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Optifast is a diet program I will surely never forget. We at DietSpotlight decided to create a comprehensive review, scrutinizing the ingredients, side effects, customer-service quality and clinical studies. Moreover, we read user comments posted online. Lastly, we compacted everything to give you the important facts you need.

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What is Optifast?

Optifast is a company brand created by Nestle Health Sciences that provides weight loss programs for people who have a high BMI (30 or greater) are obese or overweight.The Optifast weight management system requires the use of Optifast shakes and meal replacement foods such as bars and soups.

The programs are for those who are overweight, people of most ages, teens and people who plan to undergo weight loss surgery.

The programs are also comprehensive, which means that doctors, psychologists, and other health professionals are involved in the weight reduction journey of each person enrolled in the Optifast system.

An Optifast meal plan consists of a liquid diet including Optifast shakes.

What is Optifast

Typically, you’ll follow the diet at least four weeks. The timeframe makes it easy for almost anyone to follow.

Weight loss from this eating plan results from eating a very low-calorie diet (VLCD). [1] [2]

Optifast is a VLCD option for those seeking immediate help with their body weight. [3]

Optifast is considered a low carb diet option. [4]

We’ll break down the details of the available programs and products so that you may get a better idea of what losing weight with Optifast is like.

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What Does Optifast Do?

The Optifast weight management system may help people lose weight in a short time span.

Programs geared toward different age ranges are available as well as programs created specifically for people undergoing gastric bypass or gastric banding surgery. Dieters on any one of the Optifast programs are required to consume primarily Optifast products during the main phase of the diet, which may last over six weeks.

The three Optifast phases include: [1]

  • Active weight loss
  • Transition
  • Maintenance

Active Weight Loss

The patient visits the clinic where the doctor run tests and prepares a custom program. During the Active Weight Loss phase, you’ll follow an Optifast full meal replacement diet.

Active Weight Loss

Active 2-In this phase you will consume:

  • 3 OPTIFAST® VLCD™ products
  • 2 cups of low starch vegetables
  • 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil
  • providing less than 800 calories per day

This phase lasts about 12 weeks. However, you’ll receive weekly monitoring.

An additional benefit is the weekly group meeting.


The second phase (also known as Active 1 Phase) is the transition phase. It lasts about six weeks and slowly begins adding in regular foods. You’ll continue to attend group sessions.

In this phase you will consume:

  • 1 Optifast VLCD Product
  • 2 low-calorie meals (approximately 400 calories each)
  • at least 2 cups of low-starch vegetables
  • 2 serves of fruit
  • 1 serve of dairy
  • providing 1000-1200 calories per day

Long-Term Weight Management

The Maintenance Level all Optifast VLCD products are eliminated and the focus is on maintaining your weight loss.

Dietary intake consists of:

  • 3 low-calorie meals (approximately 400 calories each)
  • 2 serves of fruit
  • 1 serve of dairy
  • plus low-starch vegetables

The dieter exercises and practices good eating habits learned throughout the program. Dieters eat regular food and Optifast meal replacement meals and a benefit is an ongoing support from Optifast.


Optifast Ingredients

Optifast offers several different products. The Optifast Method relies on meal replacement shakes.

However, we’ll take a closer look at some of the essential ingredients, including:

  • Milk Protein Concentrate
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Vitamin
  • Minerals

Optifast meal replacement shake contains multiple ingredients. We’ll focus on a few and break down the benefits and drawbacks.


Maltodextrin is a surprising main ingredient to find in a supplement that’s designed to help people lose weight.

It’s an easily digestible polysaccharide, produced from starch and absorbed in the body often as rapidly as sugar.

Maltodextrin is often used as an additive in candies, sweet drinks and added to provide a source of calories and energy for Optifast users. However, it comes with a few health risks. [5]

Maltodextrin may lead to spikes in blood sugar. Unsteady blood sugar levels may affect energy levels, mood and cause side effects.

Maltodextrin consumption may also trigger allergic reactions, and some research suggests that it may even cause bacterial infections in the intestines. [6]

Soy Protein Isolate

Soy Protein Isolate is a controversial ingredient in many products, including Optifast meal replacement shakes, bars, and soups.

Due to the isoflavone content, there’s a connection between thyroid and hormone issues and the use of soy protein isolate.

One study, conducted on rats, showed a disruption in thyroid functioning in both male and female rats. In particular, the isoflavones in the soy protein isolate affected the hepatic thyroid hormone receptors. [7]

Canola Oil

Canola oil, or rapeseed oil, is produced from modified Brassica oilseeds and is typically grown and produced in India and China.

Canola oil is also one of the most commonly used oils in the world for a variety of purposes including culinary and industrial. This oil provides a favorable balance of fats which poses less of a health risk concerning cholesterol and body weight.

While many other oils are high in saturated fatty acids, canola oil contains only 4% saturated fatty acids.

Moreover, canola oil is a key ingredient in several Optifast products.

Canola oil is one of the healthier oils.

It’s also a healthy source of fat which may help reduce bad cholesterol levels while improving insulin sensitivity. [8] [9] [10]


Fructose is another ingredient found in Optifast products.

Often called fruit sugar, fructose is an additive found in junk foods, candies, sweets and sugary drinks.

The bloodstream absorbs fructose during digestion.

This absorption process makes fructose a contributing factor to insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome and hypertension.

[11] [12]

Vitamins and Minerals

The vitamins and minerals in Optifast weight control products include calcium, magnesium, potassium, choline, zinc, Vitamin B12, copper, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid), Vitamin K, chromium, biotin, and Vitamin D3.

Vitamins and minerals in products help add to a well-rounded diet and prevent deficiencies associated with a lack of dietary nutrition.

Milk Products

Some Optifast products contain milk.  For example, one of the main ingredients in Optifast 800 is milk protein concentrate.

Milk protein concentrate is a low-calorie additive containing upwards of 90% milk protein. [13] [13]

Milk protein concentrate typically adds additional calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous to products. [14]

Nutrition Facts

Optifast Nutrition Facts

Optifast products are designed to be nutritionally complete.  The diet requires dieters to consume Optifast-approved products.

You’ll notice the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition to keep people healthy and energized each day. Quality ingredients help dieters maintain weight loss.

The Optifast 800 shake is a main dietary food consumed in the Optifast programs, so we’ll take a look at the nutritional value of this shake first. Each eight ounce serving of Optifast 800 ready to drink shake contains:

  • 160 calories
  • 3.5g fat (0 trans fat)
  • 10 mg cholesterol
  • 300 mg sodium
  • 18g carbohydrates
  • 3g dietary fiber
  • 4g sugar
  • 16g protein

Otifast HP shakes come in the “Shake Mix” chocolate and vanilla.

Optifast shakes come in strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, chai, coffee, mocha, banana, caramel, and assorted.

Optifast bars come in chocolate, cappuccino, berry, cereal bar with cranberry, and assorted pack.

Optifast soups flavors include chicken, tomato and vegetable.

Optifast also carries a line of desserts including  chocolate and lemon:

Other Optifast products include:

Beneprotein Instant Protein Powder

Nutrisource Fiber

Optisource Very High Protein Drink

Optisource Chewable Vitamin and Mineral Supplement


Optifast Benefits

Some concerns regarding the Optifast programs and products have surfaced from time to time. However, there are some key benefits to using Optifast diet plans including:

  • Rapid weight reduction
  • Screening and monitoring
  • Psychological support
  • Nutritional support
  • Easy prepared meals
  • Maintenance support for long-term results

Optifast is recommended for most Type 1 and Type 2 patients.[15]

Optifast is recommended for patients considering laproscopic surgery. [16]

Optifast diet plans are some of the only comprehensive diet plans that provide medical support, nutritional counseling, and meals.

Other weight management systems may provide medical and nutritional counseling, but they won’t provide the actual food that the dieter needs to eat.

Likewise, many programs offer meal replacement foods without any of the monitoring or support that dieters need to stay healthy and have a successful outcome.

However, these benefits don’t necessarily override some of the dangerous or uncomfortable side effects that come with extreme dieting.

