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By Summer Banks Jun 29, 2017

When we heard the phrase, “Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?,” we knew we wanted to dive deeper into the It Works phenomenon. We checked out it works body wraps side effects, ingredients, and clinical support. Hundreds of user experiences were also part of the deal. We took this information, narrowed and condensed to give you what you need.

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What is It Works?

To start, It Works is a product line that includes body wraps, supplements, and other products. You wrap the body every three days and use the defining gel between sessions. Leave the Fab Wrap in place for 45 to 90 minutes for optimal slimming. You cannot use It Works on the run, and you cannot sweat during the suggested time.

It Works, which was founded in 2001, claims to use all-natural ingredients, a positive thing. You can purchase wraps and supplements on the official website. It’s also sold on Amazon, where is it sits at a 2.4 rating, and through online retailers. We like the length of time It Works Global has been in business and some customer reviews are positive, but read on…

It Works Prices – “A Bit Overboard?”

Our first concern with It Works products is the price. You spend $59 for the body applicator, $45 for the defining gel and $5 for the Fab Wrap. That is more than $100 for a single kit. If the wraps last 30 days you will pay about $1200 a year. “This product may work in a bind to slim out the body where the wrap is placed, but the effects are not long-term and some experts even say they’re only good for moisturizing skin [1],” says our Research Editor. “The amount you are paying is high when you could actually be thinner with other products.”

“It’s just a wet paper towel…the most expensive paper towel I’ve ever bought,” offers one consumer of It Works products. [2]

Another dieter says, “I saw no difference at all. There is no way I would order 3 more just [to] see if a full treatment actually worked as expensive as they are.”

At times, there are sales and special deals that can save you a little bit of money. One buyer reveals, “I enroll for a loyal costumer with no $50 fee.”

We found a distributor offering to save the buyer some money, “If you’d like to try them out, I could get you a 40% discount.”

Negative Customer Reviews – “It Matters!”

We found tons of negative reviews for It Works products on forums and online retail stores. According to customers, the product just does not work. [3] A user suggests, “Don’t waste your money, you have to keep buying for it to work and only gets rid of water weight.”

“If I could give this…zero stars I would! This…did absolutely nothing for me, I tried for 3 to 8 hours each drank plenty of water and [saw] zero results!,” another upset customer claims. [4]

One person said, “This was a waste of time and money. I would not recommend this to anyone unless I dislike them.”

If you keep looking, you will find some reviews that support the ItWorks products, as well. One user says, “Not a rep …I found the wraps to work.”

I buyer also claimed, “I purchased the box with 4 wraps i have used 3 already and my stomach is nearly flat.”

Research we’ve completed shows a link between troublesome issues, like negative customer experiences, and smaller chances of long-term success. If ItWorks products are as ineffective as customers claim, that could be a serious issue.

Is There Science?

There is no clinical support for It Works wraps, greens or cleanse, and the company does not bother to claim research exists. Binding has been used for centuries to shrink the waistline, but as is the case with this product, the results are not permanent. [5] We look for proven results at DietSpotlight. If science does not exist, we raise the red flag.

Also: read our Dietspotlight Burn Weight-Loss Kit review »It Works! Ingredients

The Bottom Line – Does It Works Really Work?

So, what’s the 411 on ItWorks? With all the hype we expected to find significant results. We like that it is available on the official website and the company has been around for more than 10 years, but we have reservations about giving our seal of approval because it costs too much and customers are not happy with the effect. We’re also concerned about the lack of guarantee or BBB rating.

If it’s time to shed a few extra pounds, we suggest trying out a supplement that offers an ingredient list backed with clinical research that comes at a price you can afford.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is a product called Dietspotlight Burn. There are just four, strong ingredients in the formula. All have been clinically-tested and shown to help ease hunger, boost fat loss and increase metabolism. We’re also impressed by the sheer number of user testimonials talking about impressive results.

Also, the company behind Dietspotlight Burn is so confident that you’ll love the supplement they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a positive sign.

Previous It Works! Review (Updated March 3, 2014):

What You Should Know About It Works

It Works! is a program that provides the customer with multiple resources and products that may be helpful with helping them to lose weight. It also seems as if It Works! may have a money making opportunity available for people if they want to join. In this review, the points of this program will be examined so there may be a better understanding of how the program is designed to work. Aside from their line, BioActive Raspberry Ketones a similar product, comes to our attention as it contains apple cider vinegar, raspberry ketones and green tea all known to boost metabolism, regulate appetite and burn off excess fat.

ItWorks Ingredients

It Works! is a program that is made up several products that include It Works! Energy, It Works New You and It Works! Probiotics. The It Works Ingredients are varied between products. These products are Body Applicator 2.0, Defining Body Gel, Fat Fighter, So Regular, It's Vital, New You, The Answer 2.0 Weight Loss Formula, and It's Greens. Wraps are also one of their most popular products; sort of similar to a Belly Burner, as well as meal replacement shakes. Now a brief description of each product will be provided.

Product Features

Body Applicator 2.0 is described by the website as a body wrap that can help you to lose inches, tighten loose skin from dieting, and diminish the look of cellulite in as little as 45 minutes, but get better with continued use. Another type of body applicator product that claims to promote weight-loss is Slimming Toe Ring from the company Sodial. Defining Body Gel was designed to moisturize and tighten skin to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and loose skin. Fat Fighter is a product that is supposed to block fat and carbohydrates before they are absorbed into the body, minimizing the effect that they may have on the body. So Regular is a product that is supposed to clean your colon gently by slowing removing the toxins from the walls of the digestive system daily so that it is not as invasive as other cleansing products. It's Vital is a vitamin supplement that is fortified will all of the body's daily needs so that it may provide support for the immune system and daily needs. It is said to have a high absorption rate and totally complete. Another product that promotes weight loss is the amino acid supplement Catalyst from the company Advocare. New You 2.0 was designed to boost the growth hormone that controls weight gain and weight loss, and supports mental clarity. This hormone gradually diminishes with age. The Answer 2.0 is a weight loss supplement that is promoted to be able to increase metabolism and induce thermo genesis. It's Greens! was developed for people who simply do not have enough green vegetables in their daily diets. It is an orange flavored drink mix that can be added to water to ingest. For meals and diet plans, books like Fast Diet might help with weight loss, when users incorporate it with workout routines likeT Tapp.

The products that are available on the It Works! official site appear to be based on the theory of Homeopathic Synergy. It is stated on other weight loss wraps reviews that these products work best when use in conjunction with one another. There is also a business opportunity here that involves fees. The fees can be either inexpensive or expensive, depending on which package is wanted to begin the at-home-business with. A similar product line to the It Works! that are also best used in conjunction with one another is the Whole Body Research line.



  • Using all of the products at once can be expensive.
  • A good start up package for the at-home-business is $299.

Conclusion About It Works

It is apparent that these products may actually work. It does recommend that all of the products should be used in conjunction with one another, which may prove to be expensive. A good start up package may also be expensive if the consumer wants to join in the money making opportunity. However, some people may find it worth the money if the products are able to deliver what they promise. Product lines like this are best used when combined with daily workout programs like 21 Day Fix Extreme.

It Works! cornerstone product is the body wrap imparted with a natural formula designed to give you a cosmetic reduction in cellulite in 45 minutes. The wrap continues to work for 72 hours, at which time you apply the second wrap. The ingredients are published by It Works!, but they don't reveal how much of each.

It Works! Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Wrap
Serving Per Container: 4
Amount per Serving% DV
Horse Chestnut Seed Extract**
Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract**
Green Tea Leaf Extract**
Bladderwrack Extract**
Ivy Leaf Extract**
Horsetail Leaf/Stem Extract**
Butcher's Broom Root Extract**
Guarana Seed Extract**

Other Ingredients: Caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid, BHT, limonene, linalool, propylene, polyethylene

We researched the It Works! Ingredients in order to give you the facts you need.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea leaf extract is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant. It is often used in weight-loss supplements, but it has also been used for many other ailments.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

The main source for the many benefits of green tea leaf extract is the chemical polyphenols. According to WebMD, “Polyphenols might be able to prevent inflammation and swelling, protect cartilage between the bones, and lessen joint degeneration.” The caffeine in the extract may also provide some benefits.

Clinical Research

According to a study performed by The American Society for Clinical Nutrition and published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “The green tea extract may play a role in the control of body composition via sympathetic activation of thermogenesis, fat oxidation, or both.” [1]

Bitter Melon Fruit Extract

The seeds and fruit of the bitter melon is used to make the extract. It can be used for many different treatments, but is used primarily for helping stomach and digestion disorders.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

The bitter melon contains a chemical that supposedly acts like insulin, helping maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Clinical Research

The Journal of Lipids published a study about the beneficial side effects of bitter melon supplements. The research showed positive results on obesity and diabetes, but only in rats and other animals. More research is needed for a conclusive result and understanding of the extract.


Chromium is a metal and is one of the many trace minerals the human body needs. Some people take it as a supplement for blood sugar, diabetes, cholesterol, and even depression. Some companies also include this mineral as a key ingredient in weight-loss products.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Chromium is supposed to help maintain the way the human body uses insulin.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are a chemical derived from red raspberries. This is a popular supplement after Dr. Oz proclaimed it was the best for weight-loss.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Though there are many claims that raspberry ketones can help aid in weight-loss, there is no evidence or proven way this could be possible.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit that is widely known as a weight-loss supplement. [2]

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Hydrocitric acid is the main ingredient in garcinia cambogia. In some studies, this chemical has helped kindle fat burning and curb appetite, but conclusion results have not been established.

Acai Fruit

Acai is a dark fruit found in South America. It is rich in antioxidants and can be healthy for the diet.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Acai berry has no known health benefits that prove to be more substantial than other fruits. However, it has more antioxidants than other berries in the family.

The ingredients in a formula are everything. We look high and low and under every rock for the best of the best. One we’ve found this year is Dietspotlight Burn. It works with clinically tested ingredients shown to help boost metabolism so you lose more weight.

We’ve all struggled to find the right diet product. This time around we will dial into all facts about It Works ingredients. We’ll concentrate on the formula and scientific research. We’ll analyze hundreds of customer comments. Then, we’ll summarize the info to give you the bottom line.

What You Need to Know

First off, It Works is a line of products containing water, glucose, caprylic triglyceride, glycerin, alcohol, stearic acid, stearyl alcohol, ceteareth 12, horse chestnut seed extract, urea, hydrocotyl leaf, green tea leaf, bladderwrack, ivy leaf, horsetail leaf, caffeine and protein, among others. The recommended serving or use depends on the supplement, but the items supposedly support weight-loss. One of the benefits is ease of use.

The brand, introduced as weight-loss products in 2001, contains some natural ingredients, a positive. You will need to join the website in order to purchase or you can buy products from a distributor. We like that we located some positive customer comments and the length of time the company has been in business, but read on…

Side Effects – “Causing Sickness?”

The first negative relating to It Works ingredients was side effects. “There are quite a few products available from this company,” said our Research Editor. “A business this size should only offer safe and effective options.”

“Terrible product. Made me so sick. A total waste of money. Caused me so much stomach pain and diarrhea. DO NOT BUY!,” commented a customer.

“Started this product one and a half weeks ago. I have had pretty moderate stomach cramps with bouts of diarrhea for the past 6 days. My stomach is bloated and I haven’t lost any weight,” said a user.

Ineffective – “No Results”

Dieters in forums stated It Works ingredients are ineffective. “NOT one of us saw any “tighten, toning, or firming results,” reported a dieter.

“I decided to stop selling because I didn’t see long term results and felt awful about lying to people,” said customer.

“My husband and I purchased this along with the other It Works products. Two weeks in and neither of us has had any results. We both workout as well,” commented a consumer.

Our research and experience shows that something small, like ineffective ingredients, could reduce the chances of long-term success. If It Works doesn’t work, why bother buying it?

Where’s the Science?

There’s a wealth of information relating to the benefits of the supplements, but the company doesn’t provide published clinical research linking ingredients to weight-loss. There may be some proof to be had for some ingredients, but nothing about the formulas sets this company apart from the competition. At DietSpotlight, finding studies to support the claims is imperative. If there’s no science, we turn our backs.

The Bottom Line – Do It Works Ingredients Work?

So, what did we find out about It Works ingredients? We like that we found some favorable customer comments and that the company has a strong foothold in the industry, but we have reservations because of the lack of scientific research linking the formulas to weight-loss. Plus, we’re concerned about the ineffectiveness and reported side effects.

If you’d like to lose extra pounds, we recommend a supplement with ingredients supported by published clinical research with no known negative side effects

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It contains a formula consisting of a four-ingredient proprietary blend, which has been shown in studies to help promote fat loss and enhance metabolism. Dieters commenting on the web are seeing excellent results and there’s no one talking about harmful side effects.

The company behind Dietspotlight Burn, in a good sign of confidence in the supplement, is providing a Special Trial Offer, nice touch.

It Works! Side Effects:

While we lean on weight-loss supplements as a natural addition to our daily routine, it is crucial to note that natural doesn’t always mean you’ll face no negative issues. With any sort of natural supplement you could find yourself experiencing a side effect. While It Works (and it works cleanse) side effects are rare, there is still the potential for the unforeseen.


Bloating is an uncomfortable, gassy sensation in the stomach and abdominal areas. It may cause the stomach to be irritated or visibly swollen.

What causes bloating?

A number of factors can cause bloating, including thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, allergies, or digestive issues. Certain sweeteners, dairy products, and other foods may have an effect as well, including beans and lentils containing indigestible sugars called oligosaccharides. [1]

Flu-Like Symptoms

Flu-like symptoms are usually a combined group of symptoms which cause swelling and irritation of the body. Most common of these are sore throat, runny nose, body aches and pains, fatigue, dry coughing, fever and chills. Children can experience vomiting or diarrhea, although this is much less common in adults.

What causes flu-like symptoms?

The potential causes of flu-like symptoms are too long to list, but among the most common are, food poisoning or a viral infection (influenza). In most common cases, flu-like symptoms are triggered by cytokines released by the immune system activation.

Jitters (Shakes)

A jitter or “the shakes” cannot be confused with tremors, which could potentially be a much more serious condition. The jitters refer to an uneasy feeling in the body, commonly the arms and legs, and the inability to sit still.

What causes the jitters?

The jitters can be brought on by excessive amounts of caffeine, or low blood sugar levels, but could also be psychological in nature; being linked to anxiety or fear of speaking in public.

Increased Urination

Increased urination is a feeling of needing to urinate more frequently than you would normally. This can be brought on suddenly, in some cases, losing total bladder control. Increased urination can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition or a result of increased hydration or diuretic use. [2]

What causes increased urination?

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common cause of increased urination. This is when harmful bacteria are introduced into the bladder through the urethra. Muscle conditions, specific medications and fluids, and injury can also be a cause of increased urination.

It Works side effects are rare, but it’s always a good idea to do the necessary research it takes to avoid any possible symptoms you may have. Some people have experienced increased urination, jitters, flu-like symptoms and more, so before you begin using a supplement it’s always a good idea to contact a physician. If you are under 18, have a pre-existing medical condition, already prescribed medicine, pregnant or nursing, you should check with your doctor before consuming any supplements.



It Works is “that crazy wrap thing” that’s available via local resellers. It’s supposed to help lean about the abdominal section. Side effects are not a common occurrence, but we found a few people talking about some reactions here and there.


“I am experiencing stomach sensitivity 3 days after a wrap. It feels like I did 8000 sit ups.”    Lisa


“Yesterday was my first day of taking the It works thermo pill and I got nausea from it. I did take it along with my meal and drunk a lot of water.”    Patty


“My problem is my face is broke out. Today most of face and neck I do not know why or what the reason.”    Diane


“I used them for 1 week and was getting severely ill every night. To the point of sleeping in my bathroom because I was afraid I wouldn’t make it in time.”    Veronica


“Last night I put the wrap on for only two hours and today I am suffering from an extremely upset stomach.”    Cassidy


“I tried the It Work wrap last Saturday. And I am now experiencing itchiness all over my stomach.”    Nanii


“It’s not all they talk and say it will do. My skin is very sensitive to this, itches very bad and turns red.”   Valine


“It did not make me want to urinate. I was still bloated the next day. I retained liquid.”    Melissa


“I am having extreme difficulty urinating and very strange sensations on my lower body from the waist down. It’s only just occurred to me that the only thing ive done differently is the wrap 3 weeks ago.”    Stacey


“I used the wrap one evening for two hours and immediately after removing the wrap I had severe shoulder to chest pain and shortness of breath.”    Paula


“I started using the wraps off 6 days ago I did the first one for the 45 minutes. I had no problem as well I did the second wrap started last night and also that might work today and I was having major chest pains I thought I was having a heart attack I was having stabbing pains and couldn’t turn my neck I couldn’t breathe.”    Debra

There’s no reason to stick with a program or supplement that leaves you feeling worse than when you started. Our recommendation is to find products like Dietspotlight Burn with reviews that show there’s nothing harmful or harsh to worry about.

