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Isotonix Review- Does This Supplement Line Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 14, 2017

97% of dieters just want a product that works. Yeah, we don’t understand that remaining 3%, either. Our in-depth looked at Isotonix side effects, ingredients, scientific research and customer service. We also dove deep into hundreds of user comments and experiences to find the facts. Then, we summarized and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Isotonix?

Firstly, Isotonix is a supplement manufacturer focusing on products in powdered form. The ingredients are grape seed, red wine extract, pine bark, billberry, citrus, vitamins and minerals. The company offers a wide variety of multivitamins, wellness supplements and weight-loss products. Usage depends on the supplement. [1][2]

Isotonix has been around for over 10 years. The products are available on the official website and through trusted retailers. We like that we found some positive customer comments and the use of a few natural ingredients, but read on…

Price – “Wowsers?”

The first issue we came across with Isotonix ingredients was price. While it seems affordable at first glance, it’s much more expensive than a daily multivitamin or wellness supplement that you could get at the drug store. “Isotonix isn’t prohibitively expensive,” said our Research Editor. “But compared to similar products, it’s more than double the price for the same ones in tablet form.” [3]

“Before I realized it, I had $300 worth of Isotonix products,” said one user.

“These…seem to do the trick, but is it really that different than what I can get at Walgreens?,” said another.

According to some Isotonix reviews, cost didn’t come into the equation. [4]

I have been using Isotonix opc-3 for a month. My health is worth this price,” said a user.

Isotonix Inconvenience – “Concerning?”

One other complaint that many people have pertains to the powders as an inconvenience. “I’ve been taking Isotonix for a month now, but I miss at least one day a week because [they] are so inconvenient,” said one customer.

“These seem to work when I can get the mix right, but that’s only about half the time,” offers another. [5]

“I hope I’m getting the mixture right, but I’m not seeing any results,” explains one frustrated reviewer.

We found that not every dieter thought Isotonix was inconvenient. [6]

“I take it in the am as soon as i get up, mix 1 and 1/2 caps full of water (cap that is on the container) and 3 of the lids that hold the powder in, and mix it up,” said a customer.

I’ve been taking OPC for over 15 years, and it’s easy to take, mix and drink first thing every morning,” reported another.

Throughout our research into supplements, whenever there’s something that’s concerning, like being inconvenient, long-term success is slim. If Isotonix takes too long to prepare, this could be an issue.

The Science – “Clinical Proof?”

Some of the Isotonix products are well-researched and proven to help with weight-loss. Unfortunately these same ingredients are in the supplements that you can find at a fraction of the cost on the shelves in any grocery or drug store. These do have the benefit of taking effect faster, but that benefit isn’t worth paying double for. Here at DietSpotlight, in order to recommend something it must be better than more affordable alternatives and proven in clinical studies. When you’re paying more for something that offers similar results, we lean toward the cheaper alternative. [7]

The Bottom Line – Does Isotonix Work?

So, the last of the facts have trickled in. What’s our take on this one? We like the fact that Isotonix has been on the market for over 10 years and that it seems to have developed a cult-like following. We also like the results that some users have seen and that the product is readily available, but we have reservations recommending this because of the more affordable alternatives on the market that accomplish the exact results. We’re also concerned about the inconvenience of mixing the powders. [8] [9]

If you’d like a convenient, affordable way to lose, we suggest a supplement that provides healthy and steady weight-loss with a formula that has ingredients backed by published research and trials. We also suggest you find a product that doesn’t have cheaper alternatives that provide the same benefits.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This proprietary blend of four ingredients has been clinically proven to help boost weight-loss by promoting metabolism and fat loss. The supplement has not led to any adverse side effects and users online seem happy with the results that they’ve seen.

Right now, the makers of Dietspotlight Burn are standing behind their product with a Special Trial Offer, which shows just how confident they are that you’ll love the supplement.

