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Sadkhin Diet Review- Does This Weight-Loss Plan Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 21, 2017

We heard a lot of buzz surrounding the Sadkhin Diet, so we took a deep dive into the ingredients, side effects, and clinical research. Furthermore, we digested hundreds of dieter reviews and comments. Then, condensed and summarized the facts to give you the info you need.

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What is The Sadkhin Diet?

To start, Sadkhin Diet is a weight-loss plan and wellness center. Dieters are given guidelines that include acceptable foods and exercise suggestions. Following the plan supposedly helps you lose up to 25 pounds in 30 days. The meals allowed are portable so you can do this one on the go. [1]

The Sadkhin Diet program, created by Dr. Sadkhin, promotes eating more fruits and vegetables. [2] You must visit a center, located in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania and Illinois, to purchase foods and supplements. We like that information about the plan is available online, but read on…

No Side Effects – “Is That True?”

The first problem relates to Sadkhin Diet side effects. “Any time a weight-loss program claims the dieter will lose up to 25 pounds in the first month you have to read the fine print,” said our Research Editor. “The only way to shed this much is to reduce calorie intake far below healthy levels and that can cause some nasty reactions.”

“I stood up from my bed and and collapsed in the hallway,” revealed a dieter.

“For 20 days, I was fuzzy in my mind, and weak,” explained another.

On the other hand, there are reviews of Sadkhin Diet telling a different story.

“It just takes some time for your body to get used to less food,” commented a dieter.

Sadkhin Diet Cost –  “Over the Top?”

Another issue was price of the Sadkhin Diet food list. “Anyone who eats apples, lettuce, tea and whole milk can loose weight without spending 100-200 dollars every ten days,” one follower suggests.

“Me and my husband spend $300 for the first visit,” said a customer.

“We found some dieters that didn’t mind the cost of the program.

“The cost is secondary if I’m losing weight,” said a dieter.

“It costs more to eat out all of the time,” reported another.

Our research connects a reduction in long-term success and concerns like the high price of a program. Dieters may look for a cheaper alternative, if Sadkhin Diet costs more than the competition.

The Science Behind Sadkhin Diet – “Validated?”

The official website for the Sadkhin Diet doesn’t offer any clinical research supporting the weight-loss claims. We know you only eat fruits, vegetables and dairy, or a dairy equivalent. That means this is an extremely rigid plan making it difficult to follow long-term. Reducing calorie intake will likely help you shed the pounds, but taking it too far can only lead to rebound gaining. At DietSpotlight, science is at the heart of all reviews. If published scientific research does not support what the center says, there’s no reason to go down this path.

The Bottom Line – Does the Sadkhin Diet Work?

So, what’s the final take on this one ladies and gentlemen? We were quite interested in the Sadkhin Diet and that lead us to our conclusion. We like that some dieters report weight-loss, but we can’t support a plan that potentially causes some pretty bad side effects and extreme calorie restriction can be difficult to follow. We’re also concerned that we found no company behind the business.

If you’re looking for a way to shed those extra pounds, we suggest trying out a supplement that doesn’t cause side effects, offers clinically proven ingredients and costs an amount you can afford.

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Previous Sadkhin Diet Review (Updated May 16, 2014):

Sadkhin Diet: What You Should Know

The Sadkhin Complex is a diet fad that is designed to help the user achieve a safe, rapid loss of weight. This diet uses acupressure to control hunger. It also tries to cleanse your system and synchronize organ operation. This plan changes your eating habit, and the website for this diet claims that you can lose ten percent of your body weight within just ten days. Users are very skeptical and for good reason. The Sadkhin Complex uses just acupressure and a healthy, balanced diet. This diet can be followed fairly easily, but many people believe that the outrageous weight loss claims are impossible. Overall, this diet fad presents a great theory, but the reality is that this diet is not possible, and any results that you do experience will quickly fade as soon as you get off this diet.

List of Ingredients in Sadkhin Diet


Sadkhin Diet: Product Features

This diet includes an acupressure instrument that is meant to control your hunger. This pressure can get rid of your hunger symptoms, but this may not be the safest diet. There are many people that have had problems, or that have lost weight too quickly, there are very few results posted on the website, and those that are posted are very unrealistic. The Sadkhin Complex is easy, but many people are unwilling to put their health at risk by following this sketchy fad. Overall, there are a lot of perks to this diet, and people love the possibility of losing a ton of weight quickly, but these results are definitely not typical.


  • This diet plan claims that you can lose a high amount of weight very quickly.
  • The Sadkhin diet is easy to follow and people do not feel hungry as often when they are on this diet.


  • This fad has been reviewed by many as an unsafe diet that can cause health problems.
  • The Sadkhin diet may claim great results, but the website has very few results posted and the results that are posted are ridiculous claims that cannot be proven.
  • This diet is radical and most people cannot make the switch to this outrageous diet.

Sadkhin Diet Conclusion

The Sadkhin diet is easy to follow and it really does lessen your hunger, but the results are not typical and many people are unable to lose large amounts of weight with this diet. The Sadkhin diet is definitely a big change for many people and most are unable to deal with it. This diet fad can even be unsafe. Overall, this is a decent diet for someone this is ready to radically change his life, but for most people this diet is simply too much and the results are definitely not typical.

Sadkhin Diet Questions & Answers:

We dissected hundreds of user comments about Sadkhin Diet into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Sadkhin Diet?

Some potential side effects of Sadkhin Diet include dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue and lack of coordination.

What are the ingredients in Sadkhin Diet?