It Works! Questions & Answers:

We boiled down hundreds of user comments about It Works! into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of It Works!?

It Works, based on comments from some users, It Works! side effects may include jitters, shakes, nausea and increased urination.

What is in It Works!?

It Works! ingredients are green tea extract, vitamin B12, capsicum fruit, chromium, raspberry ketones, guarana seed, [1] acai fruit, bitter melon fruit, dandelion root and gymnema leaf.

What is the active ingredient in It Works!?

The active ingredient in It Works! is green tea.

Does It Works work?

There are users on both sides of this question. Based on research, none of which we could find completed on any complete It Works! formula, there are some good ingredients. However, when it comes to being effective you have to include enough. Green tea, for instance, needs to be included in the right amounts, around 300 mg based on some studies. [2] The proprietary blend with It Works! Ultimate Thermofit is only 605 mg. We’re not sure that’s enough.

Do Body Wraps work and what are the It Works weight loss reviews?

The question, do body wraps work, is loaded. If you’re talking about lasting weight-loss, no there is no proof body wraps work in this area, according to It Works Wrap reviews.

How much does a bottle of It Works! cost?

It Works! offers several products and the prices vary between each. You can purchase a 30-day supply of Ultimate Thermofit for $65. The Advanced Formula Fat Fighter retails for $39. If you are a Loyal Customer, you can expect to pay less.

How do you use It Works!?

You take It Works! based on the product. Ultimate Thermofit is taken as one tablet up to three times a day with your meals. The wraps, on the other hand, should sit for about 45 minutes before being removed.


What do users like, based on it works reviews, it works company reviews, and it works greens reviews?

Some users like the fact that the company’s been around for quite a few years, the wraps tend to be easy to use, after a short learning process and that the greens contain many vitamins.

What do users NOT like, according to It Works Body Wraps reviews?

One of the most common complaints we found throughout it works wraps reviews is that it doesn’t work. Some are also disappointed that the lowest prices go to those who pay a one-time fee to be a Loyal Customer.

Does it works greens really work and what are the benefits of it works greens?

All users experience different results, but combining supplements with a healthy lifestyle can produce positive results. The benefits are that it contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Did you find any It Works Body Wraps complaints?

It Works Body Wraps complaints are all over the web, but so are testimonials from people who saw positive It Works results.

What’s wrong with the It Works! sign in?

If you are having trouble signing in, contact It Works! customer service.

Do I have to join as a distributor to purchase It Works! wraps?

No, you are not required to join as a distributor to purchase. You can either pay full retail price, commit to three months worth of auto ship or pay a one-time fee for Loyal Customer pricing.

Do I have to commit to auto ship with It Works! wraps?

No, you can pay the full price or pay to be a Loyal Customer without accepting auto-shipments.

How do I become a distributor of It Works!?

Find a distributor in your area. Pay the $99 fee for the business builder kit, which includes access to a tracking center and training tools. You also receive a wrap, sample defining gel, ultimate body applicators, a bracelet, business tools and a free website. These details may be changed by It Works! at any time.

Who makes It Works! wraps?

It Works! is made by It Works! headquarters.

How can I find the It Works Canada website?

Visit the official website and choose Canada from the drop down menu that pops up.



Whether you’re trying to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, we always suggest dieters try something that offers long-term, lasting results. We like supplements like Dietspotlight Burn.

It Works! Scientific Abstracts:

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

Random control trials compared oral horse chestnut seed extract (HCSE) mono-preparations with placebo in participants with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). There seemed to be an improvement regarding CVI related symptoms and signs with the horse chestnut seed extract compared to placebo. Leg pain was reported to be significantly reduced with six participants. In one trial suggested mean difference of .4 mm (95% (confidence interval) 34.9 – 49.9). Six trials had suggested a weighted mean difference of 32.1ml (95% CI 13.49 to 50.72) for horse chestnut seed extract. [1]

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Compared with placebo, the treatments using green tea extract had shown results of increased 24-h EE (4%; P < 0.01) with a substantial decrease in 24-h RQ (from 0.88 to 0.85; P < 0.001)with no changes in urinary nitrogen. There were reported increases with 24 hour urinary norepinephrine excretion in the green tea extract as opposed to the placebo (40%, P < 0.05). In conclusion, it was found that green tea leaf extract has thermogenic traits which promote fat oxidation and GTLE may factor in the control of body composition through sympathetic activation of fat oxidation, thermogenesis, or both. [2]

Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract

Twenty-eight participants over the age of sixty-one received CA (centella asiatica leaf extract – 250, 500, or 750 mg daily) or placebo. The goal was to determine the effect of CA mood and cognitive function. The greatest improvements were found in the participants who received 750 mg dose of CA extract. There was vast improvement observed in depression and other conditions related to age, such as loss of appetite, insomnia, peripheral neuritis, Hypertension, and constipation. [3]

Butcher’s Broom

There were vast differences in those treated with ruscus (butcher’s broom) and placebo for the AUB0-12 (-827 ml x day), for change of LV (leg volume) after 8 and 12 treatment weeks (-16.5 ml and -20.5 ml), for difference in leg and ankle circumference after 8 and 12 treatment weeks, as well as changes in subjective symptoms, sensation of tension and tired and heavy legs (week 12). Overall, the assessment of efficacy was substantially greater for the ruscus extract than the placebo. After the study duration of three months had concluded, it was found that ruscus extract, in the recommended dosage, is safe and is very effective in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. [4]

Learn More About Dietspotlight Burn »
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About the Author:

Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

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  TLC products are amazing and all natural. No wrap and you can see results in as little as one day!
Dawn (Verified User)

Total Life Changes products are completely natural and homeopathic and they really work! I’ve lost 50 pounds to date! I feel great also with more energy and drive. They don’t have any side effects either. You can’t beat these products! You should try them! shop.totallifechanges.com/9467991

Annabelle Laferriere (Verified User)

People need to understand that the wraps are not a weight loss products.. They are to tone and firm your skin in the areas which you’ve lost weight in. If your goal is to loose weight you can do so with a combination of diet, exercise, by using the fat fighter or thermo fit products

NICOLE GARDNER (Verified User)

I love IT WORKS!! Everyone that I have gotten on it loved it too. If you do it right especially the wraps it does work. I wore one for 3 hours my first time and lost an inch. Now don’t get me wrong you just don’t slap it on and go about your business, you have to drink at least half of your body weight in water and please watch what you eat. You will be peeing alot but your flushing everything out. Within 72 hours i lost a total of 1 and 3/4 in around my waist. I also follow up with using the defining gel in between wraps or the days i don’t wear them.

  Is it safe for diabetic

Is the body wrap safe to use if you are a diabetic?


Yes it is safe. I have medical issues and I can honestly say i don’t have any negative effects. I know people who are diabetic who use it and they love the product.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Denise. The wrap itself is nothing more than a wrap. It’s the product you apply under that’s supposed to help slim the midsection.

There are a lot of ingredients in the It Works Defining Gel. At first glance, we don’t see anything that would cause a problem, but only your doctor can tell you for certain.

  Does it affect other medication?

Is there certain medications that will interact with these products? I take tegretol for neuropothy.

Victoria (Editor)

Hey Leslie. Supplements aren’t generally tested for interactions with medications. Some interactions have been discovered over the years, but the ingredient list for Isagenix Defining Gel is long, so you may want to print it off or take a picture and ask your pharmacist or prescribing doctor.

  Can it works wraps delay periods?

Can it works wraps delay periods?

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Jessica. We’ve not found any reason to believe It Works wraps would cause a delay of your period.

  Is there age requirements?

Would this product be safe for minors/teens?


They are intended for 18 and older but with parent permission, minors are allowed to use the products.

Victoria (Editor)

It Works clearly states that all products are only suggested for people 18 or older.

  Cons of wraps

I haven’t tried wraps yet, am worried about being allergic to them, I am allergic to bare minerals makeup and shellfish..what are the con’s of the wraps?


I just joined as a rep and tried the wrap yesterday for the first time. I got a chemical burn from it. I had it on for 45 minutes and followed the instructions. I also got real sick feeling and had diarrhea it was horrible. Now this morning I still have a little sick feeling, dizzy and now my jaw hurts. I hope this helps.

Victoria (Editor)

The wrap is made up of polypropylene / polyethylene. We have read some experiences with allergic reactions with polypropylene mesh, but not directly with It Works wraps.

We'll see!
September (Verified User)

Just started the greens. Will let you know how it goes

  Just started it.
Evan (Verified User)

I am about to get my first wrap in about half an hour. I will be sure to come back and let you know if it works.


did it work


I lost 3 3/4″ on my first wrap! I started taking Greens, New you, and thermofit a week ago. So far I lost 9lbs and 6 9/16 of an inch! I tried the greens because I was suffering from migranes. Doctors prescribed pain meds, didn’t help the headach. An hour after taking my first dose my headach was gone. I went from having them 6 out of 7 days. In the last week not one!!!!!

  Need more information about wraps and results
AngelaB (Verified User)

How often do you do the wraps? and do you need to work out to get results? can you just do the wraps or do you need to take the pills too to make it really work.


Angela, they recommend that you wrap every 72 hours or atleast once per week until you get the results you want and then maintenance with 1 per month. It is not necessary to work out to see results, but you will have better results if you do… the same thing with their other products. They recommend using the wrap in conjunction with their other products for best results, but also not necessary 🙂 Hope this helps!

  How long to do it?
Carol (Verified User)

Question: once you do the wrap, do you have to keep doing it for the rest of your life to keep the skin tight?


The results from the wraps can last 4-6 months or longer if combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Carol. The results from It Works wraps is temporary. Long-lasting changes to diet and exercise are needed for life-long results.

  Has anyone tried the defining Gel, if so does it work?

Has anyone tried the defining Gel, if so does it work? Also, when wrapping your tummy can you also wrap your arms same day?

Destiny Paris

You can use an many wraps as you like in one day ALTHOUGH we suggest to only use the one minimum 3 days in between (you may cut the wrap and use anywhere from the neck down). Reason being, the ingredients stay working in your system for those 3 days & if you are to wrap else where it will reduce the effect per area.


You can only use one wrap at a time. You can cut it up and use on different body parts but only one can be used at a time.

Missy Moon

I love the Defining Gel! Using them in between wraps has tightened my skin, made my cellulite considerably better, and reduced the appearance of my spider veins. I use it on the tops of my hands and they look much younger…and it brightens tattoos.


Yes ..helped my stretch marks

Arica Hills

thank you for sharing! great post

  How to use it?
Michelle (Verified User)

I have a question regarding the Greens. At the demonstrations 2 scoops are typically put in a 16 oz orange juice bottle. The directions on the container say to put the 2 scoops in 8 oz of water or juice. The question is does it make a difference how many ounces I use? I’m not liking the taste with the 8 ounces.


If you buy the empty gel caps at health food store 2000 for $7 and put the greens powder in the caps you can swallow like a pull and avoid the nasty taste! Just an idea:)


Try the berry flavor…it is fabulous!!


It doesn’t matter how much liquid you put the greens in as long as you consume the 2 whole scoops worth. I don’t care for the taste either, so I add more liquid to dilute the taste and I still get the benefits 😉


The New BERRY Greens are absolutely AMAZING in flavor so much better then the Orange. Both Greens are awesome in a protein or smoothie 🙂


is it okay to drink it at night?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Jessica, it is recommended to drink in the day time, since you may experience an energy boost.


after 6 months its $50 and 12 months its $150.

Vicki Kiper Smith

The price does not go up. After the 4th month you will receive free shipping and earn perk points for free products.


Love this review! My thoughts too!

  It Works

i did some research and found that some products like thermofit can negatively affect your thyroid


Thermofit should not be used if you have high blood pressure.

whitney price

this product isnt for losing weight thats why people think it doesnt work. the wrap is to tone tighten and firm your skin not to lose weight. people lose inches because their skin is being tightened, not intended to lose weight!

martha-ann wilinksi

I have been using this product and very pleased with it. I was having a terrible time with my stomach and this product has quieted down my stomach and has given me more energy. love it.


Had health issues after applying the second wrap ..diahorrea, stomach cramps, chest pain, difficulties to breath…not everybody will experience these side effects but I will never wear a wrap again!!!


i Had this after my first time use. along with dizziness and nausea and now my jaw hurts. I used it for my chin.


This was extremely helpful…I got the fat fighters and was worried bout taking them – thank you!! 🙂


The it works wraps have never worked for me and the cleanse made me gag every time I drank one. Not only did the cleanse not work but it tasted horrible! Never have I drank something so foul in my life. This stuff does not work! Not to mention that the price is outrageous. I’ve tried several products and the only one I had any luck with was the HSN (hair skin and nails). I will admit that I really like those hair vitamins but other than that their products are no good


This program really works, I have lost over 80 pounds with the nutritional supplements, weight lost system, healthy eating, and exercise. The problem is that most people want to see weight lost and lean muscle gain but don’t do anything about it. If people were to take the time to actually read, and follow most of the negative review would be positive due to the fact that you can not go stuff your face, seat on the couch to watch tv, and expect the pounds to drop-Until you have given your best to anything you want in life you wont get any results. That’s the bottom line……..


Congratulations on your wright loss and kudos to you for your determination to achieve your goals!
Which supplements do you take?
What is your exercise regimen? (How many days do you work out and what does it consist of)?
Any advise would greatly be appreciated! 🙂

  Loved the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I did the wrap once and I did get the bloat but the next morning when I removed it the bloat was gone. I was at a party and did the wrap (I’m the kind of girl who has to see it to believe it). after 45 minutes with the wrap on she removed it to take another pic and i was bloated. she put the wrap back on and told me to sleep in it over night. when i woke up the next morning the bloat was gone and i could def see a difference. i made my husband get up to take my pic so i would have a before and after shot so people would believe me. it may not be for everyone but it worked for me.


Do you still have the before and after pic? That is awesome. I’ve been hearing so many mixed reviews but is love to see your pics of the results! If you care to share reply back. – Linny

  Loved the product.
Sheila Littlefield (Verified User)

I have started using the It Works Wraps since March as I have been working on losing weight. I am on my second box for my abdomen, neck and arms. I can tell you not only do I see a difference in the skin tightness, but others do also. My abdomen was getting saggy from losing weight and I have had 2 children, and I’m in my 40’s. I saw a minor difference that day, but the next day was when I could see a huge difference. No so much in inches, but not sagging. My neck has always had that “turkey neck” when I lose weight, but it is definitely decreased. No, I’m not a distributor, I am a nurse who hates to exercise. LOL, will they make you skinny without exercise and diet control, no, but if you want your skin tightened, I highly recommend trying them.


the hair and nails definitely works. makes your hair and nails grow.


If you reread what she wrote you will see that she said that she did not expect it to change her life but expected SOMETHING. This implies that she did not see ANY improvement at all which is not good after a month of use. For the record, I did the “triple threat” for 6 months, religiously following protocol, in addition to healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle, with zero results. So I completely understand her frustration.

  Anyone experiencing the same effect like me?
Diane (Verified User)

I am using the Hair skin nail supplement
I love them .
My problem is my face is broke out .
Today most of face and neck I do not know why or what the reason.
I hope its not the pills
I will stop and see if my face clears up
My Nails hair do look and feel better .
I was trying to find side effects of this No luck so far.
Any one else have this problem ?


You might have a sensitivity to Biotin. I once took plain Biotion years ago and I broke out like crazy. Then, I tried It Works! Hair, Skin and Nails, because of the other natural ingredients that accompanied the Biotin. And, while my hair was noticeably longer, (and surprisingly softer), I still broke out and, weirdly, my breasts ached! I drank the recommended water amount (Half your body weight in ounces), but I still experienced the breakouts and sensitivity.


I also broke out using HSN but it went away after the first week or two. I did some research and saw that biotin sometimes causes breakouts, but it usually goes away after consistency. Also drinking plenty of water will minimize the breakouts.


I was told that I should take a multi-vitamin with biotin products so i would not break out.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Kandi. All users are different and can experience different side effects, but we have noticed that users have experienced somewhat similar side effects.