Previous Isotonix Review (Updated October 3, 2014):

Isotonix: What You Should Know

Isotonix is a line of health and wellness supplements produced by the Market America brand. Some products include Mochatonix , Isotonix OPC-3, DNA Miracles Multivitamin Plus, Isotonix Bromelain, DNA Miracles Isotonix and Isotonix Calcium Plus. With several different products, ranging from multi-vitamins to weight management and anti-aging, this company is targeted at anyone who has health concerns, and has the products to address them. Sort of like Qivana, even though Qivana is an MLM company. Some products are based in chromium like Biocitrin. Read this review to learn more about their products and how they may be able to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Isotonix List of Ingredients

Isotonix produces several different health and wellness supplements. The ingredients will vary depending on which product you buy. We suggest you take a closer look at the supplement ingredients on the product or products you are interested in.

Product Features

Isotonix products include: Anti-Aging, Antioxidants, Blood Sugar Maintenance, Bone & Joint, Digestive Health, Family Health, General Health, Heart Health, Sports Nutrition, Skin Health and Weight Management. In this respect, striking similarities can be drawn between Isotonix and Organo Gold products that also have varied effects. The products average about $40 each for a month’s supply, but each purchase earns you a small amount of customer loyalty currency to help you get discounts on later purchases. The weight management product is called Isotonix IsoChrome, and its main ingredient is chromium, which has been shown in clinically studies to help stabilize blood sugar levels in much the same way Mulberry leaf does in Slim Xtreme Gold. Stabilized blood sugar levels not only helps with diabetics, but it can keep those with normal blood sugar levels from having too many cravings or feeling too hungry when they are not.

Isotonix Advantages

  • Isotonix comes in liquid forms that allows for faster absorption by the body.
  • There are products to address various types of health concerns.

Isotonix Disadvantages

  • Isotonix products are more expensive than most multivitamins.
  • We can’t see full ingredient listings.
  • This product involves mixing, and if you mix it incorrectly, it may not work as effectively.
  • There are no dietary recommendations to support these products.
  • There are no exercise recommendations to support these products.
  • Many of their products are supported by mixed reviews.


Isotonix products cater to a wide variety of health needs. Isotonix IsoChrome is similar to many others chromium based weight loss products on the market today, except that it is available in liquid form while the others are some sort of pill, be they capsule or tablet. With the hassle of having to correctly mix the liquid, you can save money, time and frustration by choosing another one of those products. However, chromium alone is not going to be the answer to your weight loss journey. As with Prevagen certain ingredients just don't do it all. For any weight loss supplement to be effective, it needs to be clinically proven as such, and taken as directed. It should also be combined with a nutritionally balanced, slightly reduced calorie diet. It should also be used with a regular exercise routine that involves both cardiovascular exercise.

Isotonix is a line of supplements that includes OPC-3, Calcium Plus and Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics. There's really nothing there for weight-loss, though supporting overall health is important when cutting calories and exercising to lose weight.

Isotonix Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV
- Grape Seed Extract25mg*
- Red Wine Extract25mg*
- Pine Bark Extract25mg*
- Bilberry Extract25mg*
- Citrus Extract25mg*

Other Ingredients: None

We dug deep into the Isotonix ingredients to give you the facts and details you need.

B Vitamins

B vitamins include thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid and pyridoxine. These components are commonly found in multivitamin supplements and herbal weight-loss products. You can also these micronutrients from various food sources.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Often B vitamins are added to weight-loss supplements to help convert food into fuel and boost energy levels. These nutrients are commonly added to energy drinks as well.

Clinical Research

A 2015 study published in Advances in Nutrition found that 15 to 29 percent of those who were seeking weight-loss surgery were deficient in the B vitamin. Colorado State University explains that thiamine plays an important role in helping to normalize appetite.”[1] Therefore getting your b vitamins may be beneficial for weight management.


Resveratrol is a natural phenol that is found in fruits such as mulberries, grapes, raspberries and blueberries. Wine is a popular source, because it is made from grapes. This ingredient is available in some dietary supplements for health and weight-loss as well.

What is it Supposed to Do?

There are several claims regarding resveratrol. For instance, this substance is supposed to help combat damaging free radicals, treat and prevent cancer, assist with anti-aging, promote heart health, and aid with weight reduction.

