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Lifesum Review - 12 Things You Need to Know

The Lifesum app claims to give users a more modern way to lose weight. While the app allows a user to effectively track markers such as calorie intake and calories burned, the app is new and time-tested results have not been proven.

Nonetheless, we were interested in the app, so we asked our research team to find out a little more. Read on to get the Bottom Line on Lifesum.

Lifesum can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Lifesum?

What is Lifesum?

Lifesum is a health app designed to help users keep track of their dietary and fitness habits. Plus, it helps users integrate healthy practices.

The app offers resources for both eating and exercising and it also offers free and premium plans.

It is one of many apps providing food diary technology, community integration, recipes and diet plans.

The comprehensive app also offers a convenient way to track water intake for adequate hydration, and it links to popular fitness bands like FitBit and Jawbone.

Lifesum offers features that many other apps and fitness or diet programs offer. However, there are a few factors that set Lifesum apart from the competition.

Lifesum offers unique assessments to help users gauge their health status and to offer some advice on how they can become healthier.

These assessments can also help Lifesum users figure out which dietary plan they want to begin out of the offered options.

This app is also easy to use and fits seamlessly into many lifestyles by connecting to other apps and fitness gear.

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Lifesum Benefits

While the Lifesum app has its challenge areas, there are several key benefits that users gain when using either the free or premium version of this app:

  • Easy to use food diary technology
  • Hydration management
  • Helpful health tips and advice
  • Community support
  • Healthy recipes

The simple mechanism of selecting favorite food items, typing in foods, or scanning foods make keeping track of caloric intake easy.

The user may choose to quickly add a food item to the breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack category for fast-tracking on the go.

The system of tapping a glass icon to indicate that the user drank a glass of water also makes hydration tracking easy.

Featured tips and advice provide education and help to keep the user on track, while the Lifesum community and friends offer additional support.

Finally, the user has a better chance of losing weight while following one of the diet plans and trying out a variety of tasty and healthy recipes.

Lifesum Customer Testimonials

Does Lifesum Work?

Lifesum works in multiple ways, but whether it helps users be successful in their dietary or fitness goals depends on individual users.

Lifesum can help users easily document their food and water intake and exercise history while helping them keep track of their weight and weight loss progress.

Rather than relying on old-fashioned ways of documenting dietary and fitness habits, this app helps to automate the process so that users can gain a long-term understanding of how they eat as well as their physical activity level.

In addition to these benefits, Lifesum also offers to help users lose weight, eat better, and reach their goal size.

Some users not only find it effective to track calories and activity, but they also find weight loss to be easier and simpler by using the app.

User reviews are a great indicator of whether Lifesum works to help people reach their health goals.

Lifesum App

Lifesum App

The Lifesum app depends on whether or not you use the free or premium version.

The Lifesum app offers:

  • Food Diary
  • Hydration tracker
  • Exercise diary
  • Recipes and health tips
  • Health assessments
  • Diet plans for weight loss
  • Weight tracker
  • Social community

All of these features are included in the Lifesum health and diet app.

The main dashboard allows users to add food or exercise to their diary by clicking on the appropriate tab or icon.

They can also keep track of their water consumption simply by clicking on one of the drinking glass icons.

When each of the icons is filled with water, the user knows that they have reached their hydration goal for the day.

The user can also enter their weight and get feedback on their progress from the app for additional support or motivation.

Upon opening the app or returning to the home tab, the dashboard displays the number of calories left for the day in the center.

This number adjusts as users enter their food items throughout the day.

The user can also see how many calories have been burned, carb, protein, and fat consumption, and the date.

Swiping down takes the user to premium charts and tables that further analyze the user’s dietary intake.

Premium users can also view their overall daily rating based on how well they stick to their calorie budget.

Food Diary

Lifesum Food Diary

The food diary tool allows users to enter what they ate based on individual ingredients or prepared meals.

This works by searching the database for a variety of accurate results that offer information on calories, fat content, vitamins, and more.

The app also allows the user to scan barcodes to quickly enter food items. This is perfect for quick snacks and foods that are ready to eat right out of the packaging.

However, having a barcode isn’t necessary and simply typing in the name of the food item will bring up a host of options to choose from that offer correct calories and nutrition facts.

For example, searching for “white bread” will result in several different options, allowing the user to choose the one that is closest to what they ate.

Also, the food diary also saves favorites for fast diary entries on the go.

Diet Plans

Lifesum Diet Plans

Lifesum offers several diet plans for users to help them lose weight and get healthier.

These diet plans may be offered based on the user’s Life Score or health assessment, or the user can choose the best diet plan according to their needs and preferences. The diet plans offered include:

  • Ketogenic Easy
  • Classic
  • Food for Strength
  • Scandinavian
  • Mediterranean
  • Clean Eating
  • 5:2 Diet

These different plans and rules offer vastly different dieting styles and methods, so we’ll cover each one individually to clarify what goes into each.

The user must sign up for a premium subscription to access these features, however, as the content is unique.

Ketogenic Easy Plan

This plan places users on the popular ketogenic diet for weight loss and fat reduction.