I used HSN and broke out too, but was told that it was the pills basically ridding my skin of dirt and toxins


I use ProActive along with their vitamens vita clear and take 20,000 mg of Biotin daily combined with Vitamin A twice a day and have had no problems with my skin. I’ve only recently started drinking more water than sweet tea as well. I know everyone is different but I have had very sensitive and acne prone skin since I was a teenager.


No but defining gel helps with acne. Sure helped mine


Sometimes your skin goes through a purge when you start taking it, if you keep taking it, it should clear up and be better than ever!


I just started the supplements and no breakouts. I also use Rodan +Fields to help with my skin as well, and it makes a huge difference!


Diane, that product has biotin in it. That will break some people out. Look up natural ways to combat the reaction. That way you won’t have to stop using it.


It clearly explains its an autoship. You have to agree to it. The wraps worked for me so I’m going to try the greens now.


Well everybody is different .. And as a distributor you should know that … I started seeing results with HSN in just 2 weeks


I used the HSN vitamins for about 8 months and they didn’t work so I thought I’d give the cleanse and greens on the go a try since they were on sale after Christmas…. again nothing. I weighed 1 pound more after the cleanse and I was eating healthy. Not sure about the greens yet but I’m very skeptical and think it’s all much of crap. I really wanted the HSN vitamins to work. Oh well they need to change their name to ” It Doesn’t Work” 🙄


I bought the cleanse but now after reading the reviews I am a little afraid. I have high blood pressure and now thinking this would not be worth it as I see nowhere it says its safe. can someone help


I have high blood pressure too.But I think you should still take your meds, If you do use the products.I just got a few samples of Greens on the go, but haven’t tried it yet.But it did say do not drink before bed.

Victoria (Editor)

The label for It Works Cleanse suggests seeing a physician if you have any medical condition or if you’re taking medications of any kind.


You tried it once and it didn’t work, imagine that!! Lol


Someone we haven’t talked to in yrs called my size zero daughter and asked her if she could use her for a wrap model.


Skinny ppl wrap to the wrap is to tighten tone and firm not to lose weight

KathyYour NamKathye

It Works does not work. Tried several different products, but nothing seemed to work.


Same Results with Greens


Run for the hills a set-up 100%. don’t give these folks your information. no one told me about three months or any cancellation fees. Everyone has a gimmick these days. To good to be true usually is.


You can get some nail and hair pills that are great and work awesome Jamberry sells them! I think they are 20? You order at your leisure. I tryed them and they work. Not like it dont work and the customer service is great

Lisa Reno

I love It Works!, I’ve lost 20 lbs in 3months!! If you stick to eating healthy and continue taking their greens, it works! Always a good experience with It Works!!


So if you start eating healthy, is the change in diet losing the weight or the greens ?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.


I used 8 wraps and saw absolutely no results.


I had to do 12 laps before I saw and the results but in 9 months I went from a size 18 to a size 8 so in my eyes it works does work you just have to work out and eat healthy along with it


Hi there! The use of 12 wraps gives you full results along with eating/drinking properly.


Did you drink at least 8 glasses of water? And do you have a good or bad diet? These things will affect your results….


love the cleanse lost 5 lbs

Yoheatherur Name

I just finished the cleanse and gained 5 pounds!


I lost 6 pounds !.I love the product and live by it


I also lost about 6lbs and have kept off!


The only weight you are “losing” is fecal matter.


Fecal matter is what you are supposed to lose from doing the cleanse 🙂 It gently cleans out your intestinal tract to help eliminate bloat and toxins being created from the fecal matter you are storing. The average person carries around 10 pounds of that which is why some people notice a difference on the scale. The main ingredient is aloe Vera which does amazing things for your digestive tract. Lots of great research done on that.


I have to say that I just use the skincare
I love them all
Have automatic shipments coming too, every month
Which is awesome.
Thinking of signing up too
My upline lady is awesome
She also said that she would place people under me too

Your Namedee

I used a cleanest for 2 days and drinking Greens for 5 months and I lost over 4 inches off my stomach. So I guess it works for some people but not others.


Its on the label too saying if taki g for lo g durations to talk first with your dr. I was curious as to why? its natural?

if you do not continue with a maintenance plan, the weight will come back.

The wraps are to tighten, tone and firm as well as help with cellulite and stretch marks. They are actually a cosmetic product. Inch loss is simply a wonderful side effect for many. The wraps do not create water loss. You actually need to drink plenty of fluids while wearing the wrap and for 3 days afterwards. We also recommend a healthy diet and exercise with the wraps. Your comment about wanting to see someone after not using the wraps for the same amount of time as using them….If you work out 5 days a week for 3 months and then quit working out for 3 months, I can guarantee the results won’t last either. Just like dieting, when you diet and lose weight……if you do not continue with a maintenance plan, the weight will come back.


The wraps were never created to make you lose weight


They should have been up front with you from the beginning about the program. I was a customer and am now a distributor and I LOVE the products and the benefits. I will say that the shipping costs are higher than they should be…but you do get free shipping on autoshipments after 3 months of autoship. If you have had negative experience with the products, you probably have an underlying allergy or condition that you were not aware of and now you can better narrow it down. All companies have shipping issues at one time or another and of course it is only that 1 in 1000 customer who is going to complain about it because it happened to them. I hope others will not let a few negative experiences out of thousands define their choices.


after the 3mos. You only get free shipping if you are still auto shipping. But not if you just want to order something without auto ship. Which I think is not fair. So I haven’t ordered for awhile. I just ordered a couple of things and I got it immediately which is nice. I didn’t know that the cleanse is used up in just 2days for $36.00. I could have just used myralax and get the same results. Of course your going to loose some weight after your body flushes everything out, but it’s only a temporary weight loss of what came out of you.


Diagnosis means you have diagnosed a person’s symptoms or signs, saying that it has narrowed down some for an physician to look at is not giving or treating an medical diagnosis. I would have to disagree with this being giving medical advice as there was no treatment outlined. I don’t agree that there could be an underlying issue some people tolerate ingredients differently and so while some of us are allergic to bee stings some of us are not; they should have an underlying clause as to how someone who is not satisfied with any product would get their money back.


Lol, if we don’t like the product we must have an allergy or a medical issue?? Lolol no.


I also was not informed about the automatic Payment or that if you canceled before the 3 months you are charged a 50.00 membership cancelation fee.


You have to click I accept before going into the three month contract. It’s not at all in small writing. Read before clicking I accept

  Horrible company with shipping.
Lisa (Verified User)

I have used the wraps for 3 months on autoshipment, they did not work for me! I have been waiting for the new cleanser product to arrive to me. It’s been several weeks and no package. I’ve sent emails to customer support with no response! Every order I have had shipped to me, I’ve paid extra to get it faster and yet it still takes longer than snail mail! Horrible company with shipping.


The Cleanse has been on back order since it was released. It’s very popular. It will ship when it comes in. Mine took 3 weeks to arrive. It’s about a month behind right now, but that’s because it’s in high demand.


There will always be people who can’t work out. There will always be people who can and use itworks properly. There will always be good and bad salespeople, some…like me..take the time to study forums like these as well as each of my products. I put a lot of care and devotion into this. Also, if you had the determination to be a part of the business, you would. Anyone in this world does whatever it takes to get by. I might think your job is bogus…what do you do? Flip the burgers I help people not absorb carbs from? …example. There will always be negative and positive, better and worse results and reactions.


I love ItWorks and have had nothing but positive results so far with everything I have tried. I do suggest that everyone look over the ingredients first, especially if you have a known sensitivity or allergy.

  Used 1 week fell ill !
Veronica collins (Verified User)

I got involved with the it works program for a friend who became a seller for the product. I signed up for the three month program and ordered the green on the go powders. I used them for 1 week and was ill. They did offer another product but understandably I refused.


if any one reads the contract it clearly states if you do not complete the three months you get charged the $50 membership fee,


i use the greens sometimes twice per day they have lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides from 248 to 200 and fats from 531 to 229 my doctor wants me to continue with the greens but also wants me to add the fat fighters so the total i pay is 53$ per month the meds she perscribed my ins. wont pay for it. it cost 1200.$ per month IT WORKS has been a Blessing for me!!!! like my doctor said Evrybody should be on the greens!!


I’ve just started the Greens. My cardiologist approved them but discouraged me from two other products because of the caffeine content in them. I’m anxious to see if they help me feel healthier.


What other two products did they tell you not to use?


What are your “fats?” Triglycerides ARE fats!


I think shes saying her cholesterol went down from 249-200 then triglycerides from 531-229.


Which greens product that lowered your cholesterol and triglycerides?


I started the carb. blocking pills and I really think it is giving stomach pains….stop yesterday let’s see what happens

Le Caldwell

LOL well it says it in the name GREEN on the GO …..


Go throw up? Lol She was not saying she was “going” poor girl

Brandi Campbell

Don’t work at all been doing it for a month

  Does the cleanse cause itching ?
Ashlee (Verified User)

I did the cleanse Sunday Monday and since then I have been itching everywhere has anyone else have this problem with the cleanse I take other stuff and I’m fine just these I had a problem with.


That’s actuall not medical advice just common sense. You can read the same infor on Mayoclinic.com or WedMD for yourself.


Yeah that’s not from the cleanse. Unless you’re allergic to one of the ingredients, that’s highly unlikely


green on the go has given me hives all over.

  Lesson learned-Only stick to exercise & good food !
Denise (Verified User)

I spend hundreds of dollars on wraps, fat fighters and defining gel over the course of a year. I followed the directions to a tee. I took before and after photos and had zero results. I wasn’t expecting a massive weight loss but just wanted to tone and tighten. I didn’t see any results at all. Lesson learned….I will stick to clean eating and exercise.


Did you eat clean doing the system? It’s an aid to help you with results. I’m doing good with mine. I guess it don’t work for everyone. I went to the gym once and it didn’t work.so I quit

  Would not buy anything from them !
M (Verified User)

Cleanse did nothing. Tasted bad, I never even went to the restroom.
The peel broke me out big time, my face was bright red.
The chews are horrible tasting after about 3 bites.
I would not buy any thing from them.

Your NameEvelyn

The chews are amazing and yummy


Wait the chews are good! My daughter at 16 enjoys them and she is a picky eater! So sorry you had a bad experience!


I love the chews. They taste great.


The chews are amazing. They taste like a Now and Later candy. Everyone is different and different products work differently on each individual. I had to try to see what worked for me and I am happy with the product I use.

  It's basically a cleanser !

Used the cleanse…zero changes.

  The wraps are not a weight loss

The wraps are not a weight loss. The wraps are a skin product that help tighten, tone and firm and reduce appearance of cellulite. It works promotes natural products that compliment a healthy lifestyle. You should try doing more research.


I have a healthier life style and do not expect getting results without putting in work but have not talked to any distributors that were willing to allow me to test the product.


You can test for me if you like


As a Customer for a year prior to joining the Amazing Company I must say that there is no point in “giving” anyone a “sample” as you must use the product more than ONE time to see results… Other than the Wraps… As a DT for the Company I would not be in business if I just gave away $25 Wraps…..What other company GIVES away that type of product…I lost 50# in 5 months and one year later am still 50# and healthier than I have been in years…Yes Customer Service is busy because we are a BIllion Dollar company this year in sales…. If you are a customer… You have an online account… SIgn in an click on the support link and leave a message… Customer Service is amazing and will result any concerns that you have…. Best Wishes to ALL of our Customers and Potential Customers…. Blessings ~


love the hair skin nails


i just recently started it works and am really trying to lose weight with it could you be kind enough to share with me how you were able to lose 50 lbs in 5 months, thanks!


Love Fat Fighters, and Greens, Lip &Eye cream, WoW, Defining Gel, HSN. The products are plant based. No chemicals!!! A huge Plus for me!!


Everything is chemicals. Water is a chemical. Come on.

  It did nothing !
sherie (Verified User)

Ordered and did the cleanse and it did nothing; Did not lose weight, inches, or bloating.


Did u eat healthy cuz if ur not eating healthy n drinking soda n not water it’s not gonna work

  I'm so done with it now !
Sue (Verified User)

I did the cleanse and nothing happened. Next I’m doing vital core and the last month I don’t know what to get. I’ve been reading a lot of bad things about it now. I don’t know what to do now. I’m so done with it now.

Mrs. Choon

I agree with you that the wrap did not work…superficially it did but then it did not last! What I found instead was to use food as our medicine: to detox, to cleanse, reduce, reverse, and heal chronic inflammation we all suffer to some degree or other!

joy iwg distributor

I take viral core daily for the vit k to absorb my meds into body it works for me my hair grew four in one month taken with vital core but if u need a recommend. For your monthly. Auto ship do the greens.

Mariah Douglass (Verified User)

When you stopped did u feel nauseous everyday it’s been a whole week and every second of everyday I feel completely nauseous?!.

  I like the products !

I like the products.

Your Namedee

File a ticket .

  I have seen result.
Aj Styles

I have seen result

  Really worked on my target area !!
Gina (Verified User)

First let me say I exercise daily and have a healthy diet. But my abs have always been my problem area. For me the wraps have worked in that they made that area feel tighter and firm. Again I wasnt looking to loose weight but just get a tighter smoother look in my middle and for me they worked in that regard.


Gina-have you tried a nutritional rebalance? I’ve many clients with the same complaint as you in the midsection, and they’ve been amazed with how their bodies changed in just 28 days. You might want to check into that, might be cheaper in the long run rather than having to keep wrapping up your body 😉


I think the idea is to use them rarely when you have a piece of chocolate cake on occasion. I’m a masters level bodybuilder and am in great shape, and heck I’ll use these when I have my occasional cheat meal.

Blair Austin

These wraps do NOT work at all … Followed the directions to a tee and did more than one application and didn’t see any sort of difference other than missing money from my bank account on this terrible product !!

  It Works!

People think that the Wraps are suppose to be a “cure” to weight loss. If you go into it with that mindset alone, then you are going to be disappointed. Does the wrap help you lose inches off the waist line? Absolutely! However, you have to also do some work. Consumers who practice healthy eating, exercise, and drink plenty of water see incredible results. Absolutely nothing is permanent, and this product does not promise that either.


LOL!! It’s the modifying the diet, water and exercise that is giving the results. Unreal!!!!!!


First off wraps are suppose to help us by releasing water weight to tighten, tone, firm, etc.

  It Works!

I would like to know more!


People are so quick to say something doesn’t work or bash products BUT everything isn’t for everyone. I use products and love them! My family and friends.. The products do work! Follow the instructions, modify your diet and drink the right amount of water your body needs anyway. I’m a happy customer!


I agree, some of these folks expect immediate results. I was skeptical at first, I tried the Skin/Hair/Nails pills. I have say after about a month and half my grow bald spot on the top of my head has shrunk big time and the best part is that the new hair that has grown is thicker and dark, I have grey hair yes, the new hair is darker. My circular bald spot has shrunk from a diameter of about 6 inches to about 3 1/2 and I have pictures to prove it. I guess the only thing I dislike is the nasty taste of the pills, have to wash them down with lots of water. They can make you slight nauseas in the morning when I wake up. Take them after eating for sure not on an empty stomach!


Of course if you modify your diet and drink more water you’ll lose weight.

  I got nausea from it
Patty (Verified User)

Yesterday was my first day of taking the it works thermo pill and I got nausea from it. I did take it along with my meal and drunk a lot of water. My question that j have is this normal and what can I do to not get nausea from it. ? Thank you

It Works
Anonymous (Verified User)

Well stated


Is a wrap for it works safe for a type one diabetic?


Im also diabetic. I use fat fighters. The thermo fit. And use the wraps. And the facials. I would make sure you definitely working out with thermo fit and the greens. Make sure your fat fighters are with your worst meal. Tell us your thoughts about It Works!. And i love the greens my blood suger levels are awesome. I usually was living in the 140 to 170 area. Im literally 110 to 125 in the last month. I honestly cant believe it.


I use the thermo-fit, fat fighters, and greens, and it is not a quick fix to losing weight. I workout and have changed my diet (less junk, more salads). ItWorks products are supplements, not the cure all to getting in shape fast. Thermo-fit helps me with my metabolism and cravings, fat-fighters after a cheat meal, and greens as a detox. The products are supposed to ASSIST you with weight lose, not do it for you. Once again, physical activity and eating healthy along with the products… you should see a change.


its not because your diabetic that that happened. You may just have an allergy to something natural…some ppl do!
These products do work, I’ve used them so have friends and had amazing results!

Stephen (Editor)

You’d have to ask your doctor to be sure, Emily.


I am still trying to get a feel of the product.


