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Hypoxi Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


Give me two minutes of your time and I’ll tell you whether Hypoxi actually works. We spent the time picking apart the side effects, ingredients, clinical research and quality of customer service. Furthermore, we dissected hundreds of user comments and feedback. Then, we digested and summarized to give you the info you need.

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What is Hypoxi?

First off, Hypoxi ingredients are essentially four machines: S120, L250, Hypoxi-Dermology and Vacunaut. [1] The program promotes weight-loss through compression and vacuum technology, as well as healthy eating. Supposedly you’ll burn three times more fat using this system, verses regular exercise. [2] Each session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. One benefit is that some local centers offer a free trial.

Hypoxi was created in 1997 by Dr. Norbery Egger, but is currently operated by Ardent Leisure. The company operates clinics throughout the world. You can sign up for individual sessions, which cost about $69 or $684 for a training package. We like that the fitness plans are low-impact and that the company has been operating for years, but read on…

Hypoxi Side Effects – “Not Always Positive!”

The first concern we found after a quick search was Hypoxi side effects. “When you start a rather rigorous diet and exercise program, changes are to be expected,” said our Research Editor. “But, it could become problematic if the plan also causes adverse reactions.”

“I have had my first Hypoxi session this morning and from the start I felt mildly sick and very light headed,” commented a dieter. [3]

“I have been to 3 sessions and started having lower back issues,” stated another. [4]

Finding customers talking about Hypoxi side effects are rare. We did locate some dieters sharing their positive experiences. “My heart felt like it was racing, but it was just me pushing myself harder than the day before,” stated a customer. [5]

Lack of Results – “Long-Term Success?”

According to customer reviews, the lack of results with Hypoxi was a problem. “I am in the middle of my Hypoxi session. I’m not losing the inches were I want it to be lost. The suite for upper body does nothing for me,” said an individual.

“I had 12 sessions over 5 weeks, and followed the eating directions after treatment each time, and there was absolutely no change in my measurements, or cellulite appearance,” commented a customer.

We searched the forums and found that some customers have seen come changes after following the Hypoxi program. “I have to disagree with comments above saying it doesn’t work. I lost inches over my lower body, reduced my cellulite and felt comfortable and ready for summer,” said a dieter.

“Hypoxi keeps working for those hrs. after you stop the machines,” stated another.

We’ve done the research and have found that when any part of a fitness program is thought of as a concern, like not helping you reach your goals, there’s a chance long-term success will be limited. You may want to think about your options if Hypoxi doesn’t help you lose weight.

The Science – “Backed by Research?”

When Hypoxi makes such big claims, especially about targeted fat loss, we want to know how. We followed the science and found that the company provided details about the fitness plans. While the results showed that the small test group did lose a few pounds, the studies didn’t take into account the changes in eating. This is one of the staples of the entire program. At DietSpotlight, we like seeing scientific research used to support a product or fitness program. We do become concerned when there’s no direct connection to dieters losing weight and when the findings don’t address reducing caloric intake.

What Users Are Saying

"Really good product for aluminum repair, easy to use, I used it to repair the aluminum on a glass sliding door, the post is stronger than ever."

"Probably works well on metals that it is supposed to, but was 50/50 on my pot metal repair."

"It is still just epoxy. It is Ok for its purpose (fixing HVAC stuff) but I was hopping for higher Al content so it can actually look like Al. It looks gray (darkish) but not the same gray. So if the looks is something important this is may or may not work for you depending on what oxide your Al piece has. It did not work for me so I paid for the privilege of finding out."

The Bottom Line – Does Hypoxi Work?

So, are you booking your first session with Hypoxi? Well, we like that the company has been operating for years and that the exercises are low-impact, but we’re concerned about this one because the “research” available on the official website doesn’t exactly connect this fitness plan to weight-loss. We’re also a bit skeptical because it claims to target specific areas; which isn’t supported by science. Also, we raise the red flag when customers start talking about not seeing results and sessions they can’t afford.

Do you want to lose those extra pounds, without breaking the bank? If so, we suggest going with an affordable supplement that promotes weight-loss by providing ingredients proven to work.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This supplement contains four clinically-tested ingredients which have been shown to help accelerate weight-loss by boosting metabolism and igniting fat loss. We found dieters talking about seeing excellent results and no one is mentioning harmful side effects.

