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OptiSlim Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Optislim is a company focused on promoting weight loss through food. The claim of rapid weight loss relies on you following a low-calorie diet or a very low-calorie diet. Research (i.e. Healthcare) shows some very low-calorie diets are unsafe.

A licensed medical professional monitors most calorie-restrictive diets, claims Livestrong; this plan isn’t monitored. However, our team wanted to understand better the potential benefits of dietary changes as it relates to weight loss. So, we focused on the meal plans, benefits of calorie restrictions and research supporting the claims. Then, we gathered the facts to give you the bottom line.

OptiSlim can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Optislim?

First off, Optislim is an Australian weight-loss program that was originally developed to help morbidly obese patients with weight reduction. This VLCD (very low calorie diet) incorporates total meal replacement and the meals are claimed to taste good and be affordable. A LCD (low calorie diet) program is also available, and it involves partial meal replacement. The food products include cookies, bars, soups, shakes and main course dishes like beef stroganoff and chili con carne. These products can all be purchased via the main website. There are now four different types of programs; weight-loss, detoxing, toning and weight management.

From what we gathered, Optislim has been around since 1996. There are some success stories posted on the company website and a decent variety of low-calorie foods and supplements are available, but read on…

OptiSlim Competitors

Iso Whey Zero
Burn TS

Taste of Optislim – “A Concern?”

The first thing we looked into with OptiSlim was the taste. According to our Research Editor, “We found all sorts of negative customer reviews pertaining to the food and supplements. This is a major drawback because if you can’t stomach the diet foods/supplements involved, you probably can’t commit to the diet.”

One customer said, “A waste of money and food is [bad].”

“These shakes taste really awful. No Thanks!,” said another dieter.

Side Effects

Side Effects – “A Drawback?”

Some people have experienced OptiSlim side effects from the supplements. One customer commented, “My husband has been using Optislim and has been…dizzy.”

Another user stated, “When I stopped drinking it my headaches had gone. I went back on the shakes a month later and my headaches returned!!!”

The intensive research we’ve conducted has shown if there is a specific aspect of a diet program or supplement that is quite burdensome (too many side effects, unpleasant taste, a painful exercise) the odds of real fat loss success are not good. In other words, if Optislim does in fact lead to adverse reactions in a lot of people, this could be a real dilemma.


The Science – “Any Evidence?”

We were unable to find any solid science provided on the official Optislim website. While we know that seriously reducing your daily caloric intake will lead to weight reduction, you can also accomplish this without the Optislim program. At DietSpotlight, we need to see published clinical research that supports the weight-loss product or program.

What Users Are Saying

“”Great way to try all the flavors – I liked them all!””

“”This shake mixes up very nicely with ice-cold water. It tastes pleasant and the texture and smell are nice too. As far as diet shakes go it is one of the better ones. I have ordered some more of these.””

“”I am new to these shakes. Some of the flavors are good and others are not so great.””

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Optislim Work?

So, should you invest in Optislim for weight-loss? Well, we like Optislim’s longevity as a diet program and some positive comments we saw about it online. However, we have some reservations about it because it’s not backed by science. Moreover, we’re concerned about the unpleasant taste of the supplements and the side effects they can cause.

If you’d like to drop more weight, then we advise you to go with a diet program or weight-loss product that is backed by solid science, does not cause unpleasant side effects and is easy to use.

We're all about exercise for a healthy, long life, but there's more to weight loss than burning calories. There's a place for supplements in some people's daily regimes, and supplement efficacy is growing.

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OptiSlim Review
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What are the ingredients in Optislim?

Optislim has a variety of weight loss diet shakes. Some of the flavors are chocolate, caramel crunch, pumpkin soup, strawberry, lemon cheesecake, French vanilla, and Honeycomb.

What are the side effects of Optislim?

Some consumers have complained of slight headaches when drinking the shakes, but the majority have not complained of any.

Does Optislim work?

Yes, reviews are that it does help with weight loss and the results are seen between 2 to 4 weeks. Consumers also say that the shakes are very tasty and mix well with water if the taste is too strong.

What is the price of Optislim?

One box of shakes will cost you around $40.00.

29 OptiSlim Reviews

  • Is it safe for a 16 years girl?

    My 16 year old daughter wants to try optislim, is it safe for her, she is not fat just wants to lost a little off her stomach

    • Gail

      she just needs some tummy exercise not vlcd !