You really need to talk with your distributor.. As a distributor they should help you through all the issues you have! I personally keep up with my customers and guide them in the right direction for what they want. You definitely should be able to change what you are having shipped as long as it hasn’t already shipped out. If you are unhappy with your service or if you have any questions you can contact me.


Doesn’t anybody know that exercise and eating well is the key to staying healthy. Nobody needs supplements


Love IT WORKS GLOBAL. IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I did the IT Works product spent 300.00 and I was told that the wraps would make a big difference after you have done 12 so I wanted to give it my best chance and I didnt see any difference at all.

It Works!

These wraps are for people who are looking for a short cut to getting fit. Eat right and exercise (at least moderately) for the results you want. Nothing works better than hard work and commitment


I am always the skeptic about products like these and as a Health Educator stick to diet and exercise as the primary weight loss stay healthy approach. However, I had reached a point where nothing was happening. On top of that, I was unemployed and thought this could support me financially. I had heard great things about both product and reward. I am glad that I said yes in my 20 seconds of insanity. The Thermofit has my IBS under perfect control, and this is not even on the promotional material, I am a generally calm person, but I can tell the Confianza helps even more. How do I know for sure? Because I stopped taking them and realized the symptoms returned. None of these products are promoted to be the solution to become the “Biggest Loser”. They are to supplement lifestyle changes. I do have more energy when taking the products and thus I have been able to return to some exercise routines. My IBS under control actually lets me absorb some nutrients. Greens supplement my diet because Green is not my favorite food choice. I have only had positive dealings with customer service and up-line support. The prices may appear to be high but not really when compared to GNC who sells in mass quantities.

It has been said in many of the previous reviews that all people respond differently. Who knows if taking the Cleanse just happened to correlate with an exposure to the stomach bug or food poisoining? The same could be said for any product and any adverse reaction. If it was not life threatening then give it another try. If something in the product made you “sick” then it could be an allergy you need to further explore for your health safety.


I started using the hair, skin, and nails which made me incredibly ill. Every time I would take it I would throw it up about 30 mins later. I called to cancel my order, but they wont cancel for three months which makes me angry. They wont cancel anything without charging me $50 AND wont take my product back that I am refusing to open and use. Tried to help a friend with her business and it just wasn’t working and now I am angry that I am forced to pay it for 3 months anyway. Wont be purchasing from this company again.


Hi there, I’ve been using the hair, skin & nails for almost two months now. I read on the one instruction to ALWAYS take with food (because it is so very absorbent). The first week that I started taking them, one morning I was about to leave to go to Tim Horton’s where I would purchase a drink & bagel, I assumed that if I took the 2 pills before I left, I would be okay – I was wrong. In the 5 minutes, I felt light headed and as if I was going to be sick – but it was MY fault, not the products. I had nothing in my stomach, which was why it made me feel ill. After that morning I started taking them immediately after eating dinner and haven’t had any issues and my hair has grown significantly, which is a huge deal to me because my hair doesn’t normally grow past a certain point.


No she threw up because these ingredients are crazy! MULTIPLE people report to have thrown up even when taking it with food along with being shaky. That’s DANGEROUS!


LOL look up the ingredients and tell me one that’s crazy. They’re all natural, mostly plants and fruits. The food you eat for dinner probably has more chemicals than the HSN vitamin

  Zero results !

I too had ZERO results from the cleanse.

  I liked it became a distributor !
Lori (Verified User)

I love love love the greens. That is what I started with as a gift from a friend. I have lost 5 pounds, which is not much, but I was stuck at the same weight for 2 years, so that is big for me. My blood sugar is staying more regular, and I have much more energy. I am now trying confianza and have tried a wrap. I liked the wrap. I can fit better in my pants, so it does work. On the thought that it doesn’t last, what does? To get the best effects, they even tell you to keep it up. It also take way more then just water out of the system. I liked it so much I became a distributor.


Did not get rid of any fat on my legs at all infact I went right to the potty after the first rap my problem is stuff runs right through me all life

  I haven't used yet !
Your Namedee

Tell us your thoughts about It Works!.I haven’t used the products yet.. I will in 3 days but I am sceptical. My friend is selling it. She told me exactly what to buy at first. She says I need to detox first then work on the weight loss. Drink plenty of water. Then do the wraps in the third month. I mentioned I wanted to lose 30 to 35 pounds in 2 to 3 months . She says I can do it! But I hear lots of bad feed back. What should I do try it or what?!

Stephen (Editor)

Many dieters advise against it and recommend finding an alternative. if you do, please let us know your experience.

  Product just wasn't for me
Calvin (Verified User)

Not a fan, purchased the small sample of the Greens On The Go | Orange Powder MIx 4g, paid $20 dollars for tiny sample and recently tested it out. Had a nasty green colouration to it which was dismaying at first but not surprising as it is a health drink product. Didnt seem to want to mix very well though even after several minutes of stirring. Worst part was the taste, not even a hint of orange flavor to it just a bland slightly grassy taste. Maybe it works for others but this product did not hold up to the description and was not the least bit pleasant for me. Not to leave a bad review just to simply give feedback on my personal experience with it.


Calvin, I have no idea who sold you the samples for $20, but that is VERY much against ItWorks company compliance!! I personally love the Greens, but CANNOT drink them with water. I mix it with my orange juice every morning, and that does the trick for me.. I used to stir it and had the exact same issue, but I just bought myself a shaker bottle, and boom.. problem solved!

  Will not work for everyone
Anonymous (Verified User)

This is completely untrue. Even when done the right way it will not work for everyone.
And you cant say “But when done the right way IT Works” and then “The wraps are not guaranteed to work for everyone”. I do not smoke, do not drink, and I eat relatively healthy, no fried foods, low sugar intake, red meat once a week. I drink well over 8 glasses of water a day. I did a total of 7 wraps, almost a full treatment and didn’t lose a single inch or pound. I have before and after pictures to prove it. I did a wrap every 72 hours and defining gel in between. Kept the wrap on for 6-8 hours every time. Nothing tightened or toned. I don’t disagree that it may work for someone, but don’t blame it on the customer for doing it wrong, because you don’t know if you product didn’t work for them.

Pam (Verified User)

I just started It Works today. I have Greens on the Go, Fat Fighter and Ultimate ThermoFit. I purchased these products for weight loss. After reading all of the above reviews, I am very concerned about making this decision and investment. The website referred to so often does not provide any product information, only the financial pluses in becoming a distributor. It is disturbing that there are no success stories concerning the products. I hope I will not have regrets about this purchase.


There’s actually a lot of information in the store section of the main website. If you click on any product and scroll to the bottom there is an area that says view more information and will tell you common q&a and ingredients.


The way I look at it is give a good, quality product a try for the 90 day loyal customer sign up and see if it works for you. I’m a 50 year old bodybuilder and eat clean 90% of the time. I started GREENS, THERMOFIT, and NEW YOU 40 days ago. I’m down 5 lbs of bodyfat (from 24.5% to 22.5%), and I’m maintaining and growing more lean muscle. Pants are fitting better, etc. and I’ve done 5 wraps in 40 days. I’m pleased. I would have just bought similar, more expensive products at Vitamin Shoppe. Why not support a friend instead?


You don’t say how much you lost.


So I ordered it work greens orange flavoured. I drank most of it around dinner time and haven’t had any affects. But the problem is that it’s expired! Does your product go bad after its expiration date? Will this make me sick? It’s from 2015!? Seriously!


Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information on expired products.

marlene pletcher

I just started thermal fit and the fat blockers us there anything i need to be concerned about im on bp meds and depression meds

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Marlene, please consult with your physician in order to properly respond to your question.

Sensible person

I highly recommend starting by reading the book “It starts with Food”. Because ultimately, whatever you put into your mouth to eat has an effect on what is going on inside your body. And it’s very basic – no fancy ingredients, no fancy preparations, no expensive memberships. Proper food intact can solve most physical ailments – but you have to stick to it! It’s a lifestyle, not a weekend fad. Everybody wants a pill to solve their problems that they spent a lifetime creating. It does not exist! Good luck!

  Good article, honestly appreciate it.
Antony Hurdle (Verified User)

Good article, honestly appreciate it, was able to save me effort from having to search for a lifetime to be able to find a solution, thanks man!

  Does anyone else feel the same.
Jill Hampton (Verified User)

I have noticed after taking the carb fat fighter I get horribl headaches. Also I don’t feel good. Sort of jittery. Does anyone else experience this?

Cameron (Editor)

With which product exactly? Anyone have anything to add?


I Have been taking thermoforming for a few days and have been dizzy and had headaches every day. I’ve even tried taking only half a pill and still have the same problems. Someone also commented that there is soy in the product. I didn’t see it listed, but need to know because I am allergic to soy.

Cameron (Editor)

We couldn’t find it in the formula, If it is in there then it is a proprietary blend meaning we don’t know how much of it the manufacturers put inside it.


I think the biggest issue here, is you folks are expecting to be able to sit on your haunches and let the wrap do the work. This is not the case. you still need to excersise, you still need to eat right, not to mention, did you give it a chance? you can sit here and say “oh it doesn’t work” but unfortunatly i see alot more positive reviews then negative reveiwsl.

  Can it be used with other medication?
marlene pletcher

I am in bp meds and depression meds I just started thermal fit and the fat blocker has anyone ever reported having any issues with this product and being on bp meds or depression meds. Hope someone can answer ty

Stephen (Editor)

Hi, Marlene. Only your doctor could adequately advise you in such a specific case; it’s important to ask your doctor before taking any supplement.

  Can I use this with other medication?

I’m on beta blockers wondering if I can use this product

  Question about drink count
Celesta Johnson (Verified User)

Can coffee and ice tea count towards the water you are to drink?
I’m getting ready to start the wrap Sat(8/8). Cannot give a review at this time, but will be able ext week


No cokes or tea or coffee. Stay away from high sodium foods. Drink at least half your body weight in Ounces. Amazing products


You need to drink water not coffee or tea as they will essentially dehydrate you! I hope you love the wrap! Feel free to email me if you have any questions!


Water is the best and only thing to drink while you are wrapping 🙂 Remember to drink half of your body weight. My results were amazing with just my first wrap!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Celesta, for detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.


Thanks shill!!!



  Does it affect my menstrual cycle?
Kate (Verified User)

I’ve been using fat fighters for two months now and I missed a period and I still haven’t gotten the one I’m suppose to right now, do these pills have inference with my cycle?


Hey kate, I haven’t had a customer say anything about it messing up their cycle, I reached out to a couple of customers currently taking fat fighters and all said their cycle has been same maybe a day or so off sometimes but nothing abnormal. I will try and find out some more info for you though if you would like.


I’m late by about 3 weeks. I should of had my period about the time I started the wraps. I’ve had two negative pregnancy tests. So I’m wondering if it is the wraps and fat fighters causing this.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Meg, please consult with a physician in order to answer your question.


I did one wrap last Thursday and another last night. The first one didn’t give me as many problems as this has. Last night I put the wrap on for only two hours and today I am suffering from an extremely upset stomach. Would the stomachache be related to the wrap? I also did NOT notice a difference from using the wraps.


Drink more water! The cramping happened to me when I didn’t drink enough water after my wrap.



Tamara Weldon

Did you drink half your body weight in ounces of water? Common signs that you may not be drinking enough are stomach ache, dry tongue and headache


Please Read the Directions Carefully. They should be Used….72 hours apart, Not Consecutive Days. Also Plenty of Water should be Consumed


Did you take a before and after photo to notice if you seen any difference?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Kate, please consult with your physician. Only your doctor could adequately advise you in such a specific case; it’s important to ask your doctor before taking any supplement.

  It seems this affecting my hair
amanda (Verified User)

I am losing a lot of my hair is this normal


Which products are you using?

Tala Verley

didnt know I could just reply, lol. Amanda has anyone helped you yet? Was wondering if you had checked the ingredient list to see if your allergic to any of the ingredients. If u need any immediate help or have any questions I’m available 24/7 …. Just never dealt with this personally and wanted to make sure you were okay. I’ll post a response if I hear anything though.


Are there any peanut or almond products in the thermofit?


I’m allergic to both and haven’t had a reaction from it!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Kami. For the exact ingredients in Thermofit, please refer to the It Works! official website.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Amanda, please consult with your physician. Only your doctor could adequately advise you; it’s important to ask your doctor before taking any supplement.


This works for for!

  So far not working for me
Anonymous (Verified User)

I had the same problem. I used 11 of them, did everything I was told to do and didn’t lose an inch. Now I’m trying the hair,skin and nails. And needless to say my hair hasn’t grew at all. Even though pictures I see show everyone’s hair has grown at least a inch or two by then! been taking it for 3 weeks!


You have to drink plenty of water when taking hair, skin, and nail vitamins!!!


My husband was bald on too used for 2 months and his hair is growing. You still have to drink 8 glasses of water a day


That’s really a bummer. I signed up as a Loyal Customer because my first wrap helped me tone up and I was curious. Now I’m hooked — I used the Greens, Fat Fighter, wraps AND my mom is using Hair Skin Nails and it’s worked for her.

Have you been taking before and after photos? Sometimes you can’t tell that you’ve toned up or that hair is growing in until you see the before and afters.

You don’t need to be on a diet or do anything extreme.


amen….you must do your part some people do think a pill is the easy fix but you must maintain a healthy life style also I am for two years now a kemo patient and my blood work has improved since I use the products ..my greens, defining gel ..my wraps..and I have seen such a change..before the greens berry flavor, I was tired a lot now in the first week I started running around like a rabbit..I felt so much better..it all depends on what else a person may have going on in their body too…it believe in the products so much now I am a DT for “IT WORKS” company…IT is not a waste of money, the only thing that might be a waste is that if a person does not take care of their health…keep doctors informed of what you are doing to improve your health..I am so happy to be part of the company , and the new friends you will meet along the way….

  Any suggestion to help me lose weight
Torie (Verified User)

Hello there! So I just started using thermofit about 1 week ago and I’ve onlt lost about 3 lbs and haven’t lost much since. I know to drink lots of water and still exercise to see results. I’ve been taking pictures day by day and I do see a little bit of a difference in my body image, but I do want to know is there anything else that would help me lose weight. I do not want to lose hope, but if I must and have to, I will discontinue. A little bit of insigbt would be greatly appreciated.

Karen (Editor)

Hi, Torie. You might want to try combing It Works! with Dietspotlight Burn for faster results. Good luck!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Torie, please consult with your distributor/representative to see what products will work best for you.

  My orders are late
Anonymous (Verified User)

Leslie I got my first order March 4th. Which was late. I finely got April and Mays orders May 23rd.(Today). Which was months late.
They screwed me out of the BOGO sale.

  Felt That I am Wasting My Money
Anonymous (Verified User)

My wraps didnt work my first month and i drank 32 ozs of water while on each time. Im on my 2nd month and just started the fat figgters.. Thought id switch it up my 2nd month then my 3rd go back to wraps.. I have a feeling im wasting my money too.


You have to drink more than just 32 oz of water while wrapping. The wraps results are progressive over the course of 72 hours. For the days after you are supposed to drink half your body weight or more in ounces of water to flush out what the wrap releases. I haven’t had a customer, including myself, not get results. Also it’s the same for any supplement you’re taking. You MUST drink water for your body to absorb what it needs and flush out what it doesn’t.


I just bought them with someone and like you said the person who sold them to me didnt mention anything abouth drinking water can you please tell me what else do i need to do i wouldnt like to get dissapointed before even trying.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Gabby. For detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.


Yeah, you have to drink half your body weight in oz. of water, no carbonated drinks the day of the wrap because they make you bloat. Clean eating is best with these products… Fat Fighters helps remove the fat and carbs from your meals, so I would try thermo fit – it helps your body burn additional calories throughout the day! 3 weeks, 4 wraps, 25 pounds gone forever!


The wraps are only meant to tighten, tone and firm the skin. There are no claims by ItWorks that the wraps make you lose weight.


so 3weeks, 4wraps and 25 pounds gone forever…what does that COST???


If you drink half your body weight in water and eat clean you’ll lose weight and inches without the wrap.


so you only weigh 64lbs? the key to the wraps working is that you drink half of you body weight in water for 2-3 days..then believe me you will see a difference


Me too


Can’t say if the wraps work or not, I’m allergic to them. I have tried to return the relief supplement for months and now I’m past the return period. I kept calling but they wouldn’t give me authorization of a refund.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Karen, please refer to the It Works! official website and contact Customer Service for any order inquiries.

