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Arbonne is a supplement company that sells only one line of products in the Arbonne Weight Loss program. The single line is the Figure 8 Healthy Living & Weight Loss Program. In the line there are 10 products aimed at helping dieters lose more weight. These 10 products cover everything from meal replacement to fiber supplementation to a dietary supplement for weight loss. When the Arbonne Weight Loss program products are combined, they are used to follow the 8-Week Weight Loss Challenge.

List of Ingredients

Going, Going, Gone: Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, Forslean.

Figure 8 Daily Detox Tea: Milk Thistle, Couch Grass Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Burdock Root.

NRG GO3 Fizzing Tablets: Chromium, Green Tea, Guarana.

Product Features

The Arbonne Weight Loss program, Figure 8, offers protein shakes, fiber supplements and energy / weight loss supplements to be used during an 8-Week Weight Loss Challenge. While none of the supplements provide the standalone support of some proven weight loss products, when taken together they pack a good weight loss punch.

Going, Going, Gone is the primary weight loss supplement in the Arbonne Weight Loss program. The ingredients are nothing new, but one ingredient could cause more health problems than weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia was the primary ingredient in Hydroxycut products that were recently recalled. Currently, a link between Garcinia Cambogia and liver damage is being studied.

The Figure 8 Detox Tea is another of the Arbonne Weight Loss program supplements. The tea consists of several diuretics that will increase urination and could cause lowered potassium levels and dehydration is taken for extended periods of time. Diuretics are not an effective weight loss solution.

NRG GO3 is a tablet that is dropped into water to create an energy drink. Green tea and chromium are proven ingredients that can impact weight loss in a positive manner. Guarana, however, is a stimulant that holds caffeine-like properties. Green tea also has caffeine so the boost in energy from this Arbonne Weight Loss program product could be a bit too strong for some dieters.

Separating the supplements and products instead of combining them into one supplement is a money maker for Arbonne. The Going, Going, Gone supplement sells for $45.40. The Detox Tea $14 and the NRG GO3 sells for $28. That is more than $87 for three supplements with seven more products suggested for optimal weight loss.

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  • Green tea and chromium are proven weight loss ingredients.
  • All product ingredients are listed online.


  • Combining the supplements may cost the dieter much more than a proven weight loss supplement.
  • Garcinia Cambogia may cause health issues for some dieters.
  • Stimulants in some products could be stronger than dieters are used to.


Arbonne Weight Loss program may be a good program, but some of the ingredients are not clinically proven or considered safe for use during weight loss. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for one weight loss supplement broken up into three or more individual supplements, we suggest finding one with all the right ingredients.

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    ionized water

    Awesome issues here. I am very glad to look your article.


  • 2
    Jodi Enno

    How do you sign up?????


    Katarina Umicevik

    Hi Jodi,
    I can help you sign up for the 30 days healthy living. Contact me by email for more info.


  • 3

    Does the arbonne shake protein powder have sugar in it ,and How much?


  • 4

    I’ve tried one of the Arbonne shakes and it was very tasty. However the percentage of vitamins and minerals is very low compared to other similar shakes, and the fact that it contains sugar cane discourages me from buying the product.



    Hi Cindy,
    The arbonne protein shakes contain raw surar cane, not to be confused with processed sugar which is of course bad for you. I’m also not sure how old this article is but none of these products currently exist and I have never heard of them so things are constantly being improved and there are now meal replacement shakes as well as protein shakes which are much more filling and have the nutritional value of a meal. If you would like any queries on the products answered feel free to contact me


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    Darwin Barberio

    Great post. thanks


  • 6

    I tried the 28 day detox and lost 10 pounds and 3 inches around my waist. I feel great, have more energy, sleep better and know what does not agree with my body. This was the best “diet” I have ever done, and I have tried them all!


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