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By Summer Banks Mar 20, 2017

I’m obsessed with finding diet products that actually work. Let’s find out if this Phenocal review is one of them. We decided to put the spotlight on ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service quality. Furthermore, we picked apart hundreds of user comments and testimonials. Then, we refined and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is Phenocal?

To start, Phenocal is marketed as a pharmaceutical-grade weight control compound. The ingredients include green tea leaf, glucomannan, l-tyrosine, cocoa extract, hoodia gordonii, garcinia cambogia, yerba mate, coleus forskohlii, evodiamine, l-tryptophan, conjugated linoleic acid (cla), 5-htp (5-hydroxyptophan), fucoxanthin, chromium, biotin and Bioperine. It’s recommended that you take three capsules, twice per day; once in the morning and again in the afternoon. [1]

Phenocal has been available since at least 2010 and is manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs. The official website and trusted retailers sell the supplement. We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, but read on…

Phenocal Ingredients – “A Fad?”

The first concern was about the popularity of Phenocal ingredients, although some aren’t clinically supported. “Two parts of the formula, hoodia gordonii and garcinia cambogia, are often considered nothing more than a fad,” said our Research Editor. “There are mixed reviews across the board.” [2]

One user said, “I exercised and ate right and lost 2 lbs, which was probably from my own ex
ercise and diet. Nothing from this product.”

“I took this product for a month, and did not lose a pound. I didn’t feel energized either,” commented a user.

We did locate Phenocal reviews that painted a different picture of the supplement.

“Since I have received Phenocal, I have been using it daily. It’s been about 2 weeks now and I have lost approximately 9 lbs. You have to be dedicated in order for this product to work,” said a customer.

Customer Reviews – “Not Always Positive”

We found negative reviews ranging from Phenocal side effects to lack of results.  One dieter stated, “I’ve been taking it for 2 solid weeks, no change in appetite, no increase in energy.” [3]

Another said, “This product made me very tired, which is counterproductive when it comes to weight and energy management.”

On the other hand, we located comments that were more positive.

I can tell you that it does work. It has curved my appetite and given me much energy. Also I can look in the mirror and tell that I have lost body fat,” stated a dieter.

I have not lost a ton of weight, but I do not feel hungry constantly like I did when I was not taking this,” reported another.

According to our research, any part of a supplement deemed troublesome, like being linked to negative comments, long-term success could be limited. Therefore, if Phenocal does cause unhappy customers, this could be a major concern. [5]

The Science – “Backed by Research?”

There is some science out showing green tea extract boosts metabolism and possibly helps you lose weight. There are also studies showing the benefits of glucomannan, coleus forskohlii and Bioperine. While important, any findings don’t relate to this formula. At DietSpotlight, we like to see documented clinical research connecting a profile to weight-loss. When this is missing, we become concerned.

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The Bottom Line – Does Phenocal Work?

So, are you thinking where to buy Phenocal? We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and it’s sold with a money-back guarantee, but we have some concerns about this one because it’s not supported by clinical studies. We’re also a bit skeptical about the ingredients considered a fad and the negative user comments. [5]

If you’d like to drop more weight, we suggest going with a supplement containing ingredients backed by research, shown to work and supported by positive customer comments.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. The supplement uses four clinically-tested ingredients, which have been shown to help accelerate metabolism and ignite fat loss. There’s no chatter about harmful side effects and user reviews are showing that people are seeing great results.

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Previous Phenocal Review (Updated January 1, 1970):

What You Should Know about Phenocal

Phenocal is a weight loss formula backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. According to the makers of the supplement, if you are not satisfied in this time you can request a refund of the purchase price. One bottle of Phenocal retails for about $40, but you can purchase larger packs to get savings like free bottles of Phenocal and other free supplements. No matter the claims made by companies like the creators of Phenocal, if the ingredient list does not back up those claims the supplement is worthless. Unlike Phenocal, Lipozene helps decrease hunger by fighting constipation.

