol (Verified User)

I have been on Green Tea Fat Burner for 4 days now, I have red hives and bruises on my arms and legs. I am going to stop taking them today. I red someone else had the same problem similar, what did you did about this?


Stephen (Editor)

Please seek medical attention. Do you have any allergies to speak of? Please go over the ingredients with your doctor.


I took four bills of green tea fat burner as included on the directions and my nose bled the second day I measured my blood pressure but it was normal then I minimized the dosage in to two bills only but my nose bleeds again really I don’t know whether to complete on or what is there any side effects that include nose bleeding 🙁

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Dina, this product contains ephedra, and this may produce side effects that nose bleeds and high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Please consult with your physician before continuing to take this product.

  I Love it! lost 5 to 6 lbs in a week.
Vanessa (Verified User)

I Love it! lost 5 to 6 lbs in a week. One thing I recommend is exercising or even just a simple walk around the block while taking them and be sure to stay on a healthy low carb diet..just like coffee if you take it and sit around it will bring you down..I would simply cut back to one or two a day if they make you feel nausea…Maybe they’re not for everyone everyone’s body is different all I know is they work for me…


I have been taking green tea fat burner for 1 week ,and already lost 3.5 pounds this week. I will not ever take them in the evening though, it caused insomnia. I have a question can I drink a fuzzy navel alcohol beverage? While taking them

Devon (Editor)

Ordinarily one is expected to forgo drinking alcohol entirely.

  horrible product !
Honest girl (Verified User)

bought this item two days ago and not liking it at all. I go to school so I took it in the morning and it felt like I had period cramps all day and at night I felt like vomitting. Horrible product. Returning it, wish I could give it no stars

  First intake caused severe acidity !
Huma nauman (Verified User)

I took these tablets for about two and a half month and apart from loosing pounds I have gained weight. And because I have 3 bottles so I started the intake first time in the morning today and I have severe acidity since morning which is constant. It feels like the stomach is not well. What to do with other two bottles if I stop taking the supplement?

Cameron (Editor)

Since you purchased them over two and a half months ago you probably cannot return them, Huma. Did you buy them on a trial? I suppose you could, if you were so minded, give them to a friend. Tell them to ask your doctor.




Why is it when I want to find answers if this green tea triple fat burner actually works and how much weight do you loose no one give an answer they beat around the bush with answers. I took my first 2 tonight so I guess I will see

  I will never take this again
Megan (Verified User)

As soon as I started taking it this week (only two days), I experienced an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, and insomnia. I will never take this again. I’ve been doing so great diet and health wise, and this is slowing me down.

  birth defects and reproductive harm
Christine (Verified User)

No thought to leave… just a question.
Just noticed the bottle says it contains a chemical known to cause birth defects and reproductive harm. Where can I find out exactly what that’s all about? I would like to have more information. I can’t believe something so vague is printed on the bottle. I think product users should be given full details and not mere breadcrumbs. I used this for years about a decade ago and would like to know exactly what I’ve been taking and know if it’s safe to take now. I just bought a new bottle to start again and I’m feeling iffy about using it now.

Stephen (Editor)

You should consult your doctor. Dieters haven’t presented us with such problems, however. You’ve been on it for ten years? Any complications in that time?

I had the same reaction
BG (Verified User)

I had the same reaction! I had serious stomach cramps, some keeping me up at night, sending me running to the bathroom. I had dark runny ‘number 2’ for days. I am now worried if I damaged something in my body, like my kidney or digestive system as well. I am stopping today, and hope to get back to my normal routine.

  don't like that
Autumn (Verified User)

I started todayi don’t like that I feel sick to my stomach and eating doesn’t help I’m 4’11 and 153 so far was 156

  anybody had this problem
Ashley chambers (Verified User)

Started taking it today and now I have a rash behind both ears and around the back of my neck has anybody had this problem

Arnold (Editor)

Ashley, we recommend you stop taking this product and seek medical attention if it persists.

  Can I take it with other medication?
Stephanie llewellyn

Hi was wondering if anyone can tell me while taken dulxtine antidepressants anfpd thyrione woulspd I be able to take super green tea diet tablets from Holland an Barrett’s plz

Arnold (Editor)

Hello, Stephanie! Only your doctor could adequately assess your body’s risk of damage from use of multiple supplements. We advise you schedule and appointment.