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Hypoxi Review
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What are the side effects of Hypoxi?

We were not able to find any mention of Hypoxi side effects.

What are the ingredients in Hypoxi?

Hypoxi ingredients are the S120, L250, Vacunaut, and Hydroxidermology.

How do I know if Hypoxi is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Hypoxi work?

We found so little information on Hypoxi, there’s no real way to determine if it works or not. It is all based on a vacuum system that’s supposed to bring blood to the surface to facilitate weight loss. 

How much does Hypoxi cost?

Depending on the membership package, it can cost anywhere from $38 to $138.

How should I use Hypoxi?

You go to the Hypoxi center where you can either use the S120, the L250, the Vacunaut, or the Hydroxidermology for 30 minutes. Each are weight-loss machines that use vacuum suction to target cellulite and fat around the hips, thighs, stomach, etc. 

Where are the Hypoxi studios located?

There are studios all around Australia and the United States.

We believe in clinical testing and Dietspotlight Burn is a strong choice that offers just that. Plus, you can read through hundreds of user reviews raving about the results.


Previous Hypoxi Review (Updated August 16, 2016):

What You Should Know About Hypoxi

Hypoxi is the process of targeted body shaping. Created by Dr. Norbert Egger of Austria, the patented process is more than just exercise. It combines exercise with vacuum pressure to increase the circulation to the area where the troublesome fatty deposits are located. There are four machines used in the Hypoxi process. The Trainer S120 for slimmer legs, the Trainer L250 for slimmer legs, the Vacunaut for a flat stomach and the Hypoxi Dermology for firmer skin.

Hypoxi Ingredients

The only ingredients in the Hypoxi process are exercise and vacuum pressure. The training machines developed by Dr. Egger combine vacuum suction with exercise to increase the circulation to the area being worked. The idea is that fatty deposits build in areas with less than optimal circulation and by increasing that circulation during exercise, the body will naturally trim the fat from the area that is isolated by the suction.

Hypoxi Product Features

Trainer S120 - The Hypoxi Trainer S120 is used to target the legs, glutes and hips. Three forces are used to isolate the fat in these areas. There is low pressure suction, high pressure compression and exercise tailored to the individual. Trainer L250 - The Hypoxi Trainer L250 targets the legs and glutes from a totally different angle. This machine uses vacuum pressure combines with cycling exercise to target fatty deposits. Vacunaut - The Hypoxi Vacunaut is a state of the art, almost sci-fi looking device aimed at reducing hip and abdominal fat. The constrictive waist and hip band combines low pressure suction, high pressure compression and exercise to target area specific fat deposits. Hypoxi Dermology - The Hypoxi Dermology machine is all about having firmer skin. Again the machine uses low pressure suction and high compression to firm the skin of the entire body.


  • Promotes exercise as a part of fat and weight loss.
  • In depth information provided on each machine and process.
  • Contact information available for direct Hypoxi contact.
  • Hypoxi studios are located all over the world.


  • Hypoxi treatments can only be performed at Hypoxi studios.
  • Targeted fat loss is not supported with scientific evidence.
  • The PRESS part of the site offers no support of the products.
  • There are no testimonials provided to support the Hypoxi usage.
  • No prices are listed for the use of the Hypoxi studio.
  • There are no Hypoxi studios in the United States.
  • Online website has adult pictures.

Hypoxi Conclusion

There is little reason to trust the Hypoxi process. Even though the Hypoxi process has been patented, that is true of many inventions that have little human value. The Hypoxi site offers the user no information on pricing, there are adult pictures not suitable for children who may be viewing the site with parents and there are no testimonials on either the main Hypoxi site or any of the branch sites visited.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

68 Hypoxi Reviews

  • vkki

    Does it work? I’m thinking about trying it. Do you really lose the weight?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Vkki. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.

  • Paat

    I have high blood pressure and wonder if there is any danger using the machines?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Paat! Because of possible interactions with high blood pressure, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • Kayr

    I am 55 years old. Is hypoxi good for me? Or am I too old This?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Kayr! It seams to be okay. You could also see Dietspotlight Burn, its ingredients have been clinically proven, and claim to be pure and effective in delivering weight-loss results, quickly.