The ingredients in Sadkhin Diet include common foods like fruits, vegetables and lean protein.

Does Sadkhin Diet work?

There’s no scientific research linking Sadkhin Diet to weight-loss. We have found studies noting the benefits of adding fruits and vegetables, but none specific to this meal plan. Dieters may want to mix it up a little and change out Sadkhin Diet with a product like Dietspotlight Burn, which consists of ingredients clinically proven to help you lose weight.

How much does Sadkhin Diet cost?

The cost of Sadkhin Diet is $400 for the first month and approximately $240 for additional months on the program.

How should I use Sadkhin Diet?

You can only eat between 11am and 6pm on Sadkhin Diet. The first two days, you consume 1.5 pounds of fruits and vegetables. The next few days, you can consume dairy products, excluding skim milk. You will also need to place acupuncture balls behind both ears.

What do users like about Sadkhin Diet?

Some users liked the portability of the meals and variety of the products available.

What do users NOT like about Sadkhin Diet?

We found that users didn’t like the high price tag of Sadkhin Diet and that the customer service department didn’t resolve concerns.

Can I drink coffee on Sadkhin Diet?

Yes, you can drink decaffeinated coffee on Sadkhin Diet.

Does Sadkhin Diet restrict calories?

Yes, Sadkhin Diet restricts calories. You will consume less than 500 calories for the first 10 days of the weight-loss plan.

Do I need to exercise on Sadkhin Diet?

No, you can’t exercise for the first 10 days on Sadkhin Diet.

Does Sadkhin Diet come with a guarantee?

The only mentioned guarantee on Sadkhin Diet was the loss of 5 to 10% of your body weight in the first 10 days.


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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.2. From 109 votes.
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Sadkhin Diet Review

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  Diabetics problem for this Diet

i have diabetics will the Sadkhin diet affect me?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Tabatha. Please consult with your physician before beginning the sadkhin diet to make sure it is safe for you to use.


is anyone on maintenance for a few years and happy?


I’ve been off the diet for 3 years after losing 140lbs and still the same weight but I’m on my own maintenance not the sahdkin complex

  Are there any age requirements?

Can you join the program at 17?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Amanda. It is recommended to consult with your physician to make sure this diet is safe for you.

  How Do i get Coupans

How do I get coupons?

Anita Moody

I’m ready to start this week. I want to start Tuesday. I know a number of friends who have been successful and lost alot of weight. So I have support and will power.


I’m ready to start this week. I want to start Tuesday. I know a number of friends who have been successful and lost alot of weight. So I have support and will power.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jeanice. For product ordering inquiries, please refer to the sadkhin diet official website for more information.


140 pounds the diet definitely works the real question is is it this diet or any diet eating 2000 cal a week will that happen to you I can answer that for you for me I had a fairly easier time doing the diet because I have a lot of self-control the first week was impossible but once I saw results every single time I went back to the doctor it just became a regular and now I’ve kept of the Weight for 3 years so far


I experienced the opposite. I started balding and since I started program my hair got denser and grew back, not 100% but much better than before.
Definitely a shock to the body that’s where the Sadkhin Spheres come into the picture.


Update: I lost 75 lbs I am 3 months after maintenance and keeping it off. After experiencing the program I became a practitioner. My son is back on the program as encouraged by his Doctor and lost back 40 lbs. Of course proper nutrition is the key to keeping weight at an optimal level. Unfortunately the majority population of North America are overweight. Most of our clients have already tried every diet out there including Nutritionists. We have a Vegan client going to the gym 3 times a week and lost zero. On our program she lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks and she is on maintenance. During my training I met 3 MD’s on the program. To make a long story short this program is for people that want to make a life change and start respecting their body, health by losing fast and eating healthy the rest of their life otherwise it’s a waste of time and money. You can see me on Facebook “the Sakhalin complex Montreal”


How did you go about becoming a practitioner. I did a program very similar and was soooo happy with the results, I can’t imagine doing anything better than helping others accomplish their dream of weight loss… i battled for years and the whole experience and weight loss gave me my life back again.

  I am very upset with this outcome
Deb (Verified User)

After hearing success stories about the diet, and not realizing that I even HAD 8+ poinds to lose [I know, not much] I went along with my husband and signed up. I was very strict and disciolied and lost the weight within 3 1/2 weeks. Since then I have gained it ALL back along with an additional 6 pounds! I am SICK about this. I am NOT eating poorly or overly…and I truly believe my metalbolism was totally messed up by this diet. I NEVER had a stomach, but all of a sudden I look 5 months pregnant. I am exercising moderately EVERY day, too. I am very upset with this outcome. Nothing fits…and I am in a foul mood all the time. Be VERY careful….


thats weard,u cant gain more than u lost,i mean depends what u eat,u do know its not a mirical pill,u still have to watch what u eat.


If you lost like 40lb,and during a year you gained like 10lb,it’s normal,but you can’t gain more than you lost,and ya it takes a lot to loose,but please don’t blame it on doctor.i lost 45 first time,during a year gained 10,now lost 20 again.

  Extremely unprofessional
Jan (Verified User)

Extremely unprofessional. I had an appointment in the NYC office. The practitioners there is very offensive to his customers and makes improper sexual jokes to female customers. A lady walked out on him after he made comments. Poor taste. I won’t be using them in the future.