  Not good so far
Kay (Verified User)

I have been taking them for 2 days, one pill a day to see how my body would respond. The first was in the evening, I couldn’t fall asleep. Once I finally fell asleep, I woke up at 5 am, with a lot of gas pains. My stomach and chest were killing me. Luckily, I knew what the pain was, due to a past reaction to a different pill. The pain was more extreme this time, because I hadnt had the chest pains before. Figured maybe it was what I had eaten when I took the pill, so I tried again the following morning, everything was just fine. Had energy, fell asleep, towards the end of the night I could feel the gas building up again. I woke up at 4 am this time in pain, not as extreme as the previous morning. With this being said, I may give it one more day to see if my body just needs to get use to it. But i urge everyone, please start at the lowest dose pose to see how your body responds. I have seen this pill work for others, but everone’s body are not the same. What works for others, may not work for you


The gas is due to you not eating properly. You are suppressing your diet and it is formulating. I have had this happen many times before the pill ..

  Need more information on taking this
Crystal (Verified User)

Makes me feel nervous, nauseous and with a headache i bearly started taking them like 2 days ago , i start with only one pill a day ? What do you think , please let me know ..

Karen (Editor)

Hi Crystal, please ensure that your doctor is in agreement that this product is suitable for your weight loss needs.

  Is this safe for her?

Wanted to add something that she is like 5 ft 2 inches at 140 pounds and she wants to lose some weight she gets made fun of. She does exercise but it doesn’t work


Have her blood and/or thyroid checked. There could be underlying medical reasons as to why she isn’t losing. Also, if she’s not eating healthy foods, the weight won’t come off no matter what exercise she does.

  Are there any age requirements?

I caught my 13 year old taking these. Are they safe for her to let her keep taking them?


i wouldn’t advice that exactly, just eat right and workout 5 times a day, eat vegetables and drink green tea perhaps.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Dali. Please make sure consult with your physician before having her take the green tea fat burner.


hi my name is Jackie I took these pills for only two days my heart started beating so fast and I was nervous and scared never felt that way before took me to the er and I Do NOT recommend these pills still feeling kinda shaky and breathe less

  It is worth trying
chioma (Verified User)

I think its worth trying, I love the rasperry, blueberry etc if they are truly present. What I do not like is the amount of caffeine present in it. You say there’s no website, what about checking out on them on there address, it will help.

  Is this the reason for my condition?
Emmon (Verified User)

I am taking green tea caps and my testosterone level is low. That can be the cause?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Emmon, Please consult with your physician make sure this product is not causing those side effects.

  Is it safe for my age?

im 15teen and i really want to lose wight ,and i want to know if i can use it ,wil it be good for my boddy ? or wil it work ?,Pleace let me know


you can just drink normal green tea. it is the same thing.
i started to lose my appetite from this but you should still workout and such.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please consult with your physician before taking the green tea fat burner to make sure it is safe for you to use, since you are 15 years old.

  makes me Depressed
Richard Mcleod (Verified User)

Green tea makes me depressed.

  Speeding Up my Weight
Jessica (Verified User)

Love it! I bought it at Costco over 1 week ago. There have been no side effects except speeding up weight loss for my husband and i. We take 1 with blast 2 with lunch and 1 with dinner. We also have reduced our calorie intake and run a few days a week. Week 1 I have lost 7 lbs and my husband 5lbs

  Articles about this Product

Hey there, This is a fantastic summary, I located your site checking google for any similar topic and found this. I couldnt find too much other details and facts about this posting, so it was wonderful to see this one. I am going to probably be returning to check out various other articles you have written another time.

  Side Effects of These Products
michelle (Verified User)

Not taking back this product, makes me feel weak, tiredness, nausea and nervousness. I don’t know if anyone feels the same and have not seen any changes.


Can you sleep? Because same thing happened to me but i cant sleep and I think its from the pills


I feel the same not only u its such a weird feeling omg

  Swallow with Water
anonymous (Verified User)

You swallow it. With water.

  Side Effects of this Product
Becca (Verified User)

I finally bought these pills today considering all of my gym buddies have had great results. popped 2 as soon as I got back to my car because I had HIIT training an hour later. (keep in mind I took the pills around 3 pm about an hour after I had lunch) I didn’t feel very different during my workout and felt nothing the rest of the day… its 3:30 am right now and I’ve been awake for 2 hours with slight nausea. I had no idea why until I started reading these reviews lol! starting tomorrow I’ll only take 1 in the morning and 1 with my lunch. (:
btw I’m 17, female, 5’5 ,135lbs . I want to drop at least 15 pounds. good luck to everyone !