Optifast has a weight management system tailored specifically for teens. It address the unique medical, nutritional, and behavioral needs of obese and severely obese teens. [17]

Optifast for teens provides:

  • Medical monitoring by an Optifast physician
  • Support from a team of healthcare practitioners
  • A behavioral and educational program specifically designed to help teens manage their weight
  • Long-term weight management support and resources

More about the Company

Optifast is a line of products and an associated diet plan produced by the Novartis Medical Nutrition Corporation. The company is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and produces many different pharmaceutical and general nutrition products including Gerber baby food. According to Novartis, since the company introduced Optifast in 1974, more than one million people have used the diet. It was the first all liquid very-low calorie physician monitored diet to be available commercially. Although the Optifast line began with pre-made drinks, it has grown to include soup mixes and nutrition bars. The company has also branched out to produce products and associated diet plans intended for Adolescent patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery”

The company has had to recall their products in the past due to contaminations. [18] This voluntary recall due to salmonella was in line with the FDA recommendations. [19] The site fails to mention whether or not they offer money-back guarantees or returns.

Optifast can be purchased from the following suppliers:

  • GNC
  • Nashua Nutrition
  • Diet Direct
  • Bodybuilding.com

Phone Number: (800) 662-2540

Address: 445 State Street

Fremont, Michigan 49412


Optifast Results

Optifast results occur when the dieter lost weight and improved overall health and wellness. [20]

The Optifast programs are primarily for health purposes and not just physical shape or numerical weight. [21]

A person who has gone through the program and has signs of improved health is considered a success.

Side Effects

Optifast Side Effects

The Optifast diet plans are more supportive in many ways than other diet plans.

By checking in with their physician, psychologist, and dietician on a frequent basis, Optifast dieters are more likely to stay on track and avoid any risks associated with weight loss. However, the risks that may occur whenever a person starts a diet like this include:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation [22]

Even though the Optifast products contain plenty of nutritional value for energy, people on all liquid Optifast diets may experience fatigue and dizziness as well as a lowered inclination towards physical activity.

The subsequent result of less activity may have a negative impact on the heart.

Gallstones, develop in the gallbladder are also a possible side effect for people who rapidly lose weight.

Whenever someone loses weight quickly, their liver produces extra cholesterol which may lead to gallstones. Also, fasting makes the gallbladder less effective and contributes to the formation of gallstones as well. [23] [24] [25]

A less dangerous but disappointing side effect of liquid dieting is a metabolic rate adapting to weight loss. [26]

When the body operates on limited calories, metabolism may slow. [26]

While the Optifast diet plans guide and support patients during the transition process; monitoring doesn’t last forever.

Unless lasting change happens, there’s a chance of regaining weight.

What is the Optifast Diet?

The Optifast Diet is boasted as “the serious solution for weight-loss” and it is suitable for both adults and teenagers with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater. Basically this is a medically supervised program that’s intended to help with weight reduction and overall health. It typically lasts for 26 weeks. This program involves:

  • Meal Replacement Diet
  • Medical Supervision
  • Lifestyle Education
  • Counseling
  • Ongoing Personalized Support

The products from Optifast include shakes, soups, protein drinks, nutrition bars and vitamin and mineral supplements, which are made by Nestle. Optifast is considered a low carb diet option.

Optifast has been around since at least 2010. There are clinic locations all over the United States and Canada.


Optifast Directions

Since Optifast diet plans aren’t the same for everyone, each person will have different directions that they need to follow.

They’ll need to follow the guidelines established by their physicians and dieticians over the course of the main dieting phases.

Most dieters consume around five shakes per day and maybe even a few snacks, but the caloric allowance will depend on the weight and health of the user as well as whether the dieter plans to have weight reduction surgery during the program.


What is the Optifast Cost?

The cost of the entire Optifast diet program may run upwards of a few thousand dollars.

The cost includes visits to the Optifast clinics, applicable tests, therapy sessions and nutritional counseling.

Also, meal replacement products vary in cost as well.

For example, an Optifast shake can cost between $21 and $80.

Considering the dieter is only allowed to eat or drink Optifast products during the first phase, this may get expensive fast.

There are also additional costs associated with the Optifast. There are reports of a monthly fee, a starting fee and service fees.

Moreover, the price varies depending on the goals of the person.

However, some consider Optifast products not budget-friendly.

You can contact the company directly for specifics relating to price.

Does it Work?

Does Optifast Work?

Optifast uses a non-traditional approach to weight loss. While great for some; it’s a challenge for others.

The Optifast diet restricts calories to a certain degree. While this may cause weight loss, some find it difficult to follow such a very low-calorie diet. [27]

Assuming a person is ready to start the program and finds a clinic nearby, the diet is still very intensive and will require a lot of time off of work or school for medical appointments.

This may also be a deterrent to success and may cause people to quit halfway through. Some of the ingredients used in Optifast products are also questionable.

But, they may not prevent the dieter from losing weight, which is the main purpose of the program.

Perhaps the best way to get a better idea of whether Optifast works is to take a look at some Optifast user reviews.

The Science – “Solid?”

Since the Optifast Diet is monitored by medical professionals, there is some real science and clinical tests involved to better ensure weight-loss results.  Here at DietSpotlight, we prefer to see the actual science that supports the diet program or weight-loss supplement. Unfortunately, the Optifast Diet does not really elaborate on clinical studies on their website.

Even though Optifast is regulated by medical professionals, we feel that the negative dieter reviews and very high cost are major drawbacks.

What Users Are Saying

“I started the Optifast 800 on January 26, 2013, and I am very happy with my results. I need to step up my exercise level now. I had to go buy smaller underwear 3 times already, and have bought ahead for the next 2 sizes I will be going down this spring. I LOVE this program!”

“I started on Optifast weighing 356 lbs in October 2010. By 2011, I was down to 168. If you are thinking about Optifast, know that it works if you are ready to put in the work.”

“I had the dutch chocolate and wasn’t that pleased with the taste. I was also expecting a shake that would fill me up but I didn’t feel filled up. This stuff was kind of gritty and wouldn’t blend well.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Optifast Work?

So, should you spend your money on Optifast? Well, we like the professional clinics and that they offer various supplements and Optifast Shakes to assist dieters. On the other hand, we have some concerns about this diet program because it’s so expensive. Also, we have some reservations about the numerous negative dieter reviews posted online.

If you’d like to get rid of serious pounds, we encourage you to find a diet program or weight-loss formula that is affordable, easy to use and backed by plenty of customer testimonials.

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Also, the makers of Burn HD are so confident in the formula, they’re offering a 2-Week Sample, which is encouraging.

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What are the side effects of Optifast?

Optifast side effects may include hunger and fatigue. 

What is in Optifast?

Optifast ingredients vary depending on the foods or supplements you’re using.

How do I know if Optifast is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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What is the active ingredient in Optifast Shakes?

The active ingredient in Optifast Shakes is protein.

Does Optifast work?

Many people have had success with Optifast. However, there are no studies available that prove that you will lose weight using this program.

How much does a bottle of Optifast cost?

The cost of a bottle of Optifast varies, considering this is weight-management program. If you take into account meals and visits to the clinic, could easily exceed $1000.

How do you take Optifast?

How you take Optifast products based on your individualized program.

Who makes Optifast Shakes?

Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition makes Optifast.

Is Optifast covered by insurance?

This depends on the insurance company you use and the level of coverage you have. Contact your provider prior to beginning the program to find out what they cover.

Can I eat food while on Optifast Shakes?

Opti is a three phase program. During the first 12-weeks – the active weight-loss phase – you will consume full meal replacements with Optifast products. During the transition program, you move to eating regular food you make yourself.

Is Optifast right for me?

Optifast is best for patients with a BMI of over 30. It is recommended only as part of a comprehensive treatment program. 

Does Optifast come with a guarantee?

No, Optifast is not supported by a guarantee.

But, we have notices that Dietspotlight Burn offers a trial; make sure to check it out!

What is Optifast meal replacement?

Optifast is a total program aimed at weight management. It combines educational material related to lifestyle and the regular monitoring of medical issues with a diet focused on meal replacement. More details about the Optifast program can be obtained via a one hour consultation with a professional at a clinic in your area.

Is Optifast gluten free?

To date, Optifast has not been tested for the presence of gluten. However, it is noted that quite a few of the products are comprised only of gluten free ingredients. As such, they are appropriate for individuals who have an intolerance to gluten or have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

What are the ingredients in Optifast?