List of Phenocal Ingredients

Vitamin D3, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Chromium, Folic Acid, Fucoxanthin, Bioperine, Green Tea Leaf Powder, Glucomannan, L-Tyrosine, Cocoa Extract, Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Yerba Mate, Coleus Forskohlii, Evodiamine, L-Tryptophan, CLA and 5-HTP. In addition to this supplement, Garcinia Cambogia which is found in most dietary supplements can help eliminate fat storage with its active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid. You can also find traces of bioperine which is thought to help decrease weight by stimulating the breakdown of fat cells within the liver.

Product Features

If you’ve taken a weight loss supplement in the last 12 months, there is a good chance at least one of the ingredients in Phenocal can be found in that supplement. The company clearly tried to touch all bases to ensure the dieter would gain some benefit from taking the supplement. The green tea leaf extract and powder are two of the more important ingredients. Both are proven to increase metabolism and come with a wealth of other potential health benefits. Other ingredients with some clinical support include garcinia cambogia and glucomannan. Hoodia gordonii is the least effective weight loss ingredient in Phenocal. Aside from these working ingredients, Nutripex promotes healthy heart function, digestive health all the while reducing hunger.

We are concerned about a few of the ingredients in Phenocal, like L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP. These supplements are commonly used in anti-anxiety supplements. Stress can cause weight gain, but if you are taking prescription medication to alter mood or treat anxiety it may not be safe to take Phenocal.

Advantages of Phenocal

  • The ingredient list is published on the official website.
  • You have 60 days to try out Phenocal.
  • The price is lower than some other weight loss supplements.

Disadvantages of Phenocal

  • There are some ingredients that may interact with select prescription medications.
  • One bottle lasts only 25 days.


If you are in the mood to try out a few proven ingredient packed with a few ineffective ingredient you can give Phenocal a try. There are no outrageous stimulants in the formula and most of the ingredients are considered safe for dieters over the age of 18. It may not be the best formula on the market, but you could do worse than Phenocal.

Phenocal Questions & Answers:

We compacted hundreds of user comments into this helpful FAQ Phenocal review.

What are the side effects of Phenocal?

Based on reviews, Phenocal side effects may include weight gain, no loss in appetite, and no boost in energy.

What are the ingredients in Phenocal?

Phenocal ingredients are green tea leaf, glucomannan[1]
, l-tyrosine, cocoa extract, hoodia gordonii, garcinia cambogia, yerba mate, coleus forskohlii, evodiamine, l-tryptophan, conjugated linoleic acid (cla), 5-htp (5-hydroxyptophan), fucoxanthin[2]
, chromium, biotin and Bioperine.

Does Phenocal work?

There are some good ingredients in Phenocal. The green tea is backed by some research showing it can boost metabolism and glucomannan may just curb appetite. But there are some others that don’t have any support. Hoodia gordonii, for instance, has been tested and shown to have no effect on weight-loss.

How much does Phenocal cost?

Phenocal can sell for up to $90.00.

How should I take Phenocal?

As said on the label, you should take three capsules twice a day. Once in the morning and again in mid-afternoon.

Can I take Phenocal if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescriptions or under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to using any weight-loss supplement, including Phenocal.

What do users like about Phenocal?

Users like that Phenocal has a money-back guarantee.

What do users NOT like about Phenocal?

Users don’t like that Phenocal is a little pricey.

How do I contact Phenocal customer service?

You can contact Phenocal customer service by calling 1-888-675-0241 or by emailing support@ihf.zendesk.com.

Can I contact Phenocal through social media?

Yes, you can contact Phenocal through Facebook and Twitter.

Can I take Phenocal with other fat burners?

There’s no mention on the official website about using Phenocal with other fat burners. It’s best to contact a physician prior to using multiple weight-loss supplements at the same time.

What company is behind Phenocal?

Phenocal is made by Pharamaxa Labs.

Does Phenocal come with a guarantee?

Phenocal has a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Phenocal?

There are special deals and discounts on Phenocal. You’ll save money if you purchase multiple bottles. However, our readers have been going wild over the past several months taking advantage of the Special Trial Offer from Leptigen. Want to learn more? Click above.

Phenocal User Tips:

Over the years, we’ve discovered that Phenocal users have something to say. After analyzing thousands of comments these are some of the tips we collected that may help you learn more about this product.