Agreed. 135 if you’re 5-5 is good. Please don’t worry about not fitting into society’s portrayal of the ideal body image. All of those are photo shopped regardless of the woman’s weight. Your body is still developing (and it appears to be developing well).


You young lady should not be loseing any weight… 5-5 and 135 please.. when you are 5-4 and weight in about 190 then you can say you are fat. I hate when I see people or hear people saying they are fat when they have no meat on them. BTW I would give anything to be 135 right now not 190 and I am only 30 ….


Ummm, 190 is really fat for 5’5″, so is anything over 160 at that height. At her height, she can be as little as 120 and be normal, but not over 145lbs. She is a great weight, but in the middle of her range. I totally understand her wanting to have more buffer and get towards the lower end of her normal range. Americans are too fat, and she is on the right track.



  checking on this product
camaro2 (Verified User)

was doing some checking on this product and saw a lot of good things said, so I wanted to try this product. am 47yrs. old and would like to loose 20 pounds. just weigh 160 and i just started and am only taking 2 tablets a day. one in the morning and one in the early afternoon. hoping it works!!!

  Too Many Issues
Yvette (Verified User)

It didn’t work for me !!! it gave me headache .. I couldn’t sleep .. I don’t recommend it .. Don’t waste your money .. Go to the gym , eat healthy that’s all you gotta do . I regret buying this ..

  didn't want the pill to interfere with my vitamin regimen.
Sarah (Verified User)

I recommend taking only one pill in the morning and with a LOT of water. I take vitamins so I didn’t want the pill to interfere with my vitamin regimen. I did get a lot of energy, however,if you’re a coffee drinker, take only one. I did feel that my appetite was suppressed.


It is excellent I lost 5 pounds my first week no side effects I ate healthy and exercise 40 minutes 5 days a week and a lot of water all day


Is there any risk of losing proteen from the body due to the starvation mode that the body might pass through because of using this fat burner??

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. We have not heard of that type of side effect, but please consult with your physician before taking the green tea fat burner to make sure it is safe for you to use.

   I've lost 21 pounds so far.

I’ve been taking green tea diet pills for the last 2 months, all of July and all of august with a diet of 1200 calories and I workout at least 4 pounds a week. I’ve lost 21 pounds so far. 5 star




Next time please do some spell checking and type in lower case!

   your cycle from taking the pills

I’m just wondering I was taking them then I stopped bc I felt like I was on speed. Also can you be late on your cycle from taking the pills

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. If your cycle continues to be irregular please consult with your physician.

  I love this product
Erica (Verified User)

I love this product. I am 22 yrs old and 5’4 160 lbs. So I’m on a weight loss journey, this product gives me a lot more energy to workout. On average I workout at least an hour longer with taking two pills. I take them 30 min before I workout, with a small meal. If I take the pills and don’t workout I get nauseous. BUT other than that I would recommend this product with regular exercise for weight loss.


Yeah ive felt the same way its best too have a meal then eat the product it works best like that! ive lost a bit of wait and i have hardly not have worked out! X)

Do not take another one.

Do not take another one

A tiny bit but not enough to hurt you.

A tiny bit but not enough to hurt you

  Does this cause reproductive harm?

I have 2 questions.
1. Does this cause reproductive harm? It says it contains an ingredient that may cause it on the packet.
2. After you stop taking them, do you gain back the weight?


I’m guessing it says that because it contains caffeine.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Alina. Some users have experienced weight gain after they stopped taking the product. As far as reproductive harm, please consult with your physician.

  Is any one have the same stomach using this?
Lucy (Verified User)

I start taking the green tea pill,
4 day now.I notice the I start having,
up set stomach. please give me some
comments,is any one have the same problem ?


I am having pain too in my stormarch


Hey! I took those pills for 3 days now and I workout a lot, my stomack feel weird and I feel super weak… I dont know if u guys got those side effect aswell?


I keep feeling like I have to throw up and I’m on my 4th day of taking them. When I run to the bathroom just water comes up. Help

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take product.


I am in the first week, taking 2 pills feeling like weak, and head ache

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take the green tea fat burner.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Kayla. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take this fat burner.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take this fat burner.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Lucy. Some users have also complained of stomach pains. If they continue, please make sure to contact your physician.

  so far I think it's working.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I just started this three days ago. I’m working out along with taking three a day so far I think it’s working. I’m not trying to sound nasty but is it supposed to make u go number 2 A LOT because so far that’s what its doing…

Eva K.

