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C4 Ripped Review - 25 Things You Need to Know

Extreme results from pre-training? We’re interested in what C4 Ripped offers. But, we’ll also take a closer look at the ingredients, side effects, and scientific research. Then, we analyzed hundreds of customer comments and reviews to get their side of things. Furthermore, compiled the facts to give you the details you need.

C4 Ripped can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What Is C4 Ripped?

Cellucor C4 Ripped is a pre-training formula specifically for bodybuilders and athletes to improve their muscle performance and durability and their fat-burning ability. It encourages users to train harder, longer, and more frequently.

C4 Ripped could also be useful to people who focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

athletic man doing preacher curls with his left arm with a 35 pound dumbbell

It is known for its beneficial bodybuilding ingredients, containing:

  • L-carnitine.
  • Green coffee bean extract.
  • Cayenne fruit extract.
  • Coleus forskohlii root extract.

C4 Ripped Competitors

Cardio Cuts
Other similar products: , Phenta XT,

How Did C4 Ripped Start?

Nutrabolt manufactures C4 Ripped, with headquarters in Bryan, Texas.

Since the release of this product, it became trendy among athletes because of its fat-burning ability. It is sold on the company’s official website for $39.99 for one 30 day container.

C4 Ripped Company Profile

  • Name: Nutrabolt
  • CEO: Doss Cunningham
  • Headquarters: Austin, TX
  • Founded: 2002
  • Revenue (2014): $193.4 million
  • Employees: 140
  • Telephone number: +1 800-870-2070
  • Email address: info@nutrabolt.com
  • Other products: Whey COR-Performance and Alpha Amino

C4 Ripped Claims

C4 Ripped Claims

Cellucor C4 Ripped claims to increase the rate of a user’s fat-burning and gives the explosive energy of C4, enhancing workout efficiency. It does this by elevating physical and mental activity without affecting the overall health.

Since many natural ingredients that the body needs while performing mostly compose it, it also minimizes the possibility of muscle cramps by increasing muscular durability. One scoop per day is enough to allow you to reach your training target.


The C4 Ripped Ingredients

C4 sport cherry limeade Nutritional facts label

C4 Ripped contains multiple ingredients, both natural and non-herbal, that pose many benefits.

It also has a variety of artificial flavorings, sweeteners, and anti-caking agents, including sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

The label claims that the product also contains 400% of the RDI of Vitamin C and a dose of Vitamin B6, B12, niacin, and folic acid.

The C4 Ripped ingredients include:


Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid. In the human body, beta-alanine combines with L-histidine to form carnosine, which goes in the brain and muscles.

Arginine AGK

Arginine AGK also counts as a non-essential amino acid. However, it is an essential component for bodybuilders, as it stimulates the body to build up muscle mass, endure more, and have better strength.

Also, according to Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, it stimulates the body to produce additional nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator.

L-Carnitine — L-Tartrate

An amino acid, L-carnitine – L-tartrate, plays an essential role in metabolism. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shares research showing l-carnitine helps with fat loss.

L-carnitine affects testosterone, the male hormone that is responsible for strengthening the skeletal muscle via protein production.

Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee extract is famous for its possible effect on fat loss.

Green coffee beans in a bunch on stem

Information shared by Gastroenterology Research and Practice shares that green coffee bean may improve weight-loss, but better-quality studies are required for further support.


It is an extract form of cayenne pepper (capsicum). Another name for capsicum is chili pepper. It has a noticeable effect on burning fat by boosting metabolism. It contributes to fat oxidization in case of low physical activity intensity, burning more than the human body usually does on its own.

Coleus Forskohlii

Upon extraction from the plant Plectranthus barbatus (Coleus Forskohlii), you get forskolin. As per the journal Obesity Reviews, this extract is for increasing muscle performance and mass as well as weight loss.

There are two reasons behind its effect:

  • It increases cyclic-AMP (adenosine monophosphate), which is a compound in the human body responsible for the breaking down of fats. It helps in fats oxidation, providing the human body with necessary fuel while working out.
  • Its ability to mimic testosterone, same as what L-carnitine -L-tartrate, increasing muscle mass, muscle performance and strength.

Does C4 Ripped Work?

C4 Ripped reviews were quite positive. Many athletes and bodybuilders approved the effectiveness of this formula and added that the tasty flavor lasts for a long time.

View from above of women starting a flat bench press set

Several users claimed this is one of the best pre-workout supplements they have ever taken.