“You have to be dedicated in order for this product to work. You have to make lifestyle changes but this helps.” Kyle

“It works but you must follow the directions and the plan it comes with. Do not skip days that is the key.” Denise

“I believe this, diet, and exercise go hand in hand. If you don’t do all three then don’t complain that Phenocal didn’t work for you.” Ray

“There is no easy miracle product that is just going to magically make the weight go away without diet and exercise.” Carrie

“It took a couple of weeks to see any results so patience is important. You can’t expect to see anything right away.” Libby

“I have high blood pressure so I cut the dosage in half and it still seems to help.” Pat

“It did make me sleepy at first. It took a few days before I felt more normal.” Jennifer

Phenocal Side Effects:

While a natural weight-loss supplement may seem less risky, it’s not guaranteed to be 100% safe. Any formula, even one made of all-natural ingredients, may cause a harmful reaction. Though Phenocal side effects are only experienced in a small percentage of users, they are real.

Weight Gain

Any increase in body weight is known as weight gain. It may be due to gaining muscle mass, excess fluids or fat deposits. Typically, weight gain happens when you take in more calories than you expend. [1]

What causes weight gain?

While overeating and under exercising may be responsible for weight gain, there are many other potential causes. Hormonal changes, increased stress, some medications, depression and other medical issues may also cause weight gain.


Cramping or dysmenorrhea happens when muscles tighten up. It can be very painful and women often experience cramping during their menstrual cycle. Cramping may also be experienced when exercising or performing as an athlete.

What causes cramping?

Overusing a muscle may cause it to cramp. Muscle cramps are also caused by dehydration or exercising in very hot conditions. Cramps can also be a side effect of medications and supplements.


When your body retains fluid or air in the stomach, it may cause a feeling of bloating. Abdominal bloating is often uncomfortable and you feel very full. It may feel like your belly is swollen or you have excessive gas built up in your system.

What causes bloating?

Gas is one of the most common causes of bloating and it’s usually temporary if caused by gas. Bloating may also be caused by bacteria, illness or something you ate. In many cases, abdominal bloating is a side effect of medication or a supplement you’ve started taking.

Severe Headaches

A migraine is a type of severe headache, along with cluster headaches and a few other types. Usually a severe headache causes incredible pain and may be very debilitating. You may not be able to get out of bed and you may even suffer from sensitivity to light, temperature and sound.

What causes severe headaches?

Severe headaches may be caused by something simple, such as something you ate, medication or a supplement. They can even be caused by alcohol, a weather change or an injury to your head. However, severe headaches may also be a sign of something more serious, such as a stroke. They can also be a sign of HIV or cancer. [2]

Phenocal side effects are not guaranteed, but users have reported weight gain, cramping, bloating, severe headaches and other reactions. Before taking any new supplement, consult with your physician to ensure your safety, especially if you’re under 18 years of age, pregnant, nursing, suffering from a medical condition or taking any type of medication.

Phenocal is a "Weight Control Compound" with four main ingredients. Each is quite popular in the weight-loss market, but the research we'd like to see isn't available and we found no official website.

Phenocal Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 50
Amount per Serving % DV
Vitamin D3 1000IU 250%
Vitamin B3 25mg 125%
Vitamin B1 10mg 666.6%
Vitamin B5 10mg 100%
Vitamin B6 6mg 300%
Vitamin B2 5mg 294.1%
Vitamin B12 50mcg 833.3%
Biotin 50mcg 17%
Chromium 100mcg 83%
Folic Acid 50mcg 12.5%
Fucoxanthin 100mg *
BioPerine 2.5mg *
Proprietary Blend 2230mg *
- Green Tea Leaf Powder * *
- Glucomannan * *
- L-Tyrosine * *
- Cocoa Extract * *
- Garcinia Cambogia * *
- Yerba Mate * *
- Coleus Forskohlii * *
- Evodiamine * *
- L-Tryptophan * *
- CLA * *
- 5-HTP * *

Other Ingredients: Magnesium stearate, gelatin

We dug deep into the Phenocal side effects and ingredients to give you the facts and details you really need.