  Didn't work for me
Suzanne (Verified User)

The Sadkhin diet doesn’t work. the diet is extremely restricted. The above article is very accurate.
I just waste $300.00

  I feel great !!
joe (Verified User)

I’m on the program for 3 months and lost 65 lbs. I feel great. I tried many diets and nothing worked. No diet can make you stop eating you have to discipline yourself. The rapid weight loss is a great motivator to keep going till you reach your goal. It’s up to me to continue eating healthy. by the way i travel from Canada every 10 days an 8 hour drive.Dr. Sadkhin was a cardiologist and has a USA patent on this program. I read all the research he did and it’s amazing. Yes it might not be suitable for some, but most failures blame yourself don’t blame a proven method for thousands over a 25 year period. My son lost 80 lbs looked great felt great but didn’t finish the program and started to eat uncontrollable as before and gained all back.

  Very effective Program.
katrina (Verified User)

About 20 years ago, a friend told me about this program where people were losing weight like crazy. I went over to the office, in Brooklyn and met the doctor. He was a real doctor and very respectable. I started the diet, ate the alternate foods and rotated the balls. In the first ten days, I lost 17 pounds. In the first month my friend lost 40 pounds. I continued and the next 10 days, I lost about the same. I was not hungry as long as I rotated the balls behind my ears. As many of the people have stated, most things do work if you are dedicated to it. Will power is our biggest enemy or hero. I ended up losing 80 pounds after it was all said and done. I could have lost more, and needed to lose more, but I cheated here and there. I didn’t have any side effects, but because I didn’t discipline myself I gained a lot of the weight back.

  Good Diet
Alfredo (Verified User)

Hi Lorena,Most people think you must be stirct when following a diet plan. However, it’s not always the case. I have a friend named Anna, she doesn’t diet at all but still keep a good shape. The biggest secret of diet is not diet at all. The most important thing is you need to avoid foods that contain bad fats to avoid.There is a very good video you should take a look. I’m sure you will change your thinking about diet after watching it.Hope you will have a nice weekend and be healthy.You can watch the video in the resource box

  Result is Fantastic
Teresa (Verified User)

I think the Sadkins diet is great! I have a 7 month old baby, and I needed to do something drastic to drop the baby weight. In the first 10 days I have lost 9 pounds. The I am on my 2nd set of the 3 ten day cycles and I feel amazing! I am only 5 pound from pre baby weight and I feel amazing! I don’t eat bad anyway just needed a boost after the baby and Sadkins has been fantastic!

Very Good Product
jacquelyn bonomo (Verified User)

The claims are valid. I have gone on this diet 3 times, and lost weight very rapidly in a short period of time without feeling too hungry. It isn’t a permanent way of eating, but after you take off the weight, you can be more motivated to keep it off through moderation and exercise. I usually lost 15 pounds in about a month or 6 weeks.

Barbara Krinsky

I lost 12 lbs the first 10 days, 10 the next and lost a total of 38 lbs in a short time! I felt energetic and great! You need to be on their maintenance prigram which is basically a healthy diet which is good but leaves little room to have any of the stuff humans crave now and then. It’s good if you go back for periodic exams and do the original plan every 7-12 months to maintain. I wasn’t able to do that so did gain the weight back! I’d suggest this for a great head start and motivator and then after a month or so and having lost a nice amount of weight, going to weight watchers to take the rest off more slowly and permantently!


I want to know we’re can found one of this places in nj, places really I want to go.


Go to the engelwood sadkhin center. Steven Sklarz amazing. I lost thirty pounds and many inches. So doable.

  Eating the very limited fruits and veg.

I went on this program two years ago and was totally engrossed with it. I did everything that was recommended right to the exact detail and yes, I lost weight very quickly, lost almost 20 lbs. in 10 days. I was excited to have found the miracle of diets. Then came the boom…..I stood up from my bed and started down the hallway (my grandson was spending the night) and said, “This isn’t me” and collapsed in the hallway, hitting my head on the corner of a large picture frame which was up against the wall. Thank goodness he was staying with me that night as he called my daughter and she came racing over to find me on the floor. She called EMS and the rest is history. I had health issues before the diet and never should have been on such a strict and unsafe program for someone who had health problems as myself. Eating the very limited fruits and veg. for 2 days and then just 3 glasses of milk for 2 days and repeat, was insane. Maybe for some, the result was not as severe as mine and I wish them much luck. Those who do have health issues, please check with your doctor before you go on this program and if he says yes, then you are the lucky few and I wish you much success.


im a diabetic and I have lost 40lbs so far I’m no longer using insulin and only take one shot of bydurian per week. The diet works

this diet is definitely not worth it:
Maria (Verified User)

Technically this diet does work I lost about 60 pounds in 5 months BUT this diet doesn’t teach you the proper way to eat so as soon as I went off the diet I started gaining back weight. I decided to go back on the diet to lose more weight. My biggest problem with this diet is that it took away my hunger so severely that at one point I literally started forgetting to eat which might not sound that horrible but before I even reached my goal weight I developed an eating disorder which continued on for 8 months until I finally got help and now almost a year later am still struggling trying to recover. So this diet is definitely not worth it: it’s not healthy, you will most likely gain back the weight you lose, and possibly develop an eating disorder. I know several people who tried this diet most of whom are still struggling with their yoyoing weight and one other who is also struggling to recover from an eating disorder.


a variety of veggies

  this diet is working for me
mary daniel (Verified User)

this diet is working for me. two months and one week have lost 32 pounds. and still working on it started with 212 pounds my weight is now 180.. im healthy lighter on my feet and has lots of energy..

