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Herbex Review - 7 Things You Need to Know

We’ve all struggled to find the right diet supplement, so we took the time to write one of our in-depth reviews about Herbex, examining the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies, and customer care. Plus, we focused on hundreds of dieter responses from the internet. Finally, we summed up all of the data and facts to give you the bottom line.

Herbex can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Herbex?

Herbex is a supplement brand containing green tea, garcinia Cambogia, black tea, cinnamon, capsicum frutescens, rooibos tea, and astragalus membranaceus among others. They offer a large number of products, including:

  • Attack the Fat
  • Attack the Fat Extra
  • Fat Burn PLUS
  • Thermogenic Shred
  • UltraSlim
  • Slimmers Concentrate
  • Slimmers Tea
  • Slimmers Shakes
  • Green Tea Concentrate
  • Garcinia Concentrate
  • Detox Herbal Teas

The formulas are free of additives and harmful chemicals. They are supposed to help you lose weight. One benefit is the ease of use.

The official website did not reveal when Herbex was founded. However, it mentions that this company ships internationally. Their headquarters are located at 27 Capricorn Dr, Capricorn Park, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa. Some success stories are posted, and contact information is provided, but what about proof the products work?

We checked into some research early to see what we were in store for with Herbex.

  • European Journal of Clinical Nutrition – It is thought that green tea may help with weight loss by reducing food intake and interrupting fat absorption.
  • Fitoterapia – This study shares that garcinia Cambogia use may not be as safe as some people think.
  • Molecules – As for black tea, it’s the polyphenols believed to aid in weight loss, and they may be more effective than green tea polyphenols.

Contact Herbex Customer Service

You can contact Herbex customer service with the following information:

Online Sales Support

  • Email: enquiries@herbexhealth.com
  • Info-line: +27 83-425-1868
  • Tel: +27 21-709-6600
  • Fax: +27 21-788-2171
  • Address: 1 Capricorn Drive, Capricorn Park Muizenberg, Cape Town South Africa, 7966

Other products offered by Herbex Health include: Blood Sugar Tabs, Digestive Aid Tablets, Attack The Fat Syrup, Attack The Fat Extra, Fat Burn PLUS Concentrate, Fat Burn PLUS Tea, Thermogenic Shred, UltraSlim, Slimmers Women, Attack the Fat for Women, Appetite Control, and Detox.

Herbex Competitors

Burn XT
Alani Nu
Phedra Cut Ultra XT

Customer Complaints – “What’s The Talk?”

The first concern with Herbex ingredients was customer complaints. “The official website posts user testimonials, so one would think the supplement line is one of the best,” said our Research Editor. “But after a bit of digging, users painted a different picture.”

One customer complained, “I started using Herbex attack fat mix and two days later I developed rash.”

According to another user, “I’m on day 2 and I have really bad cramps and upset stomach and every time I eat I get sick.”

Side Effects

Side Effects – “Be Careful!”

Herbex diet products can lead to adverse reactions, not precisely what you’re looking for in a supplement. Trusted products offer results without many reports of side effects. One customer commented, “Hi, I have just started using Herbex, and I am also experiencing really bad cramps.”

“I started using the Herbex fat burning concentrate. After 2 days I now have the most severe stomach cramps EVER,” said another person.

Our research has revealed that if there is one small part of a diet supplement that’s negative, like mixed reviews, which can be enough to ruin your chances of long-term results. If Herbex supplements cause adverse reactions and disappointed users, this could be a severe issue.

The Science

The Science – “Any Proof?”

Herbex doesn’t provide clinical trial results for their diet products, based upon what we found on the official website, so let’s look at the ingredients.

The Herbex ingredients are green tea, garcinia Cambogia, black tea, cinnamon, capsicum frutescens, rooibos tea, and Astragalus membranaceus.

Green Tea – According to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, just like black tea, green tea polyphenols are likely responsible for the long list of health benefits that come with the tea.

Garcinia Cambogia – Some of the most current research, as published in the BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies journal, shares that Garcinia Cambogia may affect weight loss, but only when combined with glucomannan, a water-soluble fiber.

Black Tea – Additional research from the journal Molecules concurs that black tea (specifically fermented teas) are more significant health benefits than unfermented (green) teas.