Clinical Research

According to WebMD, “Resveratrol helps reduce inflammation, prevents the oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol, and makes it more difficult for platelets to stick together and form the clots that can lead to a heart attack.”[2] However, this ingredient may not directly cause weight-loss.


Chromium is a mineral that is found in foods like green beans, grape juice, broccoli, raw onions and romaine lettuce. The body requires this nutrient in small amounts, and it’s often found in multivitamins and diet supplements.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The primary claim for chromium in diet products is that it balances blood sugar levels. This may help prevent weight gain and manage food cravings. It’s sometimes used to treat type 2 diabetes as well.

Clinical Research

“In one well designed study, people with type 2 diabetes who took chromium picolinate had better HbA1c values — used to measure long-term control of blood sugar levels — than those who took placebo. The group taking chromium also had better fasting blood glucose levels, a measure of short-term control of blood sugar levels,” says the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Isotonix Side Effects:

Isotonix is meant to help with weight loss. Most users have had a side effect-free experience with this product (even when they didn’t meet their weight loss goals). However, everyone’s body reacts differently to substances. These are the side effects reported by users in some cases.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is when the ring of muscles in your stomach collectively known as the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) fails to close properly, allowing stomach acid to move into the esophagus. When you have acid reflux, you feel an acute burning sensation (heart burn) in your chest. At times, this can be accompanied by stomach pain and nausea. You normally experience regurgitation—the bitter taste of acid coming up into your throat. Additional symptoms of acid reflux are burping, bloating, persistent hiccups, and a feeling of food being stuck in your throat (dysphagia).

What causes acid reflux?

Hiatal hernia—a disease in which the upper part of the stomach and LES move above the diaphragm—is the most common cause of acid reflux. [1] Other common factors that may lead to acid reflux are eating close to bedtime, smoking, or eating irritants like alcohol, coffee, and spicy food. Medications like aspirin and ibuprofen can also provoke acid reflux.

Blurred Vision

When you have blurred vision, your eyesight is suddenly impaired. You temporarily lose your ability to see clearly and in fine detail. It can take place in one eye or in both. Often, blurred vision occurs along with migraines, light sensitivity, and redness in the eyes.

What causes blurred vision?

Blurry vision has many possible causes. It may be the result of abrasions to the cornea, cataracts, or trauma and injury. It may also be a sign of a serious condition like a stroke. If you have diabetes, you may also experience blurry vision if your blood level has a major fluctuation.


Constipation is when you have difficulty with your bowel movement. You feel the need to go to the restroom but the stool don’t pass, or will only do so after much strain. Normally constipation goes hand in hand with stomach pain, which can vary in severity from general aches to acute pangs.

What causes constipation?

There are many lifestyle factors that lead to constipation: lack of fiber, not drinking enough water, not doing enough exercise. Consuming too much alcohol, caffeine, and junk food can provoke constipation. [2] If you’re constipated for a long period of time or get constipated often, check with your doctor for analysis and treatment.


Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is difficulty falling or staying asleep. It involves a feeling of intense restlessness that often has you rolling around in bed—sometimes for several hours on-end.

What causes insomnia?

Insomnia can be caused by psychological factors like stress and anxiety. It may also be the sign of an underlying illness like asthma, allergy, and neurological conditions. Poor sleeping habits like eating or watching TV right before bed can also contribute to sleeplessness. Some Isotonix users have experienced side effects. Before beginning use, go over your health situation with your physician to make sure this product is right for you.

Isotonix Questions & Answers:

We picked apart hundreds of user comments about Isotonix and condensed into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Iso?

Iso, short for Isotonix side effects may include headaches, dizziness and lack of focus, as mentioned in some customer reviews.

What are the ingredients in Isotonix?

Isotonix ingredients are chromium, l-carnitine, pycnogenol, resveratrol, acai[1], coenzyme Q10, vitamins, minerals and lutein. The formulas differ depending on the supplement.

Does Isotonix work?

There are no scientific studies linking Isotonix to weight-loss. We did find research into some active ingredients, like chromium[2], but that ingredient is used in other products.