  I loved this program.
Fay nadel (Verified User)

I loved this program. It changed my eating style forever. I joined in 2005 or 2006 and kept off 17of the 20lbsi wanted to lose.

   I enjoyed eating the fresh fruit

I started the sadkhins diet 10 ten days
ago and loss 8lbs. It is not easy and I cheated twice. I enjoyed eating the fresh fruit and veggies and I am definitely learning a different more healthy eating style.


if I understand correctly I can eat all the lettuce and avocado I want is this correct?

Cameron (Editor)

When you make an appointment with on oe their dietitians they go over foods you can and can’t have.

  Sorry forgot

Sorry forgot my name above…

  5 years ago great results
Gallon Thomad (Verified User)

I used this diet 5 years ago and had great results. I went back to my old eating habits and gained the weight back. I wanted to start it over again but unfortunately the Sachin cent in Chicago has closed and there is not one anywhere near me.

  The diet works with no side effects!
inna (Verified User)

the diet works,no side effects,lost 46lb in 3 months,never felt better,ya first visit 160,but after that u pay only 80,year after came back,couse of hollidays i gained little,and i just came back for detox,so ya if u not follow the rules,uwont get what u want

Dee Baxter (Verified User)

Yes! You eat a large variety of fruits and veggies. I have no idea why they say it’s not healthy and for a fad it has been used for over 12 years! It’s an amazing and healthy plan.


I just started today, and wanted to know what are some of the veggies you eat beside cabbage?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official sadkhin diet website for more information.

  I greatly respect this diet. Sadkhin Diet really works.
Aida (Verified User)

Sadkhin Diet really works. I personally took off 20 lbs in 5-6 weeks, but my body definitely shrunk and I can now wear at lest 1-2 sizes smaller clothes. Like any serious “project”, it requires strong motivation and determination. Also requires self discipline, but the mind can do miracles!
In addition, you really change your view of food shopping, taste, the meaning of food to you. I’ve become more rational and conservative in planning the amount of food purchased, so that it’s always fresh. I greatly respect this diet.

  I have lost a total of 41 lbs under the Sadkhin Diet.
Jason J. (Verified User)

I have lost a total of 41 lbs under the Sadkhin Diet. The real challenge is being disciplined and not forgetting to rotate the accu-pressure balls every 2 hours. It truly suppresses your appetite.


How are you doing now with the weight. Have you kept it off?have you kept the weight off?

I take lactose pills from Walmart and it works great.

Yes. You can have soy, almond or yogurt. I take lactose pills from Walmart and it works great.

You can have lactade milk, rice milk, or even almond milk!

Yes you can still do the diet. You can have lactade milk, rice milk, or even almond milk!

  Works great for me.
Sophie (Verified User)

Yes, you can do the diet without the balls. I dropped 18 pounds in 38 days. I am now down21 lbs and 2 dress sizes. Works great for me.


Yes, I started out doing the balls and I lost about 30 lbs. first month but the second month I realize that all my cravings had gone and I didn’t need the balls anymore so I decided to save my money and go it with just the eating plan. I did and was successful I lost another 30 lbs for a total of 60 lbs in 3 months.

However, as soon as I went off I gained 30lbs over several months not quickly.

Although, I can tell you currently I went back on the eating plan without the balls and I tweaked it so I still drink green tea in the mornings and eat a apple or a orange every two hours until lunch and I have a small salad with meat and dressing but at dinner I do the same but I don’t eat after 7pm and with that plan so far I’ve lost 15 lbs in one month. It isn’t as fast as strict sadkhin program but it is getting me results without the hunger and expensive price to move some balls around on my ears.

  it works if you follow the program.
Nyl (Verified User)

It works . Most ppl aren’t disciplined so they say it doesn’t work. Yes it does . If after 2 days you give up.. Of course it didn’t work . Myself and 6 friends did it and we all lost quickly .. Discipline.. Either you have it or you don’t .. But, dont bash the system it has helped so many ppl gain their health and confidence back..


Is the program affordable ??






Yes. $150 to start and $75 thereafter. Beats any system I’ve ever done. You must be able to drink milk or yogurt

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Savannah. The plan is approximately $400 upfront and then $240 for any additional months.

  Would like to see people who lost after 1 year?

Would like to see people who lost after 1 year – same 3/4 year old videos at his office

  Loved the product.
TrueBel (Verified User)

“To each his/her own” – I’m on the plan now, my weight was 198 on the first day. Four days later my weight went down to 191. I’ve been tempted by, cake, fried chicken and pizza’s. My mindset is, if I eat just a small bite of either one of these items, I’ll blow up to 200lbs in a heartbeat!! You have to use the balls, you have to eat how and when the plan states..NO CHEATING. Everybody is different-what works for you, may not work for me!! But I’m determined and strong willed, so this one’s working for me and that’s one of the main points you MUST have to be successful with Dr. Sadkins plan.

  Loved the product.
Mary (Verified User)

Yes, people,
Dr Sadkhin is a real person and yes is is a real doctor.
He is at at the office on Ave U in Brooklyn everyday. I found him to be an approachable person who is committed to diet and your good health.

He is a sincere older Russian gentleman and is not a fake salesman pushing the latest product on the market.

The diet is real and simple to follow. But it has its challenges and may not be for everyone. 2 days yogurt and honey 2 days vegetables works but it was tough.

But once you get over the hump its not so bad. I dropped 10 lbs in the first 3 weeks. You just have to want it

  Loved the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

You definitely need the balls. I am on the program right now and you need someone who is certified in the Sadkhin Complex Method. You just can’t get any old acupressure expert. It’s amazing. I’ve already lost 12 pounds and it’s only been 5 days.

