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Svelte Weight Loss Review - Does This Weight-Management Program Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 16, 2017

Svelte Weight Loss is a company I will surely never forget. We put the spotlight on side effects, applicable ingredients, scientific research and customer service quality. Additionally, we analyzed hundreds of user comments and reviews. Then, we condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Svelte Weight Loss?

To begin with, Svelte Weight Loss is a clinic offering medically-supervised weight-management programs. Any applicable ingredients depend on the food choices recommended after your first consultation. The length of time you’ll visit a location varies and is based on your individual goals. One benefit is that the company offers a variety of digital information.

Svelete Weight Loss was developed by Dr. Richard Bragg more than 13 years ago after his own battle with obesity. To utilize the programs and services, you’ll need to visit one of the locations. We like that the system was designed by a physician and that we found some favorable customer comments, but read on…

Clinic Location – “Limited!”

Our first issue is the locations of Svelete Weight Loss Clinics. “For people who aren’t within a reasonable drive of the Orlando area, this could become problematic,” said our Research Editor. “So, any of the benefits are lost because the offices are limited.”

One person said, “I would love it if something like this was available in California where I live since I can’t get to Florida.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not driving more than an hour to get anywhere – and I don’t live close enough to Orlando,” said another.

Others had this to say.

One delighted man claimed, “I live within a short drive of the clinic and I have had great results with it.”

Price – “Svelte Weight Loss is Expensive”

According to Svelte Weight Loss reviews, the cost was higher than expected. “The initial evaluation, injection, and supplement is $260. Then, you’re charged another $75 a week. That’s about $300 a month,” commented a dieter.

“I can’t afford that kind of money to lose weight – I can shop at the grocery store for less than that,” said another.

There were customer reviews of Svelte Weight Loss that didn’t mind the cost.

An optimistic customer said, “With the weight I lost, it was worth every penny.”

“I was skeptical at first, but it was worth making the investment in my health,” agreed another.

Over the years, we’ve learned that it takes one thing, like a limited location or a high cost to deter customers from sticking around over the long term.

The Science – “Backed by Research?”

There’s no science to support Svelte Weight Loss as effective. We don’t know what the supplements are, or what the injection is, so we can’t say whether or not they are proven effective. While we appreciate that this system was created by a physician, research connecting it to weight-loss may have helped us at DietSpotlight during the review process. When there’s no evidence presented, we raise the red flag.

The Bottom Line – Does Svelte Weight Loss Work?

What’s the real deal with Svelte Weight Loss? Well, we like that Svelte Weight Loss has been around for more than 10 years and that we found some positive customer comments, but the lack of research showing that dieters will lose weight is concerning. Also, we’re skeptical about this one due to customer comments about the limited locations and the high price.

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Previous Svelte Weight Loss Review (Updated March 2, 2015):

What You Should Know about Svelte Weight Loss

The number of weight loss programs, supplements and weight management approaches may overwhelm you. As anyone can see, there are a lot of options to sift through these days. One of the many is Svelte Weight Loss. This is a weight management program that involves visiting a clinic in order to have a few tests done, and then acquiring medical or expert advice on weight reduction.

The core focus of the Svelte Weight Loss program is to lower the dieter’s insulin levels. In other words, you are put on a diet that involves foods that do not cause insulin levels to spike. This in turn prevents the body from storing fat, and encourages it to burn off fat instead. Some supplements are involved with this approach as well.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features of Svelte Weight Loss

Svelte Weight Loss is a medical weight management program that has been around for 13 years now. It is run by one Dr. Richard Bragg, who specializes in aesthetic medicine. The Svelte Weight Loss clinic is located in Orlando Florida, and assists both women and men with healthy weight reduction. Dr. Bragg himself also once suffered with obesity, but lost a whopping 40 pounds, and then continued to maintain a healthy weight with the Svelte Weight Loss system. According to the official website, you can shed up to 20 pounds in the first month. When you first visit the clinic, you are given an exam, which involves taking your blood pressure, drawing blood, measuring body fat, taking body weight, and giving your medical history. You will then be given an injection, which is supposed to help with fat burning and appetite suppression. You are also given a one-month supply of vitamins, as well as a fat-burning supplement. Finally, a prescription is given for an appetite medication. The cost is $260. Afterward, each week you are charged $75 for additional tests and supplements.

Advantages of Svelte Weight Loss

  • This program is run by a medical doctor.
  • The Svelte Weight Loss program is suitable for men and women alike.
  • Testimonials are presented on the official website.

Disadvantages of Svelte Weight Loss

  • The initial cost of the Svelte Weight Loss system is $260.
  • Users must give blood and take a shot to curb cravings, which some people will not like.
  • There are three different supplements involved with this weight reduction program.
  • The only clinic location appears to be in Orlando, Florida.
  • There is no money-back guarantee with the Svelte Weight Management system.


All in all, the Svelte Weight Loss program appears to have worked well for some individuals. After all, there are some testimonials with photos displayed on the main website. However, since this clinic is only in Orlando, it will be difficult for many dieters to give it a shot. Furthermore, the cost may be more than most men and women wish to pay. Not only is the initial visit fee $260, but you will need to pay $75 for each additional week, which sounds expensive.

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Rating: 3.1. From 14 votes.
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Svelte Weight Loss Review

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Florida DEA laws limit physician’s ability to prescribe and dispense controlled substances & sometimes we at Svelte Medical Weight Loss fail to communicate effectively to our clients about the limitations on prescriptions. In Jessica’s review, she is upset about the 4 week special rate at Svelte which is a program designed to incentivize patients to come in every week for their coaching visit. This program is a savings however we are limited to dispense or prescribe more than 7 days of medicine as the prescription is based on weekly evaluation (We are monitoring blood pressure, weight, hydration, side effects of meds etc.) It is an inconvenience to our clients at times to get in to the office weekly. Obviously we failed to communicate effectively with Jessica and then Dr. Bragg occurred rude to her which is unfortunate but true. Delivering medical prescription weight loss is very costly due to the required state and Federal monitoring of controlled substances. We have always stamped our scheduled prescriptions with expirations per state requirement; sometimes the patients do not notice but they find out when they get to their pharmacy. We at Svelte Medical Weight loss are committed to excellence in communication with our clients and what Jessica experienced was not our standard. She has been re-imbursed and her remarks/feedback appreciated.


The article said it is only available in Orlando. you have to visit on of his 3 offices on a weekly basis. It does work if you follow the plan. I went from 308 to 250 in 4 months. First week lost 11 lbs than average 3 lbs per week. Kept it off for over 2 years and now starting again with a special of $99 to start.


I ordered the product Svelta not the weight lost program. Are they related?

Alice S.

I order this product on 1/5/2015. Said it had a 60 day money back guarantee so I thought I would try it. Hard to believe you can actually lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks but if it will help me lose ever 5 to 8 pounds in a week I would be happy. Would like to know what ingredients are in the product and if anyone has actually tried the product and had any success with it.

bob salyer

I ordered svelta 07-23-2014 to lose 40 pounds in 14 days. I have not received the products as yet.Whats the delay

Ramona Smith

received a letter from SWEET TO SVELTE from12 Norwood St. #312
Everett Ma.02149-2709
it said to lose 40lbs in 14 days. is this the same as your
or is this a spam. only 44.95
80lbs in 28 days 64.96 120lbs in 42 days 84.95 Before I order any of this is safe, ? it said 60-day-money back guarantee.
Thanking you

Mrs Smith


Alice, Svelta is not svelte medical weight loss. Different companies. Svelte medical is a weight loss clinic in Orlando. Case of mistaken identity.