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Thrive Black Label Review - 10 Things You Need to Know

Unlike other weight loss solutions, Thrive Black Label uses “derma fusion technology” in the form of a skin patch for ultimate weight loss. This product can bring about appetite suppressant and fat reducing effects through the skin and into the blood. Unfortunately, the exact science on transferring nutrients through such a device is unknown, making the claims of effectiveness seem less realistic.

We wanted to learn more about Thrive Black Label, so we delved into the claims of bioavailability improvements, directions for wear, and ingredient research on substances like CoQ10, aloe vera, and Satieral saffron extract. To reach the bottom line, we compared the benefits claimed by this skin patch to reviews by customers and brand ambassadors to see if this is the one for you.

Thrive Black Label can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Thrive Black Label?

Before we do anything, Thrive Black Label is a weight-loss patch that is said to offer “derma fusion technology.” This product is advertised as the pinnacle of workout supplements currently available, but we’re just trying to figure out why so many people are unhappy. It is one of the products from the MLM company, Le-Vel. Le-Vel earned a BBB rating of “A+” along with 2.43 out of 5 stars based on an average of 73 customer reviews. They’ve closed 121 complaints in the past three years and 23 in the last year alone.

Other Le-Vel products include: Thrive2o Alkaline Water, Thrive Gummies, Thrive Pink Pro, 10-day Total Detox, Thirst, Spt Heat, Spt Chill, Tac Dft, Activate, Biotic, Treat Meal, and Dft:recharge.

We’ll start with a glance at the ingredients. This “wearable nutrition” contains:

  • Forslean
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • CoQ10
  • Cosmoperine
  • Satiereal Saffron
  • Green Tea
  • White Willow Bark
  • 5-HTP

Other ingredients include L-theanine, L-arginine, quercetin, guarana, yerba mate, vitamin B12, limonene, and aloe vera.

The Sabinsa Corporation trademarks Cosmoperine. According to the company, cosmoperine increases Forskolin’s absorption in a study they performed on rats – not humans. Just not good enough for us.

Thrive Black Label is marketed towards bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, but this doesn’t stop the average Joe and Jane Dieter from peeling and sticking this bad boy on their arm with the hopes of shedding serious pounds.

It’s no surprise that the product’s website promises results like: “weight loss, greater gains in the gym, and better sleep,” to name a few. Those are some compelling promises, but it only carries weight if the product can deliver. In this case, it doesn’t seem to be – the reason may be the ingredients, but let’s start with some science.

Thrive Black Label Competitors

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Thrive Black Label Ingredients

For a product to make such serious claims, they have to have some serious research behind their ingredients, no? Well, we’re about to find out together.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract has been shown in many different studies to improve metabolic efficiency while simultaneously providing a much-needed burst of caffeine.

Additionally, BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies found that this ingredient may help prevent weight gain.


Caffeine itself has been shown in research to cause weight loss in plenty of human trials. This is one of the more researched ingredients in this product.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is thought by many to be a fad ingredient. It rose to fame on shows like Dr. Oz and Shark Tank and hasn’t let up. But we wanted to know what the research had to say.

One study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology found that garcinia may have some beneficial effects on obesity, but it could also increase oxidative stress and inflammation.

White Willow Bark

White willow bark may sound enchanting to you, but right off the bat, we need to point out that this isn’t a weight-loss ingredient. According to Phytotherapy Research“Willow bark extract has been used for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and analgesic. ”


Forslean, also known as coleus forskohlii, is an herb used in Asian medicine to treat everything from asthma to obesity. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any evidence to support Forslean as a weight loss aid, though research in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that Forslean could mitigate weight gain.


CoQ10 is a compound produced naturally in your body. It helps your cells generate energy. Several studies, including one published in Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis: An International Journal in Haemostasis and Thrombosis, suggest that CoQ10 supplementation can regulate blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

Satiereal Saffron

Satiereal is an extract of the saffron stigma. A study published in Nutrition Research (New York, N.Y.) found that Satiereal can increase satiety and reduce overweight women’s snacking.

Green Tea

Green tea leaves contain caffeine and catechins that could potentially cause weight loss. One study, published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, found that green tea has a thermogenic effect.


According to researchers from the University of Michigan, 5-HTP plays a role in serotonin production. There is some evidence to suggest 5-HTP is an appetite suppressant, but more research is needed.


Cosmoperine, or tetrahydropiperine (THP), is derived from piperine. Piperine is the alkaloid that gives black pepper its pungency. Tetrahydropiperine helps the skin absorb active compounds, but there is no research to support its safety or efficacy.


Thrive Black Label Claims

Thrive Black Label claims to do a lot of things. The hard part is separating claims from actual results. The ingredients in this patch can help the process along, but there is no guarantee of efficacy.

DFT claims:

  • Increased metabolic functions
  • Improved energy
  • Alleviation of frequent headaches and mood swings

One of the first problems we found with this product was customer comments on ineffectiveness. One of the main reasons for this is most likely the false idea that this is some miracle patch. Don’t get sucked in by outrageous promises.

