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We take health and wellness seriously, so when we heard Plexus had released Plexus XFactor Plus we just knew we needed to investigate. As we do with all products, our research team lifted every rock looking for the facts on ingredients, claims and science. They even took hundreds of experiences into consideration. Then, with all that data in hand, we present the bottom line.

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What is Plexus XFactor Plus?

A product of Plexus Worldwide, Plexus XFactor Plus is a multivitamin formulated with a high-potency B vitamin complex and a polyphenol blend oriented to promote gut health. Created with 100% or more of the Daily Value of 19 essential vitamins and minerals to support consumers’ overall health and energy, this multivitamin uses ingredients in their bioactive and bioavailable forms to allow for optimal absorption.

Plexus XFactor Plus is gluten-free, non-GMO and 100% vegetarian. It sells for $39.95 for 60 capsules or $33.95 for a subscription on the Plexus Worldwide website.

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How Did Plexus XFactor Plus Start?

Plexus Worldwide manufactures and distributes a wide range of weight loss, nutrition and personal care products designed to improve every aspect of your health, happiness and overall well-being. Based in Arizona and founded in 2006, the company’s goals are to deliver useful products that support digestive health and help the body naturally cleanse itself of harmful toxins. They are committed to exclusively using ingredients that are of the highest quality non-GMO, 100% vegetarian and gluten-free. Other favorite Plexus products include:

Before Plexus XFactor Plus was released, there was merely Plexus XFactor. Intended to deliver “optimal nutrition for wellness and protection,” Plexus XFactor is a multivitamin formulated with a unique patented aloe blend and New Zealand black currant. As the name would suggest, the XFactor Plus formulation contains twice as many ingredients as its predecessor, which we will further examine over the next several sections.

Plexus XFactor Plus Claims

This multivitamin boasts an impressive list of claimed benefits to improve your overall health. In fact, the company is so confident with their products; they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. After we acknowledge the promised perks, we’ll take a closer look at the list of the Plexus XFactor Plus ingredients to determine if any of the following claims are accurate. By regularly consuming this product, Plexus claims users will experience the following health improvements:

plexus xfactor plus

  • Better immune function
  • Stronger bones and muscle function
  • Maintenance of healthy blood pressure (if already in the normal range)
  • Prevention of free radical damage
  • Improved energy levels and metabolism function
  • Improved mental clarity and concentration
  • Noticeably better mood
  • Relief from common symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes

While Plexus does list the above claims on their website, the company also discloses the following notice about the XFactor Plus ingredients:

“The results of an in vitro human gut simulator study suggest that the polyphenol blend in XFactor Plus may have several beneficial effects. Further research, including research conducted in humans, is needed to confirm these preliminary findings.”

Plexus X Factor Plus Ingredients

As you will see, Plexus X Factor Plus ingredients are the same as its predecessor, Plexus XFactor. However, the XFactor Plus formula features some new additions. The highlighted elements of this new and improved multivitamin include the following:

  • 5-MTHF – Grape seed extractApple fruit extract
  • 5-MTHF – the most active bioactive form of folate
  • Grape seed extract- a polyphenol blend formulated to support gut health
  • Apple fruit extract- contains a variety of polyphenols to promote overall health

Plexus X Factor Plus Label

Besides these critical components of the polyphenol blend (400mg), other ingredients as featured on the Plexus X Factor Plus label include:

  • Cranberry Fruit Powder
  • Black currant fruit extract
  • Aloe vera extract
  • Vitamins A, B, D and K
  • Vitamin B-12 (420mcg)
  • Niacin (20mg)
  • Calcium (25 mg)

It’s important to note that while the label is presented on the Plexus website, it is nearly impossible to read, even when you zoom in on the image. Whether this was done purposely or not, it does beg you to question the professionalism of the company as well as the claims behind the combined Plexus X Factor Plus vitamins and ingredients.

Plexus X Factor Plus with Aloe

The Plexus X Factor Plus with aloe extract does not appear to be the same aloe blend found in the original Plexus XFactor formula.

plexus xfactor plus

The benefits of aloe within the original Plexus XFactor promise to deliver improved cellular metabolism, immune health support, digestive health and prevention from free-radical damage. It also says this blend provides dietary help from 10 different vital nutrients. Despite the formulations being slightly altered, this doesn’t sound drastically different from the Plexus X Factor Plus.

Does Plexus X Factor Plus Work?

Next, we’ll further examine the research behind the ingredients listed on the Plexus website. Let’s dig in to test the XFactor Plus’ credibility and product claims.