  To get Good Results
Anonymous (Verified User)

Hi Lesley have you spoke to who you bought them off they should be able to help you. Also sorry they don’t seemed to have worked for you I only joined business because of my results.

  i like work
andrey (Verified User)

i like work it our ampiro to work it feed our familys and help other people that why i like work but am still young to work but in20years come i will be working

  It does not work!
BELLY (Verified User)

More like It doesnt Work



  It has not worked.
Jane Hoke (Verified User)

It hasn’t worked, l’ve wrapped 5 times

  Does it affect my menstrual cycle?

Does it affe t your period

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, please consult with your physician. Only your doctor could adequately advise you on this particular question. It is important to ask your doctor before taking any supplement.

  my skin is horrible
Britt (Verified User)

Hi quick question has anyone experienced acne while taking thermofit or the fat fighters? I have been taking both for over a month and my skin is horrible now! I don’t want to blame the product but that’s the only thing I have done differently..

  Lost 10 pounds in 1 month.!!!
Heidi holmesYour Name (Verified User)

I lost 50 pounds total and 10 pounds in 1 month thoughts about It Works!.

   liver problem

I’m on immunosuppressants and have a liver problem. So is it safe to take any of your products?

Stephen (Editor)

You would have to take whichever product you’re interested in to your doctor for approval.

  I love their greens for energy
Jackie Llerena (Verified User)

I am a skeptic and try everything to make sure it works. My daughter is a distributor and I told her after I try everything then I would let her know if I can endorse it. I started back in October when the doctor told me that my hair loss was inevitable due to my emotional state and there was no cure for it to wear a wig. I went ahead and tried Biotin and it did not work and a friend had a bottle of Hair Skin and Nails and this started working for me. My daughter became a distributor a few months after and I am on my 3rd bottle. My nails do not break anymore and my hair is full again! I have pictures to prove it! I love their greens for energy and their cleanser! I am trying all their products and I can let you know the outcome. Have a great day! Feel free to email me!

  It did nothing for me !
Becky (Verified User)

ItWorks cleanse did nothing for me. First bottle I did urinate a lot! But no other results finished the last bottle 24 hours ago. I wouldn’t recommend the cleanse. I don’t eat junk food or unhealthy food so that could be the reason. But $36 for a 3 day usage was not only expensive but in the end ingenue finial for me.


Its a Two day cleanse not for a 3 day usage

  Anyone experiencing side effects?

Anyone have any side affects to Confianza. Just got mine in and am nervous to try it. I am very sensitive i know this all natural but im skeptical it will help with my anxiety


I use Confianza myself & have 3 kids. I absolutlet love it. It has helped with my depression as well. If you are worried I suggest to take the ingredient list to you doctor or nutritionist 🙂


It’s not a weight loss wrap, its tones tighens and firms the skin. Maybe thats why your so upset because you were given incorrect infomation


I am very sensitive also so I started by just using one Confianza pill a day. It helps me concentrate and get things accomplished. I can tell when I did not take my pill. I feel scattered.

Sylvia Shaffer

Hi! I too suffer from anxiety and am very sensitive to medicines prescribed or herbal remedies. Howver, I have been taking confianza with no side effects. I stopped taking Ativan after years of carrying it in my purse. I feel calmer, more focused and generally happier. I totally understand your concern. I even started with half a pill because of my sensitivities but found I have no problem taking 2 capsules a day as stated on the bottle. Contact me if you have any more questions. I am an Itworks distributor and this product did work for me.


No side effects for me 😉 I’m the same way

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Heather, for detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information. We also suggest that you please consult with your physician before taking any supplements.



  What did you do to ease the itchiness?
Naniii (Verified User)

I tried the itwork wrap last Saturday. And I am now experiencing itchiness all over my stomache. Has anyone else had this happen? If so what did you do to ease the itchiness? 🙁

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Naniii, some clients experience different side effects. Please consult your physician to select the right product for you.


I had exactly the same experience. I was hoping that the cleanse would do what it claims to do, but instead I was nauseated, constipated, and uncomfortable the entirety of the two days. I have actually had to start taking Miralax to get things moving again.


Nauseated, constipated, uncomfortable, dizziness. These are all classic detox symptoms. Never taken It Works before but I am well-versed in natural health. This is your body showing you how toxic you really are. All that crap is making its way out and if you have a big build-up, you can’t expect it to be comfortable on the way out. There are ways of making it easier! Like pacing the amount of product your taking and take a smaller amount at first, while gradually building up as the days go by (pace yourself), drink more water (and you should be drinking at least half your weight in oz. of water/daily just to keep yourself properly hydrated. You should drink even more than that if your body is detoxing heavily to make the process more comfortable), and just know that detoxing does not last forever, as uncomfortable as it may be. You gotta imagine a person who doesn’t exercise regularly. If you throw them out on the softball field and have them run around, and you ask that person how they feel the next day, what do you think they’re going to tell you? That they’re sore, tired, run-down, irritable, etc. But is running around and being active a bad thing? No. But those after-effects happen to be something felt by the body after years and years of doing the “wrong things” and then all of a sudden dough the right things. You have to allow your body to adjust to the change and embrace the suck for the first couple weeks. This is why people constantly try millions of different things that “don’t work”. You don’t stick it out long enough.

  Why is there soy isolate in the greens?
Patty Patricia

Why is there soy isolate in the greens


I can’t say for sure why it is in the product but I do know that its a small amount of soy so it doesn’t harm you in any way, I know that a lot of health critics say soy is bad in large amounts but its such a small amount

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Patty, for the exact product ingredients please refer to the It Works! official website.


Retail allows you to buy without commitment (although it is more expensive to do so.)

The deal with the loyal customer program is that you either pay, upfront, the membership fee of $50. OR you commit to a three month auto shipment. Either scenario, you can change month to month. Paying the $50 membership upfront avoids the autoship commitment. Therefore, if you don’t want to buy the next month, you don’t have to.

If you cancel your 3 month auto shipment beforehand, they will assess you the $50 membership. If you do complete your three month auto shipment, they will waive the $50 membership fee.

If you’re looking for a new distributor, let me know. Email me sometime.


I am very well looking for distributors!!


Also, you can change your products from month to month, example not get the same thing every month. Distributors can help you move the autoship date, change the date, change the card number etc. A customer has full control of their account. There are emails that go out as well reminding of autoship dates beforehand. Lots of options and controls at your fingertips. You can email me as well. Good luck.

Alcohol is the main thing that will stop the products from working as effectively.

I think not all products work for everyone. Not sure if you drink alcohol, but alcohol is the main thing that will stop the products from working as effectivly


It not just about being a distributor, as a distributor we are urged to be a product of the product so if you are talking to a distributor we are positive about are products because they have worked for us! Otherwise we wouldn’t be promoting them, this isn’t just about making money, it is a lifestyle, would you sell something that didnt work?! Were you working out at the time? Drinking plenty of water? We are here to help, I hope you speak with your rep about the lack of results and give her a chance to help you figure it out.


I’m not distributor, I use products and they are helping me loose weight. But I’m not cramming cheeseburgers and crappie foods. You have to work at it too. Not expect magic


I was told by a personal trainer that there is alot of products out for weightloss but the way to lose weight is simply by watching your calories and how much u eat. Always drink atleast half your body weight In water.if u want to lose weight eat right and exercise 🙂


I’m a personal trainer and I use these products for the health benefits. I love their vitamins, I get so much energy from its vital core nutriton pack! I also love the protein shake it has everything I need. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat you can’t get the required nutrients from food alone. It loses its nutrients when it’s shipped, handled and cooked. If a personal trainer isn’t certified in nutrition they may not tell you that you need vitamins daily to give your body what it needs. (I’m not a distributor )


Exactly!!! You can’t eat excess junk food then buy products to negate those effecfts.


Like your comment LOL !!! By the way I just started the pills couple days ago, it’s really worked on my friend .




I do t think she was blaming the customer, she just said it doesn’t work for everyone. That’s accurate. Not every product works for everyone

Angie B.

Clean eating and daily exercise works for everyone.


Im just now on this jourmey doing triple threat because after i had my son the dr said my metabolism is so messed up. I was put on medicine to regulate it and its not working so i stopped it and started this. Ive dieted amd exercised 2 miles a day plus running after a baby and camt lose weight. So no diet and exercise doesnt work for everyone. I hope itworks helps me.


Amen girl! I have been clean eating and working out since January 4 of this year and have lost 25 lbs already and no longer have a food addictionTell us your thoughts about It Works!.

Greens does have caffeine, not good if allergic.

Greens does have caffeine . No actual value though. It comes from the green tea leaf extract. Content according to studies is 0.6 mg/serving up to 20mg/serving. Far less than colas or coffee but still not good if allergic.

  Is this safe for people with Diabetes?
Ashley salgado (Verified User)

Has anyone that has diabetes type 1 used thermofit? Is it safe for diabetic to use them? any answers would be helpful!!!


You should always ask your doctor first but my boyfriend takes it and is a type 1 diabetic, he orders from dddwraps.com

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Ashley, as with any new diet regimen and supplements, only your doctor could adequately advise you in such a specific case; it’s important to first ask your doctor’s advise.

  I am interested in your products.

I am interested in your products. Looking to loss weight and be healthier. I’m in my mid 40’s and pre menopausal. Thanks!


try thermofit and estro rhythm for losing weight and menopause

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Dee, please refer to the It Works! Official website and contact Customer Service for your inquiry.

  Did you ever get this resolved?


Did you ever get this resolved? I am a distributor and had a customer whose very first order was lost. I was able to get her order replaced before they determined what happened to it by working with customer service on her behalf. Your distributor should have been able to do that for you as well.

  Any experiences with people on meds using these products??
Jackie (Verified User)

Any known drug interactions…..I am on paxil and would like to try the applicators….the physicians assistant at my doctors office said it shouldn’t be a problem, but she never looked at the ingredient list i brought…any experiences with people on meds using these products??


I am on Zoloft and have no interations at all. I say go,for it. Find u a distributor and they will help you get started. The wraps rock


I can check with all my team members if you would like and get back to you! Ive heard of a lot of feedback from people actually getting off of medications due to taking the Greens and other products! Always exciting to hear the journeys and how the products have helped people.


Always ask your doctor first ALWAYS


I’m on paxil as well and I have used the wrap with no side effects. I have not tried any fat burners though. Research is best! Or call the pharmacy??

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Jackie, only your doctor could adequately advise you in such a specific case; it’s important to ask your doctor before taking any supplement.

  Will I ever be able to smoke again after the wrap is off?

Will I ever be able to smoke again after the wrap is off


it is better not to smoke with wrapping because when u smoke you are putting toxins back in your body but i smoke as well but not very often

  Want to know if there are any side effects?
Jane Snodgrass

Is there any research on the It Works products? I’ve just started using the Greens and love the energy boost. Want to know if there are any side effects.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Jane, for detailed product ingredients and use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.

Rich (Editor)

Hi Jane. If you’re eager for more info on the company check out our Q&A section. Unfortunately the customer feedback we came across suggested side effects, check out what commenters say.

  Please contact me if you need anything.
Crystal Floeck (Verified User)

I am sorry you were given mis information. the person you ordered your product from did not clarify it is 3 month commitment to buy at least 1 product for 3 months. after you get your third auto ship you can call corp and cancel but you will still always be a loyal customer and will get the discounted prices. They also should have sent a copy of the loyal customer agreement. That distributor must not have been trained properly and I am sorry you had that experience. They wraps are designed to tighten, tone and firm. If the product is used correctly and you follow the directions and drink the recommended amount of water you will see results and some people have to wrap a couple times before seeing results. everyone is different and depends on the amount of toxins in your body. Please contact me if you need anything.


hello, i would like to order the wrap


alya have you tried the wrap yet?


I understand that somethings take that long to see, or feel, a change, and somethings require blood work to notice. However, you should’t have to wait 3 months to cancel anything.

  Offering help as a distributor.
tracey (Verified User)

if you look up on the product,guide lines on the web site of itworks! it says not for children,mid teens or while your pregnant,i’ve done my research before becoming a distributor in Canada,so any Q/A my clients have i’m more than transparent when offering my help.i do answer my phone and e-mails.to help our client feel good about their choices and feel free to stay on or leave if a client is not satisfied yes it is 3 months fees waved to be loyal after that no worries.if you want to terminate 🙂

  Loved the product.
Britt ID (Verified User)

It seems to be different for everyone! In my experience, the larger people typically lost more in terms of inches than the smaller. I actually warned a few of my friends who were smaller that they shouldn’t expect much inch lose but more toning/tightening. After 3 months, all of the girls I had (6 of them) who had a goal of about 30-45 pounds had lost at least 20 pounds. I believe 2 or 3 were over 30 pounds. They were all using the Wraps, defining gel, & fight fighters(not all used daily.) Some were using various other products like the Greens b/c they worked with their healthy diet. None of them ate terribly & never exercised.. but for exercise- some exercised daily, some barely at all, some hit the gym, some just walked at night. For Meals- most ate relatively healthy, only 1 maybe 2 of them you could call a health freak. Those 2 only took the fat fighters if/when they went out to eat or had what they considered to be a “unhealthy meal,” which is actually how a lot of people use take the fat fighters

For the thinner people it kind of depends on their make-up. I’ll be honest & say I am ridiculously thin- BUT when I am pregnant not so much. I gained 65 pounds & had the extra skin/stretchmarks to prove it! I personally have only used 2 wraps after learning it could help me out 2 & was hydrating rather than dehydrating (water wrap.) I have seen a great improvement so far! I figured i’d better try it out, b/c if there is something out there that can get rid of stretchmarks this bad- it would be a miracle!

Let me know how it works out for you guys! Good/bad I’d like to know & hear what people who actually have it a fair shot wind up thinking 🙂

  Just started will update later.
Angelia (Verified User)

I bought my wraps on ebay. I paid $70 for 4 wraps ( I had to bid to get a better price). I just want to try it for myself, and not pay for the loyal customer program because I know those programs never really work well for people. I will keep you posted if they work, and I don’t need a comment from a distributor stating that the wraps are probably old or ect., if you order from ebay. They will be here Friday, so we will see!

Destiny Paris

Hello, I would also suggest not to order from anyone other than an ItWorks DT, everything does have a shelf life & the code a DT Will be able to explain to you.


Did they work? Just wanted to find out. Not sure if I am going to order as anything that easy can’t work…

Marie Tkac

Hi Angelia,
I’m an It Works distributor, and I just wanted to share some tips on getting your money’s worth on the product. 1)wipe down the area you intend to wrap with rubbing alcohol to remove excess body oils,or moisturizers,2) when the wrap is completely open, use something to spread the gel evenly on the wrap before placement, and lastly, drink at least 8oz. of water while you’re waiting for your results. Best of luck!




You can’t give an accurate review if you had to “bid” on your purchase. I’m just saying…that’s like buying orange juice from a guy on the corner instead of the store. You can’t blame the OJ company if your product is old, tainted, or spoiled. We always try to find the cheap way to do everything! And we usually get what we pay for. Save your review. Lol.


I’m trying to get a list of ingredients in the wrap and gel, because I’m breastfeeding. i’ve read that you shouldn’t use this product while breastfeeding and I’ve read you can. I thought I would get a list of the ingredients and consult my Dr.



If you haven’t received a list of the ingredients yet, please let me know and I would be happy to email them to you.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Julie, for the exact ingredients please refer to the It Works! official website. We also recommend that you please consult with your physician.

  Can cancel the autoship from account?
Karrina (Verified User)

Are you aware you can cancel your autoship by logging into your account? You can also call the person you bought them from to help you cancel.


I have logged into my account and cannot find any information about cancellation. I have received my three consecutive orders as a loyal customer. I cannot even change my auto-ship date/frequency. Please advise on where to cancel your order on the Web site.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Elle, please refer to the It Works! Official website and contact Customer Service for your inquiry.

  Hated the product through comments.

I have a couple aquaintances on fb that sell this. I’m a huge skeptic of things such as this so I decided to check out reviews. And from reading these comments I am not impressed. And the lack of customer service and how quick they are to argue with you eh not ever going to do this! I’ll stick with shakeology and Beachbody always great service and if you need to cancel or anything you will always talk to a live person. Plus it really works!


I am a DT with It Works and we have great customer service. I have never had any complaints from my customers if they did want to cancel their auto-ship and they always contact me with any questions and I am always there to help them. Have you personally dealt with customer service?


I’ve used It Works products and I’ve had to call Customer Service. The first time I was on hold for 24 mins (YES, I timed it), the second time I was on hold for over 10 mins . BUT the representative I got spoke ENGLISH and was extremely nice and gracious and did not try to talk me into anything; I so appreciated that.