  It is a lifestyle change
s (Verified User)

This diet plan works…I was able to drop 35 pounds in 2 1/2 months…and felt great doing it. My friends saw me and started on the plan….I now have at least 6 friends that are on an average of 30 pounds lighter and feel great! I had tried every diet in the book for the last 15 years and nothing worked like this. But the most important factor is that this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. If you eat like before, you’ll look like before. Please try it…it might work for you…and ultimately keep you off meds.

  You need effort to sustain weight loss
B.G. (Verified User)

I think everyone is taking the wrong thing away from this diet. Every diet is a fad diet that does not incorporate a healthy lifestyle change. However, I don’t see why you can’t jumpstart a lifestyle change with a few pounds in the bucket. Clearly you will gain all of the weight back and more if you just stop the diet and go back to your old habits. In order to sustain your results you will have to work out duh…

Let’s use an exaggerated example: if you intake 4000 calories a day and without working out burn 2000 calories a day, you will gain weight. If you do this diet and drastically lower your calorie intake to 500 and still burn that 2000, you will lose weight.

Now let’s say you’ve done the diet, lost the weight and are going back to a healthy diet, not like before, and you are adding exercise: 1600 calorie intake, 2000 calories burned plus an extra 600 or so (since working out causes you to continue to burn more calories after you stop) from the treadmill and what do you have? a sustainable weight and/or continued weight loss.

Let’s use our brains here…


Thank you…..makes sense….people are discouraging saying I will just gain it all back OF COURSE if I go back to old habits duh…best comment so far…thanks again!!!

  Need more information like side effects
Gloria Martin

Would like more infor on sadkhin & would like to also be aware is it any side effect? Would like to lose weight around mid section

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Gloria. For detailed product instructions and information please refer to the official sadkhin diet website.

  It works but don't forget the balls
gg (Verified User)

Please don’t do anything without the balls because you will starve. The whole point of the balls is to stop you from being hungry and also keep your brain functioning well. The therapist specifies that the balls are very important to maintain health. On the upside, I lost 15 pounds in the first ten days!

  It works but requires discipline
vivi360 (Verified User)

I have tried the diet with much success about a year ago without the balls. I lost 20 pounds in 10 days. It was not easy, I was hungry the first 4-5 days, especially those milk days but after day 5 I had already lost I did stick with it. I did not go back for maintenance phase what I did do was slowly phase lean chicken and fish back into my everyday diet. I did not gain the weight back. I am going to do the 10 day initial diet again because I want to lose some quick weight. This, just like any other diet, will not work for everyone and requires a certain amount of discipline. I believe it is solely up to the individual.

  The only diet that works for me
Elisha (Verified User)

I have used this diet a few times with and without the balls I live in ny and I have met with him. He is very smart and his diet is the only diet that ever works for me. I lost 35 lbs in 30 days after I had my daughter and I lost 20 lbs right before my wedding in 3 weeks. Whenever you come off any diet you need to watch what you eat or you will gain. I am now on the diet again I’m on my 7th day and 6 lbs lighter. It works and it is real

  This diet is not healthy for us
ellen (Verified User)

Me and my husband are our 3 rh day today.. And we both get very very sick.. It is not TRUE you will not feel hunger.. We both suffered from starving.. I WAS HUNGRY FORSTDAY AND I AM HUNGRY TODAY….First day my husband almost faint.. i called the person in Wesport IRENA she said” Maybe he get sick from something else and give him honey” … i checked his blood pressure it was scary low.. He wasn’t sick from anything else his body was starving…And today i felt i am going to fainting..It is not realistic, this diet is not healthy!.. pls keep your money on your pocket.. We spend 300$ for fist visit .. i am so sad about it..


I felt the same way. No it is not healthy. I am a nurse and I can’t believe I fell for this. I felt so faint by day 6…sick actually. I took the balls off and ate. I have been eating for a few days and nothing will stay down and runs right out of me. No he does NOT know what he is doing!!!!


First of all my body could not take any concentrated sugar ie honey,syrup.It gives me severe joint and body and weakness.As for the balls -joke-was not controlling any hunger.and so for 20 days,i was not able to function.i was fuzzy in my mind ,very weak.I complained,I was told this was a booth camp ,no compassion.Its a one size fits all.However well this diet was supposedly good for some people.There needs to be a qualified Dr on sight to collaborate with clients every so often,so people in ignorance,do not die while on this diet.By the way i did not loose if any weight.


Dr, Sadkhin is a qualified doctor he is a cardiovascular doctor so don’t worry he knows what he’s doing.


Anytime you go from 2-3000 calories a day to 500-800 you are gonna be hungry. Do the plan , lose the weight. Go off right( maintenance) it want come bk. Too many commercials tell us to eat what we want & lose weight. This is not even healthy .If you are looking for a magic pill or a pizza , ice cream, cake, pasta diet this is not the one. I am on day 5 and down 9 lbs.. Wanted to lose a few more lbs ..Hooray!!!

  I look better and feel better
Mike (Verified User)

Sadkhin does work.
I lost ten lbs on it in about 2 weeks.
I look better and feel better
However it is not for everyone

I like the fact that you are eating fruits and veggies and milk.
Items you buy at the store.
I DO NOT TRUST any juices or supplements that others offer.

These are expensive, un-tested and who knows how and where it is made.
I am not putting that in my body.

Sadkhin requires discpline and you will feel the hunger pains, but they do subside. That is why its called a diet.