The most biologically active form of the B-vitamin called folic acid, 5-MTHF is also sometimes referred to as folate. The majority of folates are absorbed in the upper small intestine, where they are then converted to 5-methyl THF and transported by an active carrier into the portal blood.

plexus xfactor plus

According to Pub Chem, people who suffer from folate deficiencies are more prone to neurological, cognitive and psychiatric concerns such as depression, peripheral neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, dementia, irritability and schizophrenia-like syndromes.

That being said, it would seem likely that the added folic acid from the 5-MTHF would be beneficial in improving both mental clarity and overall mood, as stated in the claims by Plexus XFactor Plus. [1] [2]

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract contains high levels of antioxidants and has also been linked to some therapeutic benefits, making it highly reputable in the medical world. According to WebMD, grape seed extract may help treat some cardiovascular conditions as well as nerve damage and high cholesterol. Besides improving circulation in those with chronic venous insufficiency, grape seed extract is also helpful in treating certain diseases found in patients with diabetes.

plexus xfactor plus

While Medical News Today states that not enough extensive research has been conducted to make any concrete affirmations, grape seed extract has also been reportedly used in the treatment of:

  • Candida
  • Healing wounds
  • Improving bone strength
  • Preventing growth of candida
  • Preventing skin cancer
  • Preventing cognitive deterioration

This impressive list of health benefits seems to hold up well with the Plexus XFactor Plus claims to improve mental clarity, gut health and support healthy bones and healthy blood pressure. [3] [4] [5]

Plexus X Factor Plus Benefits and Results

So, does Plexus X Factor Plus work, and what are the benefits? We’ve answered this question the best we could by uncovering research provided by credible sources such as Medical News Today, Pub Med and Science Direct. Such research behind the listed proprietary blend suggests that with continued use, consumers should experience some degree of the following Plexus X Factor Plus benefits:

plexus xfactor plus

  • Improved energy
  • Improved gut health
  • Mental clarity and improved memory retention
  • Assisting in the prevention of several diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, diabetes and skin cancer
  • Improved mood and overall happiness

However, it should be pointed out that these health improvements will most likely only be observed in consumers who are deficient in one or more of these previously listed vitamins or minerals. According to nutrition journals such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, studies show that taking multivitamins such as the Plexus XFactor Plus will provide little to no benefits in the prevention of disease unless an individual is chronically deficient in certain vitamins.

As a few examples, vitamin A deficient individuals may notice a slight improvement of their eyesight, skin clarity or immune health, where those deficient in vitamin D may notice an improvement in their calcium levels and overall bone health upon regular supplement consumption. [6] [7] [8]

Plexus X Factor Plus Reviews

On the Plexus Worldwide website, the Plexus X Factor Plus reviews currently boast a five-star rating. However, this isn’t saying much, considering there is only one available review.

By searching Plexus Worldwide on the BBB, it shows the company is no longer accredited by the BBB, yet holds an A+ rating. There is also a warning alert posted from 2014 that reads as followed:

“On July 30, 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filed Warning Letter against the business. The Warning Letter alleges the business is in violation of FDA regulations, prohibiting the business from misbranding and incorrect marketing language without approval.” [9]

Plexus XFactor Plus Consumer Complaints

To add to this level of skepticism, Plexus boasts an overwhelmingly negative 64% customer dissatisfaction rating on the BBB, with 692 customer complaints that all seem to suggest similar concerns.

plexus xfactor plus

Browsing the first page of complaints, each consumer addresses concerns of the company taking their credit card information and charging their account without approval. Most complaints also suggest the company does not uphold the 60-day money back guarantee that is posted proudly on their website, as customers say it is impossible to get through to customer service via phone or receive a reply back through email. Furthermore, many customers complain of experiencing severe stomach pain and digestive issues after taking the Plexus products.

Details on Plexus XFactor Plus and Weight loss

While Plexus XFactor Plus does promise a long list of health benefits, weight loss is not one of them. The Plexus company does offer several products listed under the category of Weight Management, including Plexus Slim, Plexus Accelerator, and Plexus Block.

How to Use Plexus XFactor Plus

To reap the full benefits of this product and help fight dietary deficiencies, the Plexus company instructs users to take two capsules of Plexus XFactor Plus daily, with a meal. Taking the product incorrectly or without a meal may result in stomach upset.

Potential Plexus X Factor Plus Side Effects

While the website does not offer any information or warning about possible Plexus X Factor Plus side effects, as addressed earlier, it appears that a common complaint against the product is stomach upset and digestive pain. By taking a closer look at what ingredients could trigger this response in users, it seems likely that black currant could be a possible culprit.

plexus slim side effects

According to Web MD, black currant can trigger headaches, diarrhea, gas and excess belching. It’s also important to avoid taking products containing black currant if you have a bleeding disorder or will be getting surgery, as black currant can slow the blood clotting process.