I have read reviews that said this product did cause many trips to the bathroom in the first week of taking it due to the green tea cleaning your system. I did find I was going more often than usual in the first week but now I’m about 4 weeks in and my system is normal again. I do only take 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon and I also skip it on weekends just to give my body a break.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, if you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take the fat burner; you don’t want to become dehydrated.

  How long does it take to start seeing results?
anonymous (Verified User)

I just started the green tea fat burner about a week agi and haven’t lost anything yet. I play water polo 3 days a week and run the other 4 days I’ve been exercising like this before I started the green tea fat burner as well. How long does it take to start seeing results?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some users loose weight faster/slower than others.

  Loved the product.
poneatha (Verified User)

I been takein green tea like for 5 months wit a diet plan i lost 60lbs it works u jus got to do it an dnt give up♥♥♥ an im still takein dem i get mines from walmart 9:98$ just got me another bottle good luck everyone

  Yes u can.

Yes u can

  Can take with anxiety medicine?

I weigth 200 im suppose to wth 130 for my hight can u take these pill s if you have panic attack s and anxity is it safe some one help


I have really bad anxiety and I’m taking the product. It does add to your racing thoughts and makes you very jittery, sometimes even dizzy. Nothing serious has occurred though.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Shandy. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take green tea fat burner.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Priscilla. You might want to consult with your doctor first, to make sure that this product will not worsen your anxiety or panic attacks.

  Hated the product.
Sam (Verified User)

Took pills for three weeks gained 15 lbs. always tired, no energy to do anything. Sometimes felt sick to the stomach.


well. This is my 3rd day taking them.. I believe its making me get fatter! is that possible???

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. There have been some dieters that have also experienced some weight gain because of this product. All weight loss results are different among users.


I have been taking it for a week and a half and I have lost 10 pounds


Are you eating healthy and exercising?I lost 3 lbs within a week…..don’t give up on it because it does work 🙂 update us.



  How many pills per day?

I weigh 145 and i drink AlOT of mountain dew, how many pills should I take? I just bought my first bottle, and I want to make sure I won’t have any side effects.


stop drinking the moutain dew and you would lose weight without taking these pills

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Marissa. For detailed product use instructions please refer to the official green tea fat burner website for more information.

  Loved the product.
Laura (Verified User)

Today is day two and I have lost 1.6 lbs already. I took 2 in the am along with water and 1 in the late afternoon. I am used to drinking alot of soda and switching to water only so that in itself is going to make a difference. I feel alot of energy when I take the 2 pills in the am which is good because I never feel motivated anymore. I would advise to be careful on how late you take it though because it will keep you awake at night if you are not careful. So far, I am overall happy with the product.

  Try natural way and stop it.

The best way to lose weight is the natural way my grandfather always told me natural is the BEST! he told me to drink 8oz of hot water with lemon or lime with 1-teaspone of honey mix together tree times a day for breakfast,lunch,dinner you will see the difference:. DON’T FORGET!!!!HEALTHY FOOD!!! IS GOOD FOR YOU!!!!:):)


The lemon is Good to cut the “Fat” i used to drink it. And will start to drink it again. Water (cold or Hot) Lemon, cold be plain with no honey. Will be better! After each meal. 😉


Yea..thats extremely unhealthy…


Thats because you starved yourself


How long did you do that? If so, how much weight did you lose?

  Loved the product.
Amy (Verified User)

I took this pill for about one week already, and it did work. I lost 1-2 pounds in one week. Before this, I went to one-hour exercise every single day for about 5 weeks and it’s kinda hard to lose weight. Then, I decided to take this pill and it did work. But still, I did go to gym 3 days a week. However, I have a slightly headache after taking this pill but that does not affect me too much.

  Loved the product.
sandy808 (Verified User)

I didn’t get any side effects, if anything I fell back asleep. (it is my day off). Like with any energy supplement if your not used to caffeine or any type of speed..your gonna get some kind of reaction. Whether it be headaches, nausea or tummy ache. Its just your bodies way of sayin yikes wth are you doing. Anyways today is my first day on this product. I feel no different. I will keep a post weekly if any of you curious if this works. I also will be boxing and doing circuit training.