Herbex Lawsuits

According to the Southern African Legal Information Initiative, Herbex was involved in a lawsuit in 2017 concerning the weight-loss claims of Appetite Control Tablets, Booster Eat Less, and Attack the Fat Syrup.

However, Herbex counter-sued the advertising agency, which sued them for acting outside their jurisdiction. The two entities are currently in the appeal process.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“No difference since I used it.”

“I like everything about this product. It’s too good to be true but it’s truly good it stopped me from eating and if I forced myself to eat too much this product will send me to the toilet straight away.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Herbex Work?

OK, give me just one more second of your time. We are glad to see that Herbex included some natural ingredients and favorable customer comments. Still, the lack of solid science supporting weight-loss claims makes us hesitant about this one. We’re also concerned about customer complaints and talk of negative side effects.

Are you a dieter looking to shed weight? Well, we suggest choosing a program that’s clinically proven to help you lose weight and keep it off.

One product we often recommend to dieters is Noom. It has undergone extensive testing, and the results are amazing. Thanks to human coaching, food tracking, exercise tracking, personalized meal plans, and more – you see results, and the weight doesn’t come back.

You don’t have to look for a second job to be able to afford Noom either. The company behind the program is so excited about the positive reviews this product is getting; they are offering a free trial offer.

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What are the side effects of Herbex?

Some users report Herbex side effects including headaches, upset stomach, nausea, constipation and irritability.

What are the ingredients in Herbex?

Herbex ingredients include garcinia cambogia, caffeine, green tea, guarana, Siberian ginseng and yerba mate, and others.

Is Herbex good for weight loss?

Fat Syrup, a product from Herbex, contains natural herbs and extract aimed at promoting weight loss. There’s no research on the website showing how it’s supposed to work.

How much does Herbex cost?

The cost of Herbex supplements vary based on the supplement purchased. Some prices exceed $100.

What does Herbex Fat Burn do?

Herbex Fat Burn claims to help you reduce cravings, increases energy levels, accelerated metabolic levels with the combination of Garcinia Cambogia, guarana, and green tea.

Where can I buy Herbex?

Herbex can be purchased using their Official Site.

What is Herbex Slim?

Herbex Slim is a single shot of Herbex Fat Burn. It contains green tea and guarana.

Can I use multiple Herbex supplements at the same time?

You can, but before you start, it’s best to talk to your doctor.

Does Herbex come with a guarantee?

Herbex does come with a guarantee, but you’ll need to contact customer service to find out more.

Can Herbex products cause high blood pressure?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that Herbex products can cause high blood pressure. However, as with any supplement, it is important to consult your doctor before taking Herbex to ensure that it is a safe option for you. Additionally, it is advisable to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and nutritious diet, in order to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.

470 Herbex Reviews

  • Advertised other's product.
    Lauren Jessie

    So I used to be a salesman for a supplement company and used a lot of different fat burners, None come close to the Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack.

    I love how much energy I get from these capsules and in all honesty they work for too long if anything, I’m often really energetic an hour after workout when I take these. I don’t feel like I crash when I take this supplement but to tell you the truth I really don’t use my fat burner to stay awake.

    I would rate this as follows:
    Energy 9/10
    Fat burning 10/10
    focus 9/10
    how it is on my stomach 9/10 (It does not make me sick like some other products out there.

    • Fiona

      Hi Laure

      I’ve went online to check out that DR Max product and it sounds good. Is there a store I can get it from in SA or can it only be orderd online?

  • Side effect is a part of it?
    Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been using herbex slimming tablets for 2days now, I go 2da toilet alot is dat part of da process crappin alot?

    • vicky

      i hv been drinking fat burner slimming tea it gud but i been go 2 toilet pls is dat gud

  • Which product should use?

    I want to start I just want to loose my belly I do exercise eat healthy I loose centimeters on my lower body but the belly stay

    What herbex product do I start with

  • Can use fat burner tea with it?
    meagan (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using the slimmers tablets and the fat burner tea for about 6weeks and I see a difference. I bought the fat burner for men by mistake. What’s the difference and can I use it?

  • Can take with birth control pill?