The ketogenic diet requires dieters to eat no carbs and significantly increase their fat intake. This helps the body shift from running on glucose, or sugar to running on fat.

When this happens, the body is in a state of ketosis which may require a difficult or uncomfortable transition.

However, once the body is adjusted, it should continue to run on fat and help the dieter lose a significant amount of weight, including water weight, in a shorter span of time.

People on this diet are encouraged to eat a lot of fats and oils and protein sources, although the protein intake should be carefully monitored.

This can take away many familiar foods and make the dieter feel as if they’re starving, and it’s not something that is healthy to maintain long-term.

Classic Plan

The classic diet plan focuses on calories and nutrition without eliminating the most basic foods.

On this plan, users can expect to eat plenty of carbohydrates, protein sources like meat and cheese, and fruits and vegetables.

Dieters can continue to enjoy grains and bread. They’re encouraged to eat plenty of greens and superfoods to facilitate good health.

This plan helps users lower their caloric intake while helping them get the nutrition they need to keep going.

Food for Strength Plan

This plan offers what appears to be strengthening foods and is targeted at people who want to gain weight or build muscle.

The foods and recipes suggested are typically high in protein and nutrition without excluding carbs.

The recipes may be lower in carbs than typical recipes provided on the classic plan, but carbohydrates remain a staple in this diet strategy.

The high protein diet supports bodybuilders and people looking to improve their strength in several key ways.

First, protein is an essential component of healthy bones, cartilage, and muscles.

Also, according to Physician and Sports Medicine, protein helps to build and repair muscle tissue, allowing muscles to become stronger and perform better.

Scandinavian Plan

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Scandinavian diet focuses on healthy foods, such as plant-based foods, and works to facilitate weight loss.

Items that dieters on this diet will eat include whole grains, berries, fruits and vegetables, fish, and legumes.

Root vegetables and cabbage are particularly important staples in this diet, which is in high contrast with other diet plans offered by Lifesum.

Mediterranean Plan

According to the Journal of Gerontology, this diet focuses on replicating the traditional dietary habits of people who live around the Mediterranean in countries such as France, Italy, and Greece.

The heart health benefits of eating according to this diet have been widely noted and recognized and is one of the most attractive features for many dieters.

People following this plan can expect to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, starches like bread and pasta, controlled portions of fish and meat, and vegetables and plant oils.

Of course, this includes using olive oil and eating french bread and spaghetti. Many users find this diet attractive and easier to stick to than other, more restrictive diets.

Clean Eating Plan

The Clean Eating diet plan encourages dieters to eat as healthy as possible to facilitate strength, weight loss, and ultimate body sculpting.

Users following this plan can expect to eat hefty portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and healthy snacks like nuts and seeds.

Also, users will eat raw meals to maximize nutrient intake and eliminate many of the fats and oils that go into cooking meals.

Provided recipes offer step-by-step instructions on how to prepare these meals that are both healthy and delicious.

Fasting Plans

In addition to these diet plans, Lifesum offers users the opportunity to follow either the 5:2 or the 6:1 diet plan.

These plans involve fasting and may help some people lose weight and control their caloric intake.

The 5:2 plan allows users to eat normally five days a week and fast two days, while the 6:1 plan only requires users to fast one day per week.

Lifesum Exercise Tracking

Lifesum users also have the option to track their exercise the same way they track their caloric intake.

In addition to importing information from other apps and fitness bands, including steps, distance, and calories burned, users can input various exercises completed to see their caloric burn.

For example, users can input different exercises such as burpees, crunches, or squats. Users can also add activities such as soccer, pilates, and even cleaning.

The app may ask for the user’s weight and the number of reps performed depending on the exercise to track an accurate number of calories burned.

Lifesum Social Community

The social community feature helps friends connect across the app for support and encouragement and to help users feel like they’re part of a larger health community.

The app allows users to update profile images, share updates, like posts from friends, share recipes and images, and more.

Users can also add as many friends as they like and browse through their feed like most standard social media platforms.

While browsing their feed, users may see updates from friends such as dieting tips, weight loss progress, or fitness routines.

They may also see links to articles and resources related to diet and fitness.


Lifesum Recipes

For free users, Lifesum offers a variety of daily healthy recipes, complete with ingredients, nutrition details, and instructions.

Recipes offered by Lifesum are designed to offer well-rounded nutrition including plenty of vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Dishes may also include nutritious and popular foods like avocados, beets, and berries. These are either breakfast, dinner, lunch, or dessert recipes.

The app may also occasionally offer snack recipes. Paying users unlock far more than one recipe per day.

However, and they have access to multiple recipes on any given day that they can try out or save for later.


Lifesum Cost

Using the Lifesum app is free for most basic tools including the food diary, fitness tracker, hydration tracker, social community, and some recipes.

The premium subscription unlocks, even more, recipes, various meal and diet plans, personalized tips and advice, meal recommendations, syncing opportunities, and the ability to track additional custom measurements.

Premium subscription plans reduce in price the more months a user commits to.

Twelve months costs the user $2.50 per month.

As the number of months increases, the discount also increases and the user has the opportunity to save more if they commit to a longer subscription plan.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single month subscription trial for users to decide whether the app is a good fit for their needs.