  Constipation problem
ec (Verified User)

constipation has been a problem too for 5 days. I finally had a small one. I like the loss of weight quickly. I am older and it takes months to lose 5 pounds on other diets. It is obvious that maintenance and healthy lifestyle changes are required afterwards. there is no panacea to weight loss

  Stop complaining
Valencia (Verified User)

I just started the Sadhkin diet Oct. 22, 2011 and weight my heaviest of 278. I know this will work for me because I haven’t lost weight on any other diet and I have to get rid of it once and for all. I have saw people at my job lose and kept the pounds off. I know once you finish the maintenance part of it you can’t start back eating junk food and not exercise. You will gain weight back no matter what. We already know that junk food isn’t good for us anyway and just have to learn how to live without eating it like you have before. Eating healthy is the goal anyway, so stop complaining about weight you gained if you don’t watch what your eating. I will post my weight lost in 9 days. Yes it will be hard but I’m sick of being tired ad obese.


How have you been doing since your last post? I am curious and contemplating this diet.

  This works and very safe!
Crystal Cotton (Verified User)

Lost 65 pounds in 4 months. Size 16+ to Size 6. This plan works, it is not a fad. It does take discipline. It is totally safe. What is safer than fruits and vegetables and milk? If you are ready to change, don’t listen to naysayers. Do it and start living the life you want.

  I love this great program!
April (Verified User)

I think the program is great. It does help curb your appetite and gives you a boost of energy. I love it. I thanks Mr. Ed…

  My friend lost weight and looks great!

My friend she started the diet and she lost 40lbs and she looks great

  Dr. Sadkhin is a genius!
Esther H. (Verified User)

Dr. Sadkhin is a Genious! He is a very kind and honest gentleman. I feel privelaged to have met him and I did really well on his program!

  Dr. Sadkhin is a Genius!
Daniella G (Verified User)

I have also worked for Dr. Sadkhin. And let me tell you something… he is a pure GENIUS and it was my honor working for him as he is a very easygoing and kind practitioner and man. He does not wish harm or to be a crook. His diet was the only diet that worked for me and it was fast and effective. I did gain weight, but that was over 2 years course, and it was because I didn’t watch what I ate and I also didn’t do maintenance. His program is designed to DETOX you, and also program your mind on food so that once you come off it, you can’t go back to eating the garbage you ate, or of course you’ll gain it back. I am back on his diet as of today, and it has been the easiest diet for me to follow and the most rewarding and effective. He truly cares about his patients and helping people achieve results. He’s changed my life when I discovered his invention, and it was my pleasure working for him. He is humble, kind, and good hearted. Anybody who disagrees, go back on your old diets and see how much you achieve…….most people quit. Remember, if you follow his directions, and WATCH what you eat once you come off the diet, you will NOT gain it back. While you’re on this, your body should learn not to crave bad foods anymore, and your stomach shrinks. You should look at this diet as a jump start to a new lifestyle because once you come off it, you MUST change your ways of eating, and this program helps you do so.

  It really works!
Erica (Verified User)

I’ve been going to Dr. Sadhkin in NYC for over 15 years. Yes it works. Yes you absolutely need the balls. It took me years to gain the weight back and that was because I just ate without any discipline for years. If you have access to the balls and you feel hopeless and need to feel there is some way you can succeed then go ahead – it really works in a way nothing else does. But when you stop going you have to continue some kind of discipline, which you won’t really have learned – weight control is a lifelong issue. One thing I heard today at the office was “If you learn not to eat when you are not hungry, and to stop when you are no longer hungry but not full, then you will never have a weight problem. How many people eat when they are hungry and stop before they are full – so obviously no matter what you do you are going to have to contend with emotional eating and pigging out. Our concept of portion size is way way way out of line. Two bites of most things fulfill the craving. After that it is just stuffing.


So true. It’s not about calorie intake. It’s about hormones. When you are eating when you’re not hungry you will gain Eat only when you’re hungry.

  Afraid to gain weight
back to blaque (Verified User)

Wow are you serios about that? I hear the commercial everyday and decided to call and make an appointment. But from what I’m reading this diet is nothing more than a receipt I receive from someone who needed to rapidly loose weight to join the military. It worked, it was free and I lost 10 lbs in a week. But now I’m scared of gaining it back due to what I’m reading….


Listen. Why don’t you try it for a month, and just see if after that you gain it back. Maybe I was different I don’t know. But I never seem to find any people talking about how they KEPT it off, only how they LOSE. I also lost 25 lbs, and gained 50. Try a smaller number, like 10 lbs… and see once you come off it if you not only gain it back, but see if you can maintain eating healthy after that, because I know when I came off it I was starving for everything in my path. I don’t know. But 10 lbs should be a safe test. Give it a shot…. I have much more I need to lose now, and I’m also afraid to go back to him although I do know I can drop 80 in 4 months…. I’m scared to gain back 160 now. How is it that I gained 50 when I lost 25? I don’t know if the numbers always double or if it was just because of how hungry I was afterwards….but Stay on it for a month and if it all works out for you, then best of luck! I am not on here to discourage anybody……just pointing out some obvious tips…. even HE will tell you, once you come off his diet you still need to fast 2 times a week, and also visit him every year to “keep the weight off”…

  Did loose weight but got body reactions
ExoticblaqueX (Verified User)

Again, for those of you who chose to not read… I worked for Sadkhin and got the treatment for free… lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks. Gained 50 back once I came off. All the fat you’re losing is not burned, it’s stored. The minute you start eating even REGULAR healthy foods again, your body will react to them as if you’re stuffing your body with 10 big macs, because it is not used to ANY calorie/fat intake. You’re going from eating like 100 calories a day to eating 1000 average, once you start eating healthy foods again. Your body regardless will gain weight to that because the fat that was stored in your body was there because it was in starvation mode, once you’re out of starvation mode, all those fats will come back out and you will gain extra weight just from eating normal food again because the body is not used to using that food as form of energy now. I’d do it again now… but I’m sorry I don’t wanna be 300 lbs once I come off it. TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE who’s worked for him for 3 yrs. I cannot disclose my name as it was part of the contract to not breach confidentiality.