As a nurse I know the wraps don’t work. The look like they work, but in a few days, or a week you’re right back where you were. The ONLY cure for cellulite is exercise, exercise, exercise. BUT, the Greens are wonderful. I honestly have more energy since taking them. I would recommend them.


What are the greens?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Lynnae, for the exact product ingredients, please refer to the It Works! official website.

  Facing side effects.
Lisa (Verified User)

I am experiencing stomach sensitivity 3 days after a wrap. It feels like I did 8000 sit ups!!!

  Loved the product.
kris (Verified User)

Im going to try this, I’ve tried the gym, but seriously a lot of people who are a lot healthier/thinner than me are rude and i just dont want to deal with it. But my issue is totally lose skin. :/ I Will keep this updated as i go so i can prove it works or it doesnt.

I’m worried about the itchies but nothing seems to be in it that i’m allergic to so we’ll see. Either way, i’m not only going to do this, i’m going to do xbox zumba too 😀


Did you get connected with an ‘IT WORKS’ representative? I am a distributor and I can tell you that it is a great products and that I have seen some really amazing results! If you haven’t contacted anyone, please email me. I will be more than happy to guide you in the right directs. 🙂
If you already have, Good luck and be excited for changes!

kimberleigh livingston

I want to place my order with you

  Loved the product.
Anne (Verified User)

YES! Love it! Very well said!


Agreed! I called and had no problem with getting a live person

  Read carefully before spending money.
amy neal (Verified User)

It is always your responsibility to understand how you are spending your money. Sounds like you did not do your job as a consumer and read up?

  this is the funniest one LOL!

this is the funniest one LOL!

  Loved the product.

I tried the wrap yesterday for the first time and loved the results, I am 5’4 weigh about 140 lbs just had a baby about 10 months ago and I saw instant results in my abdomen area I loved it got rid of 4 inches no lie!!!

Mikki IWG Distributor

So glad you had good results! I’ve already lost two inches off of two wraps, I’m loving it as well!


EXACTLY did one on my daughter but didnt wanna say she lost 4 inches as some people just won’t believe it and i lose little over 2 inches but since then WITHOUT a repeat and now I am down 8 inches since my wrap a month a half ago so much be doing something right …..


Hey how olds your daughter ? Just curious about how young people are when they try this!

  Asking help for side effects.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I tried it works wrap last saturday and my stomach broke out and has been itching since then! Its just non stop! Any suggestions?


Did your itchiness go away? If so how? I am now going through the same as u 🙁


Sounds like you were apart of the 5% who might have an allergy to the product .. Contact the person who wrapped you, Or Contact your Primary .

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, for the exact ingredients please refer to the It Works! official website. We also recommend that you please consult with your physician in order to address the side effects you are experiencing.


I’ve also got a live person on the phone and my package was lost in the mail. I am a loyal customer as well and when I called they did refund my package with no extra fee.. and being this is my 1st package I must say I am very happy with the results!

  Loved the product.
PizzaV (Verified User)

I’m trying this product as well. Results are limited, but I tell you. Just 2 wraps will not give you results your looking for. It’s a continuing thing to get the results you want. Its a 50/50 chance it could work for you. Every body type are different. Keep trying, and dieting and maybe some exercise couldn’t hurt. My results are almost there. I’m on my second box of four. Maybe I wasted my money, but to be honest. I do see inches coming off and my stomach tighten. My next two boxes. I’m trying them on my hips and thighs. Good luck to you. .


I smoke (trying to quit) and it works my first wrap i lost 6 inches total on my tummy my second one i lost almost 3

  Loved the product.
Maria (Verified User)

I am not a Rep for this company but I know plenty of people that this wrap has worked for.. Like anything in life everything does not work but it does not stop us from spending money to try to figute it out.. My problem is when people try something and it does not work for them they tend to bash it and make it look bad… wake up and grow up if you dont like it do buy it but you dont have to kick it in the dirt either..

  Suggested to read carefully before buy.
steph (Verified User)

you dont HAVE to sign up to be a loyal to order the products, a loyal is a 3-month commitment in order to save on your products. i wish people would read the info correctly!!

  Loved the product.
Heather (Verified User)

No one says that it’s a damn cure all. That you can sit around on your fat ass and not expect to have to get up and work at it. The wraps tighten loose skin and if you have ever lost a large amount of wieght or had a baby, then most people really see results.
Yes, some “distributors” (check your spelling) are still a little thick, but most are considered medically healthy from all the nutritional products the company has to offer. I for one, love the products, not just the wrap, but many of the nutritional supplements are very beneficial for me and my family.

  Loved the product.
Jenna (Verified User)

Wraps have nothing to do with fat loss. They tighten the skin. If you are heavy and looking to lose wright use the thermofit, fat fighter and greens. The wraps sculpt… That’s all they do. Other than the “detox” but that still isn’t going to help with weigh loss.

Also, if you are a loyal customer:
A. There is no one year mandatory auto ship. It’s three months for the discount or never and you can pay retail.
B. you know what you’re signing up for when you do it online. The company tells you more than once.

  Loved the product.
Jay (Verified User)

I went from 315 lbs to 205. I’m 5’10. Everyone tells me I’m a good size but I’m still working so hard to loose weight. I’m going slow now about 3lbs a week. I walk about 10 miles a day alternating the gym with weights. I have a stomach and everyone is saying this would be good for me. I don’t understand what it is doing? Am I going to wake up one day and my stomach pop out again? Is this something that I will have to continue buying to keep my stomach small?

Rich (Editor)

Jay, we know it’s really tough keeping the weight off and pushing past your plateau – it’s going to take will to continue. Good Luck!

  Hope to loose weight with it.
barbster (Verified User)

I was wondering the same thing about being bigger! I’m 195 pounds and only lost an inch but all of my other smaller friends lost 2-5, now how fair is that? But then again, I figure for the 3 month commitment, it isn’t any more than I pay for the gym membership, a bottle of fat burners, or another “miracle” as some of you put it! As long as there’s hope and I’m supporting the local economy , then who cares? LOL Hoping your fourth one works for you…hang in there!

  Not getting any result.
Cynthia (Verified User)

I am on my 3rd wrap and I have barely seen a difference. I have always drank plenty of water and YES I am drinking half my body weight. I am eating normally which is healthy. I have one more wrap to go. I am not a heavyset person, but I do have a gut. Maybe it takes longer on people with bigger stomachs? Don’t know. I will try one more box of wraps and THAT IS IT!


This is exactly what happened to me! My first wrap I lost 5 inches total but no difference with 2nd and 3rd wrap. I lost hope and stopped lol. Have you tried another box yet?

  Anyone knows a distributor in Canada?

Anyone knows a distributor in Canada?

Destiny Paris

I am a distributor in Canada hun.


Do not use alcohol before doing the wrap. Alcohol closes the skin pores thus not allowing the necessary ingredients to be a absorbed . To get max results it is helpful to leave the wrap on overnight if possible ….just a minimum of 45 minutes .Also since it continues to work for 72 hours lots and lots of extra needs to be consumed for that time period

  Loved the product.
natalie schmidt (Verified User)

I am also a distributor with It Works and I beg to differ with you on the permanency of the loss. Last year I bought a few wraps from a salon in June. My first wrap I lost 10 inches across my abdomen so waited about a month and wrapped again and lost 4 more. Through the summer I stayed eating healthy and kept the weight off that I lost, but come Christmas and holiday time I put on about 20 pounds. It was then that I decided to wrap again. To my amazement I did not gain the inches back that I lost except for maybe 2 or three total across the three measurement spots. I am now using Profit, Greens Fat Blockers and the wraps and have lost 5 more inches across my abdomen and lost 21 pounds without being hungry and feeling better than I have in years. When I don’t take my Greens and Profit I can feel the tiredness creep back in. In my estimation the inch loss can be permanent and as long as you are eating a healthy low calorie and low fat diet it is reasonable to expect that the inches will stay off. In my case I believe it tightened my skin ( I am post hysterectomy) which did cause a lot of the loss. But I definitely have a very noticeable loss of mass especially in my lower abdomen where I had a significant problem…When I resumed my product use this winter I joined the company because I was so impressed with the products especially the ingredients. In summation, I did not use any products except the wraps to lose the majority of my inches, but I did not gain back all of the inches when I gained back my weight. Bottom line is that it can be permanent if you keep the fat cells from collecting fat and toxins again by living healthy. I know mine is an exceptional case, but I truly believe that once the inches are lost they can be kept off without wrapping.

  Loved the product.
regina (Verified User)

u must really be eating bad and not trying to loose wieght. because they do work.

  Loved the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

first of all thats a lie its not a year long membership its just order 3 times an then cancel which would be like 3 months. and the products do work. its negative people like you that give company a bad name. to many negative people in this life.

  Loved the product.
Tammi (Verified User)

Hi everyone. I am a distributor on the sunny Gold Coast, Qld Australia. It is interesting seeing everybody’s experiences with the body wraps and the products. I joined as a distributor because within 2 months of using the wraps I went from a size 10/12 AU to a size 8 AU – I also have extremely sensitive skin and suffer from psoriasis so am very careful with the products I use as I can have terrible itchy red allergic reactions. The cream on the wraps does not give me any troubles and with the results I have personally experienced this is why I continue to use them. But please note that like any product it won’t work for everyone. And even with the product containing natural ingredients some people are allergic to natural ingredients so it is always best to check the ingredients list to make sure. It is disturbing to see that people are not being given the correct information about auto shipment – it is a minimum 3 month sign up with a $50 cancellation fee if you opt out sooner. Also I prefer to meet with my clients first, whether it is in a one on one consultation or at a party so I can show them the correct way to wrap and measure their results. I don’t just sign them up and never speak to them again, I do weekly follow ups to track their progress and answer any queries/concerns. I also have a Facebook page and update this regularly with photos and information. Also in Australia we are not currently promoting the supplements as they are currently in the process of being TGA approved. Anyway, sorry to be so long winded but there are a lot of good distributors out there who believe in the product and love the business – unfortunately there will always be others who sign up thinking they will make a quick buck and don’t really care about the company or the clients. If you have any questions at all then feel free to ask me 🙂


Hi Tammi
I live in Brisbane and would like to try the wraps and am interested in the weight loss products. Can you contact me by email please.


How do you get the ingredients list?


What product are you interested in and I can send you the ingredients.


Hi Tammi,
I live in Brisbane and I would like to try a wrap. I would like to see the results for myself. Can you please advise me how I can book a time to see you. Thanks Lena

  Hated the product.
Laura (Verified User)

Considering they don’t do year long autoships, only 3 months (which you can opt out of for $50 if you don’t want to do the whole 3 months) that is a total lie.

  Hated the product.
Mandy (Verified User)

Ashley… Ridiculous*


True statement.

  It only $99.
sherrie (Verified User)

It only cost $99 to get into selling the product.


Yes $99 for a limited time, then it goes back up to $199.


So agree. But the fat fighters are helping curve my appiate

  It Works!
Anonymous (Verified User)

Along with eating clean and excersice, of course, I actually like the products that I’ve tried from ItWorks. I do BeachBody, and I loved Shakeology, but I can’t have flax seed, so I started looking for something else. Still haven’t found anything to replace it.
My experience :
Customer service – website/ordering is very easy, I like the initial 3 month autoship setup. I forgot to change my product and help onto ot too long so wasn’t eligible to return. I just traded with a coworker for a product she didn’t like and I did.
Greens- orange is yucky. Berry-i love. Has to be shaken a lot, can get gritty but doesn’t bother me and makes me feel good, cuts my sugar craving down, keeps me regular. Has magnesium & potassium and a bunch of good stuff.
Fat fighters-carb inhibitor – I only used these on a cheat day, like saturday morning big breakfast, no food coma feeling, doesn’t make you have to run to the bathroom or anything.
The wrap- i didn’t measure myself. I wasn’t expecting anything, and it’s hard to see a small change but I tried one anyway. I did it in the evening. The next morning I got up to go to the bathroom and thought something was different…my brlly wasn’t in my lap! Lol! It wasn’t a big difference but I noticed that! Of course it is temporary. I feel that working out is of course the best way. If you have an event or want to look extra toned, then why not use it. Or people that are losing weight and have sagging skin, tighten it up for a confidence boost? Encouragement to keep at it?
My coworker does a lot of the other products, she’s very skeptical but she’s had positive results with everything she’s tried.
My other coworker did yhe hair/skin/nails and her complexion looks amazing. Hair too. I did hear that it will make some hair fall out at first but there’s new growth. (?) All in know is her hair looks great too.
Overall I’m happy with it. It’s non-commital in my opinion, so if you’re curious try it. I heard you have to be carefull on amazon, people sell old stuff on there. Find an actual distributer. Yes, they do flash sales from time time, if you have a good dist. they will let you know about it.

  Demotivated with negative comments.

You know, I have been reading some of the comments on here. Some are good alot are not. But the thing that disturbs me is you can tell the ones that are reps and although I can see giving a comment as to how you could help them it is almost as if they are arguing with the negative commentors. Not a very good way to do business. I do hope someone in the company reads these. It seems some are trying to defend reps they don’t even know who they are. As the saying goes sometimes the more you stir somethings the more it stinks. Maybe should let some comments go by so don’t cause retaliation. Just a thought. Anyway wouldn’t order anyway with so much negative being said and with the way the obvious reps are responding on here.


Not a rep …I found the wraps to work considerably!


I have to agree. I tried one wrap and it didn’t do anything for me (even though I followed directions perfectly), but I was considering trying one more or maybe another product, but before I signed up as a Loyal Customer however, I wanted to do my own research. In my opinion a good product will sale itself.


Oh man, i signed up as a loyal customer for 3 months as a girl I knew from Facebook was selling them, so I believed her and caved in…I received my first set of 4 wraps, did all 4, drank a ton of water and ate healthy…Nothing happened, my stomach was exactly the same, no tightening, nothing…Then i received my second box, and this time thought okay, if i end up doing 4 more, then I have to definately see results this time, and when I got done with the 8th one, still nothing, no inches lost, i mean nothing, and everyone kept telling me what a joke it was, but I couldn’t cancel until my 3rd month, so i called them and tried to find the cheapest thing that I didn’t even want to spend my money on, so I bought the fat fighters, i am almost done with the whole bottle now, and no joke it has done absolutely nothing…Im so over these reps trying to sell something and lie to people trying to tell them It Works, there just stealing people’s money, its a total joke…

  How to cancel the membership?
brenda marberry (Verified User)

how do I cancel whole membership to the works


Go to your site where you originally ordered with your rep and the info is there! Or you can Google their 1-800 number I’m sure

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Brenda, please refer to the It Works! Official website and contact Customer Service.

  Hated the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

It seams to me like u have had a bad experience! I’ve been taking the product for 5 months and not only did I loos 45 lbs I got a lot healthier and I got my Dr and his wife to take the produc. It sucks u had a bad experience but not everything is going to work for everyone! Whe I bought my product it’s gave me an option to become a loyal customer took me through 3 creens and explained very well what they do. Lots of places have cancellation fees thats why you should read the fine print.

  Hated the product.
Not buyin it (Verified User)

I tried the body wrap yesterday to support my sister In laws newest adventure, I was not impressed. I measure weight myself everyday, and before the wrap I was right on with my normal measurements. I left the wrap on for 8 hours as the rep suggested, and after the wrap I gained inches!!! And actually look worse in my after picture then I do in my before. I ate 1100 calories that day, ran my normal 4.5 miles that morning, drank more than enough water, and had no pop. So I then remeasured myself the next morning, only to be at my normal measurement. To say the truth I wasn’t expecting much, and I am a healthy toned 26 year old, with 2 children. I think I have some areas I would like to be smaller but diet and exercise are the only answer my book, just takes commitment. I am just very glad I got wrapped for free and didn’t pay the ridiculous price for these things! I would not recommend at all!


I agree workout is way better. I tried the wrap and only lost an inch. I wanted to lose my baby area and didnt do a single thing. It’s a waste of money. People need to stop being lazy and workout. Everyone says they never have time and that’s why this product is good but there wrong.. I have a full time job a mom of a toddler and go to school.. I still make time for the gym.. It’s called commitment. I have worked out for 2 weeks now and have been eating healthy and have lost and toned way more than the wrap did


i agree, exercise is the key, worked for me.


I am a distributor for it works and just a heads up about getting bigger. If you have an excess of toxins in your body from something like an infection or constipation this can often happen. Ask the distributor you purchased the wraps from about a detox bath to clarify your skin or any other suggestions they may have.