Side Effects

Thrive Black Label Side Effects

First, let’s take a look at some of the potential side effects the manufacturer lists. The Thrive Black label directions recommend applying the patch to a wholly sanitized area, warning that there can be some irritation if applied to unclean skin.

The warning section indicates that some nausea can be brought about if the patch is applied before a morning meal.

This isn’t to say these side effects are in the cards for everyone, but we don’t like the chances.

Potential side effects of Thrive Black Label ingredients:


Caffeine can cause jitters in high doses. We couldn’t find exactly how much caffeine is in this patch. Use with caution.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia side effects – when taken as an individual ingredient – may include:

  • Fatigue
  • A headache
  • Nausea

White Willow Bark

White willow bark side effects may include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Digestive issues
  • Rash
  • Allergic reactions

Thrive Black Label Benefits

Now let’s jump into something potentially more positive. There’s a laundry list of claimed benefits here, that’s no shock to us.

  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better gains in the gym
  • Weight loss

Thrive Black Label promises a better gym experience and the ability to improve metabolic function drastically. While these promises are appealing, we couldn’t find any scientific research to back this formula.


Thrive Black Label Alternatives and Other Thrive Products

Thrive Black Label is a weight-loss patch, and there aren’t many alternatives out there. Nova Clinic has an HCG patch, but we don’t know much about them, and customer reviews on that patch are virtually non-existent. Slimming Belly Patch could be an alternative but beware of dieters’ negative comments on a lack of results.

If sticking things to your skin isn’t your thing, you might want to look into “wearable weight-loss solutions,” like Slimmer Belt.

Thrive Black Label vs. DFT Ultra

DFT Ultra is an alternative product from the same manufacturer, Le-Vel. This version of the DFT technology is marketed more towards athletes and bodybuilders. The funny thing is, DFT Ultra is focused on providing increased energy and makes little mention of gains in the gym.

DFT Ultra also comes in a variety of custom designs. “Camouflage” and “modern” are some of the more popular ones. We like the camouflage option because you can fight fat while hiding from your enemies.

Thrive Black Label vs. Regular DFT

Le-Vels’ regular DFT option is marketed more towards casual gym-goers and those new to using dietary supplements. Regular DFT advertises itself as a less extreme version of the other available options. This version of the product also focuses its advertising on improving your metabolic functions and sleep quality.


What Does Thrive Black Label Cost?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what this product will cost you. The patches can be purchased for just over $60 – plus shipping and handling. That’s a pretty hefty price tag for something without any scientific research backing it.

Sure, there are some positive reviews out there, but other than “doesn’t work,” most negative reviews were aimed at the price.


Thrive Black Label Directions

So you may be asking yourself how to use Thrive black label.

When following the thrive black label directions, all you need to do is apply the patch to a sanitized area of exposed skin. This area is most commonly the bicep, but it can be anywhere you choose. Once the patch has been applied, eat a small meal, and head out to the gym.

You may also use Thrive Black Label alongside Thrive White Label, which they claim may improve your chances of success.


Thrive Black Label Results

We’re not going to lie; there are a good amount of users reporting improved energy and more significant gains in the gym.

We didn’t find much, if anything, of weight loss or fat burning. Some customers indicated appetite suppression – but for a product that can cause nausea, this could easily be misinterpreted.

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Thrive Black Label

So what’s the final verdict on this dermal patch? We like how easy the product is to use, and some people seem to be getting results – not weight loss. As far as anything beneficial goes, that’s about all we liked.

Some of the issues we had with this patch were:

  • No scientific evidence backing the formula
  • Could be too expensive
  • Too many possible side effects

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Thrive Black Label Review
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Thrive Black Label

What are the ingredients in Thrive Black Label?

The ingredients in Thrive Black Label are cosmoperine, L-Arginine, Guarana, Garcina Cambogia, White Willow Bark, Green Tea, Forslean, and CoQ10.

What are the side effects of Thrive Black Label?

The side effects of Thrive Black Label include allergic reactions, drowsiness, upset stomach, headache, rashes, immune system dysfunction, nausea, and rash, and weakness.

Does Thrive Black Label work?

Thrive Black Label does not have any clinical or scientific research to back up its claims of muscle growth and weight loss. Many customers gave Thrive Black Label a poor rating, saying that the product did not live up to its expectations.

What is the price of Thrive Black Label?

The price of Thrive Black Label is $40 for a 30 day supply of the patches.

Where can I buy Thrive Black Label?

Thrive Black Label can be bought online through the Le-vel official website, Amazon, or eBay.

Where can I buy Thrive Black Label?

Thrive Black Label can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Thrive Black Label?

To take Thrive Black Label, simply apply the adhesive patch to a cleansed area of skin.

How do I contact Thrive Black Label customer service?

Thrive Black Label customer service can be reached by phone at 888-557-0005, or by email at Support@Le-Vel.com. Their address is 9201 Warren Pkwy Suite 200 Frisco, Texas 75035.

Can I return Thrive Black Label?

Le-Vel offers a 30-day return policy on all of its products.

What are the most common complaints about Thrive Black Label?