Green Tea Leaf Powder

Unlike black and oolong[1] varieties, green tea is unfermented. It’s commonly consumed as a beverage in countries such as Japan and China. This herb is a key component in dozens of weight-loss supplements.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Green tea extract contains both caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Caffeine is a stimulant and EGCG is a form of antioxidant. This herb is intended to help boost metabolism and combat harmful free radicals.

Clinical Research

As stated on WebMD, “One study, in humans, concluded green tea had heat-producing and calorie-burning properties beyond what can be explained by caffeine. When 31 healthy young men and women were given three servings of a beverage containing green tea catechins, caffeine, and calcium for three days, their 24-hour energy expenditure increased by 4.6%, according to the research from Lausanne University in Switzerland.”


Dietary fiber is crucial for overall health and regular bowel movements. Glucomannan is essentially a type of sugar that is made from konjac plants (roots). It’s a bulking fiber that is used in a number of diet supplements, powders and capsules.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The purpose of glucomannan is to swell in the stomach and intestines. This causes a feeling of satiety. It absorbs water and forms a bulky fiber, which in turn aids with regularity. It may also lower cholesterol levels and help treat constipation.

Clinical Research

According to NCBI.gov, “Glucomannan supplements administered over 8 weeks were well tolerated but did not promote weight-loss or significantly alter body composition, hunger/fullness, or lipid and glucose parameters.” On the other hand, this fiber ingredient has been shown to help treat constipation.


L-tyrosine is an amino acid. These are basically the building blocks of protein. Foods that provide this substance include nuts, wheat, milk, oats, eggs, fish, beans and various meats.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Often l-tyrosine[2] is included in protein shakes and diet supplements to help improve lean body composition, boost mental performance, and minimize the effects of stress. This amino acid may also help with appetite suppression and weight reduction.

Clinical Research

There does not appear to be a clear link between l-tyrosine and weight-loss. However, according to WebMD, “People with PKU (Phenylketonuria) are not able to process the amino acid phenylalanine, which is used by the body to make tyrosine. Because of this, people with PKU can have low levels of tyrosine in the body. People with PKU are advised to consume 6 grams of tyrosine per 100 grams of protein to improve tyrosine levels in the body.”

One that’s caught our attention is one called Leptigen. It contains clinically-tested ingredients and is supported by positive customer comments. Click above to learn more.

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  • 1. OOLONG TEA (Not listed). WebMD. December 8, 2016.
  • 2. L-Tyrosine (Not listed). Examine.com. December 8, 2016.
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Emebet Girma

how can i get phenocal in Ethiopia ???


Hi Emebet! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Phenocal official website.


I ordered a few days ago. So I’m trying everything and doesn’t work. I really hope Phenocal help me to lose weight. I’m 5’6 and 250 pounds is an emergency


actually i never tried this pill but i took lots other than this it only hurts ma feelin ,spent ma time and money for no reason so i’m +ve that this shit is going to be the same……….. plezzzzzzzz watch out!!!!


Has anyone taking phenocal on blood pressure meds.

Stephen (Editor)

Please ask your regular physician before combining supplements and medication.


DO NOT BUY! please save your money and your bodies from this crap. Has not helped me one bit and I actually experienced awful side effect. Bloating, cramping and feeling like I wanted to jump of the building. Do yourself a favor and go with something safe or just eat less.


I just started taking Phenocal and Green Pura. I lost 70 pounds over the course of a one year by eating clean food. Since I seem to be stuck for the past 6 months and need to loose an additional 30 pounds I decided to try these products to boost my metabolism. I can’t exercise much due to physical limitations so I need something to push the weight loss. I am hopeful that the Green Tea ingredients will be the key. Right now I can’t walk any distance to burn fat, but I do walk my dogs three times a day at a slow pace. I read all the comments and complaints and just thought I’d throw in my two cents. First of all, if you drink an 8 oz, glass of water before each meal and eat your meal slowly you will feel full sooner. Not rocket science. It doesn’t mean you won’t get hungry later, so have healthy, clean food snacks available. Try the dessert flavored 80-100 calorie yogurts or a piece of fruit if you’re a sweet craver like me. If you like crunchy, salty snacks, there are many healthy items available. First, read the ingredients to make sure it’s not full of unhealthy additives. Second, read the calories, carbs, fat and the PORTION size. If it says the serving size is 15 chips, crackers, nuts, whatever, put the portion in a small container so it looks like more and keeps you from mindlessly snacking through 300 calories instead of 100. My hope is these products will HELP me with MY method of weight loss. You just can’t take a pill and lose weight. You have to make life changes to the way you eat that you can live with. My methods that worked for me, might not work for you. You have to find what works for you and try to stick with it. Diet and exercise are always the key to weight loss, but sometimes we need a little help to get going or in my case, keep going.I was a size 22 and now wear a 12 or 14, and need to get to my healthy weight so I can be a perfect size 12 and meet the recommended guidelines for my weight and height. I’ll weigh in with a review and let you know how the products work or don’t work for me.