  Just started will update later.
Kalise (Verified User)

okay…i’m 290lbs…and i start the pills in the morning…i will be following this schedule: 2 in am and 2 in afternoon…along with 1green coffee bean extract pill a day….and 1 raspberry ketone pill at night before dinner…i will record my results and post them March 13, after 4 weeks usage….


So what were your results after 4weeks?

  Loved the product.
Gina (Verified User)

This stuff works better then anything ive tried..i ate salad n worked out a month straight lost nothing, started green tea fat burner and lost 3lbs in 4days! Yes kinda hurts my stomach and I been gettin slight headaches but its jump starting my loss so im happy!


I’m on it for two days, I felt nauseous and slight dizziness, everytime I took these pills, even after having it with meals

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. If you continue to have these side effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take this product.

  How long to get out from system?
Felisha (Verified User)

I was wondering how long does the green tea triple fat burner takes to get out of my system so I can breastfeed again?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Felisha. Please consult with your physician to see how long it would take until it is safe for you to breast feed.

  Just started using this
poneatha (Verified User)

Im on day one so i hope to see good progress ill let u no da updates!!

  This is the best!
iriel (Verified User)

THE BEST!!! I was in a size 13 in jeans my weight has always been up in down in January if this year i was 130 in some months i must have been 155 lbs maybe a lil more. But it wasn’t bad weight just my stomach area didn’t like that so use to having a small waste …. went to my local dollar general store n they had them. I know green tea the liquidworks good so y not the pills huh lol but i went to get ny Christmas outfit i am in a size 10 now…i don’t know if anybody on here shops at burks or rue 21 but you know how their clothes run n baby these pills r the best. As far as exercise i got and xbox 360 n i play just dance 4 lol besides i dance a lot. Had these pills 3 weeks now…what you still reading this for go to the store n get yours!!!!!

  Didn't like this at all
Whitney (Verified User)

I hated this stuff. It’s the only diet pill I’ve ever tried, and I will never try another one again. I never took the recommended 4 pills.. I only took two in the morning. It makes you feel like you’re on speed.. and then when it wears off, it’s not like you’re just ‘back to normal’ it’s like you are DEAD. Like heavy head, can barely stay awake. It’s horrible. I hate it. It didn’t help me lose weight. I only kept taking it because it was cheaper than getting a coffee everyday.. but after a few weeks, I was a zombie after the come-down. Don’t do it!

  Questions about exercise
Brandy (Verified User)

I took regular mega tea diét before and it didnt seem like it help so i tried raspberry ketones and that did nothing so i relized that mega tea helped me more so i started the geltabs now do how much do i need to exercise to lose my belly fat when i am taking this product ?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Brandy. Exercise can sometimes help aid with weight loss. The type of exercise you can do just depends on your physical abilities.

  What if you stop using this?
Jessica (Verified User)

If you stop taking these and continue diet and exercise do you gain the weight back faster

Alesya Nest

Thats my questions too.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jessica. It all depends if you maintain a healthy life style after you stop taking the product (diet, exercise, etc).

  Would I lose weight quickly?
adriana (Verified User)

hi i decided to take green tea because it was alot cheaper than zantrex 3 fat burner with that i lost 15 pounds but gained some weight back so im using green tea now im soo use to losing weight fast should i expect that from this pill as well? i notice with 1 pill i feel fine and have energy and i dont feel as sick as with two. 🙂

  Need help in using the product
jara (Verified User)

hi .i have been using this product about 2 week .the first week i lost 4lb so far but the 2nd week any pound end i gave up .iwant guys to nkown if did keep take it or………?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jara. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some users loose weight faster/slower than others. Results are not instant and can take some time.

  Is this product addicting?
Lia (Verified User)

Ive been using this product for about 12 weeks now, but sometimes I skip to take, some times I take 2.I havent seen much diference on my appetite. I only lost 5 pounds so far, howerver I never had so much energy in my life, Im working out everyday. I go for 2 trainings one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Im actually running (never done that before). But I noticed that the days that I wont take it I feel down. Am I getting addicted to it? Is it possible to get addicted to this product, since caffeine can be addicting?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Lia. Your body might be getting used to it, and your tolerance level to the product might be going up. Make sure not to take more pills than indicated on the bottle.

  Questions about dosage

All,Iwould like to try Green tea, as I only want to lose 1lb is it fine if I only take one tablet in a day along with exercise

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. When supplements are combined with exercise, it can help aid with weight loss.