    Is it safe to use herbex fat burn while on triphysil birth controll pills

    • Nel

      I jst want to knw de same thing coz im using depo shots , did u get any help pls help me

      • Nomsa

        Hi i also have the same problem, im on triphisyl pills and i want to use herbex, so is it safe? Did u get any help?

  • IBS patient can use it?

    Im suffering from IBS can i take herbex as iam also trying for a baby

  • Can loose weight with it?

    am current5ly using herbal slimmers tea and herbex eatless tea,am also doing exercises,eat less..should i use other herbex and which one for fast weight loss

  • Is this normal?
    gloria (Verified Purchase)

    want to know if its normal to have a fast heart beat whilst using herbex

  • Can use with birth control pill?
    yolande Ferreira

    Can anyone confirm that Herbex slimmers drops is safe to use with birth control pills?

    • Tyra

      Yes you may

  • How to get faster results?
    Your Name (Verified Purchase)

    Am using it too but I want it to be faster what can I do??

    • Leigh

      Make sure to maintain a healthy balanced diet and exercise plan and the results will come- you can’t rush it

  • What supplement should use with it?
    FHUMU (Verified Purchase)

    i have been using herbex mix and drink for a month and no wait loss, what product should i use to suppliment it.

    • joslyn

      it only works if you have a good diet aswell, I lost 23kgs in 7 months because I cut mc donalds out of me diet. twas making me fattish. herbex is good but cant break down fats made from mc donalds plastic supplements. yebo. egg whites are a good replacement for sodium chloride

  • 13 year old can use this?

    Im 13 years old what would happen if some one my age used these tablets?
    Reply to the comment button <3 Thanks big help.
    P.s Its for my identical twin sister, were compared a lot so she wants to loose just a bit of wait so me look the same <3 thanks for you understanding.
    Jodie 🙂

  • Can use it as a patient?

    I have 2 operation so their told if it is caeser my stomach will never go away is that true with herbex

  • Where to find in Ghana?
    Jossy Agyemang

    Really need to loose some weight I currently weigh 80kg. Ope to loose 20 at the end of the year. Where do I find this product in Ghana. Any agent doing distribution.

  • Can I take this with other medication?

    If I am on BP Tabs Prexium Plus can I still take Herbex fat Attack syrup?

  • Loved the product.
    Michelle (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using the Herbex Slimmers drops for 2 weeks now and have yet to see changes in my weight but one thing is certain, it has reduced my appetite alot. Im holding thumbs for the weight loss….

  • Can use while breastfeeding?

    I’m currently breastfeeding, would it be advisable to use Herbex Slimmer drops with 33 essential herbs?

  • Attack the fat syrup
    Charmaine (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using herbex for 5 days now. Everytime I use the attack the fat syrup I have severe cramps and upset stomach will not recomend it

    • Liza

      I have also been using the syrup now for the exact period as Charmaine. I have also noticed severe cramps and an upset tummy. I have taken the correct dosage, what is this cause of this?

      • Taylor Izzo

        Hi Liza,

        Please make sure to contact your physician if you continue to experience side effects with this product

    • Lily

      I have used herbex fat burner drops on 4 occasions in 24 hrs. I’m supposed to use it for 5 days but after 30 hrs my poop turned white.

  • Filled with doubts
    Grace (Verified Purchase)

    I am 23 year old lady,I have been using herbex fat burn pills for almost 2 months now but I don’t see any changes to my appetite,I eat a calories controlled diet and exercise regularly. I have been trying to lose weight before trying herbex even though I I have lost some weight but I thought I would lose more when starting herbex.

  • becs (Verified Purchase)

    i just started using herbex concentrate, and tea, and already after a week i could see a major difference, lost 2kg in 5 days. however, i had to change my diet and exercise.
    herbex does work. you just have to be discipline, anything in life comes by hard work and focus. Herbex combined with focus diet and excessive will give you great result.

  • Michele

    Are there any known side effects from taking Herbex Slimmers – heart palpatations? insomnia?

  • Pontsho

    can i use attack the fat while I use birth control pills?

  • Thabile Sibankulu

    Where can I get the supplier in the Uk as have tried the local herbal shops to no avail?