Some of the more notable ingredients in the Vanilla version Optifast are: Potassium Chloride, Whey Protein Concentrate, Magnesium Oxide, Milk Protein Isolate, Cellulose Gum, Maltodextrin, Calcium Phosphate, Canola Oil, Dipotassium Phosphate, Salt, Dextrose, Sunflower Oil, and Potassium Citrate.

How many calories are in an Optifast shake?

There are 207 calories in a vanilla shake made by Optifast. Other nutritional components in 5 grams of total fat and 0 grams of sugar.

What is the HMR Diet?

An HMR Diet is extremely regimented in order to facilitate the weight lost process. A Weight loss plan that makes of HMR associated foods will use these meals and snacks in deference to other choices available on the market in order to eliminate the guesswork out of choosing what to eat. HMR foods include snack bars, multigrain hot cereal, pudding, various entrees, and shakes.

What can you eat with Optifast?

There is actually quite a variety of allowed vegetables and food that you can eat when in on the Optifast program. Some of the more notable vegetables that are allowed include green beans, alfalfa sprouts, eggplant, bean sprouts, cucumbers, bok choy, celery, cauliflower, carrots, capsicum, brussel sprouts, and cabbage.

Optifast Ingredients

Optifast is a self-proclaimed "serious solution for weight loss." It comes from Nestle Health Science. You visit a clinic in your area to start the program. There are meal replacements, soups, bars and supplements. It appears that the shakes are the biggest product.

Optifast Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies depending on product
Serving Per Container: Varies depending on product
Amount per Serving% DV
Nonfat Dry Milk**
Calcium Caseinate**
Canola Oil**

Other Ingredients: Salt, potassium phosphate, magnesium oxide, mono- and diglycerides, choline bitartrate, potassium chloride, ascorbic acid, natural and artificial flavor, alpha tocopheryl acetate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, vitamin A palmitate, niacinamide, copper gluconate, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, vitamin D3, color (beta carotene, turmeric oleoresin), pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, chromium chloride, folic acid, biotin, potassium iodide, sodium molybdate, sodium selenite, vitamin K1, vitamin B12

We really researched the Optifast ingredients in order to give you the facts you need.

Sodium Caseinate

Sodium caseinate is basically a type of protein that is found in milk. It is often used in fitness shakes, protein bars and other supplements. This substance provides amino acids, calcium and carbohydrates as well. [1]

What is it Supposed to Do?

Typically sodium caseinate is added to supplement powders, bars and shakes for its protein content. This protein helps reduce appetite, promote lean muscle mass and repairs, and boost energy levels.

Clinical Research

“Several studies support the theory that when it’s taken as part of a low-calorie diet, casein has a potential to encourage weight loss. In one study published in 2009 in the International Journal of Obesity researchers demonstrated that high-protein diets featuring casein were just as effective at producing long-term weight loss and weight maintenance as diets featuring whey protein.”

Soy Protein Isolate

Soy protein isolate is an alternative to animal-based proteins. It comes from soybeans, and is free of saturated fat and cholesterol. This substance is used in a number of supplement powders, protein bars and shakes.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Like other protein ingredients, soy protein isolate is intended to help build lean muscle mass, minimize recovery time after workouts, and help keep you full. It’s low in calories, so it’s often used as a meal or snack replacement.

Clinical Research

“According to a 2003 article published in The Journal of Perinatal Education, genistein, one of the phytochemicals in soy, can help reduce the risk of cancer. Soy protein can also help control high blood sugar, promote a healthy body weight and help lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides, according to the authors.”

Calcium Caseinate

Calcium caseinate is found in countless workout supplements and protein powders. It is derived from the casein in mammal milk. It actually breaks down in the body more slowly than whey protein. Furthermore, it provides amino acids to benefit the muscles.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Calcium caseinate is used in many supplements to help stave off hunger, assist with muscle growth and improve athletic performance. However, it has not been shown to speed up weight-loss. [2]

Clinical Research

This ingredient may help with muscle building and maintenance. According to the University of Michigan Health System, “Casein is a complete protein, providing generous amounts of essential amino acids. However, it is digested more slowly than most other animal proteins, resulting in a more prolonged release of amino acids into the bloodstream.”

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Optifast Scientific Abstracts


Ingesting fructose triggers insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, impaired glucose tolerance, and hypertension in animals. Data regarding these findings in human participants is less clear. There is information and data on the metabolic and endocrine actions of dietary fructose that indicate elevated consumption of fructose can be destructive in terms of body weight and adiposity as well as the metabolic indexes that come with insulin resistance syndrome. There needs to be more research in order to fully comprehend the metabolic effects of dietary fructose in humans. [1]


Participants in the high protein group displayed better weight management following weight-loss (2.3 kg difference, P=0.04) as well as fat mass decrease (2.2 kg difference, P=0.02) in comparison to participants in the high carbohydrate group. Triglyceride (0.6 m mean difference, P=0.01) and glucagon (9.6 pg ml (-1) difference, P=0.02) concentrates were raised more in the high carbohydrate groups, while glucose (0.3 m mean difference, P=0.02) was higher in the high protein group. Alterations to total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, insulin, HbA1c, HOMAir index, adiponectin and leptin concentrations had not changed regarding the diets. It was concluded that low-fat, high-casein or whey protein diets are better for weight control when compared to a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet and do not negatively impact metabolic and cardiovascular risks in moderately obese patients. [2]

Soy Protein Isolate

There had been small alterations in body weight gain profiles, but other than that CAS-, SPI- or WPH-fed rats had not altered in development, in vitro hepatic metabolism of testosterone, organ weights, or reproductive performance. There were some endocrine-related functions differing between the rats who were administered the proteins. It was found that soy protein isolate had sped up puberty in female rats (p < .05) while whey protein had slowed puberty in males and females alike when compared to casein (p < .05). The meta-analysis of the results had indicated that gender-specific alterations in development and specific endocrine reactions in the rats that were fed diets containing a single protein source like those used in infant formula. It is unknown whether there would be similar effects in humans, but is thought to be unlikely as most infants do not ingest such diets throughout their lives as the ones given to the rats. None of these effects have been reported within the millions of American infants who were fed instant formula with the same proteins. It had been concluded that the long-term health benefits (reduced breast cancer incidence) of soy protein isolate and whey protein are very likely to be positive. [3]


Previous Optifast Review (Updated September 20, 2014):

What You Should Know about Optifast

Optifast is a weight loss program that uses meal replacement products to help people lose weight. The Optifast meal replacement products are produced by the famous dessert giant Nestlé, of all companies! The Optifast meal replacement products consist of Ready to Drink Shakes, Powders, Soups, Nutrition Bars, High Protein Drinks, and a Optifast Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. Nestlé says that the Optifast weight loss program, as well as involving meal replacements, also incorporates, medical monitoring to assess your progress and offer encouragement.

List of Optifast Shakes and Supplement Ingredients

Apart from for the Optifast Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, there were no comprehensive ingredients that we could find for the Optifast replacement meal products.

The ingredients listed for the Optifast Vitamin and Mineral List are, Vitamins, A, C, D, E, K, B6, and B12, Folic Acid, Acid Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin,Calcium,Iron, Phosphorous, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chronium, Sodium.

Product Features

The Optifast weight loss program, as well as including meal replacement products, also consists of medical monitoring. Nestlé says that if you subscribe to the program you will also have a thorough medical examination at the beginning of the program, and any necessary laboratory tests to rule out any risk factors and to determine your health status. There will also be medical monitoring of your progress, and you will be given a personalized activity plan. You will also be able to partake in discussion groups and have the opportunity to have one-on-one counseling with a registered dietician, lifestyle counselor, or a physician. The website does not give any details of the price of the program, nor the price of the meal replacement clinics.

Advantages of the Optifast Diet

  • The program includes medical monitoring.
  • The website is sophisticated and easy to navigate.

Disadvantages of the Optifast Diet

  • The website does not give details of the cost of the weight loss program.
  • You cannot order the meal replacements online.
  • You can only undertake the Optifast weight loss program in conjunction with an Optifast Clinic.
  • Having to stick to a pre-prepared diet of Optifast products could become difficult.
  • Though few details are given, it sounds like frequent clinic visits could become time-consuming.