How much does Isotonix cost?

Isotonix costs vary by supplement. The weight-loss supplement costs $41.95.

How should I take Isotonix?

You should take Isotonix based on the supplement purchased.


What do users like about Isotonix?

Some users liked that Isotonix supplements were available on the official website and that several of the products contained natural ingredients.

What do users NOT like about Isotonix?

We found that some users didn’t like that the Isotonix customer service department was difficult to reach and that the supplement didn’t help with weight-loss.


When is the best time to take Isotonix digestive powder?

The best time to take Isotonix digestive powder is in the morning.

Do Isotonix products contain soy?

Yes, several of the Iso products contain soy.

Does Isotonix come with a guarantee?

Isotonix comes with a guarantee. You’ll receive a return authorization and send the unopened item back for a full refund.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Isotonix?

There are special deals and discounts on Iso. If you order more than $99 worth of products, you will receive free shipping.

Isotonix Scientific Abstracts:

Grape Seed Extract

People have been using grapes, grape leaves, and sap for medicinal reasons for centuries, and grape seed extract was established in the 1970’s. Grape seed extract today can be useful as a nutritional supplement for conditions such as venous insufficiency (when veins have trouble transporting blood from the legs to the heart), stimulate healing of lesions, and decreasing inflammation. It has been recommended that the compounds in grape seed extract could decrease swelling and aid with habitual venous insufficiency symptoms. Grape seed extract has also been found to possibly be an advantage for heart health with the ability to decrease systolic blood pressure and heart rate.[1]

Red Wine Extract

It has been stated that through studies it was found that the consumption of wine, specifically red wine is good for heart health. It can be assumed that the defensive effect red wine has on heart health is due to the quantities of alcohol and antioxidants it possesses. The alcohol enhances the dilation of blood vessels which in turn reduces blood pressure and the antioxidants in the red wine have the ability to decrease oxidative stress on the heart.[2]

Pine Bark Extract

Through multiple studies it has been proposed that natural antioxidant could avert oxidative harm. Pycnogenol (Pine Bark Extract) is one of these natural antioxidants that has been acknowledged for its powerful ability to hunt down free radicals. It consists of polyphenolic compounds that may be able to make various effects that could possible protect against chronic and degenerative illnesses. It has been reported to have advantages on heart health and the ability to improve blood circulation.[3]

Bilberry Extract

Bilberry is related to the blueberry and its leaves and berries have been used medicinally for a number of conditions such as diarrhea, scurvy, infections, burns, and diabetes since the Middle Ages. There is no scientific proof backing the use of bilberry medicinally, but today it is used as a nutritional supplement for heart ailments, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, eye issues, diabetes, and other illnesses. Some studies have stated there may be health advantages because the berries are high in antioxidants called anthocyanins.[4]

Citrus Extract

Bitter orange (Citrus Extract) has traditionally been used by those native to the Amazon for constipation, nausea, and indigestion. Several bitter orange products are used today as supplements for heartburn, appetite loss, congestions, and weight loss. Application to the skin for pain, bruising, and bed sores are other common uses. It is sometimes used in weight loss products because it includes synephrine which is comparable to the key chemical in ephedra; which was banned by the FDA. Bitter orange oil could assist with ringworm, jock itch, and athlete’s food, but there not enough scientific proof to promote using it for any other health reasons.[5]

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 2.9. From 80 votes.
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  Wants to know the soy content

do any of your products contsin soy?

Karen (Editor)

Hi Milly. From what we’ve found no however they do have a several many products.

  Best time to take it
John Blue (Verified User)

When is the best time of day to Isotonix digestive powder.

Maribel (Editor)

Hi John! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Isotonix official website for more information.


If you’re referring to the digestive enzymes, take it after having a meal.


Opc-3 is supposed be taken 1/2 hour BEFORE YOU EATTell us your thoughts about Isotonix .


Are there any side effects from taking these vitamins?


The products provide supplemental nutrients, there are no side effects because all the ingredients are natural extracts from fruits, vegetables and certain tree barks rather than chemical based pharmaceuticals that have various side effects.