I am having the same issue. I did my second wrap yesterday and noticed afterwards that my stomach actually got bigger. I walk every day, I cut down my calories a few weeks ago and drink plenty of water. Glad to know I’m not the only one that had their stomach expand.

  Need better customer service.

the distributors need to have better training as to answer the questions of the customers and not have to call some one for the same explanation, and still not have the question answered.

  Will it help to tight skin?

I am more interested in tightening my skin from 3 pregnancies that never bounced back…6 years later. Would this product help that? I have some weight to lose, but I would be interested more in the skin tightening for my abdomen area.

Britt ID

I started selling them a few months back & JUST tried them myself for that same reason, after a friend who had been using them had her stretchmarks disappear (hers weren’t so bad but still!) I have one kid- but gained 65 pounds with him. I think I now have more skin on my stomach then the rest of my body combined :/ gross- I know. We sure must love our kids, that’s all i have to say about that! I have done 2 wraps so far & have noticeable improvement with my skin & stretchmarks. Have you tried it yet?


Hi have you tried the wraps yet?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, for detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.

  Loved the product.
renee (Verified User)

I am an itworks user and distributor – I tell all my clients off the bat that the loyal customer program is a committment for 3 months, and then they cancel after that to just contact me a week prior to 3rd shipment with no extra fees – and also, if they are interested again a few mnths down the road will still get the loyal customer price – Unfortunately not everyone is straightforward as I am, probaly why I do so well lol

  Loved the product.
Cindy (Verified User)

I have never heard of someone being sick from the greens. I love them. They have changed my life. I no longer have gerd issues….it balanced my acids out.

  Can body wraps delay your period??

Can body wraps delay your period??


Im wondering this too. I am late on my period (which I almost never am) and really the only difference from last month to this month is the body wrap.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, some clients experience different side effects. Please consult with your physician in order to address the side effects you are experiencing.

  Will it work on smoker?

I was told that since I smoke the wraps won’t work on me. Is that true? I don’t want to waste my money


You smoke the wraps???

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Bamma, only your doctor could adequately advise you on whether to smoke or not smoke while using the product.

  Hated the product
Anonymous (Verified User)

I sorry you feel like u was being taken thru a loop but it clearly states when you sign up if you want to be me a loyal and it’s also under the rules once you say you want o bm a loyal..a lot of people sign up to becm a loyal to get the cheaper price…you cannot blame us (the salespeople) I tell all of my people to read the fine print

  How long the skin will be tight
crystal (Verified User)

I could care less about inches, (I’ve lost my weight through diet and exercise) I am curious about skin tightening. After 3-4 wraps for the purpose of loose skin, how long do the results last? Im curious whether surgery would be a better option for me in the long run. Thank you!

Your NameLinda

does anyone have problems with being on Thyroid Rx and doing all of this?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.


Typical results last 2-6 months but if you are eating healthy, drink lots of water, or exercise at all it can be permanent.


I will try them but It doesn’t sound like the results are truly going to be long lasting. I would rather not wrap for the rest of my life so surgery might be my best option. Thanks!


I, too, am losing weight the old fashioned way. Eating healthy and exercising. I have already seen much looser skin (after losing 20 pounds) and have a lot of stretch marks from previous weight gain and being pregnant. I am only interested if the tightening effects are permanent. I will not complain if I gain the weight back.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Crystal, please consult your physician. Only your doctor could adequately advise you in such a specific case; it’s important to ask your doctor’s advice.

  Loved the product through comments.

I agree my rep didn’t tell me a thing about the autoship just said sign up on my site to get it cheaper in which I did. Then they sent me the paperwork later. On top of that I did have a reaction that wasn’t pleasant and lost nothing at all. I only found out about the autoship after another friend told me about it.

  Decided to start it.

U sure make it hard to order this product

  Loved the product
Penny (Verified User)

If you read the bottom of the paperwork it states that if you want loyal customer price you must sign up for 3 months autoshipsments. If you choose to be a loyal customer then change your mind before the 3 months is up yes there is a $50 fee. When you pay the $50 fee then your a loyal customer for life and don’t have to have autoshimpments. Anyone who is not a loyal customer may purchase anything you want at regular price.

  Hated the product.
Christina Elyss (Verified User)

I have used these products for a while now and finally stopped my orders. They just did not work for me. I had many friends try the products with little results, I think 1 of my 10 friends really likes it. I think the product is not worth the money and the only way to truly be healthy is to eat right and get your body moving. As for Sagging Skin, time and over the counter firming creams/lotions have helped me more than the wraps did. They are correct about customer service, it was very bad but from what I hear, it has gotten better.

  Can only give shagging skin?

I don’t want to lose weight. I just want to firm sagging skin. Is this what a wrap will do?


The wraps are designed to tone, tighten and firm. I’m a distributor, so let me know if you have any questions.


I saw pictures of my friends and I honestly I think it does a better job of this than of the inch loss.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Judy, for detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.


The fat cells didnt want to give up the toxins? What toxins are we talking about exactly and how are these wraps extracting anything? I always have issues with quick fix products like this that make ridiculous, ambiguous claims. People if you want to lose weight and get healthy, go to the gym and watch your diet. Stop being lazy people, you just lose money to the companies that prey on you with promises of “amazing results” because they extract “toxins” but no one can explain how.

  Not seeing any results
Steph (Verified User)

I have been using the wraps for over a month, at least once a week. In addition, two weeks later I began using Thermofit with my breakfast and lunch, and then Regular at bedtime. Not only have I seen no results, I have gained five pounds!! I do drink half my bodyweight as told too. Actually I will admit that I have had results with Regular, doing exactly what it claims. I am stuck in the the Loyal program for another 2 months and guess it is a lesson learned.

  I believe in it works
Siih Black (Verified User)

I believe in it works! but I was raised on natural supplements and herbs. You can’t expect the wraps alone to work that’s silly, if you aren’t working on a lifestyle change that means diet and exercise. Thermofit and fight fighters are great when you have a lot of weight to get off and paired with the greens you will feel better than ever and get the weight off. The wraps and defining gel work best when you don’t eat lots of sugar and drink soda like water. I drink mostly water, so when I wrap I don’t have to increase my intake that much and I get great results. You have to help your body detox by not bogging it down with crap. I also saw someone say the greens tasted bad, you don’t know what bad tastes like try growing up drinking just plain herbs no sugar or anything, talk about bitter and earthy! Mix the greens with a little juice it
IfItaste great and I had no problem mixing. The thing about natural stuff is it might take awhile to build up in your system and for you to see and feel results but be patient keep up your regime and work for a better life, it works can help you get there easy. I used to go to the herb store and buy all these things individually and it’s expensive! With the formulas from it works it’s way easier and cheaper. Email me if you want someone that knows their stuff

  It is good so far
customer (Verified User)

I’m sharing my experience so it may help someone. I had a TIA (stroke) in June 2012 and had to start the rx drug prednisone. My belly got so swollen from the medication my skin actually hurt from being stretched. (Which is a normal side effect of this medication) Desperate for relief I tried a body wrap (after consulting my Dr.first) With the wrap I lost 2 inches in 45 min which was enough for some much needed relief. I did not do the wraps for vanity purposes. I will continue to use the wraps while I’m on the medication. If you know someone with an illness or medication side effects I suggest talking to your Dr.then trying a wrap.


So glad to hear from someone on prednisone! I’ve taken prednisone throughout my life many times for asthma which has led to a build up of truncated upper middle abdominal fat. I uses 4 wraps and probably only saw about an inch difference (which was disappointing because all 12 of the other people at work have lost between 2 and 5). I did however, notice a lot of tightening, and most dramatically and unexpected I might add, is that my huge scar down my upper abs is gone by about 50 percent! My question is, because of theoretical steroid use aNd the build up of hard fat in this area, will it take longer than usual to work or just not work any more?

  This helps tighten skin
Jen (Verified User)

If you are a size 7, eat right and go to the gym regular, the only reason to use these wraps is to tighten skin…even skinny people can have saggy skin. What were you expecting? if it was to loose inches, then no wonder you were not satisfied, you can’t loose inches where there are none to loose. Your body needs a degree of cushion a tad bit of fat on the body isn’t bad for you at all, its when there is too much that you have the problem. If you are 4 foot tall, ok, maybe wearing a size 7 is large but if you are of average height then the problem is probaby more in the way you see yourself, not that this product didn’t work.


A size 7 is not that small,what are you talking about? If you are of average height and a size 7 you will weigh around 150-155 lbs. not slim but not too overweight either. Get real
you fat girls and remember what goes in your mouth will go on your body, you don’t need pills or wraps!!!!

R u kidding me??

And this is whats wrong with the world… Saying size seven isn’t small.. 155 too much.. And the “get real fat girls” how about get real you skinny snobs?? I can’t believe the ignorance of some people! If you have barely any day to begin with how could you hope to see dramatic results?? These products like the wraps and defining gel are there for people who actually have weight problems, or people with saggy skin from pregnancy or fast weight loss. So get off your high horse and quit trying to make people feel bad.

JayLee NiCcol

LOL. Megan. I just got to say. There’s no way in absolute hell you are 5’7 135 and a size 12.
Stop lying to these people please.
I am 5’9 195 and I wear a size 11/12, I can wear some 10s. I’m pretty sure you needa add another 30 pounds to the 135 youre claiming.
People like you irritate my brain..

Eating healthy cost money, having a healthier lifestyle costs money, whatever you exercise with costs money, if you go to the gym..that costs money, if u use a DVD, that cost money. The clothes you worked out in cost money. Everything you will ever use in life cost something!!!
I’m going to be getting my first body wrap tomorrow at a spa, but I then plan to keep up my process with ItWorks. I believe in the health benefits the body wraps promote. If you non believers would learn how to read, it clearly states that you CAN lose Inches in the first wrap. Keyword being CAN, did nt say you WILL . The products are to be used for the health benefit, which is the fact of getting bad toxins out of yourbody, improving the health of your skin and tightening skin . The inch loss,and weight loss are a plus and you get the best results with multiple usage. Just as u must constantly work out to keep Ur weight maintained or lose weight, this is no different than that.
If it isn’t for you.. then don’t waste Ur time complaining. I especially can’t stand people who complain bout products they only used once andit clearly states you should use more than once & I can’t stand people who complain bout products they haven’t even used. Protestin bout something you’ve never even witnessed LOL.
Using body wraps isn’t being lazy. The body wraps are beneficial to your health… You should still work out with them.
But just think, not everyone have the ability to work out. This Is a great product for disabled persons.

Last but not least.. results vary in every person. Everyones make up is different. Some lose weight quick. Some lose weight slow, some lose inches faster than others. If we all could have weight loste as fast as we want, no one would have weight troubles.
You have to find what works for you.
What works for you may not be what works for someone. It’s just that simple. It’s common sense.
Most people lack that for some reason.
Get a clue.

JayLee Niccol- singer,producer, writer, dreamer


That has to be wrong.. I use to be a size 10 & 11 and only weighed 130 lbs..


I am 5’7 and pre baby i was a size 7 depending on jeans n i weighted in a 150 and i wasnt too skinny but not fat either and im also very chesty


That’s ridiculous… You must be a man. I weigh 135, 5’7″ and am size 12.


You have your numbers wrong – size 7 is closer to 125-130 with an average height.


A size 7 is not 150-155 lbs in my world!

  It definitely works like its name
Lisa (Verified User)

I do NOT understand why folks want to put down a great product and company. I have lost a MINIMUM of 1.5 inches EACH TIME I have wrapped with an IT WORKS wrap! I could NOT get the middle off any other way. The GREENS is my favorite product–I have a compromised immune system due to a severe reaction to the flu vaccine last year–these products are really helping me to be able to function and get some of my life back. If the products or business opportunity don’t work for you, just don’t buy or work at it anymore. Please don’t slam a product and opportunity that IS working for so many of us! I agree with other folks who commented “They call it ‘IT WORKS!’ for a reason!

  Best way to measure yourself
Anonymous (Verified User)

You should never measure yourself when you look down it automatically forces your stomach muscles to relax and pooch out!!!

  Got pregnant when I use this
Gina (Verified User)

I used the wraps as described and lost 2 1/2″! But a week later, I missed my period and so I took a pregnancy test…and it’s positive! Don’t buy this unless you want to pregnant!


im sure shes jokin duh


From your comment, you used the product for a week, maybe 2??? Are you aware that it takes usually 4-5 weeks from ‘getting pregnant’ to have a positive on a pregnancy test? So~unless you were joking, these products didn’t GET you pregnant…


that was hilarious that girl must be smoking something!


Well it does bring your sexy back! that could lead to more sex… and unsafe sex leads to pregnancy! lol


are you kidding ? LOL what a joke

  That is not true

I’m not really sure why you would be told that, but it is not true.

  This works for us
jgilbert (Verified User)

use the greens GREAT PRODUCT wife and I have no heart burn anymore no matter what or how late we eat!!

detox pre-cleansers

The following is great subject material. One of the best blogposts I’ve discovered at present. Keep up the good work.

  Issues with customer representative

Ashley just want to say it is not the fault of IT WORKS but the fault of your rep. She clearly is out for herself and herself only. Every distributor is taught to be thorough is describing how becoming a loyal customer works. Sorry you had a bad experiance.

  So far I'm very happy
lora (Verified User)

I just finished my 1st package of wraps.. I haven’t loose a lot of inches maybe 6 inches total… but my skin looks tighter and firm, I haven’t done any strict diet but I still see result, so far I’m happy with the product.

  Just change your eating habits

Go to the gym people and exercise and or just simply start a workout routine at home, get out and walk, run, etc,. What many don’t know, and that is one does not need to diet; just change your eating habits and keep those good eating habits, eat your vegetables, eat plenty of protein, fiber, drink plenty of fluids (A well rounded daily routine of nutrients and stick to it!!!) and none of these products will be needed. My mother and sister just peeled off 60 plus pounds simply by changing their eating habits. What Many are not thinking of either is how these products can be harmful with anyone who takes prescription medications. Be cautious with any products of such and always talk with your doctor first.


Diet and exercise is what it’s all about!


I eat right and I go to the gym 5 x’s a week!! i lost 85 lbs 2 years ago and have managed with difficulty to keep it off! it is a struggle everyday! I am going to try ITWORKS and hopefully it will work fo me! The lbs that i lost were lost w/o going to the gym and drastically changing my eating habits, i started going to the gym 6 months ago and actually i have gained 10 lbs…not exactly the results i want to see! I have maintained as far as size goes but if this product will help with the loose skin and a few inches…it will be a motivater for me to keep going, eating right and gym alone are not!!


Reader, when I am talking to a person interested, I ALWAYS ask about medicine. If they are on any, I tell them before they try anything, please ask your dr if it will interefere with anything that they are currently taking. I also give them an ingredient list so that they can take it to their dr.

  You need to try it first
CW (Verified User)

I’ve been using the body applicators for a month and half now and have gotten great results. So it does indeed work! :)My first box of wraps (4) I lost a total of 11 inches! I would have never got those results on exercise or diet alone in 13 days! Can’t really knock it if you haven’t tried it. 🙂

Christina Elyss

Did it stay off? I lost inches at first but they came back, even with a steady or even lower weight? Seemed that I would drop an inch in one place but gain in another (yes I drank tons of water) After a while, I stopped seeing results. Just wanted to know if it wasw the same with others.

  Did not work for me at all
Product Sucks (Verified User)

So TRUE!! I did try this product myself and had no results. It is amazing all the excuses they give you just to keep you buying more! I am size 7 to begin with and eat fairly healthy and go to the gym 3 times a week. First time they said I didnt lose because timing of my period. Then maybe I didn’t drink enough water, then they said to be active and eat better! Duh, doing all those things, you will lose inches without the wraps! Do not waste your money!


Funny that I am a size 4, I eat VERY healthy and go to the gym a couple of times a week…..but I used the wraps and they still worked for me. I have had children and do have streched out skin that needs to be tightened.
If they did not work for you, just simply say they did not work. It came across like you were trying to make all the “fat” people feel bad about themselves.
Instead of being negative….maybe try to be a bit more positive next time.


Size 7 seems like you are already slim, maybe try face applicators for a face lift?


dear ‘Product Sucks’ – WHY would you even want to use a body applicator if you are a 7 & eating healthy & exercising? Sounds like you had nothing for the applicator to work on anyway, but still expected inch loss… and then complain… it’s like going to the doctor when you aren’t sick.
I don’t understand why people criticise a product that is not designed for them, just because they got talked into buying something they don’t need doesn’t mean the product doesn’t work 🙁
come on, use some common sense please.