  • anonymouse

    i think herbex is really no working. it takes too long to lose weight( almost a yr for just 7 kg)

  • Tracy

    Herbex does work if you eat right and exercise. I’ve lost 2kg in a week already, which was not happening before I started with Herbex. I take the fat burn drops and “20 essential herbs”. I eat 8 small meals per day and make sure I drink 8 glasses of water with 15 minutes cardio.

  • Busi

    I started using the attack the fat a month ago and i haven’t lost weight and can i use with the fat burn drops. I also have a problem with apetite sometimes i get a lot of it but i try to eat small potions.

  • Seipati makato

    Im in south africa, johannesburg, where can i buy the herbex products

  • zainab

    would herbex help me get thin? do i have to diet and exercise alot?

  • Cheryl

    We bought Herbex for men and for women in SA last month, but we have lost the box which tells us the instructions on how to take them (We bought the pills). Can you please advise when we take them, how many a day and before meals etc.


  • precious

    am confused which product works more effective the attack or slimmers.it appears most of the people who testified on your website used slimmers

  • Shehaam

    Hi Precious and Cheryl – Precious both the products are very effective. It all depends on what you prefar using. A syrup, tabs or drops. Just see that you use the correct dosage. Cheryl Herbex for men should be taken half an hour before meals twice a day.

  • Dineo

    Is it true that there’s no clinical trials done for the herbex products? And if not, is there any scientific basis to the claims.

  • Zanele Khumalo

    I would like like to find out about severe abdominal pains after taking the herbex syrup for two days. I went to the loo more than six times in a day. Any danger on the syrup?

  • leasel

    I read through some of the stuff and want to start on some of the herbex products. I was wondering if anyone can advice me if teh “fat burner” is the best option and it it really works

  • nadine

    Can a person with stomach ulcers use herbex or will it make it worst than it is.

  • kezz

    Hey I’ve just bought the cellulite gel and wanted to know if anyone has tried it and if it works? Also wanna know about the cellulite tablets? And do the fat burn tea and metabolism tea also work because I have them as well? And can you take it together?? Thanks

  • sumaya

    Does Attack the fat really work? if yes, how quick do you see results?

  • sumaya

    Does Attack the fat really work? if yes how quick do you see results?

  • karen

    will herbex interfere with birthcontrol?

  • janice

    I have been using the Herbex ‘attack the fat’ and the ‘fat buring’ drops. It really works for me with no side effects.

  • Aletta

    Hi does anyone know the measurements on how to take herbex syrup.

  • stephen

    i just want to know if i can use both the pills and the herbx drops?

  • Will

    Will herbex help with an under active thyroid and has anyone lost weight and in what period

  • nomagugu

    hi guys am in zimbabwe and iwud lyk to know where i can get heberx un zim?

  • Lihle

    I moved from size 30 to 38 and now im a laughing stock even to my own parents and friends..is it possible for me to go back to my size if yes how?help a sista

  • Philicia Mashishi

    I used fat attack syrup for only 2 days then I started having terrible abdominal pains I thought Im dying. I stopped using it because its very harmful.

  • Anonymous

    For those of you who have tried herbex and has actualy worked for you could you please fill me in on the diet you follow because today is my first day using the herbex metabolism tea 🙂

  • edith

    I am 70 yearsold is there a Herbex product to help me loose weight or is this for uner 60″s only

  • Anonymous

    can i use herbex attack the fat on my 11 years old son who is fat for his age?

  • Suzette

    Can someone please help me? I have never used the Herbex Slimmer Shake before, how does it work? Do I use it as a meal replacement or use it with my meals?

  • Fozia

    Hi ladies

    I have started using the ‘attack the fat’ product for two weeks now.

    I wasnt sure at first what was causing the light-headedness, but discovered that it was the syrup cause I had some this mornning and a few minutes later am feeling like I’m in a trans.

    Have any of you experienced this?


  • Racheal Munsamy

    i have started with the fat burn tea and have got a head ache it that a side effect

  • devin

    Where in Zambia can I get the products?help a sista


    Hi .Does Herbex Slimmers or Fat attack have any side effects?
    What are the Ages as my mum is 62 and wants to loose weight.
    Which is better to take.
    Slimmers or Fat Attack?

    Please advise.