Just recieved my order of Phenocal today.
I hope it works for me, I am tired of trying. I am 5’3″ and weigh 185 pounds. Large size clothes are expensive.


Has it worked?

Laura W.

I’m not into diet pills of any sort, but I decided to try out Phenocal. I previously lost 20 lbs and went from 36% fat to 20% fat by changing my diet and doing intense workout 6 times a week. I started using phenocal to help me reduced more fat, but it did nothing for me. It didn’t decreased my appepite, didn’t boost any energy or reduced any more weight. It was as of taking nothing at all. I guess, I’ll just continue to eat well and exercise to burn the reminder fat. Should’ve known, I would not have purchased this product nor I recommend it to anyone.


Didn’t work for me so I did the logical thing. I eat a well balanced diet, NO sugar and NO salt and I’ve dropped all the weight I need to. You need to eat every two hours but eat a diet low in fat/carbs. Exercise 3 x a week for a minimum of 30 minutes… even it it’s just with a toning band. You have to move to lose and retrain your mind and body.

Keshela Carey

hi anna, congrats and keep up the good work. I am curious to know if you may be taking any other pills/medications that may conflict with phenocal

Keshela Carey

Question, after having my daughter i gained all if more of the weight i lost approx two years ago before the pregnancy. i am now in pressure pills. Would i be able to use phenocal safely?


Phenocal is an amazing weight loss product. I have used Phenocal tow times a day and loved the fat burning. The good part is, I did not experience adverse effects of it. yet shed 5 pounds in 10 days. It enhanced my level and helps to keep me away from being craving. this is what I required because I don t over eat and Iwalk every day. phenocal is worth buying


Belinda, it’s absolutely possible to lose 5 pounds in 10 days. You don’t know anything about this person’s history… from experience, I’ve eaten a horrible diet for weeks or even months, then after just two weeks on a low carb and no sugar diet, I lost 10 pounds. Water weight, excess waste, whatever it was, the scale said 10 less and it motivated me to keep going. Good for you, Kenneth! Haters gonna hate.


i started 5 days ago. i was 184 and now im 179…cant wait to see how i’ll look next month! Works for me. No side effects.


It worked really great for me! I’ve tried a lot of weight lose pills and the best thing about phenocal is that it did not make me shaky or make me run to the bathroom every 30 minutes. It does take a lot of dedication, my friend wasn’t very strict on her diet or working out and did not see the same results as I did. I’ve been using phenocal for two month and I’ve lost 30 pounds!


Didn’t work for me … 0 lbs…

ke ke

I have been using phenocal for 2weeks now with diet and exercise and I must edmit my appitite have decreased and theres no side effects but I have not lost any weight I seriouly feel like I gained, but i still have my hopes up


My friend suggest me to try phenocal, And I am thankful to this product that it gives very good result without any side effects.


Hello. I am using Phenocal for 10 days as directed and… lost half pound only. I just need to lose just 10 pounds total to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Every day I hope: today is THE day when my weight would move down. Never less, I do not feel decreasing in appetite! Like an empty pill not bad but also not good effect. Too expensive for nothing…

ke ke

yur lucky u lost somthing i ben using it for about 2 1/2 weeks it diet n exercise n i lost ntn

Bill Blackmann

I have lost 18 1/2 lbs using Phenocal the last 2 months very happy with it

K j

You shoul ask your doctor first.