The Optifast weight loss program does seem to be one of the more serious weight loss programs on the market. The website does not give any details of the cost of the program, so we do not know if it is easily affordable or what expenses are involved in subscribing to the program. Considering all of the attention users receive from trained professionals, we would imagine it’s relatively expensive. Additionally, the program does not allow for much freedom in a user’s diet. While all of this attention could be beneficial to obese users who need to lose weight badly, those looking to drop a few pounds for aesthetic reasons may want to find something simpler and cheaper.

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157 Optifast Reviews

  •  Success on Optifast
    Cindy (Verified User)

    My husband and I are going through a 20 week Optifast program through Kaiser. We have not had any additional costs mentioned in this review. It is $120 a week but remember you are not eating food. By the time my husband and I calculated how much we were paying for weekly groceries and eating out, the cost in about even. We go for med checks every 4 weeks and we are closely supervised. We have weekly cohort meetings. I have lost 55 pounds in 13 weeks, and my husband has lost 43 pounds. Yes, some products we don’t care for the taste but we have little to no issue with staying on program.

  • How many shakes per day?
    Dara Singer (Verified User)

    Does reducing the number of shakes consumed a day have any detrimental effect?

    • Gene Moore

      Yes, you are already in a minimum nutrition level with 5. any less and you won’t have the balance of vitamins and minerals. This is from what I read on other health sites.

    • Montana (Editor)

      Hello Dara. Reducing the amount of shakes could have negative effects, especially since you would not be consuming enough nutrients. You might want to check out Dietspotlight Burn, a weight loss supplement that wont force you to cut your eating habits dramatically.

  • lou

    Im just starting , have 70lbs to lose – alot of people are saying they are having 4shakes a day , I thought women were only supposed to have 3 so Im confused?

    • c d

      it depends if you’re doing the full program or a modified program. full program is 5 products per day but no more than 2 bars per day. so you can have 3 drinks and 2 bars or 5 drinks or a mix of bars, drinks, soups to equal 5 products, just so long as you don’t have more than 2 bars in a day.

  • What are the precautions of it?

    What are the precations of the Optifst Diet ?

  • Have actually a fantastic day.
    Frankie Kavin

    Hey. Really blog. I entirely agree. You’ve got prepared tons of good points. Have actually a fantastic day.

  • Optifast products from Amazon

    You can purchase most Optifast products from Amazon and others.

  • Meena

    Where can I buy Optifast in dubai?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi Meena! Since Optifast is available through many online retailers, shipping policies will vary. One weight loss supplement we know is available in Dubai is Dietspotlight Burn, a product you might want to consider using.

  • Optifast
    Maggie (Verified User)

    Seeing the Dr Monday to start my program.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Let us know how it goes!

    • rocco

      Maggie I started on june 28. first three days I had Diarrhea. called the office. They switch me to non chocolate shakes It seems to help. Look I need to lose 100 lbs and this is a jump start for me. Its hard in these first days. But if I could not be a pig and binge eat. I wouldn’t have to do this. but its under a doctor. with blood work. I hope you try this and we are here on this site to help.

      • rocco

        I Now am in week 3 of transition and have lost almost 60 lbs. the first two weeks were hard. I Now love the program. I don’t like the shakes or bars. but did it and it worked. Never cheated. walk about 4 miles a day. Learned how to eat.its a great program. but is expensive. I spent 200 for first six weeks for meetings. plus 100 a week on food. then 200 for next six weeks plus food. the things I have learn about eating are so helpful. now in transiton I am starting to eat again. only two products day. These people saved my life.


          I am on Day 1 of Optifast and it was very easy for me. I chose this after going through all of the classes for Gastric Bypass surgery. I decided this was a much smarter option

  • Tarted
    Donna Kish

    I do I get tarted and where do I find a doctor near me to monitor me?

    • Mitzi Ramos


  • Where can I get this here?

    where can I buy optifast in India

    • Your Namejeanine


  •  Chicken soup - disgusting
    RC (Verified User)

    The chicken soup is disgusting. Do yourself a favour and don’t waste your money. Leaves a revolting taste in your mouth too. Yuk!

  • cyndi

    My shakes are 154 a week 3 a day on the 600 calorie plan. then they say they draw blood every 2 weeks which my visit will be 189.00

  • Mike

    I agree, their ready to drink shakes are the best tasting ones to me. I keep looking for other brands of ready to drink shakes but they all have a terrible after taste.

    • Jan

      I enjoy the power shakes with lots of ice and I cup water in the vita-mix. Sometimes I add Happy Farms extract to give me more variety. I sit and enjoy eating it with a spoon! I keep a pot of coffee in the refrigerator and In the morning I mix a cup of coffee with the vanilla powder and add some cinnamon in the Vita-Mix. Yum! Varity is important if you are in it for the long hall.

  • Jim

    I’m almost at 6 weeks in with optifast – I have 3 shakes a day, 2 bars, and eat 2 hard boiled eggs. I started around Halloween and ate 2 thanksgiving meals, 5 meals during work functions, and tried different bars with more calories and less sugar for a bit. With Christmas coming I know there’s a few meals in my future. My doc says enjoy the meals, experience the special times with family etc but 3 hours after a special occasion I should be back on my plan.

    I walk every day and have lost 35 lbs in about 6 weeks. I feel great and have been enjoying my clothes all getting looser on me. I am strict mostly but have the long lens on – about 65 pounds to go and hope to be at goal by May.

    It’s hard sometimes, easy at other times, but worth it 100%.

    • Nano

      How are you doing now? I’m going to star Optifast soon and want to know if you are loving it!

    • Pam

      Hi Jim, I’m about to start the program just curious how your doing? Any thoughts, suggestions or advice? Thanks!

  • rosel

    I did a 6 month tour with Optifast with Kaiser and I lost 48lbs. I will continue going to the meetings and tracking food with regular exercise (5x’s a week for 45-60 minutes) Even though it was costly, I’m not sorry I did it.

  •  Here is the price information
    Soniya (Verified User)

    I bought my first batch of 1 week supply. Paid $105

  •  Tips on how to use it
    Your Name (Verified User)

    You actually have to eat 2 cups of non starchy vegies and 1 tbs of oil everyday. And you have to have 2 litres of water per day…and all this is for 12 weeks before you start to replace one product with a meal, until eventually you are on all foods.

  • Is it safe for my condition?
    trish (Verified User)

    I had a heart attack two years ago and had a stein put in , I’m seriously thinking of going on this program as I need to keep my cholesterol under control my question for you is ,, this safe for me to do

    • Ray

      Most clinics offer free information session. It is a good way to learn more about it.

    • Jeanine

      I also have a stent in my heart I’m on the program through Kaiser you should be fine

      • Nano

        How are you doing? I go to my orientation in 2 days. Is it worth the money?

    • bill

      According to Nutritionfacts.orgstudies have been done, and eating just 4 Brazil nuts a month will lower your LDL cholesterol. Check that out. Alos check out sulforaphane, it’s in broccoli and broccoli sprouts, it fights inflammation, and inflammation plays a part in heart attacks.

    • Mitzi Ramos

      If you have kaiser do it throught them. Thats what im doing. It is medically monitored meaning that they will make sure you are eligible to do it first. Informational meetings are available.

  • Questions about safety and side effects

    I’m scared really scared to use optifast can someone till me if its save I only need to lose 10kg but so hard I need something like shake but really nervous to try it can someone tell me when they have had it was there any bad side effects

  • Can it cause hair loss?

    Hi, I am about to embark on optifast, am 140kgs & a type 2 diabetic. Can anyone suffer hair loss or gallstones??appreciate learning from u all.

    • Michelle Gibeault

      Yes you can get gallstones and I did. The operation was easy on me.

    • bill

      I have done Optifast for awhile. It is hard to get started but once you are into it the weight does come off. Also you do lose hair, you are starving yourself and putting your body into ketosis. When that happens your body starts to turn off unnecessary functions like hair. You generally don’t lose it all, just a little. The taste of the new version of the products is pretty horrible. The chocolate bar now tastes like eating glue.