  • zahira

    Hi I have hypothyriodism and I take Eltroxin 1 time a day
    can I take herbex and which one would be preferable and will it cause any problems with my Eltroxin. Thanx Zahira

  • Ronelle govender

    I would really like some help.im unemployed wid a yr old bby girl i weigh 90kg n cnt seem to drop weight i exercise too.but i cant afford to get the products.ive heard ppl say herbex is the best and safe when brestfeedin.but i dont knw wat to do pls help

  • carine

    Hi, I want to start using herbex products but i am a bit worried because my husband and i have planned to have a child this year , does herbex products affect women fertility

  • Anel

    Hi. I have been using Herbex slimmers tablets for a mounth now and have lost 4kg. I try to eat All Bran in the morning and fruit/vegies and lean meat the rest of the day. I also drink 2,5L water and go for walks.

  • jacky

    i am breast feeding , can i use Herbex

  • Nat

    I suffer from IBS and I tried herbex drops. It did curb my appetite but worsen my IBS.

  • Lizanne

    Does Herbex really work? Is it safe to use for a person of any age or should you be at least a certain age? Can Herbex cause any illnesses? How much does it cost? What is the best product to use if I want to lose a few kilos and cms? What should I expect when I start to use it – mood changes, instant loss, stomach problems?

  • ayanda

    Used it for a month and gained 5kgs. I went off it and so far lost 3kgs. It causes water retention.

  • Sheila

    Where can I get herbex in Kenya or how can I order for it I desperately need to loose like 30 kgs
    Pls help a sista out

  • Nomcebo

    Hi Ladies

    I’m thinking of buying Herbex Cellulite gel but i’m not sure sure if it works. Is there anyone who have used it before?

  • Kamini

    Just bought Herbex bt I wanted to know if its ok for me to take it cos I’m on atenolol 50mg once a day

  • Anonymous

    How long does a 300 ml of bottle last and how soon can someone expect results from using herbex syrup

  • Lydia

    So many questions from people like me who’re concerned about how these products affect you health wise yet nobody from herbex is taking the initiative to answer them.as much as I would like to use your products but I don’t think I will seeing that you’re not giving us any reassurance that your products are healthy or they don’t have any severe side effects.my doctor advised me not to use herbex products and if I don’t get any answers from you then I’ll have no choice but to follow her instructions

  • fungus

    i wana start using herbex ,is it safe for someone on birthcontrol pills to use this product

  • cindy

    am currently taking stress pill and just started using herbex metabolism slimmers tea. Is it adviceable to mix these 2 things,r the side effects,if there are,what r they?

  • Zizi

    YhoOo, Herbex has most probably ruined half my year, I’ve been taking the “hlasela mafutha” fat attack syrup for 5 months, that’s 5 bottles and over R500 of my money down the toilet. I’ve gained 13 kilograms in the process, drank most probably a lifetime’s supply of water during those months. Someone needs to clinically test this product. I causes water retention. Now that I’ve stopped taking it, my clothes are starting to fit better.

  • Anonymous

    How does herbex work for someone on ARVs

  • bonnie

    I nearly got renal stones after drinking herbex tea for constipation, I started having severe chronic pain on my lower abdomin and since stopping it the pain is gone

  • Nasreen

    My mom has been using herbex drops for years and it really works for her. I have also started using it and have dropped 5 kilos. I also use the fat burn tea which is yummy. You cannot just drink the stuff and expect to drop weight, you have to use it as a supplement in your weight loss and must excersize and eat properly. herbex suppresses my hunger and my food portions are getting smaller. You have to be the change and herbex is just an aid.

  • noks

    Am on Bayer aspirin cardio 100 and co-migroben 160/12.5 tablet can i use herbex products

  • lisa

    Hi guys…i started using drops to supress appetite…i gym i walk i ate healthy nothing worked i jst gained…after 4 months i bought slimmers shake and tea….i take shake in the morning with slimmers tea and a pieace of fruit as directed its been 3 months no change i jst gain and i stil gym and eat healthy…i am so disappointed in HERBEX really…dnt give people false hope plz guys herbex is jst not on…

  • Credence

    Where can i buy herbex in Beira Mozambique.