The most common complaints of Thrive Black Label pertain to the high cost of the product, the side effects, and minimal results.

19 Thrive Black Label Reviews



    • Summer Banks FNS, SPT

      That’s the expiration date Julia. Have a great day!

  • Black label
    Wendy (Verified Purchase)

    How often do you change the patch? Daily?

    • Montana (Editor)

      Hello Wendy. Based on customer reviews, Thrive Black Label patches should be changed daily.

  • Anonymous

    Do you use two patches at once or just one?

  • It’s the best Product out there and it really works
    Robby (Verified Purchase)

    I love this stuff and would recommend it to anyone. I take the 2 pills in morning and slap on my black label, 20min later I drink my shake and I Also add a little yogurt to my shake. It really works. I can only say you need to try it to experience this wonderful product.

  • Black Label DFT DOES WORK
    Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    This product HAS been a game changer for me. Not necessarily for just weight loss but for mood support. I have experimented with different DFT’s and NO DFT’s…. the actual true real result was BETTER MOOD hands down. Yes it may be a bit pricey…. but what’s your mood worth to you on a daily basis??? Personally…. I choose happiness and this DFT does indeed help with mood

  • Derek Smoot (Verified Purchase)

    I use thrive daily love it. I repeat I love it. Wake up every morning take 2 pills. 30 mins later I make my thrive shake ( I strongly recommend using milk). After my shake apply my Black Label DFT. I promise you this does work.

  • Kenneth DeJesus (Verified Purchase)

    Hi. I use the black label patch. Here are a few things you should know. It’ sticks to your skin so if you leave it on all day chances are a little sticky residue will remain. If you shower that day it should easily come off. Second. I’m bipolar, ptsd,and anxiety along with depression. I ‘ve using it for a year. And I feel myself relax 10 minutes after taking it. If you personally knew me you would says this is a miracle ?

    • Janice Burns

      Hi Kenneth I am glad you shared that you have anxiety and depression. I also have the same and was very leary of Thrive. I see that you have been on Thrive products for a year. All in all how do you feel.

  • Charles (Verified Purchase)

    Ok on the waterproof part of the black patch , if placed on an area of clean and sanitized meaning soap and water in a shower or bath then make sure your skin is dry , etc. an ankle area , so far no problems except on a couple occasions rashes when taking a patch off. Now this is for me as I share……I am on medications and tend to really sweat alot and that patch will come off or it did me. Now this is just walking…..as for DOES IT WORK? For me a great big YES !!!!!! Paying close attention to instructions is important. Im not a rat or mouse but human and this product does work…….may not be for everyone but Im losing weight have good energy am sleeping better and stay active as in don’t just slap it on then sit around. Let the patch work with your bodies Movements. Us couch potatoes who put forth the effort WILL experience the change . Mood is better clear headed and better attention span ……thats a blessing for a guy who has had 2 cranionomies on 3 different seizure meds ………Doc is pleased so far so the question is will it continue or will there be a bad turn? Folks so far its a good thing for me. From 280 down to 250 and I’m not trying to kill myself in the gym just staying busy cuz you do get energy from this patch use it…..the energy and go from there……I am THRIVEING

  • Charles (Verified Purchase)

    Waterproof? When sweating had a black label on shoulder area and it came off …..I love it but ……..

  • Blacklable works
    Claire Davies Swainston (Verified Purchase)

    Le-vel does work I am a user of duo or black label ; it’s sticks on gives me energy and I have lost lots of inches drop 3 dress sizes in 3 month – no side effects .

    • Christina long

      It does work. Great product

  • Bonnie Hutchings (Verified Purchase)

    I am a user of the dft duo and the black label. It is an excellent product. It does work! I have tried Shredz, NLA for her, Cellucore products, and beast mode…all of which gave me terrible side effects, such as cramping, headaches, zombie like metal state, insomnia, shortness of breath, anxiety attacks, rapid heart rate, etc. Also on the cellucore weightloss product I almost died because I took a sinus pill 48 hours after quitting the cellucore product!! it does say on the label not to take certain medications while on cellucore but i thought that after quitting the product for at least 2 days it would be ok. I have had NO bad side effects from the Thrive besides a rush of energy the first week I took it..then it leveled out after the first week. I just had to cut my patches in half the first week so my body could get used to it. I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER!

  • Robert Draper (Verified Purchase)

    Thrive works! Been on it for 21 days now lost 11 lbs. I have plenty of energy all day.

  • Wendy

    I cant speak for everyone, but I just started using black label and I can feel a suppressant for food intake. I have energy and a clear mind. I will try and update in 30 days.

    • You Idiots

      Why can you people just diet and exercise? Energy?? It’s the caffeine, not some miracle blend lol

      • Paula

        Actually the intake of caffine in Thrive is less than a cup of coffee. Its extracted differently so you dont get the stimulation of a caffeine feel. Caffine on any level will balance out effective natural nutrition. Plus BLACK LABEL has weight management and is not weight loss. This is no miracle and you need to put in the work. It helps fuel your body and is a tool. I will always use Thrive just because you can feel the difference in how great your body feels

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