  • Kate

    im on week 8 of 12 weeks of optimist 900 (4x225cal shakes). After abut 3 days any feeling of deprivation or crabbiness passed. I’ve lost over 30lbs, feel fantastic (I think it’s a blood sugar regulation thing), joint pain gone. There are a few people in my group (hospital managed program) who have lost over 50lbs already.

    The taste is meh, but not bad. Can be improved with extracts, coffee…

    The cost. We pay 80$/week-which is $40/box, 2 boxes per week. It’s high. BUT, think about if someone came to you and asked what you’d pay to be 30-50-70lbs lighter. $1000 still sound like too much?

    • Nano

      Sounds wonderful

  • Enas

    hi, I’m 58 Kg with BMI 21.3, i want to loose 3-4 Kgs. im not eating well (Just vegetables & fruits) and im exercising 5 days/week. but this is not working.

  • Andre

    I just started, am on my 2nd day. I find these comments odd because I love the taste of the shakes, bars, and soups. My 5 year old son loves the taste of the shakes, so does my wife, so maybe its just a individual thing.

  • MINA

    I lost 25 in 3 months. Metamucil in powdered shakes helps constipation. After 2nd month, I was pulled off insulin by my doctor. Now i only take pills for type 2 diabetes. That alone makes the cost of this program worth it! Througj my HMO its an 82 week provram. Mostly support classes ( and no pay needed) after week 30. Products are great, but changing my attitude and emotional triggers towards food is what will help us all to maintain our losses….stay strong everyone. U r worth it!

  • monica

    i just started the optifast shakes and im having a hard time getting them down they taste and smell awful is there a way to make them taste better i got chocolate and vanilla, also i am on day two and having bad diarrhea is that normal on these shakes

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi Monica! Some customers of Optifast have experienced diarrhea. Others have complained of the taste as well. If these side effects make you uncomfortable in any way, we suggest you discontinue use.

    • Your Name

      Strawberry ones taste good

    • Jeanine

      I had the runs for the first day, it tapered off. Now, I have constipation. Senecot helps. I’ve lost 30lbs in the first few weeks … stick with it

    • Tomecka

      The RTD taste pretty good taste better when its cold. If your drinking powder you might to try the RTD.

      • Mitzi Ramos

        What is RTD?

  • Ashley

    Here’s the thing, just like every other weight loss program out there, it may be the right choice for you, it may not be. What works for some, will not work for others. I did the Optifast full fast for the entire length that was allowed. 5 shakes a day for 6 months. I didn’t bother with the soups and very rarely did the bars. Chocolate was the only flavor I cared for. The thing I appreciate most with this particular method is the dedication is takes, everything is planned out, it teaches you that you can live/survive on limited calories, once you are back on food that is healthy like carrots, broccoli,grilled chicken is that is taste really good and you have a new understanding how you should eat food to live, not live to eat. I am much more aware of fullness and triggers, the classes teach you how to keep the weight off and mindful choices. I have lost 50 pounds, and I have been maintaining it off. I averaged about 2.5 a weeks. And as far as cost goes, 3 bucks a meal to me is pretty good. Considering when you eat out you typically spend 8-10 bucks these days, and you know its about the same to make dinner. I didn’t have any qualms about the price. For me personally, it’s hard to put a price on your health. But that’s just me.

  • Mimi

    There are low carb (7g) and low sugar (1g) shakes available that I highly recommend. I could not handle the regular shakes. They made me very shaky. The shakes are $3 each. I have tried the chocolate and strawberry and I don’t mind the taste at all.

  • Yoyo

    I have done it four times over the last 12 years. First time I lost 100 pounds in 6 months. Afterwards I have been up and down 30 to 50 pounds, never went back to the starting point. It is a very effective way to lose weight (for me about 4 pounds per week) if you do not cheat. I just finished a 3 month trial, lost 50 pounds. I am now transitioning to Jenny Craig. As most of us know: Loosing weight is feasible, keeping the weight off is impossible.

  • Jason

    I went through Optifast 800.
    Did the local Hospital’s program.
    1st week, 1 day = 2 normal meals + 1 optifast pack (160 cals), no snacks at all
    2nd week onwards, 5 optifast packs (160 calories x 5 = 800 calories) and no snacks at all.
    Both weeks no exercise. Never cheated, never took any sweet drinks or caffine. I couldn’t quite finish 5 packs because it really made me full, so I took 4 packs only. Nothing happened to me.
    At the end of week 2, I lost 15 lbs.
    End of 5 months, from 210 pounds to 140 pounds, about my ideal weight.
    Must say, after 3 months of eating nothing but optifast and drinking plain water, I do feel like puking. But hey, it’s not so bad as being unhealthy.

    Upside of optifast, by taking drinks your stomach will shrink. the amount of food you can and will eat will drastically drop as long as you don’t do any cheat meals. You will naturally lose weight after a while. No sugars at any point (including fruits, fruit juices) as it breaks the body’s tempo. Something like that.

  • Just reviewed ingredients, not happy.

    I agree – just reviewed ingrediants…not happy

  •   My rate for this product is zero.
    NASM Certified Personal Trainer (Verified User)

    Optifast is under medical supervision with NESTLE (yes the chocolate company with sugar packed toxic foods). This must explain why there is no Sugar grams listed on their website showing the nutrition panel. That’s because it’s 20 grams per serving. Way to high. If you are drinking 3-5 of these a day that’s 60-100 grams of sugar. The calories are too low. If you are replacing a meal then replace it wight some real calories. Drinking 5 shakes a day is only 850 calories. A dietician will tell you not to go lower than 1200 calories a day which is the absolute bare minimun for body function. So this tells me they are losing muscle. Here we go again, people trying to measure healthy by weight. DO NOT GO BY BMI or BODY WEIGHT. Go by BODY FAT % and how your clothes fit. Do not fall into the trap of going by weight and doing low cal diets which actually sabotage your metabolism and make it even harder to turn it around, not to mention you gain the weight back and then some when you stop. The best thing is a healthy diet and exercise. If you need your fruit and vegetables through supplement get them through Juice Plus which is not synthetic, it’s actual real food dried and ground into powder form and then put into a gelatin capsule, meal bar, shakes and kids chewables. My rate for this product is zero for it is leading down a path of metabolism destruction.

    • Your Name bec

      As a health care provider I can attest to it being an effective program in the reduction of fatty liver prior to bariatric surgery. Its not meant to be forever as normal food is slowly reintroduced, no one disputes healthy “real food” and exercise is the best thing for us but often people with food addiction need a circuit break and this can often come via these shakes and with positive results impacting their drive to continue on the journey to losing weight, We ALL know what’s best- id rather be drinking a shake and getting healthy than eating drive through McDonalds. At least they’re trying. Metabolism destruction? Luckily for mankind we are build to adapt. Nothings set in stone.

  • Lisa

    I completely agree with Stephanie. I am on my 2nd week of Optifast and I can only have the 3 shakes 1 soup and 1 bar. My doctor advised that I am just to eat a mix of the 5 Optifast items per day. I feel so disgusting. I was used to eating fresh arugula or spinach for at least 1 meal a day and have really been craving vegetables. I’m breaking out so bad and am very constipated. I was told to take laxatives and/or Benefiber by the doctor. I’ve made a decision to go off program and continue to use the food I have left as 1 meal replacement per day but I rather eat fresh vegetables and some lower sugar fruits and lean protein or legumes. If you have to load up on laxatives to use the restroom that is a huge red flag for me. I lost 6 pounds in my first week. And realistically need to lose 100.

    • fred our Name

      Metamucil sugar free at least a teaspoon with every shake

  •  Just started Optifast three days
    Kerry (Verified User)

    Just started Optifast three days ago to lose about 40 kgs weight and am finding it easy. For the first two days I came out in sweats, I felt thirsty, racing heart and wound up but have settled down. I have 2 eggs for breakfast, 2 shakes over the day, and the veggies and lots of water. Am down 2 kgs and feel great, but nearly gave up because of the response to Optifast. I have Type 2 diabetes and taking Metformin. People with medical problems should get medical advice; my reactions were alarming at first

    • Ray

      I think it is a reliable Meal Replacement Weight Loss Program. It has been around for over 30 years. It is structured. It is not DIY at home. It can potentially harm you if not monitored closely by physician. Having diabetes even make it more crucial to be under close medical monitoring.

