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Herbex Review - 7 Things You Need to Know

We’ve all struggled to find the right diet supplement, so we took the time to write one of our in-depth reviews about Herbex, examining the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and customer care. Plus we focused on hundreds of dieter responses from the internet. Finally, we summed up all of the data and facts to give you the bottom line.

Herbex can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Herbex?

First off, Herbex is a supplement brand containing green tea, garcinia Cambogia, black tea, cinnamon, capsicum frutescens, rooibos tea, and astragalus membranaceus, among others. They offer a large number of products, including:

  • Attack the Fat
  • Fat Burners
  • Slimmers Concentrate
  • Slimmers Tea
  • Slimmers Shakes
  • Green Tea Concentrate
  • Garcinia Concentrate
  • Detox Herbal Teas

The formulas are free of additives and harmful chemicals. They are supposed to help you lose weight. One benefit is the ease use.

The official website did not reveal when Herbex was founded. However, it mentions that this company ships internationally. Also, some success stories are posted, and contact information is provided, but what about proof the products work?

We checked into some research early to see what we were in store for with Herbex.

  • European Journal of Clinical Nutrition – It is thought that green tea may help with weight loss by reducing food intake and interrupting fat absorption.
  • Fitoterapia – This study shares that garcinia Cambogia use may not be as safe as some people think.
  • Molecules – As for black tea, it’s the polyphenols believed to aid in weight loss, and they may be more effective than green tea polyphenols.

Herbex Competitors

USN Diet Fuel Ultra Lean
Phedra Cut Ultra XT
Other similar products: Triple Leaf Tea, Strip Tea

Customer Complaints – “What’s The Talk?”

The first concern with Herbex ingredients were customer complaints. “The official website posts user testimonials, so one would think the supplement line is one of the best,” said our Research Editor. “But after a bit of digging, users painted a different picture.”

One customer complained, “I started using Herbex attack fat mix and two days later I developed rash.”

According to another user, “I’m on day 2 and I have really bad cramps and upset stomach and every time I eat I get sick.”

Side Effects

Side Effects – “Be Careful!”

Herbex diet products can lead to adverse reactions, not precisely what you’re looking for in a supplement. Trusted products offer results without many reports of side effects. One customer commented, “Hi, I have just started using Herbex, and I am also experiencing really bad cramps.”

“I started using the Herbex fat burning concentrate. After 2 days I now have the most severe stomach cramps EVER,” said another person.

Our research has revealed that if there is one small part of a diet supplement that’s negative, like mixed reviews, that can be enough to ruin your chances of long-term results. If Herbex supplements do cause adverse reactions and disappointed users, this could prove to be a severe issue.

The Science – “Any Proof?”

Herbex doesn’t provide clinical trial results for their diet products, based upon what we found on the official website, so let’s look at the ingredients.

The Herbex ingredients are green tea, garcinia Cambogia, black tea, cinnamon, capsicum frutescens, rooibos tea, and Astragalus membranaceus.

Green Tea – According to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, just like black tea, green tea polyphenols are likely responsible for the long list of health benefits that come with the tea.

Garcinia Cambogia – Some of the most current research, as published in the BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies journal, shares that Garcinia Cambogia may be effective on weight loss, but only when combined with glucomannan, a water-soluble fiber.

Black Tea – Additional research from the journal Molecules concurs that black tea (specifically fermented teas) are more significant health benefits than unfermented (green) teas.

Herbex Lawsuits

According to the Southern African Legal Information Initiative, Herbex was involved in a lawsuit in 2017 concerning the weight-loss claims of Appetite Control Tablets, Booster Eat Less, and Attack the Fat Syrup.

However, Herbex counter-sued the advertising agency, who sued them for acting outside their jurisdiction. The two entities are currently in the appeal process.

What Users Are Saying

“I like everything about this product it’s too good to be true but it’s truly good it stop me from eating and if I forced myself to eat too much this product will send me to toilet straight away I’m ordering more.”

“Herbex teas they great, swear by them for the last 5 years and is great tasting and keep my weight down. Well done Herbex.”

“An affordable way to help with our weight loss battle at last!!”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Herbex Work?

OK, give me just one more second of your time. We are glad to see that Herbex included some natural ingredients and favorable customer comments,  but the lack of solid science supporting weight-loss claims makes us hesitant about thus one. We’re also concerned about customer complaints and talk of negative side effects.