Niacin is also known to trigger several complications in high doses. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, several adverse reactions to niacin include nausea and vomiting, blurred vision and most commonly, flushing combined with dizziness. [10] [11]

The Possible Dangers of Polyphenol Blends

While Plexus promotes polyphenol blends as a wholesome miracle supplement, Pub Med has released information warning consumers of the dangerous health risks that can be associated with the consumption of polyphenol blends.

According to research, there are known carcinogenic and genotoxic effects related to specific polyphenols. Research also shows there is a risk of iron depletion, as consumption of polyphenols will inhibit nonheme iron absorption. This is another reason why it’s important to consult with a doctor before purchasing and consuming this product and to take only the recommended daily dosage. [12]

Plexus XFactor Plus Product Warnings

As mentioned in the previous section, the Plexus company does not share any Plexus XFactor Plus product warnings on their website. On the product’s label, it does state the following signs:

  • XFactor Plus is not recommended for children under 18
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • If pregnant or nursing, consult with a doctor before use

Plexus XFactor Plus Lawsuits?

Often referred to as “The Pink Drink Scam,” Plexus Worldwide has been linked to several lawsuits over its 10-year course of business. There has also been controversy around the acknowledgment that the Plexus company is a multi-level marketing business, as their product is sold directly from their website as well as through local ambassadors, who earn a commission on each sale they make.

plexus lawsuit

While there is yet to be any lawsuits explicitly related to the Plexus XFactor Plus, TruthInAdvertising.org reports several claims against the company.

In regards to product safety concerns, a California-based nonprofit focusing on hazardous waste and toxic chemicals filed a lawsuit against Plexus in August of 2015. The lawsuit alleged that Plexus failed to disclose clear warnings to their consumers that their product, 96 Protein Go-Pack Chocolate, and Fast Relief, contained traces of lead, which is known to cause cancer.

The Environmental Research Center warned the company of the issue in April 2015, and when no action had been made they filed the lawsuit in August of that year. The lawsuit stated:

“Plexus has been aware of the lead in the Covered Products and has failed to disclose the presence of this chemical to the public, who undoubtedly believe they have been ingesting healthy and pure products under the company’s statements.” [13] [14]

Other Claims Against Plexus Worldwide

Updated on February 14, 2017, Plexus received a letter from TINA.org notifying the company of deceptive and unsubstantiated claims that were currently still in publication, despite Plexus confirming they would be enhancing their compliance procedures. After no response, TINA.org then sent another letter requesting Plexus remove documentaries from their YouTube channel.

According to TINA.org, these deceptive documentaries gave viewers the false hope that by joining Plexus as an ambassador, they would be able to make enough money to quit their full-time jobs and support a lavish work-from-home lifestyle. After this second request, Plexus complied and removed the videos in question. [13]

Plexus XFactor Plus Alternatives

Looking at the ingredient compilation used in XFactor Plus, the most similar alternatives currently on the market would be the following:

Gendry MD Vital Reds

Vital Reds packs in the polyphenols.

  • Concentrated polyphenol blend containing 34 polyphenol-rich super fruits and probiotics
  • Quick dissolve drink mix with natural berry flavoring
  • Boosts energy, improves digestive process and improves skin appearance
  • One 30-day supply retails for $69.95

Real Dose RealReds

real dose real reds

  • Features protective polyphenol content equivalent to six fruit servings
  • Fights premature aging and promotes healthy inflammatory response
  • Promotes weight loss by reducing fructose and excess calories
  • Organic, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and vegan
  • One 10 oz. supply retails for $47

Pure Encapsulations Polyphenol Nutrients

pure encapsulations polyphenol

  • Contains green tea, quercetin, blueberry, pomegranate and grape seed
  • Promotes ocular, cardiovascular and bone health
  • Provides metabolism and nervous system support
  • Contains 180 vegetarian capsules and retails for $48.80
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The Bottom Line on Plexus XFactor Plus

Multivitamins are commonly used across the world. Plexus Worldwide offer a product in this range that can, in most cases, be taken alongside Plexus Slim, Plexus Block and others. We’re all for supplementing, especially if you’re dieting and you’re skimping on the vitamins and minerals. But, Plexus XFactor Plus will not promote weight loss.

If weight loss IS what you’re looking for, our research supports clinically tested ingredients, which can be found from trusted companies at affordable prices.

Among the best products we’ve come across is Burn HD. The time has been taken to research the ingredients and present the results to anyone and everyone. Customer reviews are top many competitors and there’s a money-back guarantee.

Plus, you can find a 2-Week Sample for Burn HD.

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