  • shadey

    i want to find out if using herbex while on birth control pills wahts going to happen

  • fawakes

    Hey guys I just wana knw if I can use slimming drops with the slimming tea? Want to start using it bt not sure?


    where can i find it

  • Nomsa Mashika

    I chose Fat burner now what i want to know is that after choosing the 5day 90 drops, should I continue using the same dose after 5 days.

  • Rachael

    Hi Tracy, i bought the herbex fatburn and dont understand the instructions, how do i also use the dropper, it doesnt seem to come out with any liquid in it.

  • Busi

    I started using Herbex fat attack a month ago but i haven’t lost weight, i was wondering if i can use it together with fat burn. I sometimes have a huge apetite but i try to eat small potions what should i do?

  • Sher


    You can get herbex at any chemist or dischem

  • Natasha

    Hi Seipati. You can buy the Herbex products at DisChem or Clicks (I’ve seen them there). I often buy mine from Clicks in Lonehill or Fourways 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Clicks stores

  • Anonymous

    if you want to be thin every person on earth must exercise and eat right…

  • Shehaam

    Hi Cheryl. He will have to take it half an hour before meals, twice a day

  • Lindy

    Hi Dineo, no clinical trials are done on herbal products. All our testimonials on our website and what you see in our advertising, is true and proof that Herbex does work. We use real people who contact us with their stories. Herbs have been used for thousands of years and has helped millions of people. We do understand though that everyone’s bodies are different, and herbs will not work for everyone. The best way to see if it works, is to give it a try, you have nothing to lose but weight!

  • Anonymous

    Did it work did you lose any weight

  • haylz

    hi there i am using the attack the fat & the fat burner drops .. please tell me your way of taking them & your programme maybe i am doing it wrong i see no difference do you drop weight on your hands & hips aswell ? plz repl

  • nomusa

    Hi tell me how many drops u put in the morning pls assist I wanna start using it pls

  • sarah

    Try the herbal shop along union ave the one near the new start centre

  • buhle

    hi sisi, does it work though?

  • Saneliso

    hi Devin, i have managed to locate someone who is a distributor for herbex in Zambia. am actually getting the slimmers tea tomoro and the other products in two weeks time. give me a call and i will give you his name and number. 0968319292

  • laaiqah

    oh yes it realy works, I got the attack the fat tablets and booster fat burn I’m using it 4days now and already I have lost 1kg I’m so motivated cos I’ve used so many other products nd no results. I skip 5mins 3times a day eat healthy and drink lots of water nd that’s it. I suggest get yourself a skipping rope nd start with 50 to 100 skips @ a time nd walk it down nd start again untill you reach 500 takes less than 10 mins. Will keep u posted on my weight loss but I’m confident I will reach my goal weight. Stay motivated!!

  • thuli

    i thot i was imagining this. The mo i drink herbex, the mo weight ive gained. I also xperience light headedness.

  • Carlito


    Yes you can coz thats what i am doing right now, and its working. remmember the instructions say that Herbex products compliment each other.

  • Kate

    i have used Herbex for Cellulite tabs for the last 5 months as well as going to gym (lifting weights) and cleaning up my diet. My cellulite has improved by at least 80%. I’ve never had that happen with gym and healthy eating before. The tablets definitely make a difference

  • Mishqah

    Hi there did you ever get any feedback on this. I also have an under active thyroid and am struggling baadly with my weight. I am on eltroxin and I am concerned that it will kick my medz out. I have started with “booster fat burner drops” only my first bottle so hoping it will work

  • Yolly

    Did you guys have any luck using weight as I also have an underactive thyroid and no luck as to loosing weight for 7 years now. Am so depressed as I do not know what to use anymore and the weight is depressing.

  • Your Name

    hi Lisa, have you checked your thyroid, maybe its not the product thats making you gain weight, maybe its something to do with you on a physical aspect. i suggest you get professional help.

  • Fifi k

    You can get it from Umoyo, by Arcades the have a store full of herbex products, as well as a pharmacy by Kabulonga shopping center…

  • Fatima Boaventura

    I have started tody to use this Herbex Fat Burn am 64kg am not happy with my lower body i hope it really helps me, because of my Thais and butty i have a lower self esteem i became shay don’t even have friends, am trying this one, lets see how it will help though its not for butt or Thais

  • Your Name

    Healthy u

  • presh

    tell me hw did it go in the long run… the product

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