The fat is “stored” in your body? Where? In the anti-gravity portion of your body? Without commenting on the efficacy of this diet, your comments make no scienitific sense. Your body does not “store” fat away somewhere where it can’t be measured by a scale. Thank goodness for Dr. Sadkhin you no longer work for him.


I think she means that the fat cells shrink when you lose weight. You cant lose fat cells. So when you start eating again, your existing fat cells are right there to absorb the calories and expand back to there original size.


it’s true…..




I lost over 40 pounds with Sadkhin and maintained my weightloss- I even loss 10 more pounds without following program and have been able to maintain. It’s been a lifestyle change for me. I’m now going for losing my last 40 pounds and I’m back on Sadkhin after a 5 month maintenance phase AND NOT following their maintenance. It’s a jump start to eating healthy and aligning your palate to what’s really need for healthy living.


Did you do the maintenance step where you add fish and have only one ball that you do not rotate before you started eating again?


Well OBVIOUSLY if I was personally working for him as the receptionist and his assistant. I knew this diet and all the skeems behind it better than anybody, because I was the one dealing with the press. This is a FAD diet. You can do maintenance all you like, but it is PHYSICALLY impossible for your body to NOT gain anything back the minute you start to add calories and carbs and fats to your body again. It is just part of science. The fat in your body on this diet is not burned, it is stored because your in starvation mode so your body starts to eat off what it has stored. When you start eating regular foods again, it blows up like a balloon because it reacts to the new foods as a “shock” to the body, since it never had any calories or fats eaten before. ANY diet, needs to be permanent and maintenance for life if you want it to last for the long run. Sadkhin is a good guy. I enjoyed working for him. However, this diet is not for the long run, but def the quickest shortcut to great amount of weight loss in a short period of time. You cannot fight physics and science, and this is why no matter who you are or what you do, when you eat practically nothing for weeks or months, and then suddenly add on healthy real foods again, your body will add on the stored fats PLUS the new foods you’re eating due to it being in starvation mode for so long. You never wanna be in starvation mode, or it will come back 10x harder.


This diet like any other, if you overeat you will gain it back. There is not and probably never will be a diet that will keep the weight off forever.

  This is effective and worth it
Melissa (Verified User)

I have been on this diet now for 60 days and have lost 58 lbs. I have 5 young children and have let myself go for 5 yrs. I did this diet once, w/out the balls when I nursed my daughter due to her severe food allergy issues, and did everything this has but it included chicken and fish. I gained weight back due to more pregnancies and giving up the eating habits. YES it is strict BUT once you choose to make that life change, its worth it. When I did it b4 I was starving all the time, so I believe the balls DO help. My goal is to continue to lose weight, be healthier and then continue to maintain my weight through fruits, and veggies and continueing to cut out the grains as those make me very tired anyways, and adding fish and chicken. I do not mind the diet, once you are in the weightloss mindset – its not that bad. The beginning is hard. Now, its good and exciting. Adding time at the gym everyday has made it even more enjoyable and a total lifestyle overhaul. My kids notice a difference, my husband does for sure 😉 and I do too! Things fit me and my clothes are falling off that were my “transition” clothes! It works…

  It worked and it's so good
Denise (Verified User)

I found this diet in a newspaper years ago . I tried it to prove it would not work.It worked,10% weight loss in ten days. I am on it now and again it is so good! Love what it does,flat stomach finally.Thanks Dr.Sadkins.

  Can loose weight without spending money

Tried this diet and all I can say is that you can do this yourself. The balls behaind my ears did nothing for me but make my ears hurt. If you wanna loose weight fast, try this on your own. People please save your money. Anyone who eats apples, lettuce, tea and whole milk can loose weight without spending 100-200 dollars every ten days.

  Don't try this it will get worse
Olga (Verified User)

Don’t ever try this diet, my relative almost died while on this diet.Doctors said that the diet developed holes in the fat that protects intestines, than the intestine got stuck in one of the holes and stopped the blood supply to the intestines and other organs. She had most of her intestines removed and now we are just praying for her to get better. Please don’t try this diet.

  It's very easy and effective
Angel (Verified User)

I have been on the diet for exactly 7 days now and I am down 15 lbs. I can’t believe it, I started on 04/11/11 at 206. Today is 04/18/11 and I am at 191. I love this diet and most of all I can drink white wine. My goal is 140, so I have 51 more to take off. This diet is very easy and it’s all about will power.