Dale, with all due respect, how can you possibly say this with certainty? Of course supplements, even naturally derived, can have side effects. We are not all made the same. The way we process supplements is not the same.


What’s up with the Fructose and Glucose in the product? I must admit the product works for weight loss but I’m concerned about those two chemicals especially…..


I will have a diarrhea after drinking isotonix opc3 beauty blend. I have lactose intolerance. Does it have lactose? I don’t have any issue with opc3,trying to find out what makes me sick.

Mike M

are there any interactions with isotonix powdered vitamin and Lipitor and BP meds?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Mike! Because of possible interactions with medications and other products, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.


I need someone to tell me if there is any soy or tree nuts so ANY type in the products by isotonix ?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Peggy! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Probioslim official website for more information.


Tell us Ive been having really soft stool lately and was wondering if anyone else is having this problem.


I’ve been on Isogenix and Isonix for over a month. There are side effects. I am losing weight but on full weight loss program. The Isonix has improved my sleeping 10 fold. After taking it I feel as if I have taken a sleeping pill. I am also having lots of dreams. very busy ones. I have normally low blood pressure due to a heart valve issue. With isonix I have found some mornings I am really experiencing a major blood pressure low. My chest feels heavy and I feel almost ‘compressed’ breathing. Also in week 5 I have begun feeling numb down one side of my body from my should to my foot. Pins and Needles and pain all down one side. I was concerned that this could be affecting my heart, as it seems to be indicating that this is happening. I take Isonix in a shot (liquid form) I am not taking any other medications. So does Isonix lower the heart rate and blood pressure? Is this what is causing this side effect? I also wake up with morning dull headaches. This does improve when I take the Isogenix acclerator and have my shake tho.

Cameron Mael

Uh…it helps you sleep??? You are supposed to take this when you first get up, on an empty stomach, a half hour before “anything” else…including coffee. There is a science to this product, with very specific instructions…you have to adhere to them for the science to work.


go to the doctor


I’ve been having nightmares since I started taking Isotonix Opc-3 a couple of weeks ago. I usually never dream or remember having a dream, but now i almost every day have nightmares.


I tried opc3 and made my stomach burn and made me tingly. Stoped taking it and took a while to recuperate

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different results; please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing this product to make sure its safe and effective for you to use.


Has anybody had a bad case of acid reflux after taking isotonix vitamins.
I tried the multiple vitamin twice over 6 months and both times after about 3 weeks, I lost the taste in my and got acid reflux

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Eric! All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product again.




I was wondering if anyone has taken the activated B Complex, and if so did they have side effects, or any negative issues?


Activitated B change my life .I had severe migraine for more than 25year. ( Didn’t know that I am a B deficiency.)
I never believed in supplements as it give me migraine when I take them. I was amazed that my migraine instantly lifted in 20 min after 2 doze , in the past I be down for at least 3 day. I am migraine free now. After 1 year on ( essential kit ) l look ten year younger.

Stephen (Editor)

Anyone had issues?


The B-Complex changed my life. I had more energy and it helped to calm stress unbelievably! B vitamins are depleted with stress and sugar. 🙁 I have and love both! I absolutely love isotonix and take many of the other supplements as well.

  Contains Cobalt or Chromium
Mike Thanasoulis (Verified User)

I v e been taking this for close to ten years along with the acai.I was told by Dr. to sop taking the Acai because of the Chromium/Cobalt in it.I have high levels in the blood due to Metal on Metal hip replacements.My Question is does the OPC3 have any Cobalt or Chromium in it? I would like to keep taking it.I do miss the Acai.And would like to continue taking the OPC3. But not if it Contains Cobalt or Chromium.Thank You


Isotonix OPC 3 has no cobalt or chromium. It contains Grapeseed extract, Bilberry extract, and Pinebark extract. A powerful antioxidant. Look it up on Istonix.com for the ingredient list. A terrific product with many benefits.

Stephen (Editor)

It seems the formulation consist of Natural fruit extracts and flavonoids; no mention of metals like cobalt or Chromium, Mike!