Research of each active ingredient, this combination of C4 Ripped ingredients gives it a synergistic effect. It allegedly takes only 15-20 minutes to feel the rush of power.

A C4 Ripped pre-workout bodybuilding review showed that the product:

  • Increases muscle performance, mass, and strength
  • Elevates mental activity
  • Aids in muscle durability
  • Prevents lactic acid accumulation
  • Improves fat-burning metabolism

However, some Cellucor C4 Ripped bodybuilding reviews found that product efficiency depends on daily caffeine intake. Athletes who usually drink coffee have a high tolerance for this specific ingredient. C4 Ripped contains about as much caffeine as 1.5 cups of coffee, plus some tyrosine.

This means the concentration of green coffee extract in this formula is not enough to function since the human body needs a higher concentration of green coffee extract to be effective.

Athletes who have built a caffeine tolerance can upgrade from one scoop to two to see results, which might put them at risk of over-all ingredients overdose.

Benefits & Results

Cellucor C4 Ripped Benefits And Results

Cellucor C4 Ripped is highly beneficial due to the presence of over seven active ingredients. One serving is enough for a prolonged workout without exhaustion.

Due to amino acid supplements, the body starts to easily build up and shape muscle so that much effort can be done in one training, allowing more lipolysis to occur.

C4 Ripped Weight Loss

The blend of the four primary C4 Ripped ingredients: L carnitine – L-tartrate, green coffee extract, Capsimax, and coleus forskohlii boost body-fat metabolism, increasing the amount of fat the body breaks down.

This formula is tasty; however, taking it does not mean you’re over-eating sugar. The C4 Ripped calorie count is zero.

measuring tape and an apple on top of a weight scale


C4 Ripped Directions

C4 Ripped comes with 30 servings and a six-gram scoop.

Blend a scoop of this product in 6 fl. oz. of water, 20-30 minutes before working out for maximum efficiency.

Once you’ve assessed your tolerance, you can try taking one additional serving (another scoop) with serving taken before training.

Beginners may find one scoop a day suitable, while experienced athletes may need to take two.  It is advisable not to take more than two scoops per day to avoid side effects and overdose toxicity. Also, users taking two scoops should not take any caffeine-related products within six hours of taking C4 Ripped.

During the workout, ensure that you stay hydrated with water or an exercise performance drink.

You could feel a harmless tingling sensation, which is linked to beta-alanine.


C4 Ripped Flavors

C4 Ripped comes in several unique flavors, including:

  • Ultra Frost
  • Berry Braniacs
  • Icy Blue Razz
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Fruit Punch

Is C4 Ripped Safe?

It is a multi-ingredient formula of herbal and non-herbal ingredients. Though there have not been many reported side effects, the combination of ingredients creates a risk of some rare reactions such as:

  • Itchy hands and face
  • Sleepiness
  • Minor breathing issues
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting and stomach irritation
  • Vision problems

Despite the list of side effects, C4 ripped is safe when people use it properly.


 C4 Ripped Warnings

C4 Ripped Warnings

Like any other supplement, C4 Ripped comes with a list of warnings on the label. They include:

  • Always discontinue use within two weeks before any surgery.
  • Do not take if you are under the age of 18, pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Be aware of the amount of caffeine that the product contains.
  • Do not consume caffeine products after taking C4 Ripped.
  • Do not take more than two scoops per day.

 C4 Ripped Lawsuits

A federal class-action lawsuit was filed against Cellucor for selling amino nitrates. However, this case was dismissed.

C4 Ripped Alternatives

While there are many highly-ranked pre-workout supplements, C4 Ripped is one of the best pre-workout products. If you are not sold on this supplement, some similar alternatives include Koala Freak and Finaflex Stimul8.

Does C4 Ripped work?

Based on the effectiveness of its ingredients, there is a good chance this product works.

Shirtless muscular man inside a gym

Also, the fact that the FDA approved C4 Ripped is a positive sign. Also, clinical research that reliable laboratories have carried out indicates that this product is effective in weight loss.

C4 Ripped Vs C4

Cellucor C4 is the template for all other forms of C4.

Cellucor C4 was manufactured as a workout-booster. It increases muscle mass and durability, its ingredient is only beta-alanine, a common ingredient in all pre-workout supplements that is responsible for the elimination of lactic acid and maintaining a balanced pH.