  • haree

    my weight is 82kg and i want to reduce my waist and abdomen should i go for hypoxi? will it work for me?

    • scott

      hi Katie B did you ever go? i am seriously looking into it but just dont know what to people when people say it worked or not online.
      Thanks scott

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Haree! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new product.

  • mahesh kumar

    Hi, please advise is there any hypoxi studio in India also?

    • rabiashaikh1523@gmail.com

      yes…we have studios in Ahemdabad, Delhi, Gurgaon.

  • Kendall

    I strongly suggest that people use common sense regarding Hypoxi – unlike me. I found it not to work and I obliged by the guidelines. The tech actually lied to me during my monthly reassessment and said that I lost 8 lbs. but I didn’t loose an ounce. I weighed myself on my home scale. The program is expensive and when you think logically, how can something so low-key give such promising results? Congrats to those of you that saw improvement. Moving forward, I would suggest that anyone that is signing up for the program should INSIST upon a money back guarantee, weigh themselves and measure themselves as opposed to relying on the tech to tell you your results. Worst part is that I was “friends” with the techs at the studio. Now the studio is offering severely discounted rates for their “service.” Don’t be a sucker and fall for this.

  • kel

    I just had a free trial of hypoxi yesterday. Having a fan on me I didn’t notice the sweating so much. Weird sensation with the compression but not uncomfortable. My only concern was when getting out of machine I had bad pins and needles in my toes and feet. The consultant said some people have that issue but it goes away. My concern is pins and needles is from bad circulation so wondering if this is really that safe for me anyway

    • Veronica

      Hi Kel. If you are experiencing side effects you believe are a result of this product, please make sure to consult with your physician. Nevertheless, an alternative option may be Dietspotlight Burn. Users haven’t experienced significant side-effects, its ingredients are safe, and results are great!

    • Sue A

      Kel, the pins and needles are from lack of circulation. One session isn’t going to do much with Hypoxi. Depending on your age group you need to do at least 12 session (under 45). Hypoxi has helped me with my leg circulation and I found that my 3rd session the pins and needles subsided. You need to have your feet up right and legs at a 90 degree angle. Hope I’ve helped you .

  • Sharika

    Hi, im.going for 3 sessions of vacunaut and 3 sessions of toning. I got it for a special trial price of $35. Will update you about my sessions. 7th August 2016 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

    • Sharika

      signed up for 12 sessions. I lost 3kg so far after 4 sessions and I can see that my tummy shrunk a bit. I will sign for another 24 sessions after I have finished this sessions.

      • Sharika

        After the 6 the session, my inner thighs had some skin abrasion. It was painful. I had to stop for few days. After which I continued but had to stop again coz the vacunaut suit pinched my skin and left few spots bruised.Then the therapist asked me to apply moisturisers on the affected area. But now I had to stop because I need to let my skin rest. My tummy area was shrinking but every time I take days off from vacunaut, I would feel depressed coz if the pain from skin abrasion. I would end up eating more , my fault but I don’t think I wanna sign up another set if this suit is not suitable for me. I prefer vacunaut over other machines because my problem area is upper body especially my tummy. I’m confused now whether to continue this treatment.

  • hypoxi studio in Tehran iran
    Seyed Ali Safavi (Verified User)

    I would like to open a hypoxi studio in Tehran iran, could you help me get the price of the machines and how much capital I might need to be able to set up such kind of a studio. I would also like to know if the company suggests for you the price for a session of hypoxi or its up to you. Thanks

    • Arnold (Editor)

      Hi Sayed. We cannot say exactly what the prices are for buying bulk quantities of this product for resale. Try emailing their headquarters.

  •  Jean (Verified User)

    From my nutritional back ground, weight loss comes down to how much input – “we eat and drink”. If i were to not do any exercise and cut down on my food, the body naturally begins to lose weight. However, one can not determine where the weight is lost and this is usually from the upper body. One never loses say 5lbs directly on the stomach. I’ve personally tried Hypoxi and have seen great results on my naturally pear shaped body.