  •  Program really worked for me
    David (Verified User)

    Started the program on June 18, 2015 and as of August 18, 2015 I am down 53 pounds-doctor is astounded and I am just happy as hell-this program really has worked for me and intend to keep going-expensive but worth it in so many ways.

    • Your Namejeanine

      I’ve also lost weight quite fast I realistically only needed to lose about 40 to 50 pounds I’ve already lost 30 and I’ve been in the program about three months it’s worth everything . I exercise and I went off my blood pressure medication the first two weeks I do two shakes a day and one reasonable meal under 600 cal it’s great

  •  I've found that works for me
    Sarah (Verified User)

    I’ve been on Optifast for 3 weeks today. This is my second time of doing it seriously, the first was about 5-6 yrs ago and I managed to lose about 45kg over a period of about 12months, purely following the intensive phase of 3 shakes and a cup of allowed steamed vegies. I much prefer the chocolate flavoured shake over the vanilla, which is a little too bland for me and tastes like watery custard. I know I did the intensive phase for a lot longer than recommended but I am only 165cm and weighed about 115kg which was holding me back from life massively. This time around, I am in a relationship which makes it harder to stick to because my partner loves his food as much as I do and although he’s very supportive I am still very tempted when he eats yummy food around me. I’ve managed to stick to my convictions through the Christmas period (which has been difficult, can’t deny!) and I’m hoping I can stay course for the next 6months. I started at a little over 120kg this time around, put on over a period of about 3yrs. So far I’ve lost roughly 10kg, give or take, I assume water retention and hormones play a role on the scales. I’m really struggling with cravings this time around too, especially today and recent days, but I nap when I’m feeling overwhelmed and that helps pass the time til my next shake. Hoping these terrible cravings go away soon. Also, chewing sugarfree gum, drinking sugerfree soda and diet cordial helps. And soraying perfume, brushing teeth, cleaning to dustract or watching movies. And looking in the morror reminds me why I am doing this To feel better, look better and gain the confidence to find a good job. Overall, Optifast WILL work a treat, your weight will drop off, BUT you must stick to it religiously! It’s the only thing I’ve found that works for me. Oh, also I dont exercise much, but I’m still losing, just not as quickly if I was. Good luck everyone! May we all reach our goals!

  • I chose total meal replacement !
    Anna (Verified User)

    I’m on the Optifast program with Kaiser. This is my 5th week on the drinks, 6th week overall.
    I had 50 pounds to lose. I attended a 1 1/2 hour information meeting on the diet and nutrition classes offered by Kaiser. I chose total meal replacement because I have knee problems and just had knee replacement. I want the weight off fast so I can get back to a good workout routine that a painful knee kept me from doing and thus packing on the pounds.
    Cost: $2400 over 24 weeks. Do the math. How much do you normally spend on food in 24 weeks? I’m willing to bet it’s a lot more than $100 per week especially if you need to lose weight. You’re eating a lot of food to maintain excess weight.
    Flavor: based on reviews I’m not trying the soups. I don’t particularly like tomato soup and chicken broth in hot weather is not appealing. The program I’m on does not include bars. We have a choice of chocolate (yum), vanilla(good), strawberry (disgusting) drinks. I add a little sugar free Torani Syrup to the drinks to change up the flavor (think sugar free orange with vanilla or chocolate). I can also have black coffee (but my doctor wants me to cut back to 2 cups a day), sugar free and calorie free drinks.
    It’s 800 calories a day, that’s 5 drinks spaced 3-4 hours apart. I’m not having any problems sticking to it. I’m determined to take the weight off. If your mind isn’t made up to lose the weight and to heck with the holiday feasts and everyday fattening meals, then this isn’t for you.
    Classes: I like going. It’s a supportive atmosphere and we are all holding each other accountable. We share stories, ideas, discuss nutrition and how we are going to get back on food without blowing our accomplishments. We have dietitians speaking to us. We talk about exercise. If you’re not an active participant you’re losing out. It’s not about being there, it’s about being present, completely.
    We get labs taken every month, see the doctor, weekly weigh in and blood pressure check.
    Is it working? Yes- I’ve lost 24 pounds. Do I get hungry? Sometimes, but I just have a glass of water or other drink to carry me over to my next Optifast drink. Have I cheated/eaten food? I had 1 strawberry at the festival and I’ve had a couple of cherry tomatoes. That’s it. Do I want to eat? Hell yes, but I want to fit in my clothes more.
    This diet isn’t for everyone. You have to really want to do it for yourself.

  •  Getting Chest Pains
    RICHARD BATES (Verified User)

    I have been on two optifast for two meals per dayfor one week and I am getting chest pains. have you had similar incidents? The third meal of the day is usually a home made vegetable soup.

    • Ray

      were you starting it through a medical clinic? in that case the physician would be evaluating you and then closely monitoring you.

      • rocco

        How does this product give you chest pains?? makes no sense to me. I Had lab work. echo test three months ago and started on june 28th. I just don’t get that side effect of eating shakes.

    • jane

      The soups are disgusting. But the worst part is the extreme stomach pains after eating the soups or bars

  •  i enjoyed the energy level
    C.-G. (Verified User)

    UPDATE FROM JULY 29, 2014

    I’m maintaining my 65.5 pound loss. Two weeks after Christmas I weighed 1.5 pounds extra. It took me 10 days to get ride of it. I still had leftover sweets around the house, which does not help me. Anyways I started a belly dance class for 1.5 hours a week. My waist is down by 3/4 of an inch. Once you have completed the transition stick to a plan. Yes I do plan my meals for about 2 to 3 days in advance, and I do go to restaurants about 6 times a month. I enjoy my new found energy level. It is worth it.

  • Cont of By fone
    maria Batista

    please i nede cont your by fone

  •  what about constipation
    Eli (Verified User)

    What can I do about the constipation this is day two

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Try reducing your dose to the lowest effectiveness. If constipation doesn’t subside within a few weeks try taking a break.

  • Laurel

    After 2 days, I have broken out in a rash on my arms and the clinic is closed on the weekend. Don’t know if I should discontinue product temporarily or permanently.

  • Rose

    I just started on Optifast and I’m experiencing bloating is this normal? I’m also getting constipated. I drink at list 2 litres of water but it makes me more bloated and ranking to the toilet.

    • Ddjohnson

      I just started on the 16th. I think you probably need to drink more water and been reading some people add fiber to the shake and says it helps. I am doing opti 800 which is 4 shakes and a soup or bar, plus at dinner I eat 2 cups of veggies that they allow with nothing on them just steamed..also go to myfitnesspal and there are people on the opti that you can get help with or just talk..good luck

    • Marie

      It is essential to take additional fiber. I was on the program and lost 35 pounds. I went to Target and bought gummy fibers – take three a night and no problems.

    • Carine

      Ti have started it for a week plus, i am sweating like crazy everyday and recently i am having diarrhoea n vomitting thoughts. I wonder if any of the user had effects like mine. Is this the side effects? As a start , i did have constipation but later it became diarrhoea n vomiting. It is effective for losing weight but is this harming my health? Please advise… thanks!

      • Stephen (Editor)

        Some dieters have indeed experienced some of the side effects you describe. How long have you been taking this product? Some say the effects fade in time but if they persist with the same severity we recommend you stop the formula. Have your doctor go over the ingredients.

    • Your Karen

      Ray, I am on the Optifast diet through my health plan at Kaiser. Before I started the program I had to go to the informational meeting, get an EKG, blood work, and have an appointment with one of the doctors with this program. And I will have to fo these things monthly for at least 4 months. If this is the right program the doctor’s should be looking out for your health.

  •  It works, It really works
    Sabrina (Verified User)

    It works, It really works! I lost 45 pounds in 2 weeks just by doining what was asked of me. I love it and I stand by this product 100%! Well woth the expense!

    • Your Name

      That unreal

      • Your Name

        I tried the product before and lost 19 1/2 pounds the first week and 40 total the first month. I achieved this by following the plan without cheating. I’m starting the plan again Feb 1st

    • Your Name

      great job

    • rocco

      45 lbs in two weeks is impossible. LMAO. If you ate nothing for two weeks but only drank water, you couldn’t lose 45 lbs. Don’t come on here and make it harder for us on the program. by tell us a false story. so when we weigh in and lose 5 lbs. we feel like a failure.