Thats probably why it didn’t work for you. There isn’t much fat in your body for it to eliminate…

  Eat right and go to the gym

I keep seeing fat people use this stuff and they are still fat. I go to the gym and sweat my rear off and it takes longer than putting on a wrap a couples times a year. These “toxins” in your body the company wants to get out is really just your money. Join a gym. Eat right. Done. Fatties always look for a quick fix.


Who peed in your wheaties J? I lost 80 pounds going to the gym so far and changing my diet so no “Fatties” don’t always look for the quick fix. I am signing up to help firm my skin from all the weight loss. Besides, from everything I’ve read, this isn’t a weight loss product! It doesn’t claim anywhere that you will use this 3 or 4 times and whala, off come the pounds and inches for the rest of your life. You are just a mean person and need to adjust your attitude. People like you are what made my first 30 pounds of loss at the gym an emotional nightmare. You’d think someone would look at a large person and say, Hey, good for you for getting here and working on being healthier, but no, people like you gave me the OMG look at that, look and actually sneered. What are you doing here anyway, just causing trouble and insulting people. Go back to the gym.


J sounds like a typical image/gym junkie making themself feel superior by putting down others with derisive comments. I am not a ‘fattie’ as J likes to say, but I prefer not to waste gym fees to be surrounded by people like them.
I would rather buy a wrap, benefit from the detox and change to my skin, and IF there is any inch loss, I don’t expect it and it’s a purely an added benefit.
Wake up J – the world is a bigger and brighter place than your itty-bitty small-minded gym life.


J, that was a down right mean comment. Fatties ???? Come on………

  Sorry for the typos

meant to day determination at the end*

And sorry for the typos.

  Everything works!
nohemi (Verified User)

I am an independent distributor for itworks. I love the company. I always tell my clients the bad and the good and i have NEVER had any complaints or bad feedback. I have also ran into clients from other dts tho contact me for more help because Dts fail to explain and help their loyal customers and well as retail customers. Most people dont know that this is NOT a weight loss products. This helps you target problem areas, loose skin etc etc
This is just like exercise.. work out for 2 weeks and will lose weight and trim down. Stop and keep eating junk food and drinking.. you will gain it back. This is a motivation to help you reach your goal.
Talk to your distributors if you have problems losing weight, are you regular in the RR,were you drinking enough water?
Did you eat better that week? did you go back to old habits? Did they talk to you about toxins.

Bottom line is everything works. EVEN if its not Itworks, Its all about attitude, commitment and most importantly motivation.

  Having issues with the order

Ordered this product 9/1/2012 with 3 day expedited shipping.. it’s already 9/13/2012 and I still have yet to receive anything.. I signed on as a Distributor and am pretty disappointed, not a good first experience for sure.


I had the same thing happen to me. When I called they said it was at the local post office, then they gave me the tracking number I went to the post office three times and they didn’t even have such a number. They finally sent out another kit after 4wks. I received it within 3 days after the last call I made. I also demanded them to send my money back or what I paid for.

  Needs information about the price
teresa c.

I’m invited to party on 9/14. The friends who has invited me is wanting to start selling the product and would like for me to also join in. I had someone else tell me that you really don’t make much money, not enough to help with making ends meet when only one person has a income and other don’t. I’m on a fixed income with a husband(not able to work) and 3 children to feed, clothe, and keep a home for. I’ve lost over 100lbs. with weight watchers I can’t efford to have skin removed, willing to try for 3 months only. How much I’m I going to be giving up to try this?


How did the party go???and let me tell you 99 to start and you make it right back..email me for more info if you need…ask anything all truth will be told no lies here!!!!!!


Did you end up joining?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Teresa, please refer to the It Works! Official website and contact Customer Service for your inquiry

  Questions about my order

I paid for three jars of product at mercer county fair. How do I get my product?

Rich (Editor)

Joyce if you would like to contact this company we have compiled their contact information in our Q&A section of the article. Check it out!

  I might be helpful
Victoria (Verified User)

email me. maybe i can help

  Recommended water intake
THERESA (Verified User)



Half your body weight in ounces 🙂


If you drink half your body weight in ounces you will lose inches anyway without the wraps.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Theresa, for detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.


Theresa you want to drink half your body weight in ounces. Also continue to drink water for 72 hours. Results progressive over time. If that is too much water , not knowing your weight , try just drinking 8 glasses a day

  Product works but need changes in lifestyle
Mrs. Diva (Verified User)

I’m a distributor with Itworks, and while I like the products, I can assure you that any inch loss that occurs from using the body wraps is just temporary. I am very much into personal training, health and fitness., so I eat healthy and regularly work out. I lost 3 inches more then once in my waist, and within a week the inches were back on, even though I work out 5 times a week, eat healthy, and keep up with the wraps. The company does stand by their products well though.

  Unhappy with customer representatives' responses
Joe Blow (Verified User)

It is amazing the excuses the reps come up with for this crap not working and It’s always your fault. You don’t hear any of them saying sorry this product sucks.


could agree more!!! and sharon, I DID! and now having gallbladder removed because of the fat fighters!!!


Are you positive it was the fat fighters and only the fat fighters? My sister NEVER used any type of fat fighters….as a matter of fact-she eats all natural, very healthy food, has all of her life and had to have her gallbladder removed! I find it hard to believe they could pin point it exactly on fat fighters.


so Joe… you actually bought this product and honestly received these excuses yourself?

  Is it safe for pregnant women?

Is it safe to drink Itworks greens during pregnancy?

Rich (Editor)

Its always good to ask your doctor. This is especially true for women who are pregnant or nursing, or planning to become pregnant.

  Product really works!
Anonymous (Verified User)

I don’t work for the company and I can tell you she is telling the truth. IT WORKS!

  They do tell you that
Anonymous (Verified User)

Yes, they do tell you that.

  Where to find Protein Shake Recipes?
peggy shires (Verified User)

please tell me where to find the recipes for protien shakes?


if you signed up as a loyal customer check with your distributor/rep. you have access to all the recipes on the fitworks community.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Peggy, for detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.

  Are the wraps re-usable?

Are the wraps re-usable? Why do this instead of drinking lots of water, eating VERY healthily, using whole food ingredients to detox and provide anti-oxdants, exercising and wrapping yourself in cellophane for an hour or so once a week? I have an EXTREMELY limited income, so I won’t be buying any product at the party I am attending this evening, but I want to see why these even exist.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, for detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.

Rich (Editor)

Interesting but you cannot sweat or exercise in these wraps and are a bit expensive.

  Hope it works!
Ms G

I’m going to try this soon, I really hope it works…I drink a lot of water, stay away from cokes and exercise on a daily basis so Im really hoping to see results.

  Wraps on different part
Christine (Verified User)

I have used the wraps twice on my legs 72 hours apart. Even though I haven’t lost inches I have noticed my skin is firmer and I am less bloated. I wonder whether I can use wraps on another part of the body before the 72 hours is up?


you can. you can only use two within 72 hours though


no, you need to wait at least 72 hours to wrap again. i am a distributor.


No it is not recommend. What I will do sometimes is after you are done with your wrap and you are rubbing the solution in, I take the residual and will rub it either under my arms or on my neck to help tighten those areas. You will get a little bigger kick with that solution than the defining gel since the solution is more potent. Hope this helps!!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Christine, for detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.

  One kidney

I had surgery 3 months ago and now have one kidney. I was wondering if this is safe for me?


you should ask with your dr first. i can email you the ingredients.I am a distributor


Please email me the ingredients of the wrap. I would like to ask my dr if it is safe for me. I take meds.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, we recommend that you consult with your physician. Only your doctor could adequately advise you in such a specific case; it’s important to ask your doctor’s advice.

  Ordered online
anonymous (Verified User)

I started the loyalty program 4 months ago and they do tell you its a 3 month auto ship or 50 dollar fee … I ordered on-line


You have to go through 3 screens to even make a profile to be a loyal customer. It is VERY clear that you are a loyal when you sign up.

  Different results
Anonymous (Verified User)

the wraps do not work the same for everyone. most people have amazing results though. And as far as the rep not telling you you were signing a commitment… well when you sign up to order and click on become a loyal customer it tells you its a three month autoship program. u can cancel after three months. its not a year. You have the option of staying on a yr and earning product credit but u dont have to. You CAN put in a one time order but u are not eligible for the same pricing. Sorry you were not satisified but most are

  Losing with water
elizabeth johnson (Verified User)

I signed up as a Loyal Customer after researching all the ingredients. I had a great experience with the applciators personally and my husband hates MLMs and home business stuff, even when I did Mary Kay, but with al the research I found and my results and my physical at doctors he wanted to sell them so now he is a Distributor. I canceled my Loyal Customer account after 4 months and it was really easy for me to cancel. The customer service was trying to get me to stay an LC, but I was firm and said no. Y should I when my hubby will sell them and I can purchase from him. I help my husband sell now. and YES its VERY IMPORTANT to inform everyone about ordering, whether RETAIL, or LOYAL CUSTOMER “agreement” and rewards, and fees and such. Autoship is also important to tell people because they wont know they will be charged automatically. I made my facebook have album pictures and notes that explain EVERYTHING about ordering and the science behind and such. Anyone can also contact the PRODUCT COACH on the corporate website as well. If you have any questions ask customer service or I am available as well look on facebook for “Losing With Water” where u lose toxins and use up the broken down fats when using our ultimate body applicators and DRINKING WATER. I will be open and honest with all of u.


I just started using these body wraps I am on my 2nd one I feel bloated and I am 130 pounds I drink water all day and I eat healthy and workout 5 times a week.I wanted to try the wraps because I have had 2 kids and I wanted to see if I could lose inchs in my abs and tighten the skin.I don’t like this bloated feeling.


How do you cancel your loyalty account , i dont want to use it any more, I cant see anywhere that tell you how to cancel . I am in queensland , Australia. Can you please help


sounds like you work for them.


lol i was going to say the samething!

   LOVE I have for this product
Stacey Haines (Verified User)

I have been using “It Works” products for months now. I just became a distributor because of the LOVE I have for this product line for what it has done to my body. I take pictures of myself every week. I follow a very good eating regime as well as consume half my body weight in ounces every single day. These products are tools to help you get to where you want to go. Just like a cup of coffee, a manny and pedi (if you dont get pedis…how would your feet look……?????)…….make up….facials…..etc.
Now, not everything works for everyone. I did Isagenix and it did not work because it made me literally sick. You can not out run a bad diet. You can not say….I can’t lose weight when you claorie deficit or eat like crap. Whatever you consume – shows in your skin immediately. Drinking…dehydration…..being anemic (which I am)…….and poor food choices. I have “crepe” skin….I have extra skin…….and I considered plastic surgery until I came across this by a friend who said…”try it…what do you have to lose?”. Certainly better than spending $1,500 for cool treatments or $20,000 on plastic surgery. I also have stretch marks from a (twin) 2 pregnancies and the stretch mark cream works. My marks are over 10 years old. You can barely see them now. Its so easy to sit here and not be apart of your success because everyone wants that “magic” pill………get real. These products do work if you feed your body properly and if you exercise ( I do 5 days a week)….you will absolutely see a difference. This is a process and some see immediate results while (like me) took a couple of weeks and progress pictures to see for myself. I am training for a competition and I had to take a selfie in a bikini in OCT ’15 and I was horrified!!!!! I havent been in a bathing suit in over a year. It’s now 4 months later and I can’t wait to take that selfie. “It Works” is just like your favorite restaurant that you frequent or your signature perfume or the hair gel you have to use. It becomes a part of your life. The cost is rediculous as a loyalty customer and when you compare it to spa treatments and individual skin treatments – it is worth it. So, with all this being said – it works for me and I am a 100% going to shout it and share it from the rooftops. Men and women……doesn’t matter and I am not a distributor because I need the $$$$ – I have a great job and I love it …….I want to let women (and men) that you can have your body back….you can wear that bathing suit again……and I am a walking billboard. I talk the talk because I walk the walk. Do you take medication every day? Do you get your coffee every day? Vitamins? Shower? Taking and using these products is apart of my daily routine and even my hubby can attest to their magic!!! Commit to it (if you’re not allergic or have reactions……you don’t know unless you try)…….. As with anything – you have to try it to like it. Just my thoughts for you who are thinking about maybe trying this product line and are researching…….you can NOT expect results if you don’t use it right or treat your body right.

I KNOW how it feels to dislike what you see in the mirror – you don’t have to feel that way. You can feel as good on the outside as you do inside & even better. THIS is way I left my name and email address. IT WORKS!!!!!


I just admire your honesty…can I have your email for more info…I am in the process of trying it this week. But I am a little nervous.


Can you use the body wraps on your tummy if you are nursing?


I have heard of others that do this but they are told to contact their doctor prior to using.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Melissa, please consult with your physician in order to respond to your question. Only your doctor could adequately advise you in such a specific case; it’s important to ask your doctor’s advise.

  Wondering about the result

I went to a Womens Expo today and I considering hostessing a wrap party to get my free wrap before investing in a pack. I was a size 8 before having my son and am now 50lbs heavier. Have the classic flat tire. Wondering what kind of results i’ll see from the one wrap.


In most cases people lose 1 to 3 inches in the 1st 45 mins. You can check out my fb page for more info: Skinny Wraps by Delta Girls.


i just bought a wrap losted 4 inches in my waist got to love that iam now on the team check it out all you have to lose is the belly??? go to betyashake.myitworks.com

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, for detailed product use instructions, please refer to the It Works! official website for more information.

  Side effect of wraps
ks (Verified User)

i have used two of these body wraps. got my first period prior to using them and it is very light but on time. took a pregnancy test first thing this morning and it was negative. is this a side effect to using the wraps?


Are you asking if a negative pregnancy test is a side effect??


Don’t be rude. She’s asking if a light period is a side effect. And took a pregnancy test because her period was abnormal for her.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello, some clients experience different side effects. Please consult your physician to select the right product for you.

  Please help
elsa granado (Verified User)

i would like to renew my distrebutor menbership but i lost all information i d passwork everything please help me

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Elsa, please refer to the It Works! Official website and contact Customer Service for your inquiry.

  Haven't received my trial

I am a distributor and I ALWAYS tell everyone about the $50 cancellation fee and sometimes you always get someone that says, you didn’t tell me that or I don’t remember you saying that when I make that a priority and KNOW I told them. That is a scape goat so they can blame someone else when they are broke or decide they don’t want to even give the products a chance. Take responsibility for your own actions or lack of action. Thanks.


I am done with my 3 month supply by autoshipment. I didn’t know I was signed up for 3 months. My rep didn’t tell me that!

Do I have to call and cancel my membership for them to stop sending and charging me? I just don’t wanna go through it all over again. Thanks!


You can just put your autos hip on hold that way if you or a friend wants to use it again you can take the hold off at anytime. Your rep can explain how to do this. If I were a rep I could tell you more but unfortunately I am only someone who has been doing my research.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Robie, please refer to the It Works! Official website and contact Customer Service for your inquiry

  Have more research about the product
Margo (Verified User)

Sue, please read up on the products before throwing them under the bus. If everyone ate healthy foods, we would still not all look the same. Consider the differing impacts of the thyroid, metabolism and just plan genetics. It doesn’t POP back out, please grab a clue.

  Didn't see any difference
Lucy (Verified User)

tried the product last Sat with a few of my friends, none of us saw any difference. waste of money if you ask me.

  Eat healthy
RU Serious

Umm they are not ace bandage compression “wraps” they are applicators that are applied to the area targeted..like your tummy or thighs.. no binding….read, watch and ask questions.. dont just THINK you know what you are talking about…if we all ate healthy, we would NOT all look the same…all humans are shaped and built different

  This really works and recommend to anyone
Brandie (Verified User)

I tried it sunday morning and i gained a inch, however in 24 hours i had lost that inch. By 48 hours I had lost 4 lbs. and now today i took my measurements again and lost another inch so it works and i would recomend it to anyone who is wanting to lose weight or reduce the apperance of stretch marks and scars

  It doesn't work at all
Cindy (Verified User)

My daughter and I purchased the wraps for our thighs and the rep actually put them on for us. She said 45 minutes was the minimum but recommended 2 – 3 hours. We left them on for 3 hours, remeasured and neither one of us saw any difference. Emailed the product coach 7 days ago with no response.

new user

I read that for your thighs you should take a hot shower before using the wrap so it opens your pores better for the applicaton to work. I haven’t tried the wraps yet…but looking for to it!


Did you measure as soon as you took the wrap off? My rep said to wait 24 hours and then measure.


Thighs are the hardest to see results..cause of thick skin and toxins. The