C4 Mass Vs C4 Ripped

Usually, all Cellucor C4 products have the same template as the main ingredient that helps in muscle durability and bulk-up. But when talking about C4 Mass vs C4 Ripped, it is evident that C4 Mass is for athletes who would like to increase their muscle mass even more than shedding or shredding down. C4 Ripped and Mass have almost the same ingredients: both Ripped and Mass contain beta-alanine and arginine.

However, there is a minor difference in C4 Mass, as it contains 52.5 grams of sugars and carbohydrates (Kroc Priya carb blend) as a muscle mass aid. In C4 Ripped, L-carnitine is to increase body fat-loss.

Right now, C4 Mass is not available for purchase from the official website.

C4 Ripped Vs C4 Extreme

This form of the Cellucor C4 is extreme in every ingredient, with higher doses of all active ingredients to burn body fat as much as possible, giving maximum strength.

C4 Ripped vs C4 Extreme showed a significant ingredient addition in Extreme, citrulline malate, as well as a much larger dose of caffeine anhydrous. Extreme is ranked as one of the top 10 pre-workout supplements in the world.

C4 Ripped On The Go

This is the same formula as the powder in C4 Ripped but packed in a bottle. It gives a shot of energy that will be useful not only in the gym but also in any other activity.

A bottle of C4 Ripped on The Go is enough to boost your potential and elevate your mental activity.


C4 Ripped Price

C4 Ripped Price

The average price per serving is $1.26. Most vendors sell it at around $38 for 30 servings.

Ripped is more expensive than regular C4, which sells for $25-30.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy C4 Ripped

  • Bodybuilding.com
  • eBay
  • Vitamin Shoppe
  • iHerb
  • Amazon.com

C4 Ripped Money-Back Guarantee

The Cellucor official website provides a results team that can help athletes and bodybuilders find the product they need. The company also respects athletes’ investments, so the website allows buyers to receive a money refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

C4 Ripped Pros & Cons

C4 Ripped Pros & Cons


  • Its ingredients have links to energy, focus, and stamina
  • Some ingredients may help with fat loss
  • Good nutritional value


  • Proprietary blend, making it impossible to know how much of each ingredient it contains
  • Pricy
  • The company has removed nitrate

What Users Are Saying

“Definitely love the C4 “Ripped” – no extra bloating from creatine, gives me that extra boost to work out. Less expensive than GNC – delivered quickly.”

“It has way too much niacin. Very uncomfortable itchy skin from one scoop. I wanna take two scoops but the amount of niacin is just out of control. Also not many servings (30) for such a high price.”

“It’s okay, it isn’t strong enough for me. It doesn’t give me the energy I need at the gym, I wanted something that would make me feel unstoppable leaving me bursting with energy, however, I didn’t get that. My husband on the other hand said it works GREAT for him.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does C4 Ripped Work?

Will you fire up fat loss with C4 Ripped? Based on the ingredients, there’s a chance. We like that there’s research supporting the effectiveness of key extracts and there’s positive user feedback. The cost is less than others and it comes from a trusted name in the industry. The only concern rests with a few reviews mentioning their minimal results.

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Also, the company behind Noom is providing a free trial to all Dietspotlight users, which is an excellent sign of confidence in the program.

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C4 Ripped Review
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C4 Ripped

What are the ingredients in C4 Ripped?

C4 Ripped is packed with a handful of nutrients that give it the power it has. Ingredients consist of: L-Carnitine Tartrate, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Capsimax, Coleus Forskohlii, caffeine, L-Tyrosine, and Velvet bean extract.

What are the side effects of C4 Ripped?

Side effects of using C4 Ripped include itchy face, jitters, trouble sleeping, vomiting, and headaches.

Does C4 Ripped work?

Yes. C4 Ripped works by giving its users an added boost of energy before a workout.

What is the price of C4 Ripped?

Based on where it is purchased, C4 Ripped usually goes for around $40.

How should I take C4 Ripped?

Mix one scoop of C4 Ripped with water and take it approximately 30 minutes before your workout.

Where can I buy C4 Ripped?

C4 Ripped can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do I contact C4 Ripped customer service?

On the Cellucor website, there is a customer service tab that will connect you with associates.

Can I return C4 Ripped?

The Cellucor company provides a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with their product, you will be reimbursed. If you purchase C4 Ripped from an alternative source, then it is not guaranteed that they will have the same return policy.

What are the most common complaints about C4 Ripped?

The product has received a relatively high overall rating. Most people like the product a lot. However, there are some people who complain that the product did not make them feel any different.

C4 Ripped Reviews