    • Your Name


    • BooBoo


    • Your Name

      45lbs in 2 week’s? No way possible! Did you mean 2 months?

    • Pro Surfer and fitness guy

      There is no way you lost 45 lbs in 2 weeks please if you are going to say something tell the truth .. based on survival trng and statistics even eating a few bugs and getting some water you don’t lose 40 lbs in two weeks ..

  • I just started prhe program
    Your Name

    Hello just wondering if you are still on here and how are you doing 10 months later. I just started prhe program 1 week ago and love it.

    • C.-G.

      Hi Debbie, I’m doing fine. Just have to organize my meals and my exercise on a daily bases. Presently I’m up 6 pounds but working to get rid of them. I’m just writing, via FitnessPal, all that I consume and exercise. Trying to stay at 1600 calories a day as I’m a very active 58 year old female. How are you doing?

  • I'm enjoying my new life

    UPDATE from November 27th, 2013.

    On April 1st, 2014, my last day at the Weight Management Clinic, I had gotten rid of 65.5 pounds. Being on maintenance is a little tricky but I’m surviving and managing. There are days that I go up a few pounds but I just get back to my 1750 calories per day, drink water and continue with my exercise. My exercise plan is weight training 3X a week (the Strong Women program by Miriam E. Nelson, PhD) which takes about 40 minutes and I use my eliptycal 5X a week for 35 minutes. I prefer having my gym at home than go outside my residence. Also this summer my hubby and I enjoy biking (Saturday we did a 30 km loop in agricultural land – beautiful). My blood pressure pills have been reduced and probably if I loose another 10 to 15 pounds I can get rid of them. I’m very happy that I did the Optifast 900 to get rid of 65.5 pounds. I only have 10 to 15 pounds to go but will tackle that this Fall. Now I’m enjoying my new life and physical energy. Will update my progress this Fall.

    • Kerri Lecuyer

      Hi There
      Have you been able to keep your weight off?

  • two weeks on program.

    two weeks on program. first week 12.8 lbs.since I saw doc, I am down 23 lbs. weigh in on june 26. 2014.

  • How long after the expiration date can still use the Optifast shakes I have?
    Rose (Verified User)

    how long after the expiration date can still use the Optifast shakes I have?

    • paul

      how long after the expiration date can still use the Optifast shakes I have?

    • C.-G.

      Did you get an answer to the use of optifast after expiration? If so please share. Thanks.

      • elle

        Medifast powdered products have an 18-month best-if-used-by date. Medifast Ready-to-Drink Shakes and Bars have a 12-month best-if-used-by date. This does not mean that the product will expire, “go bad,” or be harmful; it simply means that the vitamin and mineral pre-mix contained in the products may lose some of its potency, potentially rendering the product less effective. For best results, use your Medifast Meals as soon as possible and store them in a cool, dry, clean environment.

    • Your Name

      I’d like to know thatalso

  •  I have a carton of Optifast that expired 5/9/13. I drank one today and it tasted fine.
    Dana (Verified User)

    I am not sure if this question was previously posted and answered but I have a carton of Optifast that expired 5/9/13. I drank one today and it tasted fine. I did noticed that even though I shook it thoroughly it did not dissolve as nicely over ice as non-expired Optifast. But agin, it tasted fine. Any thoughts on expired Optifast? And I’m glad I discovered this website because I am finding the post encouraging. I am also taking weight-loss medication. I decided to go back to the Opti (3 shakes and 1 meal – snacks if needed with goal of doing 5 shakes twice a week).

  •  Friends had great success on opti key was maintenance sessions.
    Ashley (Verified User)

    Friends had great success on opti key was maintenance sessions not quitting after weight loss as maintaining is key to success anyone an lose on this diet…other issue was finding a clinic finally new one opened within doctors practice in Aliso viejo with classes medical supervision etc….have friends looking into it…doctor has history of weight reduction practice ….so hard to find a good clinic but happy new one has opened here in southern california

  • Does anyone have any suggestions to power up the nutrients and lower the calories for my lunch time meals?
    Lisa (Verified User)

    I have been on OptiFast for two weeks now and am down 7 pounds. I take two shakes a day: one for breakfast, a healthy lunch and then one for dinner. If i feel the need to have a snack when preparing meals for my son I will have a few berries or veg. I am reading not to eat at all on other websites, but have found others like me that have been doing food intake as well. Does anyone have any suggestions to power up the nutrients and lower the calories for my lunch time meals?

  •  This product works for me.
    Kathleen (Verified User)

    I have been on the optifast diet 6weeksnow first 2weeks lost 6kilos 3and4week contispated so ate 5/6 prunes a day 5/6 loosing wait still3 more kilos and still happy have not cheated 2dress sizes down not constipated only drink water feel great I was 85kilos now 76kilos goal to reach is 65or 70 kilos

    • bon

      benefibre clear in each shake helps with constipation. restoralax also helped. drink lots of water. i did 4 shakes a day for 12 weeks

  • what about considering gastric sleeve with optifast no diabetes strict diet or not?
    bev obrien

    Question what about considering gastric sleeve with optifast no diabetes strict diet or not?

  • Very expensive.
    Sally (Verified User)

    The opti fast program in my area coat $995 to start and $320 a month plus your cost of food and supplements Shakes are $37 for 18 so if you are drinking 3 to 5 a day….well you can do the math. On the the “healthy solutions ” it would cost $653 plus diet pills @ $75 for 180 a month you also have to pay in advance.

  •  Loved the product.
    Mike (Verified User)

    I have been on optifast for 106 days and have lost 65.2 pounds. I haven’t felt hungary, but I do add fibre using unflavoured metamuscile in each shake. I think it works for me, and I am please with the results. I am down from size 48 waist to size 38, and have had no negative reactions once I supplemented the fibre.

  •  Loved the product.
    Karl (Verified User)

    My girlfriend and I have been on Optifast for 4 weeks now. We are having 3 shakes per day and 2 cups of mostly green vegetables. So far I am down from about 160kg to 140kg and feeling good.

    I don’t find it too hard, I do crave other foods and am getting tired of the flavors and things I can do with my veg. My girlfriend on the other hand is finding it much harder and constantly craving meat.

    Worth doing in my opinion

  •  Loved the product.
    Leslie (Verified User)

    I’ve lost 50 lbs in 6 months. At first, I followed the 4 drinks a day/900 cal and it wasn’t difficult. Then the constipation hit me & that was horrible. There is no fiber at all in the drink & I think that’s a huge mistake. Some people are okay with it, but I was really, really not. I changed up the diet and only drank a shake once a day, then followed calories up to 1000 each day with an online program. It worked, but I recommend lots of extra fiber and water which is kind of a drag but a necessity. Now I notice that I get upper intestinal cramps after I drink it, so maybe it’s not going to keep working. I have 10 lbs to go.

    • Lisa

      Hey, I have been doing OptiFast for two weeks tomorrow and have been reading NOT to eat other foods while on the drink. I drink two shakes a day and eat a healthy lunch and munch if i get a little hungry. What are your food limitations? I feel I am doing the right thing, but am reading other wise. Until i read your message. I am down 7 pounds.

  •  Information about price
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    In Columbus Ohio: The medical examination cost before program is $400 (was partly covered by insurance, paid $168).
    Than every week about $100 for Optifast products and doctor visit co-pay.

  • Where can I find this program?

    I lives i,n Delaware County, where whould I find out bout this program around my areas?

  •  Information about side effects
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    constipated or hunger pains perhaps

  • Is this safe?
    kathy Edmonds

    I am over 65 and I used optifast 10 years ago, is it safe to use now. I am also diabetic no medication and need to lose about 20 lbs

  •  I am very pleased with the results
    Amy (Verified User)

    I lost 85 pounds on Optifast and am very pleased. I continue to go to my support group for maintenance and feel like a new woman.

    • lisa

      If I can lose 35-40 pounds I will be so ecststic and fit in my clothes-right now I wear sweats all the time!My question is if I lose 40 pounds and exercise, will I have loose skin thant just hangs and have to have a tummy tuck

  • Is it safe to use even expired?