  • Julie

    I just completed 12 sessions with the dermology included before each session as they say it enhances the results and increases blood flow before the vaccum. The dermology machine is also supposed to help skin tightening and toning. Well my skin did not change after the dermology. Dermology feels like pressotherapy, so you would be better off getting a machine to use at home .
    Expensive for the results. I just put £1000down the drain on this. My upper stomach was smaller but I still had a pouch.
    The hypoxi trainer would not comment when j asked if hypoxi would zap it.
    I think you’re paying for almost one on one attention and the expense of the machines.
    Also, the diet is rather strict. If I wanted to go to weight watchers, I would spend less. So how much of the weight loss is hypoxi and other the modified diet you have to maintain for results.
    If you want a double session, the response is vague. What would happen if you did a double? Could it help the more resistant cases? But no, hypoxi trainers don’t think outside the box.
    Finally, the results are not permanent. After those hundreds or thousands of pounds or dollars, you have to have maintenance sessions and keep to a diet. You might as well have fat freezing , at least that is permanent and probably works out cheaper than hypoxi.

  • Feeling Not Well By Taking This Product
    Hildy Edwards (Verified User)

    I have had my first hypoxi session this morning and from the start I felt mildly sick and very light headed, should I carry on?

    • Sue

      Hildy, that indicates fatigue. You need to have something in your stomach!

  • hypoxi studio in Florence Italy,

    I would like to open a hypoxi studio in Florence Italy, could you help me get the price of the machines and how much capital I might need to be able to set up such kind of a studio. I would also like to know if the company suggests for you the price for a session of hypoxi or its up to you. Thanks

  •  Experienced
    Natalie (Verified User)

    I pre booked and paid for 12 sessions in advance. I have been to 3 sessions and hated it due to lower back issues I have recently experienced. Is there any way I can get a refund on the remaining 9 sessions?

    • Sue

      Natalie, that’s strange you’re having lower back issues. These machines were designed for rehab for car accident patients. Which studio did you go to? You’ll need to position yourself into the machine and have your legs at a 90 degree angle, this will help with your back. 3 sessions isn’t going to do much for you (unless you’re on a very strict eating plan). Hypoxi Policy do not offer refunds.

  •  Hypoxi really suit to people that not actively exercise.
    Florence (Verified User)

    I hate exercise, no gym, no cross training. For me, i would say ALL exercise make me to feel muscle pain.

    My first Hypoxi session is recommend by my local GP. She said i would need to start some blood circulation exercise.

    For me,it really easy for me to do Hypoxi compare to Gym exercise. I would prefer this 30 mins easy exercise where it help with my health.

    After 12 sessions, i lose 30 cms from my lower bottom body

    i think Hypoxi really suit to ppl that not actively exercise.

  •  It works but if you follow rules
    Alyson (Verified User)

    I have been to hypoxi and am loving it my weight was 109 when I started and it is now 98 . It would have been allot more except I would forget the rule of no cabs for 6hrs after,I would suggest to you all, who have had no results that you’ve probably have done the same as I did , Hypoxi keeps working for those hrs after you stop the machines and if you don’t follow the recommendations you will lose none or very little,as I have found out to my cost .Hypoxi is great if you follow the plan. to all you doughters I suggest you try again but this time follow the rules. And NO I don’t work for Hypoxi

    • Cherie

      Hi Alyson, thanks for the tip on no carbs for 6hrs after. I am trying my first session in two days & I think it’s always good to keep trying new things to find what works for you. Keep up the great work.

  •  This is an excellent product
    Simone (Verified User)

    Hypoxi was excellent for me, I only ended up being able to complete 10 x sessions as I lost my drivers licence and couldn’t get to the studio anymore, after only 10 sessions though I lost 28cms over my lower body, reduced my cellulite and felt comfortable and ready for summer.
    I have to disagree with comments above saying it doesn’t work…if you just cycled 3x a week and ate well…you would lose weight anyway wouldn’t you?? so to say that you lost aboslutely nothing through HYPOXI seems a bit backwards. I was excercising 3x a week before HYPOXI and was only seeing tiny results…HYPOXI is excellent!