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What are the side effects of Herbex?

Some users report Herbex side effects including headaches, upset stomach, nausea, constipation and irritability.

What are the ingredients in Herbex?

Herbex ingredients include garcinia cambogia, caffeine, green tea, guarana, Siberian ginseng and yerba mate, and others.

Is Herbex good for weight loss?

Fat Syrup, a product from Herbex, contains natural herbs and extract aimed at promoting weight loss. There’s no research on the website showing how it’s supposed to work.

How much does Herbex cost?

The cost of Herbex supplements vary based on the supplement purchased. Some prices exceed $100.

What does Herbex Fat Burn do?

Herbex Fat Burn claims to help you reduce cravings, increases energy levels, accelerated metabolic levels with the combination of Garcinia Cambogia, guarana, and green tea.

Where can I buy Herbex?

Herbex can be purchased using their Official Site.

What is Herbex Slim?

Herbex Slim is a single shot of Herbex Fat Burn. It contains green tea and guarana.

Can I use multiple Herbex supplements at the same time?

You can, but before you start, it’s best to talk to your doctor.

Does Herbex come with a guarantee?

Herbex does come with a guarantee, but you’ll need to contact customer service to find out more.

17 Herbex Reviews

  • Can use with birth control pill?
    yolande Ferreira

    Can anyone confirm that Herbex slimmers drops is safe to use with birth control pills?

    • Tyra

      Yes you may

  • How to get faster results?
    Your Name (Verified Purchase)

    Am using it too but I want it to be faster what can I do??

    • Leigh

      Make sure to maintain a healthy balanced diet and exercise plan and the results will come- you can’t rush it

  • What supplement should use with it?
    FHUMU (Verified Purchase)

    i have been using herbex mix and drink for a month and no wait loss, what product should i use to suppliment it.

    • joslyn

      it only works if you have a good diet aswell, I lost 23kgs in 7 months because I cut mc donalds out of me diet. twas making me fattish. herbex is good but cant break down fats made from mc donalds plastic supplements. yebo. egg whites are a good replacement for sodium chloride

  • 13 year old can use this?

    Im 13 years old what would happen if some one my age used these tablets?
    Reply to the comment button <3 Thanks big help.
    P.s Its for my identical twin sister, were compared a lot so she wants to loose just a bit of wait so me look the same <3 thanks for you understanding.
    Jodie 🙂

  • Can use it as a patient?

    I have 2 operation so their told if it is caeser my stomach will never go away is that true with herbex

  • Where to find in Ghana?
    Jossy Agyemang

    Really need to loose some weight I currently weigh 80kg. Ope to loose 20 at the end of the year. Where do I find this product in Ghana. Any agent doing distribution.

  • Can I take this with other medication?

    If I am on BP Tabs Prexium Plus can I still take Herbex fat Attack syrup?

  • Loved the product.
    Michelle (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using the Herbex Slimmers drops for 2 weeks now and have yet to see changes in my weight but one thing is certain, it has reduced my appetite alot. Im holding thumbs for the weight loss….

  • Can use while breastfeeding?

    I’m currently breastfeeding, would it be advisable to use Herbex Slimmer drops with 33 essential herbs?

  • Attack the fat syrup
    Charmaine (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using herbex for 5 days now. Everytime I use the attack the fat syrup I have severe cramps and upset stomach will not recomend it

    • Liza

      I have also been using the syrup now for the exact period as Charmaine. I have also noticed severe cramps and an upset tummy. I have taken the correct dosage, what is this cause of this?

      • Taylor Izzo

        Hi Liza,

        Please make sure to contact your physician if you continue to experience side effects with this product

  • Filled with doubts
    Grace (Verified Purchase)

    I am 23 year old lady,I have been using herbex fat burn pills for almost 2 months now but I don’t see any changes to my appetite,I eat a calories controlled diet and exercise regularly. I have been trying to lose weight before trying herbex even though I I have lost some weight but I thought I would lose more when starting herbex.

  • becs (Verified Purchase)

    i just started using herbex concentrate, and tea, and already after a week i could see a major difference, lost 2kg in 5 days. however, i had to change my diet and exercise.
    herbex does work. you just have to be discipline, anything in life comes by hard work and focus. Herbex combined with focus diet and excessive will give you great result.