  Is this safe for people with Diabetes?

Are Isotonix supplements safe for diabetics? I take Ultimate Longevity Formula and Maximum ORAC. They both VERY sweet.
Ultimate Longevity formula contains soy. Soy is not organic,is it?

  Is this good? Any side effects?
Michelle Romaniszyn

Hello. I recently sat in on a presentation on Isotonix Opc-3 and is benefits on your health as well as nutritional supplements and other products. My question is, Is this really a good product and are there any severe side affects. I don’t want to spend alot of money on something that isnt any different from another detox system. I am looking to detox my body, rather cleanse my body of toxins. I’ve never had a cleaning done before. What are your thoughts?

  Which is the best for me?

Isotonix was recommended to me and I’ve been doing some research on the product, but still have questions. I’ve suffered from acid reflux for quite some time, but lately, it was gotten really bad. One doctor thinks it could be the start of an ulcer and wants me to have an upper GI endoscopy. However, before opting you have then shoe a camera down my throat, I’d like to try Isotonix, as I’ve read excellent reviews about the product. My question is though, which one works best for acid refux..the digestive health or the OPC-3? I’ve also read about people taking the OPC-3 along with aloe vera juice. There are so many choices, I don’t know which one to go with. Please help me!! I need relief asap.


Definitely try the digestive enzymes and the ultimate aloe! Sometimes the other Isotonix can cause acid reflux, but it really is a case-by-case trial. If I take them on an empty stomach then they always give me acid reflux. I would only recommend the digestive enzymes and the ultimate aloe until you start to see some results.


OPC and Market America’s other vitamins made my acid reflux worse


Try Ultimate Aloe juice, pls.


Hello, I was introduced to opc3 3 years go because of acid reflux any food I eat will have a burning like feeling. I started taking it after one week I didn’t feel the burning in my chest.Awesome but it didn’t stop there I was sleeping better. I feel great. It help me so much I am happy.
Isotonix .


Full disclosure here: I sell Isotonix.. but only after taking OPC-3 for a few months and finally getting off the allergy meds I had used since I was a teenager. Since then, they’ve helped my mom reduce her high-blood pressure meds, helped my husband with joint pain, helped a friend with acid reflux and countless other benefits as a natural anti-inflammatory. I think it is expensive – but you get what you pay for – they have 3rd party quality control which means that you can trust what is on the label is IN the bottle…. (not true for MANY other companies (did you watch the Frontline piece out in Jan? Yikes.)

  Weight Increase Side Effects
Janet Lee (Verified User)

May I know is weight increase a side effect after taking isotonix. I have started for about 2 months. Tks


I’ve been taking the powder packets daily for a month. First, my energy level increased tremendously, Second my joint pain decreased to non-existent, Third, my inflammation is much better and I’m losing a bit of weight. I recommend it to everyone I meet. OPC3, multivitamin, b-complex and calcium-plus are all in one packet. I disagree that the price it too high when I get these results! I sip it down with my big bottle of water at work. And I take it on usually on a full stomach – doesn’t seem to make a difference. No acid reflux or upset stomach. I’m an advocate!!! GET THIS STUFF – especially if you’re older and creaky!


The products provide supplemental nutrients, there are no side effects.

  Felt Some Side Effects
William Thompson (Verified User)

I committed to myself and my wife to lose weight and take the Isotonixs she purchased for me. However, after taking this stuff for several days, I had to quit. I agreed to continue the diet, but each time I took this stuff, I felt a lot of pressure in my head, couldn’t focus my thoughts, felt dizzy, and my vision went somewhat out of focus. So much for Market America. I wish she could receive a refund. She spent several hundred dollars.


What products are you taking, what portion sizes are you taking and how does your wife feel when she takes the products? If you are by any chance allergic to a product you can get a bad reaction such as what you’re describing and it doesn’t mean the product is bad since no one else is having the same reaction. The products are made from natural fruit, and vegetable extracts but some people do have food allergies so your claim cannot be discounted, the solution is to determine what you’re reacting to.