  •  Can't wait for the results
    Michelle (Verified User)

    I am a gym bunny (5 days a week) who hit a plateau before coming to Hypoxi then with Hypoxi and eating properly
    “I have lost 1.3kg and 19cm in 6 sessions (L250). This experience has been great. I’m so excited that my results have been great! I cant wait to see what else i can do” 26yr old Event Manager.

    We cant either! Well done lovely!!!
    Wellington Studio

  •  Total waste of money
    Angel82 (Verified User)

    While I’m not overweight ( i used to be), I am a bit pear shaped and have stubborn cellulite in my thighs that no amount of exercising- cardio and/or toning has ever been able to shift. I lead an active life and generally eat well.
    I had 12 sessions over 5 weeks, and followed the eating directions after treatment each time, and there was absolutely no change in my measurements, or cellulite appearance. The staff were lovely, however I can say it was a total waste of money.

  •  Hoping for great results
    Susan (Verified User)

    i am in the middle of my hypoxi session. im not losing the inches were i want it to be lost. im an apple not a pear. the suite foe upper body does nothing for me. im disappointed so far but i have 6 more sessions to go. if no results than i wasted my money.

    • annette

      biggest waste of money. There is no monitoring of weight or measurements once they have your money. It cannot work as it is not a continuous treatment. hatever gain will sonn be lost.

  •  100% works!
    bonnee (Verified User)

    I love HYPOXI… I do the HDC & L250 Combination for DETOX and firming my bottom, legs and to loose my tummy! It 100% works! @ $69.00 per session it is an investment to a HOT Summer Body 🙂

  •  Did not like the service and program
    Roxana (Verified User)

    I will never recommend this place..
    After 16 sessions and strict diet.. I didn’t have any improvements in my body. My weight is 134lbs… Very dissapoited process. I was offer maintenance session at discounted price. This incentive was not honored. Really misleading and bad customer service.

  •  Didn't like the program at all
    Joanna Smith (Verified User)

    Awful waste of money… makes no difference whatsoever. The staff at my centre (Bushey) were rude and unpleasant. After 6 sessions I didnt even have a mm difference in measurements. Dont waste your money!!!!!!
    Really think all the positive reviews have been written by people who work for hypoxi…

    • Sue

      Positive Reviews from people who work for HYPOXI???? That’s an interesting comment. If you do HYPOXI Correctly you will achieve results. Following the 3 times a week rule & following the nutritional guidelines.

  •  It works with good diet and exercise
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I am a Hypoxi client and can vouch for its benefits and results.
    I went from a size 12 to a size 8 in 18 sessions (3 x week for 6 weeks).
    I had a very good diet in this time following the recommended nutritional guidelines as provided upon joining.
    I am into my next block of 18 sessions after a break of 2 months and have not seen the same results. The overwhelming difference is MY DIET. I am not following the nutritional guidelines at all and am hence seeing no results.
    I have always exercised; gym, cardio, weights, pilates, organised team sports, tennis and whether i was strict with my diet while exercising through these avenues, truely trying to lose weight, i never saw the results I experienced while eating healthily and doing 90 minutes of Hypoxi a week.
    The people that say it doesn’t work, please be honest with those people that are genuinely interested in hearing the facts, and explain that your poor eating habits were the reason you saw no results. A negative attitude probably had a lot to do with it too, but diet let you down, not Hypoxi.

    • Mia

      Yeah well, I did the same diet as my friend who was using the Hypoxi for 6 wks and for increasing my excersize I ran up the 2 flights of stairs to my office instead of taking the lift and guess what…..I lost pounds and double the inch loss she had….but she lost her money 🙁

    • adi khan


  •  So far doing great
    Dianne (Verified User)

    So I finished my 4th Hypoxi session this afternoon on the Vacunaut machine which focuses on your stomach. I don’t think I mentioned in my last post how much you sweat during these sessions. You’re working out on an eliptical machine for 30 minutes while sucked into an air tight scuba-style suit. There is definitely some work involved at these sessions. My measurements were carefully redone using the laser levels to ensure they were taken in the exact same spots. Drum roll…and I lost a total of 4.52 inches (11.5 cm). I only lost .1 lb. (.05 kg.)but I attribute that to eating breakfast every day…something I never used to do until I learned this is definitely affecting my metabolism and likely affecting my overall ability to lose weight. Hopefully my metabolism with work itself out but I think Hypoxi works to lose inches in the specific places you choose the machines to target. I’ve booked another 8 sessions to complete a full 12 week program that they like you to have. I’m so glad they offered the 4 week trial for under $50 because I might not otherwise have committed to giving it a shot. My next 8 sessions will take place over the next 2 1/2 weeks (3 per week) so again I will report back with my overall results of a 12 session program that most people buy.