Users who want to explore the premium features must sign up for one of the available subscription plans.

Also, the payment for the entire subscription period is billed and drafted upfront as one payment.

This means that instead of being charged a fee every month, the user is charged one large sum at the beginning of the subscription period.

The user can pay anywhere from $22 to $45 at the beginning of their subscription period.

If the user is not satisfied with the features of the premium plan and fails to cancel their subscription, the subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the twelve months, and the user will be billed again.

Lifesum Reviews

Lifesum user reviews range as widely as the users and cover a diverse list of aspects including features, interface, and tools. While many Lifesum users are satisfied with what the app has to offer, others, not so much.

Users mentioned about not being able to find options catering to various diets such as paleo or vegan diets.

However, some users agreed that they liked the interface, functionality of the app and the potential to have an app help with weight loss.

Side Effects

Lifesum Side Effects

Because Lifesum isn’t a drug or food product, it doesn’t come with any harmful side effects.

The app does offer plenty of dietary and health-oriented advice, however, and users should always be cautious about trying anything new, especially if it feels extreme.

This may include practices like fasting, eliminating all carbs, or doing intense exercise.

Even when a diet plan looks good, it’s best to check with a doctor or dietitian before starting any new diet plan or making any unusual changes in eating habits.

In general, users should always take caution when:

  • Cutting calories
  • Reducing carbohydrate intake
  • Starting a trendy diet plan
  • Fasting
  • Performing new exercises
  • Making major lifestyle changes

The user’s caloric intake and dietary habits may be very different from what the Lifesum app suggests.

Each calorie goal number is determined by taking the user’s BMI and goal weight.

But, every user should be cautious when cutting calories and making the necessary dietary changes for their health.

Lifesum in the News

Lifesum has closed some partnership deals that make the product more readily available and easier to use. First, it can be partnered with Google Assistant. The company also partnered withi Strong by Zumba health club.

What Users Are Saying

“App is very helpful! I love that it tells me to eat a little more because it makes me feel better when having a snack.”

“It’s great for tracking what you eat, but after two months of using it, I can only see food in calories and not just as food. So if you have ever struggled with an eating disorder, I strongly advise against it.”

“Far too complicated to be usable as a food diary. Too many options just to keep track of what you eat and create reports for own reference.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Lifesum

Lifesum is a good app to use for anyone who is interested in logging their food and exercise intake, monitoring their progress over time, and joining a supportive community of other healthy eaters. While its features are comparable to many available on the market, it does offer some unique recipes and diet plans that can help make the weight loss journey much easier. However, there are a few concerns regarding this app including:

  • Long subscription plans
  • Glitches and bugs
  • Inadequate food database

New users should take caution when starting new diet plans, and even though the Life Score assessments are thorough, it’s always best to get the approval of a physician or dietitian before embarking on a totally new diet.

For users who simply want convenience, new recipes, and social support, this app is as good as most diet and fitness apps available across the app stores.

However, this is just one part of weight loss. There’s also the tracking and weight-loss resources that help you reach your goal and keep the weight off.

Among the best product we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. The app provides weight-loss support that’s different from any other app on the market. You get personalized meal plans, human coaching, expert tools and resources and food and exercising tracking – with so much more. The system is clinically proven to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Plus, the team behind Noom offer Dietspotlight readers a free trial, which is a good thing.

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What is Lifesum?

Lifesum is a lifestyle app that aims to help the user make small changes like eating better and exercising, to improve overall health.

Does Lifesum work?

Lifesum also offers different diets plans, workout regimes, and various food recipes to help you in losing weight. For some users, this app has been quite effective and has helped them reach their goals.

How much does Lifesum cost?

Lifesum is a free app that allows you to track your health and fitness level and allows you to share it with others. However, the premium subscription does charge you a fee of $8.33 for a 3-month subscription. The more months you commit for, the less you pay.

Is the Lifesum app free?

Yes, the Lifesum app is free. There is also a premium version of the app that costs $3.75.

Does Lifesum calculate net carbs?

Lifesum calculates net carbs by subtracting total fiber from total carbohydrates. The result is called neet carb.

Where can I buy Lifesum?

Lifesum can be purchased using their Official Site.

Is the Lifesum App good?

The Lifesum app is a decent wellness product with a visual interface that’s pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

How do I cancel my Lifesum subscription?

To cancel your Lifesum subscription, go to the settings part of the app or the subscription page of your phone’s app store.

What do the smiley faces mean on Lifesum?

Lifesum shares a reaction face for each food or meal you log. The faces range from grinning and smiling to frowning.

Can you add friends on Lifesum?

There is a section on the app called “Lifesum Friends” where you can invite friends, family, or trainers to keep you motivated on your goals.

Is Lifesum compatible with Fitbit?

Lifesum is compatible with Fitbit, Android Health, Apple Health, Jawbone, Runkeeper, and more.

What do Lifesum ratings mean?

Lifesum ratings are given to your meals to help you learn about healthy eating habits, instead of just counting calories.

Who created Lifesum?

Lifesum was founded in 2008 by Martin Wahlby and Tove Westlund.

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