  • Finding is easy, slowly losing 1kg per week.
    Maura (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been on Optislim for almost four weeks, finding is easy, slowly losing 1kg per week. Headache the first two days but increased water intake, feeling great and never hungry like when on other diets. I have shake for breakfast and lunch, small meal for dinner. I can’t exercise. Still enjoying coffee & tea on low fat milk, no sugar or sweetener.

    • Cathy

      I am just starting the Optislim VLCD, I am struggling to understand exactly the regimen to follow, can you give me a run down so that I know I am doing it correctly. Is it 3 meals a day being replaced with bars/shakes or are there snack times involved, I am very confused and dont find the website at all helpful

      • Carlina

        I’m having three product’s a day.
        Shake for breakfast, sometimes blended with frozen berries.
        Salad and chicken, fish or meat for one or two meals a day. But only non starchy veg. No pumpkin potatoes parsnip corn etc. Salad once a day and sometimes cooked veg once per day. A diet bar for after noon snack.
        A diet dessert like optifast lemon or chocolate pudding.
        Optislim and optifast are the same really so interchangeable.
        Small serves of protein food and mininum 2 cups veg per day.
        As much diet drink as I like.

    • Your Name

      I had a headache too but I also cold turkey went off caffeine cos I can’t do coffee without sugar. Your headache might not be due to actual ingredients. Might be cos of something your not having any more.

  • Hated the product.
    jacquie (Verified Purchase)

    Husband using Optislim been vomiting and dizzy

    • Gail

      Your headaches are caused by going into ketosis you just need to drink more water and should pass after a few days!

    • bree

      Iv just started talking it doctors orders as im struggling to lose my baby weight..iv been vomiting and really bad heart burn and feeling sick and no energy I hope it passes

      • Your Name

        Tell your doctor

  • Does it affect my liver?

    I’m about to have a gastric sleeve op in less than 2 weeks, most other patients are on Optifast but I am on Optislim, does Optislim reduce the size of the liver the same way Optifast does??

  • Where to buy in UAE

    Whear i will buy in uae

    • Your Name

      Depends where you live
      Local pharmacy perhaps

  • how much wight should i lose a week
    Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    hi i have just started optislim lcd today how much wight should i lose a week (average)

  • How long that you can take it

    Hi How long that you can take it? i have been take optislim for 2 years on and off.
    Thank you

  • Where can I get the Optislim recepie Book in Queensland
    Elaine stevens

    Where can I get the Optislim recepie Book in Queensland I can’t seem to be able to get it anywhere.

  • can I purchase optislim in Dubai?

    can I purchase optislim in Dubai?

  • Where can i purchase optislim tablets.
    patricia armstrong

    where can i purchase optislim max tablets.thank you

    • Optislim Customer Care

      Hi Patricia.
      Optislim MAX tablets are available at My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse stores throughout Australia as well as Discount Drug Stores, Pharmacy Select Stores, Blooms The Chemist.
      Kind Regards,
      Optislim Customer Care

      • sonia

        can i have this with soy or rice milk instead of water i am not fat just wanna get rid of a kilo or 2??? I work out and run twice a day so will maybe just replace my evening meal and the odd lunch. always have a healthy breaky!!

        • Your Name

          You don’t need it then. Just have your skim milk and a few nuts instead. Cut the cars.

  • Are optifast and optislim of same company

    Are optifast and optislim one and the same company?

    • Optislim Customer Care

      Hi Millie.
      Optislim is a wholly owned Australian company and it’s products are manufactured in Australia. Optifast is owned by Nestle and their products are made in Germany.
      Kind Regards,
      Optislim Customer Care

    • Koy

      No. Optislim is an Australian company, and Optifast is made from an American company, Nestle

  • Does theOptiSlim shake contain any fibre? and if not, why not?

    Does theOptiSlim shake contain any fibre? and if not, why not?

    • Christina

      Yes, you’ll find that it will contain inulin, a fibre that promotes bowl movements. Some people will experience runny stools as a result but I think they’d be in the minority, shakes tend to bind you up so the inulin counteracts that a bit.

      • Stacey

        Too many negatives. Why put inulin in the first place. That then needs to be countered by binders? That in itse

      • Stacey

        Why put inulin that then needs to be bound up. Too many negatives with the product. I was going to try it until I read the reviews. Better to stick to fresh food that you prepare yourself

      • Anonymous

        What ever ❣️