  •  Didn't get the results I wanted
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    Don’t bother. I did it and got no results and i am fit and healthy but have big thighs so I followed it strictly as I so wanted it to work. Go for a run – better results and no cost!

  •  Hoping for good results
    Dianne (Verified User)

    I live in Ontario, Canada and I got a great deal (coupon) for 4 sessions so I couldn’t resist giving it a go for about $50. God knows I’ve spent way more on other crap. I could stand to lose an overall 20lbs but would be happy with 10 lbs. Ever since I turned 40, I’ve had no luck with weight loss whatsoever (5 years now). I’ve been exercising regulary for quite a while and eat fairly well. But my weight, as always, goes up and down by 2 lbs only. So I’ve had my second Hypoxi session on the Vacunaut to focus on my stomach as it’s my biggest concern. They did very extensive measurements on me before I started, using laser levels, etc. for accuracy on follow-up measurements. I’ll have finished my 4 trial sessions in a few days and will definitely save this site so I can report back VERY HONESTLY. As much as I’m hopeful, I’m also skeptical because nothing else I’ve tried has worked.
    While I was at my first session the other day, a woman was just finishing her last session (I think she went for 12 overall). I got chatting with her and learned she was a pharmacist. She said she researched the process and decided to try it because it made sound physiological sense. Anyhow, I was finishing up my session as she had her final measurements done and she lost 8 inches. I was there and saw her printout so it was no lie. This is giving me some hope but I have to see my own results to continue beyond my 4 trial sessions. I’ll let you know my results on what 4 sessions did for me in a few days.

  •  I did everything but nothing happened
    Lottie (Verified User)

    Complete rubbish. I am thin anyway but have about half a stone that I need to loose. On the website they had an example of a girl smaller than me that it worked for. I did everything they said and I lost NOTHING. and to top it off they won’t give me my money back!!!!! £475 down the drain.

    • Your Name

      Hi where did you go as I am looking at having some sessions.

      Thanks Mandy

  •  Heart beats very fast
    kihah (Verified User)

    hi, i have done four vaccunt then i stopped bec my heart beats very fast and they keep saying its the machine reading wrong

  •  Exercise well to get better results
    Sydneygirl (Verified User)

    I have had 12 sessions so far and have seen amazing results. I am generally overweight but went because I gain and lose a lot of weight fast and my skin is starting to sag a little and I am now noticing cellulite and wanted that fixed. I can say I see huge improvements in my butt and thighs, they are smoother and smaller, more defined (butt is higher!) but I still have cellulite. If you have surface cellulite it goes fast but deeper cellulite requires more work. I will go for another 12 sessions on the L250 then I will try the tummy one. If you have doubts I encourage you to go to the studio and enquire if they offer a free session (they do in Australia) and try it for yourself. It is proven that vacuum therapy works. Definitely try it. I like the idea that I am exercising as well. I hope to get even better results after another 12 sessions! I wish they would make something for my tuckshop arms!! 🙁

  •  didn’t like it at all
    Joanne (Verified User)

    Dont waste your time or your money. I did and had NO results, none at all. I wanted to lose the last 3-5 kg and get rid of my tummy and celulite. I wouldn’t be supprised if the positive comments on here are from the people who run the place.

    • Sydneygirl

      I find that surprising. How many sessions did you have? Did you follow the no carb, no caffeine rule for 6 hours post session? Did you drink lots of water? For 12 sessions people see amazing results, heck after 2 I saw incredible results. Something isn’t right if you saw NO results.