  Product is effective and not expensive
michelle lavallee (Verified User)

I only take one pill in the morning and another in the afternoon it does curve my appetiate and I have lost 16 in five months with exercising . But I find if I take it after 4 pm I’m up super early in the morning. Love this pill plus it’s not expenensive

  Product intake suggestion
Anonymous (Verified User)

It depends on you current physical status (hypertension, allergies and size etc.) I suggest you take one with a meal in the morning and then wait to see how it affects your equilibrium. Do this for three days. If you don’t feel any aftereffects then you can take two per day, one with breakfast and on with lunch.

  Green Tea Fat Burner
Anonymous (Verified User)

Id like to know too

  i feel great
olive (Verified User)

I would recommend working out just about 15 minutes 4-5 times a week. thats what i did in my first week and lost 6 pounds and i feel great.


Highly recommend! I’ve been on this product for about 4 months now but did break a few times in between. Overall resulted in me loosing 20 lbs and drop 2 dress sizes. Although, i take 3 to 4 pills a day with food. I haven’t cut back on the foods i like but eat in moderation as there’s a balance to all things. I’m gonna continue to stay on this product for maintenance now decreasing my intake to 1 to 2 pills a day. Down side, is at times i do get slight jitters, nervousness and sometimes the urge to run a marathon – lol. I’ve tried many products & even worked as a distributor for some companies & have to truly say this is the best i’ve come across with quick result.

  everything goes away
Aly (Verified User)

I’ve been using the Green Tea gel tablets over 2 years now, 2 in the morning and 2 at mid day. It does make you feel a bit sick, but with food intake everything goes away. My weight is the same 135lb for the past 2 years, I don’t exrcise, but watch what I eat.
I don’t drink coffee as I know it’s high in Caffeine. It does work, as I’m in shape and don’t have celulite 😉

  so far, it's been great.
MP (Verified User)

I have been using this product for about 40 days, I sometimes forget to take it. I have lost about 13 pounds so far, so it is working. I was at 163 pounds, and now I am at 150. I do feel a little bit of nausea, and sleep less. ANd I would suggest you exercise in the morning after taking the pill. I feel higher energy levels then. But so far, it’s been great.

  It works but never be dependable on it only.
Chris (Verified User)

It gives me energy all day with only 2 pills I take after breakfast. Lost weight but I do not think its all from just the pill.

  It works, I lost 4 pounds so far.
haley (Verified User)

Ive been using the green tea pills for about a week now. but i only take one in the morning around 7 and one pill around lunch time. Lost 4 pounds so far. I think it works you just have to cut down how many you take if you are sensitive to caffeine. My friend has been taking it for awhile now and she started with two pills in the morning and one at lunch and it works for her that way.

  Fat burner is good for energy
Deirdre (Verified User)

i have been using the green tea fat burner for two weeks it gives me lots of energy and it curves my appetite i havent weighed my self yet i run 5 times out of the week since ive been using this product my body feels great..when i first started taking the pills i did feel nausea but that was only becuz i didnt eat when i took the pills i felt horrible but with the intake of food before the pill its dont bother me and i ahve no trouble sleeping at night…

  I lost 6 pounds during the first week
SV (Verified User)

During the first week when I started using this pill, I lost 6 pounds along with exercising 3 times a week and eating healthy, but then I started to get headaches, nausea, restless, and couldn’t fall asleep at night. I stopped taking the pills after the first week, and gained 3 pounds back. However, my symptoms were gone. I will stick to just exercising and eating healthy!

  I went from 165 to 145 in about 8 weeks
mariln rosengrant

i used green tea fat burner and went from 165 to 145 in about 8 weeks– i had no side effects, it really does work.


Did u exercise?

  It definitely works and I loss 15 lbs
Laura (Verified User)

I used this product for about 8 weeks. It definitely curbed my appetite and I loss 15 lbs. But since I started using this product, I have been very nervous, had a terrible time sleeping and irritability. The last 4 days a have had nausea and vomitting. I started feeling like I was having a nervous breakdown, shaking, heart quivering, depression and completely unnerved. I also felt like a was always burning up hot and couldn’t seem to cool off. I just stop taking it this morning and have had all my symptoms go away. For me it worked with a great price. I always have not dealt with caffeine well, so it just may effect people with low tolerance to caffeine. Just wanted to let people know, so if you are taking this product and start experiencing these symptoms, it may be from this product.


There is no ingredient in it called Amphetamine