    Is it safe to use expired optifast?

  •  Able to lose weight considerably
    george (Verified User)

    I have lost 36lbs. in five weeks with the program. I was overweight but not grossly, so 36lbs is considerable. I found that mixing the soups with a lot of their (recommended) vegetables really helped. By thinning the soup I could have a very large bowl of it if not two.


  •  Do something and loose some weight
    amy williams (Verified User)

    look on the back of the pack it will tell u how much sugar fat and carbs, vitamins and minerals. and talk to ur doctor. this is my first day and im finding it easy. just stay away from food. and do something if u get bord. eg. a bath or walking. drink water. i find warm green teas are good and stay around people that dont bring u down. i was on kate morgan. i need to lose 14kg. im 33 i weigh 70kg and im 164cm. i used to be 96 kg moved town gained 28 kg lost 8 but isnt comming off quicker enough. but ive got will power i also go to curves. i dont think of the money i think of a better me. wish me luck!!

  • Product for diabetics

    no one seems to reply to the question about the amount of sugar in the shakes, bars, etc…..are there any for type 2 diabetics?

    • MPF, Canada

      They are a suger substitute, great for diabetics my husband is off his meds for two weeks and he seems to be stabble on his blood sugars. We are on the product together so it makes it easier. Complete meal replacements we have no other food supplements.

    • deb

      I have type 2 diabetes….after being on Optifast for two months now…I have lost 34 pounds… my diabetes tests are normal, and my Doctor says that if the next test results are normal I won’t need to take the pills…I love this!

  •  Spend less on food and more exercise
    Cynthia (Verified User)

    I have been on Optifast for five weeks with Perry weight loss center and have lost 14 ponds and I do not follow it faithfilly. I will now. They are good tasting and I buy the ones already mixed French Vanilla. I spend less on food and now have more time to exercise. They are not expensive three dollars each you spend lots more on just one meal.

  • How did it go with surgery
    robin walker

    am getting ready to do the samething have you had your surgery yet?if so how did go.

  •  Product maintenance plan

    I am getting ready to start the Optifast program for 4 weeks leading up to RouXny gastric bypass surgery. Anyone else use it for that purpose, and if so, how did you do? I also plan to use Optifast post-surgery as part of my maintence plan.

    • LIsa

      I started the Optifast diet yesterday for the next 2 weeks prior to the RouXny gastric bypass also. The shakes are delicious. I have 4 a day and soup for dinner.

  •  Expensive and did not work at all
    Marybeth (Verified User)

    I lost about 40 lbs from May 2009 to Feb 2010 on “modified Optifast”. Problem is, I gained back 20 of the 40 lbs I lost within 2 months, and really have been eating fairly sensibly. I just couldn’t stand the lack of variety with the diet, and the soups are very difficult to get mixed properly without a bunch of glop at the bottom.

  •  Loved the product it works well
    Kathy (Verified User)

    I’ve been on the Optifast diet for 4 weeks and have lost 15 lbs and think its a lot more. My clothes are so loose. I love it! Jackie, the first 2 weeks were the hardest! Stick with it honey.

  • Looking for nearest location

    Where is an Optifast Clinic in Austin/San Antonia, TX area

    • Carol

      Austin Regional Clinic has one

  •  Best program I have ever done
    faysha (Verified User)

    I have lost 170lbs in a year. I did the Optifast program along with excercise. Like any other diet you have to stick with it. It does work. Best program I have ever done.

    • Jackie

      Dearest Faysha:
      i read your comment on how you lost 170lbs while on the optifast diet, way to go! I have been on the optifast meal replacements for about 2 weeks now and it is the hardest thing i have done up to date. I also need to lose 173 lbs and so far i have lost 20lbs in 2 weeks. My question to you is, about how many pounds did you average to lose per week and what type of exercise did you do and are doing?

  •  I LOVE Optifast
    Pam (Verified User)

    I LOVE Optifast. It is an amazing product. I love the Vanilla Powder Shakes. I blend it together with water, ice, powder and a sprinkle of Starbucks instant coffee. I have been on Optifast for six months. I have lost 60 pounds. I drink two shakes a day and a Lean Cuisine for dinner. In the beginning, I did three shakes and two cups of veggies. After three-four weeks, I switched to the shakes a day. I could do this the rest of my life.

    • Anonymous

      pam i have a specific question can u email me at :kimorea@gmaildotcom . please

  • Connie

    Have been on Optifast for 3 weeks have only lost 5 pounds. Last week I gained 1 pound. What the hell is going on? I have followed the program with 4 products and 1 meal a day. I am on quite a bit of meds for A fib and Hypertension. Could it be that I have very painful arthritis and cannot do much activity? I am ready to quit. It is sooo expensive not to have lost any more than 5 pounds.Help!

    • Ken

      If you’re on the program it is a total meal replacement. It should be 6 products a day and lots of water. It’s most likely the “one meal a day” that’s likely high in calories and proportion. For the first 17 weeks it should be 100% product as your diet.

  • Arlene

    I pay 300 for eaach 2 week supply of meals.

  •  I have not felt this great in a long time.
    Susan (Verified User)

    I have been on the program 70 days, lost 35 pounds and have not felt this great in a long time. The program is not cheap by any means but I have multiple medical issues, needed to lose a lot of weight, They follow my progress at least weekly and are availabe to help me if I have a problem. There is also a support group when you complete the program. This is not a program for those who want the easy way out, you also have to work (exercise) to achieve.

  • Does the product contain wheat?

    Does the product contain wheat?

  • My daughter lost 14 pounds.
    diane (Verified User)

    my daughter has been doing this for a month and only lost 14 pounds also she is starting to have double over stomach pain…why is that?

    • hs

      14 pounds is a lot in 4 weeks. Tell her to keep it up!

    • Cynthia

      She is losing at a good pace.

    • Larry

      Make sure you are including some benefiber-type product for bulk in your diet. Could be constipation related. Benefiber is more expensive but you can buy a house brand at CVS that is more reasonable.

    • Kathleen

      Eat prunes5/6aday

      • Lori

        Do NOT eat Prunes ! they are full of sugar! Buy some sugar free Metamucil.

  • Why feeling side effects?
    mlavenia (Verified User)

    I just started optifast yesterday.Today, after slight exertion I found myself sweating profusely and not feeling good. Prior to eating I did a fingerstick and it was 157, the highest its ever been fasting. Can anyone explain why this happened?

    • kathy

      I’m a diabetic also. When I started Optifast my doctor warned me that my blood sugar could bounce all over the place initially since I stopped all diabetic pills when I started Optifast. I have been lucky and my blood sugars have been between 94 and 113. Give it a little time and you should level out.

    • Stacia

      Wondered if Mlavenia could share w/us the cost of the program. If it’s REALLY expensive I’m not going to bother making an appt @one of their clinics!

    • Anonymous

      How much sugar is in each shake? That would easily raise blood sugar. Especially without the added fat to slow digestion.

  • R the ready to drink shakes soy based or lactose free

    R the ready to drink shakes soy based or lactose free

    • Jan

      Short answer, no. They contain milk products and all contain about 1gm of lactose, except for the vanilla powder, which contains 8-12 grams of lactose.

      • Angela

        Eat Pork!

        • sue

          I just my first 2 weeks on the opti-fast 900. So far its been 3 days, anyone finding 4 shakes a day hard? I know I am, there are so filling. Plus I have to drink tons of water. I hope the weight loss starts soon.

          • rocco

            I just did my first weigh in lost 10 lbs first week. I know the people who say they lost 20 lbs in a week are lying. no way. I followed this to the letter. not one thing did I eat I wasn’t told to. 3 shakes , one soup I bar. I never heard of losing twenty lbs in a week. stone cold lie to the people on here don’t listen to the people who are lying. The program is good. little hard, the meetings are good. Don’t get down if you don’t lose twenty lbs in a week. that is a person who is lying. its impossible to do.

            • kim

              My husband lost 18.5 lbs the first week! Me, only 9. Figures!

            • Elizabeth

              Everyone’s metabolism and body fluids are different. You did a great job for yourself and YOUR journey. Don’t criticize someone else’s journey. They may have more weight than you to lose. Be kind and encouraging.