  •  I love it!
    Tara (Verified User)

    I did Hypoxi in Sydney, Australia whilst on a 5 week holiday before I head back to the US. I am originally from NY, USA and would love to bring it back with me!!
    I lost 35cms over my stomach, hips, bum and thighs. I am a healthy eater already and run alot. I am quite small framed but had the same misfortune as a lot of women!

    I would definately recommend Hypoxi to those wanting to kick start their regime. It’s not for the faint hearted / quick fixes. You work out, you sweat = you get results.

    Reading Suzy (20th Nov) comment doesnt make sense. If you were exercising 3 times a week for 6 weeks even if it was just cycling you should notice results. Hypoxi works- I am a testiment to that fact. Clearly it’s poor diet. You can’t blame Hypoxi for your poor food choices.

    I travel a lot to Aus & and the UK and ensure I pre-book some top up sessions when I go. I love it!

  •  Maintenance
    Denise (Verified User)

    I did Hypoxi for 3 months in Orlando Fl and the results were amazing. I lost 28 inches and 15 lbs and have kept them off! After your initial sessions you can sign up for a maintenance program which is wonderful to keep you on track. Try them in Orlando FL They were very acomodating.

  •  Testimonials
    Suzy (Verified User)

    I have just completed 18 sessions of Hypoxi – they gave me four extra sessions after my measurements showed barely any changes. My measurements today showed some minor reductions but not even close to the claims I have seen from other ‘testimonials’. I also changed my diet quite dramatically over the last week )ie between the two measurements), so I would attribute any changes to that rather than Hypoxi. The whole process was a complete waste of time.

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree. i bought the 18 sessions and was given 5 extra sessions, no weight lose or cms… WASTE OF TIME

      • carole

        l agree! waste of time & fisky money! would rather run around the lake …would NOT recommended HYPOXI to anyone 🙁

  • Terri Jacobs

    I was very skeptical about Hypoxi too – but decided to give it a try after my girlfriend tried it in Australia and dropped a whole dress size in 6 weeks. I am only 68kg, but have had stubborn fat on my thighs since having children which I could not lose doing standard diet and exercise. After 18 sessions, I lost 15 cm from my hips and 11cm from my thighs! I have moved to Florida and want to know if Hypoxi is in the States yet?

    • Roddy Owen

      We have just opened our HYPOXI Studio in Orlando. Please come and see us! Best wishes, Roddy Owen

      • Eve

        Where can i buy hypoxi?! Im interested to open studion in Europe?.

  • Hypoxi studio that is opening, so excited !

    Just to let everyone know , there is a Hypoxi studio that is opening in Houston (sugarland town center ) in September….so excited !

  •  working perfectly
    Katie B (Verified User)

    I have done Hypoxi on and off for the past year and love it, its a great boost before Summer and to stay in shape throughout Winter- i can walk my talk.

  •  I loved Hypoxi and had fantastic results!
    Kym Whitford (Verified User)

    I loved Hypoxi and had fantastic results!!! Would recommend to those that are serious about kick starting a new lifestyle and not just a temporarly fix.

    • kym whitford

      load of crap, I would never endorse this product, they have just taken any old names and put their own BS to someones name.

      • Jessica

        I’m confused, you do like the product or you don’t? February 2010 you loved it, is there a difference in your view now because the weight or inches came back? Just asking because Im thinking of starting the process.

        • Kym Whitford

          I’ve never used this product, never will. I didnt write that review, someone else (probably from the company) wrote it and put my name to it. I cant see it being a good product if they have to falsify reviews.

    • Kimmy

      Yeah, because there are NO other Kym Whitfords in the whole world! Duh!

  •  great product
    Suzi Walker (Verified User)

    I tried Hypoxi when I first had a baby in 2007. Since having my 2nd child I’ve gone back for more. After 6 sessions I have lost 15cm around hips, bottom and thighs. Noticeable reduction in cellulite. I was never big to start with, approx 65kgs. After the first 12 session I lost around 40cms around stomach, hips, bum and thighs. After 12 session I am looking like i’v never had kids. I eat healthy anyway so this has given me that extra push. I would recommend it to anyone.

    • olive

      is hypoxi expensive and how much in kilo’s did you loose? thanks x