  Product is great but not long term
ExoticblaqueX (Verified User)

i have personally WORKED for Dr. Sadkhin, and I only wanted to lose 25 lbs, which I did lose on his diet, within 1 month. Once I came off it, I gained 50 lbs back within the year, and am heavier than I have ever been in my life! My cravings became CRAZY after the diet and it is almost impossible to control your hunger or eat at a normal healthy pace after just eating veggies for a month. I urge you not to do it because the minute you come off it, you will be starving and eating everything in your path. and even if you won’t eat everything in your path, if you eat ANYTHING that is not fruits or vegetables, you will gain the weight so rapidly plus double. You know why? Because your body is not losing weight. You are just storing fat in your body while on this diet, and the minute you come off it, your gaining weight from other foods you start to eat other than vegatables as well as the stored fat you had in your body the whole time, because you never burned it off. This diet is great for quick rapid results, but def not for long term, and I wish I was where I was before I started this diet. I rather be chubby than be obese now.

Lisa K

I have a hard time believing that someone who went in weighing 250 lbs and walks out weighing 150 lbs has not lost fat, but stored it. My scale is already telling me different with a fat %. I have seen lots of reviews of people who have kept the weight off after. Who’s to say you wouldn’t have overeaten and gained this much weight if you had NOT been on the Sadkhin Complex? Don’t discourage people who really need the help. I know I would never have lost this weight with any other plan…because I wouldn’t have seen the weight come off fast enought to keep me going.


One’s body doesn’t hide fat; you either lost it or you didn’t. Fat cells do come back easily but 50lb gain after a 25lb loss should have come back much more rapidly than one year! It sounds like her body was trying to keep it off. Perhaps the OP should have remained on the plan for a longer period.


I wish i listen to her.. Me and my husband spend 300$ for the first visit.. This diet doesn’t work .. we both get sick and felt the hunger painfully crall the time..i honestly dont understant how it did work for others.. Good luck feel free to do it..


Is there anybody actually meet with dr sadhkin??
I have been looking at the google hours all i find it this is a one franchising company. And there is nobody such as dr sadkhin.. There isn’t even real doctors there..When u go there they are making you sing a paper to say ” they are not doctors, if something happens to you, they are not responsible”
I have tried to do it it is not possible. Don’t do it! It is ll money trap..i was starving i quit today! It doenst work! they they are dleting any negative comments:(


Really where did you work ?? I also feel the same last year it worked so well for me. Now it seems I can’t lose weight with the balls on !!

  Still loose weight without using the program

When this first came out and the yexpanded into Beverly Hills I attended the center, paid the money, got the balls and went on program. The balls fell off within 3 days. I stayed on the food program and lost 15 pounds in the first 10 days. Went on to lose 13 more over the full 45 days including maintenance. You do not need the balls. They do help with acupressure and slight hunger control, but after using this program without them for 8 years now to maintain weight, I am a firm believer that they are completely unnecessary. If you are determined to stick it out and can make it past day 1 and 2 you’ll be fine. I know many people who have converted and use his as their sole maintenance diet aid. Good luck and fill us in on your results!

  Product worked but not for long
Yuriy (Verified User)

I am on the Sadhkin diet for 30 days. I lost 30 Lb, predominantly in the first 10 days (23LB), the next two cycles (each 10 days) I lost 2 inches of my waist, but did not loose weight as significant as it was in the first 10 days

  you have to try it
SHARON (Verified User)

I JUST STARTED ABOUT 3 WEEKS AGO AND I have already loss 25 pounds and feel great, I’m never hungry, diet very easy to follow.you have to try it

Karen (Verified User)

If you follow the diet it works. It’s two days fruits and vegetables and two days milk. You’re never hungry and you lose weight very quickly. I totally recommend it.


They have their own centers, like Weight Watchers, etc. Go to Sadkhin.com for locations/information

  I LOVE the results!
Lisa H (Verified User)

I lost 30 pound on the Sadkhin diet in just over a month. It was a drastic diet but you see results quickly which keeps you going. I LOVE the results! Now that I stopped following most of the diets rules I was worried about gaining the weight back but instead I have lost 3 more pounds in the past week and a half! The key is that I get full very fast thanks to the diet! If you have the money to do it and want FAST results, DO IT!


I am on diet now. Lost 10 pounds but not using his diet to the
Letter. I am eating chicken lean on all fruit and veg days. Also have a lot of joining pain since the beads and concerned. I don’t think this diet is the healthiest as far as eating goes. Your body needs protein. But the beads help with app suppressant. So use them for suppression and eat healthy or when u get off this you will gain a ton of weight. I did this diet 8 years ago and lost 30 pounds. I put it back quickly as your body doesn’t handle adding food back well. I am concerned about side effects from the beads not the diet and am researching now. I have beard you can have hair lOss from it.but want to.know about inflammation and irritability and fatigue. Please let me know if you have experIenced these symptoms. Also tread lightly with the diet and modify it if you have Concerns as it is a shock to the body and you will gain weight after diet unless you really are careful.


you eat fruits and veggies every other 2 days and milk the opposing days. Ex: monday and tuesday (fruits and veggies) wedn and thurs(milk) friday and sat(fruits and veggies) and so on. You eat 1.5lbs of the fruits and veggies and 2.5 cups of milk on your milk days.

  This Diet Does Work Alot
Smith (Verified User)

this diet does work however if you have health issue please consider talking with your doc first before trying. the problem with this diet is the balls kept falling off and I got tired of folks in my business about my goal for me the balls are seen where everyone can see I don’t like that…if you are doing this for short term its cool but don’t mess around with it in regards to the time you are on it lose the weight and do follow program. the reason I said what I said is the folks are not doctors they are folks doing a diet program.

  Yes it Works
Louis (Verified User)

I was on the sadkhin diet,it’s real and it works exactly as advertised. I started at 213 lbs I was 186 in just 32 days..yes it works


how long are you on it